Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 11, 1955 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 11, 1955
Page 5
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The Mop* Star will not be retpon- elbto for *rror» In Want AA unlen errori or* called to our uifentlon offer FIRST insertion of ad end then for ONLY tho ONE Incorrect Irwrtlon. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 Political Announcement The Star Is authorized to announce that the following are candidates for public office subject to the action of the Democratic primary elections: For Mayor B. L. RETTIG HOP! 1 T A >. HOP• . AURANIAI Good Fishing in Arkansas Lakes Notice INCOME fAX SERVICE. Competent and reasonable. J. W. Strickland, 18-tf Funtrol Directors OAKCREST Funeral Home. Insurance . . . Ambulance. 2nd & Ha- Ml... Phoiw 7-2123. 13-1 Mo. United Farm Agency Hope Office — Oaks Court U. S. 67 West We Need Listings. Farms or Business. Coast-to Coast Advertising. The Local Office Sold 45 Farms and Business Properties in 1954. WE GET RESULTS Write box 184 or Call 7-5583 ' ' Frank C. DuShane Broker R. C. 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Chapter XXXV Dr. Lister looked at me with pity openly in his eyes. "This is all delusion, Bark, Your mind is playing tricks on you. There's no sense to this notion of yours, and no evidence for it." j "Yes, there is," I told him "Theres one piece of evidence That is what she said to Jerry i Bermuda, lying besfcie him in th moonlight. She said, 'This is- wha my people do not know.' Her mine was learning from her body. I akes mind and body both to mak a soul. Living with Jerry taugh ler something of what it means tc >e a human being." "Then why should she have le him kill himself?' "You must see that now. Jerry never stopped wondering about Le Normand's death. His love for Se lena made him all the more anxious to find the solution lo it. He believed lhat those equations were the important clue. He had tremendous mathematical ability and he sludied them until he understood what they meant. After that, when he saw the fire that PRINCE DR. C. B. Bledsoe. Chiropodist, pedicurist. Foot Specialists corn specialist — here now. 8-tV- 4-tf HAU»H Montgomery ^B^^cet, Cu» torn alaughteriag'. Fbone 7-3361. 10-1 Mo. FOR water well lervice. any aize or depth, aee or write O. T. Clark, Cale, Ark. INCOME tax services, 30 years experience. Frank C. DuShane. Office at Oaka Court. Phone 7-3883. 35-1 Mo. Highway 17 Weet LUCK'S FURNITURE CO. ^ p _J,of City Limit* Wert Hilton Water •errela for tale " i/-Mi1 Hope, Ark. TAILOR MADE ;EAT COVERS NOW... BV . rqw Seat Covers 3.00 Most Cars stic Seat Covers $32.50 For Most Cars GLASS COMPETENT INCOME TAX set- Vice.— Horace Samuels. 101 E. Division. Phone 7-3766. March 15-1 Mo. FRESH WHITE RIVER FISH 1% MILES OUT ON WASHINGTON HY FULLER & SON FISH MARKET 8-6t Judge's Wife to Be Buried Saturday FORT SMITH, \ff\ — Funeral services for Mrs. John E. Miller will be held tomorrow at a Methodist Church in Searcy, Ark. Mrs. Miller, wife of Federal District Judge Miller, died at her home here yesterday. She was 62. Survivors i nc lude her husband, a son, John E. Miller Jr. of El- Dorado; a daughter, Mrs. Mary Louise Goodlow of Staunton, Va., and a brother, Eoland E. Lindsey of El Doralo. Selena had lighted, he tought of te fire that killed LeNormand. And then he knew why LeNor- mand died, and how." "Selena was responsible for both the fires, then?' "Yes." "How did she create them?' I was very tired, and could Real Estate for Sale WE SELL — We Buy — We Rent Real Estate. Franklin Company, '306 South Main. 5-1 Mo. CONVALESCENT AND Nursing Hospital. Reasonable monthly rates/Quiet Neighborhood. Catering to Aged and Convalescent Patients. For information contact Ouachita County Hospital, Camden, Arkansas. Phone Temple 6- April 1-1 Mo. CORNER Lot at Ninth and Walnut Streets. , FIVE acres near city limits. DUPLEX in Texarkana will sell it or trade for house in Hope. FOR RENT — home in Oakhaven. JIM COLE Baal Estate Broker The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-5830 Or bring items to Mies Turner at Hicks Fflneral Home see that he did not believe me. "It doesn't matter how she created them. I don't know. You're just asking the queslion to humor me. I haven'l convinced you." He spread his hands in a gesture of apology. "Youre tired to the point of collapse, Bark. People's brains get queer kinks in them when they're as exhausted as you are." He was quiet for a while. "In a way, I wish I could believe y ou. Any explanation would be better than none at all." "Not Ihis explanation," I tol him. "I've never been so afraid i my life as I am this minute. He tried to smile. "You'll fee differently after a good sleep. T give you something that will re lax you." "Yes, 1 I said, "you will if I'm Chapter XXXVI Her voice was cool and imper sonal, "Nothing will happen to you or to Dr. Lister. What little knowledge you have is of no danger to me. You cannot prr.'tre any of it, and the world will iot pay any attention to your story if you tell it." "That isn't wha t I mean." Shu studi ed me thoughtfully. "You are afraid of me for some other reason, then" "Yes," I said. "For what you It seemed to me that a look of If Certain Players Do as .Expected? By JOE REICHLER NKW YORK im — Bobby Thorn son, Monte Irvin, Roy Campanu la, Ralph Kiner and Bob Turle head a list of about a dozen " men' 1 who can shape the majo league pennant races by the na lure of their work Ihis season. Most experts consider thai th defending champion New Yoi Giants, Milwaukee and Brookly hav<3 enough to win in the Nationa with St. Louis and Cincinnati giv ing the big three a run for the-i money. In Ihe American Leagu Ihoy =ir« almost unanimous in pre _. __ _ _ _ „ dieting a fierce struggle between pain came into her eyes. "Oh. Toi cievelan d and New York with Chi cago's White Sox a definitely ihreal you that makes a difference. And yet you do,not know what you are yourself. You do not know what any other human being is. You enow as much about me as about anyone. More, perhaps. We have ieen each other often. Once, I even saved your lif. But you are afraid of me because I am not like you." Dr. Lister turned his chair and stared at her. "You seem to know what Bark has said about you. Is he right?" She met his look squarely, and could feel the power of, ler anger. "Did you suppose thai 'ou were alone in the enormous ipaces of the universe? That you are the ultimale product of crea- ion? There is nothing unique about you." Her tone was level, oldly insislent. "Is there any rea- on why I must leave you alone? You do not own me and you have 10 power over me. When the earth as traveled around the sun a few more times, you will be dead." There was defiance on his face. 