The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 2, 1934
Page 6
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;^' : "AOR SIX Visitors From Joiner lo Make First Appearance On Local Court The Blytheville Chicks will lm\ tliat matter of a defeat by Shaw-, nee In the county tournameni lust I Mir to think stall when ihey take the door I'gninst the Joiner .'Miool's ijiih-.t at (he nrmo'v to- lllphl. The Rhan-itec b:i?keLcers blasted the Chicks right oiii of the county title nlcture enily in the lour- nc-\- find the locals, who were con- fidered likely couiny champions imvcn'i forjoUcn even tho.inli they did MOW n eomebuck and do even better by svinniti'.. tlm i(n3 Artam as f,,,,,,,, , llM;icl t , lln|]]|) . The Chicks on their record so l:>r will probably enjoy a shunt t-rfeo when they meet the Slmwnci- Indians but the Joiner team „<,„oily mannses lo reach the peak nf ILs f?flm? ngalnst lilvthevill,.. whni- fvcr the sport. T h,, Chicks Have I "Ivded two carries with the sunns,' WcliKr quint :md Irmmccd Jones-' noro by n in ,n]| Ilm - Kh , Jonns . boro on (he other h.-ind | x ., lt hi'inviwe by three points :-o if -i inv points mean iinvihlne In bax- Mball dope the Chicks have whal- '-•vei' advantage cnn be Riven. Coach W. D. MrClurkin will probably revert back to his iciMilar jlM-up ased before the Welner Hits last week with Mosclcy nnd Tipton at forwards. Pintle nl ccn- l«r and Kcohler and Wilson nt guards tonight. Johnny nunielt is expected to send his- full strciiRili !1Bn i r)sl lhe Chicks In the lirst meeting of llie two teams this year. Likely slart- i-rs are M. McClendon and~Mahrm R- forwards. Speck at center P McClciuton and Ashley at (jtiiirds! Burnett's team has oil seven out A Ve l era 11 ;it 25 COURIER NE WS WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON^ Putting God's Kingdom First A_Hy 2, „ . n ww Idea of education for hov who.dorsnn want or need l'.e,la.«leal type of educ ' "'•us (o do practical hnnj.s. f""™ 0 "™ 'om^' 1 " ro rlcvlw «i l:ih "' r - '"'I W 'lie such' 1 '™ ™ E " H ' "ii'tn v-o,k or u,f> ccc v.'iilr rcnre Ihorniifih w " "'M must make the '» center of oldsters ns wel . pcrnin- > m "^ m -^^^" l M ••>»'} .will"' lecher,"I'.'o »V WM. K. OII.ROV, I). 1). r _K d ilor of Th* Comrfirafionallst I The message thai Jesus brought lo men concerned [he Kingdom of God. It was a mcssngc for which many In Israel were prepared for the religious Jlfe of Israel was marked by Die hope of a coming Messiah and a Messianic kingdom. Just what was llie. nature of nils Kingdom of God that jesus came' lo establish was then, and is now. n matter of much controversy. To wile It was then. a.s it Is to many today, n kingdom of truth and righteousness and Justice to be on carlh. To others the VllN In the . Kingdom is more remot llual.ln Its nature. and .siiir- — .----— »-i»v liiiu tint miun uil (|Uv5* lions about the Kingdom, while we neglect the realities of the Kingdom Itwlf. » a • H was precisely this ntiltudc that Jesus rebuked when he reminded uiose who were saying iliai Hie Kingdom of Heaven Is "la, here K'? I' U ' there '' tnat ll »•« a Kingdom within llielr own hearts. It is more profitable to consider llie characteristics and au'rlbules of the Kingdom, the sort of life vcd by Us King, and the sort of life and character 'demanded in H<j subject, than to enter Into speculations concerning how and when some outward manifestatlo. of the e Kingdom L? to come ......... "•«" •-• i — — **|^ To the latter, its reali^ailon In ?L,.?r, '" this tlre hearts of ,,,cn