Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 13, 1955 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 13, 1955
Page 9
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^^^| < ;^%%|%Wi¥s^/CV v '"'--'i'•-'-•"'•"';; 7 f- 4 -'' i 'i"-",*/' ''- '"'""•' ,->™ •"" • •-• - ' ! •"'-•'--'* V*-' HOM SfAft, MOM, ARKANSAS Wednesday, 19SS ttting, Atlorriey James Ou WAS ^XltMA&Wtnet McOaniels, 60 '^eeH^boa;;' ; ,• :. ' • • ^^was^mstcd last:.flight "•"*t.U/»«i 1WM anfl ftitirig, He was relay': oh bond, but MeDan- ibelng held. Young said 'iit,4>icked Up the morn' [le?;'„ fire,, but wasn't ,'UHtrt r ye»terday. . r tate . Police , sergeant said (iiellWorKEtf at fldd jobs, but lit a regular employe of Stroud •**». .ilAIJJWCl. \*UlIl(JclIlJ» [JHiMf Lti'Kcnt nbr Sgt. young iW .jCommeTilt' on the results, of »i '-"giflgatioii, "' Young said, . ;thei information ' obtained given to the prosecuting at- XVlt" w ?s. sufficient for ;the jl';pf;-;Jnf6'hiia'U6ns v 5- and \:.vrat- ^ihsohri,'wasJ'oiit -of • town : this jouWn't; be jTeached ir comnjent. -.•.•''• '"-' ~ J --'-"ius'e ;at." the i- yard '.here /'•". the .'.fire,,. alpng i.e,t.'of.'lumber and -a f ^ t ^.. n -,., ..fo~ion',' truck'. 'At""the fe/sStroud estimated his loss a jtw^ind (Baid'.;'about 'two ihirds, N ; tli$. % .da'mage".- was' covered - by Zttti/'ir-. ... . BELAND, Calif. (UP) )e,. attempt fron>. a pris- i'-.for.-JLeje .Colbath- today ;,lh«, motorist : he. flagged 'out V> be Westmoreland Po. Farley. MWORK L^E^O, .:C,aJlif .j.^UP)'' ';-: i£, /-V, • Week - NOW AT•l m Ph, 7-2(621 St. NAtlONAt STOCKYARDS, 111. h -£*Jkogs 9,500; fairly active; 180 fbTop "15-25 lower"than yeStor- day's -average; 170 Ib down 25-75 lower; sows , 25-50 - lOwer, mostly 25 off ;bulk choice 180-220,.lb 17.2350; 20-240 Ib 17.00-35, 40'27fl )b 16.50-17.00: 270-800'-Ib 15.75-16.50; 140-170 Ib 16.25-17.25; sows 450 Ib down 14.75; boars 10.00-12.tfO. Cattle 3,000, calves 700; demand iather slow? initial sales limited tb commercial and good heifers end-mixed yearlings- at 17.50-21.00, these , about steady; utility and COmmerqial .co«S 12.00-14.00; cart' hers and 'cutters- 8.00-12.00; bulls Unchanged; utility and commercial 13.50-15.00; canner and cutler bulls 10.00-13.00; vealers and calves Steady;, gftod and choice 18.0025.00; commeWial and good, 13.008.00. ... " NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK '(*)-. The stock market adanced today ih its second straight move into new high ground. Coppers were lower,- however, In a reflection of selling growing out of the British government .plan to - metal from -its' stockpile. V* Business wa? . at . 'good, pace right! around .yesterday's 2,770,000 shares. . • ' -, . , • steels and motors/were the best performing; . divisions.' Chr6*ler stood out in it$ section. Also high- r-' were the .aircrafts,, chemiculs, electrical eq Uip' ments, railroads and utilities.. . . Th'e drug Companies participaUng in the" "Salk -.vqocine production were steady. They 2ere mixed yesterdy at the close afSer showing early -strength. ' POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO- Ml ' Live poultry barely ' steady;' ' receipts ; iri coops 211 yesterday '252 coops, 44,365 Ib; f.O.b. p ay .ing prices unchanged; heavy hens--'22-26; light hens 1616.5; broiler or fryers 34-30.5; 'bid rooster's 12-12.5; caponejles 40-42. . Buller''sleady;- rreceipls 1,350,hanged to C 54.25; 54.75. ^,5,7.^. S2 UV 57,;~ 0 .b , 54.75; cars 90 "& 5.25; ,8 C "; JEgjgs; Jflrm,V !•• receipts 27,709; Wholesale Buying prices unfcharig- 70 pdr'*iimf''rtfS' dv'e'r "A^s'llO;" '6069.0 ^er. cjenl AX 38; * mixed 39; mediums)! 1$$ -^i^^A.^/s^fli^iia^ds" 3C^ dlrliest • ;"4;"checks 3V5; 'curren receipts 35.5. , A- •.