The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TW0 BLYTHEVILLE (ARE.) GOURZER NEWS (Continued From Page l) .served as an elective county offir cer orv several occasions and that no; negroes had served:on, the petit, or grand. Juries iu Mississippi county for many years. On cross examination lie said lie had "never heard; of any intimation- of, mob violence." The negroipreachen testified that he, wax stationed at BIythevlIIe at the time: of the arrest: of! Clayton and C/aruthejrs ; and that there was considerable; fpejing aroused over the shop.ting of Mr. Wilson and negrq houses were ssarehed for guns.: On cross examination he said, he- wss not in Biytbovlllo at the time of the trial, some three months later. He named several and business •estlfled that there-wa-fi: no mob ilrit «ildcnccd lii their cpmmuni- les,' that Ihc cases attracted no tore attention than sonic others nd that they believed a jury ould have b«n obtained to glva he negroes a fail 1 trial. Mr. Fitzsimmoiis said he was Hi he courtroom during the trial ami t was conducted In an. orderly manner and Uiat l>2 heart) no talk if mob violence. Clayton and Carulhors were represented by three negro lawyers, John Hibbler, chief counsel. Sclpio \. Jones and . J.R. Booker, ail of Uttlc Reck. Attorney 'General Jack Halt and Uilstant Attorney General J. P. Streepey. represented the stale in .ho trial. Bruce 'ivy, prosraittiir- .ttornoy of the.second judlclnl db irlct, in which the negroes were .rieci, Conferred with tlic state t, .ttoriiiys. WidenTVASplit o'clock at wliicli time there will also b? a program of. spejial music, and an, outside Religious Census Report Due On Wednesday Night A complete report of the .cite_ wide religious census taken Sunday negro- professional; and business under tho supervision of the Mln- iiient he,: believed' were qualified for isterlal Alliance will be made at a jury service but had never heard-i meeting: Wednesday night nt the of, a. negro, serving; on a jury lir| Fltst_ Prcsfiytcrlmi church at 7:30 Mississippi county. Ff.-Uiuc Story Inadmissible) The, petitioners-called S. R. Me- u "• "««>ui; msijiraucnai sptiiKct Gullbugli, special feature writer fon Tllc churches will then decide.lion the SU'Ixrats (Met) Post Dispatch, i Io establish contact- with those peo- as a- witness, and attempted ta in- i ' :!c u ' n3 should l»c brought into trpduce 'in evidence a. story about ] lllolr 8''oups: , the. arrest and' 1 trial of'the negroes l0 ' -'W c - 0,355-people. belonging written by him and printed Hi the ta ls different denominations 01 Post- Dispatch II- months after the: c;{ P rc preference have been trial. Judge Trimble declined to "wounted for by HID no .teams coin- allow, the newspaper, stoi-v to be , l :csc; i of about 150 pocplo' who can- admitted. , ' j raised the entire while section of Of the state- witnesses Judge Killough .testified at greatest lenBth regarding conduct of the negroes' triiil here. He said he took particular, precaution to see that the rbc- ord:reflected "all,, proceedings at, the trial,. U;at- he did not believe til" t i. cso , flic time the'negroes would have nBr , r i l\PPti nnoWrt trt 'nV^^lvi n fnltt l*-<r,l *• l l'*^* "' I BlythCvlllc. Of HID Kb houses re...... i vacaal m , not nt ],„,„,,_ 15[) .till being worked, H Is c\- that when all returns arc ro.fljnntely 7,000 ])eoj)le will en Interviewed. \ c:laticn la all census takers. ;ho served lunch, tho news- venue' "to another county on Ms own motion. He said he did hot believe the jury, was prejudiced.' i;i any \tny against the negroes, by., any feeling >H violence': and •.lha(. : 'thc trial Steele-Gooter Society—Peifsonal . .. was.conducted quietly and orderly, He said.. the non-presence, of ne- groes on the trial, jury iinil been discussed., by him. and Arthur Adams, of Jbnesboro. court appointed counsel for Ihc ' negroes, and 1 , that the latter had decide:! against' asking for negro jurors. 