The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 30, 1939
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JtiflE 30, 1939 •T^v*^^**, 'City Folks' Vacation * _ _.._„_.„. u™. ta_^w •_ BV'AJI Say Men Like Lonely Spots, Women Like To "Show0fT BV PAUL ROSS NKA Service Staff Corresponded NEW YORK,', June 27.— Where ] do 'people go on vacation? To crowded places! ' Where do small townsmen emu villagers prefer to spend the r 1 two weeks off? At solitary forests owl lakes! • That is Just one of the paradoxical facts about the American- oh pleasure-bent whose likes and dislikes bookings and cancellations goings ' and comings all add . up to n $5,CQO,000,000-a-year busl- ness-the Vacation industry. Here are a few other current habits and "trends" as revealed Hy travel agents , whose business it is to cater to American vaca- The people most diflieull to xt- ranje domestic itineraries , for ;«ve school leathers. They have been everywhere before and have Osceola Society — Personal [Have Swirmuliifr 1 Around thirty-five mO.mbers o the Junior Department ot w Methodist Sunday school me en toying n swimming l>arly at tn Osccola Poo) this afternoon will their teachers as chaperons, jimmle Ciwallney Is superlnU Cf the department with Mrs. . Kciser, Mrs. Alma Morrison, Miss Nettle dray, Ms.tha Jane cart- wright ami Harold Bryant <£ touchers. Mrs. Kate Chlsenhall secretary of the department l ber A. White, superintendent the Sunday school. Is assisting entertaining the ; children. Mrs. Walters llostfss. Mrs D, R. Wert?. and Mrs. R. V Madden were guests of Ihe T mrs ,day Bridge club when they playe nt the country home of Mrs. i,. w Walters yesterday afternoon Ye low and lavender were the colo dominant In Hie decorations a In the salad course served by U Mrs bwljlit H. Blackwood am | Mrs. Claude I'errln were first in 'second winners, receiving a br<! luncheon set and a cook e Ja wards., Leatherette bridge 1 a nd tallies went to Mrs. :J. 11. HOOK or consolation. Cards were »'"- cntcd Mrs. Madden fur lilgn i omc In VlnccnncB, ind, tor on ixlcmleil vlblt. ', Mi. and Mrs. U,S Driver ap- ompaiilcd thcli daughter, Flaw, o Mcmnlils yesterday where she olned a coach of other girls on heh woy to Camp Lake Lure, in No. II. Carolina, for the summer c"io>yn Noll and nank Rhodes ' ioy elm ned loday lo thel. Iw'jjw ' wyeUcvlltc, A.k , after a vhll he. ill). theli brotlici, Joe Uhodcs and their aunts, Miss Nel Rhode ,nd Mis. 0. M. llmwcll. lUri .other, Mrs. Jos; Rhodes, will >c i.nln for a longer vWl with he behind his car^outt Madison «V«- ue to the airport.' .The plane ,was a DelfavHand Moth/formerly own- d by the Ogden brothers,,, Mem- _.,. ihis, sportsmen 'pilots, *"« "^',",'f d up In It two years ago. He .^ - acimhed Ihe wreckage and jecon-^yJ "liucted the plane and Pl««'« "' take It to RChool with him next term and make It earn hh way U.rough college by, flying ^dents' on weekend trip 1 ,.' > , on weekend trips. The German Messerschmltt Tat[Un Is a four-passenger low-^lng monoplane that has a top speed . . .«n n«. /.n linnr ftllfl IflnuS monoplane uiui< »»•> » '">•. ••>•—-,of 189 miles an hour and lands S °Mi, 1*011 'noa JIM rrtumeu at M.T miles an hour, froij. a visit with iclaltvM ml Sherman, Miss. Mr. ami Mrs B. 11. R«oy -•-• i returned from their brdal Ulp lo take Taneycomo In Inc MIS^^\^S:^™- 'fe,Tr^T"« v Ilia Is vlsltlni! her dauehter, Mis. Overelt Reid. fy. and Mis. Clark Shavisrt.ncs- sy mill ilnuglileis, Jnulce and Marcla, and Mrs. Hamilton, mother o *""' * . ^*.n mijicfu nl , Mrs. John W. tunk »nd Hie w A mtre kwl wovom«n( «UK H Ukw th"« BO 0 " 1 ' n , l „, Ii n t f« » ,„„„.,- a comparatively, out•o. the wiy spot and not a pal- .. .