Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 14, 1955 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1955
Page 10
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v>;w" It* HOM Sf At* MOM, A ft KANSAS thurday, April 14, IMS. arris foot mwjro KIU it, IM ONI HOUR m di ybiit *>e fcttk. thii fi)cid* SLOUGHS OFP s »k!n ...ltl* It ftttt. <w drying «*y «t .buritd t Set T-4-L *t 8. CONSCIENCE STRICKEN CHICAGO (UP) — The Internal Revenue. Bureau received from a conscience stricken taxpayer totJdy $400 on an overdue tax bill of more than $1,000. "If I still can't sleep, I will send you the balance," he wrote. Money is th ename of a town in. Mississippi. ft • BRANCH GENERAL HOSPITAL the dpenipg 6f an annex for Convalescent and aged- patients; * OPENING MAY 1st A • - ' Apply a* " Hospita'l Business Office fe£# Studio Will Hold Rita to Contract Defends State Deportment's Position By (JOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD <;/f>.i — Notes and comment on the Hollywood scene— Look for a battle royal to ensuee bVer Rita Hayworth's notification, that her contract wtih Columbia is refu . gc at an end. Needless to say, the studio doesn't see it her way and prepared to fight. The battle By JOHN CHADWICK ^ WASHINGTON (ft.Utah) Departmen emmgtl0 FSC Told Ark-La Bond Insufficient The Arkan- Film Couple Wed in Tangier , TANGIER actress ROCK sas Public Service Commission! finne Calvet and acitof Jeff Stone, heard a ^motion today th^ArkHft',^*^.™""^ fj'?^* sSSftd* Louisiana Gas Co. insufficient -bond for increasing| ^t • rates oh a temporary basis. i . , ., J^~f em .u W ~cu"? S i' The gas firm posted a $1,250,000 i defended today the. State bona . . n order to increase ra tc S i lhe nt s adrmmstraidn of tha t**!,i.,,; TK D v,, • program char'ge it ,»„. o ,u <n =.? l - U ~7' : ''*>ll-o'r' Part °f the increase Wtkms sterred the 1953 refugee| Arkansas Louisiana Seeks to in here. in Lisbon, Miss Calvefs visa wap not ift .order and they were rcfu'f • Rd a Portuguese license. The Freeh-born actress was divorced from actor John brn. Thursday/April 14, 195$ «in 1 i i ii i i i i r MOM SfAft, HOM, A IK A HI A I . The bond is required Arkansas law for customer by| re-! cost of gas purchased during monthly period. . ." MADE OF VALUES SALE LADIES PANTIES Jylohized for extra wear. SizesS-M-L Reg. 39c i ^ For O/C . .' CANNON itOWELS 'Large size. Bought '; especially for this , event. -i 39c SK SHORTS . Ladies denim Shorts '« 98c ; Cotton Skipdent Sport Shirts -K - >,-*.. liri/white/blue, grqy/green arid tan. Boys sizes 6'to 16. 89c . \ Men's sizes'S-M-L $1 Batter Bowl 3i pint with pouring •• : spout. ••-••••• 19c SPONGES 4 in a. package. A real ._ . value at „ j 17c Bath Mat Set . 3 piece chenijle. 2 rugs and lid cover in assorted solid colors. *a- ^-i-rjje-icu iu --gnu 0.1I-; udiiic; • i i u l_ iv e • 4 J i I' •"•ift.ailSil:» J-iUlUdlclllcl occr\3 KJ "could keep Rita out of work untilj Act "Tough the Senate ahd is f"fe 6 ase rates, to large, .industrial 1960, if it's carried to the hl?hcs. „„ .„,„=„ = ,.,,...„. ,/nember of Senate J.udiciam ^ ugtomers Tne hi g hc r rate sched courts. By that time she will be' subcommittee 2hich ; -has •calfe«f u j e . . Is ca i culated to bring in $4,42. 'ipol-ul for closed-door .^ucstiomni? 300 000 a year ir) additional revc- ihto-operation of tht; 1 ^ip The studio feels that it has taken <| n an ln<JU»"y law. . .,, . ,, • The subcommittee quickly swung Th<3 claim of insufficient bond Was made by companies protesting into an investigation Itc yester- th6 fate a ppi ica tioit Five of these day mid a continuing furor. ovnrj firmg charged yesterday that thu good care of Rita, putting her in big films to restore her to popularity after bad publicity. Final observations on the Acad-i - e • - .. - , ,. , ,4111110 v.