Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 6, 1955 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, April 6, 1955
Page 8
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PRESCOTTNEWS fttt£n&d th —„ ift£ Center tc ihfifefesee' to learn a service techn Use ift his wor Mote? Co., So, Wa Mslldd, of Route 4, span "" At thti Memphis schoo . i Aatioftwfdel hetwork rMeMers t being set up iMOtefs to keep employe truck dealerships ab [finical , develof 'techniques, . . %|th ttempstes S.jlor fOuf years be select Model Body Cortst/Uc adyanced stud _ . f Afleft head "of'th* company eltMi'.JtIaftsfleld to the kl ^cehter to give'the custo benefit Of,improved ser i$ues'taugh,t there 1 . Hemp I:Mt»tof'Co,, handles tontine a»nd JSMG truclu. , f URRY'S litf Control Co. GUARANTEED ferjfrpt Inspection 3 2.or 7-3791 tJ. will meet Thurs day afternoon • at 2:30 at the home of Mrs. Dan Pitttnah, Sn The choir of the First Presby terian Church will practice Thurs day evening,at 7 o'clock* Mrs. 6. M. Sharp Entertains Canasta Club Members at the 1950 Canasta Club were entertained on Fridaj afternoon by Mrs. fc. M. Sharp a her home, Jonquils in graceful arrange JnehtS decorated the living room and the dining table was centerec with a bowl of chrysanthemums, High scbre honor was won by Mr*. -Fred Powell, Other members present included C. G. Gordon, Mrs. Imon ee, Mrs. Jim Yancey; Mrs. Homer Ware! and Mrs. . H. J. Wilson. Guests were Mrs. Wren Scott and Mrs. W. F. Denman. A dainty dessert and salad course was served. Teddy Bemli Celebrates Birthday mum Teddy, Bemis was honored with i ,treasure hunt given by his par- nls at their home on Friday afier- :opn to celebrate his thirteenth bir- hday. After the "treasure chest" full of ennies was found the guests, Boby Connell, Danny Hooks, Terrill ackelt, Harold Bemis and Teddy 'ent for a ride on the P & -N. W.-' ,y diescl engine and returned to 10 Bemis home for supper". They 'also went through the new .Hied-Wood Products Co., and saw le Harlem Globe Trotters game. •; Mrs. Bobbie Duke and Miss Bittey lOmls spent Friday and Saturday n Little .Rock as the. guests of /Irs. Lillian Vaughan and Mrs. C. V. McKclvey. They also attended he Chi Omega Alumnae Founder's •ay bpuquet aj, Hotel Sam Peck on 'riday night. . , , . Srifeveport after, a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.'C. M. Tomp' '' Mfs. Bryan Wofback of Willisville was • a Prescott. Saturday visitor in Mrs. L. L. Buchanan and dauth ter, Marcja, and Nancy Buchanan Spent Saturday in'Texarkaha. ' Miss Mafy Margaret Ledbettrtr. Student at .Southern State College, Magnolia spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. i Ledbetten ! . ^S^^S^^~HS^^y^^T?S^!^SSSS!SnR pfrpifr/. p < v*$£i«' O^^^^T t •? * * i j' *> ' . * _ \ fl*«' "OM, AHKAN1AI' Warning Issued Clowns in Roger Bros; Circus Mr. and Mrs..Tom llernis. J. M. Bemis, and Mr. and Mrs. Rofer Smjlh pf Magnalift attended the funeral. services for M; V. Babb in Gurdon Sunday. Bill Clark has -returned to Hen- dersOn State Teachers College Arkadelphia after "spending" th'e weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ardell Clark. Kay-King 1 oMiittle Rock vi- iited her parents, .Mr. and Mrs. Karl King, Jr., pVer.'thc weekend. Mr. and-Mrs. . James Howeli-Qf -.ittle Rock, announce' 1 the •arrjy'a] of a son, .Jarnes"Ru'Cker, on 'March, SO. Grandparents are iyir. and^lfe;! Rucker T. Murry. of Prescdtt.vand Continued from Page One flo warnings have been issued for northeast Texas and southwest Arkansas. Mere is the advisory and warning irofn the Dallas bureau: "Tornadoes, severe wind and hail, storms have been reported just south of the Red River in north central Texas. A short squall Jne at the current time in Southeast Oklahoma a nd northeast Texas is expected to move east ward at 29 miles per hour, ac- cbmpanied by sever* thunderstorms and tornadoes. "A second squall line, expected to be more intense, is forming in southwestern Oklahoma and moving southwestward into Texas. "It is expected to move about 35 rnph, accompanied by severe, thunderstorms and tornadoes. Areas for this expected activity are from 60 miles west of Wichita Falls, Tex., to Little Rock, Ark., and 5Q miles on either side from now until 1 p. m. "Widely, scattered, severe thunderstorms expected to continue • in the area 50 miles on either side of a line from 50 miles south of Little Rock to Charlotte, N. C., until 1 p. m." By United Press Winds, hall, thunderstorms and tornadoes battered a 200-mile s'ti'etch of North Texas today, 'downing building and communica- James Rock.' B. of North • Mrs. Jack Harrell and Miss Amlia Harrell motored to Little Rock riday for the. day. C. T. Tompkins has returned to ^tUGHTING 1 FIXTURES Protect your eyesight and enhance the beauty of your home with correct lighting fixtures. ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. 1148. Elm Phorie 7-2629 Continued from Page On* and closed the back Vent ,pn rriy hospital gown. Why don't .'they, put buttons • on. them? •.'••'•• "What do^-?" ' "Just come' along," said tHe nurse. "It'll be over: before you 1 know it. ' : , '. , , .'••' ."Well, it .wasnt.' 'But 'it. dbcsn't take'long for a cancer.check. About .two'hours from the time, you take off your necktie until you walk out.. • • ; • •••• ; , • . •:/. ., • • ;• •:.;*; Ono technician;stuck a needle in my ifinger/and' took \ some" :bfopd samples. Five minutes later 't- was standing-in front of a big machine getting'a chest/.X-ray:" , ' A, Then./followed^ a; tHor.oua|i,;: g^n- eral_,physical' ex^rnin|tJon; TO doctor methodically pokefl -'ion prodded me externafly, ; frp.rn^ ; lij l .^•jcalpi.i'topk' my .tolopd pressUri. listened to my heart, i^sked about every''ailment': J had known., And: he.' wrote it 'all in my folder, ' power lines. It was the Second day of stormy weather in the Southwest. Elsewhere, Northern Plains States were still digging out of snow left by a weekend blizzard, and. ahuge forest fire raged in. North Carolina. :, The tornado killed at least one person and injured 22 others in "fexas, where violent weather struck for the second consecutive day. Weather forecasoers said tornadoes . could be Sxpected durSng the day in southern Oklahoma ex- •trene north Texas and southwest Arkansas and severe thunder, storms in . southeast . Arkansas Northern .Mississippi, northern Alabama and northern Georgia. -At Biardatown, Tex. nearly! three inch'es of rain and hail fell in 30 minutes. Buzzy Potts, one of the many funny clowns, in the 150 people Roger Bros. Lions Club Circus, playing here for- one day on Monday, April 18. • . ".•'.. Two performances will be given, matinee and night at 2:30 and 8:15 p. m. Snid to be the largest show of its kind ever to play here, it will feature 46 big time professional acts, in a super circus spectacle fasting two .and one-half hours. Many acts from such famous Next came the 'inside expert one* FINANCE " HOMI IMPROVEMENT LOANS Coavtnltat, «Mi1y>tr. ranged f <*ni to Lqapcpv* YOUR horn* W. «« •rung* w Com u wwl [ope Builders Supply Co. ?*t' f *v l <,' - , \ ' Phone 7-2381 Orie specialist ;didi eyerythini;' (But climb .-bodily into mj/ eyes; ears; nose'and throat. 7 :'•" ' '• • : , "You're smpkjng:,too .many ci- ears;" he 'said,'>'CvitV down" o» 'em ; or-'give'- 'erri -upi" '; '••''•• •./.•..•..-.'•••••'•• • •' Then I had • a • face -.down consultation with the, final specialist, the one who in : most hospitals is known -as : "the^rearradmiral.-" His examination was' admirably 1 painstaking. • •-• ••.-•- Trr .. After .dressing^ I then, was . led into the, office of-.Dr. David H- Goldstein, 'the t director. 'He is the man who rp vie ws, .the evidenced and delivers the'Verdict. : ".'.'• . I looked at. him .tensely as, he carefully . read- myj folder.' He glanced up and smiled. "You're relatiifely • ••innocent- speaking only •medically," he '[WASHINGTON '(Th- The Weather . today warned residents of an area cutting across six states |rpm Oklahoma to Georgia to be o> .the alert for "destructive S terms." An 11 a.m. bulletin said: ."Th« feather Bureau's severe weather centei- at Kansas City advises that tornadoes, hail and severe wind storms have been re- pected this mornnig and afternoon tral Texas. ' ''Additional tornadoes are expected this mrning and afternoon in'.southern Oklahoma, extreme north T«xas and southwest Arkansas.. "Severe thunderstorms are also expected this morning and 'afternoon