Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 14, 1955 · Page 27
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 27

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, April 14, 1955
Page 27
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ffr^ry.^^- JUPSC'w 35 ?*;"- ~VVv ' '; • MS™**,* Si ^sS^tS-f** W*"* iPT"-• .__ Laurie Not PM! Anybody i«. Piper Laurie Hght now she Isn't going , or anyone else." ____ the Armys famous i' first class «- G, David seen tm dates to- Schine, ftow e thili- tt at a fort at An, Alaska, was irt ftotly- Ufftors set weddiifg bells ifttfely a'tinkle y e s 1 6 rday ilil unsigned marriage II- ilot the pair, dated April 5, popped up (n official files i Attchotafe, Schine, 2$, had no comment Miss Laurie, who is 21, tail through her studio: "David Schine and i have been friends for several years and l.av dated intermit'ently during tha time. But right now I have no plans to marry Him" or ahyom else. And 1 have never taken ou any marriage licenses.". Schine, center of the 'stormy Army-McCarthy hearings in 1954 lias been a member of the Ft. Richardson military police detai n Alaska Since last fall. ARC OUR BUSINESS j ipeeiafitft in effective termttt control. If Wrmirri arm the woblem, we have the awwer. There's no charge for , M inipeclion to call en our long experience now. ARKADELPHIA TERMITE CO. 1032 Main Street Phone 1057 ARKADELPHIA ARKANSAS LET DUCKETT DO IT... THE BEST IN STEEL CONSTRUCTION Sheds — Farm Buildin'gs — Industrial Buildings made according to specifications. - Can be constructed at low cost! V DUCKETT STEEL & EQUIPMENT CO. < North Main Street MOM STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS Thursday, April 14, 1955 Few Thoughts About TV Commercials By SAUL PETT NEW YORK tf) — Some Irreverent thoughts about certain tel evision commercials (quotes are approximate): 1. When are the child labor law people going to get after that little girl who keeps pulling out all those convertible couches? She's made enough beds to accomodate i regiment: 2. Picture of chain and then: 'Don't be chained by the hot cigarette habit. Throat hot? U. S. Denies Red Charges of Sabaatoge LONDON (UP) The United States denied today as "preposterous" Communist China's charges it ordered the sabotage of an air India plane that crashed while carrying Peiping representatives to the Afro-Asian conference in In- Throat dry? Smoke Ears ringing? moke Eyes bounc- Jng? Stomaclh jumping? Turn off your TV set. 3. Listen doc what is K-28 for ood teeth and formula 9 for good hair grooming? And is it U-235 hat breaks the laxative habit? 4. Camera shows construction worker hanging from girder, eat- ng his lunch 84 stories above the treet. Then a shot o£ a secretary munching a sandwich next to her ypewriter. Then a family out for Sunday dinner. Then: "Americans re such busy people they don't lave time to brush their teeth fter every meal. Who does — the trabs? The Italians? The lazy lobs of Upper Slobovia? 5. If one beer claims "less non- ermentcd sugar' and another beer ays, "All beer has the same mount of calories," who's on irst? 6. Maybe you can persuade me hat one detergent is capable of 'crforming absolute grade-A mir- bles, but you'll never convince "~ • -...,-, 1. _.".m --- - .--. -—-—--look at this Cu.ft.FRIGIDAIRE / ._ ^Here's a new, big family^sTzed Frigldaire with '|i everything you need for convenient food- Jceeping ... at a sensational price! Full-width ^Super-Freezer Chest, full-width Chill Drawer, ; full-width Hydrator for fruits and vegetables. And the door has Egg Server, Butter , and plenty'of s tall-bottle space. for only $269.95 about Liberal Trade-in! donesia. But Indian Prime waharlal Nehru said Minister Ja- the crash the South China Sea "has some very unusual features" and called it "peculiarly painful and distressing" because the plane was carrying eight Red Chinese delegates to Bandung. All eight were presumed killed. The Air India constellation Kashmir Princess crashed Monday into the South China Sea near Borneo with 18 persons aboard. Conflicting