Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 5, 1955 · Page 22
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 22

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1955
Page 22
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• "*?'„•< MOM SfAft, MOP!. AftRANlAI tue«!ay, April S,.19SS Whit *ft A 'toWiffi ti narbSr CLASSIFIED ", ite Malt ie If. Office Oty ttftr* Pufalfeatleft WANT AD RATES MOWERS *nd Klwrrle C». OATS Cort i .I|n« j)f; Fertilizer" Fo>m Storo I{lii*t 2nd Street ' AH W<*t Aft or« poyebi* In oOvantt but adf will b« accepted ovef th« felephorM and accomodo- ttort dee6iMH ol!6**d with thft un- th« aicount It paydbM U'r»hd«f«d. (L|. iW^^fr rfuiiiM>i , Of WMd Up M IS I* t* 20 I to 25 J« to 30 II to Is 3« (6 40 4) to 45 4* W SO 6n« thi-ct Doyi ... .96 .60 1.20 .75 liSO t:o1 1.80 ... 2.10 .20 2 40 1.35 2,?0 1.50 3.00 SI* Doyl 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 S.OO Oni Mohlh 4.50 4.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 120* I3r50 15.00 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY t tltnt ........(... 76c per Inch 3 tlrtHM < AOd t*t Inch 6 tlrti«* ......i 50c ,per irtch REAVES ^ SHOP and UTURESTORI ~W « I't . w, JILEiS TIRIS &-SUPPLY " »4'>; ^ •-* ^j*t8?* m a*^, Phone 74lf« pfrisiis r-alii CHARES FURNITURE CO. •f larreli for Sale Rat«» piloted above are for eon* Mtutlv* fnitrtlont. Irreflular or sUp- datc od« will tek« th* onft-doy rat*. All dally clasilflod advertising cdpy will be. accepted until,.S p. m. for publication th« following day. ,- The publisher! re««rve the right to rtvls* of edit, dll ddvertltements ot- fertd for publication and to reject any objectionable advcrtlilng tub- mined Inttlal* of on* or more letter*, aroupt or flourel such as house) or telephene numbers count a» one word. , The Hop* Star will not be r«pon- •ible for errors Ih Want Ads unleu errors. dr« called to our attention after FIRST Insert ion. of ad and then' for ONLY the ONE incorrect Insertion. !{ PROSPECT 7,3431 Political Announcement The Star is authorized to an- hountfe that the following ai«* candidates for public office subject 1o We action of the Democratic primary elections: B. L, n£TTIO For Sol* Pacific Coast Open* Ploy SAN FRANCISCO, (UP) — The 1955 baseball season officially opens today with five games in the Pacific -Coast league. Getting a jump as usual on the rest of organized baseball, the P.C.L. expected to draw a total of 40,000 .f=rts to a program that in: eludes three afternoon and two night games. Claire V. Goodwih. the league's new president, has announced a goal of S.OQOjJOO attendance! this, season.. .'»",•'• ! tois vjrqulg be an Increase of an- ploximately' 1,000,000 over last season, The day games today 'are San Fffthcisco at an Diego, Hollywood at Batramento, and Portland at Los Angeles. Night games are Sah Frahcisco at an Diego again and Seattle at Oakland. • SAND, CJtavel, topson, fill dirt. Phoae 7-4392. A. L. Park. March 15-1 Mo. BABY CtilCkS. large variety. See these chicks before buying. Danny Hamilton, 204 East 2nd. March 15-1 Mo. Funeral Directors OAKCREST Funeral Home. Insurance . . .'Ambulance. 2nd tc Hazel... Phone 7-2123. 13-1 Mo. HERNDOK-CORNELIUS funeral Home and'" Burial Association. Prompt Ambulance Service. Phone 7-5970 or -7*5505. 