••'••" Ike Okays a Plan to Share Atom Secrets By ME^RIMAN SMITH AUOtlStA,, Oa. (UP) — President Eisenhower, today approved q (iroposai for sharing • American ntomic secrtls — but hot actual | weapons or production know-how i — with the 13 eountries of th.e' North Atlantic Treaty ' Organization. Junior MceUulyll-12 ' FAYfeTTE VlL LE , Mt—TH6 Ar ikansas Junior Chamber <jf -GOm- tournarnenl at C olufhbus, Ga., Aug. 15-20.' ' .• . Henrier! said the first day of the fherce's annual golf tournartient'State";tournment would.be devoted for teenager*- will be held 'al'.tiie to practice rounds, and 36 holes of rhedal play will be held the second The first low finishers in the I will not be eligible to defend his medal play meeting will represent! title. However, two of last year's Arkansas" in the national Jaycee top four are expected to compete pgaln. They are Richard Crawford of El Dorado and Joe Brown of Monticello. Massa, Italy, (UP) — The sec- d earth tremor in two days Country Club here July.'11-14.' , « . Robert Renner, chairman of the'd^jK: | rocked this Tuscany marble mr.i- Jaycee's Junior Golf Tournament' 'L^st year's state champion, ing town at 5!52 p.m. (11:52 .m. Committee, ..today .announced. Atta. J'err'y Breckinridge of Hot Springs.EST) .yesterday but no. casualties site and dates for the tourney, 1 / !h&s passed the age limit of 18. and or damage was reported. Indiana to Seek Arkansas Teachers INDlANAPOLtS, Ind. (UP) — Some Hoosier children will 'be learning their "three R's" with a Southern accent next • year if -a plan outlined by state superintendent of public instruction Wilbur young is successful. Young announced he will be- gi na campaign to recruit teachers from Arkansas and West Virginia in an effort to solve the growing shortage ot Hoosier instructors. He hoped the higher teacher pay in Indiana would provide sufficient lure to low paid teachers in some other states. Q Lloyds register shows that 1,233 ships were built in the world during 1954. fhe plan must be ratified by each of the ttato nations before gbihg into effect.' The plan prbvides basically for the United States to make available to NATO'atomic information which this country believes will assist: 1. the development of defense plans. 2. The .training of personnel in Ihe erripioymeril of and defense aguinst atomic weapons. 3. -The-evaluation of the capabilities of potential enemies in •-the cfinnloyrhent of atomic weapons. The 1 .information taken from '.the; "restricted" .class of. atomic.•• energy: secrets would . bcT madS»aya11- able to.lJATO through chahhel^-riov/ provided- for exchanging •'classified .military Information. . . _ •' / < The ' plan is in the form, of'a draft''agrberrieril'-which' Was approved March 2 by the NATO council, but not made publici"'until the'-While House acted today. The news • was released simultaneously in the other 13 NATO countries. The argument provides specifically 1 'that under its terms there will .' be no transfer of atomic weapons or special nuclear material'. • Scientists, Cash, Parents Lick Polio J y ALTON L. BUAKESLEE P Science Repcrter ' '-.ANN ARBOB. Mich:, W — -JMep, iures tu^rjed^ffrr^ 4«d.ax..on,.tr^ae .and,.-, cpunifliss ,i on - ,.house>». buying, particularly <for mew 'cropv months •'"Switchin'gf'from"*oldl ! icrpp' :3l tp*ne cotton ^'purchase /grant .of &.000.000.' _ .'•; -.\, '; • " .•:•' ,.-':' Late ,-afternoon,.'prioW. wejre '45 to jB55',c'ehts a bale higher than the previous'"close. May ''sS.'Se', July 3-^irjd J[ctober''>'34:00. - ' ijiominal;: malting-choice feed 1.04-18. . '.' g arJ GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO (in — Corn led a mpd- adyancft ^.gr.ai^jan^he Board of Trade, today.. After a ragged start^.the yello.w •grain.,c}fmb,ed 'u'pw'a'rd 'slowly until ired • the' technical knockout -'to' po- ia.'througfci '.the Salk vaccine. / , The money — 10 mjlliou'.'dollars .ing" discoveries • step by' step'" paving the way' to a vaccine. ' ,' The njo'ney —r '1.million..dollars or "more' in" March of. Dimes'- fwids from ' the public to support' this research.'