reports said three or six persons were rescued. Three were known to be Indian crew members. The Communist charges were broadcast by Peiping radio first and rebroadicast today by Moscow. They were picked up in Communist papers throughout the world in a major effort to discredit the United States and win sympathy for the Peiping regime. Red China also accused the United States of plotting to overthrow the Indonesian government. The British foreign office confirmed that its charge d'affaires in Peiping, Humphrey Trevelyan, received an oral warning from the Reds that there might be trouble and that he transmitted the warning immediaely and directly to he Hong Kong uthorities. The foreign office said the authorities in Hong Kong took "comprehensive additional precautions." The foreign office said Trevelyan "warned that the Chinese government feared trouble from the Nationalist Chinese." More Room to Bargain Result of AdlaiView By JOHN SCALI WASHINGTON tf) — A number of foreign diplomats views Adlai E. Stevenson's 'Far Eastern speech today as giving President Eisenhower more room for diplomatic maneuvering toward a peaceful settlement in the formosa Strait. State Department officials, taking their cue from ecretary Dulles, were guarded in their comments. But those willing to talk privately agreed the 1952 Democratic prsidential nominee's address \v9uld give added impetus to diplomatic talks on tha problem. Meanwhile, it ws learned that the State Department has discussed with New Zealand the possibility of a new move within the United Nations. The idea, which apparently has now 'been shelved, would have New Zealand introduce in the U. N. Security Council a resolution to denounce the use of force in the Formosa area. In diplomatic talks, Britain is reported to have advised against any such move now. The British apparently felt any effort to revive U. N. consideration of the Formos t problem should wait until after next week's 28-nation Afro- Asian conference in Indonesia. The Formosa situation is expected to play a big role in these talks, with Red China and perhaps India leading attacks against the American policy of support for Nationalist China, me any wife will sit casually by and smile while her husband, the big idiot, wears his best clothes to work on the car motor and gets grease all over his freshly laundered shirt. Never! SEE YOUR NEW 1955 CROSLEY SHELVADOR -NOWAT- YORK FURNITURE 111 W, Division Ph, 7-2621 at A*P you'll get bright ideas to help you To City Subscribers: If you fail to get your Star please telephone 7-3431 by 6 p. m.'.and a special carrier will deliver your paper. 56TH YEAR: VOL 56 — NO., 156 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H ^^^jgjjgjt^^^ j^^^^^^. ;^^M|^^^^ ^^^Ujj^^^k, ' • r Star Arkansas; ly warmer this lierfioofl, tdntlhi, Saturday parti? cloudy Experiment Station 24-hours ending tit 8 a. irt. FMckft High 74, Ldw «. Stor of Hope 1899, Press 1927 Consolidated Jan. 18, 1929 $tores °' Rw ' u ««<' P«<«* Now in Effect ARMOUR'S VIENNA SAUSAGE ____________ 2 ARMOUR'S CHOPPED BEEF „ __________ .... WORRELL'S IUNCHEON MEAT ,„„=>, DAILY BRAND DOG FOOD specie,,, PUSS 'N' BOOTS CAT FOOD *pocfa,, FRENCH'S PARAKEET OR BIRD SEED .., 6 M m , ANN PAGE J;'n b ;45* MAYONAISE _ ^_ ANN PAGE 6 "on' 75* GRAPE JELLY 2 ^_ IONA CUT 2 *». 37* GREEN BEANS No 303 HOPt, ARKANSAS, PRI6AY, ARIL 15, 1955 Mtmktr: fh« AitutetM MM I A«4» t«r**» •* Cltt«l*»lM* Av. N.» MM Cite). J MM. tnilfit Mcrcti II, till _1,1*1 DEL MONTE PARD, RED HEART, IDEAL, KEN-L-RATION OR DASH l-lb. Cans. ..T^rTT^SS^^. Special! FOOD 79 GOLDEN CORN 2 A&P TUNA EIGHT O'CLOCK COFFEE C WHITE HOUSE MILK 3 Tall Cans Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Carrots 2 U£. I5c LEMONS ' BANANAS Large : 4 Dox. ? Head Size T: 8 HEAVY CALF Carton 25c CEIERYI - 25c GREEN ONIONS 2 "" 15c o ••• 45Jc Florida "Sl'PER-RIGHT" QUALITY MEATS HEAVY CALF lit *YiP A Iff Lb. Lb. Lb. Lb. Lb. -••• • RESCUED — Two stranded children are rescued oy nsiahbors in a boat as IS'/i-lnch rain fell or>Mobile, Ala4 flooding homes avid drowning out hundreds of automobiles. Car at right has stooped to let boat pass. — NEA Telcphoto WHITE ONIONS A 11414* 1 •% 4101 AVOCDOS 2 . 