Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 7, 1955 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1955
Page 3
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tlial tints „ High scHtfci students le Still.in-*cnobl. ?!•* .. .. . . ihionable black, leg* -«n«mel d/ WeWedlttbjillu- steel- ftibke of b_eau- So smart for I •4ii l S\ !.« fffffff**^ ""-P ' '""-Sit? 15.* > •m^ GM, Workers Square Off for Battle i By GLENN ENGLE .DETROIT WVThe giants j of 1 . bor and industry square off today on a unio/Ts most dmbitibus de ftiand since orgattlzlrig day's— tfic guaranteed aftnual wage. , t The principals are the billion dollar General Motors Cbrp., the jfiatiion's biggest industrial .fjrrri, ahd Walter -Mouther's l^-rnlllloh- member CIO United Aito Work" €fs, the nation's biggest union. The arena is a small room iri the massive General Motors Building in midtowri Detroit, scene of the start 'of formal Uafginlng ori •a new contract. /' Immediately at stake are the fortunes of some 356,600 Gerleral Motors employes acrjoss the coun the significance of the as goes faa- beyond this. A guaranteed wage plan at Geri _ >ral Motors might/ set * a t pattei rt A>r the entire autos^' industry and possibly for,jnuch.'.of other,-heavy industry..as well. /That.could have a tremendous impact on' the jia- tion's economy. / The cunent fiVe-ycar cOst^oMiyi dng contract between GM, and tft'? UAM expires Mjay 29. t Three days' later a similar/pact covering! 14]p, 000 Ford Motor/Co. employes tund out. / , '>•»*' lfl.26, popular pridfe 11.1S Ib 17.50^$. 20240 Ib llS 250-270 Ib, J6.75'17.2S: sows 560 down i.25-4; Theater ".sows TOP K>.»25; boars ' ZUD* mm mms »ii M IK nf m $ r. IDAY & SATJJUPAY. APR! L DAISYS 1 mil CREAM * t i™ * " ' Lb/ THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITlfS ~ -I' ll 11 AMS Gunmen Take Huge Haiti From Bank JrV*l/v»li5rVUt 5 c-alVfcs ,100; st utility and commercial doWs 35.00, canners arid - cutters «,60, bulls iitjWy. and comrricr- 6iat 13tJD-lS.t)0; s CdHrfers aftd'cut- tfjrs 10.60-13 00; venders good and Chrtice 18.00-25.0bi ittHividUat head _„ ^ .,. priitw 2700. eomrnercia'l Ind good t cent Quinn aftei he conferred with Vetflors and calves flOWs.OO, cull anrt utility 8 00-12.00. » NEW YORK UP) Gunmen today robbed a Queens bank of an' esti- fttated $350,000 said by officials to be the biggest cash haul in bank ftobbing history. Yftie estimate was given to news- rnen by Queens Dist Ally. T. Vin- 800 spring' Jambs, ' 30460 to 27.00 !b for spedial fia'ster' trade; hcaviec oil good and tHoiCc old crop lambs 22 do-i&OO', r sparingly, uome 87 Ib 2fl rtO ahd 113' Ib 2.00. Utility to E6od wooled 'Irfmbs J 7.00- 2 00; Straight Utility -17iOO; aged shdep scarce '.and '.steady! ""wooled slaUfiH- ter ewes Up to 850; some nuked cull wooled a'rtd dipped ewes 6 50 ,i f • " -- • > - i — . NfeW YbRiK 'STOCKS ':NEW ,vbRK ' stock tptay. 4 .ddv^'nccd oh a bioad front • • " f ol^dmlcal i Chares ,led f.he .bjitl .there was good -buying ahb t i'n.'th^ >ra.Hs, steels. pils',,a;nd wther r gf,pups * frins ran to, 'beV tir! _than 2 l pplnts in early noorj < SThdre wei.e • a few losses- of ardund a point. AN6">'hODUC-E 'CHtCAX3pv(UP) Produce- '»tlve '- %>ns,' sleazy _ok chickens, 6 trucKs N.o Chicago^ poultry bod id price \nhttnn 4rj^1rt 1 w * ' >. ) »ij;379,789,tioUnds Market stc^dy. , 93'^bd" 2 , s!c0rc 57 ceflts a^pdund;S90 score" 54—, 8d scoje 54; "'.ca.rjlaUv ,80 r ; scdrcS 55U; >-^9 score' 3., ,23/957 Ceases ',,M,ark,et ' ' "'• 70 " i Mty;A;^H^vl^35!>£;^vxsq large &ra-s,>35, \^&u,&s ^ stapdards 2; .'ifttfccnt.iSMcamtsdSlt, Dirties choice '•<»*'— Cotton futures welre ^steady today pn light trade siid * .commission 1 ' House* 1 buying »~fto ' off eHngs - Ifght The 1 t 'dslae' temorary easi- temporary easi- doot'il^s on Ijiquida'-, ^ Thr washdtls Theie was ^f'gld ciop 1 months "against purchases of new ' ' - ness ipn< a ticfo aijd-som ''' iair of crap, , il^ite iaftqrnoon ~pri[Cfe$" weie to 70 dents "a bale- h,igKei «"»• farvibus clbfie.i " S^y 1 3,06, and;"'Octpber<&,92. 