Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 7, 1955 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, April 7, 1955
Page 6
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STAR, M0PI. ARftANiAi Thursday, April 7, beit Ie11e¥s, M) copied distributed, pef cent of Che Iltft ,• dhldkftn • Salads ;• efelll , * Burger* ft bf AAP Store , iW A USED fN MOWERS it, Repairs and 8ln»-.Repairs- £* R^tf ig ElecWfc to. Vf Sn<f • Ph. 7-2158' tEED OATS Keystone Seed Corn -Funk Seed Corn Mitteta Hne of .Fertilizer",. Farm Store 2nd Street- - CLASSIFIED Adi Must,Be In DWc« Day Before Publication WANT AD RATES . • All Want Ads ar* payable In advance but ads will be accepted. over the telephone and eccomoda- tieh. ibfccouhts allowed with the un- dwsfanrtjrig the account Is payable When statement Is'rertdired; MutnbW -One Three Six Oh* -Of Words Day Day* Days MorUh Up to IS .45 .90 i;50 4.50 l£ to ,20 .60 1.30 2,00 6.00 >1 to 25-". .75 1.50 2.50 7.50 i6«to 30 .90 1.80 3.00 9.0d n fo 35 K05 2.10 3.50 -10.50 36 to 40 K20 2.40 4.00 12,06 41-tfl 45.. .1.35 2,70 4.50 13.50 46 to 50 1.50 3.00 5.00 15.00 "- CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 1 time ,3 times S^f.imes 75c per Inch 60c per inch 50c per inch HEAVES IARGAIN HOUSE — WK SHOP; and FURNITURE STORE :2d5 S. Walnut V"tU6ELESS TIRES popular prices HEEL BALANCING !\ while you-wart"- - ihitiMA -Tl RE" &-SUPPLY "^ IULLDOZER WORR *'?*•# * •** •» find Pond Digalng.-CaH ' *''• *^'bucKWr7' 6th 8t.C './Phohe 7-3794 & MATTRESSES - r-iWofk a duSra°ntre7 ,On» Day Servlo* i~»» • , DAVIS lhire & Mottre** C«. Street Phon. quoted above are -for cort- Insertions. Irregular or skip- dote adsS.Will take the one-dpy rqr«. All daily" classified advertising copy will be accepted uritfl 5 'p. m,* for publication the follewing day, The publishers reserve the ri^ht to revise or edit all advertisements offered for publication and to reject any objectionable advertising submitted Initials of one or more letters, groups or figures such as hou^e or telophono numbers count as one word. The Hope Star will .not be responsible for errors in Want Ads unless errors are called to our attention after FIRST insertion ot ad and then for ONLY the ONE incorrect insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 Funeral Directors OAK.CREST , Funeral Home. Insur- ari<;"e ; -. . .»Ambulance. 2nd.Sc Hazel-. '.' . Phoiia 7-2123. 13-1 Mo. HERNDON-CORNELIUS Fu.ieral Home. arid Burial Association. •Prompt' Ambulance Service. Plforio 7-5570 or 7-5505. 23-1 Mo. Political Announcement The Star Is authorized to announce that the following are candidates for public office subject to the action of the Democratic primary Elections: For Mayor B. L. RETTIG Not; ice INCOME -TAX SERVICE. Competent and reasonable. J. W. Strickland. • 18-tf United Farm Agency ITopp Office — Ofiks Court U. S. 67 West We Ncffrl Listings. Farms or Business. C'oasMo Coast Advertising. The Local OffiVn Sold 45' Farms and Business Properties in 1954. WE GET RESULTS Write box 184 or Ciill 75583 Frank C. DuShane Broker R. C. May 'Salesman 2-Gt MOVING? Long Distance Moving. All Movin" Hales are not the same. Call collect. 592 Prescolt Transfer & Sl'onigo Inc. Prescolt Ark. Free Estimate. 4-1 Mo. BUOOKWOOD P. T. A. will sell dy- ud Easter' eggs, available Wednesday. For orders phone 7-4352 .•' or 7-4353! 50c per dozen. 5-3t 'Services MATTRESS spring work 816 South 7-2622. Mar.' *-tf RALPH Montgomery ^Wafket, Custom-slaughtering:' Phone 7-33(51. ; 10-1 Mo. $tWESTERN SHAffES )lver§lfled-IneoniB"Fund •pectui available from ftuok, ' Highway 87 We»t . ip" JWITURE co. : a« P' City Limits Weit (jllon Water Barrels for 8»l« one' 7-^381- Hope, Ark, tax services, 30 yegrs.'.ex- rank C, DuShane. - Of- lice'at Oaks Court. Phone 7-5883. • 25-1 Mo. fAlEOR MADE 'fi y raw Seaf-Covers *Fojr-Most'Cars itic Se"aTCovers ?4 'ForJMos* tars ; GLASS IriftolfeS^for .any make • fr'pr tWdCalso cut . frfabjatops: JV J t .