The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 30, 1939
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE. ; (ARK.) COURIER-NEWS- FRIDAY, JUNE W,- 1939. Fifty''tears 01 Married .Life Is Boast Or Mr. and Mrs. W. H.Dyess FLAPPER FAKNY By Sylvia x'r Mo.; .housegucsts ,: Morgan I were ^complimented' at; a', dancing ejpart'y '< : given Wednesday night ; ,n<-- "';.:.T 0 (|i i^ • : Mks ; Sewcll-received with ;Wo- >rt Reedef arid Miss 'Jeane.tla. Jean SebaugKaeceived-wllh=wmum Scr Ml. ers and daisies, gla were arranged about ,.,^,...-~.—, sandwiches and liceTdrinfoTwere served Iho e^sU.. Woman's Club Is Scene Of Club lnfom»l P»rly The Woman's club v,as the sct- for a dancing party last night a Mr. and Mrs. A H. Wa ace Ki ,u "Mr. and Mrs Maurice Lultrell attained member, of the Olub informal and'two guests, Mr. and iMrslHarold Nunn. Baskets of 'garden flowers were Disarranged about the club room and Pan arrangement ot Ihe same mixed H flowers were used in the center^ of the dining table from which supper was served buffet style at mW- antl Mrs J. J. Brjant and Mr" and Mis T, H. Chapman will entertain the club at the July party on the 21 lh,^ ( cors. w) 1.1 KU smvict, ne. T. «. <•«•" : 5. r»i. o»r, Bits of Newi Mostly Personal* Fi E M Huffman, who has b«en Jll at his -home for a we?k,- Is now _ able lo bo out. • • • ." • \ •Mr and Mrs. Allen Plckard ni\d Mr. and Mrs. Jinmile Peterson and family will spend Sunday in Brownsville wllh relatives pftMrs. Plckartl and Mrs. Peterson, who are sisters. . "••'•"• Mrs Bertha.Jarrett and daughter Lee Picketl, spent Wednesday lii Porlagevlllc as the guests of relatives and friends. Mrs. E. A. Stacy ami daughters, Misses Jean and Rose, arid Miss Anita Fayc Beck left yesterday morning for a 19 days vacation at Petit Jean. Hot Springs, and other noints of Arkansas.-. ' V . , Mrs. Ben Cooper of Carml,-111., ls| M[ . a ,,d Mrs. W. H. nycss spoiidlng a few weeks here with her sister, Mrs. P. 0. Bolhfock, and family. success from such a project. But Lake. , from his Ilrst litter of sevenl on the seccnd .Monday .a;.pot Jambs sold "Ihvcc eitt pigs and ] U ck lunch meeting will be held one male for about $10.00 each lo at , Mrs. J. W. Wilds'when nearby 4-H Club members and also paid can iiing leaders will have special «<T nnlrv ' . , niillafinris to C0111C as a Canning off his nolc. He. kept oiie of Ihe gilts for a brood sow, kept one male and sold one Every pig In this first litter of seven was raised as wrll as all seven in the second litter. The only pi" which, he lest was three [ the nine from the gilt which e raised himself An inflation's to come as a canning demonstration will be given 'n (he momlhg-nnd Judging-in the. aftcr- Idaho to Build Airports BOISE, Ida. (UP)—A system of airplane landing fields In the rug- e raised himself. , gcd primitive area of central Idahp An inventory of .James's purebred |s beil]g developed .by .the state, demonstration shows that he has| L d commissioner C..Van Clark . . . • r_., frfM HA oil til . • • " Eold six pigs for $61.00,'.nil of which wcnl to Ml Club'members. He has two brood sows valued at m 00, a male valued at $25.00, and eleven other pigs valued at $75.CO, making a total of $221.00. The expenses other than for home grown feed were $62.00.which included the price of the bred turn service fees for both sows and foi 10 sacks of shoi'ts. ' 'This registered Poland China sow farrowed .nine pigs • recently thus completing three generation of pig raising in two years of .4-1 .Club work for James. I • i it?: IT X> fifty years on the matrimonial