Is a force tend- ln ., .,. ••• »'" - - ... -. ,,,,.,, ,.., u juice IIMIU- i mimitles. rubbhw ln s (0 change the .world for the » lh rcnJIty. anri , Letter, but the comiimmntim, ,,f ,. «, . ' but ihe comiimmalion uf j Kingdom is not thought of ns L ly or material except a.s eart.i , heaven may meet in "some ' - ?r markcd " Uler of Ood . l"» the Kingdom charac- King f for and crit- inttrjvcia- to profit all very defi- dlstlnguishcd from the king- Wngs, and .subjects of this Kingdom of God is a klng- who death can destroy and Ihat are always safe and iiermanent investments. • * • Tiie Kingdom of God is a kingdom of who are sincere and single-minded. It is a kingdom of those who are seeking ihe light and iKO'e eyes are nol blinded by any insincerity or duplicity of mind and heart. It is a' kingdom of those »-ho have mnde their choice very definitely for Ciod against Mammon, and of those who see In life some higher purpose than mere existence or even preservation of the body. • H Is a kingdom, manifestly, of who brought, int/j , r lives n scale of worths and values somewhat different from t;-al uf it selfish and materialistic world- cf I ::ms Into d.ii] lm 7~~r~ >™. '•' " fcl'iB. queen, • Uy aid of n 1'lay, Parsons m.ct, 'Copyright, 1934, Ohio was The Agony! Next time you suffer fr om n <\* Slnmonh U,,^J—L '" Ij3« ., ruli Paias; That Tired Feeling, T |«, Morning After" Feeling. Gtt a those who believe [hat n man's - /lflsn mhrt lu • are .seeking the deeDCr tre«,?r/ r ^ Savlor ^ Kingdom ° g °"* 1 soul Is worth a great deal more than could be measured against ! t even If this were [lie w::olo world. What Jrsus came to declare was that tills Kingdom of God was for all men capable of uccopilng It It was not for the rich nor fo' the nighty, bul now. in the coming of • Savlor of mon ' the lo t * cm - WlTtl A HC/-'£R (M Trll- f-'sftVT 6AME ..... A»:!' '!'IE SERIES wrni A' 1 ,: IN THE v tn stx-nrl Declarer Locates Missing - Cards to Make Slam Contract /" THe LAST PER saA5o,\j.,.. liiirneus team has on seven out of mile games Oils season, loslni; I llll " s llas o'!"Ml Wc.s S50 to Triiniann and Jonestoro bv! [C: 19!M - «'Hh a ir-alc of'l-oinis Pinnl! margins. ' (or all vlclorlr-s 1> uind the u-i'r -- U'llfl'll • ll-.Mil.J ... ,_ . ' wollld T;,!:, Jt or him lo e;lm ln<jrt . If hi! win has The Prize Itolilonl Perhaps lhe Iwldo'.it in the majon th-s yenr will be ai-year-old Wosley Check I-Vr- |-c:i. Ihe .North C.-ii-f.ltr.R boy wlio ':i hi? first four years "ill the !-iS leagues -,.oi 20 cr more games each Minion, n mortl no other J.ilchcr ever nccomplished. Not only docs Ferreli believe lii-it he nev.n- has been pnid lii 1 has been trcn-.ul unfairly oy • olh the ncvspsprrs and public &. Cleveland. i! t - Ims made no ferret of the fnct ihul nc docs no' \ :tnt lo pilch mother gnme for • if Iiidianji. + * • f!c!s in Wron; Working mirier Mannycr Roger Peckiniangh. Ferreil gave the New 'lurk press a sl^iei.ient. Him h u thought Joe McCaitl!-,-, manager 01 the Yankees, v,-ai) one of the brealest plIoL; ' (•; (he business ."lid that he, Perrcll, would like to pilch for Hie \nnkees becnnsc «ce was such a eccd handler ot P'lchers. Time after tim,. he has dls- plsyed temihT.iinent. Once, beins ir.kcn oul in nil i-:,ily inninv; of n i;:uuc with Bosto?: lo such tantrums Pracfically Nothing j n Universe, Scientist Finds PASADENA. CaT "-•.is at.Mt. wihon ro,» M IVC n ' ln " y r liroportlon of - iibscrvntorv 1 matter existi "" foim " I.oirl jUSTici-: OK TII I'Hic.Mi; COUIIT. Is'ilro innrkiiiK t-lniucril iistil iu Eight years "(.s Indlcitictl of mutter In „,,. tloimte to a (jrnt ^iimn tlie size o *ow Dr. Edwin lermlncd thnl thei nn.