Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 8, 1955 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 8, 1955
Page 11
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Pe, Kid I Jjtftftfaf Cdrhmtmist' made today one of Quoted KM* 11 did hmf te-•,,«» ^»6' but,b*eaus« ffalfik"' IfttcSStlJi/ Brfl* ^Ith that of America, frttitftti fJClMlM . ftf ^ $Hrite Hfaduaiirj''"lo8t his *aiue for them as *>MH*JA said. "He Was losing tjolltical weight m the country, Churchill was too *>*# fn S 6fn 8 *gainst the Mil of public circles, thereby enrlafi£8r- ing his party's stay in power aft* tr the- general election." The sharply worded attack said' his "reputation as a statesman has been undermined to such a eklent that he became si hind ranee , . , in carrying out th poliey-^f -the Conservative party.' *" "-""*-• " a Hack Ay.air ' "" f)y — r _ statesman. , —, 'It was an indirect "appeal to the Jrltish people to vote out the .bhSdrvattves in the . still unan- general ejections, and crtd he- American attn -of ):"keep.itig Britaift the capacity''of a Junloi' artnfer." \m 1% OUR BEST WISHES TO PATTERSON'S TEXACO SERVICE ( Located at Easf 3rd and Shaver r> & > ; ,,.On the,Grand Opening of Your Modern ! d-'S«rVicfe Station, Saturday, April 9th. WRAY SUPPLY South Walnut Street High e League uses foe a wp.ll child f "1 a "ce an ex- «h'«'*'eM's class at Tickets for the show •i Jd , at P'How's Gift p and .will .be picked up Sat- Utters to the Editor , 1'his Is your newspaper. Write to. U,' Letters criticizing the editorial policy or commenting upon tacts in the news columns, are equally welcome. Every writer rtiust,'slgn' : his name and and- fess but publication of name (nay be withheld if requested OUR BEST WISHES AND CONGRATULATIONS TO •<f»f IV-T , ••! ii^ fi 'ii |41,; ,X ,. |s Locafed at East 3rd and Shaver of Your Modern," i», ', April, 9th iig Electric Go, Easter.Carnival Edi'to'r: The. Star: You can leave ;hls'out . of; the paper if you so :hoose, but the rain we are having! this: week.maltesrrte feel better —: where: :the park is concerned. What other week of the year do the children of Hope use the Fail- Park so -much as this week before Easter? Church egg hunts and other activities to be'held at the park had j to be cancelled at the last minute. Is a carnival and rodeo so important that it has to be held during Easter week? It's easier to tell children they can't use the park because of rain than it is to tell them they can't because of a carnival. So I'm glad its 'raining and I hope it rains the rest of the week. ' ' ./'.'• MRS. BUCK ROGERS April 6, -'1955 Hope, Ark. TOtATIONS-AND ot Eoit'3fd and Shove*: v t L . 4 , t f !• .r .'.*..) ,f , ing of your Beautiful • fldn. Saturcfay, April 9th. R. PtUMBER liAUTERBACH Phone 7-2168 Continued from Page One in£ a spiritual message and checking to see whether anyone is sick or; injured. "It is an inspiring sight to see them come into such an icc- cam'p," says Alec Stevenson, .a veteran of the north now workhr* in .'Ottawa." •• • ; " "They mush in on the 'sled. The families gather around for a chat Then,.,with the barest of ritual and adornment,, his parka pushed back from: his. head, his .breath frosty on the air, the padre reads a short familiar. . prayer.'. He says a few words that .might be a sermon. A hymn or' two is sung. Then he's.off to'.another...camp.! t . ;.• More thnn 7,000 of the Eskimos are concentrated in the eastern sectors of.the north, around Hudson' bay. Fairjy large centers. with .schools,.medical services and mirsing care, are growing up. In Aklavik, consic|#red a big community, there is a unique painting of the Virgin Mary S 'ii- round.ed...by,.;;people-'.