UiirU. while cake decorated in i again. . o, the d M M. "Who says musicians can't make a livin" ? Here's 6 cents for Tilayin'.iml 20 cents for goin'iiway.' Mr. niid Mrs. Leaiider Grace o! Tallulah, Ln., re turned honie yesterday after having spent three days here as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Oarrlgnn. ..:' . i The Rev. P. H. Jcrnlgan is able ] (a he oill following an npp«ndec : tbmy pcrfromed two-weeks ago. - : , Russell Gulnes and daughter, Mona Joy dallies, arid Dr. Carl Nles spent' today, in Memphis where Mona Joy. exchanged Ihe. heavy jrace she has beeii wearing on. her and Ha\«' Steak Dinner Emplojces of the L K Ashcraft company stoics of Maiden, Paragould and this city were ciitertaln- cd at; a steak dinner at the Rustic Inn last night. - Rodney' Wilson, of Chicago, and Walter Brandliorsl, of ,Sl iKJUls, .executives of the General Mills Flour Company, were hosls to ^o cuesfs at the part*'. ' f . ''' "' ' Are Guttla Of Club Garden flowers decorated the home of Mis ivy \Y, "Crawford yesterday afternoon when she .entertained members of the 'Double Pour' Bridge club and tsvo guests, Mrs* W. S Johnston' and Mrs Ol!s;£hepherd, with a party nt her home ," , , '. ', 5j A 'salad plate, was sewed at the conclusion of the games in which Mrs Raymond Smith was high scorer. Entertains Kor HousesiiLbt Mrs G W. Garrigan entertained elghf guests at a bridge party In compliment to her houscwiest, Mrs Lcanrier Grace, of Tallulah, La, Wednesday night at the home ol I Anders, Miss Helen Anders, Roland 1 Anders, Mr. ami Mrs. Wendell Har- 1s • all of Luxora; and Mrs. Hoke Wainmack arid son, Ralph • Wnm- k, of Dlooiiilteld, Missouri. Mrs jracc sue "^^ »JCI:LI T*U««.».& — .-- — leg since stricken with Infantile paralysis for a lighter one. Ing table at the home of Mr. Mrs W. H. Dycss Sunday will symbolize 50 years ol married life for tills couple, who were wed July 3 1880, nt the White Sand church in Lawrence County, Miss. The observance has been moved ii« one day and will be celebrated Sunday when they will be at home to their- friends from four to six o'clock. They live at .Iheir country hoitie near Luxora. U : will be a happy day for then 'not;only.' because it is their goldei ]een awfully gcod to liirii anil his limlly". He and Mrs. Dycss noiv ive in their new home which they milt five years ago. About their ionic is a three /acre lawn on Demonstration Club News Notes revealed. Coolest Spot in-Town Witch Society Page Of Courier NewrFi? Free Show Guesb » ' $ * '.$ .. I' "I -' I FRIDAY, JUNE 30 200 GOOD .REASONS" Why you should attend thi show Matinee or HIMIU fc> n vmvv. ..~.~ -. . which are planted 40 oaks and nil j Thc Homc Demonstration el ypes cf hill flowers from "bachc- flf ^^ oak mc t at the home lors buttcns to old maids". Ad- Mrs Ben H amnef at 2:30 Mond JolnliiB their lawn is 101 acres of ftl the tcgu lar .monthly meeting farm land, so tliey have plenty of M o , cn A i ex ahder, the president room in which to pursu^thcir Ir.b- ' • -- hies of farming, raising flowers, ciiickcns and cattle. Wainmack 'Is a I'oolo,' sister of Mrs. rass . .. Mrs. Harry W. Halnes will leave tomorrow nlghV tor Friend. Neb., where she will spend Mo weeks with her mother Mrs A F ' Gallup Mr and Mrs A O Little will eave Sunday for a month s tour of he West. They plan to stop In points of Colorado Ailzona and other Western states and at Snn Francisco, Call r, they will attend ir_ „„. and Mrs J A Leech are spending today In Memphis Louis Lynch and Oharlet Amlck not. oniy wn.nua« i" --- -- • . anniversary but because all of their children except cne will be there to help them celebrate. Their daughters. Miss Djcss of Lcl-ind Mrs J J of utica Mis. "- "" * Memphis, Myrtle Turner „„, T. Miller of Uicir son. H. B.' Power .Company Workers to Have Picnic Saturday rtriy-tlircO: people Includlne em ^^ uxiay lor Dio>mu ^ « ployce's of the local olllcc of the; wnj!lti they will enter Camp Sap • A''i ..'