- Mcved. He ostlinn e, proportion Is one i ,, OJ 1)1 ill -- BI-IIIII In • i-»<»uu,i lieu, followed by :io Ii' 10 to (he 3oih power. tlie I "fc'o. ]ire]|nilnary : ^ A ' thai tbe amniiiil f w ",,'i r< i!,° rn "' ames of Five Ozie r ii-earn,." "j Brothers Start With "C" '"""" '"n, C « C .'""' lra [j - 0:-i,.| iTcenlly ha, !,„ /-.i , S R " L '' SUs '"'" '' 1)is brothers he (.:,,„(, v Ovk , r fM ten r: Detroit, .Mali. Pi- Tl. . »tf hrcx- of five son: aid The orovonents of federal ^ue that the federal goveramet < ion d nsm-e a certain minimum Manrlartl. and then «n nw any com '"'"'111^ dmt wish to rio so I Q M ler that standard The federal aid BranU proposed at present do not i lm >i v any fed e.a control over the kind Sr ed ca Ion sm>,)lled. They merely n r £rte (llstrlliullng lhc cash \^ les. will, the understanding tl"u t ie used bv each stale as ils edi °" niorlllcs f!com m °st cf- Gray, a practical Phi In- 1 delnlila classroom teacher who I*! niesiilent nf lllc Nat| ^£. ion Association, says whal rcal , y I «. 1,.^ tt . 0 ,. d in Ulc y crisis of our schools: Today's Contratt l'ro!>lej:i '•-">t In ilorlnrcr :il fi.ur f|>a'l"3. South O|ir>,is u ,1-3 niiiinl. Can ym, make tl,,. ,.,„•. ""•t Play Hint wilt »|vo j,,,i iliu conlracir Contract Problem Solution to Previous BV WM. K. MrKENNEY rv to locate .the ml&slno- high :»ins, and you will bo able lo plav ra hand in ridntic dummy rash- Ion as did William Parsons of T vale University School of Law «?w af "In S ' !. nali ' k ' : ," E (lle h °n<i. favor"* I0r U ' C ' I10ln ^ yf °" y °™ !" '' and - , A " <•«••'" play "lorate"! ia« ace of clubs lo. him, <o he •vent to work on that point The bidding Ls f.tven a.s it ac- jtMlly occurred at the table. elt that his double was justified firce he had the. diamonds and iicnrts stopped and apparently had Bfod control .if the club suit. With a singleton spaa* it looked as though hi, partner should that suit stopped. The Play ..East's opening — - - -• '-••« *"i* ii' schools cl^cd, we are court- Ini,' dLsnstcr for our nation. "We must give these facts (heir Munificance now. or pay for !t Inter. It Is no idle ihreal tha't what «-e sow. we shall reap." c-cst, staniniing he pave vent as kicking up down his glove Melons in Safe Keep Money From Burning ., f , ™ _..-ose first names L-r- B In with .-linrile snys thai Ivs prirenls dln'i i.iliik about [In- <t,incld?nc;p null me (lllli son wr,s fnin so he ivas 'Mined Ciilvln to keep up the Turkey (UP) _•(•«•<, Claude Ozicr. «•>-> is Ihe Ford Dr:vrk, pi ,,. >""saved 30,000 lunch j iwt-sldcnt of (h:- chemist, stur SU ' r D Cnf .. the TiVrkkV," ...... " im,L-,ij.----,."v.,, u, in!- Amn-irun ine niiklsh govcrnnii-nt AIi:li' assochitlon Hi s h-nthpr i Pounds Turkish ($L'5.MO,, manager of H K C, ,r c cm'icl the law courts cncinlca Ttie frui!. . — ui, .... burned re- Ijilxirntory ! The oilier two ;m-5 cashier had secreted ilicj'""'. who Is oiTic' 11 n coinpni-lniciu of the !l:ic J oh" T. Fis 1 -- fnd all lhat. He wns nned S. :.;!d set down fo- ;o days for in- nibordlnation.. The amount wns iKied from ha'nay.. Ferreli lei r'o with n ' v »r],,; yasl. . henrcl 'round (he v.-orld . : | Tuns Ride Him Once when puller- off lhe pilch- »y hill by Pcok, Ferreli hurl- id las glove i.