-and animals The faces are Eskimo, and the animals are .those the Eskimos know, not. the traditional ones. Art "translates, religion-' into terms' they understand.. . •. . Easter .has a special renews)! theme for the',- ^Eskimos. Slvovtly after, following',., the long winter, comes the brief, sunny season in which vegetables and fruits, grow qijickly. Stevenson, who', often gets away from his desk for ,a trip back, said "rtobody is really isolated in tho North, now." "Used to be you'd have to wr.it for the ice to go''out enough to allow one boat to make one trip a year to bring in mail, fruit, the extras that count so much," ho explained. "Now up there they can expect four or five trips by planes which the . GRAND OPENING OF ' PATTERSON S TEXACO SERVICE ""-SrdaiMlSHOVER APRIL 9tfr, Special Price on Gosolin* LINE Hi f Ml your COM! IN AMP 50 Golloni of K Wtt Phone 7.2222 egimenf to . ly White Flag of SANTA FK. ,V.M 1.71— 'The' White ft:> K of r|or,<:,f. v.'ill fly •• tomorrow ovo (!„, c:ai,ito):- grounds mr.niime il (., ?j c -, : Mexico's farncd ^,0!!, C.ws'f It was 1.3 year? a^p on April 9 (Philippine ti,,-,,,,- i]K]l $ Anierican-PhiliuMine ricjWrl"; ouU;unr;rJ-r.:nvr.. \vay ' to *]?,,! Japanese invaders nn 1 F,-'t-iit* fell. Confirms ];, s t year pro ' claimed April :t ;} ~ ,•-•-.,)-,.,11 Manuel Arn..iio. assistant tli-' rector of (!,- Veterans 5crv- ' ice Commi.-.sir.-M, u-; ls on ly over tho bay ice. If tho plan-:, don't come'in to land, they al legist vill make fretjuc'it. mail and pack- igo drops. And folks o;in ,-,-1 out, oo, hitching rides in company or private planes." Bataan that day. He and some 1,800 other New Mexico men in the 200th Regiment had gone to the Philippines only two months before war broke out. The local unit of the Bataan Veterans' Organization, organized two years ago, will hold Ceremonies at the 200th's nYe- niorial tomorrow at 1! a.m., approximately the hour the . surrender took place. "Our official BVO 'flag will fly froin the monument's staff that day," Armijo said, "ts.. the white flag of surrender, ' and that's the purpose of ' it— ' to remind people of the surren-' der. • "We want to remind the people that surrender" happened'to us one? and it could happen 'again, unless we remain strong. People dont like to be told that, but it's true." DePage County* Probate Court but no estimate of the size of the /estate was given. Col. McCormick left the largest pprti6n of his personal estate to, charity. Three long-time associates will run the newspaper and be ex-! ecutors of his estate. | The will was .filed at suburban; Wheaton, wliere Col. McCormick j Jived. j The 1 executors are Chesser IvI. i Campbell, former vice president! and newly elected president of' the Tribune Co.; William D. Max-i well,'managing editor of the Tri-i 3iine;- and J. Howard Wood, treas-| urer of the company and business j Manager of the Tribune. ' i Prffoy, April I, 19SS Bio de Janeiro means "River January." of BEE-T-MITE Termite Control Service Owned & Operated by GUY GRIGG Service policy 109 South Main St, Phones 7-344S or 7-2772 No Estimate Yet on McCorimck Estate CHCAGO (01 —The will of Co Robert R. McCormick, late edito and publisher of the Chicago Tr bimc. was on file today in th LIGHTING FIXTURE? Protect your eyesight and enhance the beauty of your home wlth-cor- rect lighting fixtures. . ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. . 114 S, Elm Phone 7-2629 . :' ©5JK BUSINESS . n so call on our long experience now. ARKADELPHIA TERMITE CO. T032 Main Sfte8r. ; Phone 1057 ARKADELPHIA; ARKANSAS — ..