The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on March 3, 1955 · Page 31
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The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia · Page 31

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1955
Page 31
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?Antill Composed Wedding March The Sydney Morning Herald Women's Section, March 3, 1955 PREVIEWS OF NEW FILMS) a- -. I Jb.' t &aiwrtSIl.. wkJL vr: t""' MR. AND MRS RIHH. ; Veils aplenty from 776 , - Fairytale, CT" I 1? q I ; 0 FOR EASTER'S LOVELY BRIDES Setters' 48in Brocade, 2911 Ur-af-Aemllirmx" ""a- ",,, WM"' Embr'd Hylon Organza, 226 Kmc and .left lerlihtd wllli Kit 'broidery. 3!". Sekers' Heirloom Brocades, 42- iKttdlblj btantlfal. tarjtanal lWT Superb Chanlilly Lace, 476 Ad wUW rrencfcl lo M. Floeadots to M- Sekers' Deluslred Salin, 45- DKtHM quality. Ivory, cols, tot brides. ". Glitter-glamour Nets, 1611 Irory, pastels, encrusted Willi silvery French Satin Brocades, 50- Ail waltei appllqurd BollMr-'e-pMilt lo 1W-. Foamy Broderie Anglaise, 1711 Air; orpndr. WW., sky, rose, lemon, lilac Organza of Pure Silk, 116 Several puleli and munerooi deeper toaei, 40". Nylon-lovely Dress Nets, 1211 Meshed while and 20 ihadei. pale lo 4k. S4ln. Gossamer Nylon, 1411 While, pink, sky, wllh ley nlih. 42-Inch Cinderella Satins, 1411 Slipper quality. Ivory and 16 coloun. 361m Mailt Add 3. No C.O.D.'a or Samples. ktffd HEUDERSDtlS S MR. AND MRS. RICH-: ARD NEWTON, who were married at St. Andrew's Cathedral last night. The bride, formerly Miss Margaret Johnston, is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Johnston, of Northbridge; the bridegroom is the elder son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Newton, of ' Croydon. The bride's uncle, John Antill, wrote a special march for the wedding. The bridesmaids were Misses JUDITH OVER-END, JOAN NETTIE-TON, JUDITH PARKES and BEVERLEY NEWTON. MORE GUIDE HELP FOR FLOOD CASES OFFERS of help for flood victims arc pouring into Guide headquarters in Sydney. The Queensland association has offered to send food and money to assist with the housing and maintenance of the 3ft children who are going to the Glengarry Training Centre at Turramurra. Guide companies in Victoria and South Australia are each adopting one of the stricken towns and will re-equip Guides there with uniforms and text books. In the meantime, members of the Newcastle and Flinders divisions the latter taking in Corrimal, Austinmer, Wollon-gong. Port Kembla and Woo-nona are standing by waiting to go to Maitland to assist householders with ' cleaning out their homes, and to assist them with parcels of clothing and donations of money. A cable of sympathy was received yesterday by the State Commissioner for Guides, Mrs. B. V. Stacy, from the Deputy Chief Commissioner for Guides in Great Britain, Mis; Antice Gibbs, who said 'The Guides of Great Britain send their love to New South Wales Guides and much sympathy to all who have suffered . in the . flood disaster," A LECTUItE A DAY FOIt EIGHT DAYS Eight lectures In eight days Is the programme ahead of Mrs. Persia Ratnam, wife of the first secretary to the Indian High Commission, who arrives In Sydney from Canberra to-day. Mrs. Ratnam is an M.A. of Lucknow University, holds a Diploma in Education from London University, and has taught at the University of Foreign Languages in Japan. She will give her first lecture, "An Introduction to Indian Philosophy," at Sydney University tonight to members of the Australian Association for Philosophy and Psychology. To-morrow she will talk on "Indian Ideas" to a World Council of Churches meeting, and on Saturday will address the Buddhist Society. Back to Sydney University on Monday, to speak about "India Today and her Universities" to members of the