The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on April 3, 1955 · Page 67
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The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia · Page 67

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 3, 1955
Page 67
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an iokk n oi b fYTiTi aT.riii.. J? -"v""u!u uj ucri nmiuiuui,-;mninca meraor-l poinieu w pikv v ootanj i 1 LA2777 (4 lines). 4 ill Hon. solid Cedar. Mahosrany. I FOWLER. T.. Caroeti. fiummi i iihk m niiHiiLV aiHuno i tuuui iiuirs. Lianana m MUS OR v. I 'On The Waterfront" - - - . a 1 1 1 r ii nil wrifi wnrifB uiiiinon Screcnplav by Budd Schulberg: DOHl Un,n "a" unW the beau oduced for Columbia by Sam having the powertO hire JTi" 1 They thoroughly deserve the own dread into their drama successes. Brando, adds, one more Schulberg's screenplay is 8reat role to his list. is about a union boss who . tn.e. H who WOIs willingly produced Spiegel; directed by Ella Kazan, Marlon Brando, as . . Terry Karl Maiden Priest Eva Marie Saint Edie Lee Cobb .. Johnny Friendly Rod Steiger . Terry's brother Pat Hening .... Kayo Dugan James Wcsterfield . Big Mac labour for the wharves, ex- J""1 .slsier. ot a mulaf tnrts a rich nrnmi frnm ",v."" ",,u smuwusu ui i. i win eei - to parish rich murder ih s.'tn.r fr.r work on his conscience. Ex unvnn.' chnn,,'.. o f: cept for his scene with a siens of revolt acainst his panfc-rtricken brother, rather ' i 'nis drama or mimees er.ntmi ' uwwi, ma ouuuni 1. racketeering and cold The cJlision of iunele sPh,sVcaV0"vBt?ndo Lhe fear on the New York forces orH wharves, and of a .imnl - L ; ii ana nnai. Heroic - pug s desperate overthrow of handled bv the scrint and hv iiY3. ane Saint, a Nor- both, won the 1955 "Oscar" Kazan's nervous direction. blonde, pale and lean, the other day, while its scrip, which draws all characters wit" a Teresa Wright acting ter. its director, and its star with throbbing lifelikeness, and bu,b-nosed Karl all took top trophies in their and views them in a wintry J? n , are comPelhng 'n respective departments, environment that spreads its ,nese ro,es. as is Lee Cobb wc imv aiivgatiuy gonial doss. (Capitol). The Barefoot Contessa" A Fiffaro Production written nnrl directed by Joseph Mankicwicz for United' Artists release; photographed in Technicolor ' by Jack . Cardiff. .Humphrey Bogart, as Harry Dawes Ava Gardner Maria Edmond O'Brien . . Oscar Muldoon Marius Coring -.. Bravano . Rossano Brazzi ...... Vincenzo Valentina Cortesa .... Eleanora Warren .Stevens . . Kirk Edwards TrANKIEWICZ, : trying here to outdo his "All About Eve " allows . his en tertaining'; style to ," become rather, overblown and . pre tentious as he tells the love story of a Spanish dancer - who leaps trom backstreet squalor into guttering Holly wood stardom.' ' But' ' Mankiewicz, even when he allows his Muse to become so oppressively in flated, is still one or the few Hollywood directors who want to (and are capable of) talking handsomely to adults and here, as usual, he talks with wit and novelty Humphrey Bogart and Ava Gardner ("The ' 'ft y. Barefoot Contessa").. .. . 