23-1 Mo. Services Offered YOttRiQATS heed nitrate now — We have plenty ammonia and nitrate soda, also all kinds fertilizers. J. W. Strickland. MARCH 10-1 Mo. QUICK- sale—10 used TV sets. All popular makes. Priced from $75 to $J25. See Pod Rogers or Doyle Rogers. Eh,one 7-2759, 24"-tf BABY CHICKS besf grade laying and broiler type. Hope Feed Company. Phone 7-2547. Mr. 24-lmo. .FRESH WHITE RIVER ' FISH 1£ Miles out on Washington Hy FULLER & SON FISH MARKET 30-6t MATTRESS renovation and loner- pprlng work- .Cobb llt^ttreM Co. 316' South Washington. Phofi* 7-2«23. Mar. 4-tf ,-_,_„ Mpntgojnery Market, ,Cu« ; torn, slaughtering. Phone 7-3361, < 10-1 Mo. TOR water' w«Jl lervlce, any size or depth, .nee or write O. T. ; Clark, Cale, Ark. , INCOME tax'services, 30 years experience. Frank C. DuShane. Office at Oaks Court. Phone 7-WW. 254 Mo. COMPETENT INCOME TAX ser- vjce — Horace Samuels. JOJ E. Division, Phone 7-3706.-.. ' Marqh 15-1 Mo. :]S0ot Covers 1 ^•5Q igS^ffl- t -y> TM v , for.any moke ""-k, also cut ' ?W'AI§- ISBS^'- Vftf-t ,.AN»- Nursjnj! Hospital. "Reasonable monthly rates. Quiet Neighborhood. Catering to Aged and Convalescent Patients. Fpr information contact OuacHit-a* County Hospital,. Cano- den, Arkansas. Phone Temple 60325. April 1-1 M6: BARGAIN — 2 .bedroom home located' M: mile; from'Laneburg ;on 2 acres. Butane and . electricity, Fenced-.chicken yard. School bus and mail route by door. Good garden spot. Contact Sid Jojies Route ,6, Prescott, Arkansas. 30-4t ———i 1,. i LONE STAR, commander, 14 foot, V-bottom' boat'. See Otis Harvey at Diamond Cafe, 5.31 SIX bedroom, two story house with 2% baths. Idea.1 for rooming house, two blocks from tovr», Priced right. 521 South Main. W. H. Fincher, phohe 7-2209. , 5-St Notice INCOME TAX SERVICE. Competent and reasonable. J. W. Strickland. ' 18-tf For Rent UNFURNISHED, newly decorated, six room-house. Garage. Gar den, 812 W. 4th. Pial 7-2247. l-t| THREE room unfurnished apartment, ' private bath,, rpa^pnaJile rent. 13U West Aveque B. 'Phone 7-3698. - lj,tf LARGE south bedroom, inner sor- ing mattrese, private bath and private entrance, 801 South "Main. 7-5B37. 31-flt GOOD PASTURJ5 at Shover Springs, reasonable price. If inter. es{ed see Mrs. Willie Beckworth, Shover Springs. 4-3t FOUR room furnished apartment, private entrances «nd bath, Phone 7-3467. 4nBt United Farm Agency Hope Office — Oaks Court U. S. 67 West We Need Listings. Farms or Business. Coast-to Coast Advertising. The Local Office Sold 45 Farms and Business Properties in 1954. WE GET RESULTS Write box' 184 or Call 7-5583 Frank.G. DuShane Broker R. C. May Salesman 2-6t MOVING? Long Distance Moving; All Moving Bates are not the same. Call collect 592 Preseott Transfer & Storage Inc. Prescott Ark. Free Estimate. 4-1 Mo. BROOKWOOD P. T. A. will sell dyed Easter eggs, available Wednesday. For orders phorje 7-4352 or 7-4353. ,50c per dozen. ''5-3t HAVE pice^ three room apartment for rent. Near New hospital. Phor,e 7-4626. 4-6t Real Estate for Sole buyers for Ranches, Farms, Tjmberland. List with us today. Salesmen, Bill Routon, Floyd Fuller, Chas. F. 'Baker. FOSTER REALTY COMPANY 217 So. Main St, PR 7-4691 23-6t The Negro Community By Helan Turner Phone 7-6830 Or bring Hems to Mtoa Turner at Hicks Funeral Home Mathews Has Recovered His Power By E D WILK8 Of The Associated Press ,Now that Milwaukee's County Stadium is within hailing distance Eddie Mathews,- the Braves, mus cular -young man with the powerfu" wrists,; is .'warrning^p-for ; .a'robusi mtroduction- to.'the' park's •reducec confines.-'., " , % ".,'/ .•:•••:-• V .-.'.'-.., With; '-opening ;•. day . just . a /week away,; Mathe'ws-'didn't'; have',- '-"a home virun- to his/credit' until ''yesterday, Then .'the. 23-y,ear-Old third baseman, .who .led the- "•''.- Nationa League';wlth'47.'homers.in ;:'53,-cut loose for' three, 'although ,'tne Bra'ves -lost the game to Brooklyn 10-8. • '.' '••.' ..