Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 12, 1955 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 12, 1955
Page 11
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H Of I If A ft r N 0 Ft, ARKANSAS f ueiddy, AprilW,..1M* ~ Pfesi- Ms an- golllfilfc vacation in .. Elsen" their ivofHS, 7i§5 A.M. (EST). to " stop tfnttonal MARKETS NEJW YORK STOCKS stock mar- at ,' &tJ.'( t«J freefeve an hon"Bt the Cftadel then igUsta In time for an usually has ac- 'WSfctent on the taVe 'It up this Ma*,' at Gettysburg and 1h|*lurhlahltt« ahd land- t»tr v *rtW!h&us£ k'rtC««htJdnJed ohly by a sta%tH* President Intend^ /Sdrhe wOrk on his vacation. lit the finishing touches ket WaS rhoderately higher today/ Producers of the Salk polio Vftceine were in demand at higher prices, and most mjor divisions were ahead. Gains ran to around 3 points while losses came • to around 2 points. Msl changes were small Aircrafls were depressed. Air lines were down f slighlljv Higher Were the steels,' motors, rubbers* chemicals', railroads, oils, utilities, and pharmaceuticls. eluding dear old Kilroy. .'The lew lifted the heart with a tremendous pulse of exhilaration. It^.was worth it to bo standing thire atop the most gigantic monument ever built by rrian, gaz-j ing across the endless desert done, on steers; cows utility and•„.-. , ,. , , • commercial kinds about steady at mi1 "' fec in * atuc °°l de f rt i'i _ — ,• • - • ; . •* f\Y\ it-ifie-n ftrmr^t* 11* n t I*« ,1 !-.>»._ 32.0-15.00; bulls utility and commercial 13.50-15.00; canners these stones that had been here through all recorded history. Ford Joins in Game of Yearly Union Pay By NORMAN WALKER * " r . n « xt CfttC A PROOUCe — '- LivS poultry brely steady to weak; receipts in coops 252 (yesterday 718 coopu, 101,S32 Ib); F.O.B, payirig prices 1 lower to 2 higher; heavy hens 2226; -.light hens lfl-1 ..5; broilers or .fryers 34-6,5;, old roosSers 12 12.5; capohettes 40-42. sr. LOUIS Liveroc k NATIONAL STOCKYARD, in. Iff*— Hogs 11,500; fairly lower; choice 180-220 Ib 17.50-75; choice Jfo, Is and 2s ll85; about three decks 18.00; 220-2.40 Ib m7.2S.BO 240-280 Ib' 16.75-17.35; 140-170 Jb 17.00-75; 'sows 450 Ib down 15.00 50; : heavier sows 13.75-14.7; boar. 10.00-13.00. . : Cattle 4,700; calves 1,10: little lh „ . the gieal pyramid. .. _____ cutters 10.00-13.00; good light year^i But the thri11 was dampened .by] . DETROIT t/ft— The Ford Motor ling bulls 16.00-18.00; fat buls the thought of the elimb down. Ij - ---- - -12.00 down; vealers and calves: asked Ahmad who is 59 and firstly steady; good and choice 18.0- ™de the ascent at 17 how many ft™ 6 and good 13.00-00; clu iSlantidl-um 1 tirnes .. he h «d climbed the - 1 ' 1 25.nO; prime 27.00; commercial and good 13.00-18.00; cull and utility. 8.00-12.00. Sheep 400; spring lambs sharp* 3y higher; seven head 50-53 Ib Co. today joins the dramatic., high-j that Ford is doing "everything in stakes poker game being played; our power to maintain stable em- in the booming auto industry over i ploymerit in an industry that has the union demand for guaranteed usually been subject to wiclf.' swings in consumer demand." CIO [ new i with! NEW FAD DE MOINES, year-around employment. Representatives of the United Auto Workers slart contract bargaining talks withj DE MOINES, la., (UP)—West Ford similar to those begun last ern hats are the new fad among week with General Motors Corp. jlowc's law makers. Walter Reulher, presiclenl of the! At least 30 legislators are re- UAW and the CIO, has. said he Ported to be wearing light-colored, expects to put over the guaran-! teed annual wage idea with the Western-styled hats now labeled "The Congressman." MRS. G. HARTMAN, Washington, D. C., says: "St. Joseph Aspirin For Childreri is so easy to give. My child likes the orange flavor. I'm sure of accurate dosage." ST. JOSEPH ASPIRIN FOR CHILDREN pyramid. great j Qn reacn j n g t ne bottom," kneus|. b 'S automobile producuers, then |wobbling v with weakness, I thanked spread it throughout the UAW's; More than one thousand]Ahmad and remarked, after