Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 11, 1955 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, April 11, 1955
Page 7
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f <u# ? . r *••% .*i- HOP I $TAft, HOPt, ARKANSAS Monday, April tl, 195S J fiolcnce Is | ek.>.«*".i| 4 -• mg in lone Strike , T —v-— ^ft*? 1 tension mounted g m three states where mobs a dSwtt a Southern Bell Tel-fed. Wichimge door, forced Sf '%f ahb'ther exchani ' eye. acid into a polic r. growing unrest els iltt the hlne-state Semthwes '•«*- . ti_u IU14 '*« the -tlO GdhirrttinJca gtygjrt Rid of $.' Pdin? ^freeBook! '' - remedies can't lief? You've "tried 'em 0£*tt'>i»a»ia* plles.j.or fistula, or .stUMortures ' *OK& you dd flded this ftpn Amefica's leading ^and general rectal clinic. ells you what to do— and why. ^;»x Di§t«M»r.» , rnton Mihor Hospital, Suite 419, 11 E. Lfowood -Kansas City 9, Ma! ... . \ ,• DQUARTERS • Day &'Night ^ •,Rheem *, Cron* • General Five Ten '. SHIVER - Heorin, MON. .APRIL 18th lEftBS IF 150PWPII 'Acts .flam Oreot twi Such At T.Y.IS mw AND SUPER (IR(U$ TOGtTTHiR IN BIO SHOW mm It ~ '— •?&* -."••'» Lion's Club j >** *fi* >'-.V>.1 ' - — lions Workers of America strike Continued for the 29th day. The Easter weekend was marked, toy widespread violene%y the tutting ahd shooting of more e Itfs ahd the arrest of at least 1? persohs. Company official oft- nounced the dismissal of 19 strike efs, bringing to 44 the numbefr fired. since the walkout startett March 14. At Clinton, Tenn., Sheriff, Joe Owen said a mob of about 300 per' sons smashed the' telephone ck' charigc door after hS read n teni- porary injunction banning mass picketing. Tom Stokes, Southern Sell rlis- trict mangef, reported the doof Was quickly replaced with a metal one. No Injuries or arrests .were reported. Cox Drug Com|ony Installs N<isv Fixtures Sen. Fulbright to Ago in Be idate By GORDON BftOWN WASHINGTON {fff— You. can put it do\vn that Sen. Fulbright will be a candidate for reelection in 1956. There Is 1 no doubt as to his in icntions even though it is much too early for any formal announcement. Fulbright 50, Will be seeking his .hird 6-year term. The. former Jniverslty of Arkansas presdient las become one of the most important figures In the Senate. He s chairman of the Senate Banking Committee .and third Democrat on he Foreign Relations Committee, which he may head some day. •le now is outranked in the group mly by the venerable Sen. George D-Ga) and' the elderly Sen. Green R--R1). The question in which-Fulbrights riends are interested is: Will he >e opposed in the Democratic primary and the general election in Arkansas next year In 1950 Fulbright had no opposl- ion. ^ , The Senator's ifriends here ' report they have heard no whispers possible opponents in the primary- They don't believe' that ormer Gov. Sid McMath, who ran against Sen. John L. McClellan in 954,' will", oppose Fulbright. McMath.'said after the 1954 race hat-he might seek electiSn to the House in 1956. It is generally believed here that Gov. Orval Faubus will go for Second term next year and might have a race on hi s hands f former Gov. Francis Cherry de:ides to try a comeback. In that vent, a senatorial race undoubted- y would take.second billing. .None ot-the state's' House mem- ers appear interested :in trying o unseat FulWlght. Hte< is highly egardcd by ;ali" ! "of'them'.'. There 4 is /.s^eculatiori^iihEjt Ful want peace you must be prepared for war.' If we are prepared there will be no war," Tight niay have lean op' osition." "JVIost prominjfiltly men- 1 ioned in. Washington, in this con- etcion, is Mayor Pratt . "Remmel f Little Rock. Remmel polled a ig vote last year against Faubus. ome observers figure it might e Republican strategy to keep T ulbright .tied down in his own tale and ,out ot-. L the presidential ampaign.; In 1954 Fulbright was ery active ,for'Adlai Stevenson. . BIG Child, 50c Included riet 0«Jfy 4 P. M. — 8 P. M. j|**_jaBSS_^__y * m«'-***"* w~ w» '•iPtt'-' COLISEUM Arkansas' senior senator, John VIcClellan, mentioned now and icn as a possible