The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 30, 1942 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, May 30, 1942
Page 3
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SATURDAY, MAY 30, 1942 RIAT1IEVILU3 (AUK,)' OHWIKR NEWS -PAGE THREE Here's A New "Exercise"~Budget—Stretching "Back To Sewing ^lovemeut Hits A New Peak UY MARGUERITE YOUNG NEA Service Staff Writer NFiW YORK.—A new exercise is sweeping the country. It's "budget- stretching"—which means conservation—using things ingeniously to nake what you have go further ui these parlous times. And, here among the pace-setters, women who never before heard of "little dressmakers" are inking their last year's Mainboch- ers. their Hattie Carnegies and Fira Benensons to be refurbished. So, go ahead and make the most of your clothes, your house furnishings, everything you possess. This time, fashion is following instead of leading Mrs. America— who. ot course, ha.s known a thins or two about economy for some time. J-X'ONOIUY CAN BE FUN And, fashion has something to show you, now, about making economy t'uu. Even repairing outworn and outgrown clothes Ls easier, more interesting. Your youngster has gone through his shirt collars and his pants pockets, say. You can pick up ready-made • pockets at the notion counter in the dime store, and have 'em sewn in in ten minutes. And on can get new collars or turn the d ones. Preventing wear is back in style, oo No self-respecting office siren ould think of settling down to her vpcwriter nowadays without sleeve- uards to protect her wool or ray- n suit sleeves. The cobbler is get- ing to be the smart woman's con- idantc—from him she learns both low t,o buy utility-value as well smartness in new shoes, and vhc-n to use metal to lengthen the life of sole tips and heels. Drr-ss shields are teamed with a nti-perspirant.s and with clever repairing ideas. This cuts cleaning bill:-'. The clever woman uses new Frails Make A Good Substitute For Sugar-Consuming Desserts D O . take an o Id hut and knitted underwear, and if it's cot- *ton, all the better. Dishcloths last better when hemmed. EDSON IN WASHINGTON pin-in shields in good suits By PETER EDSON Courier News Washington Correspondent Nobody paid much attention to the blast which Senator Harry Flood Byrd of Berryville, Va., loosed the other day against the 18,948 gov e rnment au t omobiles which the non-military federal agencies operate, traveling 211,866,978 miles at a cost in 1941 to the taxpayers of $4,813,561. Nor were there very many eyebrows raised when the senator disclosed that these bureaucrats had to get al- rc| in to cover and protect the ong with only 862 chauffeurs whose •mhoie combined salary amounted to les W °A" Uttle girl's outgrown frock I than a million dollars, ran be lengthened ancl freshened simultaneously—sew on quarter- inch colored braid in rows of and 'jacket frocks, and for wide-arm- i holed dresses she has a braform ' with shields attached. * It', in her closet there's a good coat with the lining worn at the, armholes. out it comes: the inside pocket is ripped out and used to cover a pair ot new, rubberless, lighl-ns-air shields which are tack- and maybe the great men of th administrative end of your gov Commerce with 134, Federal Works Agency with 982, Veterans' Administration with 389, TVA with 79. and Panama Canal with 212. And for the Panama Canal's 212 jars there were reported 150 chauf- eurs, which was tops. In defending the canal, America apparently cx- to drive BY MRS. (UYNOll MADHOX NEA ServiiT Staff Writer The June bride should realise that plenty of trcsh fruit in the diet—always important—is particularly so in war time, it supplies needed vitamins and minerals and helps you do without sugar. Fruits .uids sweetness to the menu, and b: a healthful substitute lor rich, .sugar-consuming desserts. Surprise your guests with a scrve-youi'seti fruit plate. On a large platter, arrange on lettuce leaves mounds of fresh fruit sections of