Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 9, 1955 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, April 9, 1955
Page 9
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^ ftq&stifgtf. *r «5p ROPE STAR, HO PI , A ft ft A N S A Saturday, April 9, 1953 ^SOCIETY, --•^Wfti ?4481 B*tw«ft 8 A, M, and 4 P. M. -April* and fcindergartnn tHe Pfesbyteriaft Church .Ihelr'Eft feF BIT "Bunt $,yftt 3 i». m. at the home of efe f lxiwe la Oskhaven. For cKlldren please meet 0B. W, _ Hvtftt for the pupils nary Department 2, of the jSaptlst' Church, will be held /, afternoon, April 9th, on ,.Ufott of Mrs, M. S. flates, 15HJ ittt *Elm Street. All pupils are 6d .jto attend, „ f"* • —• • n", I April 10 Country Club will have an Huht Sunday, April 10 &, m. Hosts and Hostesses '"Mr. and Mrs. Bill Routon, Mrs E. P/ Young. Jr., and Mrs. Harold Brents. of Mrs. Orville Sleadman, 623 West Division st. at 7 p. m. Sunday School Lesson * g ' By WILLIAM E. GILROY D .D. "The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." So ithe Apostle Paul wrote in Romans 6:23. What is that gift of eternal liifc? The New Testament has much The Business Woman's Circle|r ncerning it. Il was thc question No. 1, of the First Baptist Church, I that the famous rich young man will mficl Monday night, April llth, asked of Jesus — how to attain it Sunday & Monday at Saenger at 7:45 in the home of Mrs. Louise •Hussell, 13J8 South Main Street. The Rebecca Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church will meet Monday April 11 at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Royce Smith 520 S. Main st. Mrs. Herald Porter•field and Miss Thelma Thrash will be hostesses. Woman's Society of Christian Ser- of the First Methodist Church lie 'Junior Members of Poplar bvc'^198 , Woodman Circle will tfielr monthly meeting at the e of Mrs. Nettie Wiggins Jr., r. on Saturday, April 0 at I'his Is to be followed by SlaSter Egg Hunt. , L ' "April 1 11 (Mark 10-17-22). The Gospel of John is full of references to eternal life. II is the purpose of God in thc coming of Jesus that men should not perish, but have eternal life (John 3:15); there is the gathering of fruit unto lifc eternal (John 4:36); and the words of eternal life are with the Master, jas Peter said (John 6:68). That Peter should say that shows how j ,. much, the quest of eternal life was will meet Monday .at 2 p. m. in the uppermost in earnest mind!.- Paul!' sahctuary.pf the church. Delegate-j urges Timothy to "lay hold on ct- 1 ' who attended the annual conference |ernal i ifc .. fl Timothy fi . 12) A11 j week will give reports at this meet-! thc Epistles constantly lay stress tend members is urged to al-i upon ctema l life as the heritage of 1 The C. W. K Circles 1, 2 and 3 of the First Christian Church will meet at the church Monday at 7 p m. for a dinner meeting. PAUL NLV/MAN find Jove in this scene from Vmi CHALICE." In CincmnScopc, WarncrColor. the Christian. What is that eternal life? And WMA of the First Baptist Church will meet at the home of Mrs. Dannie Hamilto') on Monday, April 11 at 7:30 p. m, 'Auxiliary -will let Mdriday> April 11 In the home HURRY! LAST DAY Program! OOMERGUe. 6:24*9:43 M GENE AUTRY * GAIL DAVIS "71 * PLUS • frit Chapter of New Serial, ItACIC ARROW" $ Porky Pig Cartoon i' st 9 Feature Times • ;$UN -1:00 . 