* ^'T* ^*" . *T ; & Salvage Co. fotSr<IS»r««» ' (EN 7 DAYS A - -c" • : T* ar , 1»tf; f»u 1*27 l«nu«ry 1», l*2t *V«ry weekdoy^gfternopn fay urn* i. , 1M7, (payablf In )» end . tfw".""" •"(""«' * '" 1 "-""'""""" FOR water well sei-vlce, any size or depth, see or write O, T. ^Clark, Cale, Ark. 19 : tf CQMjPEJEKT INCOME TAX ser- vi.ce T-. Horace Samucls.~101 E. 'DivisionsPhono 7-3766.. •-, --- - •"• pviai-ch 15-1 Mo. s ... Nursing Hospital. Ji't'fisonubie monthly Qinc-t" L :Neigii bo rhood.;' 1 C'at.- t to AKpfd and Ct)iiy<ilesc'6 Sit$. Fax inlormation contain Ouachita County Hospital, Camden, Arkansas. Phone Temple 6- Api-il 1-1 Mo. The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-5.830 Or bring it'ems to Miss Turner at Hicks Funeral Home Due to the .inclimatc weather.on April C, the Amia P. Strong style Review was postponed. But will be presented Friday April 8, 1955, in the Yerg'er auditorium. Time 8 o' clock. The Hope Civic Emprovement 'sociation will meet. tonight in ijts reguhi rmocting. This is an import ant meeting. Asking members and civic people to .come. Time 7:30.. Ruscoi' C'r. Smith who is a stude'n in Bishop College in Marshall Tex as., is .spending Easter holidays wi th his parents Mr. and Mrs. Geo Smith, Jr. Fr UNFURNISHED,, newly decorated, six 'room house. Garage. Gar" dent 812"W. 4th. Dial 7-2247. 1-ti THREE room""unfurnished' apartment, private bath, • reasonable rent. 13U West Avenue B. Phone 7-3G98. , . 18-tf LARGE south bedroom, inner sor- ing mattress, private bath and private entrance. 801 South Main. • 7-5837. 31-Gt GOOD PASTURE at Shover Springs, reasonable price. If interested see Mrs. Willie Beckworth, - Shover Springs.. 4-3t FOUR -room furnished apartment, private entrances and bath. Phone 7-3497. . 4-Ot HAVE nice, 'three room apartment for rent. Near New hospital. Phone 7-4020. 4-6t Real Estate for Sale WE SELL — We Buy — We Rent 'Real Estate. 'Franklin Company, JOB South Main. 5-1 Mo. For Sole SAND. Gravel, topsofl, fill dirt. Phone 7-4392, A. L. Park, March 15-1 Mo. BABY CHICKS, large variety. See these .chicks before buying. Danny Hamilton, 204 fcast 2nd. March 15-1 Mo. YOUR OATS need nitrate now — yfe. have plenty ammonia and nitrate soda, also all kinds fertilizers. J, W. Strickland. ' " MARCH 19-1 Mo. QIHCK sale—10 used TV sets. All popular makes. Priced from $75 to $125. See Ppd Rogers or Doyle 'Rogers. Phone 7-2759. . 24-tf BABY CHICKS best grade laying and'broiler type. Hope Feed'Corn- papy. Phone.7-2547. /jyir. 244mo. LONE STAR -commander, 14- foot, y~bottom boat. See Otis Harvey a£ Diamond Cafe. . ., 5-3t i)ed.ro°m, two story house with ?% baths. Ideal for-rooming bouse, two 'blocks from town, right. 5J1 South Main. W. 'jnpher, phone 7-2209,, 5-6t Dairy farm with or caUJe and equipment, "terms, C, E,, Qver spott, Ark. -Ovyner, 6-«t The Arkansas Baptist College Chuii- of Little Roclc will give a mu sical program Tuesday night, April 12, at tho Yorger High School Audi toritim. Nu admission. Persona donation will be appreciated. p. W. Williams of Stephens died Tuesday, April 5, in the University Hospital in Little Rock. Funeral ar rangemenls are incomplete. Mrs. Rosa Woods of Mandenvill died at her home Wednesday, Apr! G. Ji'uneral arrangements are incom plete. Lemon Porter of Hope died Wed nesclay, April 6, in a Little Rock Hospital. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. The Junior Choir of the Firs Baptist Church in Washington will sponsor a plate supper at Lincoln High School Gymnasium Sunday April 9, at 7:30. Price 35 .cents. There will be an Easter Egg Hun Sunday, April 10, at the City Park Sponsored by the American Legion Post No. 427. All children .from th< age of 12 years up are permitted ti participate. Parents please escor your children, . , The Friendship club will mee. Thursday, April 7 at the home o Mrs. Sue Willie Caple'at 7:30 p. m Margaret May Get Consent to Marriage By WALTER UOGAN United ress Staff Correspnden The marriage prospects for Prir cess Margaret and RAF Grou; Capt. Peter to'wrisehd received U- enormous boost today when Sir An Ihony Eden became prime minis ter of Great Britain. Eden is the innocent party jp divorce dnd so is the 41-year-olc flier who-was "exiled" to Brussel as air attache wh.en news of th romance first broke two years