1 ' '' * • ; '' C^— mt me OPENING Qf SONS TEXACO 3rd and SHOVfR , APR11 us fill yflut took. bank officials. Four men, one carrying a tomn'i guri, herded 11 employes of the Ehase Manhattan Bank's Woodsido branch into the rear of the premises and made a clean getaway. The carefully planned job started With the gunmen waylaying a teller butside his apartment. Henry Bardenhagen, 24, the teller, was just entering his automobile at about 8:35 a.m. when a stranger, who obviously knew his identity, stepped up to him with a gun and said: "Okay, Henry. Get in the back." 'Three other men then joined the fast and all, piled into the car. VDoh't look at any of us," said the first .gunman. .'"The gunman drove by a cir- puitious route to the bank, with One confederate beside him and Inother beside Bardenhagen in the ''Henry, look out the window," the gunman said en route. "Don't do anything foolish." Six employes already were in the bank when the car drove up. They had entered with their own keys to prepare the 9 a.m. opening and had left the door locked behind them. The robbers forced Bardenhagen at gunpoint to unlock the door. They storde into the ' bank behind him Bardenhagen and the other em- ploye's were ordered to the rear, As additional employes arrived, they, too, were herded to th rear by two of the men while the other two lugged out the money. All- four climbed into Barden- hagens -car and left. They abandoned U a short time later. Nobody was reported hurt in the holdup. f ,A widespread ordered. police hunt was Eden to to Preserve Solidarity ,By J.ACK SMITH*-. • , LONDON —S ir . Anthony Eden became Britain's 42nd Prime Minister, today, but told Parliament Sir Winston Churchill will remain ;he i "dominant figure" in the House of Commons. Eden appeared in the House a [gw hours after .receiving from (Jueen Elizabeth II the mandate ;0 form a government in succe- ion to Churchill's. His appear- a'hce did not .set .off much of a demonstration. There was a sound approval from the Conservative benches "behind him. but the La- voiites were silent. It was evident the Commons, still had its .mind op Churchill, who was not even fi esent to hear the tributes of Bden and Clement Attlee, leader jf the Labor opposition, i Eden .said Chiw.ch'ill's greatest attribute in statesmanship rests on the' fact that "he brought a mast complete vision" to problems be- re' him and always cut through their core. By JACK SMITH '.LONDON W) — Sir Anthony Eden once walked out of the government rather than appease ~ 'i|inental dictators, became Brim's Prime Minister today. He is 1 ' man to hold the nation's political office, and the n three decades. 57-year : old diplomat—first man in • history to be narn.ed Premier—kissed the hanc df Queen Elizabeth II and accepted h,er Appointment to succeed his long-time political mentor, Sir Winston Churchill, who retired yesterday at 80. Trumpets of the Horse Guards band sounded in the distance, like a herald of the new political .era, as the handsome, debonair statesman in frock coat left Buckingham Palace under pale sunshine, to drive back to his new duties. The gray capital, with all Us newspapers on strike, got news of the historic changeover in a palace communique a-ead over the British Broadcasting Corp. The text: "The Queen received the Bight Hon. Sir Anthony Eden, Mp, n audience this morning and offered him ..the post of. Prime Minister and first lord of the treasury. Sir Anthony E,den accepted ,Her Maj- jesty's' offer and kissed her hand •upon,his appointment." CURRY'S Termite Control Co. • BONDED *» t •INSURED t GUARANTEED For Free Inspection coll A, P. Middlebreok. Jr. 7-2822 pr 7-379} REPHAN'S Dress Up For Easter You'll find pretty new Easter clothes for the entire family at Rephan's ot prices you will like. Make Rephan's your shopping headquarters for the entire family. 