'Yes," he said, "and you do not eem much concerned with death, ifou have lived here two years, nd in that time you have rought about the deaths of two For Sale For Rent UNFURNISHED, newly decorated, six room house. Garage. Garden. 812 W. 4th. Dial 7-2247. 1-tf for any make or truck, also cut |fj9r table tops. YUE PAYS A WEEK THREE room unfurnished apartment, private bath, reasonable rent. 13U West Avenue B. Phone 7-3606. 18-tf Hope Star ! * a * * , . b,edrpom, inner spring mattress, private bath ajid private entrance. 801 South Main, 7-5837. si. 6 t SAND, Gravel, topsofl, fill dirt. Phone 7-4392. A. L. Park. March 15-1 Mo. BABY CHICKS, large variety. See these chicks before buying. Danny HamUton, 204 East 2nd. March 15-1 Mo. YOUR OATS need nitrate now — We have plenty ammonia and nitrate soda, also all kinds fertilizers. J. W. Strickland. HARCH 19-1 Mo. The American Legion Ladies Auxiliary will meet Tuesday night, April 12, at Hicks Funeral Home at 7 o'clock. Asking all members to be present and on time. wrong. But not if I'm right. "Why not? "Think back," I told him. "Re member what happened to the oth er two people that found out.' "And if youre right, you think the same thing will happen to us? I steadied my voice as much as I could. "She will know that we have found out. And she will come here. After all, it's been almost a week since Jerry She coulc There will be a fish fry Saturday night, April 9, in the Dinnette of Lonoke Baptist Church. Sponsored by the usher 'board. The public is invited. QUICK sale—10 uued TV sets. All popular makes, Priced from $75 to $125. See Pod Rogers or Doyle POUR room furnished apartment, private entrances and bath. Phone 7-3487. 4-et GOOD PASTURE at Shov.er Sp rings, reasonable price. If inter ested see Mrs. Willie Beckworth Shover Springs, 4.3 Rogers. Phone 7-2759. 24-tf BABY CHICK3 jest grade laying and broiler type. Hope Feed Company. Phone 7-2547. Mr. 24-lmo. HAVE nice three room apartment (or rent. Near New hospital. Phone 7-4626. 4 . 6t TWO'ROOM furnished apartment, 418 South Elm. Mrs. J. W. Turner. 8-6t Business For Lease lltf; HJir II, If It ONE SUPER SERVICE Station, 3rd and Laurel. Reasonably priced. .See S, L. Murphy for details. FIVE room unfurnished house. Venetian blinds automatic washer connection. $35 per month. 302 East 14th, Phone 3-8852. Texar- collect. 8-6t LONE STAR commander, 14 foot, V J bottom to'oat. See Otis Harvey at Diamond Cafe. 5-3t SIX bedroom, two story house with 2% baths, house, two Ideal for rooming blocks from town. Priced right. 521 South Main. W. H, Fincher, phone 7-2209. 5-6t The Junior Choir of the First Baptist Church in Washington will sponsor a plate supper at Lincoln High School gymnasium Saturday night, April 9, at 7:30. Price 35 cents. The Altar Gift Clu'b of BeeBee Memorial CM'E Church will meet Sunday, April 10, at the home of Mrs. Minnie Douglas at 4 p. m. Mrs. Martha J. Davis and two daughters of Sacramento, Calif., are visiting their grandmother, Mrs. Mary Jehnson, and other relatives. have been here days ago.' "No," he said, 'you,.mustn't let thoughts like that get the upper hand. Selena is just a woman, a .strange woman. l]his nightmare you've built up in your mind will pass in a few days. Youve had a shock, and you are tired. That's all'there is to it. We'll go upstairs now and have some sleep.' "All right," I said. "I don't want to argue with you. I want you to be right. Ill take your sleeping powder, or whatever it is, and wake up sane again. But, first, She dropped here yes. "Believe me, I -did not mean to kill either f them. Walter LeNormand''S death was sheer accidenl. I knew what he had discovered, what more he would find if he went on thinking. I was determined to stop him. There aren't any words to tell you what I did: there is a way of using the force of the mind, and I used it. I willed him to slop thinking, to lose consciousness. My plan was to go, then, to the observatory, and destroy his work. But I forgot one thing." "What was that?" said Dr. Lister, as if he were humoring her. "The football game. Thousands of people silting at it, excited, emotional, pouring out a force more powerful lhan a bolt of lightning. That force killed him. It magnified, if you like, the impulses I was sending un.til they were so powerful they consumed him." "You also killed my son." Now we come lo the big Tho Giants if— Irvin rebounds from lasl year's poor season with a performance matching that of 1953. The 30 year-old outfielder balled .329 and drove in 97 runs in "Ihe Lasl year his average skidded Id .262 and his RBI output fell lo C4. Sal Maglie at 38, slaves off father lime and lakes his regular turn on the mound. Willie Mays doesn't lire from too much baseball. The Braves if— Thomson's right ankle can stand up fur a full year. Pitchers Chel Nichols and Bob Buhl, big :1isappointmenls in '54 win 10 victories apiece. Lasl year they won only 11 games 'between them. The Dodgers if— Caripanolla 's ha nd is sound again and he regains the balling eye. Don 'Newcombe regains the pitching form thai enables him to win 20 games in 1951. Jackie Robinson returns to the clutch-type, game- wi nn ing hilling that exemplified him