The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 3, 1934
Page 1
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Served btf the United BEranmn; IW^SATUIWAY. nomu'AHY 3/193.1 ee Teacher Slain —._. .. DEFIES SEii 1 •- • • - m Brain rns J IFS! Joke to H ox ford Tu<»vv TB BY FIBST OF .iistiiTCnl Democrats Want if Continued Until After N'nvemljr,. flection WASHINGTON'. Pel,. 3 ,UP) -div Iul " 11 " ll5ll ' atl0 '' approached vcr tl ] W " '" ll ''° Il0lisc ™ ™ A woi-^'-s byTlay.'wuinn'I urgent Democrats boasting I nad strength enough to drive leadership ( 0 cover. 'e can beat any g ag nl i e thcj "t- in. suid Representallve Kel- 'Dem.. 111., lender in (he ft It keep the CWA iniact until -it 'oast alter the November "."cllon in contrast, Majority Leader S'ms and Speaker Bainey backed ' » parliamentary rule whirl. Ihey colder will a-aurn ,«U.™ Kexford Clny Till-well Hr heads a -brain doesn't,' exist. nlnl reason for our brcakdnm our failure ,„ crenle cnstomprs (an a.s «-<-'ve produced Bonds.- * • 1 *nl Opposed to Pronis j j'. ' "I'm not ncainsi prolit 1 '' have said, but I want mil. We must i, as some :o se= in- urovirtc a Mile win 1 '" ill n relief b " w °i lf l c 'l- bill ™ of the rules te, , r, vote tor or auaiml [hp nieasure without nmerdment. Two-' thirds majority, however, is needed for passage. GILBERT HITCHCOCK DIES WASHINGTON, Feb. 3 (IIP) —Forratr Dulled Stales Senator i OJIlwrt M. Illlehi-ork of Nebrax- I «a, (Jubll-her uf llir Omaha Wcrld-Iffrald, dtrd today. n f was 14 und had been suffrrlnr for * ueek from heart MARKET FOK 1?.WH),«WO CAHS NKW ORLEANS, Feb. 3 (UP) —*•'• W. .Mathexon. vlor-prrsldcnt uf the Graham Pal te Molor tfo^ fald today dial a potential rr- t market of 1:!0«000« llf.i «is|, In lhf WILL OUST INSDI.L ATHENS, F fb. 3 (IIP)_S» m . »M Insdll. (,T>k. a «o ulllltlrs m » t . ''**. -Ill not br permitlrt To remain in Crc«( indefinltelv «ven Jf physicians report him' unable to travel because of ill hMHh, the mtolslTy of Ih, in- lerior Laid today Confession by Woodrovv Koonre Clears Ur> Holland Roadhouse Slaying CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo — In a .latement given Robert w Haw- Khis, county prosecutor, Woodrow Koonce. one of .several suspents has cleared up the mystery of the fatal shooting of Alford YOUIIK Blythevllle farmer, at a road !»nr Holland January 27™° ; Koonw hr.s. samii'Ccd '---.u ' Huge Orders Said to Await Satisfactory Credit Arrangements. WASHINGTON. Fob. 3. illPI- idprj from the .'-evict Union foi "ilhons of rtp;iai-.. w& nh of Amev- . ' Room Sr.hoolhiHise in wa Is SCCIK: of Douk Tnigccly -, ,,,,,,. ,,,,„ <tJI')-I.,om Uu- lim n! '20 pi- dm, .life community piercd , 0 . 3 ' < " >m " S Of llui » oVr l ' "'nil,onl - - hy Miss Margaret Grave- lllfni 0 ^" 1 M ° nroc l<m "'---~ vr-i. i ' ™ s ?hot nmt kllw K.