*n..a*.« ^^w h ^*««^ —- - emy Awards: Wonder how Jcnni-; l e fretary_of _Sta_e Dulles ^ismls jrat? application would a i, 0 w .the fer Jones felt. She was set to do the wife's role in "The Country Girl," but had to check out because of pregnancy. Grace Kelly replaced her. Sinatra was originally set for the role of the ex-fighter in "On the Waterfront" during the early sal of Corsi as a special adviser |g gs company to ' juggle rates on a on refugee .problems.. • • - monthly basis. The charge is based Watkins aid .that while the. pro- on the following .paragraph of . . gram has been-moving more slowM as com p an y s application, ly than he' would like, -".I think i , fa the ro testants: that under all the . circumstances they have He also done said a good in an job." interview the as $1.99 IF' stages of the picture's planning. Later the cast was shuffled and Marlon Brando got the role. . .,.. 'Some folks are still muttering Uiat Judy Garland should have wp;ii 'the award. Although she was' a good lostr, she wanted the Osca'r badly. She wanted to show h£r. longtime studio 'MGM, which fired er. Her adherents argued that he should be given a special Osar for her achievements on the creen. But it was ruled that stars annot be given special awards in he same 'year they are nominat- d for regular Oscars. . . . Frank Sinatra is not • one .of hose who express alarm over the hythm and blues trend in mod- rn music. Says he: "At least, rhythm and blues roke the craze for cowboy la. ments, which r think were awful. Vlaybe rhythm and blues isn't very good music, but at least .it's got a ieat. Perhaps it will lead us back o the good band music such as Tommy Dqrsey and Benny Goodman play.". . . A Long Day of Television Soap Operas Woven grass rug, size 34"x65;' in beautiful ..;..,..:., ..Colors,..,...;;:......,,, I i|«i"w l& 1 Friday and Saturday — April 15 and 16 >PCHAUX Lbs. ,T,tiWt I:. - :OFFIE «J U. -I— i tb . 66c LICHTCRUST mfw^ ^-^"w^^^ w - • >.«- . -.._. _ ORNMEAl 10 59c DELSEY §OltEIT|-$OE » 3 er WMt« IT. Lb. LIPTON'S TEA J3c IN OUR MARKET W PRIDE - HALF OR WHOLE STICKS Lb. 21c NECK BONES Lbs. 25c /Iftf OXFORD ^ >RY SALT MEAT Lb. _.. a BACON Lb. 36c ,.^ R SMITH WORK IP l|^f JTIfE WORK By AUL PETT. For Wayn« Oliver NEW YORK (""—This, if'; \ can read my.tear-stained notes, is one man's log of one day of television soap operas:' ' : • 10:30, .Way of the World! First day home for Cynthia and Walt after their honeymoon. Her brother Fred blackmails . $50 out of, ler to bet on a horse and to "keep quiet about those calls from- New York." Claire drops in, warns Walt, "you'll never find emotional security with 1 Cynthia. Shc-'s an bpporthnist." 12 noon; Valiant Lady. Helen wishes Chris happy birthday. For. a few seconds they're actually happy,' until he opens her present, She: "What's the matter?" He', Linda used to give me.a'p'ipe every birthday. But, of course,, you had no. way of knowing." ,: ; In mental, hospital,. Linda begins :o recover her mind, rerriembei;-s' ijs name was Chris, remembers it's his birthday, remembers abouj the pipes, begs the doctor ' to let her see Chris, Organ' music swells up, underlinging Chris' gathering problem: What will he do with two women who love , and need him —and with all-those pipes? 