The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 22, 1936
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MAY SS, 10SC BLYTULJVIUJJ, (AUK.) COUIUKH JPAGH FIVB Classified Buy With Confidence Drive With Satisfaction MONEY BACK GlIAUANTEU Wilh Kvery K. & G. Or Square Deal Car Bought From Phillips Molor Co. 1931 I-'OKI) V-8 FOll DO 1C SK1>AN—Same as New .. S3M 1835 FOIU) V-8 PICK-UP. Color iJlarh. Motor and Tires OK. I'ricc ?il5 1935 I'OKW V-8 WE LUXE CO III'!!. Color (ircrn. A l(c:il Buy! Kvvrvlhinir in A-l t'omlilion. 1'riec — 5Ho 11)31 MOUEI, "A" FORD. 19110 License. Ncu 1 Paint. Neil' Tires. Molor A-l Shape. I'rieo $185 Mheral Allowance On Your Present Car - - Low Finance Charge Through U. C. C. Open Ku-ntilffs for Yntir Convenience. Drive by Lots ami Gel Acquainted. Call 810 - 811 foi-l Demonstration or Information. 1 Ask for Graves, Shanks, Calvin [ PHILLIPS USED CAR LOT 5th & Walnut I'lionc *10 nr " ll Open Al Night Business Directory I Wanted - Used Furniture * I r* r\ I IN • 1 SEE . The New 26 Qt. Pressure Cooker AND INQUIRE ABOUT THE CLUB PRIZE AT Hubbard Hdw. Co. Sppl Cash Paid Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 B. Main Formerly Dnvls & Uotlson HROWN DRUAD lOc loaf. Mutlc Friciays. Cull CO. Louise Crane 51 Her. Best Prices Paid For SCRAP IRON WOOL Rags, Metal, Hides & Bones lilythcvillc Iron & Metal Co. 221 W. Cherry STOVES STORED FOll SUM Mlilt Local Hauling My Coal Is Illnck Bui 1 Ircut You White JOHN lUll'llANAN—DIONK jl)7 . Poultry poi)i/riiY BOUGHT * SOU) highest Pilccs Paid M. T. WORTHY—315 E. MAIN PP1NG GUIDE! YOUNil nuirricd man with unto-1 Arkansas Truck lli>;n« No. 211-130. mt-bilo. salary and commission. | Owner may have snnii! by eull- .Mmancnl employment with 1><K- t in-; at courier News ofllce and imy- ullllirvi of iidvaiHvmenl. Must behiu; I'lurrjes. )lp to mnk<> bniul and wllUnx to •' well; lisml. Apply to Slnjtcr Sew-i (\mrler News ClassllU'd Ads Pay. ing Mnrhltu' Co., Ulyllievlllo, Ark.j WAN'l !•'!> i.ocnl sales reiire.sonta- IHe lor Keul Silk Ilotilovy Mills. now ;.!ni\\iii» [-ninplelo new .sum-i Hawaii Wars on Slomjoiwr- jolf llw wlilch ollir-rwiso 1IONO1AJ1.U (UP) --l|uwnllnn| would kill (he saino birds liproi'c sportsmen lire obliged to prolcel] (1 "' "Po'rtiiintM lirnl » i»t Wiol al Minne birds befiiro iney can imvel Um ' (hu pleasure o( NliuollDK Ilium. They urc now Imutlllni; » nci'o bird reservation iwnr Wul- nnno, Oalin Islimds. ami .sliniil- Inncously huini'lilni; n light, in kill I'lyliilT Cluli 'Ol'i'iis Drive i 'I'OliKllO <UI>)~Tlii> Toleilti Avl-,1 niton club IIIIH oiK'iicd u drive for! '100 mnv iiieinlxT.i. I & POMTICAI, I.K'ITIWS A SPECIALTY Work neat, cheap & t]iitelc Velernra Service Work All Kinds Jilank Forms Curtis J. Little Halo nldst. Cash Feed Store 'Pays Top Prices For Eggs & Poultry 111 E. Main I 1 or Rent VACCJiYOL Shoe Repairing Shoes Half Soled, 65c& up Slriiigs M'ith jol), Ic extra SATISFACTION GUARANTEED TU)1E m.Ui: HIIOH SHOP Next to B. T. Worthy's SKUVICK STATION janui.s. iiiutmvcni' mid sox. In-; OT\irtT 1 ir» n i fl tn'ir,. ,>i .aloMnun or call or: ^l^tLAHl llAh wrlli- llratich Salesimumuer It. 11,; >J»i ^VJIJi 11,11, \liikJ Ha'.vl:s, Joiu-sljoro, Ark. 20c U23; AND ),UBlt!CATION Tnr avr-rui:i> (rcsh nrplc emi-jWISK IMCI5UV ill ststs of approximately nr» per <-t^U | oi' SprviC'O walcr. rj per cent carbohydralcs, ',,.,,,,,„,„ • i \-2 pu- cent iidil. u i id 2 lo a ni>r| !