The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 4, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 4, 1930
Page 3
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MONDAY (ARK.) COUK1KU NFAVS Holland's Royal Family 21-Year-Old Heiress loj Holland's Throne "Mosl Nibble" Pnnccjs. I)V Jllt.TON ll!H).v!Ni:it NM:A sm-;ec writ?i- LONDON. iDI'J—If, III O:c-.u iniijiii .nul Ih.; ft-.-e-.iiJsi rnliiiir:' i-!ii,;lrf. the v.r.rhl has seen. v.-on- (l.^itlK-jil is often t!X!ire-.s?d :=-J '-. V.'HJII "EdA-nrd P" is !in:i!!y isnisi-' i-> i:i>:;- iinin him-:-!: a •;.;!--•, the.-.i. an ot-hti in Muilaiul .'.ml i': llu third KH-ntc-st tuliuilal empire vni: p.r.-i-ni lime UM lo v.- '.en "Ju- ' JK-anij:-" is i j .oi:i|r to onier ;he mar- ' i ;<-d slate. l-'or Jidwatd, Prime CL W:.l^- ( and Juliaiui. Crown Prints ui j HOiiiiid. aie tile greater rc>-: r matrimonial ca'.i-Jies in trie worl ; | "Em-.ara 1 I'." who was ISO | in ,hi:te, Is now really in ihe o!sl j lj::<:hckir stake? and Una wurrii:.- I .lis royal |>r>|ie. and itnnrj. "Julia [ .:nv.'. p ii a.-iKii, 1 : her ijcop'.e, is only j HI. but, iiGivrilh.itaiulin!. ibis, ih-: . J.inch v.culd like to ,-:i-c her I If it rtc'.vn. married and blessed j with i-cildrm to provide lor ;.i.j- i cLvsion to Ihe throne. For lilieen y.-'jrs Oame Riiui'jr I PAGE A Grim Volenteer! 1' v.'itli their cci.-nlr !, : ,re<l. arar.ilmstlH.rIv Do «,mc K-irop-an nrince; the self-?: aro the members of Hcll.iml'.s roya! fa::i'..y. .U-il to rUjlil: The Q fern Emmn; Crown Prinu.* Juli M.I,, :i royal malrlmonlu fur u Cierman Piince ConsDn. Hi- my; qm-en W.lhelmlnn. the actual iiiir-r. to be a lypica! Duten girl, will- lOtind, rosy-checked face, thirl:. biov.n hair, .smiling blue eyes. Wlln tile tv.'o Queens she v,-ent v,-iih lii- £*l'. i " c l>orni> to Ihe Kloslcrkerl: fc 1 civine servitM. \VilH Ihe I"..' Queens u'so she walked tu ihe Voorhnt to help them cr.ojse the big Christinas tree for ibe palae--. Sometimes, too, she was seen out ha- b»-.-n l}U«y isniiosmein? auih^i - I wa )j-ing or riding with papa. ihE . Sheley. great English revolutionary iialivi-iy Ihi.- names uf u:e variou-i | t ,,.f_e[iaciiig German Piince Con- ' ami lyric was born near Hurl-Iris (iie I'riiii-c of Wales was tic- : _. an _ sdlo „._,_. Uci)1 . y of Meeklen- sham. Eiwland. ing to marry. Tor some three years | _.,.,.,. schwcrln. • At lhe n( , c of 13 he went to Eton the same Dame has necn busy with , ]n mi ^ ^ ,,„_____.__„,,_ in Ult ' ., m| ., v( , \. c!trs hner lo Oxford, i Dutch Reformed Prnlastaiu Clnn-iM and in the same year, helii.. then IK and therefore legally of a°e. shr- was given her own little palace of Undismayed by Smash-Up j Sunday, He Is Ready to Repeal Allempl. GRACE. Newfoundland Any. 4 lUPi-John Henry Moais tthc-v swilt plane was shattered on llu- lakeofl for Ihe second leg ot a liiojrcii-d aicnnd the world rxprus lo try agnln soon. H tin- globe trotter's barkers are v.-illlng, lie said today, ttiiuhn- ship will be filled for lhe vonuir" and a new attempt.will be tu c-iipluii- tin- s]>eed record (or i-iinrcllng lhe earlh, n ifcurd wh:ih Moars held iwlco and which now I-IM.S with the Graf '/.t'p|H'lln. In lhe crash ye.slerday which oe- ctiircri ju-t before" dawn ns lhe niipl.nii' "City cf New Yorl:" was takim: off for Dublin Moars and i Ills pi!-1. Ili-nry J. Brown, escaped | u-iili 11:11101- injuries, but the plane was u-ii'i-knl as it blew a lire and swcivi'd into Ihe stones at the sldi- n( lhe run-way. Field officials seem agrenl Hint | the (-aserni'is oi Mcars to be off | on the second leu of hU Jo-.irncy I • whidi prompted him to attempt to 1 It S[LF IIFLICltB TIITRI l|lak '' "' f wiil'Oiil waiting another t U ! 11! !i h!l!l tllj!ir for ll " wl1 ' vvns " c " n " I II I Mu''tribir.siiK cause to the disaster. SHKM.KV'S IHRTII On August -I. ma. Percy By^he Omin Ihi' names of various Swedish and oilier i pj-incis Julialm was going lo mar- ly. St> .fur Dame Rumor has . -.