3:35 - 6:10 - 8:45 Mp>) , 2:00 -4:19 - 6;43 • 9:07 *i2w Tuesday April 12 Chapter AE of PEO will mcnt April 12, at 3 rj. m. in the home of Miss Mabel Ethridge, with Mrs. Mary Foster and Mrs. Mary Comp- tori as co-hostess. The Executive .Committee of Garland School will meet Tuesday April 12, at 2 p. m. in the school office. The regular P. T. A. will have open house Tuesday night. April 12, from 7 to 7:30 p. m. for the Fathers, and the regular meetin Will be from 7:30 to 8:30 p. m. wit Mrs. Marth Allison in charge. Wednesday April 13 :'- The Brookwood P. T. A. will mee Wednesday April 13, at 8 p. m in the School auditorium. The Ex c-utive Committee will meet at 2:U with Mrs. Jim McKenzie. Two shor films entitled "Your Family," an "taking Care of Things" will b shown, and all members are urge to attend. '/.' what docs it mean for men today? Is it n kind of lifc that cannot e destroyed? Docs it mean that men die, bu<t .that their works go on? Or is it more than that; is H 'a perpetuation of the process of living? W>j tend to picture il in terms of lift- as we know it but is is quite possible, and probable that a continuing life of the soul might be very different from the life of body. Paul .-aid "It is raised a spiritual body" (.1 Corinthians 15). May not eternal lifc mean primarily a kind of life, the quality of tho living? May not the life that never dies be eternal in that sense ibecao.ise of what it is — its inherent quality in the "irnita- 'C.lubs. .... The jMarch meeting of the Blevin HomejDemohstralion'Club was hel fry the 'liome'v; Economics Cbllag Hwy 29 South • Open 6:30 • 'FINAL NITE«: ALSO LEOGORCEY & the Bowery Boys ''HERE COMES THEMARINES" • PLUS • Chapter 3 of Serial "ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN KIDD" • SUNDAY & MONDAY • COLOR CARTOONS • PLUS • f KIRK DOUGLAS t DEWEY MARTIN t Elizabeth Threat* • Arthur Hunnicurt "BIG SKY" HEY KIDS! BIG EASTER eoe HUNT; v;tih Mrs. C. F. Goodlett and Mrs. D. A. Morris as hostesses. With the president. Mrs. Levorett in charge, the meeting opened with the song, "America" The devotional, Psalrn 147, was read by Mrs. Morris and the Lord's prayer re- oeated in Unison. Mrs. J. V. Hampton gave a demonstration on how to make cafe curtains. Mrs. Lorraine B. Wylie, home demonstration agent, showed slides explaining the selection and buying of furniture. It was voted to participate in the flower show and also Home Demonstration Council Talent night on April 29. Mrs. Carl Brown, Mrs. R, C. Stephens, and Mrs. T. M. Stuart will be April hostesses. ; U?v/-/ > F/'V ; •'••'', '•••'^\':-\ i'4 fc ^tiv'^H-AJ Mrs. J. D. f-Uinri. (-lost::?;•> to W. S. C. S. Circle -I Mrs. J. D. .S'liart, V.T.S hnsk'S* to Circle 4 of llr- \v. G. C. S. ot tho First Mnihodi.-t Church .it In.",-homo on Monday ;: f '- niuun. Mrs. Doug '•:, ;/.t: riiii...-. ch;iirni;):i. presided and cuiKliiuicd Ihe bu:-:i;i'.;ss, session The dcvolio-.ial talk was eiv;:n "by Mrs. Frank GiiiXT',.. 'Mrs. T,ec M.-ur:- gomery spoil' 1 on "The L:i:iru! of Terraced Bo;:;' 1 and ii;-;;. H. H. Mc- Ki:n;'.ie disci!';-: il "Tile Business Women and .the Ci!y." A del'-cUibli' i.Uj.-srrl course served to 1 hmfinburs. Ministerial Alliance Has Monthly Meeting Meals to Be Served in Hope Schools Menus to be served in Hope Public Schools next week Include: Elementary Schools Monday Southern Hash. Rice 1L ": Green Beans. Bread and Butter, "" Plum Cobbler, Mills. Tuesday — Barbecued Beef on Buttered Bun, Potato Salad, Peach Half and Cookie. Milk. Wednesday — Hot Dog, Pinto Beans, Milk. Slaw, Rice, Pudding, The Prc;:coU iVJiiiislrnal Alliance j Thursday — Brown Beef and Gra- the Broadway | v y> Whipped Sweet Potatoes, Apple, " 'Carrot and Cabbage Salad, Biscuit, Columbus The March meeting of the' Home Demonstration Club of Columbus was attended by seven members. Present were the hostess, Mrs.Er- nest Delaney, Mrs. J. C. Hipp, Mrs. R. F. Caldwell, Mrs Billy Webb, Mrs Fred Caldwell, Mrs. Hugh Gilbert, and Mrs. L. K. Boyce, Sr. Mrs. Boyce led the group in singing "The More We Get Together" Mrs. Delaney gave the devotional, taken from Matthew, "Thirty Pieces of Silver," followed by prayer. The President Mrs. Gilbert, gave meeting w,'<..