Sydney University Union. On Tuesday Mrs. Ratnim has a "double bill"; she will address a Femiulst Club luncheon on "Women in India," and at night will speak on "India To-day" at the Y.W.C.A. She will be guest speaker of the Fellowship of Australian Writers on Wednesday night, and will wind up her lecture tour on Thursday night at a meeting of the India League. i ' TO Crawford In Fresh Role JOAN t CRAWFORD, screen glamour girl of 27 years' standing, la making a new debut as a "Western" heroine. She wears boots and six-' guns in the Republic release, "Johnny Guitar," which opens here to-day. Miss Crawford, unlike some of her contemporaries, has shown no tendency eithei to take a back seat or to slip into "elderly" roles. All her recent films have presented $ ner as a neroine a mature and worldly heroine, perhaps, but a heroine none the less. In "Johnny Guitar," which is photographed in Trucolor and has an Arizonan setting, she appears as a ruthless, ambitious but true-hearted gambling house proprietress, who earns the resentment of the local settlers by plajitingl her establishment beside the route of a projected railway. She takes possession, besides, of enough land to build an entire town along the future track. The ranchers, who see their lands threatened by her activities, are easily worked into a lynch-minded fury when an embittered rival convinces them that she is also an accessory to murder. Johnny Guitar, the hero of the story, is that stock "West ern character: the gunman who wants to reform but finds his past and his reputation tod strong for him. The role is played by Sterling Hayden, Mercedes McCambridge, who won an "Oscar" for her performance in "All the As well, she has sunervised "You must have a blanket Ki"8's Men," has a meaty a colour cartoon sequence and or something similar," she suggested a poster theme all said, "for the cut-outs to stick with the same object in view on to the screen surface. helding the islanders to pro- "The . missionaries used tect their crops. flannelgraphs years and years Mr. Phelan is the wife of ag0. They seem to have been a Sydney photographer, the forgotten untj a uNEscO mo'n".?f a,!,een.aJda"lht" seminar in Sicily in 19J3. ana ine visum ias omcer . , , - muc ciM t .u- C...I. o :k. r Exnerts had come from all T'HE film was made sion. over the world to discuss Rome with Maria Felix Last year her job took her visual aid then a young man in the name-part. The direc- on a two and a half months from Iraq just swept the tor is Carmine Gallone. the S P& I' JOAN CRAWFORD, SCOTT BRADY and STERLING HAYDEN in Republic's "Western" drama, "Johnny Guitar" at the Plaza. "Sundowners" : For Screen AUSTRALIAN Jon deary's novel, "The Sundowners," is to be filmed here in CinemaScooe by Holly wood producer Josepf Kauf man. Kaufman produced "Long John Silver" at Pagewood Studios last year. Mr. Cleary's novels, besides "The Sundowners," include 'You Can't See Round Corn-:rs" and "The Climate . of Courage," both of which have been serialised in the "Sydney Morning Herald." "The Sun downers," a story of outback Australia, has had a worldwide success. Mr. Kaufman will announce the details of the production when he returns to Sydney from abroad at the end of this month. It is believed that a top-line Hollywood director and two Hollywood stars are to be signed up for the film. MR. and MRS.. GORDON COLLIS after their wedding at St. Stephen's Church, Macquarie Street, yesterday. The bride was formerly Miss Doreen Gemmell, only daughter of Mr. J. Gem-mell, and of the late Mrs. Gemmell, of Glen-hope. Beckom; the bridegroom the elder son of the late Mr. F. Collis, and of Mrs. O. Collis, of . . Brooklyn, Kamarah. . , FLANNELGRAPHS TO TEACH MOTHERCRAFT IN PACIFIC ISLAND voyager, Mrs. R. S. Phelan, of Mosman, has just produced a film strip on that plague