\:iys Ix-en proved in each uai-^ !o b:-'a lying jadt. The Dulch, ::avo mur« reason to be anxious Shan the Biilish. Alter all. lhe Prince of Wales lias Unve brothers, ami one til th-mi is married a:id has a daugAter, Princi-rs Elizabeth, who wntilit be in line for thc throne, lint Princess Juliana has neither bioih- ors nor sistc-rs and, if she did no', niairy and have children, the direct line would end with her. Papular \Vilii Cnuinrymc-ii Just as "Edward P" is papular • wl'.h nil classes of his people. SD L; •Miiliaaisljcj." Just as liu- British Piince has twen specially educated to till the responsibilities of a throne, so has the Dutcli Crown princess. • The Dutcli art a democratic people and Holland is a democratic where* his father hart h.'cn beforc- him. After he had been at collide for sin month; he was csiwlled for writing a traci. ;'The Necessity Farm Hand on Low- clen Pbntcilion Kills Self \Vilh Shol^iiii Jury Finds Ancc Gibson. 44-year-old ncijro farm hand, committed suicide jarlj- I'l's mninini; accmdlng tu tbe verdict of a coroner's jury. son shot himself wit ha single iiome of Hie Smart kin-is of En-- : u | land. She 1ms another conneclicn 'viui Riiiilancl, loo. becaiisc one cf her ancestors hi the House of Or- nJH;e was thai Dutch Priiu-e, wh i became William III of England. It wax at !8. ioo. mat Juliam took a bis decision for. herself I vate tutors -.vould do. She nughl 1 to tjo to a university and pursue j the higher studies. The Grown was once th< . Antlielsin." which he had publish- ba|| . c j s!lolBim . ( |, c e i,[i re hat'BC an-.l circululcd. The following summer ricd Harriet Weslbro:k. year- . • tcaiing thruugli his chest, an m- lie mar- u-s'.iiialiun showed. A Ions heavy the 1C- : comb, which was found lying by of "a tavern keep- ; Die side of the body, was used to :-.. ii.ii-i i.v.ii" a wandering life^tri plh-j trlguor of the Run, il is in dilfcreni parts of England and i generally believed. Ireland for three years, they scpa- i Tin. nesiro, who had teen in 111 raltd. She later committed sui-.-ide , liealth for some time and recently ! intended to kill himself. ic spend the remainder of his life ; Princess chose the University'of i in Jlaly. On Julys he sailed frcm • Uncie Tom ni-ndrlCKS. Levden. bjeause of its historic as- , Leplioru to Spezla. where he had I coroner, and aliaches ot me sociatlons wilh her own family, i settled for the summer. A squall Ui:;lenakiiiy company. Centuries ago the most illuslrbu.; i cverwhelmed the craft and Serl- ' the negros deatn. of her ancc-;tar.s. the famous Wil- , ley crowned. The body, which was " liam (he Silent, waged-relcntlcs i ilirown nixm lite shore at Viareg- ' Ma\"sh AnnOUnCCS Dates war for the freedom of the "Low I L .io. was liutned and the ashes, ex ." , p i Countries" from thc oppression o,-: ! f Cal tne ] 1!>nr i which was uncoil- 10r opEECnCS .. ..... and Brown appeared aL the Ik-Id Miiiie time before the attempted Hike-off to supcilniend the lo.iding '•( -iSU gallons of ua-soline for the 2.100 mile Illeht to Ireland. The powerful Pratt and Whitney motor c-hangcil from a hum lo u roar nt the wheel blocks were removed and the trim monoplane ch.u'sod [iirwiud. slowly at llrst and then gathering lhe great speed necessary to lift Us heavy load In tin- air.' Nearly 2.000 feel II went when Micideuly it jerked violently to one side u nil plunged over the edije of llu- field. Dawn was but half an hour away but Mcars, excited and dialling happily OUT the prospect of good weather renditions over the Allan- lie, was anxious- to be off. So wilh a wave of his hand and « smile on ' iVrai. he j his face, he climbed into thc rear I of the cabin thai is separated by ILL R&DUCE THE ACREAGE FOR YOU I *Kti roiniilriod about Wednesday, II was said lodav. alter the new cover.s be | Grape shipments from this district totaled l(X) lugs the first dny the Benson opened. Thc shipments river only and the town itself was known ns l-'ort Uearborn. Chicago onielnllly wll rclebrnu- lls lOOlli birthday In 1033 when for the fin had been completed. were consigned to Texas nnd Colo- the world's fair is held, but its rail blrlhdny is lodny. j Ishlng touches must await ; nble weather, however. ( The dirigible was not expected The work of putUng on Ihe lln- , r ado markets, favor- | R-100 Will Soon Be Ready to Take to the Air Aagain ST. HUBERT AIRPORT, Mon- Ireal. Aug. •). (UP)—Repairs on the fin of the [rans-Alluiilic lo nmke auollter Illghl before Friday, at wlfich time the original Ca- uiullan program may be starlet). fllliM'K SlIIl'MKNTS START CASA OUANDE, Ariz.. CUP) — Ziegfried Wagner Dies BAYRETJTH, Germany, Alls. -I. . IUP>—Siegfried Wagner, son of ntchard Wagner, the great, compos-, cr, died today of heart disease. ...,.