Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 5, 1955 · Page 17
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 17

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1955
Page 17
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•TV Aw* MOM STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS inlander of iw Ship Is mounced to- Nttitei Caj>t. fc«? Lei J»hn- To WnlU The Night ' By William Sloans Vr HWkWi by KEA •k 'JU'tt CoHmand'ei- o4 th£ *7«» ™7 er marea irem ner jgUfekfiFotmUL jtrtm'bllni; that his hafids, at his i! P.fiOO-tolCfFoiftlftai, 7,/lftt sftlei.^ter* t\Vltchir«. and -'- thai 2 !i_ _ * "?TJ, ™ ,. . ..i _u .1* - < t_,ii. 44^1 _.' lc .t_f _•- Li. .»•_„,._»_»__ii . ». i Chapter XXXI • Were over the numbness that' h;:d Mis ey« htrer' meved from her'sH; me as far as Los Palos without •- - - agony had worn off. .Tht sheriff went back in the some of his men to try to find clt%»is tO#« COtflflil«-,Ws Hpl, Which had BUddehly 'be- j Selena, but she wasn't UICK, and " thi* tiar tn to fcom * thln * nd * Htl * « U « htl y- " l Wtfuld have found •IMtfamertlto conuAUIB Mf Out W P u m e,". ht said to her p« .the, most caVeted In. the| at last. She made Ho reply. "But ''""'*'""" • ' tometlm* is now." ••* native of fii# 'fiend, j ftbW head of the Air tVeap> item Analysis staff at' NaVJ< liirters. He has had that at- cd July, 1953. He ?fc» «lt gfoup commander In Hot-net during World P\M in the Pacifid and to. the •fell War he commanded Bandoeng Strait. the U the first of live flcrt bulldine or authorized fo itjr to handle the heavies i*te«t typas of modern je Jt, The Navy has repeate lin«d that task force* ibui: filch carriers cah not onl - in 'an atomic vvar but als rt the Air Force in carryln. eaf attacks to the enemy. ipt,' Johnson' wpn, the presidei nll citation , ribbon, the legio'r crlt, the bronze >Btar and air il as an air""bfficer and cxecu ffqfficer ofthe Hornet- jn'actim nst ; »the, Japanese in World Wa '-i 1929 graduate ol the tJava he told me th e hous.e was itistj ' said and sat down again. "Do you believe there is some connection between all the things you have told me?" I studied for a minute trying to find a way to give him the feeling that I had. "Yes, I'm sure there is something behind the whole business because I know t.iat Jerry found out 'vhat it is. That's why he shot himself.' 1 "And you don't know what this thing is?" "No," I said slowly, "I dont. Except tiial il is' connected with Selena, kvto thing goes back to as I had left it. He make me admit that Jerry hadn't! been entirely happy with his \vii'-,| ( and that seemed to satisfy him "Yes," she said, and her voice; and the coroner's jury. There Was impersonal. Suddenly h« was In complete j* ad ; and anyway command of himself. "Do you da y s travcl tc thc know what I am thinking?" P rtl so J s'rnp'y can *'.S,H 0 P B&B Treadle .... $15 up portable . . $49.50 tip IGAIN THIS WEEK . .... «it Cabinet. Model rfT Jt SEWING CENTER 6^ Ajj#y SH | SPECIALS ^ .'CALL . . 7-3584 MARY HAMM imM s For AIIMak.t "W • ""d •IMIM I 6«rvle« IIMIM I A pp L | ANCE _„ ^F REPAIK ike Your JJt<t'«"« to., , lilt Drug Store will k j-^-. T '_ — ti »»**» W^ ^••••^*_,,. . juy compounded by men !