-.lorday nfternonn by Herman D ll'en • 28 " ! ' c '" 1 '- 01(1 farmer,- wlni lied chlldreji, ihe olclmt about 13 '••'•• Ihc shooting - Coroner Br/cken said there would Ml up an Inquest. He pronounced •IV' case murder and suicide. Miss Graves was leaching her ahool when- the door opened •llEhtly. not disturbing Ihc tiuict 'I. the little one-room school icii-w- Hut wltliout- looking iroiind the children knew from he horrined expression on her ace that something had liuppcn- Whlle Ihey sat huddled In their •ats in fear they saw Solck stalk own the aisle with a .shotgun n word was spoken imiii Miss •raves screamed und fell to the cor near her desk. Then Seick ushed the shotgun Into her hack nd fired. The children tied. Parents; of WiHiarn P. MacCracken Declines In Divulge Mail Contract Information 1 "- arens of Hose closest at. Hand caypcl au- ; .. mc ---.uscei- tor Hawkins announced 'flrine tfi Oiilv thi-pd p^ni^ iv._, J - • ° : - hots that 'were di< ng a brawl at Bol lace near Holland. Oiu injured Assistant Secretaty of Ag-'SS nculturc One of Capl- lm !" s "7 t0 ™ 11 "-MB on "even keel ' iran steel American A tal's Busiest Men "If that "Is. nil righi. Bui. it done." soft-spoken, self-eff:icinvf. done with pro- must be BV WIUIS THORNTON ' '~ ^" ri j rc •'"•iff Correspondent s'rght. slender figure slum]is°'bnck 'i> the swivel chnir. hands in , <• ^ trousers pockets, and n slow smile tvrnk Inail .v « man. man who is credited with )>e-,,^ tl .,? f t . hc brai " tni ' 5t that exist, is parrying hr Sil , vs , s e "" "dmuiLstrative load that would . n-," h,. repeals. "There If you think ex Guv ' Ihis informant said Financing f.'cililies are now im- Ihlng-.W™ !»8 ** "^"e'eomnine'n" To °H rth lh""'±,^' ""-^ration n,,,-= ,„ , „,„„, -." a corner of the A B rlcult,r. n.' , L " ' J:?:"" ' p f °"»M™ ol were <:i:n»led before irers today credit ar- re u rescn! a-ivc of one of the -•'...-i company informed United •-entty had made'inquiries "for l'- '••10 miles of u-fm-h steel pi™ for oil pipe lines and for large quantum ol steel rr.ils and other railroad equipnicul The pij:e cii'crs would be sufficient to keep Aii.f-.-fcan steel pine •ninnf i^if tirinv nT-im« v, i"***- rin-f plant* busy on a basis throughout 1934. .The _ story of l] le shooting 0 < given by Koonce differs from earl "-accounts in which it wa." sla;- mat a man who was engaged mr a 5 Ument with Wn'ora shot ^ i F**«Wsss r •-- ---"ji iiuiig—iirvei" was . am .such thins. That's all a pleas-'" 1 n eor -int fiction, invented a' few mouths = nrtll "'n back. ?er it 01 "Those of us here who are wor) - e>"- ^iiiultlll, lu .-ill •-orner of the Agriculture De- "cnl and hatch radical ideas out of your mind. 'If is the oi:e assistant secrc- • — "- luujiiiuon 01 rlnc ™ (lu ™ r lT"lKn « export tank ' the Distnrl or Columbia under tni: Ihe Rec:nsm;ci:on rinaiice foriioratlon. "-"i.n.o. ^ LI '-• imu ;uu \\nrf.- , v "-* 1 - >ix>ibuint secre- IK? hard for Ihe government, and , n1y of "Srlenltiirc in one of the who liaupen to have a scho!a-,lic lnr7Mt departments of the eovern' background, are beeinnini; to re- m<1|1t - Many smaller departmen's irnl the t"nn a little." h! »"e twn or three nwistants It is Though his hair Ls much grayer "" lo llfl " lo co-ordinate the 20' " than you'd think- from his pic- bl "™'is and offices of Ihe depart- i The di) - v old son of Mr and Mrs lures. Rev 'man-ell is a handsome : mcm - ils 2 0.