'Tried Case Fairly Mr. ; , Tate nnd. Mr. Oreenway • te£tifieti;that: • as/ members of. .the jury;,their.verdict we.s In. no way influenced by •anythlns other than Hie' ca'se 1 as submitled to them and tlujt they did not know of nny ' "mob. • spirit" prevailing at the lime. Greeinvay, accused by the ne- groes'- lawyers''Of''readIng a paper, containing an account of the'trial during, the trial, said that he had thoughtlessly, picked up n newspaper but had not )in<l nn opportunity .to. read It before he was ndmonished.' by Judge Klllougli not to db'so 1 .', .Mr. Wilson ana Deputy Liuilscy testified: that there, was'- no evidence 'of moti feeling during the trial, and? t!mf. tlio negroes had been held ln;'the county jail here for Eornc-'time-before'the trial. Mr. • Hiirris : - an<l Mr. Adkisson testlfiecr that-there was no talk of mob violence during the trial. Mr. Harris said his'business was located a, lia|f, block frotn the cpurl- house arid that he never noticed anyfriingi unusual! around the courthouse. - Mr. -Su'dbwy,-:edilbr, of lite- Bly- theyille-Couriei; rfeivs, .testlfie<l tlial as, » newspaper, reporter and practicing -attorriey lie,iiad occasion to be in i and, out of: tha courtroom during the,: trlal v . that' he had not noticed ahj', weapons' 'tiisplayed by spectatprs. and that : tho. trial was conducted quietly,, apparently not attracting any more attention than other major, casesi tried here 'during recent/ years. Issues,of the BlythevUle Courier News of. April 10 snd H, 1335, were . introduced, In evidence by (ho slate ! Jn an attcnipt (o refute charges ol the negrces that public opinion was inflamed Against the uejrocs by newspaper accounts of the pro'eeil- ings. Hanway. Moore and Bradford Osceoia Girls Delay Visit To O.E. S, Meeting Tiic visit of the Osceoln Rnin- tow (jlrls- to the . meeting, of the, O.. E. S3. of tills city which was whedulccl for- Friday night lias been, postponed-- until Monday night. .'Mascns 1 . arc . Invifeil .ind discord l)e- Uvcen Dr. Arthur E. Morgan, lui> photo, chairman of the Tennessee- Vnllry Authority, and the two TVA. liircclors, Hor- courl'A. Morgan-and David E. Lilienlluil, left »nd right below, iinnlly luis been brought into the.'oiwn. President Tlooscvclt released'a letter from the director.'! cliarginj! Hint Dr. Morgan abide by majority dc- cisJoiiS;Of the boiird. The 1 -letter -suBgeslcd Hint Dr. Morgan, who Had' 1 usjted :i -congressional inquiry, into the controversy, ru- slgu tho ch.'iinnanship. ; Ire Held was originally • phinnetl, night. School Glass Will Run , Germination Tests Free Tiio. ngricullurnl classes of Dly- tlicvillt llish ccltcol will uc .^fod t 3 run germination tests free of charge- on any kiiul of ueed. for farmers — In this '-community, according to ' F.-ceman Robinson, vccatlomil n»- ricullure instructor. Since the unusually \vct weather, TOO LATE TO cTi\SSlFV :c;l In deteriorate, become unfit, for nr.e. it it,\os- thu fnrmors- to test' all seed IjeUiro iiluiitins. Seed linvinj .1 lotv-iierceiit germiimlloii will cause , poc-r stands and. result In decreased ' yields, it has been pointed out. | These seed 'may be brought, to the high school or given to any- high school boy or ainl to be delivered to the agriculture department. Miss Alice McDanie) was lioetess to l«'4 tables of bridge players at her home on Walnut avenue last Thursday' afternoon. Mrs. Willie Qrau won high score award. Those attending were Mrs. H, E, Docrnpr, Mrs, csrau. Ms. Mawhcl! Uamra, Mrs. Hob Tatum, Mrs. A. D. Aber- imtliy, Mm. Clyde }!azel of steelc