_ *.f Ii-i-rMirl "Pnuinr rni1\l1H11V _. i. - m< . ...«>-» %rintrxrt>rf nK 'ffll" fl rd N O, • Arkansas . and tjielr Wives River . Power companyj^j, ^ le y were motored as-far ai ill go to Cinrcnt Mcmphls ,, y Mls o W Afnkk Pocahontas * 0 -"1 MI-. . niid Mis. .Michael A long 13. W. will be D,css of Little R^ck will person alij wish their p-ucnts Mmv hip py re Him b of the day Anotliei daughter Mrs Bailey of Grenada Miss umble to be tliere but hei chll dien Ulnamye Clark Mail-mua Bailey and Earl Billet Jr ire coming to sec their (.randpircnts observe then golden wedding in; nUcrsiry 4-H Club News 'Notes »,,:».«». over the business session after which Miss Cora Lee Coleman county- homo demonstration agent, cnve s:nie instructions on panning fruits arid vegetables. Then the club judged canned vegetables. The group was divided into two sides the "Greens" and the "Reds" Games and contests were enjoyw until the "Greens" conceded the James Ilenson, Forty and.Eight 4-H Club member, in addition w making 'a financial success of his registered swine demonstration, has scfvcd a gbod purpose in providing registered; pigs for other 4-u Club members, in his community In the spring of 1031 BUY NOW PAY THIS FALL! , ploycs of this .territory. iioiiow for a picnic tor .all cm " returned Tucsdiy fiom a ten divs Other'members of the immediate jjamcs purchased fnmllj who will be piescnt Include | — — bred gill r i r i p through 'he East The> at- oycs o .. rp ro 'Diversions o[ the afternoon will ' lclKlc - d t nc Woilds Iilr at New soft ball, clK horse shoe Y Q1;k clty ' ' ' IJQ S011> LUlll ynilius, uu»a>- UL.".. . YQi;K UU}', "1111 .-iL pilchhig, swinimliig, -boating ..and , Wn5ll | n g lon nll[1 o candid camera contests. The party tercsl hl lllc cist - ' nd I . .... . will, leave here at 11- o'clock, and meet the .others; there, .nt o'clock. sl Miv an( | In Boston points of in, item states Mrs Aithur Rushing fnmllj who will be pieicm, incumv. i — —.if ^..{nr r»" D^ C ~ House Full ol Mosquitoes? onc moved today from the Lane ipart on West Mam jtieet to the o'clock. lincnts on West Main slid A 'picnic siippQi' of, ,fish, tartecue, | re;i i c iencij -' nl OQO West potato salnd arid" relishes '.'will .be • s tV C et. - ^ served at night.' '.Mrs.' George W Palte- The Rev. Dale G. '/cits The Rev Dale G Zcils ot Pi nnk-. fort Ind, is .conducting the ic- vhnl meeting which o_pmcd tast ' ' ' | Rev. Alfred Carpenter To Hold Huffman Revival The licv. Alfred Carpenter, pas- •Mrs. George Hranddaiightei .. _____ Orson and Ellen McCauley . & -FENDER WORK, PAINTING. AN *iUJl lilt mi^ '• •« —J state WPA diicctor ind for \\h-m Dyess Colony \\as named ind three htldrcn Dorothy Bobby and Billy DJESS all of Owe la Ml miner. Mi Millci ind Mrs H B Djcss. the foimti Miss or Portsmouth Va who has been visiting Mr aiH Mrs Patterson and family liere since April -Kill leave Thursday for Portsmouth Mrs Pntterson will ^islt hei daughtci, nus5e ii McCaule\ and Mr 1\UL llici;iiiis iM'.^" --i i »m- •."• -" 1— • . i v«,.q HUSSell MLUrtiJit;^ ,i-!,l at the PllgUm Tabcnmclc, lol . of the First Baptist, church• , M c m ,i cy thcie for sK m Chciiv street . .. will begin n two weeks' meeting al nomiflll mole' fnc evangelist has been In the Huffman Sunday night,' it- was an- nunlbtrj' fci U S^ars ILIlllloliJ •*•• •" - 1 . . !»».