2 - F 17« — — - 25c HONE STEAK HEAVY CALF SIRLOIN STEAK HEAVY CALF STEW MEAT ALLGOOD BRAND SLICED BACON SUPER RIGHT FRANKFURTERS CAP'N JOHN FRIED FISH STICKS FROZEN OCEAN PERCH SUPER RIGHT PURE PORK SAUSAGE V Governor to Help Dedicate New Schools Governor Orville Faubus will be u ALARMED — Mlmi Bearman, 4, registers alarm as she receives shot of Salk anti-polio vaccine in St. Louis,;, Most first and second graders In St. Lou-te-srea 'Will be experlenc;ln&'"slmltar distress in next few days.- Miini was one of first to get shot; — NEA Telephoto at day, April" 17, in the Washington Negro School gymnasium when the school district dedicates two new buildings. Several widely known educators from various Arkansas colleges will also 'be present, it was announced by School Superintendent Thurston Hulsey. Buildings in the-the Negro school system include a gymnasium, home eonomics, vocational agriculture and a two-story frame structure. Innocent Man Served 19 Years, Now Gets Paid By Jim Flobuehar j ST. PAUL, Minn., Iff)— A man (who went through 19 years of hurt' and humiliation in Minnesota prison swll within a few week earn the final reward of a plodding justice. Slender Leonard Hankins of Daw son Springs, Ky., will accept the first of $300 monthly pension checks, Minnescrtas payment for the years of suffering it inflicted on a innocent man. Hankins will accept it with gratitude, some disappointment and no bitterness. "It's enough to live on, the. 59- year-old Southerner said in a resonant drawl that carried no anger. "But am kind of disappointed that they couldnt have done more for me. A bill providing Hankins with $300 a month the rest of his life has been passed by both houses of the Minnesota legislature. When a number of other unrelated claims are settled by a conference committee, the bill goes to .' the governor. Hankins payments would be retroactive to Jan. 1. Hankins was pardoned in 1951,' years after members of the Bark- Kerosene Blast, Fire; Kills Two er-Karpis gang which held li 4fi the Third Northwestern Bank in Minneapolis and killed two polic< men in 1932, had confessed Hat kins had no part in the bank rob OSCEOLA, Ark. Ml Two children died in a tenant house fire Started by a kerosene explosion this morning, and the mother and another child were not expected lo'live. Mrs. Frank Ivy, 25, was trying tn kindle fire with kerosene. Two of her children, Alice Fay, 3, and Kenneth David, 2, were killed. Mrs. Ivy and another child suffered critical burns. The father had left the house to ernors and mayors called meet- go to work. The family lived on the Russell Gill farm, six miles west of here. Two other children in th,o family were waiting for a school bus across the road from the house when the explosion occurred. Violence in Telephone Strike Is Spreading A ATLANTA Iffl—A general strike loomed in Birmingham Ala., to day while troubled Southern- gov-> ings in an effort to settle regional telephone and railroad strikes costing the South millions of dollars and causing near spreading violence. * Russia* Austri ^f I r> \ * J!»SE ^feA ••§ 'A ' '**k Sign Treaty Remove Trop Soviet Switch Department Store Soles Increase ST. LOUIS (*—Department store dales in the eighth Federal re* Two new ones to be dedicated in-i h ".„ elude an elementary building and y ' a high school building. , Total cost of the two buildings was estimated at about $42,000. But by taking advantage of community help, purchasing own material and equipment and using salvage material the buildings were erected by the School Board at a cost of $25,000 plus $4,000 for new furniture. .. The district borrowed, through a bond issue which^thevdistrictap-, proved, $30,000. Both, structures' Homemakers of America rnet^"At> are very modernistic, the rambling' ril 12 at the Spring Hill hpme ec Dalrfornia type with outside en- [onomics cottage a- •'••'••'••'.