Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 13, 1955 · Page 22
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 22

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 13, 1955
Page 22
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., ."**- ' . MOf I I t A ft, M O fI , A * KA Mi A I ... _,WS«6 'N MOWERS llttS$ TlfttS r prices BALANCING &, SUPPLY WOR* ~ Olrt Movlri. lflBlnO- C»U TOM DUCKFTT tt '• r •'hflhe WOT* MATTRESSES •HfaHto lnto-lnhti». •»» Work Ou«r«nte«« On« 0»y Mrwlw ~ DAVIS , AMottmaC*. •im •**« .vPhMM Mitt i WESTERN SHARES from iECTJUC WELDING r . iinyvrtiere. Call" ui. i; us for your-Car, Truck. "'-' JAi. 7-2767 Wednesday, April ' -'- -»<r »t .^> CLASSIFIED Adi Mutt Be In Office Day Before Publication WANT AD ftATtS Ali Wont A* or* twyebto M nc* but, ad« wifl b* accepted th« tefcphon* Ond ocromodd- Moft ««olih<s allowed with the un* deftfbfidirtQ fh* account It payable when itbtimchf Ifrendsi-ed. 31 Wofth JB »« IS « te io '1 te 25 16 to 30 )1 to 35 36 to 40 t\ to 45 46 to 60 Ori» .60 '.?5 ,90 I. OS 1.20 1.35 1.50 " th're* Day* .90 1.20 I.SO 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 Slit On* Days Month I.SO 450 .2.00 6.00 2;50 7.50 800 900 3.50 10.50 4.00 12.09 •4.50 13.50 5.00 15.00 -,„ CLASSIFIED DISPLAY t • I Jlrrte , .. 75c per, Inch J Hfoe$ < ;•«• i - 60c p*r. Inch ' t«>< . , •• 50c per Inch Rates quofid above or* fot ton- »cutive insertions. Irregular or sklp- ' date ads will tokd the one-day rota. All dally classified adveftUIng copy ' will be accepted until 5 P. m. for publication the fOII6wlnfl day. -The publisherVresefve the right to revit*- or edit all advertisements of- fcMd'.-tor publication and to reject any objectionable advertising tub- ' raltttd , .initials ot one or. mofe letter*, oroups or figures.\such as house or telephone numbers count as one word. The 'Hope 'Star"--'will not be respon- >ibfe for errors ih Want Ads unlesj •rforf' artr called to—oar' attention: after FIRST Insertion of ad and then for ONLY- th* ONE Incorrect Insertion* PHJONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 Funeral Direct-on OAKCREST Funeral Home. Insurance »,. Ambulance. 2nd & Hazel ... Phone 7-2123. 13-1 Mo. HERNDON-CORNELIUS Funeral ,Home ind Burial Association/ Prompt,*' -Ambulance Phone 7-5970 or 7-5503. Service.. 23-1 Mo. !.*•• The Star is authorized to announce that the following are candidates for public office subject to the action of the Democratic primary elections: ^ for Mayor ti. L. RETT1Q Notice INCOME, f AX SERVICE. Competent and reasonable. J. W. Strickland. 18-tf MOVING? Long Distance Moving. All Moving Rates are not the same. Call collect 502 Prescott Transfer it. Storage Inc. Prescott Ark. Free Estimate. 