0 0 0 0 D 0 2GB YONDGIHIT 2G 7 P.M. The ORIGINAL POLICE FILE Presented by Colda Refrigeration Co. Ltd 0 D 0 0 D D IE BARRETTS illPiLEST. . . . the CALTEX THEATRE, m its Festival of Famous Drama presents a magnificent romantic drama Remember it as a film starring CHARLES. LAUGHTON, N0R1VIA SHEARER and FREDERIC MARCH; 0 D D r 0 b & is mm Thef ORLD n n mn. m mm ' AMU VUU and polished-up wisdom, though the wisdom can become tedio'usjy. ' sententious. Ava Gardner acts as the slum dancer who, becoming a- world symbol of sex glamour, is herself much too proud offscreen to have any part of the kind of sex traffic that gossip columnists expect 'of film-stars: Not sufficiently skilful to be . wholly convincine. ' Miss Gardner . is" yet plausible enough as the: story sweeps her through clarins premi eres, full-plumed Hollywood parties where millionaires squabble, Riviera eambline palaces-, Italian ' castles . . Her abilities are not much ' helped by the surrounding brilliance O'Brien in " his ruthlessly candid nortrait of a high-powered Press agent; Goring as a merciless South American whose hobbies are millions, women, and elee in others' discomfiture; Bogart as a reformed drunk; Brazzi as. a nobleman disqualified, from physical love by war. Altogether, the film is a diverting criticism of Hollywood's values even while it partakes of them. (Century) j iiv j-mner ScreenDlav bv Gerhanl Mpnwl; . directed in Germany by Willi Menzelv ' dubbed English narration ' and dialogue. miaegarde fiefl, as Marina Gustave Froehlich, Alexander Robert Meyn :. . . Stepfather . Wolfgang Meyn .Stepbrother "A Andreas Wolf . . . Surgeon PURISTS always scowl at films which rely heavily on sound-track narrative. This grim German drama, witn the heroine s voice tell ' ' ' ' Lee J. Cobb, Marlon Brando and Rod Steiger in a tense scene from "Waterfront". dictable embellishments rano Helen Tmnivi pr,tl silly old cars, prim land- a pleasant, credible person! ladies with predatory daugh- ality. (St. James and sub-l icis, mcKs io raise money, urbs.) brawls, squeamishness in the operating theatre,- - flirting t(Tho with the . nurses under 1 ne nam matron s ternfvino . ; nnce Screenplay bv Svdncj Rnrha:! helping new babies into the EfSffife World and powdering " the HuR Fregonese; Technicolor. bottoms of same. - XHnerof,- .S5! The thing runs On at good Richard Boone Foster pace with editing crisp as Lee Marv,n Kcatia shortbread. As Nicholas A GOOD tale well told Phipps wrote it, it is no sur- makes this little Civil prise that the film provokes War drama one of the morel lots of laughs. The real sur- successful films of the week I prise is that, with Phipps considered strictly within I about, it is not a eood deal ' its ' limitations of simple I funnier. Kenneth - More, action and simple psycho- happy-go-lucky, and Bo- logy. garde, shy and timid, provide A ' group of escapedl the axis around Vhich the Southern nrUnncrc nlan A ing almost all of the storV 8 own terms of others (including some rather raid across the Canadian! from-the sound-track will reference. too homely actresses) ; re- border on a peaceful Ver l The narrative method volve- (State) mont village, to avenge thel gives an effective ghostly Francoise Arnoul ("The Sheep Has Five Legs"). from, .the sound-track, will make some of them yell blue murder. , ,. - Like Schoenberg's music quality to the heroine's life or Picasso's paintings, a -film' story as she remembers its like tms purposely breaks pieces on a dark night when accepted academy "rules" in goblets are charged with fkA c j: xj cl. - i i Deep In My Heart" depredations of General! Sherman in the South. Thel leader of the raid (Van Hef- tin), establishes himself in I the village some days before- KrrMnnlau hv T pnnarrl KnfoIoaac ,t the hope of findine untried poison. She is a shonsoiled Erpducetf for. m.o.m. by Roger "ana, ?.na as ,"e "Jr' llrmir n avma:ah A .1 I 1 I . I. tUCtlS; ucsiJiie