-•'••, rances to each room; thereby pro- With Marion McQueen as leadeif Hope/Spring Hill FHA Girls in Joint Meet The Sub-Federation, of the Future BLUE DETERGENT CHEER Giant Sire.. LIQUID DETERGENT JOY Giant Battle, TOILET SOAP CAMAY V Re. Reg. Bar* TOILET SOAP CAMAY Bath Barf TOILET $OAP LAVA 4i larg* lar«....v..7..... iki V CLEANSiH Spic & Span JANE PARKER IARGI ANGEL FOOD CAKE SPECIAL I 49 Each Regularly PETER PAN Peanut Butter 9 :; 33* PETER PAN Salted Peanuts o" 37* TU« -,.-4«wU- Wk^v,- - rte'A'Srt"': • J *i'-"T.!:*«T«l'J*»*«!»l**.W«W'*»W^.«W»i«l.lte'-->-Ul The system, has^ver 250 -Negro .the program based oh the' subjec students including high school stu-j»Are you a leader of better hom dens from Guernsey and Colum-l.es?",This was presented in the ±,l a Sl^ e £; 0 Vu a . r 'U. S ?2 te< 2...?;'«?™ of a panel "discussion with from Laneburg, Spring Hill and Hope participator! to the Hope School! system. ..•••:.".. | m ^^^.ff$& et U |— P arT e T gS T" ' f T,-,- cation system of Washington and ln - C .^ arge '- ot each one Allowed. Hempstead. Board members are W. H. Etter. president; S. H. Smith, secretary, Moss Rowe, H, W. Worthey and T. C. Johnson. Says Education Is Best- Answer Alice Coffee sang "Bless the House," and Irene Thornton, who conducted the group singing and games, closed the program with • selection from Edgar A. Guest 1 * poem "Home." Marion McQueen was elected secretary of the Federation during the business meeting, which Spring Hill presided over. Following thf business meeting, the group was served refreshments'. From Hope were Lanora Messer, Williams. Janelle Yocum Light, Carol White. They IIBBY'S CHERRY PIE $!& u :i: "^ 39« RAISIN BUNS cM RKEI ! Sft 29« PEACH PIE &M! K <! Iach 49* WHITE BREAD Kg™..%% 20< VIENNA BREAD &R: 'A,'.', 17« PUMPERNICKEL ftb. !» I9< Chili-Spaghetti 27* IIBBY'S '• ^r.*w;i.w» 55 WANT THREE MEALS — Spokesmen for "Little Shamrock" convicts in Texas State Prison at Huntsvillu, tell newsmen late Wednesday Jhey want public to know the.y are on sit-down strike only because tlisy want three meals a day. Inmates in this maximum security sect.'on of prison get two meals Instead of three because they either cart't, or won't work. NEA Telephoto It didn't work as they quit. — Potted Meat "^ 7< IIBBY'S ANN PAGI GRAPE JAM OR PLUM PRESERVES Vienna Sausage 2 2." 33* IIBBY'S Corned Beef "£. 49* Special I '""'' Roast Beef IJ-o*. ....^i.......^!, •* I ' | 51« •HOUTININO CRISCO 83* SUNSHINE •UTT« COOKIES l0T0*t Youth Injured in Accident Here Charles Prescott, local youth, suffered a broken nose in an accident on Division Street yesterday. City officers said Prescott was passing a truck driven toy Raymond Jordan and cut in too fast. The auto hit the truck, careened off of a tree and crashed into another tree. Jordan escaped injury. Both vehicles wer badly smashed. Oi'iicers filed a charge of reckless driving against the Prescott youth. • ••' , . 4 fi v > j^v.^. A^.-'^i.\y'd Though Texas Convicts Give Pp Meekly HUNTSVIILE, Tex. (ff\ — Meek hungry, 52 tou'ghy convicts [who demonstrated nearly 30 hours for "three squares a day ate two meals today in their dark maximum security cells. «fc Swlen, naked and thirsty from the hot Texas sun, they returned ;o their cells quietly yesterday af- .er giving up 29 hours 45 minutes after their bloodless strike began The convicts Wednesday refused to return to their cells at the main state prison after an exercise period. They • changed they wasted hree square meals of the two they received. Prison system mgr. O. 3. Ellis told them "nothing doing, 'nailing doing. .Ellis explained lo newsmen the maximum security prisoners, most of them in Solitary confinement much of the time, did no work nd did not need the three meals day which working convicts on ie states prison farms get. pooler Sunday and Tuesday. Pr'u- , cipjtation moderate in scattered 'Americans take out about 4.0,000. j showers beginning Sunday or mon- |pw patents every year, j s l- if; SEARCY, MR— Education is a better 'answer to the Communist ;hreat than economic aid, says an! T . , _ Autralian physician who gave up!