4-1 Mo. PWINCE DR. C. B. Bledsoe. Chiropodist, podiatrist, Foot Specialists corn SDecialist — here now. Ike, Middlecoff fa Ploy Golf By MARVIN L. AtJGtJSTA, <Ja. Of) — ' President Eisenhower looked forward to a practice round of golf today to tune up for a possible Weekend match with Cafy Middletfoff, the SPORTS » By GAYLE NEW YORK Cfi Ah looking little note to members ol the -U.S. Lawn Tennis Assn. says merely that-a special .meeting has Municipal Court of Hope, Arkan- |SaS, April ll, 1955. City Docket 1955 Masters Tournament chahv . . „ . plon. • ' i been called here'next Tuesdoy to Middlecoff, who won the Mas-} consider changing the dates of this ters here Sunday, had left towh!J rc * jr ' s National Championships at by the time the President arrived yesterday for an eight-day work- and-play vacation. But While House Press Secretary James C. Hagerty told men there was possibility Mid« dlecoff might return to Augusta about Saturday chief executive. to lake oh the FRESH WHITE RIVER ite' WA FISH MILES OUT ON ASHINGTON HY FULLER & SON FISH MARKET 8-et Business For Lease ONE, SUPER SERVICE Station, 3rd ahd Laurel. Reasonably priced. See S. .L. Murphy for details. • ':,.,.;•"••- '-:• ' - ' 8-tf For Rent UNFURNISHED, newly decorated, six room house. Garage. Garden. 8*12 W. 4th. Dial 7-2247. 1-tf THREE room unfurnished apartment, private bath, reasonable rent. 13U West Avenue B. Phone 7-3690. 18-tf /C • %J ,' •* Control Co. L. ^ , ». ' * *Jf ", ', f JURED .RANTEED l^ree Inspection " call ^ t D. MJddlebrookt Jj, is 7-2822 on 7-3791 SMALL (furnished apartment, private bath. Utilities paid. Couple or two men preferred 712 East Division. ll-3t ( BEDRO.OM, private ,bath and p_ri-. '•'vate 1 'entrance. 319' .North Elm. I Phone 7-3391, 13-3t TOUR room house, newly papered, extra large garden nea^ , Schooley's .Store. Old Highway, 67 East. '$23 a month. See Bob 7-2121. - l3-3t Female Help Wanted WAITRESS wanted. Apply at the Diamond Cafe. . " , , 13-3t, f ,NOW... , "> Seat Covers 123.00 /i ''For Mpst Girs li«lic Seat Coven s $32.5Q I for Most Cars . fi .^s^ .. > .. ^iC,^iJ* t " f -* 1 .for arfy make tops. \t^ f^t-f V Sojvqge Co, *tf 9r4 Sfr*^« ' III 7 PAYS A WEEK FIVE room unfurnished house. •Vehetian blinds automatic washer coriricctibn. '$35 per month; 302 Kast 14th,..Phone 3-8852. Texarkana.. collect. 8-6t For Sole SAND, Gravel, '.Phone 7-4392. topsofl, fill dirt. A. - Xi.' Park. .March 15-l.Mo. BABY CHICKS, large variety. See these chicks before buying. Danny Hamilton, 204 East 2nd. .' • March 15-1 Mp. YOUR OATS jieed nitrate now — We have plenty ammonia and hi- .trateso'da, also all -kinds fertili- sers. J. W. Strickland. MARCH 19-1 Mb. BABY CHICKS best grade layirg ' aind broiler..type.. Hope Feed Company. Phone 7-2547. Mr. 24-1 mo. IF'INTERESTED in buying a home, 1 take a look at 212 N. Me- Rae. Phone 7-4418. ;i-et AMERICAN (L,eAGUE W L Pet. GB Washington 1 0 1.000 Boston 1 0 1.000 Cleveland 1 0 1,000 Kansas City 1 0 hOOO New York Oi 0 .000 • Chicago, >0?1 .000. V Detroit ' 0 1 .000 •!' Baltimore " 0 2,", ,000- 1 Yesterday's Resulti ' ' . -' Kansas City 6, Detroit'2 v Cleveland 5, Chicago 1 Boston 7, Baltimore i' Washington at New York rin) Fofest Hills so that they will end Sept. 11 instead of Sept. 5. What it'leaves unsaid is that the polite sparring customary in tennis Circles has ended and that the kicking and the. gouging is about to break out.. It coUkU-and quite probably will—wind up in a hot- tempered break of relations be* wjteen the East, where tennis be-. aft in this country, arid the West, which has incubated most of .the sthrs for many years. If you missed the preliminaries, the present. situation is, roughly, that the Western group, as the result of a sneak attack at the last •i "'; Rain Starts Hair Pulling in Southern By The AsiBclftted Press Mdybe the' farmers are happy, but if this taihy weather doesn't let up and soon some of the ffdrit office folks in the Southern Association are going to be puli- ing their hair -out in huge hunks.] .Two more games had 'to be postponed last, night "— 'bringing the total, to..