from southeast Arkansas across northern Mississippi, northern .Alabama and norther Georgia. "TheWeath.er Bureau advises that this is a threatening storm situation and persons living in U)ese designed areas should .be on the : alert for development of destructive storms.." shows as TV's ''Super Circus" and "Big Top" will appear The show features a giant menagerie of animals, including herds of trained elephants; ferocious lions and tigers; trained wild bears; and other wild animals of all kinds. Death defying aerial trapeze acts will perform dare-devil stunts a hundred feet in mid-air. There .will be. thrilling bareback riders; wire-walkers; acrobatic marvels; . tinicyclists; contortionists; jugglers; plus many sensational acts of all kinds. It promises to be a show of 1001 thrills ,one that should be en- poyed by all members of the family. '. All school children of Hope and immediate trading area will be given free tickets to special children's; matinee shows, as guests of local business and professional people. The Lions Club is sponsoring the show. MARKETS Export Price Level Studied OR SALE Star Building Lumber . Bd.Ft, -&MrM6^ 12 feet ^.x^^..:,,......, 144 r|8 ,2x$ 20 feet >.» 3,360 f(*t* •*» f A f% - ' ' ' 14 feet ,.. , 280 , Lin. Ft. Random *___ ', Lengths , "„....',./' 334 ??<12Mn. Ft, Random Lengths .,... 800 Bd, Ft, IxS'and 1x6, etc. ,„.„ 2,000 $4* Ft Rough 1x8; 1x6, etc, 4,000 52x4 14 feet t 186 JcLFt, 1x6 Center Match 600 13,156 Lump Sum Price " $400 ll thon $29 ptr thoui^nd }„»" ,., ,pn Lot But Not ClwedofNqils ^^^ >^l^^ s ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^^P Wonderful N*w TV blwk len -» on «turdy welded tubular macks! Lap high to /It ovfr y»u» " FURNITURE .WASHINGTON UB— A Senate subcommittee has been assigned to study the possibility of letting riv« seek its own price competitive world mar- exported level in kets. Ric* sold 'lor domestic consumption still would support levels. sell at price- ST. LOUIS LIVETOCK NATIONAL STOCKARp, 111. UP) —Hogs 7.500; barrows and pilts 220 lb down steady to str*»g; 180-220 lb 17.50-18.00; 220-230 lb 17.50-75; 240^60 lb 17.0050; 150170 lb 17.050; sowjs 450 lb down 15.25-19.00: over 450 lb 14.251.25; boars 10.00-13.00. . Cattle 2,800, calves 700: little done early; average and high ter means must be employed. The good 22.50-24.00; choice mixed steers and heifers 24.50; commercial and good 18.00-22..75; utility and commercial cows 12.00-15.00; canner and cutter cows 9.50-12.00; bulls steady; "utility and commercial 13.50-15.00; canner and cutter lO.OOl'.OO; vealers and calves Livestock Hit Hard in West Blizzard Area CHEYENNE, Wyo. — W) "Extremely heavy" livestock losses •were feared today in the wake of a fierce Arctic storm whose 16-<foot snowdrifts have paralyzed parts of Wyoming and Montana. Hundreds of motorists and rural residents stranded by the two-day storm are believed safe and in no danger. Entire cities in the northeast part 1.00 lower; good and choice veal- of the state still are isolated from *»«c* iQ n/i-OR f\r>• n*MTvia if\ *)n t\(\* t,j^u - _i • , , . ers 18.00-25.00; commercial and prime good to 27.00; 13.00-18.00; cull and utility 9.00-12.00. Sheep 300; not chough to affect lambs steady; trend; weighty new crop 23.00-50; aged sheep. wooled ewes up to 8.50; best shorn ewes quotable 7.50-8.00. and added there was nothing wrong with me that living a more sensible Hie wouldn't fix. 1 told him that I had undergone the test only as a reportorial assignment, and had ho reason to think I had cancer. "Most people who take the examination don't think they have cancel 1 ," he replied. ."But in 1 out of about 200 cases we do find can cer." I , asked him whether such Small percentage of discover} really justified such a large medi c^l setup. "Would you think it did if you were that 1 person out of 200?' He asked, ejuietly. "Actually, we de iect a lot of things besides cancer !» about SO per cent of th* cases we find a disability the pat ient was unaware of. They range from defects such as hernia am flat feet to serious heart and gal bladder ailments." As I left, I went by the six othei whom I'd been with at the of the examination. They looked at me in wordless worry Their verdict