through the years up lo Insl season. The Cards if— Frank Smith, the relief ace acquired from Cincinnati, can hold the late inning leads the club losl lasl year. Such young pitchers like Gordon Jones, Tom Poholsky, Brooks Lawrence. Larry Jackson and Luis' Arroyo can help southpaw Harvey Haddix. The Kcdlegs if — Pitchers Joe Nuxhall, Corky Val-j entinc and Art Fowler improve on! their 12-game winning records of lasl year and Manager Birdie Teb- bells can come up wilh Iwo or three other pitcher who can win a dozen games, apiece). The Indians if— Kiner regains his home run Saturday, April 9, 19SS _ Recent studies indicate that the United States has more than three million alcoholics. About one American in every 16 has some kind of mental disorder. Some of the farm land in China is occupied by as many as seven fv people per acre. ' Legal Notice ORDINANCE NO. 742 AN ORDINANCE TO BE AN ORDINANCE ENTITLED AN ORD I N A N C E ESTABLISHING "Jerry," she said, as though he sound of his name hurt her ntolerably, "yes."Jerry had to die oo, and because of me. He rea- ized the truth. Do you think he have lived with it? "No," I said. ( She turned back to Dr. Lister, 'I tried to stop him. I didn't want im to find out. But he did. And! e was too intelligent for the rest punch. The old Kiner could make a Dpby-Rose i> W ertz-Kiner com- bimlion a real murderers' row . . Herb Score lives up lo his advance billing. The Yankees if— Turlcy .and Don Larson, the two main principals oblained from Baltimore in the 13-player deal, get off to a good start and thus gain confidence. Phil Rizzuto can play at least 125 games at shortstop with' some of his former skill. The White Sox if — Walt Dropo, 'he now first base- in 100 or more runs WHEREAS, parties claiming to be the owners of two-thirds in as- o* sessed value of the property lo- ** cated within the territory hereinafter described have filed a petition that an improvement district be established for the purpose of paving with bituminous surfac- ng without crubs and gutlers; WHEREAS, after due notice as •equired by law, the City Council of the City of Hope, Arkansas, has icarcl all parlies desiring to be leard, and has ascertained that .-, aid petition was signed by two- '• hirds, in assessed value, of the nvners of real property within aid territory. NOW, THEREFORE. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL JF THE CITY OF HOPE, ARKAN•AS i Section 1. There is hereby es- ablishcd an improvement district racing Ihe following property: Lois 1, 2, 3, & 4 in Block 4; Lots 1, 2, 3. 4 & 5 in Block 2; Lots 1, **, 2, 3, 4, 5 & G in Block 1; Lots 1 J & 2 in Block 3 and Pt. of the S'.<6 SEV4 29-12-24 (21/100ths acres)'; Pt. S\' z SE'A 29-12-24 (21/100ths acres) and Pt. S'/a SEVi 29-12-24 tSo/lOOths acres) all in Meadow- park Addn. #2 to Ihe City of Hope, Arkansas, or the purpose of paving with bi- tminours surfacing without curbs nd gutters. Said district shall be known as treet Improvement District Numer 35 and S. Z. Barwick, Dale Ci onnermaker and Mrs. Eva Faulker are, hereby,, named commis- oners, who shall compose the oard of Improvement of said Dis- ict. Section 2. This ordinance shall take effecl and be in full force and cffccl from and after its passage. Section 3. Because the public health and welfare of Ihe persons in the district will be improved by the prompt paving of Ihe Street in this district and because it is more *JJ economical for the property owners to have this improvement district included in the general paving program of the City of Hope, Arkansas, it is, hereby, declared necessary i'or the preservation of tha public peace, health, safety and welfare, an emergency is declared to exist and this ordinance shall take effect and be in full force from and .after its passage. Passed and approved this 5lh day of April, 1955. .ty John L. Wilson, Mayor (SEAL) ATTEST: Mrs. Chas. F. Reynerson, City Clerk. Published in Hope Star April 9, 1955. I'm going to sit here for five ori of you - m time he would have 10 minutes. That'll be time enough lfound a w .ay to make people lis- to demonstrate to me that she n to llim - I could not let that Choir No. 2 of Bethel AME Church will rehearse Tuesday night, April 12, at 7:30. IMPROVED Dairy farm with or without cattle and equipment. 360 acres, terms, C. E. Overstreet, Prescott, Ark, Owner, 6-6t Senior choir of Lonoke Baptist Church will rehearse Tuesday night, April 12, at 7:30. REASONABLE priced, modern six room house. Located in best residential section in town. 403 East 14th St. Call 7-2145 for appointment. 8-3t Junior choir of Ris'ing Star Baptist 'Church will rehearse Monday night, April 11. at 7:30. Senior choir of BeeBee Memorial CME Church will rehearse Tliurs- day night, AprilH. at 7:30. SMALL furnished apartment. Private bath, utilities paid. Couple or two men preferred. 712 East Division. 9 W0nted to Buy '**• * .^IPOWW.*,,*.- • Hope $nd i OLD RAGS. Call or bring to the Hope Star. e-tf Help Wonted age 35 to 45. Permanent employment. Extra good working conditions. Must furnish reference. Apply In person only. Barlow Hotel. e-3t RAW3UEIGH DEALER wanted at once in S. Hempstead or Hope. Ooo4 opportunity, See Corwin Crow Route 1, Box 30, Nashville, * Art or write today, Rawellgh's, Pept. AKD-64M05, Memphis, fMisi ||re si?e 700 X 15 be- JWS$B I^JtwrJMtf g .and Emmet. No" Mt . ° isn't coming. It was quick, tin two times before." We sat waiting. The lawn was absolutely still around us. Noth ing- moved. Dr. Lister looked a my face quietly with his hands folded. I think he was planning the details of his treatment to restore me to myself. I hoped thai the first thing he would do would be to exorcise the cold, irrepressible fear that went through me in steady, pulsing waves with every beat of my heart. The pause seemed never-ending. Gradually I saw resolution begin to shape his mouth. He was on the point of saying something. At that instant there was a stir at my feet. It was Dr. Lister's dog, Boojum. He walked from under