— •' '....* '. • . BARLOW AIMIITC *i in j. «nu J.J\J r. iy\, to H'O ADULTS $1.75 AND CHILDREN $1.00 CHOICE OF Gulf Shrimp Cocktail Richelieu Grape Juice Cream of Tomato Soup Hawaiian Pineapple Juice Stuffed Celery Hearts Spring Scalllons . Assorted Olives HOSPITALITY TRAY Crisp Rosed Radishes Sweet Pickle Rings Texas Carrot Straws — tNTREES — ORANGE ICE or LIME ICE — VEGETABLES — SPECIAL BAKED POTATOES AU GRATIN BUTTERED GREEN ASPARAGUS CORN WHITE BREAD WHOLE WHEAT BREAD DESSERTS — FRESH PEACH SHORTCAKE FRESH APPLE PIE WITH CHEESE COFFEE . WAFERS HOT OR ICED TEA M|LK CURRY'S Termite Control Co, • BONDED • INSURED • GUARANTEED For Free Inspection cbll A. D. Middlebrooks Jr. Phones 7-2822 or 7-3791 ©AL^DAK retail fair trade price ' with its own light, easj/'io-tise storage rack! 4 troys Storage Rack Fashionable black legs —enamel on sturdy welded tubular steel- and gay trays in a choice of beautiful patterns. So smart for snacks! Lap high to fit over your i knees! - • YORK FURNITURE Comjo/efe ancf official figures show that again in 1954 -far the /9™straight-year— MORE PEOPLE BOUGHT CHEVROLETS AKY OTHER CAR m& ' V*?k- • r low-priced car even comes close to matching these imptftantiChevrolet advantages ... .<£' Sfttf' i" t '• '**,•<«$ * .Wf^ , l 7 JgfGg i. ^Hi -I v ,^r i * / v.4: . ,., "V»i .*; ¥ ,Ut^. ••'* I? \ ItW*. ':'!-*:'v $;.r, ,' r 2 *" J *! April I, 1955 MOP! ITAI, HOM, AitANIAI Deaths Around the Nation By The Associated Prest LOS ANGELES —Thed Barra, 63, .the famed siren of the silent vies who appeared in 40 films itween 1919 and 1923. Born Theodosia Goodman in Cincinati and was the wife of film director Charles J. Brabin. jpied yesterday EL PASO, Tex. — T. E. Rode rick, 89, retired newspaper publish «r and fatHef of Dorrance D. Rod erick, publisher of the El Pas' Times. Died yesterday. LEXINGTON, Ky. — Dr. Wil Jiam Ray Allen, 70, zoology prof essor and curator of the zoologica museum of the University of Ken tucky and a member of the fac ulty since 1922.' Born in Ossian, Ind. Died yesterday. tJElEECE ABOARD! LAST CALL! if y6u want to join THE EXPLORERS CLUB the finest-form of CULTURAL ENTERTAINMENT ever to come to Hope MEXICO Phone 7-2226 or 7-4391 before it's too late TURKEX EGYPT SAENGER TODAY AND SATURDAY AT: 2:36-5:56-9:16 DARING! ALSO AT: 4:10 - 7:30 if* * GENEAUTRY * GAIL DAVIS in Sons of New Mexico' • PLUS • FIRST CHAPTER OF NEW SERIAL THEJLACK ARROW' & PORKY PIG COLOR CARTOON * SUNPAY&MONDAY EASTER SHOW • FEATURE TIMES • SUN — 1:00 . 3:35 - 6:10 - 8:45 MON — 2:00 - 4:19 - 6:43 - 9:07 FROM THE GREAT NOVE! If you're planning to buy a new car, the one you jus} can't afford to miss seeing is Chevrolet—for 19 straight years America's besf-selling ear. The Moforamie Chevrolet offers you so much more than the other low-priced cars that it's hardly fair to compare them. And even the high-priced cars don't have all the advantages thai today's Chevrolet offers you. The beauty's built in-nof bolted on! And that makes a big difference-not only in how your car looks today, but in how it will look tomorrow, too. Chevrolet's good looks spring from fine, clean, uncluttered design. The beauty is inherent in the' basic contours of metal and glass. There's no excessive boltcd-on ornamentation to go out of style overnight. The Body's by Fisher! No other low-priced, car ha7a Boidy _, Fisher-but many of the high-priced cars do. That fact alone tells you there must be something extra special about the style, quality and construction of Body by Fisher. And there is! You can see it, feel it and even hear it when you slam the door. ' , . ;'•'*•>'*,• ' •••ita V -„.'