-; lu-Iil Hotel 'Mund:.y morning at Ii o'clock. Thc o;)onhu; prayer \vr.s by Rev. L. O. Lcn. Gideon Sunday in Prescolt was set for May 15th with a member from the Gideon Encampment at Camdon in cocli church. Tlio Rev. Wc.sley A. Lindsoy was appointed -to preach the sermon before the Senior Class on May 22. Mrs. Joe R. Hamilton • • Rotary Club Speaker Martin Guthrio had charge of the program, at the regular • weekly meeting of (ho Uolary Club Tuesday at the Broadway -Hotel and !n- Irodueod MJ s. Joe U. Hamilton as guest speaker. Mrs. Hamilton gave a very inter- jelly, Milk. and Crackers. Friday — Soup Cheese Sandwich. Cake Sauare, Milk ' Junior—Senior High School Monday — bouthern Hash. Rice, Green Beans, Bread and Butte'r. Plum Cobbler. Milk. Tuesday — Barbecued Beef on Buttered Bup. Potato Salad, Peach Halt and Cookie, Milk. Wednesday — Hot Dog, Pinto Beans, Slaw, Rice Pudding, Milk. ^Thursday — Brown Beef and Gf'avy, Whipped Sweet Potatoes, Apple, Carrot and Cabbage Salad, Biscuit.- Jello, Cookie, Milk. flTriday: —,• Salmon Croquettes. Hash Brown Potatoes, Buttered csting and infonriutive.talk on: Song peas, Enriched Bread, Cake Square, Birds. She: told Iho .Rotari'ans of ihejmilk. ; different .varieties and families of birds native to this area and also listed, those that mi'/ruto through htrc. She told of Ihe'habiJx rind usefulness of dni'crenl .birds. Mrs. i Hamilton, who has made a study of Song Birds fur a number of years ended her talk by nnsv.'crin:; a num- some interesting pointers on makina I Fir ^- M •'-'<' window curtains. Other reports of' c ' a - v ni .'- r ht, April 4 ;.U the home of leaders were given'by Mrs. Delanevl Mlvs ' ( -' J . y '' !o Hu.stedy with Mrs. Tho- and Mrs. Boyce. ' j rne Ho«lcrly co-hostess. Mrs. L. O. Plans were made for the flower ^ ce - P'^-sicient, presided during the show for April lii. During the recreation period, two quizes were won by Mrs. Webb.' csts WOI '° opcnod and reported fkcsnsans to Attend Education Parley ^ITTLE ROCK im state edu- „. cation officials have begun plan- ber of questions about birds from ni PS for Arlcansas participation in the White House Conference on Education, Nov. 28-Dec. 1. Education Commissioner Arch Ford said yesterday he will ap- pfiint a state committee to study s|ich questions as how can schools get enough teachers and keep them and how -to finance schools mort. ejficiently and economically. the Rotarians. Wesleyan Guild H;is April Meeting Wesleyan Service Guild of tho ;..u Church met Tue.s- business so is ion. A Social Service reiMiri \vas r : ivcn and the Treasure Refreshments were served ! " n A ' ! mombers wore urged to s The April meeting will be in the ' to (1 l'nrcii on Thursday of this week home of Mrs. R. C. Stuart with Mrs. Hugh Gilbert co-hostess. Rocky Mou;iU and lake communion. Members voted to have the next mission study in four sessions with each one l.-jsii'i.-.; IU hou-s, the first Mrs. Vanmeter Entertains • Practical Nurses Asso. , -Mrs. Mac Vanmeter entertainec roeinbcrs of the Prescott Practice. Nurses Association at her home on Thursday evening. ;,The business meeting was' conducted by Mrs. Nora Graham. ; Mrs. Delphia Howard gave an in- tqresting talk on "Hypertension 1 aiter which delectable refreshments were served by the hostess. .'Mrs. Jack Harrell Hostess to •''37 Club Mrs. Jack Harrell was hostess to members of the '37 Contrast Club at her home on Tuesday afternoon. Arrangements of red honey suckle were placed at vantage points in the living room and a bowl of white mums graced the coffee table. The dining table was centered with a lovely bouquet of yellow and orchid mums flanked by yellow tapers in wrought iron candelabra. The high score award was won by Mrs. C. D. McSwain. A tasteful dessert course was ser- jved to members, Mesdames Archie Beatrice Hoss, Mrs. Norman Tay-j I have never foremen "a sermon' Johnson, Ralph Gordon, George or, Mrs. Jim Chambers, Mrs. Earl:.that I hoard .some ye.'