„,.. i a gas lank from thc pilot's seal. J ' Brown got into the front, esligated j country and Juliana has .ived i.. ,., t Un!)nialds umlcl . - Phn i p lhe . ,, umc[ i were bin-ied in Rome, the public eye steadily since she o econdi During those wars the | , Tli . ' f ,.,,„„. W nvks ire was u baby. Karly in her young life. , f L . d unuf , WC ni u fu- *•" ", l ,°\ L .. . f """'• -• > -P™ -i .:-,. made part of the pielure whe.i \ m > ns , lfaf ' from lhc alliM , , oc wil _ | 'Queen Mab Alasloi. and Pio- • ' ' °' | rnetlieus Unbound. royally was lo fnnetion. As nearly as passible, she was reared as any oilier v.-ell-brbcl Dutch girl of means would be. She hact private tutor;, l-.ut she associated with a clioseti muiibor of boy and gi: 1 . friend-:. She went on camping espedilior..- wilh them. Like them, she learned tr.-bt' an expert ic:- sltaler—a passion with the Dutch. She adi'.w: tennis alsc to her outdoor acc-um- plishinenls. But she had to work far har;!?r than her gin compar- icns. After all. their destiny wa- to be young Dutch vrouws. married and settled down, hostesses in spat- k-xsly clean Dutch homci But Julana is 13 be a ruler. So her hsnd inusl be well furnished v.-ilh knav.-l- t-rige. Pi-cm the Leainnins. she had few leisure hours, as car. be de- uiu-cd from the fact that she \v.i>. taiighl sin;ing. gyinnasties. Dutc^ history, mathcmatic:?. .'^co^rap.iy. Fiencli. German. English, La'.i-.i and Greek, drawing, the history o art. political -science, economic; East Tnrtian subjects, and final!;~lo play on the violin. This was by her own choice, because she has a passion tor music. ifciy.illy nn Parade As sl'.e grew up iu her teens, her fellow citizens in the capital of The Hague grew familiar with the slghi of ihrec royal ladies—Grar.dma. C^ncen Emma, wilh a grandmoth- erly black hat perched on top o! her silvery white hair and firmly clutching an umbrella, which she often used as a car.e; motherly Qucen Wllhelmiiia. the actual rul- ilam the Silent afterwards as a re ward I w the heroism of t,hc towns- | . . " pespl?. endowed 1; wilh a mvver- . Local Pastor to sily. So lo Leyclen went the Crown • r t c • Princess. The name she chose has; i'llrieraS Sei'VlCeS at 11 Miango echo for Ame.riran ears . fihe v.eni semi-incoenito as Freule. 1 The Rev. P. Q. Rorie. pastor of ,, e ]i schcol hoi lx;ul?c Van Buren, because one of 1 " - ! - iier royal mother's titles is Connies vr.n Buren lAmerlca had a ijrer,- Williams Will Make Attempt ] i LOS ANGELES, Aug. -I. lUP> — Ted S. Liindgrcn. navigator nnd lii- ' vcnlor. took otf today for New I York from wl-.cre he will slarl Prl- ! day on a round-the-world ilighl j with Roger Q Williams, noted avi- ! ator. W. P. Seller, test pllol tor >]'.". Emsco Aircraft corporation, builder of the plane, was at thc controls ! this morning and will handle them j til he is supplanted by Williams • •dent fay that name). "Prcule van Burc-n" niing:e-l freely in the life of her fellow stu- doms. She became an active member of the Society of Women Students. She wrote a prize poem. Shi wrcle and produr-ed a play calie:! "iiUioheard." one went skating v.ilh fellow students. In between time-. she worked hard at law, literature, philosophy and as many DS seven fcrelsn" languages, including some oi those of !!ie Orient, because her country has a great empire in Ih; Malay peninsula, including Java. Borneo and Sumatra. Last February she passed her examinations and got her degree as D-.