± 1 . maa -° e ^s, Us medical practice tp fight Com-; btewart > and Jo munism I were accompanied by the^ practice Dr. fr'ed Sc... artz told a session! teajcher , s ;. Miss L eona Placf of Harding Colleges annual - free-1 f. nd . Mlss Maril yn Taylor, arid dom Forum here that aid will '" elr advisor Mrs. H. L. Hanagan, 'Help improve working conditions in a country so working can have electric lights by which to read Communist literature. "What we need to do is to educate that man to the evils of Com-j , — munism and to that advantages of; ' Stewart of Benton has been " elected president of the Arkansas Chiropractors Name Benton Man LITTLE ROC K(#) — Dr. John the American way of life, he said. Mrs. Miles Heads Cosmetology Group U.S. Spent Some $18 Billion in Korean Fight PHILADELPHIA .*!—THE United Stales spent about 13 billion dollars to fight the Korea-.! War, Asft Secretary of Defense H. Stguv ghynsel estimated today. .The Army alone spent more than 16 billions, not including the pay of troops Hensel commented in an address prepared for the World Affairs Coum-il, and he added: .v'^The war in Korea was a small ..waif 1 ; for a long time we did not even regard, it as a real war." _ _ _ 'The last 5Vi years, henscl said, | to bring about s settlement of the:!United States has spent about Pickets appeared suddenly lasti serve district have continued to night around the Giant Fail-field! Increase compared lo 1954 sales with an average rise of 7, per cent last week over sales of the same week last year. The ,St, Louis Federal Reserve Bank today reported the increases for the week ranged from 5 per cent at St. Louis and Louisville to 15 per cent at Memphis. The increase was 8 per cent at Little Hock. ' Sales of the year through April 9 have averaged 6 per cent better than during the same period of 1954 in this district. ' steel mill of the Tennessee Coa and Iron Division of the U.S. Stee: Co., at Birmingham. It is the largest steel mill in the South and employes about 20,000 persons. R. E. Farr, district director ol the United Steel workers of met ica CII) predicted that all operations at the plant would be halted in sympathy With striking telephone workers, members of the Communications Workers of anier- ica CIO). Farr said he expected every bus 1 - iness in the city hiring CIO workers would feel the affects of The sympathy strike. The possibiliey of a general strike hi Birmingham came only a few hours after Gov. Lawrence Wetherby of Kentucky scheduled an unprecedented Southern governors meeting of for Tuesday. Wetherby called the session as chairman of the southern Cover, nors Conference "for the purpose of discussing a plan of action for the governors as" a' group to t$fce 172;billion dolhivs on its own forces .".ami only about 11 billion dollars in'.' the •., sreation- of military strengths among our allies." Mem- beiK nations . of the North Atlantic Treaty ^Organization in Europe the same period spent about 35 billions of Iheir own budgets, -.'Hensel esti- President Eisenhower ma$ed. fte said 'request for new military alliance appropriations in the coming fiscal yea/, '$1,400,000,000, is modest — miidest when compared with tha cost-; of even a smail war,' 1 Then heSaJdded: X • , these controversies. -It will. be held in the office of Gov. Frank Clement at Nashville, Tenn. At Miami, Fla., Mayor Abe Aronovltz sent telegrams to .mayors of the two largest • cities In states affected by the phone strike and asked them to attend a conference in Miami April 22-23. !^As' : a' matter of fact, It is more than probable that our appropriations for defense alliance expenditures will have to rise in the future." He -explained-that one factor in volyed. in this would be the upkeep of quipment sent allied nations— a cost estimatsi at from one to .wq billion dollars annually. Some of the Allieo nations have neither :he industrial bd-;e nor the poten- ial to permit mainenance of the Ameritah-loaned equipment, Henel said. "Emblem 7 Is Topic of B&PW Meet i "Our Emblem" was the topic sed Thursday night at.the regular monthly meeting of the Business ndi Professional Women's Club by drs. Ellene Johnson of Texarkana ho is the •hairman. Southwest District Chiropractic Association. The! stones. In our emblem, we embody the ymbols of courage, culture, pow- r, law, truth, love — foundation group ended a three-day convention here yesterday. Other officers are Dr. Ben Sherrell of Paris, vice president, and She pointed out that these sym- bols'over the inscription N. F. B.