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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, April 8, 1955
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-,, <»pi SrV •>' J * ifbnolists II Reds Con ick Matsu tLHAM MILLER Formosa (ttP) — Au- Nationalist Chinese today the tied Chi- ttlft ^'capability" to it at Quemoy islands Sin* 1 But the inioffttUitft Hfe confident a battle lijMfefiftaey ovef tile For Will precede any fila- 1 ' assault. I said they, felt that ^military campaign r.i*ott»osa and its' off- land outposts will not be f a •ll-out attack but rather a _L buildup of military pres' ilekground Interviews with authorities, the was told: Communists Will even- Attempt to take the offshore " by force, probably moving Matsu first. Theories that Moscow will restrain the feed Chinese are "asibolutely wrong." 2 - 1 The Communists have had forces in position to attack Quemoy tot some time. They are now rapidly building up forces around 3 '-The Nationalists at prea ent hold absolute air and naval supremacy in the Formosa strait. This Was not the case at Tachen and Nanchi which the Nationalists abandoned earlier this year, 4 — The offshore islands are Valuable as a block to Communist coastal shipping and as radar Warning points. Once the Communists Clear Quemoy and Matsu they will be able to move "entire field armies" into position opposite Formosa at Will, it Was claimed. 75 — The Reds are expected to repeat the strategy which forced the Nationalists from Tachen and Nanchi. That was a gradual buildup of superior forces, gaining of air superiority and the eventual isolation of the islands, 6 ' ^ The Communist Air Force "definitely'!, la ttiovlng warplanes into fields in South China for eventual attacks ; '«Mi the' islands. The Reds now are "capable" of launching surprise bombing raids ROYAL STATIONERY *iC "FINE VELLUM" r - 100 Sheeta ..... (98c) ..... 50 Envelope! "PERSONALITY" 25 Sheets . .... (59e) . .... 18 Envelopes Monogrammed . . . . . 49c Extra | WARD AND SON ' DRUGGIST 102 W. 2nd Phone 7-2292 Says Statement by' x Faubus Unsupported LITTLE ROCK:, <tiP) tot. Swing M. Crawfis branded as "unsupported" the comments by Gov. Orval E. Faubus that the State Hospital business administration and personnel efficiency Were toot up to Par. The governor said he planned tiJ make a personal inspection o£ the mental institution. The hospital superintendent said he would "welcome" & meeting with Faubus and the hospital.board to discuss any such complaints^ Dr. Crawfis said he knew of no bad practices at the hospil^il^ qnd lat would welcome an investij any time. He said the basis tot ftiany complaints, escape of law violators sent to the hospital for mental observation was not the hospital's fault. "(It) needs a maximum security building instead of the hospital ward with added security measures which we now use," he said. "The people that are brought into this ward are not mental patients. They arc sent here for observation. We are operating a hospital, and security is not our main purpose." against Formosa at any time. One Nationalist official on the highest level claimed continued 'stabilization" of the Formosa strait situation depended on the Nationalists maintaining air and naval supremacy. Red Chinese batteries on Amoy shelled Quemoy sporadically today, according to an official report from the Nationalist-held island. The report said about a dozen rounds fell on little Quemoy but caused no damage. *s»$i# Fresher... er we pay you Double!" '•'.-•;..' 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FANCY HAWAIIAN 16-oz. i Ccihs 9~oz. .. Can ft rp| °iB •.., . LONGHORN CHEESE S&*. ...„, 494 CHOPPED BEEF ARMOUR-,"£'„ 294 SWEET PICKLES Msa* 2'£?374 GOIDEN CORN FRUIT COCKTAI1 STAR-KIST TUNA ALUMINUM FOIL dexo LONCHE0N A&P'S OWN PURE VEGETABLE 3-lb. SHORTENING .. Can SSBKl '£'„ 294 WHOIE GOLDEN IS-oi Cans = 2'£ 3 '.0-0,. *| , Can§ fl« . 