-tor r' Literature and Philosophy. She was icrenadsd by her fellow students and showered with little tiifts roa:- ncmoi-ative of college days. Now she U back in her tittle palace, preparing next fall to visit, the Diiic:: Eas: InJlw. Her peopl? hope ii will be her honeymoor. trip. W Paul Marsh, candidate for at' reprcsrntativL- ot Ntississippi county, subject to the Democratic primary has announced his illn- orar-y for this week i Monday night tor. Marsh will , ^ _____ speak at Ekron school house, utn- | jn [hc _,___,[_.,„ c i( y . i cr dates follow: Shady Grove i L _ n _ dg! . ri ,- s f \ t \ v dcsisncd espe- «chool house. Tuesday night; Cos- . ci]l |iy _ or i,j s proposed 15-day glotK msc. Wednesday night; I enci _. c ]| ng night, carried 150 gal the First- Methodist churrh of '.his ; j 0: iv.r. Thursday night. Reiser. lons O j [1]£v _ w __ en n | c n here, ap- tity, lias been called lo Lit;l? Rork i Friday night; Tomato Saturday. proxiiuatelv -10 OgallAns under its to conduct funeral services for T. ^...' Mnrsh has aniimuiced that J. Parman. uromiiient Little Rvt'.< __ e druggist, who succumbed this mori 1 .- i ing to an attack of heart failure. ! iijght. The deceived wa^ chairman of' the board of stewards of ti'.e High- j Ir.nd Methodist chnreh f;t Little | ivlll probably close his cam- with n speech here^ Monday niaxinnuu capacity. I D.ll,. ! KelU- Rri or Rock while the Hcv. Uorie was p^- ; R nrn c Brothers to 1 " ul "° "' tcr cf the church. He was also a liromincnt Mason and Odd Fellow.! The deceaffd is suivived by hi widow, who is in a critra! CDiirii- ticn. and by one daughter. Nell Marie. j Chicago \Vas Founded 100 Years Ago Today Douglas Fairbanks' Loses 5100 toTvio of Bandits j SANTA MONICA. Cal.. Aug. 4 lllc (UP)— Tlire bandits who displayed ! ber. the -100 hour • scant hours av.-ay, Ih; Burns icn Dick and John, Arkan- •harnplon tree sitters and al least among the leading contestants for national honors in the endurance race by the nation's youngsters, were considering tcday the if r.^mainir.g in their nnnsian s°rcct. until CHICAGO, Aug. -t. (UP)—The mark only ! city of Chicago was 100 years ol:l «>«»' M * rl " S tn local were hu he Burns Brolh 1 I-" 1 ''" nCl-^TbTnk! Challenger who is still in the race. .11111 was u-ngi.i:> i ai u. . _„.._,..,>;._(, [ O reports, was finding inted today for robbing the - accounn 0 u .n . r.ctor ot S100. new- lead Tests have indicated that r. metal found In Utah fuses and copper wilh other metals, reduces the Rowing temperature of molten metals and increases the er: nnd Juliaantjc. now grown uri I tensile strength of iron and steel it rather a job but i.i- , , ; icrmine to slick il- out on South Fairbanks told the police that he i "^ kl _ u strcct Virgil Wright, and Mary Pickford. his wife, had ^ [oU - wei , thc Bm - ns boys up returned lo lhe Palisades Beach.. mllp "^ tvv;) ^,.,. ,,_(_,_. ti iey hcme niter visiting Maurice (Jhev- ;,,]_,___„,,. n i 0 f t j s s un "silting away" olier. Descending the stairs a; (h __ __ 01 __. s r.icir.ent laler Fairbanks said he | was ccnfrcmed by a maiked youth ; with n gun. Read Courier News Want Ads. today. The name "Chicago" was not unknown before August 4, 1330. but il was not until that dale that a pint of the town was published and filed. Previously the name applied to the, Gravel Trucks Needed at Wilson, Ark. Schultz Construction Co. "Take the Legislature Back to the People" VOTE FOR A SURE WINNER TOM A HILL Fat- LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR "ULWM8 THE SAME" = My Record Proves, Others Promise—Economy Yes, Saturday was the largest day in the history of this store and as a result sizes are broken in many lines but you will find many fine values here now in our HALF PRICE SALE Everything Goes—Nothing Reserved Men's 1930 Summer Suits Men's 1930 Spring Suits 1930 Straw and Felt Hats, Shirts, Socks, Underwear, Ties, Shoes, Caps, Trousers. All to Go At Exactly HALF PRICE HLDfCN T/ilLCC/HCP All Sales Final-No Alterations- All Sales Cash EASTERN ARKANSAS BOY ASKING YOUR SUPPORT

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