- 10 after only five playing days. Birmingham at Nashville and Little Rock at Memphis Were the latest rain Victims. ....-•.• But New Orleans and Chatta- Court Docket Amie Johrtsori, • Possessing untax- Revenue Office* Cut From 26 to 17 LtTTLE ROCK Oft — the number of Internal Revenue Service offices in Arkansas has been cut ed intoxicating liquor, Forfeited $50.00 cash bond. Joe Vaughn, Possessing untaxed intoxicating liquor, fined $50.00. Plea guilty, T. A. Glahton, Clem Howard, No brakes on c%r, Forfeited $5.00 cash bohd'. •'••'• Jimmie Lee Criner, Assault and Battery, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. . Clem Howard, No City car license, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. •' Bobby Tinkes, No State car license, Forfeited $5.00 cash Uond. Berlin Evans, Driving while intoxicated, Plea guilty, fined $50.00 and 1 day in jail. Levert Thomas, Running stop sign, Forfeited $5.00 cash -bond. Clem Howard. Hazardous driving, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. ' Oscar Lee Criner,' Hazardou's UM«» w* u oiiv-wn. n.vbov.r\ dt vi ic auaL ***** A^*. TT \ji jcana anu \_-iiaiLa*; -j*,i ' • ' i-ji '• •• -, • arinual meeting in January, has nooga might have been just as at ^ m S,Piea guilty, fined $10.00. , the vame's Easter rulers bleeding happy if .they'd beft ewashed out. . ^ lel £ H °ward, John L, White, Ot- from every pore. At that meeting! too. mobile whipped the Pels 6-2 J s c - Piston, Levester Akin, Char- the Californians, ky an unexpected in the firstactio n for both teams. Js ° empy No dliv ' s }icense > Today's Garnet Detroit at Kansas City Boston'at Baltimore Washington at -New-Yorlj 1 . <Only games scheduled)' NATIONAL LEAGUED Chicago Milwaukee New York Brooklyn Philadelphia Pittsburgh St. Louis Cincinnati W L Pet. GB 2 0 1.000 1 0 1 000 0 0 000 0 0 000 0 0 .000 0 0 000 0 1 .000 0 2 .000 show'of proxy strength, rammed th£ Sept. 5 closing date down the throats of the struggling Easterners. Jt means that, unless a change is' made, the championships begjn the day after the Davis Challenge, round ends in the same area on Aug. 28 It means the title (.event will come fharp utticlmrax to the cup both for,the star players and' the customers, and that the gate will take, a b»g dive. All this the Eastern net rulers know through sad experienc^m other years when we Were defending' the cup. If they v can obtain the six-day respite they are asking, they figure, that", the 1 - 'star attractions, the Americans and ''the Australians, will be rested and eager for Action again, and. .that the fans' will be more isusceptible to further inroads «rf theiir'' pocketbooks But the' ' powerful California p-oup is not .interested in the Yesterday 1 ! Results