12:30, Search for Tombirow A hpspital, Mrs. . Barren plans to marry Arthor fate, who. is iccov- ering from heat sogey, just , as .soon as he can "walk the length of the corridor." They'll be mai- j-ied irt a room at the end of the corridor. The doctor . wouies, "anyone of us can walk, out of this hospital and be struck by a car." Organ music comes up with doctor still fretting: "Tate can get well. But who knows, what will happen tomorrow?" 1:45, Road of Life. Although unwanted. Aunt Reggie is determined to stay with Jim and Jamie while Jocelyn goes to Washington to find out if she's going to be neported. 3:00 The Greatest Girt. Fran is tricked into the room of the "syndicate man," who threatens to force her.into the baby black market while back home Eve tells Ned, "Don't you think you're thinking something has happened to Fran because you won't face that he was satisfied that the ; slow,- ne3 in admitting refugees to this counry under the program is not due to.-any desire by State Department ; officials to ,avoid eauying oi(t the law. 7 to Decide 1 Annual Wage AutoWorkers ' ;.. * ! DETROI T (M— The;.-answer to the controversial problem of the guaranteed artnual wage is in the hands of seven men They are the key negotiators for Generl -Motors, Ford "and the CIO United Auto Workers. ; The bargaining talks^ which ,they result in a pUm that eventually r will affect millions of Workers to' the auto and other indtlstaefc; al P in the parly stges ' and Mel.Lindquist for Ford, Hauy Anderson and Louis G Season for GM and Walter ReutHer, Jahji, W, Livingston and Ken Bannon for the UAW-CII. ,'" V»' These men-'havc a dozenitu moie ideas flanking 'them in the separate sets pf'negotiations, but they are the principals who will mal<e the decisions:' • Bugas, 46, as Detroit director of the fbi, attracted the eye of H«n- ry Ford • II arid was brought into the company' in 1944 He became industrial relations vice president in 1946 in a fast rise to prominence. Tall ahd athletic-looking, _ he once was a star basketball p"layer at the University of Wyoming (Undquist, 45,' has been Foid' general manager for^ industrial^ relations since 1946 crner, he's from ^ The - above rates shall be in- crease'd or decreased each month , by! the -foci-ease or decrease in the' ! Kidney Slow-Down May Bring Restless Nights When kidney function slows down, m»ny folkS complain of natlrinK hackuche, Me»d- aches, dizziness and loss of t*P Mid enerjry. Don't suffer restless niehU with these dis» comforts if reduced kidney function ia *et- "ing you dowti—due to «uch common cauici ».< stress and strain, over-exertion or expo* gure to cold. Minor bladder irritations dut to cold or wrong diet may cause getting up niirhts or frequent passages. • . • Don't neglect your kidneys if these condl- tlbns bother you. Try Doan'e Pllls-arfnlld diuretic. Used successfully by millions fcl- over 60 years. It's amazing how man* tlmea Doaii's Rive happy relief from these discern. forts-hclpthelBmllesbf kidney tubes add filters flush out waste. Get Dunn's fills todayl • DUBARRY • CLEANSING CRE-VM SKIN FRESHNER Combination Pq-kage'. ,•.'