candidate for. he Democratic vice presidential omination next year, has built quite a national following. He receives, a heavy volume of oiit-of-state mail; And the Demo- /crtitic natlional committee gets frequent requests for him as a speaker. But McClellan, who obviously likes his job as senator, hasn't shown muph nitere.st.in vice presidential talk.;. : ...... Rep. Brooks 'Hays (D-Ark) believes Congress will give President Eisenhower strong; backing in whatever .decision he reaches on the knotty question; of defending the China off-shore islands of Quc- moy and Mafsu... But, he says, "I hope he makes the decision quickly, announces it boldly and gives good reasons for it. "Too. many ,have assumed that he could not withhold support for the defense of Qijemoy and Matsu without the appearance of. appeasement and consequent disastrous ".effect upon morale. J do not share-this view, though I recognize the "difficulties that are in volved," Death Toll From Violence Reaches 12 'By The Associated Press . Two traffic accidents yesterday brought Arkansas' violent deal toll to 13 for the week which enc ed at midnight .Sunday. Billy Epperson, 23, of Chete Ridge, Conway County, was pro nounced dead on arrival at Vet erans 1 .Administration, hospital in Little Rock late Sunday night. Con way Deputy Sheriff Bill Lar.kfon said Epperson lost c.ontrol . of th car he ,was driving and it skiddec off the- road, two other youths Jimmy , Moses, also of Cente Ridge, and Bill Pavatl, Formosa escaped serious injury. • The accident occurred about si> miles south of Clinton on highwa 65. ....... A teen-age bride-to-be was lyllei in a Van Buren County wreck!' The victim was a 19-year-oli W.icherville, Ark.,. , girl, Jimm, Cabe. She was in a two-car headoi collision 'ori Highway 71 just soutl of Wicheryille in west Arkansas The girl,'who was,'to be marrie this month, was dead on arriva at; a Fort Smith hospital. Five persons were injured in th wreck. Another violent death over th< weekend was the fatal shooting o s Negro woman Saturday. Annie Carter^ 36, was shot tc death with a pistol at the honr of her brother in England, Ark Sheriff--Earji Jackson said he ha arrested 36-year-old ohn Gibson Negro, in connection with the death. The sheriff said both llvei on a farm near Kdo. Two' other homicides were re ported' in Arkansas during th week, One was the fatal shooting of a Hot Springs woman. The oth er was the death of a man who had been stabbed at Benton th previous week. There also was four drownings two deaths from traffic accidents one attributed to asphyiation, anc one from 'burns. Pope Praises Peaceful Use of A-Power The-United States has about 400,000 divorces 9 year. AM OUR BUSINESS \ ; MANCH GENERAL HOSPITAL opening of on annex for >t ond aged patients. OPINING MAY l«t VATICAN CITY Ml — Giving his, annual 'blessing to one of the big gest throngs in Vatican history. Pope Pius XII yesterday endorsee progressive disarmament anc peaceful use of atomic energy The 79-year-old pontiff also warned against the still unknown effect on human reproductivity of radioactivity know nuclear explo sions. The white-clad head of the Roman Catholic Church spoke from the ibalcony of St. Peter's Basilica. The vast Easter crowd jammed the square below and stretched far down the Way of the Conciliation leading to it. Police said the crowd numbered between 300,000 and 500,000. An evidence of progress in peaceful use of atomic energy, the pope, without calling it by name, took note of the U.S. Navy's atomic-powered submarine 'Nautilus. He said: "Without ,fear of /trepidation we have noted the recent adances which,- after some definite progress, have successful!! completed the first attempt to propel a ship by means off nuclear energy at last putting that force to the service and not to the destruction of men ... . . "We exhort men of science and of good will to persevered bravely tuid confidently in their theoretical and experimental study of the instruments and the promising ma- terlale, so as to attain a worthwhile production ot easily accessible