7 C°a'n 294 Xfi 694 DKAC OEl MONTE r KHd EARLY JUNE ................................. can LIBERTY MARASCHINO.. 4.01. ... Btl. ALSO SPAGHETTI ANN PAGE f AA|fB/IAIfC " 35 ° DELICIOUS VVVI\DWUI\3 SOUP RECIPES" Each MACARONI WAX PAPER ASPARAGUS 8-oz. Pkgs. WORTHMORE MAI2SHMALLOW 14-01, Pftg. . WORTMMORE. . -.JELLY EASTER EGGS T X': 254 WORTH/MORE CHOCOLATE COVERED MARSHMALLOW EGGS £'."194 WORTHMORE A _ EASTER CREAMS !X. 254 WORTHMORE MARSHMALLOW «!• . DECORATED EGGS .",': 254 WORTHMORC ,. AM , CA8MDY COTTONTAILS 1 ^ 294 WOUTHMORE CHOC, COVERED MARSHMALLOW f*P . CANDY RABBITS'. 6 pk 0B : 254 WORTHMORE CREAM NUT AND FRUIT OR _ _ COCONUT EGGS it. 1 : 294 WORTHMORE . ... , MA, EASTER BASKET MIX !X 294 "'ca'n PEAR HALVES ^v.. .................................. » 234 A&P FANCY 16-oz. SMALL Can PAAS EASTER RIPE OLIVES ^G V I, ZI COCONUTS, .............................. .;... ......... "pt;:2S4 A&P TOMATO 314 STUFFED ©LSVI5 ORANGE JUECE SULTANA lO'/j-or. SMALL ; Jar 3f4 Small Kit ANGELUS WHITE OR COLORED >10-oi" Pkgs^ HEINZ FRESH CUCUMBER Speciall •ARMOUR'S VIENNA SAUSAGE 2c 4a °s z 29c NAIItCO VANILLA WAFERS !%tt 234 NAIISCO • <ft,'»*•>• ' _ FANCY CRESTS.....'. I_.I?!K£ 254 NABISCO HONEY > GRAHAM CRACKERS If,: 314 SPARKLE — ASST. FLAVORS Gelatin 6. ANN PAGE Mayonnaise iVTiW?}-v * Wf{yyn—f-ytf~n- ™!$PWV"W"'»WW /"• "-s-vvvyew AT •••«•«•£*• "j*\££', „.*.'.'.'.'..'....'•— "SUPER-RBGHT" SMOKED EASTER Whole or Half Ib. Butt Portion Lb. Shank Portion Lb. 4 «fith"your"«li'i«iiei.%r turkey Son I "T Pint Jar I* ! ANN PAGE TOMATO SOUP ANN PAGE WHOLE CLOVES ANN PAGE STRAWBERRY PRESERVES _ ANN PAGE SALAD MUSTARD ' ANN PAGE 4 HO'A-oz. Cam _J!ft 594 ! I 2 tt 234 \ CURRANT JELLY ..........'r.;, 254 ) ti. .Fresh Fruits and Vegetables SUNKIST LEMONS L b 15c PASCAL CELERY L sS25c FLORIDA FRESH CORN 3 *» 25c TEXAS FRESH CARROTS 2BL0b3 13c OCEAN SPRAY CRAKEEKRY SAUCE•""- ""•"'-'• (AP'N JOHN BREA! (AP'N JOHN FRIED YOUNG TURKEY HI SLICED SWIFTS ALLGOOD BRAND 10 Oz. Pkg. Lb. Lb. 12 to 14 Lb. Average Lb. Whole JANE PARKER CHOCOLATE Large chocolate Iced & decorated Easter Cake JANE PARKER CHOCOIATE ICED INDIVIDUAL CAKES JANE PARKER COCONUT, OOID CAKE Eo . LARGE SIZE •" \ '™ — ^r--^ £ r CALIFORNIA AVOCADOS 2 F o, 25c KENTUCKY WONDER BEANS Lb 15c JANE PARKER.. E *. 454 STRPSiiL PIE tt&a fc 394 294 J*ME . Pkg, PARKER O f ]0 JANE PARKER , . pk Al54 EGGS CRtSTVfEW FRESH MEDIUM SIZE Doz, Just Reduced I .....in Ctn, DCSSFKT SSfEUS »«........ ,,„:.:...... IK 204 Prfc8i tn ihii ail effective through April 9 -,;^ «^«' / • ^ K^msf^^- .Jf^i *,4Sc^ . u -». Our Daily Bread 'Slictd Thin by Th« _Alex. H. WMhburit. ;' Letters to Star on Referral of Feed Tax Exemption Bill •>r Democrat Correction ' In-our edition of April 6 In the iHW (April 7 on the mail) we .'rH?rinted Karr Shannon's column on the referral question from the t Arkansas Democrat of April 4. Mr. ^Shannon later telephoned me that f he'slipped a decimal point in one : of the calculations, and the error . was corrected in the Democrat of |f April 5. Commenting on a statement 'by Charles D. Hawks, manager of the ^Arkansas Poultry Federation, that [Arkansas' -gross income from . ^ Ury in 1954 was 6 million less |tlian in 1953, Mr. Shannon originally 'wrote that the sales tax at one-half cent per pound figured $78,525, and without it the industry would have still run $5,921,472 less than in 1953. The tax figure should have been $785,250 — not $78,525 — and the deficit under 1953 with the tax off consequently $5,214,750. not $5,821,472. || JTor the sake of the record we are • repeating the same correction the Tpemocrat made, and if you are ^keeping a file on this matter your -attention is directed to this correction today. Hope Arkansas: - „ ly