ago Eden only divorced man to hoi Britain's highest office, and th fact that he was received by Quee Elizabeth today and invested wit that office may change things fo the better for Princess Margaret Beports at the time said Town send was being sent away frbn London because he was divorcei end the Church pf England coul npt recognise, q, marriage by a di yorced person when the othe spouse is still alive. A well-placed authority on palac protocol admitted that Eden's ap BPjn$m?nt could b»ve ''interest Continued ttotn Page One dodgers to jail. In France cheaters who are caught get off with ines, almost invariably. Most never are caught. But the basic problem is more complicated. The income tax is old .titff in the United States, which lerives over 80 per cent of governmental income from individual * nd corporation income levies. f tore the rich always have been jowerful and most revenue comes rnm hidden fnxes, taxes that hit he poor hrmlnr propportaionately han tin 1 rirli. Only in recent dec- dps had the bnlnnco of power hil'trri nnd the (ax structure been -nodificd. *) - nnrci collects only about 25 or con.t of nnl.k.'iKil revenues from ironi'.' t;ix. llid'lnn luxes on in•Iry. food, sales nnd the like TiaUo ui> l.lif; 'rest. It.ily ]iielv;; up about one-sixth of IP porernni'Mil incon-je from di- ct-t taxes. The bulk comes from a nrpo per cent tax on every trans- clion in the country, , national monopolies on salt and tobacco imilav levies. Leaders in both countries recog- J7.e that income taxes are a fair * vay to apportion the cost of gov- rnmcnl on the basis of ability to lay. The public is hard to con- incc, however. Latins prefer pay- ng in-dribs and drabs. Actually it costs them as much 1 ^ r more under the present system.' 'he over-all tax burden in Italy is 7 per cent of gross national n-oduct. In France it's 31 per cent, There is some excuse for the •ich ducking taxes. If an honest man paid all the- indirect taxes _nd the. full income tax, he could go broke. The tax rate anticipates cheating in declarations. In France or- example, income lax rates for he middle and upper brackets are ligher than in America even despite the tremendous addiitional jurdcn of indirect taxes. The tax collection system encourages bribery and evasion, too Many a lax collector is a $150-a- month .civil servant. Temptation is great. Moreover, Europeans . don't talk about their incomes the way Americans do. Nobody ever really inows how much. a rich man has. Complete books are rare. Often the honest collector estimates wealth on the basis of the number of yachts, grand pianos, Riviera villas and sports cars he. can trace to the tax payer. It's a grim picture—but not a hopeless one.. . . Italy expects to have a new la-w on the books this summer instituting jail sentences of up to six months for major tax evaders. The average taxable income declarec by Italians tripled between 1951 an 1954—strong evidence-the income groups are being .more realistic in their declarations. The number of returns rose during the same period. France has had less of a crackdown on income tax payments, but both countries are trying to extract more of their' taxes from the rich. Each is meeting resistance from the citizenry. SPORTS ROUNDUP - By fiAVI P TAI HOT , „ ^ By GAYLE TALBOt NEW YORK UP)— Having decided to take a fearless' stand and choose the New ork Giants to win their lea'gue again, because we believn they have the solid strength to do it, we got to reflecting that there probably are six Little Leaguers in our block who could do as skill- All a job of experting. It was a depressing thought. In other words, if all a man can do after a month of diligent snooping through the training camps is pick the defending world cham- jiohs. then shouldn't he maybe land in his union card and try something else? Any fool knows hat a ball club, having won last year, should be able to win again. It's only common logic. Or -is it? Out of curiosity, and •possibly feeling some sense of guilt at not having the nerve to )ick Cincinnati and take a shot i:t immortality, we have been looking back through