look. . . J. ing at my walch> f hat the lrjp had I asked:been pretty fast. Only 40 minutes. times,' he replied. "Ever lose a tourist? him. Not that I cared, of course. springers 37.50; general trade J u 0st to make conversation steady; 2 head lot choice to primo 85 Ib new Crop lambs 24.50; choice 109 Ib Ib old crop wooled lambs 23.00, good and choice wool skin 21.00-22.75; heavy fresh shorn lamb seeighing 123 Ib 18.00. "No." 1 : fell belter. Still I kept think-. Ill YOUR NEW ' Uwi „ * 1955 CfcOSLEY u HELVADOR -NOWAT- YORK * RNITURE i Ph. 7-2621 on a special message to'.Congress next week outlining the ; admini str'ntion's mutual security program for the coming ycpr.' Mr. Eisenhower is scheduled to return to Washington noon of. 'April -20. • the after- THE BEAUTY BOX Open 6 Days, a Week Appointments after 1 5 for those who work. Phone 7-5850 112 S. Main lasting Relief for PILE PAIN: CLINIC-TESTED / Thornton-MiHor Ointmtnt You feel soolhinjf comfort so. font, too. That'a because Thornton-Minor Ointment la • complete formula with fait- •ctmff, Ions-lasting special ingredient* to ch«ck itching.. burning, pain and help reduce dwelling. Ointm«ot or «un- prxitory form, only $1.00. Ask for it •i,any drug store but insist or> genuine Thorntoo-Muior Ointment. , IRANCH GENERAL HOSPITAL fc/ " " ^nn^irnces the opening of an annex for , . Convolescenf and aged patients. '*- f i OPENING MAY 1st i..? ' >•» Apply at t ' J f Hospital Business Office' '' NEW YORK COTTON tfEW ORK; (fr-Cotlon futures Wei^c steady today in slow trading, dorpinamd by switching operations from nearby May to later months. Late afternoon prices were unchanged to 25 cents a bale higher han the previous close. Ma y33.4,8 July 3.69 and October 33.87. Boyle g; of what would happen if slipped. Only four bounces in a 450-foot fall. I slid most of the journey down on the seal of my partis, a stone at a time, my eyus- closed most of the way. Every "Yes very good."' he observed politely, then added that a young native guide during a race had .climbed up and down in seven 'minutes. Seven minutes? Oh, well he'd probably done with eyes open. Anyhow. I have something on Napoleon. But it may not be Continued frort Page One eon's way of showing his boys that, while they are working up sweat performing a Juvenile feat, he had kept his brain busy doing something useful. When I told a Cairo acquaintance I wanted to climb the great pyramid, he remarked cheerfully: "You know a number of soldiers were killed during the last war climbing around on these pyramids. They say getting up isn't as bad as getting down. Someone es timated that if you fell from the top of one pyramid, you would bounce only four times before landing in the sand at the bottom.' ' This cooled me off for two days, then I decided to go ahead 'anyway. After all, thousands of tour- sis have made the trip and down safely through the centuries. My nsurance was paid up and there was this wish to get an edge oh Napoleon. To cut down the burial rate of tourists, the government now insists you have to make the climb with a guide. This Was something of a proble.m, in my case. A cquple of native took « look'at my stomach and turned me down. I could read their minds. They knew their ancestors had had enough trouble raising the heavy s.tones in place centuries ago. Why should they have to bother with •igging-up a block and tackle to get down a, fat man like me, in case J collapsed like a tired . balloon during the trip? Finally, I crossed the palm of veteran guide Ahmad Ganm with enough piasters to send his family to Mecca, he consented against his- better judgment to make the gamble. At last w,e reached the summit. Hundreds, of climbers had scratched their names on the peak, in- -I - .'