warmer thii Ifffefatpfl, .ttftljlBf, Jjj Saturday, r : ' 56TH YEAR: VOL 56 — NO. 150 Star of Hap* 1*»», Pren t»l) Consolidated Jan. 18, i*2f HOPE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, APRIL 8, 1955 M*i*Mt: Th« AtM4l*M4 MM A A». NM P«M . • MM, Hope Housewives Entered in Mrs. Arkansas Contest Editor The Star: At our last weekly Chamber of Commerce meeting the club voted to take action on the repeal of the sales tax on feed. As soon as the petitions are rr^dy will you please mail som? copies to us? We feel sure we can obtain several signatures. Hoping to receive the petition soon, and thanking you in advance, we are, Very truly yours LEACHVILLE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Mrs. Virgil Pate Secretary April 4, 1955 Leachville, Ark. Editor The Star: My friend, ft's most re-freshing to see a newspaper editor in this day and time with the guts and courage to not onljr stand for what's right but be willing to do something about it. Seems to me, and I hate to sec this, that there are so few today who will stand by what's right and let the chips fall where they may. ^ J3ood luck to you and more power. Uw&r friend SAM SCHWIEGER April'4, 1955 Shreveport Louisiana. (Editor's Note: Thanks, pal, but I'm not going to invade Louisiana — I have trouble enough in Arkansas. Justice is wherever you fight for it.) Story of Christ's '•"'i Resurrection to Ring Ouf By GEORGE CORNELL AP Religion Reporter The story of Christ's resurrec- ion will ring out across the land this Sunday — in music and in fixpetimeht gtdfldft re' 24-hourS endint at • t< tn. Friday, Sj Hlgh 6?, Law », , ,-4 ' ' PRICISe Salts Increase STY LOUIS MB- Department sale* Jasi,. week In „ jthfc Federil fteserv* filitrlol totaled 14 per cent above the responding week of 1654, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, rt- ported today. The bank attributed the large gain to a one week earlier date f oh Easter this year, combined with' mild, temperature*. , vv * Military Oati i s * •* *• *-"•* &4 The St. ; ar«i, reported the , largest gain, witti 17 per cent. word, in pageants, parades and Sales increased 7 per cent in the stirring panoramas. From the high vistas of the Rockies to the quiet woods of New England, hundreds of thousands of Americans will gather under the open sky to celebrate the wonder of Easter. There will be colorful, moving The local phase of the Mrs. Arkansas contest, sponsored by the Arkansas-Louisiana Gas Company, will be held at the Third District Livestock Show Coliseum at 2 p. m. Thursday, April 14. This contest is open to the, public. Participants include, left to right, Mrs. Russell Carver, Mrs. Malcolm Hinton, Mrs. Cecil O'Steen, Mrs. Harold Holly, Mrs. Haskell Jones, Mrs. Gilbert O'Dell and Mrs. Ralph Lehman. Editor The Star: I will be glad to.;collect signatures to refer the s^s tax on feed. Just let me kfTow if and how I can help. Yours truly JOHNNY JONES April 2, 1955 416 E. Sevier St. Benton, Ark Editor The Star: I am glad to note from the Arkansas Gazette that you have a movement going that will be one of the main issues ojLj^he 1956 election. An Arkansas taxpayer. J. T. BLAIN April 2, 1955 Kansas City, Kan. (Editors Note: Anyway, the news is going far and wide.) Dispatches Tell of New Crisis Formosa Area C. C. Sets Up ^Achievement Vpgrom 'At a meeting of the Contact Hub today .it was'decided to set up a personal achievement pro gram, Norman Moore, Chairman of the Membership and Finance 'Committee of'the Chamber Commerce' announced. ffltach of the present members have set up goals for themselves and others who want to join the Contact Club will need to make 10 contacts and secure 5 new mem- beis to become member* «!, The following were awarded prl- |'zes for their frork during the past six weeks. Captains George Fra|> zier and Don