the table, stiffly and turned to look down the terrace toward the corner of the house behind Dr. Lister. He did no SHOP B&B SAVE Little Rock will give a music program Tuesday night, April 1 at the Yerger High School auditov ium. No admission. Personal do nalion will be appreciated. For All Mokes and Refrigeration Service APPLIANCE REPAIR 210 F. 3rd 7-2809 Now Is the time to buy that SPECIAL GIFT for Easter or Anniversary Mhoon'i Jewelry Store There will be an Easter Egg Hun Sunday April 10, at the City Park Sponsored by the American Legion Post No. 427. All children from the age of 12 years up are permit ted to participate. Parents please escort your children, REAVES USED FURNITURE STORE 205 S. WALNUT TOP'S SERVICE Hy 67 West of Hope ELECTRIC WELDING Done anywhere, Call us. See MS for ycwr Car, Truck. Tractor repairs, Want to WASH Water's HOT Valentine Washereria 800 West 3rd Treadle . . , . $25 up Portable . , $49,50 up BARGAIN THIS WEEK 27 . $50 off J90 Cablet Model growl, nor wag his tail. After a few seconds his ears went up stiffly into two triangles. Hesitation came inlo Dr. Lister's face. There was a sound of footsteps beyond the corner of the building. The color went out of his facs, then, in one swift wash of gray that left him looking old and broken, but not afraid. The lines around his mouth tightened; he lifted his head and half turned in his chair. She came toward us walking with that same long, swinging stride. Even when I knew, as I did then, that she was not a person, not human, not of my own happen'." He dropped his eyes from her face and looked at the table. "Before I go," she wenl on, "I wanl to tell you one thing more. If I could stay, if there were anything here left to stay for, I should do so." She turned and looked full at me. "The little mermaid had to go too, because there was no longer any possibility of love." I saw that there were tears in her eyes. "Goodby, Bark.I loved your friend." Turning to Dr. Lister, she lalf lifled her hand as if to 'touch iim, and then withdrew it. "And I loved your son," she said. "Remember that." With a single quick emotion she stripped her finger of the two 'ings, the one wilh the greal square emerald in it, and the narrow band of gold wilh which Jerry had mar- •ied her, and put them on the table between us. I did not see her go, but the sound of her feet died along the terrace and around the corner of the house. "Whoever she is," said Dr. Lister after a long time, "she knows how to make an exit" When the place at Cloud Mesa was closed and its contents shipped East to us, I went through Jerry's papers with care. The notebooks for his thesis alone were missing. What became of them I Slave never found out, but the inference is obvious, Luella Jamison has been found. I heard about that from Parsons. :t appears that her father, get- ing up early one morning to go to and hits 25 or more home runs and George Kell plays at least 125 games at third base. CvilWarVet 108, Feels Fine DULUTH, Minn, im — Albert Wollson.108, last surviving Union soldier of Ihe Civil War, had a "pretty good night" at St. Luke's Hospital where he is confined with lung congestion. CURRY'S JTermifre Control Co. • BONDED • INSURED • GUARANTEED For Free Inspection call A. D. Middlebrooks Jr. Phones 7-2822 .or 7-3791 LETDUCKETTDOIT... THE BEST IN STEEL CONSTRUCTION * Sheds — Farm Buildings — Industrial Buildings made according to specifications. Can be constructed at low cost! DUCKETT STEEL & EQUIPMENT CO. North Main Street sort at all, there was somethingi town > found her standing at the so magnificent about her that no f, ront gate. She was molding on to fright or revulsion could cancel the Pickets of the fence beside it. the effect of it. The fear inside He led her into the house and she tie was swallowed up by a passive expectation. This was the in evilable end of Ihe story, and vhatever was to happen, it was out of my power to influence it n any fashion. She came to the table and stood ieside it, with the tips of her ingers resting on its top, look ng down quietly at both of us. 'So," she said, after a while, 'you found out." Her eyes rest- d on me with no expression in hem that I could read. ','Yes." My voice sounded, per- ectly calm. She gave me a half smile. "You re a strange person, Bark. I hould never understand you. 1 uppose you hate me." "I a.m, afraid, of you," J told slipped at once into the routine by which she had always lived. According to Parsons, the Jamisons are happy because she is home again. The End ROYAL STATIONERY "FINE VELLUM" TOO Sheets (98c) ..... 50 Envelopes "PERSONALITY" 25 Sheers (59c) 18 Envelopes Monogrammed 49c Extra WARD AND SON DRUGGIST 102 W. 2nd Phone 7-2292 Dunbar Junior College to Close LITTLE ROCJ? W — The year old Dunbar Junior College here will close "after the current school term, School Board day. The board said the college, established in 1929 to train Negro teacher, would be closed because Of a lack of funds. The college has served it purpose, a rcsolu- 26- the Little Rock announced yester- FIX- P and FINANCE HOME IMPROVEMiNT LOANS Convenient, eaiUy.ar. ranged loan* to Unprov* YOUR bom* We cm *t «v«, - ^ woowl Hope Builders Supply Co, * To City Subscriber!: If you fail to get your Star please telephone 7-3431 by 6 p. m.fCind a special Carrier will deliver your papef. Hope WtAtMlB *6«CA« Arkansas! Mostly eldudyv little warmer thU irfttrnbdftv night. Cooler vfett faesday, Station fttxtet fdf. 24-hours ending at 8 a. hi. Mofidi High 71, Low 45, j>reclptt«Wtt til an Iflch. * ' 56TH YEAR: VOL. 56 — NO 152 Star of Hept I8»», Presi 1»2? Coniollekttd Jan. II, 1»J» HOPE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, ANllL 11, 1955 .. . A». iritt MM eirtt • MM. Mfc* left. M, 1»f4 _ »,ttt PRICE 5e Annual Kiwanis Club Minstrel to Be Held April 14-15 , . • . The above scene is from the annual Kiwanis Club Minstrel staged last year in the school auditorium. This year't show will be held Thursday and £rld>y-niahts this week. The