and,Mrs. .Rodney Brasher of Columbia, who is visiting her mother, Mrs. Talum. Mrs. James.Terry was hostess to » lui'l.v Sunday afternoon In honor ol the birthday anniversary ol .tames Shannon, \vlio was one year old. Various games were played and in (he contests Maxlno White and Norma Lee Wagster won prizes. Each guest was given balloons 1 , as favors. These attending were Millie Mallory, Skipper and Buck. Miller, Norma Lee, Mtixlne While,. Jerry Miles. Dovlo Jenotci Brown, Johnnie Travis and Jonnie James Wilson, Mrs. J. n. McDrmlcl was hostess to a party for her Sunday ncnoo! class, (lie Winscm Boys of the Baptist church of Steeled Friday night. Various games were enjoyed after wlilcli the hostess served refreshments. Mis. a. }j. Wagslcr was hostess to a surprise birthday anniversary of her granddaughter. Miss Jean Matin, Monday niglil. Jean was 14 years of ngc find there were 31 I'riendo who./nine in to help her celebrate the o;cas:on. She Imu been vlslling her cousin. Allliie Wagster, and upon arriving home was greatly surprised to see all of lier friends already there. Games were 1 enjoyed until a lute hour when 'refreshments of sandwiches, cookies- and tea were served and each guest, was given as n favor, the three little pigs which were made of marshmallows, Mrs. uai-i Bheclcy was hostess to !0 members of Hie Woman's Missionary society Monday afternoon, flic- meeting was opened with pray- or by Mrs. R. c. Steclc sr.. and the devotional was given by Mrs. M-. A Massey. The first two chapters of tho study liook was given by Mrs. Mnssey mid Mrs., Robert -Steele ir. -tiKsy will meet next week in the home of Airs. J. H. Workman. Layman Aabill, so'n of Mr. and Mrs. Ainer /uwil of Wnrilcll and graii-deon of Mr. and Mis. j. i. Azblll. cf, Tj'lor. unrtcrwcnt an op- eration for appendicitis al the Blythevllle hospital Monday. , Mr. and Mrs, Jess. Little, spent Sunday in Joiner, Ark., as guests o! Mrs. Little's parents, Mr. and Mis, W. I, Powell. Herman Sfrlpf, of Keiinelt, and Miss Dorothy Harris spent Monday In Memphis. ^THURSDAY,MARCH 10, 1938' Wounded Deer's Attack Imperils Texas Hunter j Gee Re-Enlers Home Appliance Sales Field Everett !J, Gee has j-eacqiiire;l Ihe E. B. Gee Sales company from If. J. .Marllnelti, and will again' ba In personnl charge, it was announced loda,'. Tho rum will continue to do business at 100 .South Second street. Mr, Marlinrtli. who came here (rc:n Memphis last March to be',:me manager of Hie company for Mr. Gee. purchased the business last October. Tex, (UP) -Homer C. Kccter, Edinburg merchant, had I Ic fight for his life to bring back his deer. ( i Kecter shot his deer and rushed I up to cut its throat when it fell lo the ground. The deer- jumped up and attacked him with n Barrage of. hoof and horn thrusts. Kccter grabbed lhe animal and iain attempted lo kill it wills his knife, but was forced to turn loose and llee. He ran to Ills riflo ami dropped the maddened buck with the second shot, I-oal llJnr Strangely Kound MEMPHIS, 'TCIIII. (UPJ —Three years auo while driving his car near Detroit, Jose F. Medelros felt his large ruby ring slip off his finger. It fell through a hole in (ho floor. Recently while cleaning the Joint at the foot of Hie emergency fcrnke of ills car he found tho ring, hurled in gieate. NEW SPRING YARNS AND. FASHIONS By Denial FREE INSTRUCTIONS- Mrs. Leslie Hooper 1109 Chickasawba Phone 792 Texas Home 95 Years; Citizenship Is In Doubt DALLAH, Tex, (UP)—A resilient of Texas for 05 years, a man who £««' the Republic of Texas became purl of the United-Stales, will appear soon before District Judge W. H. Alwell, seeking lo become n citizen. He is Krnnk Perales, 97. ol Wnx- nhachie, a native of Argentina. who cnmc lo Texas with his parents in 1843, Having lived in Texas under three of the six Ilags that have ftown over it. Pcrnlcs considered himself a citizen, of (ho state ami the nation until recently. ,: Attorneys argued that ho won full, citizenship when Texas was udmitlcd io Ihc Union in 1846. When the question of his citizen-nip was raised, Perales decided on tile necessary legal're ta remove all doubt. The host uuoks use The Dainty -Cooking Fat "It's Wonderful" 1"OK SALE l-:ts or,' 5lh St.