Milwaukee 4, Cincinnati 2 Chicago 14, St Louis 4 Pittsburgh at Brooklyn (pp New York at Philadelphia ppd, tain Today's Gartjes New York at Philadelphia Pittsburgh at Brooklyn (Only games scheduled) SOUTHERN ASC;C1ATION, W L Bet. -GB •TWO men needed at'once. To opf 'erate new highly specialized:honi competitive branch' of 'Uphols-, ,.tery Industry from their own 8 x 10 WHITE Enamel, inside an 'DAHLIAS Tuberoses, No 1 Glc dioii — separate colors. Mont Seed Store. . - ; ll-3 •home.' 'Earnings in excess of '$10 per hour possible, International concern will- train and furnish everything, if qualified. Nb selling or capital investment necessary. For personal interview, Phone Mr. Boyd at the Barlow Hotel. 13-lt WOMEN ^needed at once to handle 're'w'e'aVing, business at home 4 (pleasant handwork). Can earn $200 monthly in spare time if qualified. No experience • necessary" no selling tnvolved.Phone Mr Boyd at the Barlow Hotel. 13-lt out,. Huffman Walk-in < Refrigera tor in excellent condition. Ba: gain. Autrey Wilson, Phone ' 2910. 12-6 lope Sfor We Are Dealers of Dura Croft Aluminum Boots Mhpon's Jewelry Store H. m. Luolf Highway f7 LUCK'S USED FURNITURE CO. Cdgs of City Limits W««t «• O*Hon Water Barrels for lalt •>hpn» 7-4M1 Hops, Ark. 134 ACRES nice level land ..abou 85 acres open land, good <- si room house,. Butane, good wel two live springs and big barn. several big nice shady pine tree in yard.'Its a dream betwee Prescott and Blevins, present ow ners have lived on place for 4 years. LISTEN folks, If -you have : timbe land for sale call or write ol Jewel, I hsye been very success ful in disposing of timber an cut over timber land, would b glad to have a look and give yo our idea of what we think it i worth, this service free Jewe .TYhite. Prescott, Ark., Phone 50 di- 32. ,' 13 ro OLD RAGS. Call or bring to th Hope Star. 8-t Ottered WAITRESS renovation and Inner ipring work Cobb Mattre«a' Co 310 South Waahingtoo. Pbon* 7-zaa. MM. REAVES USED FURNITURE STORE 205 S. WALNUT ISI?' I Woiit to WASH 'ffijtr II ' U/ M JL«.,/. UAT- ne Woiheterio «00 West 3rd for All Makw Refrigeration Service APFUANCI BEE-TrMJTE GUYGRIGG ' RALPH Montgomery Market, torn slaughtering. Phone 7-3361 ' 10-1 Mo FOR water irejl lervlce, any or depth; ice or write 0. T Clark, Cale, Ark. W-tf INCOME! tax services, 30 years experience. Frank; C. DuShene. 01- fice at Oaks Court. Phone 7-5883. 294 Mo COMPETENT INCOME TAX service — Horace Samuels. 101 Division. Phone 7-3766. March 15-1 Mo. CONVALESCENT AND Nursinc Hospital. Reasonable monthly rates. Quiet Nejghbpi'hoogl. Catering to Aged and Convalescent Patients. For information contact- OuachJta County Hospital, Camden, Axka,nsas. pjjone Temple fr ms. April H Mo. Jceep babie? or a child in my home during day. phone 7-g8io. 13-31 *wl Ettot. for f*lt We B.uy ^ i»t«!ie outh USatn. Mo, Lot at Ninth and Walnut Streets. FIVE acres near pity limits. in Tesarkana wj» setf U or tl-fto> |pt hp^e }n Hope. Memphis Atlanta NashvUle New Orleans. Biimmgham Mobile Chattanooga Little' Rock 2 o 1000 3 4 .?