Westbrook and wo-- kers Paul McClellan and Homer Jones, at a recent dinner meeting. J|W each 5 new members a tie clssp pin will be awarded.. If a member secures ten new members a storte will be inserted at the end of the key. i Advancement of a Chamber -of Commerce is a continuous program |'Moore said. Other members of the Contact Club are: T. O. Porter, Pr, Lloyd Guerin, E. P. Young, Jr., By WALTER LOCAL UP Staff Correspondent Oislafatches from Taipei and Washington indicated today a major new crisis was developing in the Formosa strait that could involve the United States. Nationalist newspaper in Taipei said Red China had stationed at least 40 Russian-built MIG-15 jet fighters at newly completed Luchiao airfield, bringing American-defended Formosa within striking range for the first time. Washington dispatches .said the Eisenhower administration was under increasing pressure to permit the Chinese Nationalist to 'bomb Red airfields in the mainland before the Communists can build up aerial superiority. High Nationalist officials did not confirm the reports of MIGs riving at Luchiao but said "the Communssts have completed Luc- hiao and it is highly possible they have stationed planes 'there. They also reported an airbase nearing completion at Foochow, 35 miles from Matsu. Once MIGs are there, they said, a battle will begin for control of : a strait. 1,100 Get on Welfare Rolls During March Abolishes Job Given to E. IGorsi By LEE -GARRETT WASHINGTON The State Department is abolishing ,'the job if gave only three months Edward >''' T T _ T _ ,,.-.,-,„. , m •„, . *!,„ become the target of repeated at- LITTLE ROCK W- More thau- (tacks by Rep WaUer (D . pa) _ 1,100 persons were added to Arkansas welfare'rolls during March Corsi confirmed last night that he is being dismissed, effective but Welfare Commissioner Carl;Sunday, as special consultant to Adams sa_ys _ that only ^300 ad- ', Secretary of State Dulles on refu- " 'gee and immigration problems. He Robison Funeral to Be Saturday Funeral services for Mrs. W. I. Robis'on, who died in a local hospital Thursday, will be held at 2 p. m. Saturday at the First Baptist Church with burial in ROSR ditions could be attributed to the repeal of the 1953 relative responsibility law. The law required relatives to contribute to the support of persons who otherwise would be dependent on relief payments. The welfare rolls listed 67,201 persons March 1 and 68,329 April. Adams said the increase was seasonal. Gov. Orval Faubus said he didn't think the 300 additions as a result of the repeal, for which he campaigned, was eycessive. He said, too, that he didn't believe the increase would continue at the present rate. Foster Fined $50) Charged Is Reduced A Hempstead Circuit Court Jury yesterday found Autry Foster guilty of assault and fined him $50. He was charged with robbery. The charge was filed on a complaint of Mrs. Joyce Bailey who testified. Foster took some rings from her by force. Foster in denying the charge testified to having an illicit affair with Mrs. Bailey for some time and that the incident followed a breakup. Prosecution witnesses were Mrs, Bailey, Noll Jean Webb, Emma HO V V^HbtJ.V'l* W 4.1(1 UiUlCH *1* iVW^l" . " ' i /1U Hill Cemetery. Officiating will be . Scroggms and Eddie Stewart. Char- the Rev. S. A. Whitlow. Arrange-! acler witnesses for Foster were ments are in charge of Herndon- Lester Kent, John Downs said he was told Wednesday the job was "a temporary one" and that it was not being renewed. "I would not have taken the job to begin with if I had known it was a 90-day appointment," Corsi said. Walter and Corsi have differed sharply on basic immigration policy, but Walter has based his attacks largely on charges that Corsi had associated with Communist- dominated groups. Corsi has strongly denied