to South Sea islanders the rhinoceros beetle. role as the psychopath ical I y jealous woman who rouses the valley against Miss Crawford. Harry btradling, the cameraman, is another Academy Award winner. The film is based on a novel by Roy Chanslor and directed by iNicnoias Kay. NEW FILMS OPENING TO-DAY Plaza: "Johnny Guitar," "Western" drama in colour; Joan Crawford, Sterling Hayden, Mercedes McCambridge Lyric: "The Affairs of Messalina," Italian-made historical romance; Maria Felix, Georges Mar-chal. in island tour sailing in banana place by storm with a demon- boats, copra coats, and once stration of the flannelgraph. Australian double number Twice the size, twice the value, twice as exciting that's Vogue's great dotihle number for you. Just imagine! Wherever you buy your January Vogue you will find attached to it at no extra cost whatsoever a copy of Vogue's special 120-page Australian supplement. The theme: Autumn-Winter elegance for the Australian woman in city fashions, in evening wear, in casual clothes, in fabrics. Not only what to wear, but where to buy the clothes Vogue features in stores throughout Australia. It's sure to sell out quickly, so buy your copy of this big double number of Vogue to-day, price 6-, and place a standing order for Vogue every month. VOGUE ......6 nM AU NSWSACENTS AND BOOKSTALLS r,.,, tH,,h., Bmtnn,, Afll) COTCIl umrKB. V.A.D.8 IN TEAMS ' CONTEST rpHREE teams of V.A.D.s 1 from both the Red Cross Society and the St. John Ambulance Brigade will take part in the annual British V.A.I). Clip competition, to be held at Victoria Barracks on Satur day. The donor of the cup. Miss Enid Bennett, was in charge of British V.A.D. workers in N.S.W. during World War 11. I he second annual competition between V.A.D.s from the Red Cross Society and St. John s Ambulance Brigade the Ladv Wakehurst Shield competition will take place at victoria Barracks on March 19. ITALY'S ARTS AND INDUSTRY TO BE SHOWN PROBABLY the most comprehensive exhibition of Italian goods ever held in Australia will open at David Jones' three stores on June 16. "Everything Italy produces will be on show," said Mr. R. V. Bishop, an associate director, when he returned last night from Italy, where he led a group of 26 buyers. "About three-quarters of a million pounds is being spent on the exhibition, which is being backed by the Italian Government," Mr. Bishop said. At the same time as Italian roducts are being shown in vdnev. Milan will reciprocate with a display of Australian goods. Included in the Italian exhibition will be examples of light industry, such as racing cars and gondolas, a pre fabricated home complete with modern furniture, food. and wines. "Examples of modern art. furniture, jewellery, and cera mics will bt shown in the Art Gallery," Mr. Bishop said. The Messalina Affair FILMS these days keep us brushing up our ancient history. Last week it was "The Egyptian"; this week it's "The Affairs of Messalina," from Columbia, with a setting of first-century Rome. which were as celebrated in her day as they are in ours, were endured with patience, indulgence or ignorance by her husband until she persuaded a handsome youth named Gains Silius to divorce his own wife and so throuch a form of marriage with her. An informer broueht news of this to Claudius, who was away from the city. Claudius ordered her death, and she was executed in the Gardens of Lucullus. which she had obtained for herself by having the original owner put to death for treason. She was 26. For further information see the 11th book of Tacitus's "Annals, or for a more tuiuunui vciMun, rtuDcn Graves. Claudius the God.' man who -made "Puccini, Filmgoers are becoming quite well acquainted with Messalina. who was last portrayed by Susan Hayward in "Demetrius and the Gladiators." In that film the wicked Messalina