. To this extent £h'e 'vac- ^ciine, is , sorne'thing the ' Ameripan people created. , ' '••'•' '•The, parents; 7- . angry .,.at,; '{he '.stealthy Invisable killer a rid despoiler of children determiried ...to eitiriiEuish" i its nervfe-corisuming i : i"Hv " '- .'"'. . ,, Tpda.^ th^ vjc.tpry is wlthio H .g»'B5p With'^ a',' successful'- vjibcirie.v^e.yel- oped-' by : :Jpr, v Jonas ; . EX Salk . of .Pittsburgh' ,3 , .dedicated -scientist incisive^, mind. , first' batches 1 e'f an jiyiprov/>d ' Salk'' vaccjne ..are rpovjhg from, pharniaf eutical' hpusee 'to public, health- -officials arid doctors' offices -.to '. beejn 'inoctilatWns -'of some 30-rriilHOn children' ,oi'. more this spring; and. summej\ U7ffU'!n- ^.' A ..«n ' n f* n ... 11 __ ' fe; httujfs,. 'after the ' official Great Britain spuprjftd the demand. Wheat cjpsed unch an ged to ' higher, ;M ay,- |2.(»-2.08, . corn - *rf f " cbhtihued ffoim-Page Qne '$nil -^s'truc'tioi^'Coropany of" Lit-' Ue; Bock,, in the 1 amount of $202,319.' ...ptherTlpbl" ,inc,lud!p4 _,iw. today's bid opening were the first : staae for two more lanes for Hie Little; highway an,d an , ter£tete, 'job--, in .conjunction ..with Missouri-, -,for constryctlon- of n. t trass jthe ,^t.//jrancttf Biyer ate';. Highway 25T . .;, Pro;e6ts by counties with apparent low bidders and amount pf bids fplilaw^ '.' . Cross —- B.O Imiles of surfacing on Wynne-Parkin Road, Highw»y ft»; Craws, J8.r«^«,,.. Eiiw> »iu«.' $272, 6P3. ' ..,,:, Arkansas — 7.09 miles of surfacing on the GillettrPendJeton Rpad, Highway 1; McGeorge con- tracing co., , Pine ; Bluff, $301.§37. National Institutes;for. Health for p.ub;iic • t 'Pirpes .contributed;tft the •Nation- ,'n^Fbundi»iipn; fpr" lo.fahtile Pa- rjtlysis will,-pay .for enough Vac- ciije 'for free'' Incoulaljbps of riine mUlion clyidren in, all fjrst andi •s/econd grades and ' some third grades. The ..rest .wjjl, be^dminis- t'ere d by. doptbrs-to palienls with hiigh priority urged ; .for children and • pregnant • women. '' At \lajst pojib -is on-the way'tc defeat' control .eradication. •T)i« victory did npt come easily. As with most great achievements of', medical' science . it 'built from tlie minds. 6f many men. • Ail PUR BUSINESS i Jt •ffotive **rwltf c«nM> ...... _..,. m f,« <W Iw^p t*p»r!tnct npw. ARKAPEtPHIA TERMITE CO, l ^A®flBSS^ MK^BSl • HOSPJTAl pf fln <?nnpx for i. '-lyjilier n- 1,7.1 nji.les ot ..widening »(\d rpgurfaiclng of FuHon-Xexar- kaoa Road, . Highway 47; Craves Bf.o«iers,,vPine bluff, '*114,452. 'V : £plk — Tivp reinforced concrete end steer bridges on the 'Mt'na- Mount Ida Roari, h i«h way 83; .E. P. Barber Construction Co. , FOrt Smith, $1*0.586. .Garland 8 13.1 miles of new road snd J5r.8vel surface on the Hot Springs-Lonsdale road, Highway 88; McGeorge Cojnstruclion Co., $726,597. Saline 8 11.05 miles of constructing and grading additional lanes long the new Benton-Puls- kl County ' ' County line Highway 17^79; William D. Jeftery Construction CP, Fort Smith, $180,011, .Pulaski and Lonoke 3.46 miles of wWenwg iind resurfacing on tlie J0ekjponv41J« Cabpt Road, Highway §7; Tecon Paving C9., Pallas, JW12.67J. , Vnioii —.18.32 BiUes of surfacing on Ihe El Dorado-Magnolia Road, Highway 82; Ben M. Hogan Cp... ]L,Jt}l? Pock, 906,484. . Union, 5jg2 miles of surf aciug Vj tour sections of the EKl- 8; 5. bridge* and ap- pr9aches south of hutti ^ on Higli- >y»y )2; inwood Smith Lake Vil J^e, K1.548. V»n Buren $ 0.7 ruiles ot grad|9| «nd bridge cpo?lr«£tion on the Road, Highway forsgren flroihefs, Fort Smith P. wiles of l-Sujjimit F. 