.rs a"o I' Christopher, John Pittman, Frank Dudley, Mrs'. Fred Wilson, Mrs. Ed-j did not happen to be' pteaehfng on i Gilbert, A. V. Regnier, O. G. Hirst, Thc Rocky Mound Home Demonstration Club held its March meet- ng in the home of Mrs. Orie Byers with Mrs. Raymond Byers as co-hostess. . The President, Mrs laude McCorkle, presided. The singing of "Auld Lange Syne" was followed by the devot- onal, Psalm 147,' and the Lord's prayer in unison. to bo on Monday, April ]1 at 7:15 p, m. at the home u[ Mrs. Charlie Thomas and tho last one ID be held at the regular meeUr.f.; in Mjy. Dates of the other two .sessions will be announced later. Mrs. J. A. Cole and Mrs. Charlie Thomas ;.;av<> imei ps'.in^ reports on thc Guikl ConlV-ri-iice ;,t Litllo Rock held March /:(; and :i7 which they at- I tended. An inviliit.'on was read by After the business meeting and ii" uu V , '™."!"."''" . w:ls lv:Kl by eaders reports, games were play- *^ arl ' ."if 1 ' i1 ; 1 ^<^>O', in- ed and prizes won by. Mrs. Bruce. M^hy n|,'l \PV ^- ftT r°" Mrs. Chambers, Mrs. Mosser and j™ ; !'£,, r ll - A; \ " ll!1 ^ "-" Mrs. Ross. The thrift garment was ^ J-»-t"rt m.din,,. von by Mrs. Higgason. Mrs. Beatrice Ross joined tho 4ub. Refreshments were served to, VIrs. Claude McCorkle. Mrs. Clif-i tion*of Christ," the einbodiment ord Messer, Mrs. Ray Turner, Mr;;, i of His spirit and leaching? DOPOTHY DIX Back To The Farm? Dear Miss Dix: I was brought up on a form but since I come to the city to work I greatly prefer urban life. I am much happier away from cows and chicken. My fiance, however. is a farm-bred boy who loves the country. He majored in agriculture at school and has tremendous enthusiasm for that work. His parents own a fine farm, thoroughly modern in every Ava Gardner Going to Get a Divorce By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD I/PI -What's the respect, located some twenty miles status of the Ava Gardner-Frank from-a good-sized town and in an ideally scenic location. Brad, my fiance, absolutely refuses to consider any other sort of life, and I don't blame him. Ho wants to marry this spring (he is 24, I am 23), but I think it best for us to postpone marriage for an- Sinalra marriage? "It's at a stalemate," says Si natra. "he established residence in Nevada, but she filed the papers for divorce. I don't know what she's going to do." He left no doubt that the marriage is 'over, but he's not con- other year. This will give us a chan-! c ' ern ed about a divorce, ce to become better acquainted "I'm not going to get married." and for me to make up my nc saj d. "If I feel the need for mind whether or not I could company, I call up for a date and go back to farm life. We've &° ou ' somewhere. I have no plans have a house," he said. "I read a lot, now that I have formed my own production company." He has signed a deal with United Artists to produce a picture a year for five years, starring in three of them. This is part of his plan to make money over a long period rather than all at once. "My finances are in good shape now." said the crooner, who once owed Uncle Sam $9U,000 in back taxes. "But now I've got to find ways to defer my income.' He is looking lor a TV deal. Besides his own company, Sinatra has deals cooking with other studios. Instead of man," he may Shulman sto ry St. Louis Wo- do the Max "The Tender known each other throe years but have only dated six months. Am I being foolishly stubborn or do you think I'm right in my belief that I could never again be happy on a farm? HE'LENE T. This Farm Sounds Perfect Answer: In your long letter, here abridged, you paint such an irresistibly glowing'picture of life on this ideal farm, where you would even have your own house, that' it's difficult to understand your hesitation When a farm comes complete with all city conveniences, plus proximity to a large town where shopping and amusement facilities are of the best, to be topped