«» field workers and <' J ' H - E ™ 1 ^' dicd yesterday morn- man. and looks younac-r tt, nn the Us ^"O °" the Washington staff lng - at [11C fnmily home near Bur •12 yenrs which really put him • • • . ' <Mte. Easley Baby Dies ih hr m " ut Uial he fired the shots. Younit was standing nearby bin taking no PnrtinthebrawlnmlKooncfJil Cecil Gatewood, Glen Stivers and "Woody" Howcrn. other sus™ Mcts in the shooting, were re" Koonce ' s Confession waaken enter ft 'a expected thai Koonce will Her a plea of guilty In circull ccurt, here Monday. Convicted of Theft of MaeJVest's Jewels LOS ANGELES. Feb. 3 (UP)Edward Friedman, alleged Chlca- —„—, was convicted early robbe °" CharECS of second <1<1 8 rc(1 Jewelry holdup of ^Iac 0 West stnpc and screen actress. Friedman fainted when the ver- HML^J^ af ', cr thc ^ had yhorllies yard. founcl had New Red Cross Board Elected Friday Night An expcmlve. b<-ai<l of 1C mcm- Texas Rangers Expect to Seize Clyde Barrow AUSTIN. Tex., Feb. 3 <UP>Texas RaiiKers sid Kelso reported tp ranger headquarters here today that* it wns bejleved Clyde Barrow, Raymond Hamlllon. and, their rouipanlons were '-bottled 110" In i Hie river bottoms near 3eguln In ;.ouih Texas. "Wo are close behind them " ^ald Arjl. Gen. Henry Hutchings,'form-. l*rs lo servo din-Ing Ifl34 was , n- overseas general, wlio Is direcl- Return of Pillions Disrupts i Markets . 3 (UP)n of Hoover artmlnls-' irallnn n r mall contract dealings .n tln-ust upon the senate today I, 'r "i- "'u llber of Ulc in ™™ - i-'sluVnf, "lime cabinet" wfl , lm . '""• orresl, charged will, re/using > divide information to a spc- lal srnmo Investigating -commit- . j,.'"\"? s . ™lain P. Mnccraeken Ji.. assistant secretary' of com mrrcfi whllp Herbert, Hoover was « ">c Whlt^ House,. a n r>sin* hen attorney for n number of air "'"•s thai obtained federal . mall carrying subsidies. ' A technical legal question -will' tic presented when MacCraeke pears before the sena ° Monday nnswer charts of rontenS J m,£ n "Vr!i ec " eadei1 "V Senator Black rDeul.. Ala.) Investigating nil mull subsidies Il'iL t "'° Sl ' 0n ' s whelller «ai- ackon may be. forced !o reveal racrpts between himself as n iaw- ami the air line £mpa"« whose Interest., he was adwa" The senate required • MacCrack- rfuseT'f 'I***** <»««»• he. ™ S, ln Sllbmlt l ° 'he Black committee correspondence which '<: mid wos confidential between himself and hi, client -alTTn. «ler In, retired r ,. om „,„ . mrrcc department in 1929 MncCracken'B persistence In his ° f l " e . Members of tho compijttee mov- promptly to Impound mv'nW ' Tlic former official declined to permit n single document to leave His possession • until he obtained "•(livers from his clients was elected last nii'.ht alia meeting at- lended by a K rmip of nieni- K rmip o nieni- ^ers of Chteka.'awt.a Uislrlcl Chap- !e.r, American Hal Cross: An orgnntzaMor meeting of tlie new boai-d. at wlilci. officers -will I'e. elected and -plnns for' the year '')» Ihe search from here. his office WASHINGTON, Feb. 3 ™ capital'' -- C " |)laln Jamc s Robblnsi"-" "i capnai to the United .aid lie was positive Ihat the elu- Slates because of Its threat lo the five and notorious Barrow was one successful operation of U e Am lir^^!