<• II. .lOllNSON III rlliU'Kl! cent niiiihlox llssin's. : »!' I —IIATI'KUV Sr.ltVK'l! —IIAIHATOK ItlvPAIlt — I1ODY JVOHK —I'KNDHI! \VOUK —(!I«ISK IN.STAl.J.lill —AUTO PA UTS V)ei>iir(nuMil. revents Barl)ei - Shops IIOI.T'S nAltllKK SHOP 101 SDUth and St. HAIHCUT We. SIIAVIi 15c 8—Silinc 2 room Furnished apartment. Lighls, wilier free. Reasonable. Call 91J. 22-c-lf When They Swarm _ Jc ! l t: clo i c _ 8 phone 100 I Courier NCtt-s Classified Ads Pay. |E. C. B,obinson Lumber Co! i HOUSE and 5 acres, 2 miles north of Highway 61. Conwny & Ilouctiliu. 'iOc kli 3 room FURNISHED apartment, 221 Doiiuan. Mrs. Werl. Call D91-W c-k-U 8 Room HOUSE, 115 S. Division. Ideal for tourists, Low- rent. Max B. Reid, Phone 8112. We klf Lni-gc front cool Bedroom. Miss Bess Hall. Cull 280. c Mf COOL licrdrooms, reasonable. 'Jennie Craig, 900 W. Main. 8 room house, furnished or unhir- nisricd. , 2 baths and Bleeping porch. gilJWalnut. C. J. Crane.-Cal '8li or"-20. ' •' " : " c-k-13 WANTED — ,",A, KINDS JUNK Scrap Iron, $3 lo $5 Ion Aluminum, 10c II). .Brass, 2o lo 4!ic Ib. Copper Wire, 4c to 5o Ib. Radiators, 4!ic Ib. HIDES & 7?URS WOLF AHIAN 'RADIO REPAIRING RITEPRICES Kvory (lny on I'ood. I'Moiir. Moals, OnK'urlr.s, Fresh Frulls und ProdLiru. FniK'y atitt Etnplc, nny qu;intily. I'cr I'tinvi'nit'nri' trr olTor "I'rO- I5t Shining I'l-iilrclU'u Credit" COJIIR iti nr Phone RITE PRICE GROCERY I'lioiiB Z:M We Drllvi'i- 111 i: Main Iii OIA P. (). IH'U- W, T. BARNhTT AUTO SALES Drjiler 1'HONK 888 HEAR! HEAR! If you have a burial assodnlion cerlil'icatc of any kind on your loved ones when they pass away, we will accept it, at, full value on the funeral; provided you buy a.s much as $50 or mora in nicrcliandisc. 128 E. MAIN PHONE 17Q AWNINGS FOR HOUSES COMMERCIAL. BUILDINGS Really Made Au'iiIiiES S1.25 lip Best Prices lor Quallly Work Carney Awning Co. Call 643 "3 S. First stisraw; Your Water . . . and Your Food 'I'lio piin-Kt Tiioils. UK; host diols,'thu nuwt i'oni|ilax Itciitlli piTt'iiulions moiin nothing if tlu; wiilur you use is not, Imlli pure tind iilciiitil'iil. No I'lylhovillo luinio nci'd rein 1 tho iniiliKnnnt i![souses cmised by iin- linrcr drinliinjj wiitor! No HlythuvlUu lioiisowift) need skimp on the wnter she uses in Hie prepantlions of food nnd lliu cloiinsiiiK of ulunsih:! No lllyllievillo lioinn iHH'ii bu niiclenii for litcl; of plenty of wutur! An Important Fact: These fiiets ui'o so well known flint we all lulu: them for ^nulled . . . itnd so important Unit modern life is impossible! withonf llietn. Nor can Iliey bu nniin- laintKl without thoronnh eirieieney, wireful plauniniir and honest, inromiptihlt) BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Courteous, Personal Attention to Kvery Customer Phone SO 3 room FURNISHED apartment modi'vn. 1117 Ash. Mrs. George Mnttiicws, Call 294. ck-l[ J & 4 room modern furnished apartments. Reasonable. Call 280. 14-ck-tl' Modern furnished house for summer. Reasonable. Mrs. Cross, 300 lake. G-ck-tf 2 tecirooms or a Iwo room furnished apartment.. Reasonable. Mrs. J. T. Collins, 1020 Hcarn. AT ^^flSou^I STATE LINE Open D?y and Niglit FRESH CHAPPIE 35C Every I'Viday, Saturday & Sunday LION & TEXACO GAB IG.Sc sal. Citjarcltcs $1.25 Carton DIG BASEBALL GAME EVERY SUNDAY Phono 1503-F4 or 143 Lower lloor al 1013 W. Walnut, 4 unfurnished rooms. Call 227-J. ck-tf UNFURNISHED 4 room apartment \vilh bath. Call 327, or 55 at niehl. 12-ck-tf Furnished 3-room house. 