was yet to corne "I passed," I told them. Suddenly I felt as if I were walking on clouds. A wondevfu binf joy at being alive swept me It . was as if a fearful hawk of danger had cast » shadow on me, and then flown by. Whoever it might strike down, it t 'be me. Not this year any U was « feeling worth NEW YORK STOCK NEW YORK (If] — Steels stood out strongly today in a generally higher stock market. In the early afternoon, prices spread over a range of around 2 points either way. Plus signs dominated the list. The trading pace was a little better than yesterday's 2,100,000 shares. way. $5,000 - $25,000 MEN WANTED! Thf Jf in* "tyrfrm4 U*f Insurance Cowpgny 's '' Our wifn qr» eqrning the y..wrt. formerly lowyers, .0^4 soJfn. We train, . f WWf f i0| fWPtftlSt y*y. ''Call er write Herbert L Thtmas, Jr., -LiHIf lock/ FRanklin 5-5259, i Little Rock, Arkansgs. POULTRY AND RODUCE CHICAGO W> — Live poultry weak on hens, steady on young stock; receipts in coops 227 (yesterday 362 coops, 74,632 lb); f.o.b. paying prices l'/ 2 lower to 4 higher; heavy hens 23-28; light hens 16-17;' fryers or broilers 34-36.5: old roosters J2-12.5; caponettes 3941. ' ' Butter top steady, balance weak; receipts 1,0922^351; wholesale buying prices unchanged to 1 lower; 93 scor« AA 57; 92 A 57; 0 B 54.75; 89 C 54; cars 90 B 55.2; 8 C 54.5. . Eggs steady; receipts 24,149; wholesale buying prices unchanged U.S. large whites 70 per cent and over A's 36; 60-69.9 per cent A's 5.5; mixed 35; mediums 3; 'U.S. standads 32; dirtes 1; checks 30.5; current receipt's SI.5. highway and air travel, however. Some trains resumed their schedules with difficulty early today as winds continued to drift snow everywhere in the stricken area. An estimated 400 to 500 persons were stranded at Douglas, in east central Wyoming. Officials said all are believed to have sufficient food and shelter. Seventy motorists stalled along a 47-mile stretch between Lusk and Lingle, along the Wyoming Nebraska border, were brought to safety late yesterday. Some were marooned in their autos for two nights. Allen Simmons, an 18-year-old high school student missing for three days, stumbled into his Midwest home yesterday with no apparent ill effects. He took refuge both, in his car and in a farmhouse. William L. Chapmqn, Wyoming agriculture commissioner, said losses to livestock will run heavy. He estima'te'd 90 per cent of cattle and sheep herds in the snowbound NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK (*l — Cotton futures were mostly lower today in dull mixed trading. Switching from nearby May to old crop, July qnd later deliveries was fairly active as merchants transffrred, fcedfes forward. Late Afternoon prices Wer* 3fl cents a bale lower to 5 cents Higher than the previous • close. May 3.5a, July 8.74 ?nd October 3.82. GRAIN AND PROVISION Wheat:'None. CVORN: N, 1 yellow 1.49V±; No. 2 1.46>/4; No. 3 1.40>/2-44»/ ? ; tfo, 1.34%; «. 5 1.28. Oats: No. 1 heavy wfeitf I*; No. 1 white 78 J /a, Soybean oil: Jl- 7 /» I *°y)HH meal: 59.00-5.5Q, Barley nominal: Maltblnf cholc« 1.40-57; feet 1.08-21. Brilliant MfW Styks by Be g "Smart Bunny" , , , get plenty fpr Easter u>w LJTTLB BOCK MB Constructors, Inc., of Chicikg* h*i ubmitted the apparent low bid for onstruction of a base h,e*dqu9i-ter building at th§ Blythevm* Air Force Base. U. S. Engineers said Midland's bid was $90.000. The 0ovtMMt«r>t Lewis- McLarty Hops'* Pept. '"";»*•<*?',*''•. , diya iaH^ULi-L.,."-., President Hoils Eden's Selection WASHINGTON (UP) President Eisenhower said today that sir Anthony Eden "is a great successor to a great prime minister" of Great Britain. The President issued this statement congratulating Eden on his succession 'to the post given up by Sir Winston Churchill: "Sir Anthony Eden, my good and longtime friend, has been named the new prime minister of her majesty's government in the United Kingdom. He is a great successor to a great prime minister. "In war and in peace, Sir Anthony has been an outstanding spokesman of the free world. I know that he will con- tniue unceasing to serve the cause of world peace and freedom. "I join with my [fellow Americans in felicitating him, a statesman of world stature, as he undertakes his new