-•-.;' - •: The Braves management re- yamped .County .Stadium last winter with just' such things in mind. It was.the second toughest home run park-in the league last'season. A-mere' 72 home "runs'were hit there. ; Only Pittsburgh's Forbes Field, had fewer, 64;' Biit most disheartening to; the management was that the -Braves, who hit 96 home runs -on the roa'd, •were able to swat only 4? out of their own backyard. . . Now me property line in . left center and- right.' field''has-, been moved in, lopping .off 15 feet. : Hank Aarpn contributed, a homer to -the Milwaukee .r.attack yesterday top, 1 but the-Brooks''took-; it'. • in stride, .ganging up on Jim. Wilson for ' nine runs'in the first two inning's.-'.: y- .;'"-•' --'| ; -'•'.-'-.• ...•• ••.'. •. Baltimore's Orioles 'oijit : ljpmercd Pittsburgh '4-3,'but file'.Pirates'.won their exhibition 9- ; 8.'- Toby Atwell and George Freese hit home runs in a fiye-run .Pittsburgh- first ^nd Frank Thomas hit'one with two on as ' the Pirates'•• scored four in ,u 1 SHELF?-When you v see Marjorle. Main,, K » lbride j n their new picture "Ma an^^-Pa Kettle at,' u' ou m . ay b ? seeing the last stanra W the-Kettle saga, i' Pa Kilbride wants out. Says he's tired of the role and this'will be | his last shot at it. Ma Marjorie isn't tired. She'jd -jurt as soon go ' on and on, but Percy says his-mind's made up. ' i SPORTS ROUNDUP .By GAYLE TALBOT. Doak Walker Faced With Tough Decision DALLAS 1/0 Doak Walker faces a tough decision today. Will he play another season or call it quits on a fabulous football career.' A The little man who was three timfes All-America . at .^Soutliern Methodist then carried on" for five years in professional ranks with the Detroit Lions has reached con tract sighing time again. Nick-Kerbawy, general rnanagei the Lions, comes here today to talk it over with the Doaker. Thej will announce at a press confer ence this afternoon if Walker is io continue in football or. retira to private business. The Doaker says he doesn'i enow himself. "I don't know if :hey even want me,' he declared. 'But if they do I have this de- :ision to make: I can't play foot>all the rest of my life. I am 28 years old and I must get started n a profession. It. sounds like Walker is leaning pward retirement but Doak talked ike that two years ago before he ilgned his last contract. . Walker .figures .he has played in at ".least:' 175 .'fo.otpall games . in', 'his ward\schopl,^ j.ilhipr ..high •••li.ooiv college, service.' arid pro'-.'.football career..-''' '''' : ' -' "'•••>? '•••• : -;'- i .'.. - football .. .8 years,;''v";he'.said. 1 "If I ''cared o':fu'dge ..- ; a .lit'tie! .I.'..coiil.d< -5^y."1.9 ' ' . ... .. Jecause': I. 'played -on the fifth, grade earn;- : when ' I was in ; • the • 'third grade/ ThaVs a lot of '.-miles running _ up and' down' a football' field sn't' »"•",.••' •' ' ''•-.'.' Moss, Verri Stephens'^nd'.GiliCoan; unloaded for Baltimore; •." ' - - Mickey Vernon's t'we-run homer carried a five - run V ^Washingtbn rally in the snventh that beat Cincinnati 8-5.; •'• •''.'.-"•••• v '•.' • • ; Two three-run innings gave Boston a 0-7 victory over Philadelphia. Cleveland •'be'at •''•'the'"' New. • York Giants' 9^5 as Wally Westlake..' and Vic Wertz 'homered; , Westlake's, good for three runs, cahie off• start er Marv 1: Grissorn, Larry Jansen gave up the Wertz -homer with one on. '-. .' ; - >:•• ••;."•: .-- '•"',:"•.•'••..••.•••,'•-.•,-. -.' Chicago's White Siw' vps'-oH Sandy ConBuegra-anavMakt- , nieles, who relieved In-trie eigmn, to beat ; the St.' Louis Cardinals. 