ine . prr. . Dmh. " terect in the harmless towns' wave nf evnroco.'nn a i imn(m i caens airectea oy Stanley uoncn; tcncea nimgoer win cjipw ways Ot expression. A Clear adventuress redeemed by the choreography by Eugene Loring; H-velnnee sentimental bore to the impatient, this love of an artist, desoite the Technicolor. . . . aeveiopes a seniimenui - ' . ' i sos. chv DAMkavn rprocr in inp nnrm pck iiiu turn 1 is both clever and in-, prostitutions by which she But the film avoids the directed by Stanley Doncn; ienced filmgoer will expect i develooes a sentimental in- Jose Ferrer, as . . . . .Romberg Hln Trnuhpl ' Anna ' c 1 1 . . u . I . lb VIII ...... IAHUIIII u um ounaness. Guest stars include Gene Kelly, expected sentimental ending: W,-Mo Kr ...u Cvd Charisse. Ann Miller. Rose- CxPc"co scmimciiidi U'"S' m-ary clooney, Tony Martin, ,ane us sympathies remain un-heavy-lidded - beauty is Powell. Vic Damone. Howard exoectedlv detached. (Pal- in U nil.. " . n ,. K ff . Innn Wpldnn ' . J iiuiijr viciuiau, ulis urmiy . ace.) and intensely in a role that IN spite of the promise Irk Baume . ' " Pre$ented by BIBER FURS Piy. Ltd. ' 2Gi TOMDGIHlt 2GB .Hi D m vD D 0 c9 THE SUN-HERALD, APRIL 3, 1955 i- .r r- '.::: i ..ij-jf I f Marbo. with a touch of A j the names of Jose "Innocents jrut.isiii, uugm nave Ferrer the star and Stan- , made mn.nraM. v . rerrer, me star, ana sian- . ... ley Donen, the director,, this ... In rariS plushy ; , Technicolor film made memorable. (Paris.) "Doctor In The House" Romulus Production, writlM abbut ; songwriter v Sigmund ,arSd"co? fZ Romberg, seldom -breaks ,astflr rf!"-,as s,r "nEE j. ' . i -Ronald Shiner ukkj avvay irom me : senumeniai, Claire Bloom Susan Screenplay by Nicholas Phinps hero-worshinnine pattern of Claude Dauphin . Max de Lome trom a novel by Richard Gordon; ?5r" worshipping pattern OI Laurence Harvey .. Francois a Deny c. nox rroauctlon directed nouywuuu musical DlO- Mara Lane . tilora by Ralph Thomas; Technicolor. oranhies Marcarct Rutherford . Gwladn Jimmy Edward George Dirk Bosarde, as -. .'. . Simon DraidindenV.V..Gr,Bme u.1?. ?f!H.05.!e!n?!i? ASSORTED Britons and Muriel Pavlow Joy . ds 'ng - . .. . - . fl ff ,0 r Lancelot usi pi weu-Known guest rt.-." rrt,JA m. alia mi him 1 - " -.-I - a J. R. Justice Kay Kendall Geoffrey Keen Sir ISobcl ttarc" Th. mucinol num. n IUI ll A IIV IllUkllVUI UUUI a 1 . . n Jimntlir.'; I hers thev decorate are varied lne)r separate "I an English enough for any taste-and ?nd TOUrthreflrc3 which fools varied enouch to bore anv to make rather flat comedy. . - Alasta r Sim. as an unenyi HERE is comedv very inventively, with the Ferrer walks glumly peptic Cab!ne Ml"S popular theory that medical th.h n,7S the8 TV warms up under the shock students are a lot of irre- i,;,CZc "k,:i . of vodka to carouse nappn Eva Marie Saint ("On The Waterront"). f."ff2S 2teJ?m ?nd hilarious little sequence wrth g niuuigcu iiuicyaie m whicrj he out-Dannies ITVienterl hv Paris'j fhVef L0 heii; waV Kaye by singing and acting '"ffi ffl S .through to doctorhoodr all the roles in a musical -mance. faIIs s,"1'- The idea has fill the pre- comedy. Ex-Wagnerian sop- Continued on Next wgt TO-DAY'S RADIO PROGRAMMES 2CH, Words of Life; 2SM, Singers? 2SM, Popularity Parade. 2BL. Plain Christianity; J?B'-JfiS. I i ia. mnn w- u Kirle! VI IK. IVIODII vufc . , ; I Top of the Worlds 2CH?LuthJe?anrHUA05kYTa,Soi Prima "rf 'he Shades Will W Vanish' Walter Elliott); 9.: 2FC. Weather Renort: 2GB. 1.0: 20 Top Tunes; 2UW, Charlie Remember. Chuckles: 2CH. Sunday School: LIS: 7CiH. 2UE, Service With a Smile; 2KY. 2KY, On Too. LiRht and Bright. 