re- sonsibilities." MANILA, P.i. (U) The Philip pine News Service said today new earthquake rumblings and smoke have been reported in the direction of Mount Piapayungan in Min* danao near Lake Lanao. There were no further details. Sfomadi:l)|iiwr Get fast, soothing relief with PERCY MEDICINE area have been without food since early Saturday when the storm struck. There is serious danger that many sheep will be buried alive, he added. A record 39 inches of snow fell during a 44-hour period at Sheridan, Wyo., and 3 inches, deepest on record, at Billings, Mont. NOTICE Call 7-9991 U-DO-IT or WE-DO-IT Valentine Washeferia 800 West 3rd BEE-T-MITE Termite Control Service Owned & Operated by GUY GRIGG Service policy 109 South Main St. Phones 7-3445 or 7-2772 ODEO HOPE-ARK. APRIL 8-9th '* COLISEUM BRONC RIDINC CALF ROPING BULL DOGGING BULL RIDING CLOWN ACT BIG STREET PARADE FRIDAY-4 P=M. ADMISSION — ALL ADULT SEATS . . .$!.•• CHILDREN . . . 50e Rodeo Produced by BOSSIER RODEO, INC. men pick up. £a£t&i, accetiU. '" # -r4?T< ,-4" •^a^^f e> %><!&!*ffli , April *, »SS HOPI STAR, HO PI ARRANSAI SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Lalendar Wednesday April 6 the Two Year Old Children of the fethodist Church will have their inual Easter Egg Hunt Wednes- y afternoon, April 6th. at 4 o Jck, in the church Nursery. day, April 8. For transportation have the children at the church at ! 2:30 p. m. The teachers will lake the children home. Jones and Mrs. t.. B. Tooley. A dessert plate was served to : members. hjursday, April 7 Wie Pat Clayburn Chapter of U. i C. will meet Thursday after- ion, April 7, 2:30 at the home of ts. Don Smith on South 21m. Due to bad weather, the annual lower Show scheduled for April has been cancelled. The Rose id Dahlia Clubs, sponsors of this (ar's show, will sponsor the show ,.jain next year. (.All club members arc asked to ; rn their schedules to their club .'cs'ident. Friday, April 8 The annual Easter Egg Hunt for eginner 2 Department of the First aptist Church will be at the home ! Mrs. J. O. Luck at 3 p. m. Fri- C* - A E™ fc» B ^** B~ r\ .5AENGER NOW ..• Feature Times • 2:43 - 4:51 - 6:59 - 9:07 TOO HOT TO HANDLE! Cory chooses between Oriental and American love in the funniest •film of his career! Mrs. Steve Carrigan Hostess To Circle No. 3 WSCS Circle No. 3 at the WSCS m^t April 4 in the home of Mrs. Steve Carrigan with Mrs. Joe Laseter as assistant hostess. Mrs. Jolly Byers, leader, open- fid the meeting with prayer, after which several items of business were satisfactorily disposed. Mrs. Manney began the program with the group singing "Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone." Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Lasetur. and Mrs. Davenport concluded the study "The Muster Callcth For Thee." Mrs. Manney closed the meeting with prayer. The hostesses served a dessert plate and salted nuts to 13 members and one visitor. j? . !-' ^ '— V— • '^—' i£l i »j— , W*«Y///. f^W fl f> i i A I &*" Ec»aST.JOHN ! • SHORTS • i Woody Woodpecker Cartoon ; News Of The Day Circle G WSCS Meets With Mrs. Broach Circle C or the WSCS of tho First Methodist Church met Monday at 2 p. m. with Mrs. R. L. Broach with Mrs. Joo Jones as co-hostess. The leader, Mrs. David Waddle, opened the meeting Hollowed with the devotional by Mrs. J. C. Carlton. Mrs. E. J. Whitman, program leader, gave the last session of the study, "The Master Calielh For. Thee." j Taking part were Mrs. Syd McMath. Mrs. Dick Watkins. Mrs Jack Gardner, Mrs. Broach, Mrs VFW Auxiliary Has Meeting The VFW Auxiliary met Tuesday April 5 at 7:30 p. m. at the VF\ hut. The meeting \vas opened with th group giving the pledge of alleg iance. Mrs. Marearet McMahen VFW Auxiliary chaplin, voiced th opening prayer. The presiden Mrs. T. B. Fenwick, Sr., preside at which time a letter from Mrs Mary Aden, Ft. Roots Hospital Little Rock was read, thankina th Auxiliary for trays, favors, ani cigarettes sent to the patients. Al so for the nice party the auxiliary sponsors each month at the hos pitat. Mrs. Ethel Strickland of Louis ville. Arkansas was received in th Auxiliary by transfer. _ The VFW Cancer chairman,' Mrs Steve Bader, announced a film 01 cancer would be shown at the hu to which the public will be invited The date will be announced later. Mrs. Henry Fenwick was appoin ted Poppy chairman. The meeting closed with prayei by the chaplin. The hostess, Mrs. Keck, served hot chocolate and cookies to those in attendance. Hwy 29 South • Open 6:30 ?? y . V-%ta^^%BP\^^'*'' SijWM •Siw B 9 ur*l~»''3"Wil a tMmyrsJaxHM and with these Musica'l 'Greats' Frances Langford • Louis Armstrong e Gene Krupa Ben Pollack o The Modernaires Plus These Swel! Shorts! 