energy, which may be put to Vise where it is needed and contribute tq the lemning of the pressures of want and misery.' From 19 to W per cent of th« weight of f nw> d «n automobile i* aluminum ^^™f^^^^>^9 "f«u 11 ^ 6* I'ltf"* J. jiiutf ii" SBM"i tffe."T ' Th id land to Defend United Nations By HARILD K. MILKS BANGKOK, Thailand (/H— Pre: mier Pibulsonggram announced today Thailand's delegation is going to the African-Asian confer- ference next week with orders to defend th U. N. charter and the SEATO allianc as the "best existing instruments for peace and prevention of war.' ; The soft spoken, tough little, ally of the West spoke to a news conference held in advance of his own departure Thursday for an eight-week world tour. Pibulsonggram said his delcgn- tion at Banding would support, all antiaggression measures proposed which came within the framework of the U. N. charter. But he added pointedly he does not consider the "five principles of coexistence' formulated by Indian Prime Minister. Nehru and Red China's Chou En-lai come within tjie charter's scope. Pibulsonggram defended SEATO against Nehrus recent charge in the Indian Parliament that the pro- Western alliance was responsible for upsetting peace and stability in Southeast Asia. "He (Nehru) is free to have his own ideas on SEATO. But they are certainly not mine,' the Thai- premier declared. "SEATO is a preventive force — a force to prevent war through strength. "I do not know of a case in history where argument alone settled New University Buildings Okayed occhio, Cromwell & Associates. Lil-! Baptist revival, before he could b« tie Rock for preliminary architec-'served with notice of the suit, ttiral work on a new men's dormi- Jame s H.'s attorney .is Tom tory and three women's dormitor-iDownie. former prosecuting attor- LtTTLfe ROClt \X\— The Uni- ies > and Coston. Frankfurt. .-Shortiriey here. ' Vfa-sity of Arkansas Board of nt Oklahoma City for service in Trustees has approved contracts! Connection wit for two construction jobs on the heatln 8 P lant - Fayetteveille campus and the hir- a proposed new Using His time, SNoys Ex-Governor ing of architects on four other projects. To receive contracts for remodol- ing and adding to the Delta Delta Delta sorority house are throe Fayetteville firms: Tune Construe- Davis - lhe smgerwho was once fion Co. $81.355: G. W. Shiarley & governor of Louisiana, has filed Son, $25,527, and Fayetteville suit here aga^f Jimmie Davis, Electric Co., $3,700. l a revival songleader. ' In Latin the "calends" was first| day ot the month — hence the" English word "calendar." „_„„ ROCK ( ~ approved ' for the Tune firm fr fill artd'' ejccavation work on newi James C, Davis to use the word ( ' "Jimmie" in his name. The suit . ., „•• .... ! in Pulaski Chancery-Cdtirt claims Architect contracts approved. by that. James C. had used the'name football practice fields. the board were with Erhart, Eish- enbum and La,uch, Little Rock, for a residence hall for athletes; Gin- any problem,' he continued. "Our to mislead the public, i Contacted yesterday at Owtens- boro, Ky., whore he-was attending a.rdvival service. James C. said, "I don't see what the governor can king himself once said "if you do about my name. It's been mine all my life." The songleader had left Little Rock where he had attended Wt will make all arrangemenfs for any trip, anywhere—Schedules, Roil, Pullman and Hotel Reservation!, Sightieoing Tours, Drive-Yourjelf Auto — everything I .. DEPOT TICKET OrTICe . Telephone 7-2651 - You Can Gel WHY PAY/ MORE? 100 Tablets 49c' SftBK SEE YOUR NEW 1955 CROSLEY SHELVADOR -NOW AT YORK •FURNITURE 111 W. Division Ph. 7-2621 r ' ' This Famous OLDS IV! O BILE'S IMTI R E LY IM E W O I d a m o b i l e Holiday C o u p <e has a New Running Mate! • l ' ! ' ' ! OMiipqltlt? tlnrt^ii the swing to Holiday styling, 1 And now l( as ybu would expect H is Otdsmobffe t that takes' fbt next big itej) in nardtop tjesjgn. ' ' w N/nety.f/ e hf Deluxe Holiday Sedan. A General Molon Value; IT'S A HARDTOP WITH 4 DOORS! It's the new \ ' Holiday Sedan by Oldsraobile—the