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As shown in .straps and buckles for that smart look. 2.98 FOR THE Flattie sandal with slender back strap as shown. 2.98 : Children's Easter DRESSES Many pretty dress up styles fo'r Easter wear. Priced as low as Dressy summer sgndal with open back and toe. Uow llttl* |>um,ps with' curvirm vam,p cut. Sweet simple pump of ' supple white .leather. Smart flat foot sandal. Three buckles to band your foot In pretty curves. 3.98 2.98 2.98 MAHY<QTHt«|Tyi«4N LADIES SHOES FOR ONLY $1.98 REPHAN 5 MOM'S FRUNOLY DEPARTMENT STORE tlmtJoy, April 7, 1955 HO PI STAR, MO PI, AftftANlAi "', 1 ,75 WJ SHEHGER Hurry! Last Day • FEATURE TIMES • 2:43 • 4:51 - 6:59 - 9:07 ' • SHORTS • 1. Woody Wood Pecker Cartoon 2. News of the Dny t FRI. & SAT. | 3 STAR PROGRAM DARING! • ALSO • GENE AUTRY GAIL DAVIS — IN — "Sons of New 1 Mexico" « PLUS • FIRST CHAPTER OF OUR NEW SERIAL // & "PORKY PIG" COLOR CARTOON CIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Thursday, April 7 The Pat Clayburn Chapter of U. D. C. will noon, April 7, 2:30 at the home Mrs. Don Smith on South Elm. of Hwy 29 South • Open 6:30 • FINAL NITE • .__ and with these Musical 'Greats' Frances Langford • Louis Armstrong • Gene Krupa Ben Pollack • The Modernam-es Plus These Swell Shorts! 1. 3 Stooges Comedy 2. Tom & Jerry Cartoon 3. Fishing Around the World 4. Pickout Movie Mistakes . Fri. &Sat.-*| Look! A Double Feature e ALSO • LEO GORCEY & The Bowery Boys "HERE COME THE MARINES" 9 PLUS « Chapter No. 3 of Serial "ADV. OF CAPT. KIDD" & "Little Jndian" Cartoon ADULTS .... 40c CHILDREN FREE U nder_T2 FREE MONKEY VILLAGE FREE KIDDYLAND FREE Horseshoe Pitching Due to bad weather, the annual r Show scheduled for April 13 IKIS been cancelled. The Rose and Dahlia Clubs, sponsors of this year's show, will sponsor the show again next year. All club members -are asked to return their schedules to their club president. * Garland Girl Scout Troop will meet Thursday aftcrrtoon at 4 o'clock at the Little Hut. Jan Reinhardt will be hostess. Friday, April 8 / The annual Easter Egg Hunt for Beginner 2 Department of the Firet Baptist Church will be at the home of Mrs. J. O. Luck at 3 p. m. Friday, April 8. For transportation have the children at the church at 2:30 p. m. The teachers will lake the children home. The 3 year old Nursery children of the Methodist Church will have I their annual Easter Egg Hunt Fri] day afternoon April 8 at 3:30 o'clock. at the church Saturday April 9 The Nursery and . Kindergarten children of the Presbyterian Church will have their Easter Egg, Hunt Saturday, at 3 p. m. at the home df Mrs. Jack Lowe in Oakhaven. For transportation children please meet at the church at 2:30 p. m. An Easter Egg Hunt for the pupils of Primary Department 2, of the First Baptist Church, will be held Saturday afternoon, April 9th, on the lawn of Mrs. M. S. Bates, 1510 South Elm Street. All pupils are urged to attend. Division st. at 7 p. m. The Business Woman's Circle No. 1, of the First Baptist Church, will meet Monday night, April llth, at 7:45 in the home of Mrs. Louise Russell, 1318 South Main Street. The Rebecca Sunday School Class Baptist Church met Monday, April 4 at the church for the monthly meeting with 22 present. Group singing was led by Mrs. Ted Purtle. The meeting was opened 'by Mrs. Arthur Rogers. During the business session messengers were elected for the District WMA which met with the First Baptist er seen oneTiite it on'anyone else. "bOFOTHY DIX Blames Her Appearance Dear Miss Dix: 1 have a hose of unusual shape; in fact, 1 have nev- field and Miss Thelma Thrash will be hostesses. Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Dougan Honored on Birthday Mrs. L. C. Martin and Mrs. Bertha! Dougan honored Mrs. Bertha Martin and her daughter Mrs. Floyd Dougan with a birthday dinner on Thursday March 31 Dinner was served buffet style to Mr. and Mrs. Earl Martin, Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Belk of Hope, Mrs. Mar old Abbott. Mrs. and Mr. and Mrs. Berthal Dougan of Prescott, Mr. and Mrs. George Campbell of Prescott, Mr. and Mrs Floyd Dougan of F-mmct, Bill Cale of Gurdon. Miss Nina Abbott and the honorees. of the First Baptist Church will Church in Magnolia. The program All my life I have been self-cons meet Monday April ll at 7:30 p. chairman presented an interestine- c ious about this feature, and I m. in the home of Mrs. Royce Smith i program on "Workings of a Great see m td be getting worse, t know 520 S. Main st. Mrs. Herald Porter-,Church." Mrs. Grady Hairston peop i e invariably notice it at once when they meet me, hence I am getting more and more reluctant to appear iri public. I am very nervous and unsure of myself. I'd like to get into church groups and meet some young people In this town, but I'm afraid to mix with them. I am 26 and have two little girls. For their sake alone I'd like to make friends but jUst can't push myself out. ; We have a nice home, and car. I was brought up in the country, where I had many friends and was quite active in social life at high school. However, when we moved to the city things were different brought the devotional thought Others taking part were Mrs Gladys Roberts, and Mrs. Virgil Huckabee. A duet was given by Mrs. Ted Purtle and Mrs. Jack Watkins, after which Mrs. Dalton bra- goo reviewed with the group a book on Ministry of Visitation. WSCS Circles 1 and 2 Have Joint Meeting Mrs. E. P. O'Neal was hostess. nope ivirs. nai-| With Mrs - James Martindale assist- John H. Gibson' ' m S to Circles No. 1 and 2 of WSCS on Monday. The final chapters of the study, "Jesus' Teaching Among Women' Alpha Delta Chapter Has Meeting The Alpha Delta Chapter of Delta Kappa' Gamma Society met in the Hope High School home econo was led by Mrs. J. W. Perkins. An interesting and informative true l much and are more difficult to and false quiz was conducted, in please than country folk. I'm sure my personal problem centers around my prominent nose, and if proper for a young lady to dar., with her date at a high-school dance? i would like to give my>daughter some .basic rule to follow. MRS. W< T. Answer: This is largely a matter of local custom. In many towns (including my own), it is customary for a couple to dance exclusively with each other. In fact, this routine has become so.disturbingly prevalent that parents in some circles have re-introduced the dance card in order to encourage mixing. It seems to me that when a girl and boy keep entirely to themselves, they lesson the sociability of the occasion. A change of parHers is, in my opinion, the wisest system. Most parents and adult leaders ag* ree.'.'. • ;• - conclusion. Mesdames P. H. Webb, C. M. Agee, Dick White and F. C. Crow gave scripture readings based on the study. After an enjoyable fellowship mics cottage on Tuesday. April 5.! hour . L dain ^ i'efreshmnts at 4 p. m. Mrs. H. L. Hanegan and srved to 32 members. Mrs. Lawrence Martin were oo- hostesses. Mrs Horace Fuller, program chairman .for the meeting, chose as her subject "Pioneer Women." were Women's Missionary Council Meets The Women's Missionary Council of the Hope Gospel Tabernacle met that could be corrected I'd be a different person. CLAUDIA She presented information on women-"who have combined their talents and efforts to give DKG its rich inheritance." Mrs. P. L. Perkins reviewed the achievements of Catherine Beecher, onda y at 2:3 ° P- m- at the church (MI for the weekly meeting. Mrs. George Hicks, accompanied by Mrs. Louis Sutton, led group singing, followed by prayer enuni- cation by Mrs. C. S. ; Walker. Mrs. a"pioneeTta"th.