> 35*0 9,99 eraduites «j • " *— College of PhjM" RESCENT DRUGSTORE - 7-3424 thinking? "Of course." she said. "Am I right?" She nodded her head. "Yi»u know that too.' "All right," .he said, as though agreeing U something, and turned to me. "Bark, you don't know what thig i? all about, do you?" "No," I told him. "That'g rood," he ' said, and there was affection in his voice. "I iffSnt' you to do me a favor.' "Sure, 1 " I told him. He left the. fire. "I want you wasn't a plane reservation to bo had, and anyway it ,wa:; a h ill' nearest air- caught the morning transcontinental out of Los; Palos three days later. Tin: only; stop rrtont. I made was al my ;ip;ui- I wanted to put Jerry's ashes in the silver urn. When I had finished U'iliiu; Ihe story I felt tired ana empty of all emotion. Dr. Lister did not speak for a long time. • ' • j He put his paims down fl;il on the table, stood up, and blow out to^ke .me^-to^d"^ *' ±T °< £l'-n*o me when you go. I'll write it outi now, T ' '"' ' " " ''"" Went net ECem tO pl '° VC ""y"""«-" Chapter XXXII LcNormand's death was an unsolved mystery. The police had never been able to find the murderer, but they don't find every murderer anyway. Galli - Galli and his cards was a trick, in a night club where I was none too sober ;md probably easy to fool. Most mind reading of thc sort I'd accused Selena of on the Montauk road was a matter of close observation of thc small gestures and expressions of the other person, and Selena was a highly intelligent woman. She had pulled on thc brake because some scrap of sound or a flash of sun reflected from the approaching car had warned her. And as for the Jire at Cloud Mesa, she had sim-1 a match. There was no ! part .of my story which did not (have a rational explanation. ! ''All those things," Dr. Lister I said quietly, "are out of the cr- dinary. But I don't see any mystery in them. I can think of an explanation for every single one. Except LeNormand's death, of i course." "And Jerry's,' I said brutally. "Yes,' he replied in a low voice. "That is the hardest of all for me to accept.' "There are some common factors," I said. "There's no explanation in either death. The presence of Selena, Jerry and me in the vicinity both times. A;id Lej Normarid's questions were part of ' the setting." "Anything else" "And there was a ifire, both times. lie nodded. "Jerry had 1 nothing to do with the fires. And I didn't. That leaves Selena. Selena and the equations." The pieces were slowly fitting themselves together in my mind, but nothing was wholly clear yet, and the picture which was forming was not translatable into ordinary words. "The only other thing I'm sure of," I said lamely, "is that when Jerry realized Selena had managed to light the fire, he thought at once' of something else." "And that means, or suggests, that if you are right the answer | must lie in her." Th«re was no shadow of doubt in my mind on that ponit. "It's got to. I f we knew who she is and where she came from—" "Luella Jamison" "What do you think He shook his head. "I dont see how she could be. Even if the idiocy were the result of some mecnanical factor, a.id not congenital, it could not have up so fast." I forget it." He into the .study,, and I fol lowed .hint somewhat ^uncertainly The", whole thing '" Was confusing, and. ,'for some, obscure 'reason" I -felt.; ''frightened: • Selena • followed me, /but; : ,"she • stopped in' the "' ' ' ' . . . ';J'Jci'ry : />y.aff'.isitting'''at,. the desk In there. The last gray 'light from-the east, came through Ihe win- abw; behind him and ' lighted the room with a dull, unlovely color. He; was:- • writing by the time I reached; :iHe jfoorh,' wil'li 'a swift, facing drive "of -his peri as ^ : though to , 'finish before, the light faded entirely.; ;. I watched .him a minute, conscious of Selena white and glimmering in the ,dusk of the dpo? > behind me. All at once, with a . quick, impatient gesture he .crumpled Ihe hole -and flung it into a corner. • •..'.. .... ' Its 'not -so important after all. ' .'• ••.