contrasting colors—slices of bright red-skinned apples, fresh pineapple cubes, ripe unhullcri strawberries, grapefruit sections, melon balls. Garnish with watercress. Let each guest help himself and have the pleasure of "creating" his own individual fruit plate. Cheese Is Kicli in Yilumins Cottage cheese balls fire a welcome addition Lo thc platter. Roll them n chopped pecans or walnuts, if you prefer, mix the cottage cheese with chopped dates. This cheese is rich in proteins and minerals. The serve yourself fruit plate ha.s many possibilities. Use it as an appeti/.er. Serve it us a salad with a tangy dressing, or with whipped cream mayonnaise (half whipped cream, half mayonnaise). As a dessert, serve it with honey or whipped cream on the side. Here's a French dressing that's particularly good with fruit salad: French Dressing One tablespoon salad or olive ing loi Louis for Miss Betty Kent ami Miss Martha Ware Robbins. oi Steelc. who Is visiting Miss Kent. Miss Kent has been attending Miss Ilk-key's Secretarial School. Society— PewowJ Our Good -Neighbor-As She JoinaUs In War varied color, until you achieve both tvic desired lenth and the South American peasant motif which is now high-style. Leftovers become loveliest with |li«ht touches that arc just right, •for ns one smart dressmaker re- _ marked "Even a humdrum dress acquires distinction when some good work is put into it." Takes a plain black frock \vhich needs "something," and scallop the hem. Make good! even scallops by tracing uvound o. saucer. Then bind it in a bright color, and repeat this color at neck and sleeve edges. This will be smarter, because its more genuine and tasteful, than a new and sleazy dress with si-: furbelows to hide its indiffer- cnt cut. If you can do that much with a nrccilV. you will want to do more, oven thouch you have to learn to sew. Then, you'll be flicking on polka-dot, collar." and cuffs, and remodeling a suit or a coat so that il looks and fells new. When you have good clothes, it pays to have remodeling clone by a good dressmaker or an inexpensive tailor. HATS ARE EASY TO MAKE OVER And. even if you never held a needle and are temperamentally agin it. you can get in on this conservation sport in the accessories and home-making departments. Got an old straw hat. ana a R ood .'.tiff square of -cretonne? Folri the cloth diagonally making eminent shouldn't be annoyed by trifles, but the folks back home seemed a trifle annoyed by the handout of X gasoline ration cards to congressmen. That being the case, maybe it should be called to the attention of the public servants in the executive end of the government that there's a war on, that gasoline is being rationed on the Atlantic Seaboard, that there's a rubber shortage, and that to save rubber, gasoline may have to be rationed all over this broad, and beautiful land. Consequently, Senator Byrd was doing a useful service when, as chairman oi the Joint committee on Reduction of Noncssential Expenditures, he figuratively put the pinching shoe of national economy on Uncle Sam's other foot and cautioned the old gent to take that foot off the accelerator. sects every chauffeur boss to his duty. » f T WASHINGTON BE Kill' PATCH Note to the Manpower Commission: The 160.00 criminals in state prisons include 40,000 skilled workers Wholesale price levels under the first week of general price control were 1 per cent higher 'than the -highest level during the base period ot March. 1942 Wholesale prices on 900 commodities are now 98.5 per cent of the 192G average Two and a half million new workers will have been trained in 2400 vocational schools by June 30. and the goal is to train another 2.5 million in the Clothing oil. 1 1-2 tablespoons vinegar, 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce. 1 teaspoon powdered sugar, 2 teaspoons tomato catsup, 1-2 teaspoon salt, 1-4 teaspoon mustard, 1 1-2 tablespoons lemon juice. 