^ ,_,,,*,. . — tlriilarlv exciting one. is a ia\ur- •>- . • , crowded places . • Me objective of American pleasure Vncatio)lis i s iron, crowded cities, like to go lo c, ,%> travelers Why? Because Finland Sma) , tosvnsme ,i are more likely to seek solitude. paid its"-war-debt to the United I : States Everybody likes Finland. .s'WOMEN ARE '? CHAMP GADABOUTS Deluxe-class travelers are. cliis- elers Why not?" commented ont travel expert, "that's How they got the money to travel deluxe." Well-to-do women travel m pairs wul are very thrifty. They prefer fairly long ocean cruises to ro n Ql . allcyvllm!) „ ..„„ —•'.„, mantic spot,,. Wom.n_ol lh. «terk, ^^ but It is an infantile ab- „.-- ^^ Klceted Trustees. J. 1,, Williams, j. B. Bunn and "We vaml lo go some pliu-e where my Imsbiiml etui rulse .» bciial," uidec S U Gladish have been elected trustees of the Baptist church at the recent business session They succeed the late W. ' • Hale F B Hale, and J. W. Qulnn, who'were the first and only trustees of the present church prp»- UOylC, MISS UtlllJCIlni: i*n.....••Dr. Mallory Harwell entertained the group at dinner nt the Hustle inn in lilylhevlllc. Mr and Mrs. Franklin Williams of Canton, III., will return loJhclr home today after a week's visa . .3 FRANCISCO tl(m of affections is not only Hc want such heartless beings. Why make It a business lo sue those who have money instead of those antic spois. Yvumtii u* •"" — _ L <nographer class travel alone in .arth of husbands, prefer - h "^ ] KKS vacationing. ; Sixtv to 6.5 per 1 cent! of all travelers are 'Women. They have more leisure time and their men.,can give them the money to travel. Even ' when they : pay for oivn vacations they frequently spend all their savings. 'Men, on the other hand, hold on to savings for a "black day." WOMEN TRAVEL TO SHOW OFF Well-to-do men :go alone to isolated camps in the erty and who served death. ',,'', Weddliif Announcement From Japan. until th« r Mrs. Fowler will eo Knosvlllc. i>y° Ihelr son, Claik """•••••••:v:'; i had bran, Ihe sucsl ot Miss .lino Ellen »!' '" "' nrn1 ihclr aulviil fioin ^~- ",,',°"V.ipl where both are ktmlcnU in tliol lUnlvtnslly ot California, Ml* <MU- |V Nmm> Ama.lllo, Tex, «M»; ss Eciringiu". 1 , I'nden Page Ot Memphis J l " llor aviator and aeronautical cn«lnecr- tng student at Louisiana State 16 -- Die guest of Am- Sntuiday and Wed-1 Complete Llpe of WEST1NGHOUSE ; ELECTRIC .Ranges and Water-Heaters WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 110 S. Second Phone 31' here Mrs coe with Mrs. Williams' slslci. J L. Glascoe and Mr. Olas- man Relations. His statement was made in ^r^srtt-* 1 ™ Suits for breach of promise, seduc- persons of legal age and on oj affections are oul- ; alienation of affection is a gigantic swindle that U ILLililLi'j o >»•»•«••>' •i ue curbed." Dr. Katzoff "and I'm delighted .thai the and other in L..X, — - L c*n tP lepisiuiuica' IVTC liXKlliB ^ ° „„- «» "«*r rte ?S™- nuance of this leech-like'practice pher class go on motor trips, to the i^ Breach of p,. om ise is the lega seashore,'or boating. . . sinmese uin of alienation of at '. of ocean travei- tso ated cami» "• "•>- -• TO ods. Men of the_ clerk-, enog a- ,_ r .. In 80,000 Feet Of News Film OTTAWA, OnTTtyP)—There were 80000 feet of motion picture nlm taken of King George and Queen Elizabeth on their recent 11,000- ille tour of Canada and the United Slates. The pictures were made by i ,ool of motion picture and new •eel photographers under ' the di rectiort: of the head of the govern nient motion picture bureau her rom jupau. , From Dr. J. Franklin Ray and rs Ray of Hiroshima, Japan, to • Mrs. Dwight H. nlack- . ood n Osceola came Ihe an- oimcemenl this week of the mnr- aKe of their daughter, Ellzauetl ny to Dr. Henry N. Swltten o rinccton, N. J., on May 21 In Urn crs cu ,,,c places vvUhm miles ,ot the ^ocean, .and most them originate in flve^j.slaics. rer" c ^tic N nt w alf'^ch e ,r 'sttts. Other leading places arc iili—'is and California. ; Women;travel .to show o^ to man phrased it. Consequently they prefer big,- .crowded resorts and snips. Men travel to see something S or to get away trom somethins. I- latT^Sn^^ « they won't "have to shave. OFF MONTH . NOW GETS M.AY- .