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Sometimes you can learn as much about real life jin a strange country from the guy bring flower show schedules to bo who presses your pants as you can returned to the federation. The Hope Country Club 8 will entertain club members from one of its politicians. All of Us who jested among our- and- -Taking, pare ofi nd ^ Bob Things" tfill be shown, and mebe>s are urged to attend. all | , I i em- 1 selves at Abraham on sight, came ... . .,. . °/ the , 7U ? and to admire him for his kindliness 8th grades with an informal dance thoroughness in doing his duty, Friday April 15, from 8 til 11 p. m. his intelligent, and his complete Hosts and hostesses Will be Mr. scnse of personal dignity. Turner. Mr. and Mrs. Teddy Jones and Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Foster. The Garland PTA will meet 'Wed-: nesday Auril 13. nt 3 o'clock'at the school, and the executive meeting at 2 p. m. The John Cain Chapter -of the CAR will meet Wednesday April 13 at the Hotel Barlow with Mrs. O. A. Graves, Mrs. F. R. Johnson ,|KH Mrs. Fred less. Gresham as hos- Monday April 18 W. S. C. S,' Circle 5 of the First Methodist Church will meet Monday, April 18, at 7:30 p, m. in the home of Mrs. M. Reinhardt the school auditorium. The cutive meeting will be nt 2:30. Mrs. Horace Hubbard will be £u- est speaker. The Oglesby P. T! A. Wednesday April 13'at 3 p.m, in V\t school' auditorium.'The Elxe- Jhtive meeting will.-be at 2:30, Thursday-April 14 The .Jr.-Sr. High School P. T. A. Abraham Normart doesn't know- where his last name comes from, but thinks it probably was facetiously given to one of his ancestors a few generations back by a office now likes it. Here is Abraham's self-portrait in his own words: "My father and I lived the same. But my father lives better that his father did. sT^n t^ ^fir 5 S r '.S^'Sthef Bother*, Z Kf n'S Scrwr b re S leS-i f ; th t de 3!^^ r,^. j it , , -v tj> * •• . UUI LJllcc CnjlUItHlt dllU a and those o receive Life Mem-| The t ., d b of 12 who berships will be voted upon. This does the marketmg . He is a poor is a very important meetinir so u_ .ii___.i _ <• .•,.. -nr,. ^-.i. ui... with Mesdames Virgil Keeley, Carl Oaddis and Ariis Brooks as co-hostesses The Bible study, "The Master Calleth For Thee" will be >y Mesdames Sam a very important meeting so all members are urged to attend. Notice The DCCI meeting has been post- pond to the 3rd. Monday In April which will be April 18th. The Builders SS Class of the First Baptist Church has postponed their 'riurn Thursday April. 14 at 3:30 p. m. The Executive board will meet at 3 o'clock. Brookwood Brownie 'Troop will Thursday April 14 after Jenny Linaker will be meet school. Jjpstess. The Business and Professional Women's Club, will have regular monthly meeting Thursday April 14, .at 7 p. m. at the Barlow Hotel. Radio and TV news service chairmen Mrs. J. W. Patterson and Mrs. Roy Mouser will have charge of the program. Chairman from SW/.v District Mrs Ellene Johnso, of Texarkana will be guest. Thi i» an important meeting and every v $/«mber is ur'ced to be present. F.rdiay April 15 The Dahlia Garden Club wil meet Friday April 15, at 2 p. ,m in the home of Mrs. C. D. Rilej witti Mrs. A. C. Ball ' and Mrs Joe; Reese as co-hostess. All mem betrs are urged to be present an LAD.IES of Garrett Memorail Baptist Church will sponsor a bake sale at the Gas Office Saturday AM on S. Elm street from 8 til 12 noon. For cakes or pies please call 7-4533 or 7-5848. Hwy 29 South •Open 6:30 • Tonight & Thursday • BUMPER CLUB NITES! o Hero??? You decide? * James Stewcrt * Jean Hagen * Wendell Corey "Carbine Williams" SHORTS • COLOR CARTOON ,GRANTLAND'RICE SPORTS OIL LAMB COMEDY HEY KIDS! OUH NAMING" CONTEST CLOSES THURSDAY NIGHT! Winners Will Be Announced Fridoy Mrs. Waddle Cunningham Hostess To Iris Garden Club The Hope Iris Garden Club held regular monthly meeting Tuesday April 12, in the home of Mrs. Waddle Cunningham with Mrs. Coy Breeding as co-hostess. Mrs. A. W. Martin, president opened, the meeting, and during the business session she appointed the nominating committee with Mrs. Owen Nix as chairman, Mrs. Charles Thomas and Mrs. A. A. Hal- hert assisting. • The "secretary, Mrs. W. I... Stroud called the roll with «ach. member answering with a garden quotation or flower, she ilgo read the minutes of the last meeting. Mrs. J. M. May,: treasurer gave her report. During the business the club voted to purchase * book for the McEae Memorial Sanatorium, the book to be selected by fffe Librarian. Also .