«•"-««".> —o nreachcri in ivinic tlnii H stti es. her sister, Mrs R A. Nelson. ^w D ss , lns lor of the church, I foi .- lho TSe Nelson home was decoiated " • )lc w|c (0 attend Thll , BS atlraotivc arrangements of nas Wonc(1 1Mha i «l,lch' cosnSos A dessert course was serv- ™ S , ns each night at 1 45 o'clock ^"Stoff^WSS U^hout the nest two wccl. Nelson and second high lo Mrs II we son ann sccunu I^B" '" »«» Hmw I- Ben"cooper of Carmi, III, house- u y . Mrs Davis and family dime I, HU1 ^UUJiui "• • J OMiwIni' alirl SllClll tllC Chi: Ben ;cooper 01 uarmi, in, iiuuv=-. uy . .vu-, ^....o ,;;;•"''' .1 the Tor' , guest of Mr and Mrs. P. C. Rolli- h o Jackson Snntlav and sncnl the H 01 rock.'The guest of honor was also | m\ and Mis Green accompanied | Huf presented a gift. nounccd lo<lay. He will use as his sermon topic opening service, "Sonic . j Saw and Felt on Cal- • ic sermon will be based on' • , experiences of the pastor while he visited Ihe.Holy Land. | Ray Porter, nlso -of Ihe First- Mack Donnell piolessor of scl dice in Mississippi Heights Boys school at Blue Mountain Miss, returned home todaj after having rt1y , hcrB k , the guest , Mr til she was nnrried Mr Djess, who vis born «1\ jeirs before In eel in Covin-ton counl^ which Is now a part fl JcfTerson Davis county After their nmrnti. tliej •went to Hnylr-hurst wlieic they rcsidcxl (or 23 5cms Mis Uycss mother, who is 8G still lives there Lntcr, Mr Djess managr-d plantations throughout the Mississippi delta. While living al TutvMler ho wenU into the contracting business wllh his son Ihe late Mr Dycss They trifled on uo it Arkansas where they leised 1 ind ind begin Jirming Also Selected- Shorts. ' Admission Matinee ' We' *; 26ii Nillit 16c & 36c Saturday Airport Mascot Killed will lead Ihe singing. Mr. I SALT LAKE CI1Y (UP) - The ill mcel the singers of the familiar welcoming bark or Mam after- liner, a. mongrel dog, will be heard ory to no more by passengers as they r'Caruthersville Society — Personal Business and rrofesslonnl Women Have Picnic At Hayll I'ark I 3aslern Star Mrs Sims Michic, Mrs Elsie -•ran and N ICouiy of Stcclc spent -i few hours in this clly Tuesday i\ciung.mltlng with frlcudi They were also guests at a meeting of the local chapter of Eastern Slav. Pniil L. Kale and family of St of lor i really kills flies, a and other, f ~~- i'"lly iituT. Ccl llwi'Brand ,„,! B rt rid billies. Insist c.n the cenulnc, quick-kilnnK l!«; llrand InWcl bpray—m tlic red and yellow can. H a sold with a simantre ot nla- 'llnn or Hour money tart. NOTE: Von rail alia till flifs ami mo: lor* as ireJI ITJT ronchr.s aiifl ants, trun II,ami Insect I'oirdcr. Ucail iltrtcfioinon All On Fall Time NO! DOV/N PAYMENT BUY NOW - PAY ONE PAYMENT THIS FALL TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO.. ,M'o cirtortn & serial "Buck K»S- Conlinuou!, how '.i-i -.nd >i Ailnniion till 5 (10 P m ICc & 26< After 5 00 p m 16c «. 3Io "{J'j; Phone 633 •Alwajs Mnrrk -ind family - ° rrlsa " supper at McFarland li Tuesday evening, following sup per games v,cre played. Mrs Sam Diekerson «rf Greenville, Miss,' was ,t --.-. ^ ^^ ^ M g ., a guest at the meeting l f h(s . lhcr _ Mrs vlrgll , . s nd other relatives. Mr. and .Mrs Norman Nelson and [ son,.former residents of Hits city, ... u , -p , but now at Dcxleij Mo. spent a UVllSS Helen Loole lew hours in this '.city Tuesday . . - _ . evening. Mrs. Nelson came over ^ t a^officVf" mCCU " S Sln " I C3CKOLA, Ark., June 30.