-,; 0 j- nc gr ., nd . s'and. He has <i:sp!aycd pciu- l nc ? on other oornsions. He ii r.i;miatcd fierc-.'ly nv lhe will tc "•P. cut the iiiiiinu<;n the fire was so I ii melted thi> mt-inl iii- slron K box, (hi- boilini! <ed 1110 recnv- are Clar aiiiiiter of coin- jnire from Ihe'melon's paper notes, and thcv crcil. intiyof Memphis. :,,i,| ralvi,,. vice V .[™ nf 1>lol " ; ' 1 ll!l- - "f Mi-ni- 24-Ycar-OId Mule Carries Clyde Beatty's Bride To Start Own Cat Act His 'Master to Hounds ,y «l:iH5H=lslg?S golliiiilly to hounds. Lord Motti- mer will also have"" -vi'i "nl Mone (hought this constltulcd a. next year. ' ° t ir-njci . — "•- • fans often i Cave hnie branded hinr viih "(miller.- 1 ' • 1 he amounts or his salaries I tif> not remember exactly, hut il .'ecms to me he jcccived sisooti first yer.;, 19:5. S20.00G ir ;0. £18.000 in '?!. S15.000 ir •;.. and a cont;:.rt. for $12.(KX v-ilh a bonus of SXCOO for ao vic- lorics and anoth-r $1,000- for ^: liKmphs last yen,-. Since he won 'n I,' 1 eam?S '" : ° 33 ' I)c E ot nc But annually he been n con' Slcin holdout. He has n keen ' tr f °!,,, his "'™ v;liu<; lo *• ball -«b. When Pre-dcnt Rooseveil ,,'ked for n CO-icnt dollar Ir -•J'snt talking a'ocul Ferrell. who can make a dollr.r .Lny SI.12 worth of anything IIP c'oases to buv Flcrrell fell cm with SC veral "o[ ".s leammates. Sometimes he ac- cnsjd them of nol trying when he •v.'is pitching. 'Irl Him Sit" Several trade ofi'ers have been -reived by the Indians, but nine of the other clubs wants lo livs much for th,- big. Carolinian. The \ankecs off.r.d "the S100- ?.°°. ^ Jjt "," which Indicates «.at Edward (Generous) Barrow- has lost not ore whit of his sense ot humor. ' Pr«id«m Alva Bradley of the „,.. „, eri 5 , r° r ," ' mS b ' 1011 chr "- B(>; " t - v V ' y ml " ( '- Mr ' Goffr wit " a ' bride. Mrs. Harriet , own "' S!>1 ' s 'C -r w * marrie ss . l! "'Be circus Now. she h b regularly around tli<- »ci. neatly satrt. Treab/ ending Mexican- wai' <-> poratea as a city. $75=FribiKitHs1e violinist-) 'been. Caudiirs Agency Writes Fire. Tiled. To,,udo. Proiwrly Damaj-o. LlaUllny. Collision. Burglar.-, jjf,.. Accirteni. und the vni-loiu other forms 01 INSURANCE an;! RON'US. We can write "arm Property. All business appn"-l-i(c(l ami Los^ns pnW |>]-oiii|)<l). i'l-.onr 757. CKADP ,\ Raw Milk Phonr 14 Craig N Dairy aby Chicks CUSTOM HATCHING Marilyn Hatchery "'~ "•- Poultry Society — Personal — Fleemnn wns.called to Iloruersvillc. Mo., Wcdnefday by the sciiom Illness of his mother,. Mrs. Sowlc Smllh of Paragould wns the guest Wednesday of her parents. Mr. nnd Mrs. James Lacy Mr.*. Martha Johnson has returned from a month's visit with relatives nt Pint River, Mo. Mr. nud Mrs. H. C. Dew have moved to " ' ' Unchvlllc. Mr. ami ^frs. Cnrrol Newsnm the (inrenls of a daughter. hands. 4t K Q J o V A 7 * A K Q *•" V .1 0 S C : • J 10 S 7 * A J 10 S Driticr A T 0 S 7- ! V N'one, ».? 6-3.2 *7 C"2- V 'as:; * A V K O 10 C I i * C 4" *K8 4 .-, liihber brhlBC—All vnl. Ofiiinh:,-, leari—# 2. i Vest XortM K, 5 J'.lss J 4 i'nw c N.' T. Double J'ass j» : ,.. s rass Pass tcad was the I dr.nce of diamonds which Parsons, m (he North, won nith the qiu-cn •j):c uce of he:>rui was p'/yed Bsl ''tscarding a spade--r.howhiu oia --and earning the declarer ih:n West hnd the hen:: s i,k .stopped A small spme tl,e:i WIK led and Y«| in dummy «•!(:. u, e ace. Tlie declarer returner the : three of clubs from dunm-;., West played ie i«n. declarer tjie micen, and Ml the deuce. This play c.eariy marked West v.'Hh ihe ace of clubs. West -il- '-^ly "'as mr; : ,,| with fo-rr :iearls to lhe j-k-nine, a.s East ,,, hs } 10 f« l m " of ''-ans. Parsons moiid. • aC ° r " Cl king Ol (Iic 'of spades, L.Mrlng down to King queen and icn of Vans anS King of clutis In W«t to retain three hearLs to r ,h u w , as force ' 1 lo "^ar down •o the blank ace of elite. So Par- .oiis now led a s.