-. "•::>.;,-'•. :.. . ; '. '.: . The rest happened before I knew it. .The gun must have been Ihere in the desk drawer ready to his hand. He simply pul it up to :his head and, pulled the triseer. • ' ' : ' ..I was aware, that "Selena was movihi{: past me. 'Sho walked , to lhe- ; desk, slowly 'but . without uncertainty, and her face was pcr- foptly quidl, the face of an angel who;.knows neither -sorrow .nor losi nor death nor anylhihg else "-ihiit ^quickens the; : pulse 4 of 'living njen'Jandf-: women'. She'- placed her hands, .palm down, on the surface ef the wood and leaned forward little, looking, down al him si- l«nlly. ;Then she pul her hand. lex .long hand wilh ths slrong while • fingers, on his . hair, so lighlly thai she scarcely touched his head. The next instanl she was 'across lha room and stooping te pick up the crumplsd note in the corner, r watched her lake it up and go' put of the' room'. A moment later I , heard, the front door open and close again. Of course. I did all lh« things that you think of to do. He was dead, tout I felt his icarl lo make sure, SOme chcnp- y melodramatic" instinct mads me wrap up Ihe 'gun in my hand- cerchief; afterward* I was glad I!d • , done so. It savi?d a lol of rouble wilh the sheriff. I .carried lis tody into, my own room, laid t but. on. my bed., There was rioth- ng e.lse -lo do Ull morning; lhat t>tig and Iwisted road inlo Los Jaios- would 'be undecipherable in he dark. Before I left, I pul out the amos, and .the fire, and left the i'por, open; in case she came back. ?hen-I.blew Ihe horn, over and iver Kgain, Us harsh, deep yell went echoing up and down Ihe alley and came back flally from he face of the mesa behind and bove me. She did not come. I ut Ihe car in gear and rolled lowly down the road loward the desert and Los Palos, 70 miles way. The resl of il Isn'l Important. lough it was. tedious enough, and ong , before the formalities with the sherif and the undertaker oore Bros. WEDNESDAY VALUES WMM_PVBMI_MMM^ CREAM Gallon Dozen $1.00 Lb. ! When he finally spoke he chose his words slowly and carefully. 'Selena is the most intelligent and the most beautiful woman I've I ever met.' He paused again, and 'went on in an altered voice. "I ' was not entirely happy about Jerry's marrying her. She seemed hard to me, not .merely on the surface but all the way through. I kept watching her, hoping to see her tender or openly in love with Jerry, and I never did. She was cold and reasonable; impcrmonal is perhaps thc word, and I never knew whether, she was different to Jerry. I worried about it. I didn't believe, till tonight, that she and' another side at all.'' I was puzzled. What, I wondered, had I told him lo make him revise his estimate of Selena "You told me that the first evening you were out there, she was reading one of Jerry's old books. ! Doyo u remember saying that ' One of his old books, of fairy stories." "I was trying to remember what story she was reading," I told him finally, to explain my silence. i "I only looked at thc few words 11 told you about—' I " 'The Little Mermaid' " he said, "the saddest and the best of all Andersons stories. You must have read it. Don't you remember the little mermaid prin- I cess who lived at the bottom of ' the sea One day she came up to 1 the top of the water and saw a snip with a prince in it. She saved him from drowning and brought him to land. And she fell In love with him." Tuesday, April S, 19S5 ' _ Housewives Seek Mrs. Arkansas Title LITTLE ROCK (fft— About 250 houstwives will compete here April 22 for the title Mrs. Arkan-.