The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1938
Page 3
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rftTJRSDAY, MARCH/10,. 1938 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURI15R NK\VS 4 H Clul) Event Will Be Held At Yarhi-o March 26 "Family Religion" To Be Topic of Sermon "l- v ainlly Religion" will be Die subject used by the liev. c. L. Randall, evangelist, tonight at- the •Si'ccml Baptist cluirch, where he is conducting a revival, assisted by tlie Rev. p. A. Stockton. Basins; lifs sermon on Hie material found in the 2nd nnd 3rd chapters of Revelation. The Kev. Mr. Randall spoke last night on "What Is the Matter with the dim-dies?", lln laid .sev<v:i] Indictment'/at Ilic door of many of tlic churches lo- ifny. one of which was Hie tireless, ViiviiiiV i r °8-'<«l to this, Hie Rev. Mr. Kaixiall v " k "" ll U«id, "Gocl plainly .said )| e would must' not !«• longer Ihani n ' ll "T yo " *™ " " imi ""«'' *''<minutes, ten points lo be'counted I '"''' Ul " n :l """i"**™ for each minute ovei- :io. Awards v;ill toe plaques, l-'irst, second nml third places will be awarded. A new feature will he the Rules for, the county 4-11 club Play Tournament to be held fiat- March 26,, beginning at y:30 the Yarbro .school, have been Ihe schedule of fees ylven him liy the slate commissioner, which lie said allowed him $40 per day spcnl in Irlnl and foiii'trocm, $20 per day spent In preparing IUK! briefing n case for trial, and $25 per dny spenl outside the offlce, making: Investigation and examining witnesses, plus necessary esjwnses. Von Mnyc^ present attorney (or Die tank, contends lliat Bnyne.s «m collect only the amount allowed by the commissioner. Filing of the still was for* Ihe purpose of having the [circuit court allow Ihe claim, ami! I then have the case appealed to Hie Springfield court of appeals for i.':culcjnciJt. Henry C. Davis, jr., of near cnrulh- ersvllle, ajjulnst Ulack nncl Xula l^wlkes, also of this city, for alleged permanent Injuries sustained In an aulomoWle collision ixr, U8 1937. As In .Spain. Ihere are In Italy two areas producing nutrlisllver on a commercial .sralc. I,. AdkKsoji, • nn<| "What fcliKt nt a clnirch would my chinch be, if every member were Just like me?" wus the- question asked nlj the close of the .sermon. of "a med'aV,\oriheVr';on"wno'Ti ')'''•'. !}'j v ' Mr " s > nl - kto » l««l about tlie opinion or the iudm. elves I he ! 12 ° (:hj|[i !' r -" . a » (i >'»"»(! people tlie opinion or the judges, gives Ihe! ~°,<. test individua , performance. Only i 'J'.^j'V' eaot play may be pre.senu-d by i-ach clut!) all player's lo be members o! the 1-H Club. The play winning l))l.< louriinment ivill reprc.wnl the coiiniy in all 4-H drama conlosts this year. Judges will be seleclcd from the' filytheville l.Ulle Theater and jiid«- ing be based ou score cards submitted by the stale extension office. All plays must, be registered in the comity agricultural extension office by Saturday. March 1 2. All plays will be presented between Attorney Asks More Fees From Defunct Bank CARiri'IlERSVfU.B. Mo.. Mar. 10 -Two suits, representing tola , g oa claims of SlMOO, were filed In circuit court here, and will 1 )c passed on sometime during die March term, which begins .Monday. March One, for 53400, was filed by n P 9:30 in the morning and 4'00 o'clock ,,°" e> r S3400 ' vvas nlc d by R. p. in Ihe afternoon. j 13 "yncs, New Madrid. Mo., former The three best plays will be jud»- 1°"". < '- V for " 10 defunct Bank of ' .....? . - J " Caruthersville, who