-n a !l club, which I •U.s[ was forced :r,. win with ihe ice. and now 1e hnd to !,:ad awayj of Alb-Seltze The New Pain-Relieving, Alka, liii'nn. Effervescent Tablet Wateh it bubble up, then drink it- You will be amazed at the almost instant relief. --Seltzer because -- sparkling alkaline ---, and as It contains an analgesic (Acetyl-Salieylate) i" first relieves the pain of cverv- (lay ailments and then bv storing the alkaline bauWcor- rects the cause when due to excess acid. ^ fl ", tr >'in£ many bnmds of med!«i!led relief J or f ^ J^ 1 a " of lhem a failure SS^ilSdfct'S' New York. N.V Get a glass at your drug store soda fountain. Take home a 30 cent or 60 cent package .f Alka-Self; TAKE A NHSE'S WOII *MIT TIE MOITN WASH YOI SHOILI BE KING their farm west ofjlhey cnn tell yo:i how [he -ame i mould be played. But when they are Ihe declarer -ml can sec only their own cnvi's .^nd those of the fhiinmy. (hey will fail to make even „ ' Mrs. M. D. Rci ( | [<; home willi Influenza Mrs. E. H. Tabe'r received a csfBfc from TuLsn. Okta., thai her father Is seriously in wilh pneumonia. Mrs. Charlie Councc enleriained the J,felhodist Missionary society n- her liomc Wednesday afternoon. Miss MartliB Blythe of Mnniln is lhe house guest of Miss r,,i = Williams for a few days. the simplest Watch the nla; rop Drink Any nurse can tell you of cases where fearful consequences resulted when people used something less effective than what a dec- tor or dentist would use. I.-t-ading dcn-i lists regard' theuseof mouth washes so important that they are prescribing a formula they wlieve to be necessary to actually give people the healthy condition the mouth and t>r.oat must have to avoid trouble. By using the same prescription. you can be sure that when you use it for the important duty of removing harmful germs from tlicj mouth and throat, it is really removing them. You can get it all your own drug store by (.Imply 1 asking for Prescription Moutii Wash. It is ahvavj to be had all ,, ,, „ Bell ' s Pharmacy ?i;d Kirby Bras I of Ihe cards- 1 Distributors. -Adv (ii BARGAINS FURNITURE R.J.DODSON 3»3 E. Main . ROXY Friday & Saturday Nite CMS, lfl-25c Mat. 2;.-)0, l()-25c Last Time Today Mat. 2:30, 10-2fic Nite li:45, I0-35c FREDDIE UUCR •mm HOPKIIS OJfiE BIIFI A Pcromounf Hctu,e wlt E I E | | | ,j -| CARTOON - - COMEDY BUDWEISER "Jly Mamma says I can eat at youc house today —she's going to clean some dresses and won't have time to conk dinner today." "Mine always has nice meals ____ sHe sends her dresses to the Unique Cleaners Phone 171 ea! v clc.n i s , eau ' e t » -"Possible to fhcv m'tVV ' l " a(k ,f.' shlft honle methods Besides, -iL ? °- thl " g - s (hat leisi ''-? hours afford i>Mde. .shopping, reading and other recreation. _ SERIAL - - CARTOON SATURDAY MAT. & NITE—lOc - 25c •ilh Wynne Gibson Preston Foster Mona Barrie Harvey Stephens Directed fay Kcnntth Madtchnq fnm Ik* n.y.l by N.t Strttn ploy by Uitar Col« SERIAL - - CARTOON Sunday • Monday MAT. and NITE—10c-35c Sunday - Monday I MAT. and Nifc— lOc Do you know whni it means " tllc hst man -_-_, 6w Modern World besfroved.' fEGGY SHANNON IOIS WILSON SIDNEY tUCKWEB Moor., Ed«ard Van Sloan, »otf Hatold., Samuel Hindi Novelty Rce! Musical Ccimedv 1'aramounl News DONALD NOVIS In a Musii-al Short "Operators Opera"

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