•:;>.. $3 75 Value . . Special <Z.UU . Plus Tax WARD ANPSON DRUGGIST 102 W. 2nd •''• ••• :' Phone 7-2292 Another Coloiado West' .Italy, CUP) Light- crowd of, 5,000 pil AVELLINO, ning struck a grims at a Catholic 1 shnne yeStei- day, . killing five peisohs ahd injuring at least 50 others the alternative — that she might be drinking?" < 3:45; I skipped Concernjng Falls HELP US MOVE! to Our New Location 115 S. ELM/ Many items are Greatly 1 Reduced: Come in Now and SAVE at. .. HALL-MCNEILL A LITTLE CREAKS MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE !r4COFF66 TASTE THB DIFFERENCE CREAM MAKfcS IN CREANNO ' A finer Gr»onio qua/i/y salad dressing—with a lively, zeity tang that coaxes those delicate flavors from your salads and adds the "gourmet" touch to , sandwiches. Ask for it the next' time you shop. «h*K« >•(•tablt •ill hltndirf with foMnt .miHI •michtrf with 15.W9 until •» VitwriHi A I. SOCIETY f*h6fle7-3431 Between I A, M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Thursday April 14 The Jr.-Sr. High School P. T. A. will meet in the Jr. High Auditorium thursday April 14 at 3:30 p. m. The Executive board will meet at 3 o'clock. Brookwood Brownie Troop will .meet Thursday April 14 after « , *1 ll~Uh 4 llltl 3V.I school. . Jenny hostess. Linaker will be The Business and Professional Women's Club will have regular monthly meeting Thursday April 14, at 7 p. m. at the Barlow Hotel. Radio and TV news service chairmen Mrs. J. W. Patterson . and Mrs. Roy Mouser will have charge of thB program. Chairman from SW District Mrs. Ellene Johnson 102 S. Elm fhont 7-3661 Serving You Since 1896 FREE DELIVERY — DIAL 7-4431 GOMPARE OUR PRICES FRESH FRYERS 49t it 8 Lb. Pail Pure Lard .25 Pail fork Neck Bones As shown ini . . . 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BIG ARKANSAS CORN SHOW! 1ST BATCH O' CORN ROYACUFF HIS SMOKY NTAlN BOYS "NlHT TRAIN TO MEMPHIS" 2ND OUTHOUSE OPRY LULU BELLE & SCOTTY "VILLAGE BARN DANCE" 3RD 100% PROOFER Chapter 4 of Serial "ADVENTURES OF , CAPT. KIDD" 4TH JUG OF KICKS DAFFY DUCK CARTOON COME OUT EARLY & HAVE A JUG O' FUN! Saturday, April 16 The Music Makers will meet Sat• urday at 10 A. M. with Mary En- j'ler. Moncfay April 18 W. S. C. S. Circle 5 of the First Methodist Church will meet Monday, April 18, at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. W. M. Reinhardt 'with Mesdames Virgil Keeley, Carl Barry Sullivan Getting His Share of Work By BOB THOMAS , _ , .„ , -- - -. , HOLLYWOOD (/ft— It's lucky that of Texarkana will be guest. This Gaddis and Arlis Brooks as co-hos-lBarry Sullivan isnt allergic to if? an^ important meeting^ and every tesses The Bible study, "The Mas-jwork. Because he's getting more , ter Cal]elh For Thee" will bejthan his share these days, i completed by Mesdames Sam! Sullivan spends his days at Co- Strong and LeGrone Williams after • lumbia Studios in "Queen Bee. _ , r . i which new officers will be elected!His nights arc devoted to acting •? i<f'\t 9 and those to receive Life Mem-1 in "Caine Mutiny Court Martial' 1 n R-i" 1 ' bcrsni P s will-'be voted upon. This at the Huntington Hartford Thea- ^ith M,-C A r Rnii'^ri M,c y i is a very JmP° rtant meeting so,ter in Hollywood. When does he with Mrs. A. C Ball and Mrs.! a]1 membcrs are urged to aUend , Tieniber is urged to bn present. Frdiay April 15 A • fP Mr= worse for his grueling .schedule, wbn a unanimous 10-roud declsi describes his cufrertt ; life.during a' a t the Cow Palace, lirief rest on the mb'vie set. j "The day starts at 6:30 tn the! morning." he related. ''I,have lo, be at the studio catly because they must apply a scar to my ffcce for this role. I work all day, then at C o'clock grab a steak at the! Brown Derby. I live in Beverly' 'Hills, but I cant spnro the half hour it takes to drive home and back to Hollywood. Especially with the traffic at that hour. "After dinner. I walk across the street to the theater and take a 45-minute nap. Then I go on and to the play. "The show's over at 11:15 but j i » si .'"i'SK.a" iicm pounds, nine above his naWtial lie-jioufltl, whfert ^,^ to lire, but looked faster and hit hard-{{he body and Seat .