off with for anything serious." He said plans for him and Ava to costar in "St. Louis Woman" at MGM are definitely canceled. H'c didn't think it would be a good idea to open old wounds. He got a laugh out of reports linking him and Gloria Vanderbilt after they had some dates in New York. When a columnist asked if they would marry, Frank cracked. "Sure —and what's the penalty for bigamy these days?" He pointed out that the was still legally wed to Ava and Miss Vanderbilt It Leo Stokowski. "I found Gloria delightful com pany," he said. "It was wonderful to hear a woman talk intelligently ., , i **J iii-iii M wifiiiciii LHII\ JllL^lJitirilu V the security and independence of j about music and books. Out here, rural life, most folks would be tempted to grab the opporunity. If all these advantages fail to impress you, it certainly seems that you are born for the city and it would be folly to transplant yourself. You would probably make the change with resentful reluctance. All day you would be thinking of your friends in their offices -and apartment houses, lunching at your favorite restaurants, shopping at your pet stores. Unhappiness under these circumstances would be invitable. If you decide to mari'y Brad, you must do so with the earnest deter- nination to adopt the life he must ive and do your best to like it. You will doubtless be stealing a the girls seem to limit their conversation to what's happening in Hollywood .and at the race track." Sinatra lives in a West Los Angeles apartment just five minutes' drive from the home of his former wife Nancy. He visits his children "three or four times a week" and talks proudly of them. They arn Nancy, 14, Frank, 11, and Christa , What does he do for kicks when he's not working? "I play a lot of golf, especially oown at Palm Springs, where I Answer: How do you figure you've wasted any time on Stewart? You went out with other boys even though, on occasion you had promi march on your friends since the sed to DG truc to him - You didn't back-to-the-farm movement is| really want tne lad tmtil y° u knew aining momentum every day. The j sorneone else was seriously interest- chief pastime of many city dwellers ed in nim - Better Ia ce the fact that s reading "farms for sale" ads, this roma nce is over, and the highways are \yell traveled on week ends by pavement pound- ers who long for a piece of land all their own. Perhaps it's possible that you aren't too sure of your love for Brad. This is the first question you must settle for .ypurself. If your ove is complete, I'm sure you'll ind that your place, of domicile isn't so-vitally important. tp 25 members. Mrs. Konneih a most inU:rc'.uin;! lin.y.Tuin or? "Unity oi' faith. 1 ' A tioliojii (ill snlad plate was served by the hostesses ar Juris, Mrs. Harold Higgasori. Jrs. J. F. Bruce, Mrs. G. K. Barvick, and to the children attending. The April meeting will be with ilrs. Claude McCorkle. Shover Springs that Kapler Sunday, and had gone to the Congregational Church in North Newton. The preacher' that day was Dr. Martin Goslin, who I „„ ., „ t , ~. , , ,, is now, I believe, in Plymouth Chur-l Mrs. Adam Guthrie Jr. and Doug Mark Jusliss, Vera Scott, Tom Bern is, Mrs. McSwain and a guest, Mrs. C. P. Arnold Jr. ch, Seattle. The conventional Kaster Sunday The March meeting of the Sho- sermon, \\haiv\vr its fine quality, er Springs Home Demonstration! lends to dwell upon the JUcsurrec- -lub was In the home of Mrs. E. \aron. Attending were 11 members. nc new member, Mrs. Orie Cook, ne visitor, Mrs. Ruth Baker, and Irs. Lorraine B. Wyliu, home du- lonstration agent. Mrs, Aaron chose Psalm 147 tot er devotional. Mrs. Harold Sandford, garden- were the guests Thursday of her mother, Mrs. Pauline Hudson, in Hope. life after death. But Dr. Go.slin's sermon, as I remember it, centered around '.hi.