made a public repentance of her sins at the end The new film is a little more authentic than that. Yet we will not spoil it for you if- we give you a summary of the true facts of the Messa lina dossier: Valeria Messalina was the third wife of the Emperor Claudius, Her debaucheries, MRS. R. S. PHELAN, of Mosman, with a huge lei .of pink frangipanni, photographed on her recent visit to Aitutaki, one of the Cook Islands. a "pig" boat. This year she will spend a holiday in the Gilbert Islands, and her job will take her to Tahiti. To her, a voyage brings a close-to-home visual approach to the subjects that the commission asks her to promote in cartoons, posters, or flannelgraphs. The flannelgraph, Mrs. Phelan described as one of her oldest, simplest, and most proven media of visual education. To make, take strips of paper, draw, paint, then cut out figures or objects depending on the theme, and back the little cutouts with sandpaper. Find a blanket or other rough-surfaced screen and the stage is set for a tableau. Finding a blanket was Mrs. Phclan's problem when she went Inst to Samoa, armed with a little box of cutouts characters, . saucepans, and bottles that would show the island mothers how to bottle-feed their babies. He'd been using it for teaching illiterates." Though there is a big percentage of literacy among the islanders of Fiji, Tonga, Niue, American and Western Samoa and the Cook Islands the last groups that Mrs. Phelan visited the visual aids must, she explained, be at "village level." Their purpose is fundamental education. As she Visits group on group of islands. Mrs. Phelan watches audience reaction to the few Aids that she takes with her, and she meets the men and women who will give the commentary and show the cartoons, film strips or flannel-graphs that are sent out from her Sydney office. Until a year ago, the visual aids section of the commission simply kept and distributed films that make up its film library. Now it has gone into the production business, and many isianucrs nave aircaoy seen commission-made film strips on the uses of soap, on soil erosion arid copra cultivation. And, before setting out on her next island trip, Mrs. Phelan will have scripted and produced film strip and a flannelgraph to give the islanders some of fundamental "pointers" on dental care. Pan-Pacific Congress Discusses Education Education programmes, and the spreading of literacy in their respective countries, had been the chief concerns of delegates to the Pan-Pacific Women's Association conference in Manila, the leader of the Australian delegation, Senator Agnes Robert-- son, said when she arrived in Sydney yesterday. With her daughter. Miss years old onwards their Jessie Robertson, Senator primary and secondary schools Robertson is travelling in the arf. a .wi,J)in 'he university," Taiyuan on the way home to said Miss Robertson. C .. i . . - . .1 . U .. t d..u t c: ociihiui rsuucnuii auiu mm rci ui Having viaucu tjiuga- , LA A 'A A pore and Hong Kong since the """" conference concluded on Feb- change lne name J th-e orga: ruary 6 msation to the Pacific and Apart from the full two- South-East Asian ' Women's day "working session" spent Association, on education, there had, Sena- At the elections, Mrs. Fcr-tor Robertson said, been con- dinand S. Balboa, of the tinual discussion of mass Philippines, was elected inter-literacy programmes at the national president. Vice-presi-less-formal "round-table" ses- dents are Miss Amy Cane sions. (N.Z.), Dr. Isabel Morelock Delegates had visited Fili- (Hawaii), Senator Robertson pino villages and found that (Aust.). Dr. Shina Kan there, again, the stress in social (Japan), Mrs. Helen Fowler work was on education. (U.S.A.), and Mrs. Trinidad "In the cities, however, edu- Legarda (Philippines), cation seems almost to over- Besides