«—.-.• -wip Today'r most modern engintif That goes for Chevrolet's new y8 and two new sixes as well, For example, all Chevrolet engines bring you a modern 12rvolt electrical ^system r-double 'the voltage of other low-priped cars. This means quicker cold weather, starting and a greater electrical reserve. Then Chevrolet's new "Turbo-Fire V8" has th* shortest pistojj stroke in the industry, A Powerful Story of Intrigue, Deviltry, Adventure and Stolen Love! and develops the highest power per pound of any V8 in the low-price field. It takes valve-in-head leadership like Chevrolet's to bring you truly modern engines like these! A drive to suit your driving! You \can take, your choice of thr§e ferent drives-and every pne's ern as this minute, fh' peppery Powerglide, ri'6w (both extra-cost options), and a And you can even have air conditioning if you like. These things are extra-cost options, of course, but they more than repay you with extra pleasure. -C* or A SORCIKIk' IOOK rut MAPI )!!•- W -\NIIO OUI AH Windows, seat, steering, brakes-all are available with built-in "muscles" to make driving as effortless as you wish, ;jfJt> £,'*£, many good reasons why? you should drive a new Chevrolet. Come jjjj/and, take the key. ~ ;• Over Fen, Milton Chevrolet owners-Two Million*moro than'any'olher tar! "YOUNG CHEVROLET Stcond St, ,, Ei ARK. Phwif 7^3*4 WARNiRCQkOR • tyt MAYQ - fir ANGELI' M PAUNCH' M NEWMAN SHORTS; ]• iflMtfuSit^y. • / ^ SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between I A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Saturday April 9 The Nursery and Kindergarten children of the Presbyterian Church will have their Easter Egg Hunt Saturday, at 3 p. m. at the home of Mrs. Jack Lowe in Oakhaven. For .ransportation children please meet at the church at 2:30 p. m. An Easter Egg Hunt for the pupils of Primary Department 2, of the First Baptist Church, will be held "Saturday afternoon, April 9th, on he lawn of Mrs. M. S. Bates, 1510 South Elm .Street. All. pupils are urged to attend. Sunday, April 10 Hope Country Club will have an Easter Egg Hunt Sunday, April 10 at 4 p. m. Hosts and Hostesses will be Mr. and Mrs. Bill Routon, Mr. and Mrs E. P. Young. Jr,, and Dr. and Mrs. Harold Brents. The Junior Members of Poplar Grove 196 Woodman Circle will hold their monthly meeting at the home of Mrs. Nettie Wiggins Jr., supervisor, on Saturday, April 9 at 10 a. m. This is to be followed by an Easter Egg Hunt. . • Woman's Society of Christian Ser vice of the First Methodist Church will meet Monday at 2 p. m. in the sanctuary of the. church. Delegates who attended the annual conference week will give reports' at this meeting. Each members is urged to attend. ' The C. W. F. Circles 1, 2 and 3 of the First Christian Church will meet at the church Monday at 7 p. m. for a dinner meeting. WMA of the First Baptist Church will meet at the home of Mrs. Dannie Hamilton on Monday, April 11 at 7:30 p. ra. Tuesday April 13 Chapter AE of PEO will meet April 12, at 3 p. m. in the home of Miss Mab'el Ethridge, with Mrs. Mary Foster and'Mrs. Mary Compton as co-hostess. Monday April 11 The Fireman's Auxiliary will meet Monday, April 11 in the home of Mrs. Orville Steadman, 623 West Division st. at 7 p. m. The Business ' Woman's Circle No. 1, of the First Baptist Church, will meet Monday night, April llth, at 7:45 in the home of Mrs. Louise Russell, 1318 South Main Street. The Rebecca Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church will meet Monday April 11 at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Royce-Smith 520 S. Main st. Mrs. Herald