the allegations. Corsi said he was notified of his dismissal by Asst. Secretary of State Loy W. Henderson, who he said "wanted me clearly to understand my situation is not a matter of security." State Department officials confirmed this and said they have not completed their investigation of Two China JPolicy Is Suggested | By DONALD J. GQNZALE ,/iWASHINGTON (UP) — Arthur Dean, a former Eisenhower ad- ^njjinistration troiibleshoo^er, has 'suggested' thSf 'th'g-'TJri'i'fed Slate? ^consider a "two China" policy. i It would .give diplomatic recog- hition to Communist China and, at the same time, maintain that Nationalist China has a valid and services in parks and stadiums, on mountaintops and canyon rims anc waterfront piers, besides splashing waterfalls, in churches, theaters, cemeteries and city squares.' Many of the spectacles will be;in before dawn, and the drama of Chirst's passage through . the night of death into the splendor of a new life will be retold as the sun ises on the land. More than 75,000 people are cx- jected for predawn services '•. in. a mge natural amphitheater in Ok- ahoma's Wichita Mountains. A cast of more than 1,000 will take part in the-pageant, called. "The Pathways to Immortality." An ocean of calla lilies and people—bout 75,000 lilies and 20,000 jeople—are expected to fill Holly' wood Bowl for the 35th annual sun- ise services there. Another throng of approximately 5,000 will jam Salem, Square in Winston-Salem, N.C., where Moravian Biship J. Kenneth ; Pfohl for the 25th consecutive year will intone risen." move to the Moravian graveyard God's Acre. at sunup: "The Lord is Then a procession will Easter Is Themeat permanent title to Formosa. Such consideration would The pupils of Garland School met in the auditorium at 10:30 April 7, for the following progran with Jack May and Jim Boswel acting as program chairman: j Pledge to the Flag, Leon Prince be Johnny Teague, Louisville, Ky., area; 4 per cent in Memphis, Tenn.; 1 per cent in Little Rock, Ark;, and 5 per cent in eight smaller district citlus combined. District volume for the past four, weeks was 7 per cent above the same period of • 1954. Pair Trapped 34 Hours in in Water Corsi's background and the charges Walter has made. At his home in Easton, Pa., Waller said he had no comment on the development. Claude Cornelius. Active Pallbearers: J. W. Cash, J. T, Bpwden, Hervey Holt, Perry Button and Frank Hill. Theodis Lindsey, Hope, Negro, pleaded guilty to stealing an auto Moses, Eddie Stewart and Harry from Rogers Buick Co. here, sen- Hawthorne. Itenced to one year in prison. Canada's 9,000 Eskimos Are Getting Out Their Best Furs to Observe Another Easter By A. I. A. GOLDBERG For Hal Boyle T i iwr ™ , ~ rru. -- OTTAWA Ml — Canada's 9,000 Lyle McMahen, Grover Thompson BsWmog too> are getting their and. Wmfred Huckabee. best furs and gayest co i ored clothing in order for another Easter far above the Arctic Circle—in Aklavik, Paulatuk, Arctic Bay, Pond I but the tunes are 'standbys. the familiar, Both hymns and prayers are written out in a sort of shorthand Girls With Same Names Meet Strangely OKLAHOMA CITY (XP) — Two unrelated 16-year-old Oklahoma girls with almost identical names have la'd their paths cross through ; tragic coincidence. Living alrnos 100 miles apart, they never me and even now they haven't seen one another. Barbara oe Bar.rett and Barbara Lou Barrett, patients at University Hospital, are on the same floor but in different rooms. Both are tall, blue-eyed blondes and were .active in high school and community activities —active, until a dreaded disease . struck each of them. Barbara Joe Barrett and Bar- admitted to the hospital three weeks ago with an acute case of leudemia. Her condition is described as serious. Barbara Jo, of Shawnee, was rushed to the