^ sas. , The winner will represent Ar J ikansas in tne Mrs. America contest at Eliinoir Village, Fia., May 9-15. Contestant are s elected on the basis of homemaking ability, per- soiiulity, character and attractiveness.. Tuesday, April 5, 1955 HOPE STAR/ HOPE, ARKANSAS t Ark-La Industrial Rate Hike April 14 LITTLE ROCK UP) — Arkansas Louisiana Gas Co.'s rates for large Viduslrial customers may go up April 14. The firm posted a $1,250,000 surety bond yesterday lo guar- anntee customer refunds if the Arkansas Public Service Commission or the courts eventually disapprove its proposed new rate schedule. In the meantime, rates can be increased starting April 14 if the PSC agrees the bond is sufficient. . Arkansas Louisiana's new rate PRESCOTT NEWS Thursday April 7 The W. C. T. V. will meet Thursday afternoon at.2:30 at the home of Mrs. Dan Pittman, Sr. There will be choir practice at the First Presbyterian Church Thursday evening at 1 o'clock. and high schools in the lall of It came back to me with a rush. "The witch transformed her fish's tail into legs and feet, but whenever she walked she felt as if she were treading on sharp knives. She gave her tongue to the witch, so she could not speak. And she agreed that U' she didn't win the prince's love, she had to die without an immortal, human soul." He looked away. "Jerry always used to cry about mat part of it." Th e rest of the story was flashing through rny mind. How the little mermaid, after devoting herself to the prince, found that he was going to marry someone else, and how, on his wedding night, she slipped over the rail of the ship on which the wedding party .was sailing, and dissolved into the sea foam. Perhaps. But in the instant when the memory of the story completed itself in my rnind, another explanation for Selenas reaction to it occurred to. me. She might have cried because 'the story was moving and beautiful— . or because it was true. „., It was a fantastic, horrible no- * ! lion, and I wanted Immediately I to stop thinking of it. I remem- ! bored Jerry's face as he looked at Selena there on the settle -before the fire she had someho w managed to light. Certainly there , had been horror and incredulity j in his eyes. t _ I (To Be Continued) THE BEAUTY BOX Open 6 Days a Week Appointments after 5 for those who work. phone 7-5850 112 S. Main schedule would bring in more than four million dollars annually in additional revenue. The gas firm filed the rate increase application last month. An p.ct passed by the recent Arkansas Legislature extends the time after which rates can be increased temporarily under bond from 30 days to 120 days, but the extension won't become effective until June. Lions Have Weekly Meeting The Prescotl Lions Club met on Thursday at the Broadway Hotel for the weekly luncheon meeting wilh the president, Carroll Bratlon presiding. Irvin Fail-child inlroduced Lloyd Godley of Osceola who gave an amusing lalk on "Uncle Jess." There were 27 members present. Guests included Gilbert Grace Sammy West, Jr., Cclonance Moore and Joe Allen of El Dorado and Robert Lee of Prescott . CASE CLOSED EL CENTRO, Calif., (UP) — Dominic Grasso complained to police that his neighbor's rooster crowed before dawn and woke his whole family up. An officer investigated and reported: "Roosler cooked for dinner. Case closed." sociation. Donnie Hooks, sludenl al Henderson Slale Teachers College Arkad- I elphia, spenl the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Hooks. & FOR SALE Hope Star Building Lumber Bd. Ft. 4 6x6 12 feet 144 168 2x6 20 feet 3,360 168 2x4 8 feet 892 210 2x4 4 feet 560 20 2x6 14 feet 280 500 2x4 Lin. Ft. Random Lengths 334 400 2x12 Lin. Ft. Random Lengths 800 2000 Bd. Ft. 1x3 and 1x6, etc 2,000 4 000 Bd. Ft. Rough 1x8, 1x6, etc. 4,000 20 2x4 14 feet 186 600 Bd. Ft. 