4-2. NEW YORK (m— Among baseball me,-'.as.'they gathered this spring n.'Florida and talked off the rec- )rd ,to their friends of the press, here was evident a growing feeing, of .disquiet over the interlocking relationship between the owners of the New York Yankees and he fcansas City Athletics, both of the ^American League. • THi§ .feeling, close to fear, will lot foJBj dissipated to any extent >y. . fjtej'."latest offering .of Arthur flann;' an author who has had long experience-'in. the game's inner ircljisj., In an article entitled "How o-.Bjiy: a Ball Club for Peanuts," ippearing' in this week's Saturday Syeijing Post,; Mann -supplies - the ireviouslyl unpublished details of iow-Arnold Johnson, owner of the ewi Kansas City franchise, pur- hased" Yankee Stadium from Del .Vebbj ;'and« Dan Topping late in 1953.&'«*•.•'•-• : After declaring that the sale of the stadium, together with the Kansas City, park, netted Webb and Topping each a capital gains advantage of, more than one million dollars, Mann continues: .. "Webb and Topping hot only sold their; property to Johnson's especially^created New Yoik corporation; jjnd then rented it right back butv;also .lent them much of the mopey he needed to .buy it "A' rundown .on the ways i which Arnold'- Johnson raised . -tha $6,500,000 purchase price, 'will' giv _a good index-as to how he oper ates;- First;?. heVsold the New Yor property to the Knights : of- Coliin: bus -for $2,5.00,000 : and then;.le^se : it back for.. 28 .years' at •anriua rentals of'$125,000 for the first .£ years and $l8l',250. f.or the last" : 24— a total of $4,850,600. ;••' ' : . ' .;'. ' "Meanwhile the rentals Johnson would'.be repeiyjng from -the Yank ees over the . same period".starte at $600,000' ; a ; year,' winding up" on a .descending, scale at $350,,000 — a total of $11,500,000. Net rent; p'r.ofi to Johnson for : the 28 years:-$6, 650,000. '.', '.;";'_' '."• ' .'-'•'•'•::.':' "Second, Johnson obtained" : a "10 year loan of : ,$500.Q60 fr.o'rjii.-;a ,co partrieiship identified only as At well & Co , Third Johnson negoti ated a 2dyear second moitgagi for $2900,000 With Webb and'Topp ing themselves Finally, he ob tamed a $100,000 mortgage on the Kansas City property "These four items added up to a total of $6,000.000 which left only a comparatively modest -.balanc of $500,000 to be assumed by th Johnson corporation L?ter, even the $500 000 was more than re couped by Johnson thiough selling his Blues Stadium to Kansas Citj an the course of the Athletics' deal Boseball Salesman Wonted . SAl^SMAN WANTED THE ,B, F. GOODRICH CO. has opening In Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee. Excellent starting salary and bonus. Em, ployee will TJO" paid regula'r during training period. mployee benefits such as hqspitaljzation, insurance, annuwes, e(c. Wonderful o vancement. fop ad- ge 23-30. 1 Write Box A, Hopp Star, giving , ajd. experien,ceT T WE SBUU — We Buy .,- We Rent Uiil' JEstate. Franklin Company, - JOB gouth Main, 5-1 Mo. Wanted _:*? Have Client^ o> f properties— •yy, business location ,;4 Service Station, room house-lease ?r I JflBlii$n* of 2000 acre* Keystone Lodge No. 43 had a luncheon >at the home of Mr .and Mrs. C. G f Cgrmicheal. Many interested topics were discussed. All. members present had a very enjoyable evening. All members are urged to meet Tuesday night, April 5, at the regular meeting place, Sunday was a very good, day at Oak Grove, especially financially and spiritually, The pastor and ! his wife were at Sunday 'School arid