-; i|Ue.sUon: What is there in your ).:/>• [hat deserves immorality ,or is wittily of .immortality? That is a soborin!; question and a very viuU CMC. "it puts the mat- Mrs. Joe Frierson and Rob of Atlanta, Ga. are the house guests of her sister, Mrs. T. E. Logan and Mr. Logan, Dear Miss Dix: ' While travelin >y plane recently, I met a ver nice boy. Since it was a first fligh or both of us, we had fun sharin the experience. I am 18 and I thin he was a bit older. I'd like -to ge in touch with him but don't knov his name. Have you any sugges tions? BETTIN Answer: I guess you'll. just hav to put him in your memory boo; as a pleasant but fleeting exper ience. Locating someone whose a.a me you don't even know is cjuft a hopeless task, However, there'] be other plane rides, and other nice young men. Dear Miss Dix: Stewart and have known each other for eigh years (I am 19; he is 22). Our frie ndship was chiefly an on-and-off again affair, ' with intermitten steady dating. We both went on dat es with other people. However since he went into the navy . six months ago I realize he's the onlj one for me. Then-last week when he was home he told me of anothei girl he's been' seeing. I was heart broken and feel I have wasted the last four years on him Do you think I could get him back? FAYE Mr. and Mrs. D. L. McRae Jr. mbotorcd to Little Rock Tuesday for a visit with her mother, Mrs. Grace ng leader, gave « discussion on er of eternal liiv exacM.v where H| Mrs . j. y. McMahen and Betsy arly gardening methods; Mrs. | belong m in,,u,!U. ch.n.cler and | lTanc> Mrs. L. J. Bryson and Sarah Varon, poultry leader led a dls-j conduct. It Jilts vhe doctrine of . Janet wcre Tuesday visitors in Cam ussipn on poultry sanitation; Mrs. i inunortahty into ihe ehailenge of: d ,, n irge Crews discussed problems Jits itself. n International Rolations- Kternal life is ttic of God |and that is true of tho gifts of the Great Giver. A Hii't means nothing The demonstration, trends in win- But all gifts have twoful.l aspects, ow treatment and Instructions on j those of the giver r.nd the receiver, ow to make cafe curtains was " : ' en by Mrs. Joe England. 'Mrs, Lprraine B. Wylie, homo to one who ctoc.s not value it, ernonstration agent, showed slide who is unworthy to receive it. So immortality, eternal life, concerns what we are as well as what God gives. Surely it would make for greater, bettor living, if we could ever .re-member that under God's gift we are. creating our own destiny. It is. the quaUty of living, the on how to buy and selec; te best quality ctf furniture. Receiving secret pal gifts 1 for the month were; Mrs. Harold Sandford' nd Mvs, George Crews. Qames were played and refresh- nents served. The Apul meeting be in t^i? ^iprae pi Mts. Harold of thai never dje. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Regan have returned from several days visit in Memphis, Tenn. Mrs. Milton McKnight returned to her home in Enid, Okla. on Tuesday after having been called here clue to the death of her father, W. A. Newth. Jess Miller of Mt. MprJah was a Tuesday visitor in Prescott. Mrs. Frank McLarty of Hope visited her parents, Mr. and, Wr$. Berry Hesterly, Tue$<jajr t SEE YOUR NEW f 1955 I CROSLEY SHELVADOR -NOWAT- YORK FURNITURE THE BEAUTY BOX Open 6 Days a Week Appointments after 5 for .those who work. Phone 7-5850 112 S. Main OllLllilUiii si iv i y .iiit .1 t-m..-* _ .^ Trap." The ' "It Happened One* Night" remake with June Ally son has been mentioned for him, as well as other deals But the slory he is mosl inter- eslcd in is "Teahouse of Ihe August Moon." He would like to play the Okinawan interpreter. It makes no difference to him that Marlon Brando, the Oscar winner and Frank's costar in "Guys and Dolls," is also pitching for the role. "I think I'm the better type for it," he said. "Six other guys, including some fine actors, were up for Maggio in 'From Here To Eternity, and I got the part.'' There you have the secret of Sinatra. Mary's Beauty Shop For EASTER SPECIALS CALL . . 