the pages ol' the National League since the year of its inception, 1876. And r.ow we feel a good deal better. Actually in going out ' on a limb for Leo Durocher's beauties, we are being bolder than we had in, ended. The odds against a National League club repeating are . only slightly less than 2-1. That ,is, in the long history of the senior loop, .only just over half the teams which came from somewhere below to win, as the Giants did last season, have been able to repeat .the following year. Fellows, this is going to be rough. The precise figures are as follows: 33 times a National League outfit has charged up to be a proud champion one year and fallen back the next. Only 18 times has the newcomer hal the stamina t ostay there for a second helping, or more. Masters Has Turned Into Close Meet : AUGUSTA, Ga. M>)— Snead or Souchak? Hogan or Hebert? Mld- dlecoff or Mangrum? Who will win ttye 19th Masters golf championship? • Either one of them, could, But maybe none of them' will. There are many more fine golfers in the field of 78 who could capture this tournament and earn one of golf's most cherished titles. 'Fifty-nine professionals and IE omntpiirs; wprp assigned tee times Baseball By The Associated Press TEXAS LEAGUE San Antonio 6; Oklahoma City 2 Dallas 13; Shreveport 2 Houston 6; Tuisa 1 Beaumont 8; Fort Worth 2 Brooklyn (N) 6; Washington A 0 (night) Cleveland A) 3; New York (N) 2 (10 innings) Chicago (A 13; St. Louis (N) fc Milwaukee N) 2; Detroit (A 1 Baltimore (A) 3; Pittsburgh N) Boston (A) 9; Philadelphia N) 3 New York (A) 19; Lynchburg PL 2 v Cancelled Rain Cincinnati (N) vs. Richmond 111 at Norfolk, Va. Kansas City (A) vs. Fayeltcville (CD at Fayclteville, N. C. Cincinnati N "B" vs. Syracuse (11) at Tampa, Fla. Missile Is Exploded 6 Miles in Air LAS VEGAS, Nev., (UP) — America's newest anti-aircraft defense, an air-to-air missile with a mighty atomic warhead, was exploded six miles above Nevada today with • a blast p o w e r f u enough to wreck a flight of enemy bombers even in 'a near miss. The "big baby" missile, with a punch equivalent of perhaps 5.00C .0 10,000 tons of TNT packed into its nose, was launched from an Air Force B-47 jet bomber. It exploded in a gigantic multi-col ored burst above 30,000 feet amid smoke trails laid by Six F-86 Sa brejets. The Atomic Ehergy Commissior and the Defense Department of ficlally disclosed over a week age that they would test this lates weapon in America's nuclear ar senal. The joint announcement saic it was capable of destroying i fleet of bombers without a direc hit, missing 'even. by a half mile Some 24 official observers frorr Great Britian, and Canada, ob served the test under mutual ar zangements between the tw countries and the United State government. Today's' blast, 10th of the 195 nuclear experiments, was trig Dropo Homers fatal to Cardinals By ED WILKS "V^T Of The Associated Press Unless Eddie Stanky really is a changed man this season $5 will get you $10 the scrappy little manager of the St. Louis Cardinals had his hands pammed in his hip pockets, staring bitterly at the ground and ripping the turf in short jabs with his spikes at the Little Rock ball park yesterday. With his head bowed, he' must have been muttering something like—"great Jehovah !Not another season like this!' That may not be an accurate quote, no matter how much Stanky may have changed. But it's .about as close as you can get in print. What undoubtedly had Stanky aroused was the terrible thing that happened to Harvey Haddix, his southpaw ace, and the struggling Vic Raschi. The Chicago White Sox belted the pair for a 13-3 deci- It was pitching, or the lack of it, that outweighed the Cards' hitting' power and scuttled them in sixth place last season. The man who clone thorn wrong Little Rock was Walt Dropo, swatting a three-run homer off Haddix and a two-run clout off Brunda'gc, long watchdog as head States committee over as chairman higher-for. today's first round • of the 1955 ' Masters, which in 21 years has grown in prestige until it ranks second only to the National Open. The Masters was born a full- Lanza Fired