Senator and Miss balance. There are so many Robertson, Australian dele-universities, and they're so big gates who gave papers at the 25,000 students here, 23,000 conference were Miss Merle there." Weaver, Mrs. Gladys Brooks, "But the Philippine univer- Miss Rose Gallagher and Mrs, sities take in children from six Thelma Kirkhy. ROWLEY SEWING MACHINES 219 George Street, Sydney Established 1873 RECONDITIONED SEWING MACHINES Wt rtoek cMknowii makef I rccMHHilonctl ttwini macfctHM all . of watt tarry ten yean' 7 MICKS from only 2010- calk he otMaltml for a mall 5- wmy. may ha ffpoiH ami BUY DIRECT FROM FACTORY .CANVAS BLINDS ALL TYPES PELMET BOXES MANY DESIGNS. 1 J mil EE VENETIANS WOOD 0 METAL SLATS OUTHIIIK VKNKTIANB . AND RENOVATIONS. ALL STYLES. Roberts Bros. Pty. L td. S-M BRONTE SOAD, BONDI JUNCTION. FW3SSS quotes rEE est, isss feis38liraww Before buying your Plane or PLAYER PIANO consult McFARLAHD'S ol MARRICKVIILE Prlw.i ara lower. Yor arc tcnl Intlrunwnl accepted ai deposit. Eauleirt tertm at lowent Infereftt rate 4 per cent on ly Why pay more? We tame and nervlcc free for two yean, therefore yon are tafa la your iRTCRtment when yarn hay a re-llahla Irulrament from C. H. McFARlAND i (0. . 171 MARMCKVIIXE RO MARRICKVIIXft, LMHiM. GAS STOVES Green Enamel .. Gas Coppers . . . Sinks ......... Basins Fuel Stoves Fuel Coppers , , . Chip Heaters . . . . M1S0 . 4150 .. 150 . 1196 12150 . 2124 . 2129 Largest Stock in Sydney. BISHOPS ISJ BROADWAY Near Grace Brm. MISSES ZOE REDLER and VIVIENNE HALE With MR. ALEX REDLER, who were among the first night audience for the National Opera's performance of "Madame Butterfly" at the Palladium Theatre last night. WHITE silk organza and French corded lace made Miss Ann Saunders's dress, when she was married to Mr. John Bennett at Shore Chapel yesterday. The bride is the only daughter of the late Captain S. V. Saunders, of Kavieng, New Guinea, and of Mrs. S. V. Saunders, of Chatswood; The brideiroom is the onlv son of Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Bennett, of Seaforth: he was attended by Mr. Robert Pigott. Prlnt.4 arte publuhM by John ralrrax A Ron. Ftr.. LlmlUd ai lha retliUrfd office ot the cbm-PU7, as JJuntar exraet. ttrdnar. 2nd MONTH of outstanding suecaii. With Humphrey Bogart, Joie F.rr.r, Van Johnson, Frad MacMurray, Technicolor (G). NOW Ihowinq at 10.30, 1.40, 4.S0, B. BM243I. STATE ( A iV-fonWi toned ) EXTRA. Graphic fllml of flood d! tatter (Cinaiound Reviaw). cJOlltWblllTAli . . . GUNFIGHTER ... .11 man with th. d.vtl In his ayai . . . and a devil of a way with woman. Starrlnq Joan Crawford with Sterling Hayden. Trucolor. Republic 'Mure. Not Suiteble for Children. Plus thriller "Silent Wllneit." Australian Diary No. 10. Also Movietone Special. FILMS N.S.W. Flood Disaster. TODAY I Hoyts PLAZA Sessions, 10.20, 1 .35, 4.45, I p.m. MAI07. '.. q ) EXCITEMENT! . . ,1 l We? Jti we,,, whoso X I N,IJrL-. la shady pasts wore a passkey m XT' it- 'ol,'0"', w''''''' world. 5 ij YVONNE MITCHELL 'vrj T TERENCE MOHAN M l l-s 1 JOAN COLLINS v' f ; , I an saiimi rat a ma . t 42 I Plus: Thriller "THE SQUARE 8 ial I KING," Kay Kendall (A). &5 I FLOOD DISASTER (Cinaiound). S8 THEY ARE CAPTIVATING ALL SYDNEY o A-'f I ' Thai ara those wonderful Uttle Kidnappers. No motion picture In years has so completely aipressed the beauty, th emotions or th quiet comedy and drama of life itself as does this adorable story. The . Arthur Rank Organitalion Present "THE (LITTLE) KIDNAPPERS" DUNCAN MACRAE AORIENNf CORRI JON WHITELY VINCENT WINTER (S) MOVIETONE SPECIAL. Dramatic Films, N.S.W. Flood Diseslers. 3rd month. At II, 2, I, I p.m. IWIMt. (Alr-Condltloned). 7t Castlereeqh Street. ssaaaawPEaaase ill f;1l i 1 1-1 ft! a 1:1 li AS m Hill m mi 111 I WW W V; ii ml m ! w mm lit M 4

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