-Tai. M^ S C Neif ana son, Shirley MSC.S ol purple hydrangea, baskets and daughter. Patricia, left last I of climbing swectpcas, with a tack- BLYTHEUILLE'S NEWEST (Corner Vine and Sccoiul) Motor Truck Bargain Lot Weds Rodney Anders TRUCKS - InLerniilionals TRUCKS— -TRUCKS Fords .. :• • Chevrolcts daughter, I'aincia, ICH mai .«>.••••"«••(. "i"-"---™, •••••- • • . « t ^ in company with Mrs Roscoe 'round of polled plants formed Coker and daughters for a three the> selling for the qu et tone weeks visit with relatives al ui-Ucdding o Miss llelcn Toole, Cvgne Kan Mrs Coker will vl«it daughter of Mr and Mrs. W T. with her parents in Kansas City Toole of this city lo Rodney And- Miss Mollle Guard "t Blylhevllle :rs of Luxora and Osceola at the returned 10 her home Tuesday home of the bride's parents on alter-spending several days hero as Union Avenue Wednesday after, the eUest of her cousin, Miss Betlv noon Guard Misses Belly Guard, Betty The single ring ceremony was Kent and Dorothy Earle Petty tic- performed at five o'clock by the compSnted her .home and spent a Rev. Harold B. Tlllmnu pastor of 1 r « houre In Blytheville he Baptist Church, in the presence -*3im- Harrv Dudley of Sikeslon, of members, of both families and a sfierit a' few hoifrs W this city small group of Immediate friends, -ay morning attending to The bride wore an afternoon matters ' (dress of ashes of roses lace with &rt Jones and two daugh- Unite accessories and a corsage ol Arleenft and Martha, svvcclpcas and toby breath. "TKAslSf Louis 111 are guests of She is a graduate of Osccota Mr-and Mrs-I. : D. EdgCrlon and high school, while Mr. Anders is V iH • llle sou ot p - O-'Anders and Ihe - Mws Ursuela Spencer and Mrs late Mrs. Anders of Luxora. He Is •'ArM&Son of Sen visited associated with Everett - Reid in *,£~ji in !hU rltv Tuesday eve- opcraUon of the Court House Cafe striendJ In,this city ^^y ; > v< ; / tter a short bridal trip they wll "" J E Green and son of Uo at home at the Driver Apart I her'ments. , fam- Out-of-town guests were P. .9 Due to a very large 'increase i" ness brought about by the splendicl jii'oduct we sell and the "very good TRADK-IN ALLOWANCES \vc have • consistently 'given out' customers,, we fouiul it necessary to establish a much - lai;gei' and better' located USED TRqCJC BARGAIN LOT We invite you to visit our new lot and see f6r. vourselt why we enjoy a splen- . did NEW AND USED TRUCK BUST-. NESS., "• .'•:•-..•• i/, Tons; -3/4 & 1 Tons; !'/« Tons; 2 & 3 Tons; 3 & 4 Tons • A MOST COMI'LKTE STOCK OF ."••NEW AND USED TRUCKS. .. . '. • —See ."BIN" Scnseuhaugh DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. Sunday - Monday A Treat for the FOURTH take home d carton of this delicious Fresh Peach ; Ice Cream Paramount News *; Wall y cartoon. "Mother Goose Gors Hollywood.'! Continuous shoiy Sunrtaj-. '• Adm.'.Sun. Mat. '&'Nlghl Ific Jt : !6c Ailin. Jlcndny Maliucc I0<: .t Z6o i\rlm. Monday ..Night 16c & 36c ortuims. always Vte It. Malin«c» Fri-Sat-Son. Friday-Saturday ICE CREAM Made with luscious lrcc-rlpcnctM>cach- cs, this delicious ice cream is one ot Fortune's most popular flavors. Move put-in an ample supplv for this weekend and for the Fourth. Surprise your family by taking home a carton of tms fine dessert. Hand Dipped Pints :30c Quarts.,... 55c Cones...... 5c Your 'Choice of 5 Exciting Flavors RUSTIC INN Air Conditioned For Yovr Comfort A NEW UNIVERSAL Also cartoon & serial "Lone RanS' Blrtts Asain.V. ConlinuMis show jafurday. . Sunday-Monday

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