show is written and directed by Dr. Emmett Thompson. Doing a skit above ,is Mr. and .Mrs. Haskell Jones^Tlvreney derived is used by the club in it's youth program. '• : " Spring Breezes *Fan Blaze in Four States By United Press Spring breezes have Club Women Cancel Out Talent Show The Board of Directors of the Helena to Get New Postoffice HELENA, UPiAn $850,000 post office and federal (building may be built here next year, Rep. E. C. Gainings (D-Ark) has told the Helena chamber of Commerce. Gainings said however that the' MOSCOW Wi—Austrian Chancel- whipped Hempstead County Home Demon-'project lacks final agreement be- lor Julius Baab landed at Moscow's central military airport this afternoon to begin conferences Kremlin May Be Changing Europe Tactics - flames which destroyed the entire stration Club Councll met Frid 'tween the Post Office Department business district -of Bowlin business district of Bowling Green, . arlQ . lne Va., and raged through brushland afternoon - A P nl 8 - at 1:3 ° ln the istration. and prairies in four slates. .home of Lorraine B. Wylie, home The dry winds accompanied al- demonstration agent. It was decided the northern half of the nation east.'because of contlicting dates. and the General Services Admin ' of the Rockies. But they spelled trouble for fire fighters from one A tour of industries and points of interest in and around Texarkana end of the country to the other, for all Home Demonstration Club The brush and prairie fires flar-. members was planned for Thurs- ed up in New Jersey, California, day, May 12. Any HDC member North Dakota and Wisconsin, the interested in making the tour should worst was in New Jersey where contact her HDC president or the shifting winds fanned 50 fires which ate through 37,072 acres. The flames struck most dramat- Extension office. Plans were made to hold a recreational workshop early in July. ically at Bowling Green as- they Details will be announced later. Beslroyed an eslimaled 19 buildings in the small Virginia town. Plans were also made for each to take part, in a df ra- U. S. 301 before There were no injuries, 1 blaze left Bowling Green's 600 re sidcnls without water or electric ty today. All highway patrolmen i the vicinity were ordered into th town. ^ The town's well went dry at th Weight of the blaze and firemo had to pump water from .a mil -pond a mile away. Hundreds of volunteers were ca'. led out to fight the New Jerse} fires and New Brunswick resident, had to wet down their homes when heavily-wooded areas nearby flai edup. was Wednesday afternoons with Ihe *.iu .Clubs being responsible for the pro- tne grams on the following dates: en a. ^Junior High Honor Roll Is Announced Eighteen Hope Junior High ; School studenls have earned places on the "A" honor roll for the third nine weeks period, according to Mrs. Frank Mason, principal. ''The requirements are thai each * studenl must receive an "A" in < each subject and must retain at [f leasl 90 honor poinls. 'J These students are as follows: Seventh Grade: Cynthia Harrison, Nancy Reece, Barbara Thompson, Carol Myeia, .Judy Kaye Wright, Edwina Whitman, Marilyn Shields', Barbara • Jones', Marjorie Hunt, Sherrie Hankins, Shirley Faye Allen Spndra Russell. Teddy Jones, Ce- $tlia Cox, and Georganne Lowe. Eighth Grade: Beth Ann Dugal, Ann Cole, and David Watkins. The riames of 59 students have been placed on the merit roll.. They must have a minimum grade of "B" in each subject, and must retain at least 90 honor points. These students are as follows: Seventh Grade: Donald Gunter, Jo Ann Hellon; Richard Neal. Carolyn Green. Billy Ferguson, Carole rp, Barry Spraggins 1 , Don Ogles- Rebecca O'Dell, Teddy Messer, Lloyd Hill, Edward Hartsfield. Linda Collier, Patsy Buroughs, Freddie Smith, John Allen Ross. Larry Patterson. Mike Morris, Jimmy McLarty, David Lewis, Mary Fincher, Denver Dickinson, Linda Allison, Max Bruce, Joe Grain, Judy Davis, " '•- ~ Foster, May 4, Mrs. H. council president; May 11, Hope well; May 18, Shover Springs; May 25, Hinton; June 1, Melrose; June 8, McCaskill; June 15, Centerville; June 22, Baker; June 29, Columbus; July 6, Rocky Mound; July 13, Victory; July 20, Green Laster; July 27, Liberty Hill; August 3, Sweet Home; August 10, Blevins; August 17, Doyle. with Soviet Foreign Minister V.M. The arkansas congressman said Mplotv • on speeding up 'an Aus$300,000 post office building also, trian independence treaty. : Molotor and deputy foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko headed the welcoming party at the snowy airport. . , • There was speculation the,Russians are ready to end the occupation of Austria in exchange for a promise of neutrality in the East-West struggle." Such a Soviet move would be calculated to get the West germans-tb jettison their rearmament in hopes they,, .could reunify their divided, country•: 'by- a' similar..deal.. .„;.&" •;'.''. '..'vji^ Raab has promised his pro-West ern government not to make any secret agreements with the .Russians. He said before' departing: "If these talks give the possibility for new and this time successful negotiations between the four powers, then the purpose of our trip will be fulfilled." Broker Dealers Get New Set of Regulations WASHINGTON, (UP) _WThe Securities & .Exchange Commission today tightened its rules applying to the finances of securities brokers and dealers, Sec. Chairman Ralph H. Dem- .mler said the action should not be E. Patterson, interpreted "in any way as an in- -lav 11. Hone- dication that the financial position of broker-dealer firms may be torsi Refuses nfJob WA«iMGTON (fl — EDWARD J, Cbrsi Who was ousted as State Department immigration special- st, today rejected an offer by Sec- reary of State Dulles of a new ob. C"orsi, whose old post was abruptly abolished 90 days after he took it, sent Dulles a letter •esljjning from State Department service. ttis action was announced 'by Urs. Corsi at their Arlington Va., lome. Mrs. Corsisaid in a statement: "Mr.'Corsi has notified the sec- Supreme Court Heart • ; . ' ....