The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 4, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 4, 1930
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTUKVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NKWS MONDAY, AUGUST Items of. Personal Interest SOCIETY-CLUBS Activities and News of Women Complbaenis Gutsls . Miss KathinHne Fisher of Maiden, Mo., who returned home Sunday alter a visit .with 'Miss Margaret Gray.was'the honorce at a morning bridge .-party Thursday given by hsr .hostess. •Twelve girls 'were entertained at the home of-Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Gray which was > gsyly decoro'^ti with flowers horn Bits of News Moslly Personal lovely flower-garden. In the card games, Miss";. Mild red Moore won liigli score prize, handkerchiefs, and Miss Fisher received a bridge set for the cut prize. 1. E. Parkhnrst lias relumed from Si. Louis where '.le spent u week | Mrs Gray's l> l|rt ' nasm B slock for his sto|1 c. Jlnimle Crook, son of Mr. anil Mrj J. E. Crook, Is visiting Mr. and Mrs. T. Hipp at Ashport, Tenn. for several weeks. j Mr. nnd Mrs. W. M. Carney have ! rclurncd from a two livo weeks' Mr. Miss hens Miss Ruth Ti&dalc ol ] ut, who has been vis- j itlng Miss Lois Hooper; Miss Htil-'l -•' lie McHaney of Keimetl, aunt' <s( "!'$ ™ Miss Mildred Moor, ' (««««»„„„.„, ! Miss Ruth Tisdale, who has been nnd children ac- i Cillz lo Fayclte- , two weeks attending the an-1 Farmers week and for lhe' of extension workers both'of this city, took place this m lto « s > , lclln - bl > c was »<>- mornlng with Justice'Ed Walk'tT companled by her hostess .who, performing thc ceremony. '. l»"». s "> visU "Intlvoi, and friends i » i « i at Reeves and Troy for two weeks.! Fowler-Wilson. ' r ' !rs - Slcphcn II. Brooks and son, j Miss tva Wilson and Mr. Albert j Sieve Ji.. went lo Riplcy. Tenn, I Fowler, both ol Stcele, were mar- i yesterday lor several days visit, i ried here Saturday by. Justice Ed : Miss Jane .flipp returned lo -her Walker. ' ! In Ripley, Tenn.. Sunday aft•« * •• >- • I 'or spending two wcckr in Osceola; Bonds-liraiiflcy. , - i and here where she was lhe guest' The marriage of Miss Lavada j of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Brantley, ol Portagcvllle, and' Mr. , Floyd Bonds, of Ilayll, took place In Blylheville Saturdpy. the Ifev. lircoks. Mesdaincs Horace .'!'. Gulp, ,1: A. Waterman, C. M. Buck and Frim- Osceola Sociely—Personal Mrs J. L. Driver, wlio with her sisters In law, Mrs. Vcrnon Wlnicn ana Mrs. t>. W. folk and children,! 'an 01 Memphis, huve spent tlic i past iv.o weeks with reiatu.js in Osccolu, wns me lionorce at sev- | t-rai liiiormnl parlies last week. ' MIS. 11. L. Driver, entertaining, tlitj iwo lame aucilon uriuge CIUD ut. her country nome north of Os- r.-':ia had us her gue.sis, besides Ihc Memphis visitors, Mcstumes \v. C. face. !•'. P. Jacoos, and E. B. Unver iina Miss Ulanthe Clceie. 1 nigh scort cluij prize was wen by ' ' Mia 11. j. Hale. Mr.s. W. C. 1'ace won liisjii guest IITKC anil Mis. | j. jj. Driver wen me pri/.e awarti- I'd lor hlgn .scor.; among oni oi tuv.n guests. Uellcluus merus were served In two ccutscs. : Mrs. W. W, I'rcwilt was hostess ! to cisnl guesis, ccmplmientlng Mrs. j I \\ f \ \,> v . rc Driver. Contract Dridgi: wn s play-1 ulu J- M -" h eu and a delicious salad cours: i stivcu. high score prizes were won • by Mrs. b. W. POIK 01 Memphis and Mis. W E. hunt ol Osceoia. On 1'i'lday afternocn the guests