- P. W. C. are bound in golden circle of completeness: Light, Health, LITTLE ROCK. sUP) — Mrs. Elah Miles of Hot Springs was named chairman of the state cos-1 Lynch of North Little Rock metology board at a meeting in Dr. E. Doss of Stuttgart. Gov. Orval E. Faubus office yesterday. Dr. Ralph G. McBryde of Pinei peace i Achievement, Victory —Bluff, secretary-treasurer. Elected Comradeship, blessing of work Four Nations Meet for Private Talks RANGOON, Burma (jf) — The prime ministers of Red China, In dia, Egypt and Burma 1 met today at Rangoons Mingaladon airport to start a day of private talks.' Jawaharlal Nehru of India and Abdel Gamal . Nasser of Egypt flew in from New Delhi and were greeted by a cheering throng of 5,000. Their reception was in contrast to the hush-hush arrival here yesterday of Chou En-lai of China. . . ;.-'.•' The latter came to the, airport today with Burmese premier U.. nu to join'in the reception. Chou had met Nehru before, .but it ' his first meeting with .Nasser Chou immediately invited Nassei to visit Communist China. Tomorrow all four are scheduled to fly together to Bandung, Indb nesia, for the Asian-African'con ference opening there Monday Nehru and Nu are two of the five conference hosts. Nehru and Nasser took off this morning from New Delhi, where since Tuesday they have been discussing what is likely to happen in Bandung and the positions their delegtions will take there. Eligible for Disaster Loans WASHINGTON MV- Farmers in 22 Arkansas counties are eligible for Farmers Home Adrninistrtl&n Loans as a result of crop damage from recent freezes. Judith Smith of Little Rock was , ,. .. — lilUJll iCUCUl II VCACO. Gordon M. I benediction of Love - The Em-| The Agriculture Department llst- ----- and blem of the National Federation of |C d the counties as Benton, Boone, I -DUSlnPR.Q' nnn TJ|'nfocoir\Mnl IXfnmnti'n « «* « «. •—• i. -wr i Sixteen-year-old Nova Langston Clu'os-Inc. | Business and Professional Women's Correct posture. Other finalists of Pine Bluff was elected Miss Miss Rosa Harrie, President Pre- eiected vice-chairman and Imo-|were Rosalie Dickens of Fort gene Cox of Harrison secretary. Smith and Helen Owen of Conway. It Is One Thing to Win o Revolution and Another to Build Up Nation After Win County Singing Meet April 16-17 Hempstead County Singing Convention will meet at Rocky Mound Baptist Church, S'/i miles east of Hope Saturday night and, Sunday, April lli and 17. The pulfllc is in- yited. Extended Forecost .Friday-Wednesday — Tempera 74, normal 52. By HAL BOLE I anxious to reach the leader's- ear sided and urged each member to sign Mr. Washburn's petition for Referendum. Mrs. Roy Stephenson, chairn\an of the Nominating Committee presented the following officers 'for election:'President, Mrs'. Opal Hervery; First-Vice President. Mrs Thbs. Compton; Second Vice-president Mrs. Otis Ware; Recording Carroll, Faulkner, Fulton, Howard Izard, Johnson, Lonoke, Madison, Marion, Ouachita, Phillips Pike, Polk, pulaski, Saline, Scott, Searcy Sevier, Sharp and Washington. Two Drown, Death Toll Reaches 9 By The Associated Press A- double,-drowning in Like No fork, two traffic fatalities and lumberyard accident yestcrda trough! to nine the number o accidental deaths in Arkunsa since Sunday midnight. Police dragged Lake Norfork 1 north central Arkansas last night searching for the bodies of a man and his .daughter who are believeo to! have drowned'. They were iden tifled,by Bill Smith 45, of Render son, Ark., and Mrs. S. A. Stavinoha; 23;: of LaGrange, Tex. Witnesses t ' said Mrs. Stavinoha fell from- a b'oat an<l her -fathe jumped in the water in an effor to save her, the woman's mother also fell .overboard, wi nesses said but clung to the side of the*, boat until rescued - lay he: '*•'?