™'^ "5: 1 & Se"""? - -n^ran, w"" Faslma •.farm, encountered --. „ ,,, m .,„,.,„ , ur lnE y enr unniii mrm. cncounwred '""isers today. W ams Ic mvnc/vt m n^rii t """^'k^ 1 ',^ "I'" Wil " ln " lr dro";e B ava7fro St ^ """S'" 00 J^,'? 01 / 1 " 1C ™ Me ™ "" "*""* '" ^ ^< °< *£«* niM -wee.* or tei-. rlavs. • urme auav from Banco unrJ^r ^.spired tn f>ir. Am D -j— « , , rnin\nr ,,.,„„ i*-.^,,_. ,„ ^ ' . 6 or lei-, days. 1 Meml>ers of :he new .„„,„ u.any of whom l.uve been active v the l«d Cross i-i ihc past are- Rev. E. K. T,-,ill:i:er Jelf -Roland ". J. Thomson. E. D Fer-—. Za\ n: Hmrrsc,n, Dr. 'A. M Woshbiirn. Mis. E. E. Alexander B.' Fairrelfi. T:MU W. Jackson. A. Cunningham. C. U. Dabcock Ivlsers today. Held Under Bond of $300 Jesse, alias 'Toughy, 1 - Williams,., alleged Manila "bad boy" was ordered held (o ihe grand • 'liirv under $300 bond by Municipal Hunici Mrs B A -ynch. Max" 13. Kent. Mrs. j r :in enti, and G. H. Grear. Run Over by Tractor PORTEHVILLE. Cal. HJPl-.Tust . al Prank Owen. . . 30. Portcrvlllo —.i*ii. uu. i UIIU1VUIU istrlct rancher, "sofly." A six-Ion which starlccl rolling while was uncoupling it, passed ~ " injured chesl. lie Bhtly. Amerlc «n (IrOVO n\VO V from Rlnnr-n iinrln i ti t , , om "JMico unclor «,->•"•-« m im: American flnnnH->i Imil of bullets from rangers' suns, outlook by the return to n modified form of gold standard Hint Ihe huge flow of Investment funds Williams Is "accused of partlcl- ~~ -- — Plan Earlv Retrial / ^ I f* . I ft , . " - 1 "«t M|Sl%-\| VUJI JU tor Jouhy Gangsters "^ llc f 1 markets and inlcrfcrert wll 'i the udmlnlsfrnMnTi-c effort near ManNa in December- Hicks Clayton, who has so "far evaded arrest, is the other man -- — ~. ......^Mmriu luiuw i ^"^tit In connection with the country has disrupted wcrlrt rol)bei '>'- CHICAGO, Feb. .1 (UP) _ The Date's attorney* office moved to- for an early retrial of kid- - °< n mar- 1 form- -r c ,s OI £i?' naplng charges Touhv and two u ,,,u, ^mcago cansstcre afler an Initial attempt ,,,, ended in a Jury disagreement. • „/ To proceed anew (lie prosccu-' h-i lion was forced lo srel: a delav - WHIons of rtollnrs worth e S "™"'" ! ' from " I(! In in , (! '-i ,'f d ?, !la , r llns bc?un to i , '" ll ' a a tn(es- n , s nltractcd by (he assurance 42 years which really put him ' • outside the clriMficalion of "young "° R eaHy Toils ! As Secretary Wall lie is just m from the second the "' lno "Kteolions of the depart mem ' s »c'<i statioiui in the west 'soon to be supulanled by agency). on the Public! , -ouncil, and on the Civil Works Planning Board. "Confidence" Played Out Tugwcll re.iccls immeriinlciv .... siiBte.-ilion of his critics that he lnent 's -,..v»nui m me wes favors zenious reform at the ex-;™" Eonth. He represents (lie de P^n^e of recovery. ' Pertinent on f>in TTrtv.«,^« m . "Reco\'en' and reconstruction must R0 togeihcr." he explains. .„ ----- ~B~-^ "o longer believe ihat the v/orks Council «lon is that „ s waui. oration of confldenre 1 is the' So "ere you have, not a tried i olcmcnt ' Wp (r i fd tlwt - ^ I a " 1V ° ry ' OW ' er ' bllt ed"ont C °, 1 ; ri ,'! rnce tmslness is pl.iy- : Tugu-cl] is gettlnn quite i renu RC 'Tnm4o-^' 0 reeonstructlon must' '"' '' " "" ^"^ ."