^voted 1 :to contrib'tite • $5.00 to the National Garden Club, of American to go toward the. building Jfund for the home to be built at Shaw Gardens in St. Leuis. ; . Mrs. W. L Stroud and Mrs. Owen Nix gave reports 'of the March meeting of the Jr., .Garden Club of Brookwood Schopl. ;-JVIrs. A. A. Albritlpn program chairman introduced Mrs. Lahroy Spates who showed, colored slides of,scenes made in Guam, Okinawa, Formosa snd Hong-Kong. These Slides were made by Jack Spates who has recentXv returned from a tour of duty in this area. The hostess served a dessert plate to 15 members present. "Yes, I am happy Egypt. It is my luck boy without a family. We took him with us because he had no one to play with. We pay him a small amount each month. "My f'ather was a dragoman, an interpreter.' I earn- 120 pounds a year (about $344). . "But we have bought a house with nine roems 1 . My father and mother come first in my life. They will until my last day. Without them I would never know life. "In some homes the man does first what his wife says, before his father and his mother. I think that is bad. living in to be a servant. I cannot :turn it back. 1 do not get angry working for oth- Dear Miss Dix: Although I;''arn?'3§ the gods. j a job and a dependent mother.. I "But I want my children to be never go anywhere except with her j better than me. j s he has a fit if I leave the house; "My children are all right. They O n week ends or in the evening. Yet are good. I hope they go to school she is healthy, has an adequate in,-, for a long time and grow up to be come and, since we live with fiiy judges or army officers. I would, sister, is never really alone. <u prefer them to be officers — but j^y sister is-.mai-ried, has two jilt- only if there are no more wars." tie girls and is very good to our rn'p- Individuality keynotes new lanif^fleslgns for spring.,Multi-purpose furniture lamp (left).offers drawer space, table surface and~«uar,lighting. Meant for use between two chairs or twin, beds, it has plasticizecJ surface to resist stains-or burns. Frosted walnut and ebony woods are combined with black metal mesh sides and black metal legs. Unusual new table lamp (upper right) is formed of twin disks and cylinders. Glass lamp (lower right) gets hammered silver surface treatment. Diamond pattern .inV@rpor.ites three different tones of blue with gold outlines. Parch- •"ent shade carries out hammered «;"-"•- "<r*r.t. DOPOTHY Df'X fc '••* Move Out! 7T/ o come sW'f My folks .want live with them as Abraham Norman said he thought life in Egypt was getting better for people in his position. When I asked him if he had a grudge against this world, lie ther. We all get along quite do get tired j seldom have a choice of prog if i d o go out without mom, •-•---- w» ^,- .. . j il A UU ti V/ fU t *V1 spread , His- big- palms wide, smiled, | few hou ^_ j don>t , "I am content in myself. What now may I do for you?' .tinue to live alone. Their nagging on the', subject is. making me very rier.yous; I prefer to s'tay here, but hate • to huft my, family. IRENE •, J Ariswer: While' it probably would be'best'to return to yoUr family for- few wgeks after the baby is born, would be\' foolish to make ['the move permanent-when you ar ; e so .attached' to your .own place. I'm - ,. - ' • m yi^t1,^;|l!ure • . kno w ' n . Chapter AE of PEO Celebrated 8th Birthday . In Hope . Chapter AE of PEO met Tuesday April 12 in the home of Mrs: Viable Ethridge with Mrs. Mary Toster and Mrs co-hostesses. The home Mary Compton as I'm plagued with -av : guiltxf? 