<'«, • D,* ^ AFTER EASTER SALE LADIES SUITS ^31 syits selected frprw our regular stock of , ( Hondmacher, Swansdown, Jaunty Jr. Sizes 9 to 15 and 10 to 20 r REGULAR PRICES $24.95 $29.95 $39.95 Sale Price $14.95 common sense. claimed million membership: and eventually throughout Ameri-i can industry. j Both Ford and GM, while avoid- 1 ing taking any public stand on the year-around pay plan, have stressed in pronouncements thh week that, they have done a good job in regularizing pay and employment. Ernest R. Breech, Ford board j chairman,' sa'id in a speech to New; York financial writers last night ARE OUR BUSINESS We specialize in effective termite control. If termites are "the .problem, we have the answer* There's no charge for an inspection so call on our long experience now. ARKADELPHIA TERMITE CO. 1032 Main Street Phone 1057 ARKADELPHIA ARKANSAS 3rd BIG WEEK YOU'LL DOUBLE YOUR SAVINGS EVERY WEDNESDAY WITH PlGGLY WIGGLY'S LOW, LOW PRICES and DOUBLE S&H GREEN STAMPS — GIVEN EVERY WEDNESDAY — ON PURCHASES OF $2.50 OR MORE. PRICES IN THIS AD EFFECTIVE ALL DAY WEDNESDAY-APRIL 13 BEST MEAT IN TOWN FRESH LEAN Lb. FRESH MEATY PORK D & W By the Piece Lb. THE WESSON OIL SHORTENING Lbs. DIAMOND"P' EASY MONDAY LIQUID STARCH SUNSHINE KRISPY 'SUN'SHI^E HYDROXi CHICKEN OF SEA WILSON'S CHOPPED POP Giant Size Reg. Size Quart- Bottle HONEY BOY Rolls Tall Can FINE SHORTENING LUX BALLARDondPILLSBURY LIQUID SILVER Cans DUST Pkg. 3 Lb. Con 12 Oz. Can Large SURF Large Pkg. Rinso White 30c Large Pkg. Lux Flakes 30c Lqrge Pkg. SNOWMAN MILK G O I 41c Large Pkg. BREEZE 30c LIFEBUOY SOAP (^ Both ^ p? ^C Size ^3C LIFEBUOY i SOAP 25c LUXSOAP Both *y Size X Bars LUXSOAP Reg. Bar 2 Bars 1 /C Reg. Bars ADMIRATION COFFEE 92c BLUE Large Pkg.. RINSO 30c NEW CROP WHITE Onions FLORIDA Wi RfSiRVI THf RKSHT T0 LIMIT QUANTITIW Oranges|39c FANCY FLORIDA CORN PASCAL CRISP Ears 6 April'12,1»S1 HOM iTAt, MOri, ARRANSAI SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between • A. M. intf 4 P, M, Calendar Tuesday April 12 • . Chapter AE of PEO will meet April 12, at 3 p. m. in the home of Miss Mabel Ethridge, with Mrs. Mary Foster and Mrs. Mary r Compton as co-hostess. ; Country Club Tuesday night April 12, at « o'clock. % The Executive Committee' of arland School will meet Tuesday April 12, at 2 p. m. in the school office. The regular P. T. 'A. will have open house Tuesday night April 12, from 7 to 7:30 p. m. for th» Fathers, and the regular meeting will be from 7:30 to 8:30 p. m. with Mrs. Marth Allison in charge. • The Lilac Garden Club of DeAnn will meet at the home of Mrs. Ric^hard Arnold Tuesday April 12, at 'SS o'clock. Everyone is urged to be present, «s Mrs. H. H. Urrey of DeQueen will give a demonstration on flower arrangements. Mr. and Mrs. John Hatley and Mr. and Mrs. John P. Vesey will be hosts for game night at the Hope The Mope Iris Garden Club will tneet Tuesday April 12 at 2:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. J..W. Cunningham with Mrs. Coy Breeding as co- hostess. All members are asked to bring flower show schedules so they can be returned to the federation. The Ambassador SS Class of Garrett Memorial Baptist Church will meet Tuesday April 12 in the home of Mrs. Larkin Bohannon on N Ferguson with Mrs. Ted Purtla as co-hostess. , day, April 18, at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. W. M. Reinhard with Mesdames Virgil Keeley, Car Oaddis and Arlis Brooks as co-hos tesses The Bible study ; "The Mas ter Calleth For Thee" will be completed by Mesdames Sam Strong and LeGrone Williams after which new officers will be electee and those to receive Life Memberships will be voted upon. This is a very important meeting so all members are urged to attend. Notice The DCCI meeting has been post pond to the 3rd. Monday in April which will be April 18th. The Builders SS Class of the First Bapt'ist Church has postponed their class party until Tuesday April 19- th, The Beacon SS Class of the First Baptist Church will meet with Mrs. William Groves 217 S, Laurel at 7 o'clock Tuesday night with Dee Turnage as co-hostess. IVE-IN THEATRE Hwy. 29 South • Open 6:30 • STARTS TONIGHT • Was he a Killer or a Hero???, You decide? * James Stewart * Jean Hagcn * Wendell Corey "Carbine Williams" • SHORTS • POPEYE COLOR CARTOON GRANTLAND RICE SPORTS GIL LAMB COMEDY Come Out Early and Have a PICNIC At Our Snack Bar . . . Best Hamburgers in Town! SHEHGER * Today Only * • Feature Times • 2:20 - 4:06 - 5:52 - 7:38 - 9:24 HE LIVED BY TAKING DEADLY CHANCES! — Starring r— PETER REYNOLDS RON A ANDERSON LANA MORRIS \i AW£¥A»UC~r-fcUL.