first completely new body type since the introduction of the Holiday Coupe. Here you find all the Jong, smooth-flowing beauty and charm of a hardtop ; ?; plus the easy-in-easy-out spaciousness of a four-door. Yes, here's four-door sedan space with hardtop grace! And, best of all, only Oldsmobita brings you this thrilling new model in all three series—"88", Super "88" and Ninety-Eight! See them at your Oldsmobile dealer'aj IT'S A HOLIDAY :;; with $edon convenient*! IT'S A SEDAN ;;: with Holiday tmartnostl ISXICD YOUR NEAREST OLDSMOIILE PfAlER GIB LEWIS' AUTO SALES Phont 7-3461 500 S. Wolnut April 11, IMS NOf I IT Aft, MOM, AfttANlAI SOCIETY Phone 7-S4S1 tirtweeft I A. M. 14d 4 f. M, Calendar Monday April 11 The Fireman's Auxiliary will meet Tues in the horr ham with 'ay April 12 at 2:30 p. m. Bud Brooks h Married Sundoy HOT SPRINGS (/P) — Arkansas All-America football guard Bud Brooks and his bride, the former .Miss Sue Nooner of Hot Springs, 'today were honeymooning some where in Oklahoma. The couple chnged vows here yesterday in a double-ring cere The Business Woman's Circle '. of Mrs. J. W. Cunning-: m 0n y at the second Baptist Church, trs. Coy Breeding as co-| As they left town, Brooks' car members are asked to displayed a chalked sign proclaiming: "Mr. and Mrs. 64" such was the number of the jersey Brooks wore as a member of the 1954. The Amba isador SS Class of Gar- So.jJ.hwest Conference champion.. e cusmess woman s t-ircie .. .. j , _.,._. ,_ ... , . <v ;: " 1, of the First Baptist Church rett ' MemorJ U Baptist Church will football team. meet Monday ._- . . " Russell, 1318 South Main Street.. The Rebecca Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church will fneet Monday April 11 at 7:30 p; m. in the home of Mrs. Royce Smith 520. S. Main st. Mrs. Herald Porter* field and Miss Thelma Thrash will be hostesses. fj The C. W. 1'.. Circles 1, 2 and 3 of e First Christian Church .will meet at the church Monday at 7 p m. for a dinner meeting. meet.Tuesday April 12 in the home! The newly weds plan to return of Mrs. Lark; h Bohannqn on N Fer- to the University of Arkansas guson with -\ Mrs. Ted Purtle as! continue their studies, co-hostesi. to * i Wedneiday April 13 The Brookwood P. T. A. will meet Wednesday April 13, at 3 p. m. in the School auditorium. The Executive Committee will meet at 2:15, with Mrs. Jim McKenzie. Two short Gathings Points to Danger of Policy WASHINGTON (fP) — Rep. Gath- films entitled "Taking Care "Your -Family," and of Things" will b» shown, and all members are urged to attend. a will "destroy the industry." Before leaving DOPOTHY DjX Vou Can't Change Him Easter The Garland PTA will meet Wed WMA of the First Bantist Chureh oe , sda ,y Ap ril 13, at 3 o'clock at the state „., „— in m«t „,?*.: ™L. f,".. "-. school, and the executive meeting secretary Benson. American rice for home for yesterday, Gathings to sent Dear Miss .Dix: I'm .utterly miserable. I'm in love with a who says he loves is no other girl, tout he just isn't ready to settle down for another year or so. Consequently, he has stopped dating me and suggests that 1 go with others. This I can't do since I love him and am miser* able in any other masculine company. We've known each other siace high-school days (he's now 25, I am 23). I have tried to tell him I'm willing to wait, that there will never be anyone else for me. His only answer is that we should wait and see; perhaps it will work out in a few years. We meet at parties and dances; he takes me home but never suggests a date. I don't under stand why we can't plan for the future while continuing to date. D. G. Answer: If you were traveling by .find out whether" bus or .train and suddenly realized'not that the Boyle Continued from Pale Ofle tiori bt being the toughest. Worst : absence of many years. 