11 ?v more ,e.9nien [; .Know»nB .you^are ience : •' ?t*& 'Beeping, "a:!:liome. 'for .,. him. -Time .'passes qiiickly and . he'll be home Before, too long. conscience. At one time I practically,-.-BaS signed up for work out .o^VibwjjL which would have been a'i'perf^qfi solution, but mom's tears in£Jlc£,n a change of mind. I don't relisn;the idea of living, the "old maidtjalirit^l|'jjr n _ • role for the rest of my: daysfebif^k I V"/ what can I do? :4v,. • . ^^IN.OH|J|». Answer: One of the'.most selfjshlyj unfair things one human being pan: do is commandeer the life.-of.some* U.S. to Ban Continued from PjJRe One governmcsit approval of the new vaccine Mrs. . dVeta Gulp Hobby signed licenses yesterday which' gave the go-ahead to release of one elsc so completely that^exist- the vaccine to the general .public, i ence is almost completely choke* The Commerce Department said of£ f° r , thc hapless victim. The -.si«| that effective immediately the Salk ^*ll™ l " .*«»-.»««« — < ,„ .„ vaccine has been added to the bureau of foreign commerce's list of commodities which require valid dated licenses for shipment to any country except Canada. Mrs. Hobby, Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, license six drug firms to make and se the .vaccine through regular con; mercial channels. She signed th licenses at 5:15 p.m. EST yeste day, about eight hours after sciei lists reported at Ann "Arbor, Mich that the vaccine works. "It's a great day. It's a history making day," Mrs. Hobby decla ed. " The'firms are: Cutter Labora lories', Berkeley, Calif.; Eli Lill Co., Indianapolis; Parke-Davis an AEA Should Cut Says Gov.,..O.rval spring flowers. During the business session it was announced by Mrs. JP. ; C.i Crow, finance chairman, hat the-. Chapter had voted in called meeting held last' week to urnish 'a room in the new County lospital. ,'.'.A b'rthday party followed the business meeting celebrating the fth year of AE In Hope. Mrs, H. O. Kyler was 'in charge if the', program and gave a short ;alk pi; the history of the chapter n.'d ttisn presented' the past pre- 'Jdents;.- Mrs. /Clyde- Monts, Mrs. \ ;C....Crow,, Miss Beryl Henry, Co., Detroit; Pittman-Moore Co decorated with lonville, Ind., Sharp and Dohme Philadelphia, and Wyeth Labor Beauty Shop for appointment^ Call... 7-3584 MARY HAMM SAENGER m- * NOW! * •"- Feature Times — ;40 • 4:§0 - 7:00 • 9:10 THE BEST-SELLING STORY OF HOW PEOPLE ACT WHEN THiY THINK NO ONEISLOOKING , MITCHUH WRIGHT atpries, Inc., .Marietta, Pa. Appropriations Continued from Page One agency was directed at the USIA which it said tried to find peo pie lo accept free encyclocedida costing Ihe governmenl $79.50 set. The committee cut this pro gram from $1.331.000 to $350,000. 'It directed the usia lo curb il English language broadcasts anc to 'put more emphasis on "qua] ity" in producing molion plctur films for foreign showing . IT DID CROCKETT, Tex. (UP) — John Korts, press foreman for Ihe news paper Crockejl Dernocral, rushec to his farm yeslerday wilh the lews that a storm warning had been posted for the area. Korts 1 wife wasnt i mp re ssed She pointed out a window of theii lome and showed Korts thai hi barn and doghouse had been blown away. I Mrs. F. M. Horlon and Mrs. Jim McKenzie who each gave a short talk on their administration, Miss Mable Ethridge was honor ed as never having missed a meet 4ng in the 8 years of the Chapter. Her picture was made and will be sent to the PEO record, the na tiphal PEO magazine. Xkellcipus sandwiches' with birthday c?ke and coffee were served to the 18 members and one guest present, Persona! Mention tiom Hope who attend,ed (he' funeral