<Mfll Olson was a 3-1 favorite in thc'er than in any of his previous 20-jbrighl red/ did/he % bout. He weighed ' 109! straight triumphs. Onty in the firtimal fighting Joe Reese as .co-lwstess. All members are urged to be'prasent ahd bring flower show schedules to be returned to the federation. Notice The DCCI meeting has been post- The Hope Country Club will erit- ; P°nd to the 3rd. Monday in April ertain club members of the 7th and, which wiH be AprH 18th. 8th grades with an informal dance Friday April 15, from 8 til 11 p. m . _, . , , . . Hosts and hostesses will be Mr.; Baptist Church has postponed their and Mrs. Bob Turner. Mr. and flass -~ " '• " ' Mrs. Teddy. . Jones and Mr. and '"• The Builders SS Class of the First Tuesday April 19- -. -_.. ... 1 can't just rush home. People find time to sleep? That's a good]come backstage to chat. I thought question. |that would be all over after open- Thc actor, looking none the ling night. But every night is like [opening night. For instance, the Duvall Moore; Linda LaGrossa ?* hcr night lhcre wcrc Fred MaL '- Mrs. Vincent Foster. 5REHGER HURRY! LAST DAY! • FEATURE TIMES • 2:40'- 4.50 - 7:00 - 9:10 SUSPENSE! ADVENTURE! • SHORTS • 1. News of The Day 2. "Flying Squirrel" Cartoon LADIES of Garrett Memorail Baptist Church --will, sponsor a bake sale at the fJas Office Saturday AM on S. Elm street from 8 ti! 12 naon. For cakes or pies please call 7-4533 or 7-5848. The First • Methodist Young Adults Pot Luck Supper scheduled for Wednesday night has ;becn pan- celled due to the Knvanis Minis- tral and other activities. and A. G. Fuller; and Karen Johnson and Kendall Yocom. Following the program, Mrs. Haskell Jones. President, presided over the business session. The group repeated the Lord's praycr ( in unison. Mrs. Alvin Gordon read the secretary's report and Mrs. Edward Aslin gave the treasurer's report. Recommendations from the Executive Committee were reac and approved by the group. Voluii teers to assist with the Poio vaccine tests were accepted. Mrs. Witt's 4th grade won thn '••oom count. The American Legion Auxiliary meeting has been postponed bui will meet Monday, April 25, in the home nf Mrs. Harry Hawthorne with Mrs: : Mack. Dtiffie and Mrs. R. E. Jackson-as co-hostess. The program \yill be on ."Child Welfare" by Mrs. Joe Jones. *Fri.&Sat.* ANOTHER 3 STAR * * * PROGRAM! THEY RODE WEST Robert FRANCIS Damn REED Mi) WYNN • Phil CMEY A COtUJMU flCIUU • • ALSO • uoGORCEY HUNK HALL Bowery Boys -iihJOAN BAGD/ID ^^^ ALIKD Air III t tinniif ii^u • PLUS Chapter 2 of New Serial "THE BLACK ARROW" & "Little Pup" Cartoon Brookwood P. T. A. Meets The Brookwood PTA met Wednesday at the school. President, Mrs. Ben Owen opened the meeting by reading the message of the National Presidents letter. During the business session the .minutes were read by Mrs. James Lauter- bnch and accepted. Announcement was made that the 1st and 2nd grades would be given the u'olio vaccine, the date to be announced later. The following slate of officers wove elected: President. Mrs Aubrev Enoch; -vice-president. Mrs. Will Ed Waller; secretary Mrs. James Lauterbach;'treasurer, Mrs. Jim McKenzie; parlamentar- ian. Mrs. George Wright; historian, Mrs.. Cenil O'Steen. '. Mrs. Beene's 2nd> grade and Mrs Brown's 3rd grade won the $1.00 for the room count. Mrs, Jim McKenzie was in charge .of the program, and she