1 learned tempered in the world.' Now they I that a high-school sweetheart is still living there. He is married, I am , . . ... lo ° k at your tounst visa widowed. I called him out of curio-| and wave you through with a sity one day and was amazed at smile, the delight in his voice. We had din- Many changes have sprung out ner together and I realized that we were still in love. Would it be all ( ^ _ _„„,.._ right ^to write him when_^ return corruption""iinde7 "the" pashas?"was kicked out by a group of national of the fateful rioting of January Farouk, symbol of Egypt's MARY O. Answer: No! In your eagerness yenln g army officers. They to latch onto something permanentJ have set out to rebulld the cmm . you have almost mistaken normal interest in an old friend for warmed-over love. Seek your friendship among the unmarried or unattached. It may be more difficult tout it's also more challenging besides being less dangerous. Dear Miss iDix: I'm a boy of 18 try. Reform has been slow in tne land where peasants still live pretty much as they did 6,000 years ago under the Paraohs. Final results are .yet in,' of course, on the reform program initiated by young officers. To. day's peasant may not see in his lifetime substantial betterment in vehicle wanted was to will meet at the home of Mrs. Dannie Hamilton on Monday, April 11 at 7:30 p. m. at 2 p. m, _. . . _ ^.^ » • »u The John- Cain Chapter of the The Baptist L L SS Class of the First st he otel Barlow with Mrs.' Church will have their O. A. Graves,; Mrs. F. R. Johnson J onthly social and business meet- ' an d 'Mrs. Fred : Gresham as hos- g Monday night at 7:30 in • the t e6f . . home of Mrs. Marie Mosier on S. Fulton Street. Mrs. Hugh .Jones Will continue her study of the book ot Revelation. . The Duplicate Bridge Club will Notice The DCCI meeting has been post- *u /-< ,,. ,- f, ,, „, •. P° nd t« the 3rd. Monday in April • h, A M e ,F a ^°l 1C ,n Ha J,l Mond , a . y which will be April 18th. night April 11, at 7:30. The public is cordially invited. He accused tho State Department of exercising an improper "veto power" over Congress by raising a "trade barrier' on rice. The department, he said, as jeopardized a proposed United States- Japanese rice agreement. . In his letter to Dulles he said: "I am advised that under the agreement the United States proposes to furnish to Japan 2'/4 mil lion hunderweight of rice and that the State Department of Agriculture that they will agree to this Mrs. Floyd Porterfield will give '£,"*"" I?' 10 devotional, "Twenty Third .* D y 'salm," and Mrs. Ernest; Graham will review the book 'Face to Face in India" at the meeting of the Christian Women Fellowship at the First Christian Church, Monday April U. mi • -r. -,j „„ f,, ' i it. Ti. » in tf' e future no rice will be of- The BmhiersSS Class of the First f d on h M mark Baptist Church has postponed their than domestic prices and class nartv until Tnesdav Anril 19- ... . , ,. . r . . . Tuesday April 19 that no rice shall be exported into the southeast Asian markets." Gathings said this would nullify Tolleson—Huber Engagement Announced Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Paul Tolle-' foreign countries for foreign cur- son of Hope, Arkansas announce rency. Pot Luck supper will be served the engagement oif their daughter at 7 o'clock in Fellowship Hall. This Mary. Pauline to Mr. Robert James is 1 the quarterly meeting of Circles Huber, son of Mrs. Phillio James 1, 2, and 3. Mrs. Graham. President Huber 'and the late Mr. Huber of invites every woman in the chur- Detroit, Michigan. The wedding will ch'to bring a covered dish and ' take P 1 ? 06 on Saturday May 14, in •Some at 7 o'clock tonight. Tuesday April 12 Chapter AE April 12, at 3 of PEO will meet p. m. Houston. an act of Congress providing for disposal of surplus commodities to Dairy and Union Officials to Meet LITTLE ROCK W) — Officials of of Miss Mabel Ethridge, with Mrs.- Mary Foster and Mrs. Mary Compton as co-hostess. Miss Tolleson is a graduate of Terrl Dair6 Products Co. and ohe Texas State Teachers College and.AFL Teamsters were scheduled to for a number of years has been an I meet today for the kirst time since in The tome' afient for American Air Lines in I the Teamsters striick against The Executive Committee of Garland School will meet Tuesday April 12, at 2 p. m. in the school € ice. The regular P. T. A. will ye open house Tuesday night Ap- riM2, from 7 to 7:30 p. m. for'th« Fathers, and the regular meeting Will be from 7:30 to 8:30 p. m. with Mrs. Marth Allison in charge.