of Arpbie SmHh Te*arkan# fuesday weft; Ml'- frequently met'i, mother-daughter relationship . though it can happen between : any.two: relatives. She's Lazy , . , For an invalid to demand ' : con? stant attention is understandable when a healty person exacts, it, the situation is inexusable. In this case mother is just too lazy to get out and make contacts among her contemporaries; it's 1 much easier to have a daughter fill every waking minute. You are permitted to go to work, Elinor, only because your job permits more comforts and luxuries for your mother. If your interests alone were fulfilled by.your work, that, too, would have to be given up to provide enough time for mo ther's entertainment. The guilt feeling engendered, by mom's demands for your company are among the .most difficult to dislodge. Professional aid in the form of psychological consultation probably will be necessary to change your point of view. There is absolutely no reason why you should feel guilty. Your mother is a capable person and should be associating with her own group of friends. You would be doing her a favor in the long run, if you did cut some of the ties with which she binds her dependence. Coddling this attitude of hers is bad for her, as well as you. I wOuld suggest a new job in an entirely different environment, or traveling, as an antidote for your present frustration. For $1 you can get a little tome entitled "How to Set a Job Traveling," (Harley Publication, Greenlawn, N. Y.) that might hold the clue lo a happy successful and fruitful future for you. F,aubus, says the stale Education Dgpaftment .''should follow.' suit, if individual 'school districts .are forced , to reduce salaries and ser- "v'jces. •-;•;•':•' • ' i The- '.governor sairi yeslerday felt : -he 'didn't have ''loo definile conclusions" on Ihe subject, • but Red Paper Continued from Page One copies of it — is striving to do so. Because of London's newspaper strike now in its '^Qth 'dpy aniTjio' end in sight, • the Worker is the only dally,. publishing hcie., ,It's road avidly- -by .^people -who--nor. mally wouldn't fondle v it with « set of tongs. , ,,. !•-^ ; " ... " . '. • It fetches premium, prices on the black ^mgrket. What an" 1 opportunity; '.fpif con verts! Recognizing this, the Worker said in a front-page editorial! "No new reader .who comes again must' find he cannot get the Daily Worker: ''All newly won ground must' be consolidated." This led us to interview Percy, who might be described loosely as hewly 'won' ground,' to' see : \wheth'er he is so far in a condition of, consolidation. Well, we've got news foi* the itha't" he thought the 'department could reduce its travel expenses and its purchase" of films for audio-visual education. A special committee of the state Board of Education is making 'a study to determine whether there can be reductions in department,! expenses, " World Happy About Polio Vaccine By JAMt» MAftLOW < „., AM»elftted *tt»* Newt Aftifytt WASHINGTON (A -t-1 The war: rejoices that there Is a vaccine 1 for polio but— One of man'i oddities te that while he works overtime lo make his life longer he also looks for ways to make It shorter, 1 > While'scientists Mru^lett t6 find a weapon against polio, were busy making bigger and tery drogeh explosives. > In the end millions ot people whose lives nowwlll be" prb'longed by the hew vaccine may haVe them unduly shorte ne d b y the bombi A thousand years from flow, ll there are any humans left ii\ these days and they have formed a way to end war, they may look back on these days and wbnder? "Why couldn't those 20th century people ever find a cure tor the most dreaded disease of all; pujshing. People Wero forever pushing other people. "The money they spent looking for a cure for polio, or cancer or heart disease was only a pittance compared 'wi^btwhat. they spent