1. 3 Stooges Comedy 2. Tom & Jerry Cartoon 3. Fishing Around the World 4. Pickour Movie Mistakes HEY KIDS! OUR "NAME THE MONKEYS "CONTEST ENDS NEXT SUNDAY NIGHT. BE SURE TO ENTER A NAME EACH TIME YOU ATTEND THE HOPE DRIVE-IN! Rose Garden Club .Meets With Mrs. O'Neal The Rose Garden Club met on Fri day, April 1 at 3 p. m. in the home of Mrs. E. P. O'Neal with Mrs. J S. Gitoson as co-hostess. Mrs. Cecil Bittle. president, presided over the business session. •Mrs. Harry Shiver read the minutes of the last meeting followed by the treasurer's report given by Mrs. W. B. Mason. Mrs. James Meyers gave a very interesting report on the Hal Show held recently in Little Rock at which time she modeled a hat for the garden club A committee composed of Mrs. Ailccm Johnson, Mrs. J. C. Carlton and Mrs. Cecil Weaver, was appointee! to elect officers. Mrs. J. W. Smith gave a most interesting and informative demonstration on oval arrangements. The hostesses served a dessert plate with coffee to 18 members and one guest, Mrs. Randolph Crutchfield of Camden. If your choice for Easter Sunday is a suit, you may choose from distinctly different silhouettes. Soft suit in rose pink silk (left) is by Hen Zucltermn'n. Skirt is moderately full, has two inverted pleats. Straight gray flannel suit by Jane Derby (right) has semi-fitted jacket shaped with pel* Ion. Blouse and jacket trim arc in Val lace. BIouso is sleeveless. DOROTHY'DIX Acknowledgging AFauit Dear Miss Dix: I am often struck'or mine could make one pigheaded ..ith the thought that many situa- person admit that he was in the tions, such as those with which wrong. It's strange indeed that "THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN" Arrow Easter Ties and Handkerchiefs ' 'VW* TIES 1.50 up handkerchiefs, 35(5 up Our big Easter selection ef 4*row Ties i«clud«§ 'Solid colors ... patterns... stripes... plaids — exciting new wash&h Awow iPscron Ties, too! Arrow Ties are specially designed to drape "i smoothly .,. resist wrinl^lw. Handsome Arrow Handkerchiefs gre finely detailed in a big m^n-si?e.. .choice of ajl white, white with colored borders, initialled styles, and soft new tints with high-fashion designs. Shults—Flippen Engagement Announced Mr. and Mrs. J. Brooks Shults of Fulton, Ark., announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Nancy Virginia, to Lieutenant James Howard Flippen, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. James Howard Flippen of Crewe Va. The wedding will be an event of July 3 at St. James Episcopal Church, Texarkana. Miss Shults attended Randolph Macon Woman's College, Lynchburg, Va., for two years and will be graduated in June from Washington University, St. Louis. She is a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority. She is also a graduate of Tex- j arkana, Ark., High School and a member of the 1953 Texarkana 1 Debutante Cotillion Club. Lt. Flippen graduated from Virginia Military Institute in 1950 and is a 1953 graduate of Washington and Lee Law School. He is a member of Kappa Alpha social fraternity and of Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity. He is now serving with the Judge Advocate General's department of the United States Air Force stationed in Pittsburg. Pa. you deal, would never exist or, j at least, would never grow if people would apologize. It is amazing how many otherwise intelligent people think it beneath their dignity to admit they are wrong when they have spoken hastily. One would think they would be ashamed not to apolgizc when they appreciate their offenses. Highly strung, irritable persons often speak hastily and unkindly to those who annoy them — perhaps about a very small matter. A harmonious relationship could be restored, once