3 drops tabasco or a few grains cayenne. Mix ingredients. Chill shake thoroughly. To (iivi- Hii I lulu y Tarty. Invitations have been issued to approximately 175 boys and g to attend the birthday parly to be given by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Williams and Mr. and Mrs. W. G. lla- thorn HI the Community Clubhouse i Saturday night honoring their | sons, Frank Williams Jr., and Walter Garland Hathorn Jr., on their llth and 12th birthdays, respectively. Walter's birthday is Saturday while Frank's comes on Tuesday, June '2. but the two usually celebrate together. Dancing will be enjoyed throughout the evening. Receiving and assisting the children will be the parents of both the children, together with Mrs. W. L. Moore. Mrs. Nancy Lou Wilson. Mr.s. Pauline- Hayden, Mr. and Mrs. J L. Williams and Mr.s. Ed Wiseman. An out-of-town guest will be Robert Bowman of Memphis; others have been invited from Little Rock. .ARIZONA mo NEW MEXICO Ft. Worth* 4Do(!«s Eoglc Pass J/^' Axis sub action in Gull waters moved Mexico toward war U. S., Mexican ships, planes palvol this coastline MEXICO Area: 763,944 sq. mi. Population: 19,500,000 P* Mcxicon Doses Villa Hcrmosa • Tuxtla Carutheraville Society— next costs 12 months.. have risen more than any other ccst of living item in the past 15 months. Group From County Plans To A It end Effff-Gradijiir School Luxora Society—Per sonal Of course the government is big, of course it has a lot of extra wartime duties, and of course So million for car operation is noth- Several home demonstration club members and Miss Cora Lee Coleman, county home demonstration j agent, will attend a state-wide egg- J j grading school to be held by the Extension Service of the University of Arkansas College of Agriculture in Little Reck, June 2. 3. 4, Miss Coleman announced today. Purpose of the school, according to the home demonstration agent is to train employees of egg dealers and others to grade eggs by official U. S. standards. Persons who complete the course successfully . will be issued licenses to grade eggs by official governing at all when compared to the billions for war. Five million is even practically nothing at all when compared to the $147 million total travel expenses which government paid out last fiscal year. But this matter of saving gas and rubber has become a symbol. CRUSADE Saving rubber is a holy crusade with all the significance of the widow's mite. Therefore, it behooves every government third deputy as- Cclcbratcs Birthday Homer Dale Braccy. son of Mr and Mrs. Dale Bracey, celebrated his seventh birthday on Monday afternoon. Nine of his friends cam to hLs home in the afternoon anc Mrs. Braccy served them birthda cake and ice cream and then th group were guests at the Stadiui | Theatre. Homer Dale received i number of nice presents from h friends. Those attending were Anne Dillman, Mary Nell Lane, Patty Hamby.. Kathryn Hayden. Elizabeth Bates and Donald Ray Blackford, Joe Aquino, Joe Peck Hayden, Joe Lloyd and Larry Joe May. • • « Mrs. Goortin Entertains Club Mrs. Ralph Goodin was hostess to members of the Monday Night Bridge Club on Wednesday evening. A dessert course of ice cream topped with strawberries and delicious cake was served preceding Irs. (Jri{;sby Honored. Attractive arrangements of mix- el .summer flowers were vised in -he country home of Mrs. L. C. B. Young on Tuesday night for the oint meeting of both circles of lie Woman's Council of the Chris- Jan Church complimenting Mr.s. Clarence Grigsby, pianist for the hurch, who Is leaving next week 'or the summer with Mr. Grlusby n Pine Bluff and with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Holla- )augh in Marshall, Ark. Mrs. Grigsby was presented new uggn^e as a gift. Bingo was )layed during the evening. Assisting Mrs. Young was her mother-in-law, Mrs. Joe Young. Mrs. C. R. Richards and Mrs. R. M. Fletcher were named a flo\ver committee for June, with Sollt'ly of Clmsliun S«M'VU:I- The members ul the l.uxoru Society of Christian .ScrvUu- motored to'the home of Mrs. H:\rvi-y !