seeks that sum eel in one, two, three order. Awards will be made the night of the olur- nameut, following the plays. Admission of lOc and I5c will be charged for the finals, this money to go towards buying the awards. An entertainment committee com- f ",*.ed of Ihe principal or the host iclicol. the adult leaders of Ihe " club, and (he president of the club will plan entertainment for those during the lime when their play Ls not being given. I A great deal of interest has l»en | shown in IhLs 4-H Club activity, nnd all of the clubs in the county i are making plans to enter, it has teen announced by the extension agents. \ -• ">i« -iL'^/irt ,smn as additional fees for legal services io the bank. He liar! been allowed fees amounting to $1750 by Ihe commissioner of finance, but claims in bin petition that he is entitled to About twice that amount under THE AWFUL PRICE YOU PAV FOR BEING NERVOUS Quivering nerves can make you old anJ IiagKtm] looking, cranky ami hard lo Livn whli—can keep you uwakii nl^hta anil rob you or-cood health, tiood tirn^ anJ jobs. What you should try is a parUculaily good ifomaii't tontc—and could you suk for (invtding whose Leneflta are brtlrr proved lhan thai world-famous Lydla K, l*i/ikjjmn*fl VpKPtntJe Compound? l^t iLi u-Hnloftome lierljs and lonta hrti> Nature calm youralmelurig nervp.i, lonu up your system, (jive more encrijy anil make lite worth living again. More llian a million women have reported benefit—why not lei IMnkham'a Conntourul Mp YOU, too, to go "smlL- IIIK thru" trying times like it has other g/atpful wnrnen for the riasl J rcnrra- tlons? IT MUST IIK COODf I insist on : ^^PT*^ ^1 McCownielcs Bepper kcause I ItKOw it's vacuum cleaned School Heads Meet ' At Wilson Tonight The regular meeting of the superintendents and principal!; of Mississippi county shcools will be held at Wilson tonight. The meeting will start at 5:30 o'clock. }io>- Baker,'who has Iwen at. the jj^'ythcvllle hospital, has been rc- nioved to his home in a Cobb ambulance. Mrs. Stella. Dcamer « r as removed from her home at 025 South lake street, (o the Blythcville hospital yesterday in n Cobb ambulance. Mrs. A!lie Buie was removed from •Ihe HiL?band-Wnll clinic today to the Blylheville hospital in a Holt ambulance. Miss Annabel Uryant was admitted to the Blylheville hospiuil today for treatment. Mrs. Truman oarrett was admil- led lo Ihe Blytherille hospital. Mrs. C. Blanlon, of Osceola, was admitted to the Memphis Baptist hospital. SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND MONDAY Wear-Ever" ROASTERS SAVE MONEY NOW! TEXAS MAID NU-CROP JUICY Oranges, Doz. 17y 2 c Kvir.t l.arffe Grapefruit . Lee Pink Meat - 6c Lettuce.. 5jc Tomatoes Ib lOc Potatoes 17c 10 Mts. FRESH & FINE Apples, Winesap l^c Grapefruits, ea, - - 3c Apples, Delicious - 2c 3 SIZES * RECTANGULAR S 31 5 S 4 4 . 5 S 5 4 . 5 R»fl. H.4S R* fl . $>.« P*3 $4.45 For big, medium or small sized birds. All roasters are self-basting; fuel-saving. All have lifting racks. 2 Pans: together A handy utensil for roasting. Scp- that heats faster, irate for cooking, Browns better, bating, tft . Q Excellent. Me. >I|3 value. > SPtCIAl t« SPECIAL HUBBARD *i HARDWARE CO. 18 Years of Service & Square Phono CORN I'ancy Delighl I.arjre Cans HOMINY Tall Cans Extra !,arrje 5 ( SHREDDKI) RALSTON, liox 14 1C Hutk, Clean & fine for Cooking nr Stock f JELLY Striiwhcrry ^ CC or Grape, M ()•/,. .Jars Iw SALAD DRESSING Quarts 22 ( WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR 5 Lir. Ifc^s . ........... I!;il)y AAA Quality $701) Assld. Heavy, I (10 * SHORTS HOT SHOT, inn LI). Sacks We • have all kinds HAPPY FREDS for every Purjjose at Riffht Friers. Grits Ib. . . Sc Pepper \ Ib. 9c Eggs . . 