by Club Owner By BOB THOMAS LAS VEGAS, Nev. M — Where does Mario Lanza ..go from here? That was the question the show world pondered tenor failed to today after appear and the fired from the world's highest salaried night club date. The Hotel New Frontier yesterday canceled Lanza's contract, .which called 'for $100,000 for two weeks of singing twice a night. Lanza, his wife Betty, their four children and two nurses were scheduled to motor back to Hollywood today. The rest of their entourage pulled out last night. A friend reported Lanza was heartbroken by his failure to keep the date. The reason is more than professional. He expected to use the $100,000 to rent a new house.. Heavily in debt to the govern- rjient for past income taxes, he now plans to rent an apartment. For the past three months he has been living in Palm Springs and preparing for the abortive night club engagement. story," he said. The authority pointed to other things in Margaret's favor Eden, who must advise the queen on many things, would find it more difficult to advise against a divorce than another person. The prime minister also in fluences legislation. "Suppose a bill came up to make divorce easier," the authority said 'A man divorced might be more likely to recommend in its favor." There were signs the stigma long attached to divorce in Britain was -being removed. For one, a divorced person will be allowed to enter the rolad enclosure at ascot this June for the first time. Then, last October Elizabeth made Eden a knight of the garter —one of Britain's greatest honors and one bestowed on only seven commoners in history. But the biggest boos v t came when Eden, who was married 2-Y 2 years ago to former Prime Minister Winston Churchill's niece, became prime minister. Court circles warned not to el- pect any radical changes Jn court rules themselves but rather in their broader interpretation. Jpve,n the act of royalty's- receiving a divorced person is now based on individual judgement, Jf Townsend was aware pf - the implications of Eden's appointment he would npt discus* it in Farif where he was racing 9 ,hor»e named NmwJ, blown success in 1934. Grand slam dng Bobby Jones, who helped design the Augusta National golf course where the Masters is played came out of retirement to compete in it. There were two schools of thought in pretournament specula lion about the possible winner of this year's classic. One leaned to ward the younger golfers, pointing to the way they had stolen much of the limelight during the winter tour. The other stuck with the veterans, pointing to the tremendous pressure generated in this prestige-loaded event. Sam Snead, three-time Masters winner and the defending champion, and Ben Hogan, a two-time winner who lost to Snead in a playoff last year, head the corps of veterans. Others in the field with several years of tournament success behind them include Gary Middle- Raschi. That pushed Dropo's home run' production to, six in eight ^Haddix left in the fifth, trailing 7-0 Raschi was clipped for five runs in the sixth. Tony Jacobs.g came on in the seventh and the White Sox wound up with 19 hits. The Cards, meanwhile, swung for 14 hits, but couldn't get the runners across against Chicago s Jack Harshman and Mike Fornieles. , j In the first game to be played in a major league park this season. Brooklyn defeated Washington in Griffith Stadium G-0 as Carl Erskine blanked the Senators with ^ some difficulty. Erskine gave 10 hits the first full-length major league team an Olympic of the before United taking __ of the international group in 1952, said, "So far I have seen nothing to seriously criticize." He added he was confident all preparations for the Barnes would be completed in time. Brundage visited the main sta dium at the Melbourne Cricket Club yesterday and found everything adequate, except for the need of a coat of paint. He also- suggested the addition of dressing rooms, showers and toilet facilities. JU „.,.., as he became the first Dodger to go nine innings_. He also accomplished shutout of a this spring. Billy Hoeft, trying to evade the Detroit