#» 2 1 ,607 .500 1 1 1 1 1 1" 1 '4 0 2 •m poo Yesterday's Results Birmingham at Nashville (Pdd, rain) Atlanta 8, Chattanooga $ Little Rock at Memphis (Ppd, rain) ,. Mobile 6, Naw .Orleans 2 Today's G«rne» ' Chattanpoga at Atlanta (night) Little Rock at Memphis night Birmingham at .Nashville {night) New Orleans at Mobil* nlgfct Future of Olson, Maxim at Stake By CHRIS EDMONDS SAN FiRANCISC6 (XP) —^The boxing future, of both Carl (Bobb) Olson and Joey M^xim js at st3H p tonight in their scheduled 10-roVnd bout before a near-capacity 'Cpw Palace crowd and a nattprtaj television audience, ' < • '' , ' Olson's wor 14 middleweight championship is npt pn the'clock, but the star of Sid* Fishery's stable is anxioijs tp whip MAsdm ;<jet cisively and pUt himnetf into ,a position to challenge Ar«hie J^Iooie "or the light heavyweight? WJe The situation is eyen jnore crucial for tlj* 33-year-old Maxirn. ^oss to the smaller ,Olson, and the ormer lightheavyweight champion will be shunted tt> the s}deslin,es as far as any future big .money matches are concerned. The word from Jack (Dap) Jearns, Ma xi m's monger, was hat his,tiger was in "the best •hape of his life this morning. "We'll have no excuses,", said Kearns. "ffe's ready to go and think he can win." ' The body-punching Olson, s,harp s he has ever been, according to 'etern observers here, has ex- res.sed more prefight .coiiild^uee han for any previous match, tie as made no secret pf the fa.qt e wants to meet Moore for the ght heavyweight crown. ».ad •nits, without njvsch urffW le would enjoy a crack at Marciano's heavyweight cha»jnjon Wp to the near " A crow4 ol J /ith |ixe gross gate, almost certain o reach >130,W aa4 p*rhaps high- r. according to ord. Ttve fi*U 1 1 p. rn., f<5T «v« ast's trdubies, It's some! of J'ti's own It wishes to put on its own tournaments, starting with the Pacific Southwest at Los Angeles, ,at as early'** date as possible, and is prepared to fight it out right down to rhe wire. Apparently, the Easterners be- Ueve- they nbw have won enough proxies ,over to their side to .gain » reversal oC the previous result £ither way it goes this time, onp•- group or the other is going to come out^of Tuesday's meeting plumb tkrcugh since opening day and Atlanta took its second straight from Chattanooga. .Good hitting when runners Were on ba,sp — a missing element for Mobile last season accodnted- frr -the, Bears' Viptory First y>iiae- man Ed Lmdsey drove in ttye Jlrst twfr 9e^r Trims with a single after three walks in the first inking Ken Pflasterer and Herb Olson singled in another pair in'the sev- «nfti Fifth-inning home runs by' Don Demeter and Ted flartz added to the'Pels' troubles. Pel^manager Andy Cohen named rookie righthander Charlie Dou£>la? (27-6) with Waycross last, year, to- start tonig hf. JV1 onager Clay Bryant'tagged Bob'Walz, 5-3 with Wtefloo, to oppose him. Stout relief pitching by Joe Piercy, a veteran southpaw, pu down a serjous Chatanooga threat m the fifth and preserved Carckers' home town supremacy over the Lookouts. Piercy. • took oveir with the bases loaded and two out and pitched shutout ball the 1 rest of the way, allowing only •thre^ hits Dick Sinovic, a former Lookout, and j-ookie EarJ Hersh shared batting honors for the winners with three hits each Second base- map, Earl