>r- menter, Rosa community, Tuesduy afternoon tor their last im-otinu in May. The :u>nn. "I Would He True" was sunn by the croup a.s call to worship, followed )>y led by Mrs. It. R. David C. Neal Resigns County FSA Post: Will lie Succeeded By Robert W. Downs V David C. Noal, FSA supervisor ofr Mississlpj)! County, has resigned Ids Job and will leave Blythcvllic sometime today for d .short vacation bi-lore reporting to Camp Robinson at Little Rock Tor iidcction into the army Juno D. Mr. Ncul, who passed an examination In April lor iUimlUiuKH! Into Officers' Training School, will probably !;L> at Camp Robinson only a short while before bolng sent tu some school to .study for his commission. Robert W.'Downs, assistant rural rehabilitation supervisor under Mr. Ncal, will be his successor. president. Mrs. resume of b'inrhma. It will cover thc crown - -in fact, it will reshape it into a tall, important crown, which is fashion's very latest cry. If the fabric is stiff enough, use it to make a matching belt—just cut. out small discs or ovals, slash each one twice, and run a cord or ribbon through the slots. All you need to do to acquire a most useful set of dishcloths, is just fish out that forgotten, worn iation ping into one of Uncle Sam's jal- lopies, to raise his right hand and swear by St. Christopher and Harold Ickes that this trip he is ment standards. Instructors for . the three-day school will include J. O. Kumpe, assistant Extension economist in marketing: S. A. Moore, extension poultryman; ancl Frank J. Santo associate marketing specialist of thc U. S. Department of Agriculture. The school, which folUnv.s a scries of area egg-grading schools held in thc state, is a part of the Extension Service's program iu aid Arkansas farmers dispose of sur- cggs produced in cooperation with thc Food-for-Victory program. Thc lack of a statewide egg-grading program, they said, has made it difficult for farmers to market sur- about to make is absolutely n«-1 Ius j j important rvswirv Thp imarrp nf 1RH4R pnv- '. .... . • . ' . . Mississippi County Health Unit. I want to ex- proxs my appreciation for the splendid work which was done by Mir Child Welfare Unit in promoting the Crippled Children's Clinic here Friday. May 26. and to the local business and civic organizations who cooperated in this community health project. Especially do we who arc inter- rslrri in the maintenance of public health appreciate the efforts of Miss Christina Drummond and Miss Mary Porter, of the Child \Vrlfnro of! ice. who are mainly responsible for pi?lining the clinic and carry ing nut, the project which cssary. The image of 18,948 government-owned cars roaming the country roads on unlimited X ration carets contributes nothing to the peace of mind of the average taxpayer, or the fellow trying to get along on three gallons a week. A.S for the 8G2 g:overnmer»t chauffeurs, it took Senator Buron K. Wheeler of Buttc, Mont., to polish off the government-hired thumb jerkcrs who ride behind them. "Are the cars and chauffeurs used only for official business?'' asked Senator Wheeler, and he answered his own question with a "Certainly not! AH of us." he went on, "have attended private dinners at which we have seen departmental official driven up in official cars by official chauffeurs. They have not been used solely -for official business.' The point of this little homily is that an executive assistant section chief is no better than a congressman and if you're agoin" to raise cain with your representative market outlets accept only graded eggs. the games. During the course of the evening Mrs. Goodin served cold drinks. Mr.s. Eli Saphian held high score, Mrs. Dick Lewis was second high and Mr.s. Paul Goodwin briclgocci. * » V Ace Clui) Meets Mrs. Jack Moore of Camclcnton, Mo., and Mr.s. Jerry Schauman and Mrs. Joe B. Henley were guests Wednesday afternoon when Mrs. Earl M. Coppagc Jr. entertained for members of her Ace Club. Mrs. O. W. Cook was honorec at a shower, given by members