• . 'near the Missouri state line, it a fishing resort, ce{ite.r. ' 'An unusual accident neir Pates ville took the life of f John Lloyd 56, of Batesvljle. his "car and a truck collided after the truck lost a : wheel Deputy Sheriff McDonald quoted the truck driver, Lindle Blair of Jorn-fboro, - as saying he lost control of the truck going down a him when, the wheel came off. i _ ! Melvin Peter Trainqr, 44, , of Caruthersville, Mo., was killed wh.en-.hlk: dar 1 crashed into a bridge raij on Highway 25W about 18 tiiles; west of Pargould. State Tr.poper Joe cosncr said Trainor Was-traveling alone, (At Little Rock a 9-year-old Negro girl; was killed when she was run pvep. ;by a, lumber carrier. Police said 'Hazel Fay TUckqr was play- in^' with other children in a lumberyard when the accident occu red, : son. (Lake Norfolk, located Austria Fans t r. Hopes for Meet By Kenneth Brodnty ' '" $ , MOSCOW, (UP) —Austrfa-andlb Russia signed today a n«w staU- treaty agreenient 'in" which the? Soviet promises to withdraw,, iU| occupation troops by the 1 - eno>0fi this year if a formal 'treit^^f^* 5 be' put into effect ^by; then. ** In doing so Russia dropped lti| insistence on keeping occupation^ troops in Austria .Indefinitely^/* thus removed one of "the m points blocRlng a' treaty a& ment with the United State*, ;\ aln and France. The agreements signed toda. .. the form of an aide memoire vWni'f ed out in four days of 4 ' AuatfUFl Soviet talks a 10-year-old Impalf —'"* in .the cold war 'Both Austria "ai Russia . appealed optimistic '-',tl agreements would be approved*! the West. ' ' , „; \\ 7* The Soviets also agreed to 'f, , lease all'^ Austrian - prisoners'' 'of < war 'and civilian, spresently JheJ* in the Soviet union as ,s6on i; «t/| viet troops are withdrawn V?i Austria; ;this' wa*«; ftnotheffof. major points blocking''''**ii;. • trea.ty. . , . ^ i^ .These .'and oilier 'treaty agreed upon in the-tta,"' "" announced in an ,officia ique I issued- cellor Juliuj train negotiators. -,toi Vienna with the state return to Vienpa^i By WASHiNOTON . for: Austria fdnned prospects' new Big Four meeting high^ day than at any time* since ^he lasf one dal - ^.«4-> one deadlocked months ago v Word from Moscow, wqs thatiHu jroposed. V A. 1 . SHtian, France' itates already 'have 'hat would mean • the^en^ ears of Red stalling and of our-power ^occupation, • v ^.yi, j," It would mean also that the Rujfe ians will have met a key rfpri- Mrs. Jim McKee Dies in Local 4! Hospital Mrs. Jim McKee aged 68 pass ed away at 1:30 a. m. at the Juli Chester Hospital. Funeral service Will be held Saturday at 4 p, m Other arrangements are incom plete. She Is survived by one dau Shter,.. Ruby McKee, three sons Ora McKee of Hot Springs, Hugh of BartlesviUe. Okla v Kennle o Houston, one sister, Mrs, John 3ain of Hope, four brothers,'Lush ous Hugkabee, Marsh and Tobb o Hope; and Buck Huckabee of Tex arkana. Burial will be in Huckabee ceme tery. All Around the Town •y Tkf ttar Mcff First showing last night of thei Secretary; Mrs. Kline Franks; Kiwanis M j ns trel played before a bes * see it tonight anc won a revolution. Lieut. Col. Gamal Abdel Nasser, /-» A T r» <~\ n t i **-avt* biiw AWau^i O CUi CAIRO (Ift —It is one thing to run. Armed guards lounged by the win- a revolution. It is quite anoher to.dows, carefully scrutinized each Dinld up a union after you have, visitor who entered. Prime Minister Nasser, 6- feet ,, and handsome, greeted the news- tne 37-yer-old strong man of man pleasantly answered each spent 10 years plotting the question slowly and thoughtfully', ™ i. ijj e spoke - n per j ect E n gij s h. Nasser who proved himself a master plotter in his seizure of Corresponding Secretary; Mrs- | near capacity house and was well you will view top entertainment, Roy Mouser; Treasurer, Mrs. Tra- rece ived ... the second performs army's overthrow of King Faruk. That was accomplished nearly three years go. Nasser now seem - W-- --^.. ...