° int °° f ^^' Ko ill ha:id with recovery. It is He "Tells" jjer E™Ss —- :€r{£'S ; sF'^: "The thin, that must be achicv- ?«« about the ftSdTd Drt? ; Bv Ih ( ' h r con![r ' lil y of ""It'slry. . b ' 11 <"™ the Copebnd bill to I bl that I an industrial sy.s- th c Tugwell him i sHH^SS'-«?»-— , ((.onliniiti) on Page 3) Funeral services were held yes- lerrtay afternoon al Sandy Rldee cemetery. The Cobb Undertaking company was In charge of funeral arrangements. Tlie deceased Ls survived by his'^ Iar parents, one brother and four sis- f -' n y U-rs. i MI! July Oct. Dec. Jan. NEW YORK, Ffb. 3. (UP)-Cot!on closed nrm. II Closing Slock Prices NEW YORK. I-'cij. 3. (UP)—A fasl moving recovery lifted the -'lock market fii'd'otis lo more :han two point.' In the late trad- :ig in today's .^r,:'. session. Trans'"" J -•"•"— share A. T. and T 120 Anaccnda Cop;vr 17 i-g Bethlehem : to, I -17 3-8 Chrysler S8 1-8 Cities Service 3 3.4 Gfii?r,il American Tank 40 7-8 Oeneral Ele-tric 24 1-8 General Motors 41 1-2 Imcrnatfonal Hivvcster 45 1-4 Middlesst Urililit-.-- |.< Mnntgcmcr vWsid 32 7-8 Nrw York C'.nlr.^l ..:.. 43 j.g Packard 5 j.g Phillips Pefolcim 18 1-2 Rn*n 85-8 Simmons Beds ^2 1-8 Standard of N. J. ... 43 Texas Co IR 3 8 U. S. Slept c- , . open liioi loa- H46 1160 1146 1164 ll?a 1163 1179 1194 1193 1212 1210 IXG 1216 123-1 close 1159 1176 1179 1102 1198 1210 1210 1224 1216 1234 15. Spols closed steady at 1195. up j New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANfTreb. 3. <UP>- Ootton closed nrni. Mar. ay July Oct. L'ec. Jan. open high low H« 11=3 1142 '161 H76 1160 H"i 11J: 1174 "91 120!) 1194 1213 I22S 1213 close 1158 1175 1190 1209 1223 12271) Spots closed steady al'll73, up!7. May open <>\3-\ 90 -2 hioh W7 91 5 t " ' - Com j " open May 52 JUy w high 52 3-| 54 3-4 low 52 close 52 1-2 54 3-6[ With tlie npiinfnlinent nf (leueral Seujuro llayaalil (aluncj tu succeed Uencral Arakl as .MIulMer o( war, Japan took3 .runvard to a continuance, of Its policy ol lh» mllllary's rioinlnatlnu nr Imprrlr.i Poilcy. Kajnshl deelared lie would follow in the footsteps or his predecessor, wbo was leader of Hie iggresslvo nCllilary NatlonalUt «. ^LV. lu MT'/. U HUiaV Ot nf T| I . ~."i*nnn,i. an extradition order against John'n, r 1H f sl tc , m r» rn ry stability of 'Jnfcethe Barber) Faclor Its most' * ? o1 ""' antl IIlc new "eld for fmportant witness. A s av of ex i n ™ stmmt "'i" 1 the gradual Im- ccuilon of the order removing 11>rorenu ' llt ln business conditions. J''«clor to England to face .wind-in , ~—. . .. »"* charges expired today. | DOmhjj A n J Strike Are Take Aic^n~to Dakota Cha »engejo Mendietta for Trial With Sankey JjP'™^ Cub ^ F ^. 3 ( UPI. ' I "Mlcnl studenu and workers dial- •f*-ii*-i«. _ . ! lOnBTPn tll^ hnhi- ^-ran^i.i. CHICAOO. Feb. 3 , u ,-,Alcorn. former railroad wns taken bnrk to Soislli uamta ipday to Join his former engineer. - Mendlc 'n Sovern- the calm Hit turmoil Bolh men co.ife.wd the abduc- ! me on of Charles Boeltclier II of : fhree Denver. Alcorn's apnrehenslon : today, vhich had of recent perpetra- ° f , bomhlm? oul T' y t0rtny when o ' Classcd K sllp °- m0n Grai1 San Mar *- ulli -^ i'l) TLIlvnSlOn nr\riarr- rt/ T-t -J..H- followed the arrest of Sankey by : 1^, L f ?