-SA7ft9 ft I . i*.•?!'•' V' 1 I • EXTRA • 1. JOE McDOAKS COMEDY 2. "TRIP TO E.UROPE" * Wed. - Thurs. * Wednesday April 13 The Brookwood P. T. A. will meet Wednesday April 13, at 3 p. m. in the School auditorium. The Executive Committee will meet at 2:15, Two short films entitled "Your Family," and. "Taking Care of Things" will be shown, and all mebers are urged to attend. . The Garland PTA will meet Wednesday April 13, at 3 o'clock at the school, and the executive meeting at 2 p. m; The John .Cain Chapter of the DAR will meet Wednesday April! 13 at the Hotel Barlow with Mrs. i O. A. Graves, Mrs. F. R. Johnson ; end Mrs. Fred • Gresham as hostess. " Game night scheduled for tonight has been cancelled due to the Chamber of Commerce Banquet. Woman's Society of First Methodist Church Meets The Paisley P. T. A. will meet Wednesday April 13 at 3 p. m. in the school audittvium. The' Executive meeting will be at 2:30. Mrs. Horace Hubbard will be guest speaker. The Oglesby P. T. A. will meet Wednesday April- 13 at 3 p. m. in the school auditorium. The Executive meeting will be at 2:30. Thursday April 14 The Jr.-Sr. High School P. T. A. will meet in the Jr. High Auditorium Thursday April 14 at 3:30 p. m. The Executive board will meet at 3 o'clock. Monday April 18 W. S. C. S. Circle 5 of the First Methodist Church will meet Mon- Mary's Beauty Shop for appointments Call... 7-3584 MARY HAMM CAST YOUR BALLOT FOR A LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER In conjunction with the showing of "GANGBUSTERS" ot the Saenger The- 1 qtre on April 26-28, the Mutuaj Broadcasting, System will award the Philips H. Lord's "GANGBUSTERS" Award of Merit to some local officer for his outstanding contribution to Law Enforcement. The officer receiving the largest number of votes will be presented the Award by Hope Mayor John L. Wilson,. Jr. Bring or mail your ballot to the Saenger Theatre before 9:00 P. M., Wednesday, April 20, 1955. VOTE FOR ONE ONLY! Your Name: Address; CITY POLICEMEN Thomas Anderson ' D Clarence Baker Q Carl Burke D T. L Compton D Dean Parson D R..B. Pedron D James Rowe , D F. B. Ward _ D Alvin Willis D STATE POLICEMEN Guy Downing n Milton Mosier C J. H. Porterfield D . Henry Tong , n Travis Ward , Q SHERIFF'S ID EPT. Jack B.rown ^ D Jimmie Cook .. t D CONSTABLE Robert Shivers D YOTi FOR ONI ONLYI The regular meeting of the Woman's Society of. Christian Service of the First Methodist Church was held Monday April 11 at 2 p. m. in the sanctuary of the church. The meeting was opened toy the singing of a hymn. Mrs. Albert Graves, president presided during the business session. She announced that the an nual meeting of the woman's So ciety of Christian Service of the Hope District would be held in the First Methodisl Church, Hope on Tuesday April 26lh. Mrs. Herchel Patterson, chairman of the nominating committee presented her list of officers and they were elected. President, Mrs. Albert Graves; vice-president, Mrs. Claude Tillery, Recording secretary, Mrs. Jack Gardner, Treasurer, Mrs. Grover Thompson, Secretary of promotion, Mrs. J. C. Carlton; Secretary of Missionary Education, Miss Mary Louise Copeland, Mrs. J. W. Perkins and Mrs. F. C. Crow; Secretary of Christian Social Relations, Mrs. C. M. Agee, Secretary of Student Work, Mrs. Denver Dickenson, Secretary of Youth Work, Miss Mary Louise Copeland, Secretary of Children's Work, Mrs. J. W. Perkins, Secretary of Spiritual Life, Mrs. Edwin Ward, Secretary of Literature and publications, Mrs. Ross Moore, Secretary of Supply Work, Mrs. LaGreoe Williams, Secretary o,f Status of Women, Mrs. F. C. Chow. Chairman of Publicity, Mrs. Edwajd As>lin, Kitchen Committee, Mrs. L. D. Barnum and Mrs. O. W. Amos. The Circle count was taken and circle 5 won the count. Circle 5 also won the Life Membership pen from the Woman's Society for having the largest average attendance at the W. S. C. S. monthly