- Houston.. Mr. Huber is a graduate of Yale. Coming and Going Sgt. and Mrs. W. H. Vines of El Paso, Texas are spending a 15 day furlough with his parents Mr. lv . 2age of 75 and 80 cents, a and'MrS. ,W.'T. Vines and Mr. and P icket line has be en maintained Mrs. George Stroud. rtere . although about 25 new work- 1 ers have been hired. terry. About 100 workers walked off their jobs March 30 at terry's Little R9ck plant, and 15 employes struck a couple of days later at the firm's pine bluff plant. The union is demanding a 11- cent increase on the present hour- Mrs. 'J. .M. Houston and Mrs. R. E. .Cain. had as their weekend guests,: Mrs. G. M. Houtson, Mrs. The Lilac Garden Club of DeAnn R. M;;Smallwood. Mrs. William Mc ------ ' " ------- ' " ~ will meet at the home of Mrs. Richard Arnold Tuesday April 12, 2 o'clock. Everyone is urged be present, as Mrs, H. H. Urrey of DeQueen will give a demonstra- ^ on on flower arrangements. Gill .and. : Mrs, W. P. Porter from ftew Albany, Mississippi all are girl hood friends of Mrs. Houston. The 'ladies are vacationing at the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs. ,, , „ T . YT t , Charles Watts of Commerce, Tex- Mr. and Mrs. John Hatley and as was the guest of the H. P. Du- Mr. and Mrs. John P.. Vesey will | uy . familjr dud the B ter Holi- be hosts for game night at the Hope ^ays Country Club Tuesday night April i • ' : 12, at 8 o'clock. ^ Mr and Mrs _ Charles' Clifford ' : '_ ., ~T~. ~ " _, , ...Franks'and daughters, Sheila and The Hope Iris Garden Club will ; Kay . O f. Russcllville. and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Shaddox of Arkadelphia Mary's Beauty Shop speht Easter with Mr - and Mrs For EASTER SPECIALS CALL . . 7-3584 MARY HAMM Clifford Franks. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Allwhite of Jennings, La., were the weekend In the United States there is a destinction of your not the place you go, in fact was you had no intention of ever visiting, you'd make a sudden and definite change in Iran and recently met a girl who had his own standard of living, just broken off with another young i The longtime problem of Egypt man. I know I love her but I can't is to upgrade her overcrowded mil- she loves me or-lions —find ways to educate them, LEO K. i teach them skills needed in modAnswer: Having just had one ern industrial society, the only emotional upheaval, .the girl is scarcely in a position to get into another one. While youth isn't ex- kind of society that could Wipe out the vast gap between appalling poverty and overwhelming wealth, actly noted for its patience, this,She ne'eds a middle class, might be a good time ,to exercise | The first sinal of change are ... . . ,. _ .... it CT »..**.* *...»_ i j. iiu iiiai. Diiiai ux uueuigc ait: sportation, wouldn.t you? Well, | yours. Don'.t try to exact promis.es [more visible in cosmopolitan Cairo your journey in life is somewhat similar. Your destination is .marriage, your friend's is not. He hag no intention of even discussing the subject; it's quite evident that your paths will never converge at the altar, so why continue wasting time with him? from her. Just be a pleasant comp'a- nion and let her make the necessary adjustment. than in rural areas. One of the first moves by the Revolutionary Council was to tap heretofore overlooked sources of You're Just A Date All he sees in the present, or future, is that you are good company readily available for a date any time he wishes to ask you. You are the patient, meet girl friend who is willing for him to call the .turn. Do you know what usually happens to young ladies who hopelfully wait while an inconsiderate swain mat es up his mind? One fine day they discover that a more aggressive girl has come upon the scene, swept the dallying suitor off' .