-outh^'sUcK^^y.«" ^leV anxious ,lo avoid crowds that : now: September' schedules aie like to go away South American ports will ]um this season 'because many m d Westerners who won't or can t pa fares to the coast, plus boat fare win be coming to the World's Fa. anyway. WAR SCARES '•__•. er»RF OFF TOURISTS , SC When Mtler and Mussoli ti started cutting up on tlic Com ' nent, Americans stayed away rom European bookings in such num " u ^. . .. L:_ it«nn ,inf*n][]ni.£ from men iove le by cunning, — id. Especially, is ( this ! the early" days of 'the court The Dominion government which no prapisllton has yet bee submitted, is expected to an horl the welding together of. all tl • Many .suggestions r. and ood i j ij. vjniotA/v ii*'«- -••• e. Mr. and Mrs. Glascoc ciitcr- iied a parly of sixteen from ccola, Wilson and Marld witu a steak Ir yat Orldcr Memorial parK Monday evening In Ihclr honor. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Thornp entertained at luncheon Thursday Be. Taylor, Miss Maggie Taylor, Ms • Damcron, Jasper 'layloi ' A. uanicvun, uu«|j^. -.- rf -- liss Charllnc Taylor, all ot Kan in, Tex., who were •>-^"lt. I' lielr homes In lhat wo weeks' visit with u ...— ----Ives in TrcnWn, Tcnn. Mr. and Miss Ray, daughter of Souther aptlsts' senior missionary to Urn onntry, was born and reared i apan graduated frbm Baylor Un ersity and won n voice scholar Wo In Louisiana Slate Unlvcrsil She afterward studied at W.cs ninsler Cliolr College, one .of tl outstanding choral colleges in country, owned by-the fleshyteri Church, U. S. A. Miss Ray marie friends in. — ola while a guest of Mr. and M Blackwood two years ago «""» or urnlng home. . Mrs. Lillian Wellborn en rou It ily alter other rela- ere also UULSIA t , Taylor is an I - . Mrs O B Segraves and -•--Jaines CarUvrieht were also jsuesw or luncheon, Mr. Taylor Is an uncle of Mr. Scgmvcs, Mrs. I hoi no and Mrs. Carlwrlnht. Miss Nell Ford of Bald Knob, Ark, was the Bucsl of Mi. and Mrs. M..B. .Mcneimnnn TucsdBj. Mrs Anna Scmmcs Ur.zell m ami 1 AMI'S. unui'i* ••' . , I daughters, N.mcy Ann and Jean aall, have returned trom a vaca- Uo and visit with her sister, Mrs. H M. 'Vo«l« In ««ton nouge, La. Mrs John White is nulle 111 ^ at n u.e .home of her daughter. Mrs.l 10 -R. A. Carlwrlght, with an * malaria. . r. I Mrs. John Umcc ot Detroit s ,hc guest ot her molhcr Mrs. L«»- ra Rogers, and her MM", ""• I For the Holidays and After! •*** , Pcm |eri!rast, , " „„. • MIS. miiin fcjvun*"*-". Memphis arrived today to be g S of Mrs, Claude .Perrln and Mrs. Paul Semme.s for scve al rtnvs Mrs Uzzell and "her . li«s>- bami, the late W.T.U^Il, tor- linerly lived at Pecan' ~ " r i true in uit t»i*j u«j« *-• — I iship. It should have no bearing or determining factor as to tlieli mating abilities or their real love. Yet such letters tre too often accepted as reliable evidence. "The woman who sues for heart balm is a parasite. An h° nQrab '^ girl appreciates the fact-that she has found cut-before marriage- don't 11 1 111 L tt,i(H.t;-i «-"^ is found out-before marriage- vat she and the man she kept ompany with are not mated lor ach other. As a result of .such nowledge they should part in a riendly way. They both should be lankful- that they understand and Bi-ee that marriage is not .01 hem, so far as the two of them re concerned. . "How about girls who'throw a over?" asked Dr. Katzoff over the ccuntry, are ceivcd. Tliis would permit , masses in one city, to have a picture of what'-went on elsewhere— in Canada and the United States. Likewise thousands who were unable to go. any place on the tour ran envision the -celebratlcn ; irorn the comfort of theaters