Stringer of the Lookouts t boosted his batting average a fat 836 with four hits', in Arips, ' ' Phil Fame .of Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Henry Hili; Jr., Disturbing peace, Plea guilty, fined $10.00. J. B. Modisett,' .Burnell Stuart, El|is . Bostic, John -Henry Pugh, Ocielee , Crockett, - - Disturbing peace, Forfeited $10.00-cash bondi; Gus "Logan,' R; B. WatsOn, : Gaming, Pled guilty-fined $10.00.' Oscar Lee Criner, Carrying''.', a concealed weapon, : Tried • fined $50 00 Paul May, Mack McEiroy, 'Drunkenness,. Plea-guilty, fined $10.00. The following forfeited $10.00 on a charge of Drunkenness: R L. Armstrong, George Jones 1 , Ervin Dodson, Robert Jacques; Elbert Carlton,. Jr.-, Bill Murr'y, .'P'ol- ly J6e Coffey, Ray Jordan, Charlie Gilkie George Elliott, Basil Glenn, Bobby Sain, Deward .Russell, Earl Thornton. H. D. George, T. N. Belew, Violating ; Plumbing Ord. No. 4013 (4 counts), Dismissed. State Docket T E. Jones, No driver's license, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond.' ..-;' The following forfeited $25.00 cash bond-on a charge of overload: E Pyle, Texas Alumnium Co., A R McGill, E. W.Ligon.Produce Co., J C .Kelly, Lone Star Bag Co. Henry Hill, Jr., Argustia' Williams, Burglary and Grand Lar- cefiy., Examination waived-Held to i Grand Jury; Bond'fixed at $250.00. | Elbert. Williams, Assault and Crackers ,and. Battery, Dismissed on motion le,fty Al Sima were nominated for Pr6s Attorney. mound duty tonlgjht -Bertran Turner, -No brakes on from 26 to 17 since last fall. State IRS Director Olin S. Godwin said yesterday that the last of nine offices to be closed was shut down recently. Closed down were offices at Cpnway, Hope, Malvern, Mena, Mbrlticello, Searcy, Stuttgart, Walnut Ridge and West Memphis. IRS offices are still open at Batesville; Blytheville, Camden. El Dorado, Payetteville, Forrest City, Fort Smith, Harrison, Helena, Hot Springs, Jonesboro, Lake Village, Little Rock, North Little Rock, Pine Bluff, Russcllville and Texarkana. • Godwin said most of the person* nel in the offices which were shut down have been reassigned at remaining offices in Arkansas. He said,the shuffle in the revenue system in the state was designed to allow increased efficiency while cutting down on administralived v costs. BANK CALL ISSUED WASHINGTON Wl The comptroller of the currency today issued a call for a statement of the condition of, all natioal bags, at the close of business Monday, April 11.' •'•'.'.-.•. • '. ... ". Fights Lost Night .: By United Press .:.'•' • Miami Beach, Fla. — Andy Mayfield, 102 Miami, Fla.,, .outpoint- ed Gus Rubicini, 157, Toronto Aldo Mente, Fla., outpointed (10).. Tampa, Fla. 14'/ 4 ; Miam i, Rocky Randall, 134, Tampa, Fla. (12). Chicago, Sonny Bunn, 153, Washington, D. C., stopped Curtis' Coles,' 152 Pittsburgh (6). Billings, Mont. — Harvey Breshears, 183, Parma, Idaho, stopped Geno Wash. (7). Brixen, 186, Spokane, car, Dismissed. Civil Docket , • ' Bi R.'Ham'm Motor Co., vs. J. H. Kern', Action on account for $37.15, Judgement for Plaintiff by default for $33.32 interest and .costs'. SINGER SEWING CENTER USED MACHINES $19.95 up 108 South Elm Phone 7-5840 Wide Section AH Makes AT THE RjGHT PRICE RIGHT AT YOUR Best Values in Town lowest Possible Terms and DEALER'S^ Dealer/ BatebcMI AUTO CO. OVII10 YIAII 120 W. « --- -* I* WiPF W»f |pp||P^^^ p|| It Surt to If • Your Ford Dtaltr — ^ • n i " " X<*.1 4rf' e > • I. f A * j J o f i.»