bullpen, allowed just two hits, one a Hank Aaron homo run, in six innings as the Tigers lost to Milwaukee 2-1. Warren Spahn got the decision when the Braves broke a 1-1 tie with two singles, a walk and a sacrifice fly in the eighth off ticorge Zuverink. Cleveland nudged the New York Giants 3-2 as Dave Pope doubled across the winning run in the 10th. Jim Heam looked good for the Giants, yielded just run in the seven worked. Herb Score, prize youngster, was touched for a first-inning run—the first he s allowed this spring—but no more in four frames. i Sammy While hit a home run in the fourth with two on to break up a duel between Boston's Ike Dclock and Philadelphia's Murry Dickson and the Red Sox went on to win 9-3. Baltimore edged Pittsburgh 3-Z when reliefer Roger Bowman walked Vern Stephens with the onu earned innings he the Indians' bases loaded in the ninth. The New York Yankees clobbered Lynchburg of the class B Piedmont league 19-2 with 18 hits, . Veteran Tommy Byrne held the youngsters to four .hits, walking six and fanning seven while becoming the fourth Yank pitcher to go nine innings. gered a. m. It was the highest an atomic vice has ever •'been known to have been exploded in the 42 test detonations in atomic history inside the United States,. including the first at Alamagordo in 1945. Olympics Okay by Brundage MELBOURNE Of) — A us tralia's preparations for the .1955 Olym pics, reported lagging behind schedule, today' had -the approval of Avery Brundage, president of the International Olympic Commit E. J. Bolt, Lew Jackie coff, Lloyd Mangrum, Dutch Harrison, Tommy Ed Furgol, Julius Boros, Worsham, Byron Nelson, Burke and Al Besselink. Mike Souchak, the former Duke football player and lead tog money winner on the winter circuit, is the king bee fot e younger generation, which includes Gene Littler, Jay Herbert, Rex Baxter Jr., Billy Maxwell, Joe Conrad, Arnold Palmer .and Bob Rosburg. YOU'LL SAVE ON THESE BUYS LOIN END PORK RATH'S RA CORN BACON Ib. 43c PURE PORK COUNTRY rynt. i »».».» »•»«»• ^ . .». v - ^^ SAUSAGE 2 Ibs. 49c Half or Whole Easter Cured HAMS 45c I ^•^^•PWWPPiW"*"*W^^""W"^""!P«^fW^W"^^ PECKER'S ALL MEAT Ib. 35c HOPE LOCKER and PROCESSING CO. Inc. , 411 fOUTM MAIN Serving You Since 1896 FREE DELIVERY — DIAL 7-4431 Half or Whole CURED HAMS NO CENTER CUT REMOVED i i FRESH TUBE TOMATOES 19c Tube STALK CELERY 10c Stalk FRESH COUNTRY EGGS FLAT CAN CRUSHED - SLICED PINEAPPLE 303 SIZE CAN ENGLISH PEAS 2«- 33c FRESH DRESSED FRYERS NO. 1 GRADE SLICED BACON 49c Lb. Pure Gr. BEEF 3 Lt " 89c Delicious PICNIC HAMS Boneless COTIAGE LI, if. In London, mail-carrying driverless trains are run through a six- nile tunnel every five minutes, controlled entirely by pushbuttons. Housework dlsy Without NaggingBackache 1 Naeeing backache, loss of pfep andenergy, headaches and dizziness, may be due to slowdown of kidney function. Doctors say good kidney function is very important to good health. When some everyday condition, such is stress nnd strain, causes this important "SifcHontoslow dowA.many f olkssufrernag- Bine backache-feel miserable. Minor bladder irritations due to cold or wronft diet may cauje getting up nights or f renuentpassages.* ' ln ? t neglect your kidneys if these condition's bother you. Try Doan s PHIs-a «n»o diuretic. Used successfully by millions for o»er 60 years. It's amazing how many timea t Doan's give happy relief from these discom- I. forts-helptheie milesof kidney tubes andfll- | ! Ur» fluih out wiste. Get Doan's Pillfl today! Collins Obtains Rebellion Truce By LOUIS GILBERT Saigon, Indochina CUP) — Gen. J. Lawton Collins, President Eisenhower's special envoy, won a seven-day truce today between Indochina's rebellious warlords and pro-American Premier Ngo Dinh Diem. The agreement that again ward ed off civil war came after hectic hours of night-long bargaining Premier Diem and his armed rivals, 'the powerful "United Nationalist Front," agreed at dawn to sheath the sword and maintain an armed truck for a week. . While Collins put pressure on Diem, his French colleague, Gen. Paul-Henri Ely, high commissioner rnd commander-in-chief of the French exp edition ary corps, worked with Diem's die-hard adversaries, the politico religious sects. MOM StAH, HdM, ARKANSAS — — ^-—.1 jfiu lu- —- _L-Ltu ."'