1x6 Center Match 600 Board Feet 13,156 Lump Sum Price This is less than $25 per thousand Lumber Stacked on Lot But Not Cleared of Nails Mrs. R. Bright Appointed Home Service Secretary Mr. Herman B. Bonds, chairman, Nevada County Chapter American Red Cross, announces the appointment of 'Mrs. Richard Bright -as Home Service Secretary. Mrs. Bright is replacing Mrs. Max Kitchen who has served in Ihis capacity for Uio past year and a half. The latest report indicates that approximately 500 men from Nevada County are now serving in the Armed Forces at home and overseas. Your Red Cross is the link of communication between these men and their dependents at home. During 1954 Red Cross sent .4,500 welfare message's each day in be half of these servicemen and. Iheir dependents. At the request of the military, field directors, social and recreation workers serve in military hositals. They are assisted by 26,000 Red Cross-trained gray ladies, nurses' aides and canteen workers each month. At the present time, 100 recreation workers are operaling 30 club mobiles in Korea. These girls bring refreshments and recreation to ser vicemen in remote areas of Korea. Many of these servicemen live in trenches and bukers and these girls help to break the monotony of their service (far away from home. These are some of the services that your Red Cross gives each day to many of the three mil lion or more men now serving in the Armed Forces of our country Mr. and Mrs. Peck Huffman and daughter of Okolona were Saturday visitors in Prescott. Mrs. O. L. McRae Jr., spent a part of last week in Little Rock is the guest of her mother, Mrs. Grace Wilson. Mrs. G. W. Bradley has returned to her home in Cullendale after a visit with Mr .and Mrs. R. E. Lindblad. Members of the First Christian Church who attended services a the First Christian Church in Hope on Thursday evening were Mrs. Homer Ward, Mrs. W. K Burke, Mrs. B. C. Stivers, Miss Faye Loomis, Mrs. Al Loontis Mrs. Glenn Orr, Rev. Seldon Black burn, Mrs. Frank Davis, Mrs. Raj Peachey, Mr. and Mrs. Brad Me Guire, Mr. and Mrs, Dennis Ledbetter and family. Mrs. Bobbie Duke, Reed and Judj visited friends in Shreveport, La. on Thursday. . .. ( ; . t . , Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Bemis an spending the week in New Orleans where Mr. Bemis is attending meeting of the Southern Pine As OWEN S VALUE DAY SPECIALS For Wednesday only. Hope's Largest and Best Store Brings You More and Bigger Values. The new Ford Fairlane Town Sedan is an outstanding example of modern 4-door design. In 1954, more Fords were bought by the motoring public than any other make. That's because more and more people are discovering that Ford has more to offer! 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Values up to $10.95. Wednesday Only 99c Reg. $2.49 Value BIRDSEYE DIAPERS Wednesday Only $1.69 •BBBBESBKIHBBHHHilHBMl Reg. $1.49 Chambray WORK SHIRTS Men's heavy work shirts on special for Wednesday Only 99c See why Ford is America's No. 1 buy! Test Drive a • .-.. Remember our Big Easter Sale is in full swing >.. savings from front to back. Shop for all your needs and save at Owen's, jffj 1 »»*.