hospital Sunday with meningitis. Now unconscious, doctors say she is undergoing a crisis. The striking similarity in names contingent on a guaranteed, cease- fire between Communist and Nationalist China. The policy also would consider admission of Red China to the United Nations if this could be done without appeasement and on some "effective basis for a lasting peace." Dean also commented on a possible all-out war between the two Chinse governments, He said Nationalist China could not invade the mainland without "very sizeable and continuing American military support." This aid, he added, could set off a total war in which the United States itself would risk undergoing a "havoc-wreak- Lord is Risen Today" "Easter Par- 'Pledge to. Garland. School, Char les Carver, David Billings. Preamble to the Constitution o: the United States.. Roy Allison, Ja mes Malnar. Easter Story from the Bible Mark 16-1-8. Paul Cobb, Danny Hatfield Tribute To Spring, Johnny O'Dell. Ash Wednesday and the Lent Season, Ronnie, Smith. ' Palm Sunday, Guy Watklns. • Good Friday, Dennis Richards. Easter Sunday, Tommy Hosier. How We Determine The Date 10? Easter. Ronnie Jones. The Glee Club with Mrs. H. C. Hall directing the following songs. "Were You There?" "Christ The .ni'H ia "Rican TViHnv" "TP.aotatv T>nr_ ing" nuclear weapons attack de livered either by Soviet Russia 01 by Red China using Russian nu clear weapons. Damage Small in Accident Here t I |n an accident this morning on e piggly Wiggly parking lot an to driven 'by Charles. Dempsey, jptope, hit another car which W.as representing language sounds. It's and ages was discovered by th the Eskimo's only common written worried parents, Mr. .and Mrs. language. And for the little groups of Cook. City jpempsey with driving ' iUWJi r 4 Uriel L. Barrett, of Shawnee, and Mr. and Mrs, Sylus Barrett, of Haskell, They became curious when a flood of cards and messages came to the hospital from both cities addressed to "Barbara Barrett." The parents met and found that their children, born Jess than two months apart, are alike in many ways They compared pictures and The old hymns are always a big the padies of' the AngUcjn Church I one mother said, "Pur two girls - ' Inlet, and a score o f stations lish and French speaking people— strung across the flowering wastes J doctors, nurses, traders, mounties, farther south'. Missionaries are • weather observers, prospectors — thinking about their brief sermons, j the holiday will renew a sense of rehearsing their tiny choirs and community. arrainging for the cookies and can- Even out in. the trapping canips dy that are part of every major of three or four families, the Eski The second autp belonged religious festival in the northern mos have seen the Roman Catho- Ilic priest of the pblate Fathers or r part of yie pjlebraHon. their ' cucuit by dog (team, biing have Pretty Widow Questioned in Slaying FORT WORTH, Tex. W) —Police still questioned today the pretty blonde widow of an oilman who before his death accused her of luring him into marriage. The officers were working hard, they said, on the story of an ex- convict who told them three months ago that a woman guaranteed $10,000 and jewelry if William P. Clark were slain in a robbery. The three-time loser, Harry Huggins, said he and two other men went to the Clark's home May 22, 1953, with the ex-convict posing as a messenger. Huggins' statement involved Leroy (Tincy) Eggleston, 48, a well-bnown gambler. Dist. Judge Dave McKce set a habeas corpus hearing today for Mrs. Clark, Eggleston and a former Fort Worth police cletectve, whose identity has not been divulged. Huggins, 48, told police that Clark was shot behind the ear by one of the trio while he and the other man were searching the house. He said he asked the man who remained with Clark why