*: -. •-'•••-~->- —• - * -"*•• **•' i ' ' ' '*" Gentry to Look Into Gasoline Price FIX- Prompt Strict Information and FINANCE HOME IMPROVEMENT LOANS Convenient, easily-arranged loam to improve YOUR home. We cao arrange everything. Come in oowl Hope Builders Supply Co. 3rd & Louisiana Phone 7-2381 Chapter XXXIV , I shrugged. What difference didi it make whether every truth was a scientific truth - "What," he went on carefully, "is your theory of" the cause or purpose of this . . . this mind visitation in Selena" "I'm not sure. The little mermaid wanted a soul. I think that's what Selena wants too." He shook his head. "Emotions —which appear to be about what you mean by 'soul'—are effects of certain glandular imblances arising from sensory stimuli." "Stop being a doctor dad. You know better than that." "Sorry." He looked at me gently excusing me because of my fatiaue and what I had been through. "No," I said sharply. "I don't want you making allowances for me. Do you honestly believe that all that scientific rigmarole you .iust recited really means anything What atoout art and religion and love What atiout sorrow, dad Are all those things nothing but the product of some glandular imbalances, as you put it" . . jj»w». "I don't know," he said. "I wasnt attacking you, dad, but I know Im right-Let's put it this way: Selena cried when she read the story of the little _ mermaid because she saw in it the elements of some experinece of her own. She is an alien too.' ' "If you are right, it would make her cry," .he said thoughtfully. "But your assumption is too lull .of mystery. I ca'n't believe she is anything but an extraordinary woman — an adventuress perhaps and possibly a foreigner." I had expected he would say that. "My theory is—Well, I wish I'd never thought ot it. But it does explain a lot of things that you can't." "Go ahead,' he said. "It all begins,' I said, "on the evening wheh Luella was standing outside the rest room of the gasoline station in Collegeville with her hands on the • lattice Probably thebrai n cells -were inside her skull, but they werent connected to anything. Within .hree or four minutes Luella Jamison vanishes. It took intelligence to do that and do it as fast and efficiently as Luella did -it. Ten Limes more intelligence than Luel la ever displayed before. jDiitfiet Named convention G. towns of Forrest president, and Clyde .-y, -- dlfc- v/te W. A M» Hiatt dt rife? LITTLE HOCK UP) Atty. Gen Tom Gentry today, said he is mak ng an informal investigation. : to check possible violations of anti monopoly laws, in Arkansas gaso ^ ROCK Iff) — John L. Faulkner of Mena has been named presiifeht of the Arkansas Association .tit Sofl.Conservation Districts. He succeeds R. S. Rainwater of Walnu|Hiflge. Othei bfficer's elected yesterday [at the Closing 1 session of the group j. W . : 'sales. ••'•• a price R HOPE-ARK, APRIL 1-th LIGHT CRUST MEAL 5 Ibs. 10 Ibs. 34c GREENIES PEAS HAPPY VALE YELLOW CORN 2 303 Cans :HARTEX CUT AS GOOD AS YOU EVER EAT BEANS 4 %• 45c CREAM MELLORINE FRE-ZERT G 49c SCOT Del Monte & Libby's FRUIT 3 303 Can COCKIAIl 25c FOLGERS AND MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE 91c 1 Lb. Can 4 PET and CARNATION MILK c°r W. POWDER Tide, Cheer, Dux, Vel, SUPER SUDS, BREEZE, FAB, OXYbOL, SILVER DUST Large Box "Luella's body suddenly acquired a mind. I don't .know yet where it came from.thoug h I. have a guess But anyway, it went straight to one certain place in all Colleaeville. like steel to a magnet. It went straight to Walter LeNormand. He must have been in the observatory" at the time Setting ready for his night's work Luella .Jamison walked in on him And Luella Jamison; who did no know heir own name, became Se lena LeNormand." "How do you know she went to LeNormand" "Because there is no other place she could have gone, and no other likely place Selena could >»ave come from. Because Selena has to ha,ve an intelligence near liter powerful