1.30: 2FC. News; 2BL. 9.1s 2FC, Country Session. Australia; 2UE, Newscast; 9.15: 2FC, Record Album. South Sea Macic. 9.39: 2FC. Service; 2BL Piano: 1.49: 2FC. Wnrlrl Affair. 2UW, Old Shades; 2UE, Voice of . 1.45: 2CH. Good Samaritan. PrOohCCV. - " ' 1.5A: 2RL. ' RrilUh Mul-ll.r. 10.01 7RI . Rnnlc Rpvl-W! ?r.R. ?pr. Ronrl. Kalman Fantnuie. E1"' ... i. ... ,r..-n 1 vnHall Hymns; 2KY, .Men Only! 2UE, , 2.9: 2FC, Talk; 2BL, Opera 5.39: 2BL, Children's Session; bbur. Richard Davies); 2KY, Me Sportswomen; CH. Composers. Hour; 2GB. Choice of the People; 2UW, Story Hour; 2SM. Spotlight ories .21 19.15: 2FC, Band,, Stand; 2BL. 2UW,;-Walter Elliott. on Sound. . mm, ovc Serial ("The Wh Symphony; 2KY.!pop. Variety. 2.10!' 2CH, Church News. 5.35, 2CH. CMS Newsreel Tow?r"V 2CH MUsion to Homo, m ui -JPT- ' ftitirh M V. i.iti tt:r - u..ji,.i f. v "'"V -.a. wewsreei. Tower ). zcMi .i"1"'"" 'y rr-tc." 2SM, C.Y.O. Sports "News" Pal.c of Wtetles: lSST. "T 09 Worift 11.9: 2BL;'' Church SffVicei 2CH, 1 , Youns 2BL' Composer; 2CH, Child- Xreen Gold: 2SM. Dr. Rumble. . I it; 2VW. I?" 5 Session; 2k Y. Artists Who Gr,e ,7,p 'pfv -under the Rrf S?.TC ' SWyi 2GB'. WingS ' RobTaemPe'n7allin! I 5.15: 2BL, Talk ("A Special fSjL?Mwlc n People"); 23B. Music Box; 2FC, aynS,.4he' Barrens of Wta Kalman Fantasle. . . s.?Z.r a ou Vernon. Lyrtdall Bat-1 .of E Pymble; 2GB. Best From Bch: 5 IR ma". l la'S . : . ' A' winaow Current Releases. o.wi iru isaaor uooaman; zcMi tnrisiian l'b": rirhrilri I ?ru T0n.n.-nn. ami.... rii vasc ior rrotestantism; .u: zt-tj, news; r,- i. 245-' 2KY FPmnf xi: Hit Parade: 2UW, New This Week. 2GU Tenors; 2UEi Newsredj I :m Hit P.rU ' Tenors; .4: 2SM, Sacred Heart. 2SM, Record Digest; 2KY. Geoa St. Swithin's C. CU UI.I. 1 II M. Tl tC rUnnnr Cl.11 st:-. """'. . - ori . TuH, n..ini.t n..,-- i WShowSao; 2GB. T.12' 2! RR ! CH- ?ou7" . 5, 2CH. The Pilg-.m. - . Report ifronv- Lomfo, , Church of Chr . s .."V.7y5?.5. ..Btt,"a,HrA ?iJ0' S.' .VI.'KV Hon-i- U.0UW;':Ner-. 2GB, Rotary vice; 2GB, "My Three T Angels" piT"SSS' "uw tJS'SW: News: 20B, 1CH, Serenade. . Music; 2BL. 0"l"y 2tjW. 2CH. 2GA.Da.nce Band, of' Other Lands. 53? 2FC.' SET ' Ti6H Wme Hlor W.PM!S- 3.J0: Zt-C, Music of Old Vienna. News; 2GB. Police File: 2UE. 19 9i 2FC. Danny Kaye; ,'"" 3.45: 2BL. Religious Talk; 2SM. Police File,'; 2SM? Plky (?-The Italy Calling 2UE. Famous Club; 2KY. Muslcale iz.19: 2SM, Boys' Town. 3.15: 2BL, Bands; 2KY, Blnu Mnn. cr, T,?fu sZVX 12.15: 2FC. Theatre Oman! 2BL. nht cuinni icm inl. ifA'oi. '..? Mons. Freeman; 2CH, Serenade. r... ii 'iSTif1 i": zun. se kitk fanton. Britain; 2GB, News. 12.39: 2FC. 2GB, Newsreel; 2UE, News; 2KY. Sinters: 2CH. Mozart Society Talk f Tin" ' " ' ?'i , 'J?"....!. .."W- A".e "aJ2 .'ia"Ln..,',l'' .V. nf Wetfc MM M.n. " i . nir ""-ti... k, o.nop yanuicsucKsr nay v'- '!' 4.""" ShnOTi . ''""'"jr .w. to!., 4u w i news vju. uns. ranir Lnvflnv. Frink Fnvi 12.49: 2FC. Australia and the Mxlrtfn- WW; 2UE. Everybody Sinfc JrJUw ' Blind Appeal. 2UwV Winifred AhSlti aeffi WbTSW Sanc. 2KY.4H.?HSrL.te! ,nffJ?V?FC. Play ("Mrs.. Watts"); Salvation Arm Conges. Ha" 11.9? iUVA. Svmjhonvi WC. ifj Hans 2SM, Colour Har- 2BU'Boflcert 2BL. Adelaide Singers. . News; 2BL, 2GB..2SM, 2UE, motiy. W 4.15: 2CH, The Bibleman; 2KY; 7J9i 2FC, Amadio Quintet; 2KY, Close. s Si . i f . i ' '" - ! y r i . . i m ii 1 -.. . 7 Hi u ........... miiu ua DmIIovi.! 2UEi r" .MA M O W H 1

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