Porterfield and Miss Thelma Thrash will be hostesses. The Executive Committee of Garland School will meet Tuesday April 12, at 2 p. m. irt the school office. The regular P. T. A. will have open house Tuesday night April 12, from 7 to 7:30 p. m. for the Fathers, and the regular meeting will be from 7:30 to 8!30 p. rn. with Mrs. Marth Allison in charge. ' •• ' Wednesday April 13 The Brookwood P, T. A. will meet Wednesday April 13, at '3 p. la. in the School auditorium. The Executive Committee will meet at 2:15, with Mrs. Jim McKenzic. Two short films .entitled "Your "Family," and "Taking Care of : Things" will b» shown, and all members are urged to attend.- ... Do You Wont Something Really Different? Have a HELEN CURTIS SUPERSONIC PERMANENT HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 7-2878 Hazel Virginia Auline Hwy 29 South • Open 6:30 TONIGHT & SATURDAY A GOOD DOUBLE FEATURE Mrs. Don Smith Hostess To U. D. C, The home of Mrs. Don Smith was the scene for the April meeting of the Pat Cleburne Chapter of' the -U. D. C. with Mrs.. J. .W.' Strickland and Mrs. W.'T. Franks as co-hostesses. • • The president, Mrs. J; M. O'Neal conducted the business 1 session, at ''the completion, Mrs. Gus Haynes gave a. very interesting discussion on hospitals in the War between -the States'. She ; brought out interesting facts on the ingenuity of women in substituting and improvising necessities made scarce during the war. . Tee cream >and cake were served to.the 15 members present. Com ing and Going Mr. and Mrs. Roy F. Prather and daughter Mary Delia of Little Rock will be the weekend guests of Mrs. Steve Carrigan, Jr. Mrs. Buster Rogers and son, Ken will arrive Friday for a visit with her parents Mr. and Mrs. K. G. Hamilton. Births Mr .and Mrs. C. B. Garrett of Stillwater, Oklahoma announce the arrival of a daughter, Melanie Lou on Saturday April 2nd. The Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. U. G. Garrett and Mr. and Mrs. Fay Ja mes. . • ALSO • LEOGORCEY & the Bowery Boys "HERE COMES THE MARINES" • PLUS • Chapter 3 of Serial "ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN KIDD" Hospital Notes • CUNDAY & MONDAY CARTOON CARNIVAL COLOR CARTOONS • PLUS • • KIRK DOUGLAS • DEWEY MARTIN • Elisabeth Threatt • Arthur Hunnicutt "BIG SKY" HEY KIDS! BIG EASTER EGG HUNT; SUNDAY, APRIL 10 $:3Q P. M, Hundreds of Egg$! Lots of Prizes! ~- • MONKEY VILLAGE t f REJ KIPDYLANP Branch Admitted: Miss Linda Sipes,. Columbus, James Gilbert. Hope, Stephen Ray, Lake Charles. Louisiana, Harold Collins, Hope, Rt. 1, Mrs H. H. Hillard, Hope, Mrs. Charles McClendon. Lewisville, Mrs. Glen Beavers, Fulton. Discharged: Harold Collins, Rt. 1, Hope, Lois Moton, Saratoga, Linda Sipes. Columbus. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Beavers announce the arrival of a baby boy. Admitted: Mrs. D. L. Arnold, Hope, Mrs. Eva Lee Norwood, Hope, Rt. 3, Discharged: Stephen Ray, Lake Charles, Louisiana, Robert Jones, Hope, Mr. and Mrs. D. LJ Arnold announce the arrival of a baby boy. 4-6-1955. / Julia Chester , "" Admitted: C. L, Brewer, Patmos, Mrs. Denver Hornaday, Hope, Mrs. G. F. Bickerstaff, Rt. 4, Hope. Discharged; Joe Daughtery, Rt. 4, Hope, Mrs. Oliver Bright, Rt. 2, Hope, Raymond Jones, Patmos, Carrie Peoples, Rt. 4, Hope, Mrs. Burke Henry, Hope, Mrs. J. B. Williams and son, Hope, AJlen Shipp, Hope, Mrs. Carrol Yocum, Hope. Admitted: Mrs. Jim McKee, Mrs. Lou Johnson, Hope, A. C. Burton Jr., Blevnis, Bonnie Jean Walker, Hope. Discharged: Andy, McElroy. Final Rites for Texarkana Man TEJCARKANA, Tex, (UP) — Services were planned today ' for Pirn D. Baker, 79, prominent