each took an aptive part. After the morning services,, the. pastor and his wife also Rev. M. S. Wlliams made the following pas torial visits: Mrs. Mattie . Leroy Smith, 'Iflrs. jNancy Mrs.'Velroa L, jvfaxwell.' On the third gunday sponsored by the j«ruof Chitf ch we are having a rally ifpr reptesenjar tion purposes, every me-mber and friends asked to give as liberally as he can. .On the third Sunday in May, the general church is sponsoring a Ca}^ etidar Birthday rally, each month is represented 8§ follows; January^ Miss Oirvilla James; February, Miss Fein Mitchell; March 4- It- Buffie; April Nannie Smith; May, Leo Smith; June, Vioja McGiJl; July, John Adams; ^u|ufft (i keroy Smith,; September, Mrs- Carrie Mitchell; October; Joe H, Morr<soft{ By The Associated Press Boston '(A) 9; Philadelphia' N 7 : -.•"..' .•',"•' V- 1 ; • •:. .-. Cleveland (A) 9; New York (N 5 •'••.•..' •• i .'.',•.•".'".:.. Chicago* (A) 4; ' St. Louis (N) 2 '••'"•• Kansas City (A 7; Columbia (Sal) 1 Chicago N 2;." Beaumont . (TL) 1 . • Detroit (A) 13; Atlanta (Sou), 4 Brooklyn N 10; : Milwaukee (N) 8 Washington (A) 8;: Cincinnati (N:5 New York (Sou) 8 Pittsburgh N (A) 8 A) 11; Chattanooga 9; .Baltimore By The Asioclated Presa Brooklyn — Gil Turner, 151, Philadelphia, outpointed Gene Fullmer, 154, West Jordan, Utah, 10. New York — Tommy (Hurricane) Jackson; J99, Far . Rockaway, N. J., outpointed Archie McBride, 187'/., Trenton, N. J." JO San Francisco — Daye Whitlock, 178, San Francisco, stopped Bob Wise, 179, Oakland, Calit., 3. OOTOF D00*3 By/At McCLANE -Fishing Editor ;.-Tjitfish are a rather complicated class of fish. In f act'only two of the recpgnize'd 28 families 'are found ;ih North America, and from 1 an anglipg". standpoint, 'these can be divided- into separate groups. . :Of, first importance are the clia'nne'l cats, which; includes the blue, white, and channel.. catfish These.are the big ones found in the' Mississippi Valley region and .-vty rangements are .incomplete, Yerger Band Mother's Club will nieet Thursday 'night, April 7. . at the regular meeting/place at 7;30. through other parts of the South. .They may reach 100 pounds, The second group consists of the Smaller, but highly esteemed bullheads, such as the black, brown, flat and yellow bullhead. The'se cats make up the bulk of the fishing in the Great Lakes regions. But the -third group of even smaller size contains catfish which are < used for bait rather than caught for food. These are the madtoms and stonecats. madtoms are capable of causing a painful wound by punching the skin with their pectori- al fins and injecting venom. T^e only other family of cat-> fish • represented in North American waters- is the sea catfish, found near sandy shores in .southerrj waters, gea catf.ish are easily cay* Rht on hook and line, or in, .nets ii> tropical waters, Some.of Yh,em -—' not of much like many -value as food but oth,er marine ; pro!' rt.The Altar i.fiUt <?lub of BeeBee ductg. they! are noiy coming iiitp ths Memorial -£JM]E Churoh .will meet market in great quantities. Mrs;' Aarj) 10, i.UJ,. w^_.. _ at ; the .J}p/ .'-•J ,'2. ±. . A —'-;,-i 4 of Most catfish are found in 'shjfg.