°- m0n Grai1 San Mar one day. o-inwy uy tin. deposed in favor of American ! approved Carlos Mrmdleta as prer "Jt's Just Concentration," ^7 " """" Says Canary Song Judge ^fi ronized by thcy » ta <- S>T. LOCUS (UP)-Leonanl Tav- >r of Ogden. Utah, here for Ihe annual Grand Championship Canary and Cage Bird Exhibit and Song Contest as a Judge, explains 115 work as "merely a matter of concentration." An cxperl with canaries. Tnylor idges the tone of their -songs four it a time. Although the four birds may '• warbling al the same lime Taylor explains that "If I want o liear No. i bird, 1 Just clon't '""» to the other three. ir a --- -' •~>,'.M\ tourists. It "used material damage but no one was hurl. «"s«iu a Miner CHIHUAHUA CITY. Mex. (UP) -George Znngwlll, son of ihc late srael Zanitwlll. novelist. Is work- ng here for thc American Smelt- ng <t Refining Company. Born in .ondon and educated at Cam- rldgc, Zangwill says he has no Beer Sales Increase Despite Liquor's Return PHILADELPHIA (UP)- Despll" Ihc return of hga! liquor, beer •''", ffnialns ll.e nnpubr drink In Philadelphia. Brewers In tills mea announced lecently that sales of beer MII• ered no decrease afler December 5 and that sales r.ov appear to be on the Increrse. Warm weather hey believe, -.vii: Hing furthef Ircreases. Bone! Set For Bicycle Theft Suspect Ross Williford, charged with Inn • tlwft of a bicycle from a Hnbbard Haraivare comnanv warehouse was- crdcred held lo the March grand Jury under bond by Municipal Jurtge C. A. Cunningham ' ycslerdav. * ; Bill McKeln, accused of accessory to the theft, was cleared of the charge against him but was told to apnear before the grand Jury here. He was released oh his ow.. recognizance to return when' thc jury convenes. A cosh bond posted by John Hamilton, accused of disturbing Ihe peace, was forfeited when he " fulled to appear in court. Sav s President's Plans Require a Central Bank PHILADELPHIA (UP)-A cen- Iral bank of Isf-tie v.-ill result from the present- fiscal program of the .-(ccseveit admlnlrlratlon. Dr Lu- iher A. Harr, pixiifrsor of finance ••>' Ihe University of Penasylranla rieclnred. "A central ban!-, is necessary lo ihc success of the Presidenl-'s Plans." he said. 'Price control, -•labilization of tlit dollar and other alms of Ihc President's pro- iTnm can only be operated suc- resjfully Ihroush such an Insti- l-'.llon." He predicted that the- central nank would dcveli,;> through a ecinbinntlon t.f (1 K - 12 Federal Reserve tanks or llirough ihe iiutrlghl eslabtishrient of such a bank. -ft l.r a lller^ „;,,"- ™ ^r«% ^™J ™ £ Champ Ic« Cream Ealcr NEWCOMERSTOWN. O (UP)In a contest here, Clinton Touvell ale three Quarts of ice cream within 45 minutes, then followed this wi\h a big dinner a half hour lat WEATHER Arkansas-Fair, warmer in east portion tonight. Sunday partly cloudy, colder. Memphis and vicinity— Fair and warmer tonight, cloudy Sunday. The maximum temperature here , minimum 28, to Samuel P jcsterday was . elear, according ,„ oamuci ^'trris, ofllciftl wc-alher obseri'er.

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