showed two films '/Family Life •ant! "Taking Care of Thing;;." Af- t«?t this the meetin%.wa>''adjoUrned. Paisley P. T. A. Meets Psisley P. T. A. mpmbers and guests enjoyed a program presented by Mrs. Theo .Witt's 4th grade pupils at their meeting Wednesday, April 13th. The flag pledge was led by Robert Lumpkin. The entire class participated in a history play, each pupil relating some important date or fact in history. The group sang two songs; "The -Star Spangled Banner" and "Amnrica." Mrs. John .Harrie then directed a square dance with 4th' grade, pupils as members. : The . dancers wore colorful Western clothes and danced the "Texas Star'.' and the "Lillie Marlene." Danee^ couples taking part were Jan Ellis and John Whitten; Sue Taliafen-o and THE BEAUTY BOX Open 6 Days o Week Appointments after .5 for those who work. Phone 7-5850 112 S. Main MON APR. 18 TWICE DAILY 4 P. M. B P. M, COLISEUM ADULIi. .$1.10 CHILD . . . 50c All Tax Incl. BRING YOUR FAMILY! NOTHING LIKE IT BEFORE! 150 PEOPLE! 46 BIG ACTS! mm MFme ACIUAUSTS • WLO MiiMi ACTS-MKCDCVUSL NOT JUST MOTHER CIRCUS -FAMOUS ACTS FROM TV'S 'SUPER CIRCUS"-BIG TO OON'r MISS Admiration COR EE ROGERS BROS. LIONS CLUB ^ MttOtt&St HIM SMC YOU 001 SHOW W KH)I IHRHIM Evening Shade Good Neighbor Club Has April Meeting The Evening Shade Good Neighbor Club held their regular meeting April 7 at the home of Mrs. Frank Smith. The meeting was presided ovsr by president, Mrs. Joe Martin. Seven members and two guests were present. Guests were Mrs.*" Sooter and Miss Ella. Beard. Of- those dressed in costume; Mrs. Beckinan won first price. Mrs. Martin drew the lucky number for the door prize. ^Refreshments were served by Mrs. Smith, assisted by Mrs. Bertha Huckabee. Meeting adjourned to meet in May ir> the home of. Mrs. JOB Martin. Ambassador SS Class Met in 'yome of Mrs. Larkin Bohannon The Ambassador SS Class of Garrett Memorial Church met in .the home of Mrs. Larkin Bohannon Tuesday. April 12, with Mrs. Ted Furtle as co-hostess. Following opening prayer by Mrs. Jsmes Braden, Mrs. Paul Church gave the devotional. Mrs. Olin Purtle conducted a short business meeting, at which time new committees were appointed. Mrs. R. M. Harrison and Mrs. Paul Froust had charge of the program. Songs and Bible character quiz was enjoyed by all The closing bert O'Steen, prayer was by Eland refreshments w.ere served tol 7 members present. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Gary Carlton and family of Albuquerque, New Mexico left Tuesday after visiting 1 in the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Carlton on East Third street. Mr. H. M. Olsen has returned from visit to Lo's Angeles, California. if Personal Mention Mrs. Dale Hunt of Spring Hill is recuperating in St. Michael Hospital. Her son Richard, of the University of Arkansas is visiting her. Club^ McCaskill . The president, Mrs. Gordon Prescott, called the meeting to oidefr when the McCaskill Home Demonstration Club met March 28 in thfe 1 community house. "Holy, Holy, Holy" was sung' Mrs. Robert Parker gave the de* votional from Psalms 147 followed by the Lord's prayer in unison. Mrs Orval Wortham gave an<, interesting talk on International. Relations work. Mrs. H. E. Patterson, State International ReW tions Chairman, gave some intei*, esting helps on national work, f Mrs. Lorraine B. Wylie. hom^ demonstration agent, showed slides; on how to select good furniture. L Mrs. Prescott was in charge of the business session. The club^ members will meet April 3 andj put up new curtains m the club ; kitchen. .. 