-* ' * \ l*<»r i - ffVl r . YOUR FQRP PtALER FQILQYfl 10 YEARS iA.ijtM Mrs. Burke Shelton lias returned from Little Rock where she was the guest of her daughter, Mrs. J. H. Palmer, and attended W. S. C. S. Conference. McClellon and Stassenfa Talk It Over WASHINGTON (iP) — Sen. Me- Clellan (O-Ark) and Harold E. Stassen meet today to talk over Differences between the Senate In- I vestigations subcommittee and the Foreign O perations Administration. The conference in McClellan's office was requested by Stassen, the FOA director. Subcommittee members accused him last week of obstructing their efforts to dig out the facts about a proposed contract lor grain storage elevators in Pakistan. Stassen denied it and volunteered lo appear before the subcommittee. But McClellan, as the subcommittee chairman, issued a subpoena directing the foreign aid chief to produce all records bearing on the project at a public hearing scheduled for Wednesday. Stassen had said earlier that he had made "the pertinent records" available to the subcommiltee weeks ago. McClellan conceded Ihe subcom- Hog Basebolleri Again Beat Kansat FAYETf EV1LLE, 1*1- the University of ArkartsaS beat Kahsa* University 9-3 in a baseball game here yesterday. Hazorback p itcher Charles Bogan fanned 11 and walked one. Joe Kretchmar hit two homers for Arkansas. he teams played again today Kansas 000 002 001—3 8 8 Arkansas 013 112 010—9 9 Finely, Dalton (5) and WalU, Martin V; Bogan and Carpenter. mittee has had access to the ret ords but said staff employes have had to spend days making penciled copies. He said the FOA refused to furnish photographic copies or let the subcommittee have the documents to photograph them. The subcommittee is looking into a report that the company selected by FOA to build the grain eleva tors submitted a ibid nearly one million dollars higher than the lowest bid. Testimony has been received, however, that it was difficult ' to compare the bids because of changes in the original spcclfica tions and other factors. In 1953, the average .American consumed 688 pound* 6 f milk,- com- p"af<fd to 800 JBotinai ot woftL wfi i&v fa'the ini fastened bay leaves Id that jifiFows on Valentine'* Day eve id ihdufce dreams about their sweetheart!:, OjdJCrt 9&SR Nil*) «on»»itl«n t «lmo«l itiittnt rtll W'SINUI'WMth Inly AMAtlNft NlW MtOb conge»K&h ind lymfrl . and bourtdinfl hwd^hei In forthMd, t«f#l»l, We. M Ml b»ck 6f head, »Mng cheek bonei, «v«» »of* tod f*»lll § ravel in th*m, >or«n»*l down back of n»fc», drfft i* c«ln«S» of now •ndJhfMt, d!Mv««», »«f /tolMv « jee w*ll «t !!*«», tan'f think jiralghl, (Mil JIM MM) [Bj around h*ad, can't irtrfll or fails, «nd <ioughihlJ..ThIi I lionally Adv«rti«ed prtjduel h« divert aotck «n* raliaf lo !hou»«nd», th»refore no matter hdw lonft, iuWered, how muth you have ipenf or whit prbdOefl y*U tfltd write for t DAY WEE tRIAl no eotl or obllsatloH. *«d return and p*y few cent! pollage If not delighted with tliit i» not a tamftley ' NO Mil* — NO MEDICINE to SWAllOW INfO STOMACH . . «A0 WHAT SATIlf ltd USER* Of »TNOl *Af " I, »m v»ry proud ttf My;»M ,.-. -,.- s ^ hai.dort* wonHett f 6t m*» I, |id> \efMKi " hive ,.n«»al congiittirt »rt'd mV;W»W*1 he«daehe» h«ve bten fcompliMily r"' '" ' $lfri.di Mr.. Wm. 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PRICES IN THIS AD EFFECTIVE ALL DAY WEDNESDAY- BEST MEAT IN TOWN ROBIN HOOD <i '* f »Jh H FRESH PORK FLOUR 25-2 NECK BONES DEL MONTE GOLDEN CORN BRISKET CURTIS STEW MEAT MARSHMALLOWS BREADED SHRIMP •••I^^HIHIHIIIl^lflHIH PILLSBURY or BALLARDS BISCUITS HONEY BOY CHUM SALMON 10 Oz. 2 PLYMOUTH , (OFFEE SNOW DRIFT Cans Tall Can KRAFT 1C i SHORTENING ^ • ™ ^" SNOW MAN 4C MELLORINE jf ~| f i SNOW MAN - • 0511 MILK ..IS MIRACLE WHIP 25 UNCLE BEN'S CONVERTED RICE 14 Oz - Pkg. PETER PAN Peanut Butter 39c '12 Oz. Jar NABISCO PREMIUM CRACKERS 1 Lb. Box 25c . JOY SUDS Bubble Bath CRISP PASCAL 16 Oz. Pkg. . 29c BREAST OF CHICKEN TUNA i's Can NABISCO AREO CREAM COOKIES «v» .^ -lUw o-^t '*TW' W-**& f K^mi ** vl'V^-^'l 4- «^JB-*/ CRISP 7ibz... Pkg. PlGIHYDWlGGLY FLORIDA maamm Wi RfSIHVf THI RIGHT TO

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