or local ccmmunity centers. . Patrons will get their moneys worth It is estimated that four hcurs, at least, will be required for the whole exhibition. Many of rthe pictures are In color. : At The Hospital! )e ai' iiun.u uv i, t^v. .. College, ': Princeton,. N; AUeniTTKO' Convention:: joe Shippen /will gP:'to,Mcmi>ils tomorrow to .attend tlie.ann^U convention of Thcla Kappa .Omega fraternity of which Mete a member and past grand master of the chanter at Gulf Coast Military Academy, from which ' Military he was i miii ivii. »jiiti«j"'-" Mrs Mark .Chitwood of; Marked Tree is visiting with her purenUs. Mr! and Mrs. Clint Caldwell,wh le Mr Chitwood Is a patient at me Marine Hospital In Memphis.: Mrs. J. T. Coslon ;and sister, Mrs. W. A. Fowler'of KnoxvlUc, Tcni'i.,' who 'has been her gi tor two weeks, left Thursday nan over •Haven't men any hearts? H men lave no hearts, why do women John milted. ciurupctu, ww«*" — hers that the big lines , ----Italian and German companies) pulted vessels out of the European ?uns and put them taU.summer cruises. The result Is that there are now three times as many snort cruises planned as last year. There is a definite correlalioi between news and travel. One trav el expert explained that _ Amm cans arc kept from traveling; by a. rumors of war; b. actions o politicians (domestic and foreign, c. "economic fear, not ccononu ^Americans have developed "trend to South America . Bi this will collapse as soon as sue spots as the Mediterranean a Walls Hospital Harold Gentry, city, nd- who two " cleared up The home average tircder vacationer comes than when he nnme i.rcuc. mo* --stated out. Otherwise he wouldn't think he'd hftd_a_goocHlme._ Ollie Ounler. Hayll, admitted Carl Clary, Roseland, admitted Blythcviltc Hospital Merrill Gray, Uixora, admitted Miss Juanita Brown, city, ti«- 111 Miss'Irene Colcman, Tomato, admitted, xr , Mrs. Andrew Tliomixson, Mem- nhis. admitted. Alvin Davis, Manila, admitted. Miss Vauda Lee Blythe, Leachville, dismissed. . Mrs. Herschel Ballard, city, dtv Margaret Sims, Huffman dismissed. Memphis Baptist Hospital Woflord Akcrs, Hayti, admiltec Mrs J L. Moore, Stecle, admitted ACuCltMUy. liuiii "•• graduated in May. He .will companled home by Edward Scruggs of Gunlersvllle, Ala., will be" his guest; here for weeks. : : . , : • , -' Miss Ethel 'r Jean Reynolds and hci - niother, Mrs. William Reyolds, and'Betty MeMurdy of Pittiburgh, Pa:, and Audrey Hood of Minerai Rldgc, O., have returned to their homes after a wee>- -Itch/ 1 } •/5^^ BARGAINS Rebuilt Tractors , and Equipment , .,.. 12 .Truelor,: I with•'Cultivator .." \& I'.nwer I,ift ,: 1 2 Uchnilt Farrnair, I Mowers; •oiich ..... I1 TructorCiit- yator ..•..:...-• I] Molinfi II. 1). I Ml'lWCl*.'.- ... • •: • • • ] 1 Rebuilt Side Dc- I livery Rake ...... -2?"^ V ••-&; ^ a/ don't Mr anu poims m ""• ""••"-•,,.„.. nrntlon two weeks ago, a/id they turned ome with her. The par, were guesU of Miss Kalherinc Gre,r in Blytheville for dinner Say evening, and. guests, of bite. Scratching may .eiuriu ••';«- i tion and trouble. Such pests. When they bite-yon Itch, then you scraU, often Irritate skin. , Be ready to quickly Q "^00 I,ATE TO CLASSIFY " ' For R«nt 4 room furnished modern apart- me nt. 214 -Dougan, H R Schmuck. 3 °- ck - 5 1 1 Model liOO McCormick Dccring, Rchuilt 1'ower Unit, for Saw' Mill & Use. JUST A FEW OF THE MANY HAIUJAINS Delta Implement}, Inc. lUyUieville, Ark. Stripes! Dots! Prints! lots;of Pastels! Whites! loww PrkMf ol Words Cool, cool dresses in rayon • crepes, spun rayons and dainty rayon sheers! Breeze-inviting full skirtsl Dainty trimmmgsl Styles for day time and under the stars. Everyone saves at Wards/ Sizes from 12 to «. *, mm CELEBRATION AUTO RACES 2 P M SPONSORED BY THE AMERICAN LEGION FREE " gMmMla T0 PARK ALL PAY •

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