•-,.;• . ,^ . . - -'•** Argu merits for, Agai ^^^ • . ".'T- ' '• M' e <• • 9 I . "^Hr '» I * >v \', Segregation in Scho China Attack May Be Decide in Conference By John M. Hlghtower Judge Brown to Preside at CC Banquet Hempstead Circuit Judge Lyle at gram this any tirrie. In any event top U.S. officials . . ... - - .have decided the Chinese Reds are *? 11 Jones, which will be followed not likely to move on the Matsu % music famished by the Key Club {,Aaiii liiatiiiiaii*. • I , Invocation will toe given by Has- ays —yesterday. Corsi said •ould not have accepted in he th rst place if he had known the ob was so brief. Dulles announced he had offered iorsi another position, one in 'hich he would survey the possibi ilities of settling in Latin Ameri a refugees from war-ravaged i^eas, primarily Europe. Corsi, who has said he was sac- ificed to appease those who fa- dr stringent curbs on immigra ion: into the United States, said he prjobably will let Dulles know today whether will accept this assignment. unsound." The revised rules are designed to "further strengthen the financial responsibility of'brokers and dealers' and to provide "increased protection for investors without unduly restricting a firm's freedom of action, the sec said. Officers from the following HDC The regulation 'comes under the attended the board meeting: Vic- See's net capital rule, which tory, Hopewell, Hinton, Melrose, Rocky 'Mound, Baker, Columbus, McCaskill, Centerville, and Shover Springs. W. F. Saunders, 74, Sutton Native Succumbs Here Wiliam F. Saunders, aged 74, naive of Sutlon passed away Sunday norning April 10. He is survived by Iwo daughlers, Mrs. L. E. Westerfield of West Memphis, and Mrs. G. A. Simmons. of Texarkana two sons, Capt. R. W. aunders', Fort Worth, Texas and H. E. Saunders of Pora Alto, Calif., one.brother, B. M. Saunders' of Suton, three sislers, . Mrs. W. M. Slroud and Mrs. Andy Jordan of Hope and Mrs. W. B. Brooks of Mid- and, Texas; 14 grandchildren and quires that a firm own $1 of capital (mostly secuirites) for every $20 of debt it owes. This rule remains unchanged but the terms for calculating a broker's capital are/changed, the securities which a broker holds as, part of his capital heretofore have ' been counted at 90 percent of their current market value; that is the price they could be old for, minus 10 percent. Break-in Reported to City Police City Police reported today that someone broke a lock on a side door of the Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company office sometime over 'the weekend and stoled aboul $10 in money and a 21 jewel Hamillon watch. Cily Police are invest- ix great grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at NO PATIENT SAN BERNARDINO, (UP) _ p a tton State Calif.,— Hospital -.attendants thought they had ap- :30 p .m. Monday at Harmony with prehended a mental palient when he Rev. A. O. Lee officiating. j they found Rod Ccott wandering on Pallbearers are;.'Raymond Jones,'""" ?alph Saunders, John Lewis Sauners, Raymond Jordan, John Jordan and Paul Brooks. Herndon-Cornelius will charge of arrangemenls. Ihe second floor of a ward. After nearly one hour, Scott finally convinced them he was. a sheriff's deputy from Imperial [County and accidentally had stepped off the elevator on the wrong ! floor. Salk Secret to Be Revealed 10:20 Tuesday By ALTON L. BLAKESLEE AP Science Reporter ANN ARBO, Mich. — The • big secret of the Salk polio vaccine is set like a time bomb to go off at 10; 20 a.m. tomorrw. The secret, of course, is now effective the vaccine was in preventing paralytic polio in children tested last year. One man, the University Michigan's Dr. Thomas Franci Jr., knows Ihe answer after com Piling all results of the test, H will not divulge it until Tuesdaj morning at a meeting of 400 sci enlists and doctors. He hasn 'tlold Dr. Jonas E. Salk Pittsburgh scientist who developec the vaccine, nor Basil OConnor head of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis. What will happen afterward? The question is put by a well known medical scientist who asked not to be identified. He has no connection wilh polio but speaks from knowledgeo f Ihe history of Pledges to Work for Settlement By NORMAN WALKER DETROIT WV-The giant General Motors corp. pledged today to work hard toward negotiating a new contract peacefully with the CIO United Aauto Workers. Contrct talks were due to resume this afternoon. The union opens negotiations with the Ford Motor Co. tomorrow. The GM pledge was in newspaper advertisements in major cities. It was the companys first statement on its bargaining. It said joining about the UAW's requests 'for the guaranteed annual wage, .pay and pensions boosts and other concessions. or Quemoy islands before or dur ing the conference to be held a Bandung Indonesia. It was disclosed authoritatively yesterday that President Eisen hower has directed American forces 1 to stand clear of any initia attack on the coastal islands unti he personally can determine the nature and intent of the assault. Administration sources said Chiang Kai-shek's Chinese Nation alists will be expected to bear any initial thrust. American forces have been told to stand in read! ness but not fight unless deliberately attacked they said. Secretary of th Army Stevens returning yesterday from the Far East said he doesn't believe the Reds have any immediate plans for an offensive in the Formosa Strait. If there is an attack he said he thinks Chiang's forces could "give a very good account of themselves." Cut Expenses Is Suggested^ to AEA Agency Quartet, WASHINGTON (/P)—The African- 'Brown. wilT act as master of cer Cj Asian conference opening a week ^onieg .at the annual meeting and from today may be a big factor »«nQuet of Hope chamber of com- etary by letter this morning that 'in Communist China's decision £} e F ce »* «=30 p. m. Tuesday at the ie regrets his inability to accept!whether to attack in the