meet ings for the year. Mrs. Ralph Routon presented Mrs. H. O. Kyler with a Life Membership which was a gift from the W. S. C. ; S. Mrs 1 . R. T. White presented Mrs. F. C. Crow with a Life Membership 'which was a gift from Circle 2. Mrs. Edwin Ward presented Mrs. Basil Edwards with a Life Membership which was a gift from Circle 3. Mrs. Claude Tillery and Mrs. L. B. Tooley gave an inspiring report on the annual meeting of the Woman's Society of Christian Service Which they attended in Little Rock March 29 through 31st. the theme of which was "Jesus Christ the Way." The Treasure Chest offering was taken at this meeting, and it was suggested that the members who did not bring their offering to thi. meeling, or Ihe members who could not attend please send their offering to Mrs. Grover Thompson before April 28th so she can in elude this 1 in her prayer of dedication for the treasure chest offer ing. This closed the meeting. Wilma Coleman and O. T. Cranford Engagement Announced Mr. and Mrs. Y. C. Coleman announce the engagement of their daughter, Wilma, to 0. T. Cranford, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Cranford of Emmet. The bride-elect is a graduate of Hope High School and of St. Vincent Infirmary School of Nursing, Little Rock. Mr. Cranford is a graduate of Hope High School. The wedding will be an event of April 22, at Garrett Memorial Baptist Church. No cards will be sent. Coming and Going Miss Ethel Rose left today for Harlingen, Texas where she will spend several months. Mrs. E. . O. Wingfield has returned from New York City where she was an out patient at Memorial Center. On her way home she stopped in Washington D. C. and visited her neice, Mrs. H. K. McHarg and Mr. Mettarg and children. DOPOT.HY DIX Vicious Meddling Hospital Notes Personal Mention Mrs. Graydon Anthony had some of the out of town people in her home who attended the funaral of Mrs. J. E. Jordan Monday April 11, at Laneburg, Arkansas. Mr. and Mrs. S.. V.' Daniels, Miss Mildred Taylor of Weatherford, Texas, Mrs. D. L. Young of Fort Worth, Texas, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Wren of Little Rock, Mr. Charles Nelms of Crosseft and Mrs. Don Mulligan of Panama City, Florida. " Mr. and Mrs. Willis Cummings are visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Glendon Williams and attended the funeral of Mrs, J. E. Jordan. You Want Something Really Different? Have a HELEN CURTIS SUPERSONIC PERMANENT HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 7-2171 I Ho«l Virginia Julia Chester Admitted: E. W. Chisfn, Hope, Billy Clyde Wakefield, Murfreesboro, Mrs. L, F. Phillips', McCaskill, Mrs. Harrison Ross, Hope, Mrs. J. G. May, Buckner, J. A. Vonna Goad, Rt. 1, Hope, J. O. Phillips, Prescott. Discharged: Mrs. R. F. Hooker, Slevins, Mrs. Ewing Reid, Rt. 1, dope, Esterine Stuart, Columbus, YTrs. Denver Hornaday, Hope, E. C. Hackler, Patmos, Willie Garand, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Philips. McCaskill announce the arrival of a ion April 10. Branch Admitted: Mrs. Olivia Wells, 'rescott, Ark. Mrs. Finley Gilbert, Fulton, Ark. W. A. Powell, Patmos, Ark. Discharged: Mrs. B. A. McKamie, Hope, Ark., Mrs. Mary Duncan, Hope, Ark. Admitted: Mrs. Guy Hicks, Washington, Ark,, Mrs. H. A. Folsome, McCaskill, Ark.. Helen Jqan Cheatman, McNab, Ark., Mrs. Homer Beyerley, Hope, Ark. Mrs. Mary Duncan, Hope. Discharged: Mrs D. L. Arnold and baby boy, Hope, Rt 1, Woodard Cox, Hope, Mrs. Cecil Holmes, Texarkana, James Gilbert Hope. Dear Miss DIx: After 10 years of marriage my wife has left me, taking our 8-year-old son. She is now staying with her mother. Three females have gotten together for what looks like an all- out concentrated effort to break up our home. My mother-in-law, a widow for many years, is the ringleader. The other two are my wife's imaiden aunt (her mother's sister), 'and a girl friend whose own marriage ended in divorce. Their argu- jirients are that no woman should be [a slave to a man, that my wife •' should enjoy freedom and that modern women should not be dictated to by