of the club during the afternoon. Mrs. Cook held high score and was given a Summer turban. Mrs. Jack Moore briclgoed for a nail 'brush. • * « Miss Marjonc Helm arrived home Monday from Cape Gtfardeau. where she has attended college. She will .spend the Summer vacation here with her mother, Mrs. Mona Helm. Mrs. Ada Juden left Friday morning for Horncr.svillc. Mo., to visit her sister, Mr.s. George Brown, >we Mrs. M. E. Pope and Miss Fan NickoLs appointed program committee for the meeting in the home of Mrs. E. R. Smith on July (Hh. • • • A. A. U. Meets. Mrs. Marcus Williams and Mrs. Earl WiUly were co-hostcsscs to the Osceoia chapter American Association of University Women in their final meeting of the season at the home of Mrs. Williams . on the Coleman Lateral this week. Plans for next season were discussed. Miss Dorothy Starr, chairman of Creative Arts, resigned due to the fact that she is to be. married in the early summer and will not retvirn to Osceoia. Guests were Mrs. LcRoy Wlldy and Mrs. E. S. Wlldy. • » • Mr. and Mr.s. Louis George arc parents of a baby son born Tuesday at the Methodist Hospital in Memphis. The baby, weighing seven pounds and 12 ounces, ha.s been named Louis George Jr. The parents have another child, a girl named Shirley, aged two years. Mrs. Margaret Barbiers spent three days in the Baptist Hospital two art Idles outlining tin; reaction of "Men In the Service ot their Country-through the medium ol WAR." . . A program on "What My lulher taught me—" bv Chlinm C'Uluu- Kuo .son of Generalissimo Chmnu Kat-Shek" was, also, n-vinvud by Mrs. Bo«an. Prayer by Mrs. R- H- ° Wl>n ' lllul the song, "I Am Tninr, O Lord" concluded the meeting .Durum a fellowship period, Mrs. Permenter served a salad course. * * * Baptist \V. iM. S. A feature of the nicetim; ol Uu Baptist Woman's Missionary Society Tuesday afternoon sit home of Mr. O. Howton, wu:; report given by Mrs. Ralph Uo on her attendance at the Sou h sister. Mrs, Joe Mills, and Mr. Mills, Nashville, Tennessee. During Mrs. .Smith's absence, Mr. Smith vacationed at the Arlington hotel. Hot Springs, and attended its week a session of the Ark- nsas- Missouri Ginners Association. <mCK OF FILING OF APPLICATION FOIl LIQUOK PKIlMIl Notice Is hereby Kiven that the mder.slyi\ed has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the .State ot Arkansas an applicatloi tor permit to sell and dispense vinous or .spirituous liquors for beverage at retail ior wholesale) on the premises described as The Uttl Shop in Hotel Noble, Broadway and Aric. Walnut Sts., Blylhcvlllc, ApplicjiUon is for permit "Lo be issued I'or operation beginning on tin; first duy of July, 1942 nnd to expire on the 30th day of June. Ili-H. a.s prescribed by Bulletin Itcnini Outstanding During his 18 months a.s county supervisor, Mr. Neal has achieved an enviable record. In this was the first county in thc region, which consists of Arkansas, Missouri, and Louisiana, to report 100 per cent collections on obligations of rural rehabilitation loans. This was also the: llrst county In the region to report 100 per cent collections on Ton- ant Purchase loans. During thc period of Mr. Ncal'.s work here, 20 loans have been submitted for the Tenant Purchase: Pnogram. Since March 1. 1(5 Farm ancl Home Improvement loans have been submitted. This number leads thc region again. Two Farm Debt Adjustment cases per month ha.s been thc average of those settled during this time. Land payments of all landowners who arc clients have been reduced to a current state and much has been clone toward riMinuncing real estate mortgages ancl getting ern Baptist Woman's Missionur Unions held at San Antonio, Texas, May 10-18. , Mrs S J- Smith, program chairman developed UIP Royal Serving topic for the month. Assisting program topics, were Mrs. Allen Poscv Mrs. Chnrlie Cockran, Mrs." B. O. Wllkins. Mr.s. Smith concluded the talks. Prayer was led by Mrs. R. u Douglas. . Mrs Howton, assisted by hu daughter, Mrs. John Thwcatt, served an Ice course. » * * Monthly Dinner-Prop™ m Thc May Dinner-program meeting of the officers-teachers ol the dated January 7, 1938 and Supplemental Regulation No. 19 effective July 10, 1937. C. M. NOBLE, MJO-JU Applicant. in WARNING the Chancery OIMH:K Court for the Because of the lack of an cgg-| and Ml , Brown j or j d ; 'Oi-iinr*- c-irc-f r»>-*-* i»-\ t Vt n r^tnin 1/7 «rs »»t» ! ^ grading system in the state. 