17k Cambric Flour Another Carload in Dress Material Bags Hncsl Quality — Guaranteed lo Please Everybody. 6 Ba?s 30c; 12 I.o. SOc; 24 IA B.l£s SOc: 48 111. 51.75 Oleo, Ib. . . 14c Bread ____ 8c K A Baking |"JC . V. I'owder CANOVA COFFEE -'J I,H. GLASS JARS When Empty Makes Fine Sugar or Cookie Jar 73c Rex, I'ure, 8 Pounds CHILLI BRICKS 20 HENS Dressed FRYERS BACON Smoked .Sides, Whole or Half, Lli. 1AC I* CllfiAD OUUHH rinc Canu CO* Graimlatttl, 10 I,lis v .30 NECK BONES 71C I? FISH Fresh River and Sea FISH PORK ROAST ,„„„,, 17 IIAMC Hickory Smoked AA HHITIO Half or Whole, [,!,. LQ SALT MEAT Slreak-o-Lean Shoulder Plates, Lb. BEEF ROAST Good Quality Hahy Reef Chuck or Thick' Rib Ib. 14 c FREE DELIVERY PHONE 234 RITE PRICE CROCERY-MARKET T. ir. VANBIBBF.R, Prop. W« Dttlvtr 111 E, MAIN PAGE KROGERsPIGGLYWIGGLY STOAES Cheese Daisy Ib. 22c GroundBeef lor Ib. 15,: Fresh Fish Sow, l>t ....... ;i!li- i S(o;iks, ..:«<• Steak Itilb.v »«>cf iid or I.ulii, 25c Veal Hnnoli'ss Shoulder, l,)i. 2(lc 15c Bacon Kwtfk Krisp. 1,1). 2flr Pimcy Sliced, I.I). 23c Sliced Pig Liver Ib. lOc Sausage t'lhinlry, l,h. 15c Beef (.'Illicit, Hriskel, U>. Illicit Hlli, 1.1) 19c WKINKHS nml '' |ft(; Kninhs. 1,1). . HOI,O(;NA I'nnifinc, l,|j. Slcalis, |,h 19' 12f 19' Pork Roast llonclm, I,li, l!)e StcnliH, |,h ]<tc l.iitul) Kousl, 1,1) Ilk- U>K. M; ISc Fresh Fish I'nn Tronl |,|>. l2!/i Kiiiiii'ii HtuMcu, . .1,1). ,'^5 Alai'kcret 9K and S,na|inev, . .l.h. &v Oranges iMc'dium Si'/.c DO/.CII 15c Texas Grapefruit 10 for 29c Cauliflower Radishes Cabbage Onions Lemons H»mv While Ik'iids, Hi,. Tondor Ci'ccn, l,h, 2for5c 3c 3 Ibs. lOc 5 for 10 Strawberries -'-"' 15c Yellow Sunkist Jiiicv NKW Potatoes I5rii>'h( Rod Ib. 3c Tomatoes ItctMllpv, SliciiiK (Jnulily Ib. lOc Butter [loiinlry CHll) Hlicks or Itnll II). 33C Pickles Hour or Dill Qtiiii'l Jars 14c Tomatoes' «4for25c Crackers 2 l.h. Uox 15c Ginger Ale£?s4for25 Country Club .'! l.nrffoMti- (i Snuill Cnns 20c Pears Country Cliil) Hiirtletl No. 2^ Cans 19c Peanut Butter' gK|2c Pork & Beans n ? 5 i 1 . iina (;. Lnr^c Hill's 3 for lie Country Club Flour Our Own liraiul C'nnteed (i Mi. Bajf ,'{2c 12 f.l>. \\HK 59c 24-11). bag $1.05 BREAD Clock, l!0 ()/.. I-oavos 2 for 15c I'an Rolls, Do/. 5c BEANS Great Northern (i Uis. 2f>c Baby l.imn 1,1). fn 1 Nnvy l,h. :J(/iL' Giiinl Lima I,b, flc Rice in I,lis. 2i)c (Bulk Only) COFFEE Simtlight M). 20c SpolliRhl :t I,hs. 57c Krcnch Hniiul 1.1). 23c, Country Club I,h. 25c GI.OVKS Leather I'alm, I'air SARDINKS Van (,'ain|)'.s, 2 J'or 15 WHEAT HIFFS O 5 Oz. rackagc ...... 0 SANDWICH Spread OjCC Hip; K, 21 O/. Jar ..»»l SARDINES No. 1 Tall Cans, .'i for OC *v CHOCOLATE DROPS, 1,1). DOtf FOOD Don, Can .. 5 l ORITS Miller, Palmolivc SOAP 2 l?ars Marshmallows 1 l.h. Hag .. WHEAT FLAKES C.C. 10 Q 7 .. I'kg FIO RARS Pound .... 10 |C WestinRhouse LAMPS, ;{n-(iO Walt Dixie Maid •) MACARONI, .'j Ifoxes ' MEAL 5 Lb. 1 Paper Bag; I CIGARETTES 2 Pkffs. ..... 35 l Salmon «<« 2for23c Macaroni or Spaghetti Country Club 1 Lb. Cello. I'kR. lOc HumKo "v c 4lbs.45c Oleo Ealmore Rrand, Lb. 15c Twinkled 3 f or 13c Apricots Argo No. 21/2 Cans 19c GRAHAM CRACKERS Country Club 1 Pound Box 17c Soap Flakes lOc Cake 13. ESK Angel Food 1/2 S)7C 2flc Large Size 39c Flour Little Kinjf •18 Lbs. $1.55 24 Lbs. 79c

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