508 N. Fifth St. Couple Only. dh 6 Room Apartment, 4 rooms furnished. J. H. Smi.rt. Cail 805-J 2c ktl ROOM, size 22 oy EO, next 'a Hubbard Tire & Italtay; newly decorated. Tom Jackson. Plione B, 25-ck-lf 2 & 3 room FURNISHED apiut- inciits. duplex. Sliadc, very cool. All cnnvcnicnces. Bess Hall. Call 280. 22-c-k-U For Sale Do Yon Want lo Build a New HOME? investigate Our PHA to 20 Year Payment; Plan E. C. Robinson Lumber Co' WejGuarantee to Save You Money on Screen Work of All Kinds Barksdale Mfg. Co. Phone 19 MINNOWS—Ic each Certified Polaio Plants—Tmiwlo, Pepper & Egg Plants G. C. Hawks 1 Cor. l,al:e It Main or J^ 520 Madison ood Used Trucks T 193!>— Hi Jon Fonl ^1335— 'A Ton lord Pick-Up 1331— 1'/ : Ton Chevrolet 1931—114 Ton International All "have Good SUkc Bodies TEItMS Delia Implement Co Credit on New Chevrolet used car, value $-100.00 or mar?, lo buyer liaving no trade-in. 'Ovxl discount for casli. l(ox "AB'', Cefiricr ' News. dh t( Wall Paper NFW PATTEIINS—LOW PRICKS CANVAS, TASTE AND TACKS ISK ABOUT PITTSBURGH'S SEW PAINT FINANCE PLAN The Arkmo Lumber Co. rhone 10 * r(:c Eslimalcs Automotive PRICES CU1' ON AUTO PARTS Tire's. Tubes, Ballcrlcs. I'nlnt. Tools. Motor Oil, Floor Mais, Seal Covers. Gel our prices before you liny. Save Money! WOM' AHIAN Flume 176 - 128 E. Main Ballcrics BETTER BATTERY SERVICE Call J. B. Clime ftt Tom "Jackson's Service Station Highest Market Prices PAID FOR SCRAP IRON Metals and Rags, Etc. WE SKI,I* All l.eadine ISrands of 'C 0 A L Small lots, Truck or Carload Delivered Anywhere. Also WOOD -KINDLING Superior Coal & nlimiiK Co. Wholesalers, Retailors & Miners N. liiway 61 Opp. Jake UiiRar Gin Phone 700 nlytlicvillc, Ark rs. 3.3. lliiTls — SjicnecrCorscllcrc • Call 421-W for apimlnlmcntA Barksdale Mfg. Co Lawn Mowers Repaired Guns Repaired PHONE 19 A Complete* [.die of Tubes anil I'arU FJUBBARD. TIRE ft ISATCEtlY CO. PHONE re €OBB FUNERAL HOME 1'IIOiNK 2(i \IJ, UKiHT, LKT'H (it)! NOW YOU GO MUWTIMG ALOWE, EM ? WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH AKIMG I'M MOT I GEE, OOOUA SUCH A BAD'SStO PLACE FOR VDU- WELL, COME OJ-WHAT WELL, !T LOOKS AS IF WELL (-IAFTA GO HUMTIM& ALOME-, DIWWY.... WHAT'S TH"MATTER WITH FOOZY-DID VOU TWO HAVE I A F/M-LlMG OUT. 7 WO, WOT EX'ACTLY, BUT TH' RESULT IS ABOUT TH'SAME- Y'SEE, THAT LOMG woseo IDIOT is COMMA BE GUZ'S GRAND WIZER - ARE YOU WAITIMG VOU'RE JUS A LITTLE GIRL- SO LONG, STHVK! BOOTS AND IIKR ]5U[)])I1« GtE. ,' \\Ef\R TR.op^&^v. WVWKV, VOU coovom 60 OUT IN "VV\\<b GPEAT SCOTT/ SITTING I'RKTTY! WASH TUHBS ^ SHORE YQL)lET,MErJ,WE'RE FEAR THE/AFTER'A KILLER. WUST. YIP HE HEAPS US COMIN.HE'LL—. HOLY MIKE: LISTEN- I'M A.PRAIP THAT POOR KID IS AT THE WEKCV OF A FIENDISH DESPERADO. HURRY,MEM, THERE AIN'T A MWllTe JO LOSE. \V6 r RE TOO LATE ; BOVS, :; KILT THE PESPERADO/ HKCKI.KS AND HIS THERE YDLl /-RE/TAG RIGKr OFF THE RAT DOG TRIES TO ET ME IWTO A LOT OF TROUBLE! WHO IS HE'CHASING, FRECKLES WELL,PERHAPS t \V WAS MISTAKEN ABOL' THE DOG,TAG ! RUM OUT TO THE ICEBOX /.WD GET HIM A LAMB POODLES HAS SOME BY THE SEAT OF THE PAHTS AUD VvOHT LET GO. 1 JTAQ.IM AFRAID V/E CAWT KEEP THE DCG...I H^WE ALL 1 CAM DO 10 MAKE EWDS MEET... HE'S A LARGE DOG,AWD HE EATS TOO MUCH ! V/HATS ALL THE COMt-10- TIOM PUT HIM OUTSIOS AWD WE'LL TALK ABOLTT IT LATER • CAM V.'E KEEP HIM, POP? , LOOK AT HIS PAWS.... THEY'RE ALL SWOLLE.'J FROM WALKWG SO

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