lie shot the oilman, "That was part of the deal," the former convict said his companion renlied. Clark's body was found in the home, a rifle nearby. An original suicide verdict later was changed to pne for murder. ade." The 5th grade girls gave memory work from the Bible. The entire group gave the Easter story. Home Entered, One Arrested The home of C. W. Walker was entered sometime Wednesday in the MoNab area and clothes, a lighter, watch and some money was taken. Officers arrested Willie Lee Jones, Negro, for burglary. Participating in the investigation were State Policeman Milton Mosier and Deputy Sheriff's 1 Hester and Moore. Fulton Union Service Sunday Fulton Union Church will hold special Easter services at 6:30 a, m. Sunday with the Rev. S. A- Whitlow as special speaker. C<?f- fee and donuts w"i!l be served in By ROBERT LE DONNE. BRISTOL, N.H., (UP) —A boy. and a girl, trapped 34 hours in a car half- submerged in River Rapids, were rescued today. Alfred Paine Jr!, 16, and Nancy Wllley, 15, huddled beneath a blanket and read comic books during their bone-chilling ordeal in the frigid Smith river. The youngsters were on a date Wednesday night when their rumble seat coupe swerved off'a highway-and plowed into the river. The relentless cut-rent pulled them downstream. They sat in the car, boxed in by water which swirled around the tenders and licked at the windows. The water pressure locked the doors tight. The i youngsters feared they would drown if they tried'to escape through ' the windows and swim the strong current to shore. Firernen rigged up'' a ladder 'to the cat and rescued the teenagers. They were taken to a hospital suffering, from exposure.i Their'con- dition «J{jfil described as •""good/ 1 A high school - chum, i walking slong the river bank, discovers the submerged automobile. He fla ged down a passing bakery, true driver who 'notified Alfred's father a fire department official in thi town. The father sounded a firemen alarm which is in his house. Fire men and volunteers sped to thi scene. ,i Authorities said the teenager* Much, Ike Feel \WASHltfGTbN, UP — dent Eisenhower feels' that n cal U.S. "military 'ihformaffonfl been publicly circulated to >? detriment of national security, White House said today. ^ .; Mr. Eisenhower's view* disclosed by Press Secret* James C. 'Hatferty 1 whfen ed about a. Defense DepartnfeHt directive which' has closed "" he flow of much* hews ffo'ittfi Pentagon. v s Hagerty refuse3^to discusi' Defense Department directive^, such, but outlined for rep Mr. Elsenhower's views onl'4 subject.' ' "> *• frft A f|K| The President has* neverf- ieved in censorship , of ( le'giUm news," Hagerty said. ( ,'. "However, he also has iclieved that there is no rea make available 4o« the* ener echnical military secrets 1 >y their issuance, could dV,e ing but hurt the interests o United States.". ' ; er news ( "To that extent, and only W extent would he auk that rf of information be withheld 1 general circulation. > - "^ "He doesn't believe that in er instances security or securl regulations should bemused I branch of, the government: i up publication of ' legit! ' s -", ', '.. '!, •?•*«£ Asked specifically whe _____ „ Eisenhower felt that technica formation of that nature published, Hagerty-vsa "We haYe'fel' formation" has"' able." l • " ' , In response to further Hagerty said he ha.d ho; of reminding a potential.,! the information made publ Hie' President thought fhbffljt \ been withheld. ' ' car plunged into the river at 1 P\m. ; (EST) Wednesday!.''''They Were rescued about 8 a.m. today • ThV'bpy• and girl said they hat swerved ''off a highway into ..the Smith river rapids while trying-to turn 1 onto a side road. .They were trapped in midstream and coulc hot get' out, . •.'