Formosa „$ t odav hv T I* i he secretary's offer. He has no, area this spring or in fact, -' "<aay ay a. Urthe'r comment at this time.' Corsi is -4 veteran Republican freeholder and party worker' in J,ew York state. There has been bnsiderable criticism of Secretary 1 States Dulles' action last week n .terminating his job. Dulles praised Corsi as "my old •lend' and as the best man for ie job three months ago when e named him as deputy refugee elief administrator. Corsi came unde fire from Rep Walter (D-Pa) and was told las Wednesday that his job was 1 tern brary and would expire after 90 Charge Sou LITTLE ROCK (/P) — A recom- Hyered toy William' H. mendation lo the state Board of W«le «ock, veteran newspaper- reduced lrtan > radio and television director, who .is well versed in chamber of 'commerce work and who is report- Education may suggest Education Department expend. Ayc " u ' .... , accrediting membership. Tni,« r>,.« »• T, 11 in , . i commerce, uieu• wivca, uuu guests John Rye of Russellville, chair- are inv it e d, .Reservations have been « \*M t H P T a b £ ard commttee - made for only 200 persons. and as indicated that his group may tickets may be purchased at the recommend some cutbacks in ad-' cham |i,er of commerce office while mimstra ive spending and in out they last at $1.75 per ticket. By Ted Lewie { /WASHINGTON <UP) ~'__.,„. for Negro groups told -the'J preme Court today that Sctutm States seek an "interminable^ tinuation of, racial, segregation; public schools. They " made •*, the staten briefs as the high tribunal hearings ,on how'and wh rate schobl ••systems 1 ftrf -' negro children should iahed. The court 1 ordered j ments last year when It ruled ^1 segregated schools are' uncohit tional, - j v , ti '^ Attorneys general for the bot states of Kansas and Delaware! off today's oral arguments' optimistic reports On how Irttei tion has progressed in their'siat Attorneys for t£e .National / " elation for the'advancement.*: ored People, representing,/ parents' in four of the* five, nal segretation' cases, 'coni that none of the states has ;*< up with any positive ,,pla'n,to, ry out-the court's decision. The arguments,* the *' said, "seem to be directed agi ending racial-, segregation,,;ins,, time, rather-than toward desei gation within a reasonable UmeJ The attorneys .for negro fi""" particularly attacked a Fl plan under which individual! gro children 'would ask r courts to admit them to n'q re|T8ted t senools if they; e sonable gWShd'*' Tho NAACP said fhis'^ "cannot be seriously rega and thai , it is "not' a plj._ granting rights, but a plan fO| nying them just " as long ''-'possibly be done without overruling of the May, 17 *Supri Court decision." " ' " The organization said that .. u ,. . ion polls disclosing " hoslilitjrJ of the chamber of .the South toward «-*----«— ^ commerce, their wives, and guests immaterial. William H. Hartley Jr. New officers and directors of the chamber will be introduced by Syvell Burke, followed by a brief talk by President Harrell Hail, who will introduce Carl A Bryan, new man- ^geruf the^chamber, and Mrs. Bryan who came to Hope last month rom Fordyce. The principal address will be de- of of school education programs. All persons desiring tickets should __,, t »i - ~- i *»IA £/WJ. uw*»u v»w*« *»»o (.•*»«*» KM **»»*^M«»« Fifty-nine Arkansas High schools' call in person at the cnamber office which were not identified have immediately as many tickets have been notified that their member-'already been purchased, and a cap- ships are in danger inth e North' acity crowd is expected. Central Association, accrediting Instead, GM Egypt Joins List Making a Pitch for a U. S. Dollar But Few Yanks Hitting Egypt Too Ronnie Jones, Pricilla Johnson. Lin•Rogers. Sue Ann Smith. John 'tkins, and Carolyn Yartirough. 'ighlh Grade: Sandra Chism By HAL BOYL'E CAIRO I* — Leaves from a touring nolebook: Id Egypl to the list of • . , f - are making an all out pitch for the Yankee dollar. i sorts. But there are also quite a few' But today Cairo's mosphere of uneasy tension. Confidence was destroyed. Some businessmen liquidated and got out. Tourists bypassed the city in favor of other Mediterranean re remarkable insulin, antibiotics and G G(gam ma globulin) for polio. Suppose the vaccine is a success "It could become a test of our moral fier, he said. "Will it start a stampede, like a theater fire to get vaccine at any cost? Will there be bootlegging, venality? "Or will parents demand intelligent self-control of ; themselfs and others to insist the vaccine be used Where it will do the most good to reduce polio—among young children and pregnant womenO expiring five-year contract with the union has meant prosperity for the company and the workers, in higher pay, steady employment, agency. Dr. Ed McCuiston of Little Rock, chairman of the state NCA committee, said that the chief deflcien- stressed that the cy of the 59 schools is in teaching plant sales. expansion and increased "Every one of us who is a mem ber of the GM team can be happj that we have a winning combina tion that benefits all concerned," the ads said. "There's every indication tha this can be the best year of all Its just plain common sense to staffs. Rye said his committee has not made a final decision on what step it will propose but he said keep the ball through 1955.' rolling straigh Two Million in New York Easter Parade NEW YORK (UP) A record crowd of 2,000,000 persons joined he traditional caster parade yes- erday to see and be seen on sun- drenched fifth Avenue. The crowd jammed Fith Avenue n an elbow-crushing mass in a 10- 'lock area around St. Patrick's "I think there will be some substantial savings if our recommendations are accepted." Non-pulbic school programs now helped financially by the state include training of waitresses, industrial personnel, firemen and safety training for electric linemen. WHEN IN MADRID MADRID (UP) A scores of foreign tourists including seven Americans were arrested Sunday