... A | AAJUJLl 62AftK IKt w* v . -f- -f,-v i _r-i<w^g^ ii t ' * .1 --. - ^- t ' * x I? " "* Wednesday, DA2WQOR WHYARE BLOND1B KEEPS HER •"'" STAMPS IN THIS VASE SHE WON'T MISS ONE IF1 TAKE IT CWaWSAJD/ \fVHY ARE *\ . YOU MAKING Sd MUCH J \ PACKPT iiMraoeeeJime 2 ) i \ 7WLJ lvt/^r\HN« S31^ lVIUH.n RACXEt UNOPESSlMS ? OUT OUR WAY "•••--• - By J. k. WitliaM* Answer to. Previous Puizle Good Eating CACTUS OUTO HIS HIMP POOT HISSES 3N D0G, xeetvoi wew HAT/ ACROSS .1 Baby food 31 Bridge holding 43 Roman.' '' 33 Tardier 38 Mortar and . 3£ * f ,&*** „ f ^^••i vrog; 'Vft ,'i t : w- I 9- / "t;_ • tBBEStiiiiiiMMiiiiSM&iSHiEfftiBB' *m AiAsttM& r ^A*MMMt'«M As* ' " •TVJsisV7sl sst'^rBR J^^^Hil?^i^^^l>rili'' f *TMV'sTli*irTrfsli 5 Roof edge 6 Ascended . 4 Alligator . ' Corded fabric . : 8 Filet of * £ athera . . '12 Malt beverage 9 ^^ ot « ood 13 Jugged ln £°° kl , ng U False god ? ~T . IS Vehicle 11 Girl's name 16 Egg producing 18 Stoats 0 , _, 20— firma ^£°?' er ? 21 Lemon ^£ lying ^ > 22 Ages Roman date 24 Beef producers 26 Lelter 26 Social upstart „_ ~ .- .. 27 Cooking vessel" Tolerantly ' 30 Fancy 28 Portent 32 Spiced sausage 29 Ocean current 34 Tighter 35 Cheered 36 Suffix 37 Bites 39 Fork part 40 Eating place 41 Alphabet letter '. 42 Uncomplain: ing 45 More severe 49 Satisfied 51 Three (prefix) 52 Askew 53 Toward the sheltered side 54 Cooking pan cover 55 Food fish 56 Jewels 57 Assent DOWN IStep 2 Wing-shaped . 3 Lasting 4 Tele— - 1 \i fe Ib 1 (!) D A b tt W W bb 2 b «* 3 ti W W % 0 d B \b '/M W 31 i7. \ W Ib %•/, //A U) i •> • 0 U. W W, AJ \> 1 m 'B JZ * m b. 17. 'ID m i & 11 m *> v i- ti j. in i •. 10, fe W-. ".• / — T \ •• f6 i ' ? ,. T. M. R.I. U. 8. Pit Off. x v :»r.U55lvNEA Ser.ici. Inc. 'Says here they're advocating a 36-hoUr week, Cyril! In f/another ten years we may be known as pioneers^ of labor!" •y Goibroith <••••..••• • • ••: vn-^^^^'^^^Sil^lfplp^S^^fl ; -^ ••'•':. '<•'•••'•:>••:&?'i^'-'.;h]^ ^ r^/> x-v^^l TOMteKpe*™.;^^ ^^Kl^iv^ .-.- V> ;i.^,^|ffg : W : ^,-.y .-. -, ; ,;?;^. i ;.!,.v;-;.;;^ v^.-'y -:•:;- /; W TO MAP.K OFF-t« f . *ltfe 0' THAT,! mfffM >X WHILE VOU LKP&'(§eTrTM'-AIR.-l||^B « ^(^ft^NttVCOttr^aS^KJ^W^:!^^^ », ,,^|» : ^, ; ^^^^HpU^|y||^ - '-• >-f e&%S^^^^ '•'.".''.-':t : :'-vi^'. •',.'• -• i«<•'?"i '-••'•'' : '-i .'^•.''•'•'1 *i«f^S'fe.$S'rfiS^i''t.'S'{ V-yi''i''ft'^?iKJ?>y | >?ftJS ; v^^^ v?^vy>^«^ 't^ :; ^^^^^f^£a ®^»^? S»iS§H ^AflhivSicisT//.•-•'• I'M-Nor TS---.:l^C^V : rW5IPSh l»55»yHUS^; ^ |>uj it up~h* cliiffi» :l;til« ftll the covers When I «v ?'"f ^'" •"'^.^^^^Sl^v^fp^p^^^^ M£^M^dHKji PRESCRIPTJO'NS -L ,-'WOULD .MADE IT REALLY, PRISCILLA! I WISH X04/ COULD MAKE THE,HONOR ROL-U tiki » HOLLYHOCK n^cci J5 MISS cc^8TNry;Vwn.w«cT» rot vcx« ai I* IHA/PMJWP' T. M. Rw. U. 8, P«t Oil. f-$ lipr. IjtsEyNEA S.rvici, Inn. "Ypu knpw, «pn, I'm ju*t beginning t» r»»|i M you look lik« your

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