- >,j block of Cli'ct- asawba. Total frontage of 100 feat. Has server and water lines already. In.'. .Servants • non freeze trllet; shade trees,- $150.00 side walks. •!. two rcbrn servants houses rent at $'12AO, P. H. A> will build ?. cottage; o;- duplexes. Taxes light For immediate sale $150.00, cnsh, Thomas Land Co. Road Courier News Want, Ads. I HAD THE BEST MEAL ON A rWSGO SNACK , CAR -IT WAS SO CHEAP; TOO! part 5 room cottage on M'uin St. ulmosl now. All convenience?, 'llils is a i:retty iilare and Mortgage Co. says sell it. Price S1000, Cnsh, •1 HOMAS bAND CO. •10-ck-M Groceries At A Savings Shop and Save Here We pay Highest 1'rices on I'ouKry at all Times. FRISCO LINES leettte, NEW, BEAUTIFUL PERFECTION OIL STOVES AND RANGES » Shown here is one of the ailracUvcly restyled Perfection Oil Ranges, with the wonderful High^ Power burners-as fast as gjs and as dean aselectriciiy. You can: depend upon these High-Powcr bucnets lo rcspoad. instantly to the.slighiesL turn of lUc, band- wheel, and to stay as you set them, for high, low or medium flame, - The Range illusuatcd above hai five High-Power burners and a full-size fauilt-in "Live-Heat." oven, with "air. seal" insulation. There ;irc 22 other stoves and ! ranges with High-Power, burners. ' Come in and sec (he restyled Perfections a«d.Jea«i llow ca$y " is to bu ^' i ust ' tne s y lc - ;lt) d size you want for your kitchen, j • . You tan new bait it High-Pomr Perfection '• Oil Rangt like llmjmuhcd in irram-itbite or' />Wf nbitc ponclaiH ritamct— ! 'tlx moil bfittt* \ I'fiil and pratlital nil rangt ever bnill." With ore" al eitbtr rigbi or lift cnJ, New WHOtE WHEAT cereal with TOAStJEb MALT flavor 'HONE 32 nf .Sci-vicc ;j,n<i ,S(|tiari; Oeal We Now Stock A (lonipk'tc Line ol' Y COSMETICS VVu will snoii.-:or a iVec (lenioJisti-aliou ol' this lino bOKinniiig March 1,5 Lo actjuainl you with UK: various items ol' thia- product. 1'ry Monhi K;iy -;iiul you'll lx- lovuly l ROBINSON DRUG CO. / — I'hoiic -1-14^. drop of "T. W." is dls- ana botllzd at the T. W. Samuels Distillery. For 93 years ;i Samuels has supervised i( s distillation, Ruri iJtbel—Kull no I'rool' lilack Label—Full 100 Proof Arkansas Distributor Moon Distributing Company— liitllc Roek. LJ.W.SamiiEls "T KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON E»cluii»«< Solei RepreieUolivci CHARLES F. M1LLI8, INC., CinilniM« ;iro tin; women who Uleutneiil Kefrigt-Talion. Thuy represent one hall' of Uic homes in Blythovill". iManv are your friend:;, and niiighrjovs. irwny you don't hnow, but; l.)ie.v ;ill agrcu Ltuit. Klectiical Rcfrigcnition is the only safe, incUiocI of preserving I'oocl the year round. Hall' I It e people in yujr coiniiHinity tviti'l lie wrong. \sk 1: ll o H o who .iir Kleclvical Rtil'rigei'alion now liow. uoiivmiiGiil, siil'o and cc- oiioiiiiviil it i.s for llietn. you)- Appliance Dealer liow a few cents a day will pay for a modern Electric Kchigeratoi'. Every Home Needs a Modern ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR AUTOMATIC * SAFE t ECONOMICAL \ Arkansas^Missouri Power Corp, H ARDAWA-Y APPLIANeE CO: Norse "Rollalor" Refrigerator HUBBARD FURNITURE GO. (icncrat (GK)' Klcutric Kefrigtrator CITY ELECTRIC GO^. Hot; Point Refrigerator- '

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