*e~fleld"oreducatTon| J P e Burkey brought the devotional during the last century. "To Miss 'giving a most interesting discussion Sunday, April 10 Hope Country Club will have an Easter Egg Hunt Sunday, April 10 at 4 p. m. Hosts and Hostesses will be Mr. and Mrs. Bill Routon, Mr. and Mrs E. P. Young, Jr., and Dr. and Mrs. Harold Brents., Monday April 11 The Fireman's Auxiliary will meet Monday, April 11 in the home of Mrs. Orville Steadman. 623 West THE BEAUTY BOX Open 6 Days a Week Appointments after 5 for those who work. Phone 7-5350 112 S. Main Beecher goes the credit for many innovations in the administrative program and extra curricula:- activities." Mrs. Perkins stated. Mrs. Elmer Brown told of the accomplishments of Annie Webb Blanton, founder of DKG in Austin, Texas in 1929. "Her conviction was that Drofessional women could stand together in professional matters." Mrs. Brown told the group. Prior to the program, Mrs. R. E. Jackson ". president, conducted a short business session. She announced April 22 and 23 as the dates ot the Kappa State Convention in Pine Bluff. Guests were Miss Caroline Hawthorne, Miss Marilyn Taylor, and Miss Leona Place, practice teachers from Henders'on State Teachers College. Arkadelphia. Following the proeram the hostesses served a salad plate. °n ' h e 16th. Chapter of Luke. Mrs. J- °. Taylor, secretary, conducted a short business session after which the meeting adjourned with prayer by Mrs. Downing., Coming and Going Dr. and Mrs. F. D. Henry have returned from Little Rock where Dr. Henry attended the Arkansas State Dental Meeting. Mrs. P., E. Shope ahd Mrs. Clem Johnson oi Ramona, California arp WMA Meetina . On Monday The WMA of Garrett Memorial quarters 'ille Air The U. aid the ?116,952. The' government estimate ,vas $126,142. There were six bids. UlOM£lt Ut . . f ' ab&ut tiie sliaer stocking that s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s t® tSie shape of any legs! pats, applied far. If you, too, want the stockings that skin-fit your legs and feet exactly, try Larkwood Stocking X. By exactly, we mean they won't bag at the knees, sag, wrinkle, twist or bind anywhere all the time you wear them. Keep seams straight all day. And, they never lose any of their stretchability after laundering. Stocking X follows every curve and hollow of your legs whether they are average, short, long, thin, or not-so-th.in. Adjusts to any garter length, The dull "makeup" look is permanent. Elegantly gift packaged 1 or 2 pairs to th.e box, $1.95 a pair, (colors). ui *> The Long and Short of It! "CHAnotoN"* yarn m» Stocking X stretch so easily, 8 sizes fit »ll-^ Petite, Aver»g«. ?»»• isiting their VIoore, Sr. neice, Mrs. Jewel LOW BIDDER LITTLE ROCK UP) — The Townend Construction Co. of Convvay oday was the apparent low bidder or construction of a wing head- building at Force Base. the Blythe- S. Engineers office here apparent low bid was ' Answer: Your nose may have its faults but I'm afraid you're blaming it unjustly. Your present shyness is due to your recent change of environment than to any facial feature. Popular At Horn* Since you were well-liked in your home town, acclaimed as a leader in high school, attractive enough to win a fine husband, your appearance could have affected many people adversely. Now you are just a cog in a big- city wheel. You don't know people and you are confused about how to get to know them. First you must realize that