Tex- arkanian and former Bowie County (Tex.) sheriff, who died yesterday following a two-year illness. Baker was a native of Sherman, Tex,, and had spent most of his life in Bowie County. He was elected sheriff in 1910, a position he held for H yeari. * '*''%•• Survivors include his wlfe^^^ daughter, one son, a sister and ope brother, "—' IMP TH£ BEAUTY BOX Ofitn 4 Doyi § Wetl* Appointment! after S for tho»e who w»rk. 118 Brands Royol Romance Untruth CAPETOWN, South Africa W) — Dr. Geoffrey Fisher, the archbishop of Canterbury, said today there is "no truth whatsoever" in reports that Prin cess Margaret is to marry Group Capt. Peter Townsend. Mary's Beauty Shop For EASTER SPECIALS CALL . . 7-3584 MARY HAMM MON, APRIL 18 ^GREATEST SHOW EVER* 46BI6Aa$ M50 PEOPLE Acti From Great Shows Such At T.Y/s y BIG TOP AND y* SUPER CIRCUS TOGETHER IN NERDS OF ELEPHANTS « « - ».».. CAPT. EDDY KUHN Wild Animal Act UOHS-TICCRS 1,001 BIG THRILLS twice Daily 4 PM - 8PM Doors Open 2 PM - 7 PM Adults $1.10 - Childs 50c All Tax Included COLISEUM NINETEENTH ANNUAL! EASTER MORNING WORSHIB:! 6:30 A, M. — April! 0,1955 at the FIRST BAPJIST CHURCtt- Order of Worship • Edmund Pendleton, Presiding . - 1*ifr >* > t * V • '• ••' .• |"»»: : :' ,.;> ^^L^X;:., Prelude — "Easter Dawn" Mrs. Florence Hyatt s' Name" i.'..; M .;'H.oldM-;J^|J:^ 'A Pi re#- DraertwtAri/ttV ^"l^i ir^*r* '' '.'.'V' • ; ^-'.'.±^-:'^"£'&?J$» Hymn — "All Hail the Power of Jesus' Call to Worship, led by L. T. Lawrence, First Presbyterian Doxology — "Praise God, From, Whom All BI,§ssirig$'fj6#"V£'^ Invocation ..;; Garland Johnson,'First/Nazdrene^ChMrcH^'}-'^.^'*^^ Hymn— "Gome, Thou Almighty King^* Giardiril^l^lfe;!^ Scripture Reading C. S. Walker, Hope Gospel Gnegh||g|||^ . ,.","V.' Tr,!3^^^^ Offertory — "The Last Spring , Mrs. Florence Hyatt Special Music — 'Unfold Ye Portals" High School Glee Club THE MESSAGE V, D. Keeley Firtf *' • »* — •**• * •*"• *• ~ ~T ™ "*~~ t )**'^|.y-t?rjKsSv.Y5^''j'i The Benediction Edmund Pendleton, First Ch1ristianjCharclS|^^p Organ Posrlude : • . . r ^A^Cf||«l .-........:.-..- ' ' ..^^.mfmmM ' y^.iji '•:" ' : ^^mOL ^/^^f [*'<- t "trt-'^ j.TJ'.'.V'i's.'.'l.Mr., '^i (t&&&£iz££$tfal:K!iM&ii*i - ,„, ,,.. ,. Chances are: If yOU. you haven't driven one Once you Test Drive 'new Trigger-Torque power in Ford, sit. luxury of its Thmderbird-inspired styling; dnd*reldwttf*iM "•'• " "'•<'.,,, i- * *"'.» » j* "' \ , Angle-Poised Ride—you'll see ,u;fe tfae &wj$£i$i tQ~Fpj$! ^^™"^^^^^""^ : 7r >- : 5" *^^"^^^^^^T^'i '"T" 7 "$ r " "7"«*""f ^ ' •y-'T" f. T "^'4v,,i,j ." . - ._. If you haven't driven a Ford lately, get As you relaxJn Ford's new Luxury*; ' 5 , lff]\^'^inu(;h-> R>we tliafs into a '55 Ford and see why it's Lounge interiors, you'll realize why Fqjd, jjuS^ye^i: ^jew' 'woe c America's fastest selling V-8. even higher-priced car -pwuerf^are Foa8tpig4^ioi | »i'»^v W'i-wS i cit/i nrrincv ITI I7rit*^1 ' "" "'" •'•*' : - '• • *•«»•«» i' t\c^kwTf-,rl^v\f\aii^^t ^tittft(t^\r^^S\Q Ford's new Trigger-Torqipe power w " ^ "w:' j" that resist fouling uj>;;itp^^ obeys your commands lightning fast. It Ford's new Angle-PoiseiJ ^ide'cushw longer; _and v new Jf 1 " gives you smoother, quicker perform- ions all the bumps, big and little-even that's still only part ance-a reassuring feeling of confidence.' the thud of tarstrips seems to.disappear! ,, rest Awaits you'jin « FORP th« Ntw ftlST 5IUW . t * itIM inert b»«amt . . . . -" f |SJ Come in and sample th* many "worth mere" aJvanet• in f/ie new Oj , \ T75 „ ^>^ ,"r\ (iff .... jj.{A.f ....;r.<'.. ,',J* J.festf.A

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