-hi* feet and is announcing her ne- gagement. The kind of patience you exhibit rarely pays off in wedding bells. A man who loves a girl will not shelve the topic of matrimony. H» will not stop dating her and most certainly he will not take her home from a dance and .make no mention of a future date. Words, you know, are among the cheap things of -the world. To say "I love you" doesn't cost a thing. Unfortunately, there are men who regard the statement as ample and cheap payment for the privilege of having a girl available for dating at any time. This is not a pretty picture of what's in store it much better for you, but isn'l to face facts now highway accident on the o fevery three seconds. than to go on wasting precious years? A girl of 23 is at the perfect marriageable age. If she hopes to raise a good-sized family, she can't 0. Phillips, Prescott. overage afford to wait much longer. Realize that love is entirely on your side that what yOu have to give isn't appreciated, and that your friend Discharged: Wm. E. Gilbert, Washington, Branch Admitted: Joe Hargis, Hope, Narcissis Ragland, Hope, Rt. 4. is an inconsiderate, selfish egotist. Get into constructive circulation. Dear Miss Dix: Recently I returned to my home town after an PRESCOTT NEWS Billy Joe Rettig Named Personnel official for Pulaski Base Two of the top civilian personnel officials at the Little Rock Air built or started to build swimming pools to get comparative figures on the cost of construction. guests of Mrs. Lula Allwhite of Force Base were honored. Wednes- SAENGER HURRY! LAST DAY • Feature Times • 2:00 '4:19 - 6:43 -9:07 FROM THE GREAT NOVEL! WARNEHCOLOR VIRGINIA MAYO-PIER ANGEU JACK PALANCE o SHORTS • 1. News of the Day ' 2. Popeye Color Cartoon Tuesday Only if Emmet. Mr .and Mrs. Leslie Allwhite of Shreveport were also guests of Mrs. Allwhite and Betty. Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: E. C. Kackler, Patmos, Mrs. Ewing Reed, Rt. 1, Hope. J. DRIVE-IN THEATRE Hwy 29 South • Open 6:30 * FINAL NITE* 5 COLOR CARTOONS ! • PLUS • • KIRK DOUGLAS • DEWEY MARTIN • Elizabeth Threat* • Arthur Hunnicutt "BIG SKY" • Starts Tues. • Killer or Hero? o JAMES STEWART o JEAN HAGEN * WENDELL COREY "CARBINE WU.UAMS" O F*if ATTRACTIONS 0 • MONKEY VILLAGE o GIANT KIDDYLAND f HIRSISHOi PITCHING Special S«cti>n For COLORIP PATRONS day .by the Strategic Air Command. They were Kenneth W. Sparrow, 36, of Conway and Billy Joe Rettig 29, of Huntsville, Ala., now employed at the Red Stone Arsenal near that city. He will serve as job and wage classifier. Robert C. Stoken of Omaha, Neb., chief of the Employee Replace, ment Division of SAC, said Sparrow and Rettig were scheduled tp take up their duties 1 at the Base next month and would go to Barksdale Air Force 'Base at Shreveport, La., next week for instruction in their duties. Rettig, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Rettig of Prescott, was graduated from Hope High' School in 1943 and entered the Air Force in 1944 and was discharged in 1946. 'He graduated from Southern State College, in 1949 and Henderson State Teachers College in 1951. In April 1951 he got his present position with the Ordnance Department and was with Red River Ordnance in Texarkana for 2 years and with the Red Stone Arsenal, Huntsville, Ala for 2 years. He is married and has two children. • Mrs. Gene Loe Honored ., Neighbors of Mrs. Gene Loe honored her with a surprise birthday supper at her home on Wednesday evening. The table was centered with' a graceful arrangement of pink gladiolus and asters. After the gifts were opened, dominoes were played. Those present included Mr. and Mrs. Coy Dewoody, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bolls, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Coe, Bill and Johnny, Mrs. Violet for the benefit of swimming pool fund netted a total of $1,702.2£(. The recreation committee will be in high gear within the next two weeks. Anyone not contacted by' this committee within the next, two weeks can mail their contribution in to Ernest Jameson, Chairman of the Recreation Committee, Prescott, Ark. We will need as much cash as possible .but persons