folks are pretty much the same whether they live in the city or the country. They all have the same appreciation of friendliness, co-operation and interest. These are the things that sustained you in a small town; they will be equally helpful in a large one. If you show warmth and kindness you will be well received; be coldly aloof, and people will leave you strictly alone. Forget your nose and get into 'those chur v ch groups you hanker for. Perhaps other members will take a curious look at your prominent feature, but they will immediately warm ,tb you when they know you want to toe one of. them. Of course, plastic surgery can do wonders for you. if you have the money, to spend on it. However, with your past history of popularity I doubt if you need it too desperately. After all, very few people have perfect faces. Dear Miss tJlx: ftoy is a friend I have known all my life. He is began dating last summer and have had some nice times together when he's been home. However, when he was home for 14 days last month, he didn't come near -me because, he said, he didn't have the use of a car. Since a bus passes my door, I think he could have come it he .wanted to, - ,,-j, . ,-,..- . ALMA Answer: I agree. The t>oy lackeqj sotribthing .rnot'e. than, a .means-, oi transportation. Perhaps it-was'in- terest in you! Just don't 'take him too seriously —. treat him as ano ther casual date and avoid hurt feelin'gs. Dear Miss Dix: How often is it Report Waves From Planet of Jupiter PRINCETON, N.J. Iff),' The Car negie Institution reporte'd t(Jday*[3 has detecte^.lradio, ,,\va,v.es ^coming from •Its the. big plant ^Jupit'ert radio "telescope" a Seneca, Md., the institution, said in a report prepared for the Amer ican Astronomical Society meet ing, has been logging intermitten radio waves; which appear ,to "random bursts > of static resem bling thundei storm -interference on a broadcast receiver. " " up only sx minutes" 1 when ; ii,the narro,\v feeam o *The '-"signals carfbtf pTckc"3 price every 4hree days, and Jupiter- .the radio telescope. The institution commented: "Al though the "explanation ^ of the pb serv'ea.rSdip '"emission is not Jcno'wi the conjecture was made that i might toe causecTby '. disturbance in' the' atmosphere" of Jupiter sim ila'r to quiuthtipderstorms but on a, muchcJacgep'^cale.' There are 87,000 4-H clubs injhc United "Stater" ~' " " f 44,HSurg recently ,'tof ' new Orlfe&tis, i>a.» disd j HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOP Easter- FI. For Her Easter GI John P. WALGREEN AGENCY "We Give Eagle Stamps •' • a • < Mouth Wash l6-ounce bottle Last Minute Glamour Gifts... CONTAINER MILK OF MAGNESIA lo-ounce bottle Dorothy Gray Figurine COLOGNE Atomizer for the MEN... Buys Galore in COSTUME JEWELRY ySteil $2 an $4 SI TOOL AND values... • TAPVI.C BA' Your choice. 4-oz. ITALIAN Metal COMPACTS QOC Values up to $2.98 . .. ... OU '.r Whitman's.Sampler/. •ft, Easter Wrapped .... TACKLE BOX ' Snap- lock. . . . Lift out tray. O29 GUARANTEED iiastercraft WRIS) WATCH Unbreak MM • able crystal T ' FISHING ROD O39 Extra tough iibie glass . . . . . ** For Everyone You Know and Chewy Package. Easter Wrapped •at, chicks to lov». chocolate f 99*. Jelly eggs, plus a TOYI £SSE PEPPEI EASTER GARBS 8 Stover Chocolate Covered Rabbits 65c Elizabeth Arden BlUC GRASS COLOGNE $2.00 Dorothy Gray Figurine PUSTING POWDER $1 25 Faberge Woodhus _I WASHABLE PUKTIOTOYS r.&dKJe ' $,<• selection, ,aa.. ,| Coyly pecorated SAND PAIL and SHOVEL New Pen With .1 Built-in ,/ r . i* - • i metal. .. .' Helena Rubinstein HEAVENSENT! COLOGNE • Faberge Aphrodlsia" DUSTING POWDER $1.25 SERUTAH ''* C S r Pliiti-LiMr Rcfiti ind tight^t loeif 4«ntvir«i tor $1.25 iberge Aphrod STING fQVt ,J2,$L 2 TT.OQ IT

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