on Worker and,it's r netgood. "I want v to be 'fair, about this," said Perpy. v "6ut to tell -you the truuVI think'I'd rather have ' Daily" Mifror.'',' , •> We asked him what faults had to find'with'-the, Workers my he he K "Look at this' front page," said. . s ' "Bulgarians Conquer London,' said. "Faij; gave, me "a .start,- that did. And .yoti know what it's about? It's about' some dancing • troupe from Sofia. What kind of a lark is that?' He read of fsome other * headlines: deferring themso'lve! fi ofcek Ht&y prove to titan a thousand Aat thati without much make far more next war than Salk 6t saving from "jtolio it 'isn't hard te -Iftdfe} not far, 'to fmd Y kind was continually io save Itself it .._. finding new w'ays' ttf , Jn 1784s 1 just as was on the verge of f: *ine=Hi;::,,: ...... l -: Hertry Shrapnel Ihvei effective nh6t for ml down'In' bUribhjk.' 1 ' • And -just about & Vienna hospital, ... inching toward the pre?e1ifl childbed fever wfalfeh •*"*' mdthers 1 In 'batches',' world was ttrdduclng' a* lion that could hurl Shot' thn ever before. , All Europe was feveflShl$r Ing modern armies at moment in -1885 when teitr wag first being against rabies. •'- Pastuer,'-who had'lived Ihe Franco-Prussian how mankind ^as apart in the struggle • and death. 'At 'the openlngM Pristeur" institute-' in r 1^'Ve 1 ^ "Two opposing* laws; see"tti<t now in contest." The one^a 1ft Woodland -death, 6pehing*ejrt9§i day new Modes "of ' forces nations to be 1 for battle/' 1 •' a t "The other,'a'law and health, whose only r _ deliver a man from the calalfnt which beset him. 1 violent qonqueS,t£,, J relief of mankind. . "Which 'of these twoj prevail, Go se two. Ha WES khp^s'.,;.^ Daylight saving- ttate' v JjJv| than 40 years oM. H " v ' ' l '** , \S«fliitoHave f , Grown an IntlrelyNtwaiii Jkwlt$$Skiii! ....*-* s when they, M« *ou-.and ' ' ' YoBjirL fri*nd» v .. _ _ oh, hdw cnviow they -Will l>e! , '• t And now comes • mw liquid make-up that will do-far ypu«M«ctiy what the picture above'shows. LANOUK PLU* Liquid M«fc^-l/p, really covers thf' : tf your^in. Those Uny-jJmes ai)d<impcrfK. than your own «kln and still nave a'perfect new, skin look, |1 plu* t«K,.avallable wherever cosmetics are jwld. Ind»«i, there js nothing ip a|l the world [ like LANoiixPtui'LiqvKJ afafce-u».., There is only on* genuine Liquid I lio-i BEST BUY NEW; BETJE Dear Miss Dix: I have a son 15 and a daughter 11. Our doctor ha^ suggested that we hold a family cohfer«nce to deal with their person al problems and I would like ,yoy o suggest some books on sex education and the problems of growing up. MRS. F. Answeii: The conference idea is a splendid way to keep a family together, and to prevent youngsters rom absorbing knowledge from the wrong sources. I have a reading ist on Sex Education for Teenagers. A self-addressed, stamped en- elope will bring you a copy. Dear Miss Dix: I'm married and Actual photo of the .Plymouth Belvedere 4-doot Suburban LONGEST, ROOM I u, ; r Plymouth Suburbans—biggest m^the low-price • . . . i j "ilf inii'n - . . v i > - ?^ *T ' Plymouth's six new Suburbans are here—and they're the longest, roomiest cars of their type ever offered in the lowest-price field! Each offers you the most cargo space however you measure, plus a ''tail gate'that .folds flat to extend carrying^capacUy, And«ach ifMrikwgly beautiful, inside aqcl i other bonuses i •—ilien come beauties, Di PLYMOUTH BIATS THE»OTHfH I"4N Ati P»««NIIOMI Po You Want Something Reolly Piffefentf Have 9 HELEN CURTIS SUPERSONIC PERMANENT HAZEL'S laUTY STUNNING C H OIC L S Over-all length (in.) ,, > ( , Length loading deck (in.)* v Total loading area (sq. ft.)* , ' t.oadihg area, 2nd seat up (sq. ft.)* , i Loading area behind 3rd seat (sq. ft,)*f IMaximgrn width (in.) JIJN&. aan' ("j »» *Nol including t«i|||to

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