*«wvv* J^luvfccj 111 Ilia ^CA6U1 C Ul quitely determined to devote the! power, spoke many time bitterly rest of his life to carrying out a of "the landlords" whom he holds reform program that will cure his backwrd country of its ancient ills. responsible for Egypt's poverty and past corruption. Millions pf acres of land have been redistri'out He told of his hopes the other |e d to peasants under his regime, day in a rare interview granted "No man now can control more to a group of visiting American than 300 acres." he said. visiting newsmen. Coming into the . anteroom of his headquarters, you hsd the feeling the revolution had just than 300 acres," he said. His problems range from providing fertilizer to small farmers lo the building of giant irrigation vis "Ward- I nee is at 8 o'clock tonight the Ralph Lehman and . Mrs;, - -. • m _„ . . l *.^ta *u *•« v M w»«*..» .w.-- o .-. . . »--y 4^119, 4\al£'lt MCKll^aii dilU . M*A O. Miss Tonna Taylor sang two MinsU . el ls completely new and at Malcolm Hinton were the wlnrfel* numbers 'Little Shumaker" and the end last night the aduience was j n yesterday's Mrs. Arkansas con"" struck with the thought that this test }n the Third District Live- "Bjmbq." The news, rodio and television ifte news, rodio and television' citv has sonie very unusual ypung stoqk Show Colijsum . . . (he Committee chairman were in talent . , of course, everybody! test ! is sponsoied by the Arki charge of the program. knows the money is spent on the lo- Louisiana Gas Company . , con- Wholesalers to Hear Mitchell LITTTLE ROCK, UP) — The knows the money is spent on the lo-uigiapaGas Pompany .. cal youth program and it's very | two, Hope women will represent (fitting that most of the acts were'this city in a district affair, the I by our youths , . it's- only my opln- 'ion but this writer thinks Dr. Emmen Thompson has done it again with the best show of them all . , , f you can't help but recognize th.e Arkansas Wholesale Grocers as-!talent .of the Smiley boys, the sedation opened its two-day an- young dancers from Paisley nual session here today with a I school, beautiful singing of the welcoming address by gov. Orval E. Faubus. Jack Mitchell, head football at the University of Arbeen pulled off few moments sn d industrial projects. But Nasser ; k ans'a.s, will be a speaker at to- u "*""" emphasized the new regime's | morrows moining session The before. It was crowded with milling army officers an,d bysin,essmen, all atack iUHeracy. Less i r«it TWO one meeting is the 45th held by IAWQA, the Maids of Note, Ann Adams, Petty Jo Cox, The Bodettes, and the twg separate young dance teams ... these young artists weie all good and, of course, the Blues number was fine naturally the older established blackface boys, the pop hansey, and wevc winner of which will go to the state contest fl,~p, Murphy, Alderman Ward Four, has filed lor reflection, Due to con4it»ofls which is cureptly contributors to, Red Crps.8. cp of tbe iiaines were perhaps Ji» ,»a4 equlsite to a Big Four meetiflL aid dwn by ' President E|i«fit»p!! r: That Moscow give toif® &£,< ence of gopd faith which", .would]'?? promise that a Big' four' Session might be fruitful, 'he ha*", " ' tloned an connection.— Another key requirement gration of West German mnnary» power with Jhe Western ,Durope«in*?' Union, already is in a toward realization, Den,.,..,*,,,.^, the Netherlands,, the oplyf' t qpun|^ tries yet Jo act, are expected &\ do so by- months end er, - ^ ; - •-• ' This would" clear J &ev*wJ a meeting of (he North ' Treaty Organjiatlon .v Chief business of session be welcoming West Germany the 15th NATQ member. 'Omshadu' , owing this perfunctory a|»te.Jto ready-made opportunity ^ ' tor Dr. Linker 4 p.m. Friday " Funeral services for D Llntor, 71, at his home Thursday, at 4 p. m. Friday at nelius Funeyal Home- be in Rose He is vivfid by» four brothers, Aptiye Nathan qassldy, nw jim simfam'Mm Jesse Br9vvn.' * it??/") L.ITTL,r L

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