••• ' Easter LH^^f Sales Saturday Mrs; Minor Pdlk will be Itt charge of.Easter Lily sales this Saturday on the streets of downtown Hope. This will mark the conclusion o) the Easter seal' campaign-as these lilies, made by handicapped workers are offered for sale a,t what ever you wish to contribute , . Mrs. Minor Polk will have these young ladies assisting her from Jr. High. Judy McDowell, Joyce EUley, Linda Purtle, Janet Cox, Elaine Thompson, Mary .Daniels, Barbara Meyers', Sandra Poole, Shirley Foster and Sue Luhpkin. Haskell Jones, chairman of the Easter seal campaign said he was very happy to have the help of mem jers of the National Honor Society at Verger High helping out with the Jly sales will be these girls. Jaunita .Coleman, Clycjine Me,r- cer, Georgia Martin, Rosie Brings, Martha Black, Vivian Lloyd, Bunce Monroe, and Jo ann Wright. . , Remember when you wear an Eas- the Church dining room following, ter Lily you are helping a crippled service. child or adult. Alt Around the Town •y Tb« Her Matt* ,Tohn Barnhill, director and Coach Pa Capo Club, student group.Qf (pe Jack Mitchell of the University of Magnolia. Mu?jc Club'. , . ,'ehe,% Arkansas and two assistants will Sje a member of Da Capo,Club, J>W guests of Hope football fans at a: Theta Kappa, nation^} dinner in the High School cafeteria April 28 special guests of the occasion will be members of last yea,r's Hope football squad and l ^<-i s A'S' Faubus lssu ^^ H / j^ T-v Pardons to ' By LEON HATCH LITTLE ROCK ») -^Gfi' Faubus today -«••£ 5< County felon after the state P»ral Board disregarded its own* nil lations to recpmniend the,; aVstlbn Faubus granted, therclemency Boyd E. Gates, 27," who to the .penit<?htl,ary'"laA,, v ,^ with some TexarHana store glaries early last yearr* 1 *? * r ( Cate& wag . sentenced.- tp^ years for burglary- and' 'onp v • for'grand larceny'QO Aprttli?, „ for sentences to run corisecuti\ Faubus issued a pardon on" one-year sentence. "-This '„, nn Gates eligible for parole from r two year sentence. " ' The Parole Board, at .a n March 3, refused • tO"«recOn the commutation. " "*' * 1 **' Under customary • Board p,r dure, the matter couJd' not '" been taken up again" for 1 at six months! *~*^---»^Fi#f^ Nevertheless, r was placed on ' consideration at a< Wednesday and this" time the recommended that the PH: ' granted. The able considgvaUon fh iheVapi ion. f r ,,• f „ * Faubus also' issued" torn clemency proclamations on ornmefldations of the .P a Board. The proclamations' ill four convict? iny.oly^d. or pflr0if3« **^>' t He cut the sentence ; pf. ilgreen,, 19, of f l^jUej't Q. rom* three ypa'ps to 'tjro*'"* o make Pilgreep ole, ' Pilgre'en'"was 1, 1954 |or aut'pmVfc >a Joaes, •» County received ta §a,iC ency also was recommended.! Miller County court* Letters in Cate^' one from State Se.n h J of Conway, who asked," be introduced this vill vill he football boys. . . . however, RaZ' now assured. . , , this program irback football fans from all py.er ,be full-color moyjes Q| be the annual banquet for scholarship so.ci^ty and the B?pW s ljvva5 Student Vnion, The Explorers Club has progressed so welj that the program planned |or AprJJ 2V they M iny^ ttW'138 Sunrise Service at Spring Hill Special Easter Sum Ise service wjll be held at Sptlng Hill Metho- Ctwph at a, m, i.his section are invited to attend penmarH and Finland. » < < and meet Coach Mitchell. for the occasion w}Jl be bord, typical of the Virginia Mitchell Columbus, senior at Suuthern State, is one of. siy music students wh.0 presented a program in El Borado recently be(pjre, Torpi ftwl'..... ,. ,,_, p _ the Musical Coterie. . . . she is {he tiis parents, M*y«|ftd. 'JMl.ri, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sepjamln Kvang 15,*. ot^p^flt^ « D Mitchell of Columbus,. two, Mte«{Sy#U« " -

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