men, as well as a lot of other nonsensical ideas. To the best of my ability I have always been a good husband. My wife has never complained cxf me directly; it's always these "theories" that win her over. She's an 'intelligent woman of 34. How can I undo the damage done by these home-wreckers? * FRED C. Answer: Number one on the hit parade of despicable people are those who set about insidiously to wreck the lives of others. Even the "other woman" who crawls on the scene with the avowed purpose of breaking up a home is not as con- Itemptible. At least she is honest in her intention; women like the crew that threatens you aren't. Just Troublesome They hide behind a guise of concern and helpfulness that fools no one but the stupid victim. They are like the three witches of Macbeth, stirring and cackling at their success. Being unhappy, frustrated women themselves, they delight in spreading as much misery as pos- '*ible and drawing others into their black web of bitterness. Self-pity is one of the easiest emotions to arouse in anyone and it is through this absurdity that your wife has been won over. Ignored aer the 10 years of happiness she has had with a line husband forgotten are her solemnly contracted marriage vows. All for the lure of "freedom" made so attractive by three ugly nalured women , Your wife will discover soon that this freedom is anything but the attraction she has been led to believe. She is free — for what? To sit around all day walldwing In the mire of selfish delusion? Talk from you would doubtless be of no use, but. it would be a good idea to have your clergyman get in touch with her. Perhaps she will be as receptive to good advice as she has been to bad counsel. tears of a good fnotfiei'. Ail you can do is pray that someday he will be awakPneo* ft>'l nothing else. Dear Miss Dix: Though my son lives lose to me, he never visits. He didn't even send a card for my birthday, which was my 65th. I think it's his wife's fault; she's very jealous. My son visits many other people but never has time for me. it*.... .. MRS. D. Answer: No matter how jealous your daughter-in-law may be, she can't be blamed entirely for your son's negligence. He's a grown man, supposedly with a mind of his own. His sins are on his own shoulders. I Any son who can so completely forget his mother doesn't even deserve to be called a man. He's a jellyfish with no, heart, no brains, no backbone. He doesn't deserve the BARRY'S i. . ,,SM WEDNESDAY SPKIAI HUNTS PEACHES CAN BISCUITS FOLGERS COFFEE 1 Lb. Con 89c CAN MIL! TOc Can LETTUCE BANANAJ fw"-i«, *» t^ )[«»«»J4>*< M-a FRESH PORK ROAST BARRY'S See how'Mercury costs you less •XK gives you more for your money " k»f t » < i *'* '' IC^T ' f" iV i»x!»«iv< I " %: '< ' % ?f t, . i '{''s Vf c'9 , { VM^ Cj3 »t ^*V- *. #< J r V HERE'S WHAT YOU GET Exclusive styling—There's no mistaking a Mercury. Its styling is distinctive—designed for Mercury and Mercury alone. Super-torque V-8 power—Mercury's performance is as unique as its styling. Horsepower is up to 188 in all Customs and Montercys and 198 in the Montclairs. But more important is the new way Mercury puts this power to work for everyday driving. You enjoy far more usable power for lightning-quick getaways. Special features at no extra cost— Eight of Mercury's eleven molels offer dual exhausts as standard equipment. All models have 4-barrel carburetors, ball-join! suspension, and special high-compression spa'k plugs. HERE'S HOW YOU SAVE 1 • You can get more for your present car. Our high allowances are based on high-volume sales. 2* Mercury's low prices start below 13 models in the low-price field*. 3. You save on operating costs with Mercury's famous economy and low upkeep. 4. You protect future trade-in value. Mercury consistently lead* it| field for resale value. *Sawd on wmporiion of monofoclweri' IT PAYS TO OWN A x (HERCURY 1 FOR FUTURE STYUNQ, i- Don't rrUss thp b]a te Ed § M !llY*n's «TOA$f C 3215. iourel TRADING POST Ypur Linfeln^Mfrcwry P*«!fr ,,, u&$ t'*»t*)tev L.-aWlj

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