- gishi areas of f rivers,- lakes, ( and small s^rpams.; The channel r Catfish is an exception, and-.Vtoit^.the stoneont anrt «pv(»rn1 «'nor»toc- ^t\f and several pue to the Holiness meeting this week tjie BeeBee Chapter Or4er of. the Easiern Star No. 412 will meet mad.tom -may be found in fairly Wf4nesday nifhjt, April ?0 ai thej f ast'wat£.r. regular meeting placf at 7:?0, ^ j Catfish generally feed on the . , .. Mr. and Mrs, Ruel Williaa-js h^d as dlnnei g^est on Sunday, April i at night, and many start foraging bott9m and are omnivorous. Prac all catfish are more active 5 Rev. a.n<J Mrs. T .J. Rhone and Mey E9s§ Ffjerson, Baptist College The Arkansas »oir w|l} giye i 4( the Vflf ft njght, School wlU jus} after dusk. They seem to eat little or 'nothing during the winter, Catfish are an excellent food. Th*;fles.h js fij-m and wliite in most tyit usuajly bullheads are when dressed. They are prepared f? 1 ' the table by removing the skin, which is an .arduous {9? til* wesperienced, may be boUed and Moore's Heart Declared Good by Physician SAN FRANCISCO m Archie Moore's heart, declared "extraordinarily good" by a San Francisco specialist ;n contradiction of two other 'medical, tests, take? on a Las Ve.gas general practitioner in aiiotlier <jj)eck today. ' *' '.' The ;lighi heavyweight .champion and Manager Jack (Doc) • JCesms flew yesterday to -the Nevada gambljn'g capital, site of Mpore'a Iila'y'.'i'.lboijt with Nino Valdes, Heartened by Dr, Meyer Friedr nan'? unqualified endorsernept °f Moore'? "cardio-vascular system,-" Doe Ke^rns and Moore volunteered to -stand fhe.pkup for -the . Neyadja Athletic Cornmlssion. In Chicago Pr- William Rpth- man, chief Golden Gloves physlc- an, stood by -his diagnosis that Wopre has an organic heart ailment. J}r. Rothmjin, to whom Moore went a( the suggestion of sports editor Arch Ward of the Chicago Tribune, said laboratory evidence would Support his finding, Underscoring his medical opin- .- r .. ion, -Jijtflwan s»id Moqr« wsjiW be tfee» yejepted ''b?ca\)%e 9! * ' Allen Tries to Outguess the Viewer By WAYNE OLIVER NEW YOR Kltf) — Whats Steve Allen's, formula for keeping peo- ile in 'front of their television sets at an hour when they should be in bed' The. sleepy-eyed, lanky star of NBC's .tonight telecasts says he '.ries to maintaiij a feeling of anti- :ipation so the viewer never knov/s what's coming^next.' •'.--' • "Sometiyies'.even I don't know what's coming next,' .he adds. •That's where Aliens'-versatility nade it a'case of' 'the man for the b . and the job "for the .man when NBC decided to pioneer after-midnight network TV last fall at hours previously relegated to local showings of ancient movies. You name it and Allen can do it, Or hell try It,'"and in failing he sometimes is more entertaining than if he succeeds. He's no Jack Benny or Groucho Marx, but he can snap a fast quip. Hardly an Iturbi, he pounds the piano more than passably wall. He'll never be a threat to Perry Como or Eddie Fisher but he can and does sing, even his own compositions. Steve has able help on ideas bui the zany stunts on his show have the Allen stamp. ' It has been a happy solution for Allen, who had enjoyed better than fair success on radio and TV but never really hit his stride until assigned by NBC to carry the ball on Tonight. Born in New York city 33 years ago, Allen got his start on the air in Los Angeles a little more than 11 years ago as a late night' disc jockey. Japan produced a record 10,033,000 tons of cement in 1954. t' f!f liONWI Jl 0 » i • | T. A I > li » 9 p i ; A, ft: * »;M YMNI tN.v \ VIC FLINT Screen Star Answer to Previous Puizlt ACBOSS 3 River valley / NOTICE Call 7-9991 U-DO-IT or WE-DO-IT Valenh'np Washereria 800 West 3rd . I Screen star, ^ Mezzo Piano - Mirnara —- - .- .- . > .AIUII INIBI»t?;aH|O|QI (ICIT S «5'' TT^t 5 Indonesian ot lR|p|o|g|-r|g{iJR|E|o|R|te|-r " »7T O Mindanao '•• ™°!.