who want to sign pledges for a certain amount, and pay monthly, may do so. Some people can pass on colds,income — tourist spending, witnout catching them themselves.! Egyptians have been so consci- entious In their effort to fnake the foreigner feel welcome that Ihey had dtily instruction oi the customs personnel In the art of smil ing. It is said one customs official flunked. Under Farouk he had mastered the cold suspicious sheer; Under the new regime the best he could muster was a leer. The government also has available a corps of girl guides, mosl of whom speak at least three languages, to take tourists on sight-seeing trips. There also are touHst police who help protest un wary visitosr from being stung too badly while buying ifiysteHous souvenirs of the mysterious East. Cairo has become what it was before the. last war,, a crossroads of the world. Most of the people you buhip into are from oxit oi town. Many are tourists. But there are also many who afe i.ooking-'for business, Germans, Swedes, Italians, Frency—and even some from Iron Curtain countries—are all- try* ing to muscle in on Egyptian trade formerly dominated by the British. American firms are showirig more Interest, too, now that tf.S. economic aid has bolstered Egypt's scanty supply of dollars. There are some 1,200 Americans now living in Egypt —and some 4,000 Germans. The figures mirror the change. Nearly 70 per cent of accidental deaths in the United States come in the victims' nohworking hours. . D«ci*ior»» IH Supreme Court *'U sas Supreme CoUff tdd*# HI down these decisions; tt. E. •$*& VI ... appeal from washlnglott Court affirmed. grlsharti JoUtane tJo., „_ B. Mason, Chicot eireitft modified and affirmed, State vs. Haff? Pulaski Circuit court. Leroy Tlppett vs. Stittr > Circuit court, .alflttned. Mary Louise SWafford M. Swakford, 1 Court, affirmed in part, ,-*, , Charles M. Mo B. Coleman, Gs Court affirmed, , licHtx**? E. &$At fSi'BfOwq Jean lumber and Supply Cd., ley chancery Court, tevtff appeal, affirmed on cross Antlers are shed each year while horns are permanent in most species of animals. You Wont Really Differc Have a HELEN CU SUPERSO PERMANE HAZEL'S Phono 7-M7V | Hazel Virginia^ Dr. A, W. Hudson and Dr. D. L, Moseley attended the Arkansas State Dental Association. meeting at Hotel Lafayette, Little Rock last week. Duncan Dewoody left last week for Memphis, Tenn. Where he has accepted a position. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Ingram and Mrs. Roy Duke spent Wednesday in Little Rock and visited Mrs. J. D. Wilson. Lt. Bobbie Haynie, who was stationed at Chanute Air Force Base, 111., has recently been discharged from the service. He and Mrs. Haynie are at home in Prescott with her grandmother, Mrs. Brad Hamilton. Mrs. Clarke White left Wednesday for Hobbs, New Mexico for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. 0. B. Cannon Jr., and family. Coe, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hart and Floyd Taylor. Al and Jake Glass. Miss Billie Ann Taylor of Little Rock spent a part of last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Prescott To Get Swimming Pool The Recreation Committee of the Chamber of Commerce met last week and discussed the possibility of starting a swimming pool for Nevada County this year. They agreed to raise the money by public subscription. Committees were appointed to contact tqyvos wbQ have already Mrs. Ira Ward of Little Rock is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Karl King Jr., an'd family. THE BEAUTY BOX Open 6 Ooyi f W«ok Appointment* after S for those who, work. 7-5*56 il? 8. AFTER EASTER SAVE FROM 33 V 3 TO 50% NOW! ON SALE 125 Regular $17.98 SUITS Sae $9.98 Regular $49.98 Regular $25.00 515 Save $10.00 Regular $54.98 Regular $35.00 Save $11,00 Regular $59.98 $33 $36 $39 Save $16.98 Save $18.98 Save $20.00 ^. ^li^k'dfe. "Uf A Save $23;0<| TOPPERS Regular $22.98 Regular $25.00 $29,98 515 $16 $19 Save $7,96 Save $9,00 Save $10.98 Save $13.90 Many Other Items Have Been Reduced Shop and Save

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