7-3584 MARY HAMM Do You Want Something Really Different? Have a '" HELEN CURTIS ' SUPERSONIC PERMANENT HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 7-2878 Hazel- Virginia Auline BEE-T-MITE Termite Control Service Owned & Operated by GUY GRIGG Service policy 109 South Main St. Phones 7-3445 or 7-2772 LIGHTING FIXTURES Protect your eyesight and enhance the beauty of your home with correct lighting fixtures, ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. 114 S. Elm Phone 7-2629 ARE OUR BUSINESS We specialize in effective termite Control. If termites are the .problem, we have the answer. There's no charge for an inspection so call on our long experience now. ARKADELPHIA TERMITE CO. 1032 Main Street Phone 1057 >* ARKADELPHIA ARKANSAS BRANCH GENERAL HOSPITAL Announces the opening of an annex for Convalescent and aged patients. OPEN ING MAY 1st Apply at Hospital Business Office COMING! _ IN PERSON! The Sweetest Concert This Side of Heaven Sponsored by the Magnolia Junior Charily League Junior High Auditorium MAGNOLIA, ARKANSAS TUESDAY, APRIL 12th Two Complete Shows 7;OOP, M. ,«,9:OQP,M. Admission ,,, $3,00 For Mqil Order Tick»t$ Write Mrj. E. M. Anderson, t t ftdM IT At, •y Cfitei Ytwt| etAtitmt (1 NEVER HEAF?t3 > SUCH A LULL IN (A CONVERSATION V, IN ALL MY LIFE I HAD A LIST OF PHONE NUMBERS A BLOCK LONG.... ME.T6O— REDHEADS BRUNETTES, BLONDES BEFORE I'WAS MARR1ER1 WAS PUT WITH A . DIFFERENT GIRL EVERV NIGHT ! HOW'S MAMB& OUT OUR WAY •y Mtetitil O'tatlt* turf Jtfty By J. k. William* yES'M.THE&AR.SAIN A UlFfeTIME/ YOU HOLD IT ON tHfe DU5t 1 PUT THERE AW'-- VOUNG MAW, WILL YOU STEP HERE ANC> TAKE HOLC> Answer to Previoui Puzzf* Third President Sifltfe/ VWT"IJP AT KMJALL'S . u»Tl**r PELAVfcP ACTON SHOT/ R VOU WlTMlN HALP ' ACROSS 1 third President of the United States, Jefferson 1 His wife was ~ — Wayles' Skelton 13 Venerate 14 idolized 15 Peaceful 16 Small candles 3 Stove's bake chamber 4 Repair 5 Get up 6 Dry, as wine 7 Entangle 8 Adjusts 9 Stout cord ID Allowance for waste 11 Pronoun Paid notices r "" w!S-£ bi) Wanderjng 47 Demolish 49 Saintes (ab.) • 50 Civil wrong 51.Gaelic ' 52 Delirium garden 31 Weights o) India 37 Follower 40 Moved quickly tremfens (ab ) O*T*- ,/ ,. 41Electr »cal unit 53 Bitter Vetch 26 Equal (comb. 44 Female ru(t 54 Rodent form) 45 Versifier 55 Scatter, as hay WASH TUBES ', M Mf ERICA If WILL 1 SB SfeVEN M 27 Obliterations 32 Notion 33 Transpose (abV) 34 Brood of 'pheasants 36 .Wharf 36 Three-toed sloth 38 Passage in the brain 39 Shrill 42 Numbers : 43 Flower 45 Young salmon : 48 Royal Italian i family name 152 Give i 54 Witty reply : 56 Tauter 57 Reluctant 5.8 Chargers . OUR BOARDING With Major Hoopl* BACK TO YOUE Mote COOP, AKSb fr 'I5WT LI KE HIM TO •OOTS AND HER BUDDIES DOWN IThree times (comb, form) 2 At this place CRNIVAL •f Dick T«ra« BUGS9UNNY HAS SPOTTED '•/ WMCHIN8 THROUSH MY F6NCE,BU8S? f MNNY BUSINESS By Herahbergar ALLEY OOP VEH ..I'P JUST A5'5O?N. / NOW YJU'RE VOJ WEJ?E FI5M.RIGHT TALKING SENSE..; RIGHT -AJBOUT HOTlHERE AW'-V EVEN 'IF VOU P)l> RUNNIM&THE MOTOR-V; WAY. S\ ACC?UIRE,IT; ...NO'LBE STIRRING yOy—^ ( THE HARP UP TROUBLE .'>/. ^ . \WAY/ T, M, Rij. U. S. Pit Off. ttyr. »t; by NEA S«r»lce. IlK don't make friends with him, Herman! We don't wapt him coming to our house if he should escape!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraltfc -.- "—•-^r.'-Trsarijr^SKJ^ "I rearranged the furniture, but he refuses to give up the . favorite spot for his chair!" SWEETIFPli By Nadine Seller THi STORY OF MARTHA WAYHI fpgr TIN ^wre? AK JANICE fENTTHC fjii tttptr rpwtt fc |Mlt • I'm byylng railroad and 9)1 »htr0if9m«k«* killing!"

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