«* \ 6Interpret :,^'±"1 !,7qoldcoinof Germany 15 Sick ,8 Compass point 9 Pithier 16 Bustle v., r , iq Above • < 29 Shield beajfing4|l Royal Italian \\. (.17-F:,.son^a^ay . j, i Demolish' •", V 30 Displftch.er ' •"• : ' family name :j ..'''" ...I'^fl.pn a-.; J2 p.j^ nt ••-..,.,;.-. •3'2 / Feminihe' • '• '49.MimicHer-...;-. i •• •' \ '-. ttC\l I mniltlfl ' .i* ** , ' l «' . , 1 . ' • *' ' '•-_ — t- i.'*^ — 1.1^.^. . Crt /^_«&4.H" —./ 4~**.rt* H - o You Want Something Really Different? Have a HELEN CURTIS SUPERSONIC PERMANENT HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 7-2878 fazel Virginia Auline ifter examination in San Diego i by )rs James H Ryan and Winston Hall, as physically unfit to fight in Caljfornia The report by Ryan and Ha'l aid "the exertion of training and >o\ing would be inadvisable and dangerous ' Legal Notice LEGAL NOTICE PROBATE COURT NOtlCES Notjce is hetcjby gjven that the llowmg Executors, Administrator and Guardian have filed their •jnal and Annual Settlements with the Probate Court of Hempstead ounty, Arkansas, for approval :nd cprjfirmation, to-wit First and Fijjal Settlement of S Wilson, Administrator of the Dstate of Foid Johnson, deceased. Jled March 7, 1955 First and Final Settlement of Albert Grdves, Executor of the Estate of D F Wiggins, deceased, filed March 15, 1955 First and Final Accounting of Beulah Stoy Guardian of the per- on and estate of Ulysses James itoy ,a mmoi, filed March 17, 955- First and Final Settlement of iQujse Gamble, Executrix of the Jstate of Edna Muldrow, deceased, iled March 26, 1955 And all persons interested m the bove named estates are ordered to ome forward and file exceptions : any they have within Sixty (60) ays from-the date said.settlements /eie filed 01 thdy will be forever afred from excepting such ac- ounts 01 any item thereof " Arnold J JVfiddlebrooks Probate Clerk of Hempstead County, Arkansas. By Aithm C Anderson D C BEE-T.MITE Termite Control Service Owned & Operated by GUY GRIGG ServJce policy 109 South Main St. Phones 7-3445 or 7-2772 27 M«H es a'Tietids 31 TaHfi (Dt9 . custody^, . SSCalii? » 3«| Volume; >37 Scottish . sheepfold : 38 Lamprey 39 Down (ab.) lOfeeftsV -•'•' 42 Anointed 44 Staid : / ' 45 Scope 47 Universal language 48 Merit 51 Tear , 53 Moiith parts *7 Void j59 River barrier 01 LaWful S3 Clibk-6eetles M Expunge B6 Continued storler DOWN I stay 2 Unoccupied ''.-12 and 20 v } .assistants 64Palm lily ; & • |i IB I fT •ft. 36 «z >i& ^ ^ ^ $ (U 3' ^ 56 1. 5- I » ^P Z3 pi i ^ 4b * 3> ^ &' ( b, 20 ^ '^ i 51 7 , 7 ^> s p i i 16. W sft* ^ r r ; r '' H.; !!' ifc w w ^ si P ^ •I/ rSsS $ "' V & ; 1 1 S3 "^ «n K) --• ai" # 1 ' .: . % 64 1 55 II." ~ •'• ; ^i 5fc f . CURVE . 3 THAKl-ANYOF WASH TUBES C4JR IOARDIMG HOUM With Major Hoopk Wonderful New TV Trqyette Set by CAL-DAK retail fair trade price with its own light, easy-to-use storage rack/ 4 Trayi and ileiagt Rack Fashionable black legs —enamel c/n sturdy welded tubular steel •*and gay trays in a choice'of beautiful .patterns. So smart for snacks! Lap high io fit over your knees! - • FURNITURE CARNIVAL Turner ARE OUR BUSINESS W* speci*li« in .ff.ctlye iermlt. control. If termesr* the problem, w* have the aniwer. There's no charge for •n mipection fp call on our long experience now, ARKADEI.PHIA TfRMITE CO. 1032 Main Street Phone 1057 ARKADELPHIA ARKANSAS FOR EVERY PAINT JOB Indoors or Outdoors! There's .<r colorful,"-" top qwqlity Pytph Boy point, ^nqmel or vgrni§h for every pginting job. BILLWRAY SUPPLY J M He;didn!t leavf »ny name! Just phoned tp ask your con* ^ i(itioh—»aid he needed the information for an office pool!" 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