for throwing leather cushions into a Madrid bullring to show their disapproval of the poor quality of the bullfighting. The Americans, who were fined Poultrymen to Introduce Own Act LITTLE ROCK WI— A drive for ah initiated act to repeal most exemptions from the stable 'sales tax has been started by' Arkansas poultrymen. Poultrymen had' warned that ii Alex Washburn, Hope editor, did not drop a move to refer to general election voters the 1955 law exempting poultry "and livestock (feed from the leavy, Countermeasures would be taken. Charles' Hawk, Arkansas poultry Federation manager, said the decision to campaign for; an initialed act was reached at a meeting here between directors of the Arkansas Pountry Improvement As- socialion and representatives of the "There is nothing to indicr $6 apiece, said they didn't know (State Turkey Federation, Arkansas much about bullfighting but threw Poultry federation and the Arkan- heir pillows because they saw so|sas feed many Spaniards doing so. tlon. that an extended delay inioi ing the elimination "of gation will improve - tudes »' "There is no reason fop/sii ing that delay 1 can minimize M ever unpleasant consequV' might follow from, tl>e --'-*-"'• of this great evil." ' Representatives of S States will present their guments tomorrow and We day. They generally maintain immediate integration might 'l voke violence, t , ^, • Attoineys for Negro 'gr however, .cpotend. that anTair shift is the best way to so'lva' problem. ' ', "'_*%., The Supreme Court firatftfeu uled the -arguments, -«e«>ec' last about three days/*" ' struck down las't trine that "segarate school facilities for negroes are w cons{itutiona^L^ cowt now must determine h< ' historic depision should "be ried out. Arkansas W«athtr By Tht Aitec lai«d', Central Arkansas: ' and a little warmer,' fttf and manufacturers Associa- Jl storms All Around the Town •y Th« ttcr Sheriff Jimmy Cook issued the fol-'have a pianist who usually ha.s tQ owing report of .activities during work harder an'd longer than others ( . f ~«wi_ih. MII.U «i 1/uuu *-»t. x an i^n o *w.. ...a » *. t *~ . -r .-- .— - T - - —--- • .-» •. -i - , • •, " r -* _ _ __. Suppose, he continued, the Cathedral and overflowing into he first three months of this year in the cast .".. Hope has Mrs. EVa i rt rur. a. i c> f nun ft innffn***?, .« .!_,.' »•-••* " *• O ... «w i _..•._ , f, t •*»»•»_•'. .. ...t__ ._.!_._»,• ji vaccine is found ineffective, or less than perfect? "How much dismay or loss of confidence may resull? A vaccine can be Madison, Park and Sixth avenues and Jnto Central Park, Smartly dressed women confounded the (fashion world by vaccines against yellow' fever or smallpox, which are not 100 per cent? Fire-proofing buildings does not eliminate all fires, but it does ar ,. S . UC ril.^ ith _ 0 ^L, be ,^,wearing mostly small hats. It was a surprise to milliners who predicted larger hats this season. The men showed a perference foi homburgs instead of tophats. The temperature was 72 de'- he ? e ' looklng tor a fast £° meba ? k . is evident everywhere.!drastically reduce the amount of gr ees, the warmest day of the iastro. To a v silnp'c «*/„ it i,_- „ !,„„.„ destrnnfinn ' .! * piastre. niels, Pat Enoch BrendaHamm ag ° Judith Percel ™ - ' gate city to the °" ent To a visitor's eye it has a boom hust " bustle e ' gner no longcr has a fcclin 2 ot destruction.' PROTECT HAIR HOL'LYWOOD, (UP) — Mem' Muouiderin" I'rom the torches being unwanted. of aniforeign mobs. Eioting took 1 When you step off a plane at more lhan 50 lives, caused millions Caiio Airport the first sign you I Judy Weaver~ Rov Rnw P V n "-Tu of dnllars in damage. Such land-!see says "Welcome to Egypt." But bers of the "Crew-Cuts' singing Ellis BillieTSUP Browni' T»r^ii !? arks , a ? She Phards Hotel, and you bein to., beliave they really quarlet said today they have each Bn S$f SWrl?y° W j5hn ci- !^ eCX Sfroye.d BriUSh ^ ^ ""-" " Wh -" ^ U - g ° thr ° UBh '• * ^ ° Ut B '* 1 *' 000 4nSUr9npe po1 ' yes, Norma Hughes, ajid Many foreigners fled the country, stayed pn in ft« at- Continued OB toms. The official baggage searchers jn old days had the reputa The policies cover the fmiv mem icy, Jjerg' p/ year. The, vast crowd seemed content to bask in the warm sun with no incidents marring the Christian anniversary of the resurrection of Christ. Across the nation, millions of Americans attended church ser- vipes and celebrated : the arrival of spring with traditional walks in stev fmeve and ... a total of 146 arrests with 12 Reynerspn who perhaps has done convicted for drunkenness . . 33 more -for various:organizations~and traffic cases,'four for wife and child clubs" here "than any other single abandonment, eight for burglary person . , . Thursday and Frid.8) and grand larceny, 14 for posses- she will again play fpr the annual sion of liauor. 12 driving while in- kjwanis Minstrel and somewheie toxicated, 10 for gambling, six dis-. during' the program wouldn't it be turbine the peace . . . two. fpr giv- fine for the aduience to give Mrs. ing an overdraft, four assault and Reynerson a big hand Jo battery, eight stills destroyed, 14 tion, • "• ' turned over to county to work out 1 fines' and five for allowing stock to noon nea.r 70, pO, Northeast Arkansas^ cloudy and a littte W afternon and tonight, 4 thunderstorms change in afternoon near ?p, 60. Southeast cloudy and a JitUe afternoon graze on Highways money the "I definitely will be a candidate lor Maypr of Hope," were (fee, sheriff's office took in totaled IS,-, words of Talbpt Feiid J»'-i JhJ? 771.70 . . . Incidentally nine were njng, " '' ' sentenced to the state penitentiary and two are yet to go, thunderstorms, "^v ;/*«?'"^ «"*Sr^8 Ann ^PtiAantiu^ V T iu w i'"" ••?"« *• '« X |sUta * $* PJWts;,Mr, an<J Mw- In the .background Pf practically G.eqr|e §{rp"(J , , /toft j»p jujiUJftj every club meeting and fund rais- J$h.ed ing event is _ a\person ^who does^a yra^s j|,

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