the offender pockets his pride and apologizes. INTERESTED READER Admitting Wrong Answer: I agree with, you wholeheartedly and often write along the same lines. I don't consider any reiteration too much, if your words Yalta Attack Called Rabble Rousing WASHINGTON —(ffl Sen. George (iD-Ga) described a Republican document denouncing Franklin D Ex-Democrat Seeks Office as Republican CHICAGO (#) — A young Repub can alderman who quit the Demo cratic party to run for mayor o the GOP ticket Seeks to break th powerful 24-year Democratic con trol of Chicago in today's mayora election. He is Robert E. (Bob) Merrlam 16, an alderman for eight year :rom the University of Chicago" south Side . Street district Merriarn urned to the Republicans for sup port last fall after fighting Demo cratic organization rebuffs of hi reform efforts as a councilman. He has waged a dynamic fight lonfident of winning, he says 'Election of my opponent woulc >e a signal to the organized crimi nals that Chicago is a wide-open city." His Democratic --opponent Is Richard J. Daley, who has been active in politics for 22 of his 51 years. He has served in city, coUn y and state offices. At present he s Cook County clerk and also is chairman of the County and City Democratic Party Committee. Daley also expressed confidence n a victory. In answering Meriam, he said: "My opponent says would unleash the forces of evil n Chicago. But people who know me and m'y family know I would nly do things to make Chicago better place in which to live." A victory for Merrinm for the our-year term would give Chicago ts first Republican mayor since 931 when the late William Hale Thompson ended his third term. The incumbent mayor, ' Martin Roosevelt's Yalta decisos as a H. Kcnnelly, is ending his second those who can be most eloquent with cutting words cannot manage a simple apology that would wipe out the effect o£ their sarcasm. Though an admission of error is thought by some persons to ibt a sign of weakness or a lowering of their dignity, as you suggest, ' it is actually the hallmark of a true lady or gentleman. Intelligence and maturity .reach a peak in considerate dealings with others. The person who-has grown to knowledge able adulthood usually has enough sense to avoid provocation and when an unfortunate incident or mis-1 I'm afraid I'll make blunders or understanding arises, the hastily!" ------ term. Daley, backed by the party's organization, defeated Kennelly in the Feb. 22 primary. cort of rabble rouser" tday but predicated it will turn out to be a political dud. But Sen. Goldwater (R-Ariz.,) chairman o fthe GOP Senatorial ,^ na . Campaign Committee said the| Sen.' Bridges (R : NH) chahman paper will show the American of the Senate's GOP Policy Corn- people that they shouldn't return mittee, says the committee's coma party to power which engaged mentary on the Yalta papers Is be- in such a sellout." He predicted ing madc avai la ble >, 0 aU RcpuMi . Tho vnlin T-nnnfrf "ii.tll V\m.n ^« An 4- . ,' . views. the Yalta record "will have greal political implications in 195G.' Goldwater and George, who heads the Foreign Relations Committee, • spoke in separate inter- assisted by Mrs. Alfred Hickey. Mrs. Bob Magness, and Mrs. Ra'my Garland discussed "Unity of Faith." The hymn, "The Church's One Foundation' was sung jTollowed prayer offered by Mrs. A. Grimes. by F. sang, "Blest Be The Tie" after which the program closed with the group repeating the Lord's Prayer in unison. The hostess served delicious cake and coffee to 15 members and two guests, Mrs. Arch Moore and Mrs Burton Ellis. The group «« realizes 1P Tm" nf.! Words — n ° ! sooken offense is soon effaced 'by a gracious apology. The young bride who has heard too many .mother-in-law jokes may be convinced that her husband's mo ther is an ogress. Perhaps she isn't too considerate of the older woman's feelings. As time goes on she discovers, to her amazement, that her mother-in-law is kind and generous. Does it ever occur to the young wife to apologize for the bitter words spokei; earlier? She may show by her conduct-that she realizes her mistake, but in Coming and Going Mrs. Eric Collins and son of Patmos spent the week end in Little If people would