1G cars containing 400 cases each of graded eggs were shipped into Arkansas in April, and approximately 12 cars in March although state, farmers were finding it difficult to market the surplus eggs they had on hand. By training egg handlers to grade egc.s by U. S. standards and by assisting farmers in organizing local marketing programs, the Ex- She was accompanied by Mr.s. Mona Helm and Miss Marjoric Helm and Mrs. Noel Dean and son, Jimmic of Portagcvillc. Mr. and Mr.s. H. L. Bates drove to Cape Girarcicau early this week to attend the graduation exercise of their son. Jeff, who was graduated from State Teachers College there. Licur,. Fred Henley, who is sta- , . (-, . . . »_i«^»..'. *.l*_v* **\_11 AV. f * VV t J \J 1O O Vt» tension Service LS setting up ma-. ti at Jcffcrson Barracks, ar- chmcry that will enable farmers |rivcc , T d m0 rning to visit I r\ Fmrl Y*v*"\ti- *^-*r%*-l-r»f *-ii*4Tnt»» r^\*« *• ^* to find now market outlets for their eggs. Tim marketing machinery will also be used to dispose of other surplus products produced in cooperation \vUh the; Foocj-for- Victory campaign. In connection with marketing school. n .stntc-widc meet ing of egg dealers will be held in Little Rock at the Pulaski County courthouse at 8 p.m. Wednesday, June 3. this week. Mr.s. W. R. Wellborn and son. Joe. will go to Pine Bluff the first of next week for a week with Mr. Wellborn. Mrs. Clarence Grigsby and daughter, Peggy Lou, will leave Monday for Pine Bluff to spend the Summer with Mr. Grigsby who is with the Trotter Motor Company of that city. Later they w r ill go to Marshall, Ark., to visit her parents, Mr. and Mr.s. S. H. Hollabaugh. A. R. "Buddy" Barbiers will arrive next week from Bowling Green, Ohio, where he ha.s attended the Bowling Green State University the past term. He will .spend the Summer here with his mother. Mr.s. Margaret Barbiers. and grandmother, Mrs. P. J. Semmcs. Memphis visitors Thursday were Mr.s. Steve Ralph, Mr.s. R. M. Fletcher, Mrs. J. A. Gwaltney and daughter, Carolyn. Dolores Shoemaker and Dorcas Jones. Lan WtlHam.s II. who has been in the Methodist Hospital for the past 10 days from injuries received in an automobile accident was brought home Friday much improved. Charles Bragu and son. Charles Jr., of Miami, Fla.. will arrive today for the weekend with his sister. Mr.s. Ada Butler, and brother. Braxton Brac' nr . Mr. Bragg was at Tallahassee the first of IT: lilted in the treatment of 70 tivc or senator for carrying an j . . p. n-ipplcd children here. jx card, you should be equally Ancient Uty Assisting them in making the meticulous about who rides bc- Hinir possible were thc following civic and business organizations: .Junior Chamber of Commerce. Ki- vani.s Club. Rotary Club. Lions O'm'o. Church. Methodise, Church. Central Parent Teachers l.r.-;ion Auxiliary. Charles S. Lemons Furniture. Kanna Funeral Home. Holt Funeral Home, Cobb Funeral Home and the Child Welfare Advisory Committee. Dr. Kirk T. Moselev. twccn a pair of those big new shiny red, and white and blue go- ernment license taes. AGRICULTURE TOPS Senator Byrd's breakdown on Bans Women In Slacks IRONTON. O. (UP)—There's a law against women wearing slacks in this Ohio river citv. bui «"ity Mrs. Henley and small daughter, and to attend to business matters. Lieut. Henley is attached to thc transportation division of thc air corps. He is also a member of with Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock G present, three absentees. Shar, nc hostess dinner honors with VIrs Wood, were her mother. Mrs. 3. B. Terry, and her