4 Refreshments were served by tlw hostess, Mrs. Homer Rhodes, tc, Mmes. Prescott, Parker, Wyhe,Orval Wortham, Cloid Bittick, R. G Shuffield, Albert Roland, Bert, Sweat, Violet Gaines, H. O. Harris, Sanders Moses, Lynn Moses, and one new member, Mrs. John Setph- ens, and one visitor, Mrs. Patterson. v Hospital Notes Admitted: Mrs. Lillie Powell, Hope Rt. 1, Mrs. S. A. Whitlow. Hope. Discharged: Mrs', Glen Beavsrs and baby boy. Okay. Arkansas, Mrs. Mary Duncan, Hope, Mrs. Carl Norwood, Hope, Rt. 1, Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs W. .C. Hanna Okay. Discharged: Bonnie Jean Walter, Hope, Mrs. Harrison Ross, Hope, A. C. Burton, Jr., Blev'ins. Do You Wont Somethinf Really Piffertnt? Hore a HELEN CURTIS SUPERSONIC PERMANENT HAZEL'S IIAUTY SHOP Murray. Bob Stack. Lenore Coffee-, Ihe writer, and several others, ii thought everyone from Hollywood i had seen the show in New York." What with changing from his costume and greeting the well- wishers, Barry is lucky to pet home by midnight. Then he must arise at 6:30. again. ..V'.'Tve been thinking of taking a riotql room in Hollywood,' lie said. 'That would save me a half hour of traveling time. But I gave the idea up.' .His contract with Columbia is ufiusual. It provides that he must be free from film duties on Wednesday and Saturday, when he plays ' matinees at the Hartford. John Hodiak, when acts the lead- Ing 'mutineer in the play, has n similar deal with MGM, where he is making "Trial. These are the only in/stances within memory when stars have done movies and plays here simultaneously. Olson Ready for Title Fight By CHRIS EDMOND SAN FRANCISCO Iff) — The "new" Bobo Olson, who picked up a crushing right-hnd punc hwith nine pounds extra weight, is ready for a crack at the light heavy, weight championship of the world. The Hawian-born middleweight king, departing from his usual damaging body attack and switching to a svage overhand right to the? head, floored 'Joey Maxim twice and was all over him from the opening bell last night as he Mary's Beauty Shop for' appointments Call... 7-3584 MARY HAMM AFTER EASTER SALE i LS-V *fc«'.J<|(. LARGE LI MEN SUITS and DRESSES / SHANTUNG, SILK and COTTON THESE HAVE BEEN ... Drastically All New Spring Merchandise [ No Carry Overs! Come Early and Get Yours ' !'« ?>1 m :rl ... ,!, j'l "• ' ' »*•$ -vi ^Mfa IIM* **c*g ,HT«U" "%.The JOHN P. (OX DRUG CO. DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 ; We Give Eagle Stamps Your Extra Savings ON SALE THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY flgexcy DRUG STORE Exclusive ot'Cox's Co*metif**V "" ' d^miM^AVl^ ^ff *1 ELIZABETH ARC BARBARA GOULD; 'Also Revlon/^Lentheric, t ft* ^ , 11 SOAP m. SUE ' (Limit 3),, KLEENEX TISSUES WASHCLOTHS ,Y Klittcil, / (Lima?),, \ 100 SACCHARIN Tablets '/< GRAIN 1) , IT NewD«i g » MODESS 1 . Our Phormsciflt is a man with • fnfeuionai Patitnct, . . he take* the time tnd c*re to check and re-check each inftntctlon ... he performs each etep with preciiion «nd utrowt care. Patience w a part of th* ptrtonal reepomibility he Ukf* (o iniur* that your prescription \» fJHtd'i'Mactly u your doctor ordered. f~af DEPENDABLE -•HESCRIPTION SERVICE i has filled over ope third million prescriptions. 'MENNENT SPRAY ., Deodorant GEM Razor Blito h$hm Utw» Aj "ssF"' 1 "- r "" ' Vitamins i Olafsen Oleum Htifl Virfinl. • i "'ikj«i ' * ~ J 1 '**' ,-*? j ' i ' ' * r j^/>. jfjhV...v... ..&-ffit?< ^ ^ $*" i * V^ _/ ^ " A f M.ll JHMIO 6ARMEIITIA6

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