enough, like LeNormand's, to give her some point of contact with human existence. When we met her first, after his death, she was dull and stupid, almost in a trance, till she met Jerry. His mind was the same kind as hers. It made her come to life again. Jerry .an.d LeNormand were mathematicians. For that matter," I added, "there wero rnathematici-^ ans in Luella's own ancestry, you'll recall.' "Yes. Parsons said that, When Luella Jamison walked into Eldridge Observatory, she went there because she knew that Le- Normand was there. At least, she knew his intelligence was there. With the force that • was in her mind , 'that was a part cx£ her. it would be easy to get him to marry her. Hadnt she made me offer her a cigaret when I knew • she never smoked? That was a small thing, but she could have done anything with me, and even with a man like LeNormand. So she lived with him, learning the ways of people, adapting herself to an unfamiliar life, just as the little mermaid' lived among mortals" "Surely you don't think Selena's mind came out of the ocean' he asked me. < "No, 1 I said. "It wasn't the sea.' And t he n LeNormand, whi must have been living in a strang world of surmise and perhaps fear went back to his great paper on space and time, and began to -g over his equations. He must hav made his final discovery the after noon of the State football game Certainly then she knew what h was doing, even though she wa not in the room with him. I re- Gentry quoted Pau t as saying .hat his 'company, perhaps the largest in the field, did not iix gasoline sales prices. Gentry quoted Paust as saying Esso Standard's prices were de- .errhined by the competitive situation and that the" company had no control over the price eventually charged at retail. Gentry said he had written Esso Standard asking for information and that the visit from Paust was the result. The attorney general added that he hadn't yet written other oil companies. Gentry said that he had received sometimes conflicting complaints from distributors and consumers 01 possible price-fixing in gasoline had redufted prices below cost for the exprlsS purpose of putting a competitor" but of business this would be a ^ibiation of the Arkan sas anti-monopoly law. Gentry said %a,t action woul( be taken if he-could 'determine tha there had been price-fixing, illega price-cutting or 'any other; apparent violation of the law. 1;, _ ' membered how-she had read my mind so often in\ the past,' 1 in unobtrusive ways that-. I had .overlooked because I ..did ,not : -see the implications. How much more easily could she have' known '.'• what Le- Norrnahd had found, "-what .intense and mathematical symbols were forming in his brain as he worked and thought!! T!o!!h!e!r! seem so clear, so .true, so irrefutable, that ne decided he had -to die. Dr. Lister' cleared .his throat.. Why should LeNormand have een a menace to her because he'd made some sort af mathematical iscovery" 'His tone suggested hat the question ought to reveal my own folly to me. "I can't tell you that. But remember what Jerry said about its mportance. "The 'biggest thing in -the world." All I can guess is that omehow LeNormand'S' discovery vas connected with Selena." (To Be Continued) Treadle . . .... $25 up Portable .V. $49.50 up BARGAIN THIS WEEK $27 - $50 off on- Cabinet-Model SINGER SEWING CENTER Mary's Beauty Sh • •'.-' Pbr ; :' V- '•-^"- : EASTER SPECIALS .CALL,. .7-359* MARY HAMM For AH* Makes and Service APPLIANCE REPAIR 210 E. 3rd 7-2W9 Now l< the time to buy that SPECIAL GIFT ' •' "''or . ; ." loiter or Anniversary Mhoon'i Jewelry Store MORTON'S 1 RE BLACK PEPPER 2 Boxes FROZEN FOODS SEALED SWEPT ORANGE JUICE I -45c PEACHES SWEET FROST — IN SYRUP PRODUCE DEPARTMENT TOMATOES 2 -. 35c HRROTS 3 l ^25c GOLDEN YELLOW EASTER PARADE VALUES BANANAS 2 - 25c LARGE ' ' LETTUCE - 15c MEAT PEPARTMEiNT Med. Size PICNIC Ib. TH£ BEST GROUND BEEF t Ib. 33c BRISKET STEW 5 Ibs. 98c WHOLE CURED HAMS Ib. 49c CLUB & T-BONE STEAK Ib. 49c CHUCK ROAST Ib. 39c NINNON BLOUSES Sheer and dainty. Many beautiful colors. 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