flaughU-r, VIrs. Rcuel W. Butler. Mrs S J Smith, superintendent .ro-tcm. presided over u post- dinner round table discussion of matters pertaining to the further development of the Sunday School, * * • Family He-union Mrs Walter Lynch ancl her children 'Mrs. R. R. Nowlin, Boonc- villc.' Ark.; Edgar Lynch. Mrs. Lynch and son of Memphis; William Lynch. Mr.s. Lynch and baby, of Flint Midi.. Mrs. lorn Callis. Mr Callis. and son. Tommic. ol of her daugh- Fra/.ier, Mr. ,-,,„„,. «mT children, at Uinir home Wcsi Memphis, for a family re-union Sunday. All but one son. Herman Lynch, were present Herman was graduated last week from Mather Field. O.lif. Chlekii.snwbu District of Mississippi County, Arkansas. Ihelmu Greenwood, Plaintiff, vs. No. 7803 Oe-ia Greenwood, Defendant The defendant, Ocia Greenwood, Is warned Lo sippcar in the*Chancery Court for the Chlckusawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within 30 clays and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Thelmu Greenwood. Witness my hand us Clerk of said court, and the seal thereof on this 21!iul dny of May. 1942. FT A RYE Y MORRIS. Clerk. By Eldora Ncal, D. C. Atty for Pltf., G. W. Durham Atty' ud litem J. Graham Sudbury Marriacje Licenses landowners In a position where It was possible for them to make payment. New Loans M;vdc In 1041 'around 50 'rural' rehabilitation borrowers paid up their entire indebtedness and have gone elsewhere for credit a.s they are longer considered eligible for th program. During this same loans were made to 135 new [ami lies, in addition to thc loans were in effect from thc year. Since the beginning of 2, r > new rural rehabilitation loans, in addition Lo the Tenant Purchase anil Farm ancl Home 'Improvement loans, have been made. As Mr. Ncnl leaves Blylhcvillc. the outlook for 1942 is encouraging. Thc entire list of clients is participating in thc Food-For- Frccdom program. The majority nre also in the Plant-To-Prospcr contest. Thc client list has been divided into small neighborhoods. 'In each of these neighborhoods, a group discussion program is in operation, and is held at least once a. nonth. This program is aimed at providing necessary educational facilities. Luxora. were tcr Mr.s. Howard Fra/icr, Of interest i.o l,hc friends of Mrs. Charlie Thomas is the an- y ..... nounccmcnt of ihc uraduaUon or j V{ ; rw]] her niece. Miss Mary Atchlry Mills. , by from the Arkf.dol school. Ten marriage licenses have been issued from thc Blythevillc office of tlie county court clerk during the past 10 days. Names of thc couples and the ministers or officers perlorming thc ceremonies. if listed, follow: James R. Mead and Miss Dina Mae tialibn, both of Blythevillc: William Davis and Mr.s. Roxic Lcc YelviTlon. both o Dell, by the Rev. W. S. W<:bb; George Allen Bishop and Mrs. Rose Marie Morrow, Ijoth of Caruthcrsvillc, by Nfill Reed; Dcwitt Perkins ahd Mr.s. Mar.joric George, both of Manila: Willis W. Marl in of McCook. Neb., and Mrs. Ruth E. Bradley, of Blythevillc, by Magistrate' T. L. Cassidy. Vermm Lee Sawyer and Miss Austin, both of Blythcville. Rev. W. C. Tharp; Zilun Milton and Glenn Imouenc Smith Head your instruction book faithfully and you will find in the volume many ways of making our car last longer. Some of the books describe the various noises about the mechanism and tell what each one means. . Miss Mills was a very receni wecK- | i)QLh (jf Armorc . 1> by Magistrate end gnest of her aunt. Mrs. 'Ihnma.- , T L cassidy; Ben Downing and and Mr. Thomas. Thclmn K'.lamae Fit/gerald, the week for the graduation of his ',Monday and Tuesday with Scrgt. and M^s. IT. B. !>ncfl - ° r iboth of Huffman, by Magistrate Brownwood. Texas visited Sunday. daughter, BeLsy Bragg, from Florida State College for Women. Bcty Scnimrs leaves Junct G. for Syracuse. N. Y.. o .spend the Summer with her father. P. J. Scmmcs. , , . . . i l* it I w in i i it i i rxi.m, i , i . u. kjv initial. the legal board at the Barracks, ( BUHn Bowcn> Elmrr Bryant. Bill and a.s such participated in a trial charge against two .soldiers this week. Mr. and Mr.s. Virpil Scott of St. Louis spent Tuesday here visiting her father, John Baird. They came here from Paragould. where they had visited Mr. Scon's parents. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Kent plan Watson and Mr.s. Zodic McGce were-hosts to the senior class at a party in the Watson home Wednesday night. Edward Tea fore! had a.s his guests Thursday Lieut. Homer Hutchinson of Pcnsacola. Fla.. flying instructor at the Naval Air Base. Lieut. Hutchinson and Mr. Tca- Price's mothfT. Mrs. I/>m:. Spann prior to the InmsfnTim; of .Sr-w ' "" Price to rhc Officers 1 Training T. L. Cassidy; Cassic P. Cook and Mr.s. Fleetie Scrratt. both of Dyersburg. Term., by the Rev. H. Grcam: !'jCharlic Rntliff.-of Blythevillc. and i ,-A.ti.... c-.... Maclin of Cootcr, Mo., by School. Macon. G». Mr. and Mr.s. R. car fleet makes good perusing, too. At the top of the list is the Department of Agriculture with He found an oM city passed in 18K3. \vhica' i $50 fine for wom^n why 4513 cars and 15 chauffeurs. Right j tnc mStrcctiS m behind is the Department of the ; thc mcn . foik ^,'jj Interior dckes) with 3252 cars and i cvcn by appc^rnv: ui eight chauffeurs. Third is the Fed- .0 a:tire. In case > cct Medical Director Mississippi , eral security Agency (Paul McNutt) County. i wUn 3104 cars a ncl GG chauffeurs. 1 U i itler the 10l)0-cav fleets include \\ondtTs. dress. the law cover.-, tfcuu ' "But how can you enforce law in thrr.c chiv:;?" MiM< to leave June 4 for Denver, to ford were classmates at Georgia visit their son. Lieut. Jimmic Kent. jTech. who is stationed a'' Lowery Field. Mrs. Thomas P. Berry of Madi- near Denver. Following a there they will leave for the east visit >c ' on ' Ala - wll! Arrive Wednesday International Convention. Mr. arid Mrs. Joe L. Horn and Record Quicksilver Output children of Davenport. la., arc visiting Mrs. Horn's sisters. Misses SAN FRANCISCO (UP) — War Minnie. Joe and Emma Monan. demands have pushed quicksilver Mrs.' Willard Collins nnd brother.' mining in California to a new high Ott for Monan. They plan to visit here level'. The output of thc strategic a week or 10 days. (mineral in the past year was 25,597 R. K. Kent left Thin-winy iu»ni- Ihvsks, valued at $-1,505,910. C. L: in us ton motored t,o Fulton. Mo, Sunday lo attend the May Fctr and graduation exercise of William Woods College Monday ancl Tuesday. Miss Hilly L;uvj,ston. [a William Woods senior snidc-nt. ' 1942-43. who accompanied them home for the Summer vacation. Mrs R. T. Ballr-w. who is enrol led at State College. Jonesboro. for graduate work, spent the week end at home with her mother. Mrs. S B Terry. Mrs Ballcw was accompanied upon her mt'irn Monday j by Mis.s Evelyn McDaniel. who en- j rolled for a 12 weeks | Miss Ann Clairr- Wilkins was a j house guest over the week end of j Miss Ann Volmer. Memphis. Mr.s. S. J. returned hc'.ne Friday afternoon from Rome. Ga., accompanied as far as Memphis by | her grandson, Clarence Crawford, a j studctu this year id Darlington ' Military Academv at Rome. En- route, Mrs. Smith vUted with her, Magistrate Cassidy. Too Late to Classify O.lore WANTED woman to do cooking and general housework. Kitchen electrically equipped. W. A. Whistle Roseland, Ark. 30-pk-6 Rental Property \Vliy worry collecting rents, paying; taxes and looking after repairs when you can pet, rental experts to take care of it for you. \Vc will save you all the worry and set more net rental out of thc property than you do. We can write you insurance, also. See us for service. THOMAS LAND CO. 25 Years Experience 'Fine Imported and Domestic Liquors' 9 Your Patronage Appreciated Russell Mart's Liquor Store 106 N. Broadway Phone 28G8 Next Door South Post Office FITTED BY Doctors J. L. and J. C. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS IN BLTTEEVILLE SINCE 1322 209 \Y. Mam SL Phone 2912

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