face the fact that anything said or done to hurt another, whether it was intentional or not, calls for an apology.there would be better 'fellowship among many. If you owe an apology, make it NOW, in person, by no'te or by phone. Tomorrow may be too late. Dear Miss Dix: I'm a well-developed girl of 13 and am very fond of an 18-year-old boy. He's friendly with another girl and, while I foolish mistakes. How can I entertain these friends without embarrassment? . IRIS Answer: These ladies are frequently entertained in. very well- appointed homes. If th'ey were interested solely in surroundings, they wouldn't acqe.pt ypur' invitation. Your .own friendliness and warmth rank far above sterling silver or imported china. Don't ever hesitate to invite someone to your home because you think it isn't good enough. The right people will enjoy .just being with you; the 1 wrong ones won't come back. Good coffee, sandwiches and-a nice cake should be simple enough. A slice of bread offered with affection ^s far better than a feast given begrudgingly. Do your best, give your best, and DON'T make apologies for your home. can campaig n s peaxers—and, he adds to any Democrat- who might want it. j *he» ttaited JUttt producing cornpaniei M W THE BEAUTY BOX . Open 6 Days a Week Appointments after 6 for those who work. Phone 7-5850 ; 112 S. Main Do You Wont Something Really Different? Have a HELEN CURTIS SUPERSONIC PERMANENT HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 7-2878 Hazel Virginia Auline BERKSHIRE! NYLACE TOP AND TOE-RINi Fabulous 2-way rt ,.,£»„.«•., against runs at top and tOc; will only sheei sheer Be-'--^-^"---^ ings have it! In a^,.^,,,,„,.,. like, all the newes^and ttiostj fashioned in proportioned^ lengths: Short, Medium,, r ~ JL * ** .1.35 to 1.95 s «j[f Lewis-McLarty Hope's Finest Department Stoiff';^ ' • $n _ . ... , , —: J^ win i unuuiei- gin ana, wnne Rock with her daughter Mrs. Judy don . t want to break them up> • Lamay - would like to go with him. R. I. Mrs. Hunter Hostess To Emmet WSCS The Emmet WSCS met Monday. April 4 at the parsonage at which time Mrs. Joe Hunter was hostess. The meeting rooms were beautifully decorated with tulips and potted plants. Mrs. Otis Townsend, president, had charge of the short business session. .._ . I J-fivi-iiai. £UU. 1V.11 a. ^-viuil 1V1UUJ U, Ulclli 1. cull. J. VVUIH UJ lUVllU 11U1' tind ^Mrs. Scott Ross, program leader, Hope, Oliver Barnes, Rt. 1, Hope.' another friend to my house, but Mrs. T. R. Gibson of Patinos was the week end guest of Mr .and Mrs. Lester Reppond in Little Rock. Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Hope. W. I. Robison, Answer: The boy is too old for you and another girl has • prior claim. Give your sense of fair play a chance to develop too. Why not seek the friendship of boys in your own age group? Dear Miss Dix: Recently I met a lady friend I hadn't seen in many years. I know she is better off Discharged: Mrs. Arch Moore, than I am. I want to invite her and to stretch your Easter d©SSar give Mm iSSfc. AVACODA i ^u^*- $8.95 A The FACT is, that every smart ^' girl should have matching shoes and jihandbag. to accent her spring wardrobe. jWe have them! Coordinates in your favorite fabric... in your favorite color. Choose as your accessories, malching shoes and purse...and you're BQUND gather compliments. It's a fact! FOB ARROW TlfS AND HANQKIRCHI(F) FAMILY SHOE STORE "Where Good Shoes are Fitted Correctly" J13 J, 2nd, . Cprbin Footer Phone The most comfortable socks you've ever worn and the best looking too — in famous Interwoven patterns. one size fits ai The '55 Look starts with by Formfit fashion's decree for 1955—Ui3 higher hustline, Formfit sees that you achieve it—beautiful!)—with these new Life Confidential Bras. Foam-rubber-; padded cups put all the emphasis upward ... so you're lifted and firmly held to higher, more rounded contours. Be fitted today—for a very fashion-wise, Very '55 Spring! •Me H«pf'l NHMt life Confidential No. 281 — embroidered cpltpn. Wgfer* thin foam-rubber padding for q firmer uplift. 3?A >o 9|l» ' White, $3.00, • ~ OTHER LIFE BRAS From , . , , LIFE GIRDLES PANTIES Frpm , . . . Mf LIFE

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