Prefers Waul lo Help of Charily Few vegetables are of high cal- ohnnle Corkran and G. C. Driver 01 ee lavcr. Mrs. E. p. Jacobs entertained elghi guests at contract at her country home south of town Sat- preceded the devotional lesson by Mrs. R. II. Hood who used 1 Saul 2G tind- Acts, 10;9-15, •. . •• : - ' PJjn? \vt : i'6'made for'tllc serving of sandwiches nnd cold drinks ui Yaijjj'o election dsy, August 11 !y' ^-r ——:— ' • I Notes her home in Kenncit yesterday | and daughter of an aristocratic after a week's slay with her sis- Mexican family, startled Hollywood icr .Mrs. I,. II. Moore, and family. | by announcement of her approach- Mi;s Kiillierine Fisher relumed j Ing marriage lo Cetlrlc Gibbons, be- com . Jlllll(X1 ln( . S( , ml .„. to Maiden. Mo.. Sunday following a - low, noted lilm art director, The | Mem ,, U j s yeHcrii-iv for week's visit here ns Ihc guest of j wedding was s=t lor Aug. 0. K. ,111 Mumpnis '" complimenting Polk and Mrs. A. J. Hill performed lhe wedding j c is Carpenter were in Slkcston service. , Sundav for thc goll tournament. , ' • ' i Miss Hallic Mcllancy returned to ! Dolores nc-l Rio, above, screen slur Society Metis ... Members of the Yaibro missionary society met at Ihc . church Thursday' altetoon when eight" members and tiircc visitors were prestnt.. A'prayer by Mrs. W. C.Cameron Mits Margaret Gray. She was uc- compnniod by Miss Mary Ardcn [jiiinn ami Owen Reeves, of Hulls, I aim Mrs. 11. K buthr, Mrs. W. L. urday ^u. 'iniKin Mrs, Driver. Mrs- winlon. frizes were won by Mrs. J. L. Waru and Mrs. J. L. Driver una a salad comse was served. Approximately 25'J Osceolans nc- the semi-pro team u the game H Mr. and Mrs. J. .L. Williams, Mr. Galloway and Marion Gray. Mrs. Arch-Gray and son,- Jillly, Tcnn., aie visiting: liU daughter,! luuurc. 'i'al 'louyate, Heecc Young Mrs. P. J. Crawford. They- are I Lumc Ciwiuliicy, Mrs. Lulah Swill was • Mrfe Marie Ohalson, city .admitted lo the Ulylncville hospital ! "'" Ul Mfu """ Ciml »'«' Jllr - lt| Patients dismissed were: j W Utioiic Jones al Wilson Sutm- Mosclcv, .ccsnell; J. W. |''W VCK - Mi', nnd Mrs. Dixie Kcthcrland. Mo. of Muldeii. Mo., nre guests ol rein- j planning to lelurn Wcdnr:d;iy afl-.iuiii Miss Kmnia Cox ulienued ihu j tlvcs here for several days. They | er having been here len days. . l-nrncil rally In Little Hock ycs- I expect lo return today. | M| . |>||(| Mlj . j Ne . u ^^ ^. m • lClU . iy . as their uui'st. Mis. OcseM's fa.her, '. hli '- al >d Mrs. A. a. rtugcrs are M. M. Gllli.ui!, ol n-juu, Ml..- i'" lro l'. 'I'cnn., today atenuimj tne Mr. und .Mr.s. u. V. Hcbauyh .,nd ' a " 11 '''" ol Mra ' K '*- 1 '- ;i ' iulm ' Ml; ' daughter, JeancHc .Iran, li'tl fial- ••• urdny (or Iron ton, Mo., when.' Mr.; ScbiiiiGli wll return today v,luU: Mrs. Scbaugh and dcuigiiU'r v.ill! j Miss Mary Outlaw of Rector, j Ark.. Is vlsillng fncmis in lhe city. | Gucsls from this city who at- lL-ndcd 1'ue wedding of Miss Woy- Cmwtord, Mrs.. Raymond Essary, Pat O'Bryant and Vcrnice Webb. who , '" r ant ' dicd lasl .nlgnl tul- ;t' ol paralysis. leli Fend i lrtt Wright, and Mrs. Brlckey. of Osccnla, were guests .of Miss Era Corinne Thorne entertained ! Wright Saturday evening. llwi party al her home Wcdnes- i Miss Nell Harris and her moth- (lay/jjlgnt. Those present were: | cr. have returned from a vacation . Katlj}yne and' Jewell Bilker. Jea- : siiciit W Kansas City and St. Louis, olyn Pearce. of Memphis, are house- ['where they nelfe-. Curtis, Pearl Hamin. Everly i H:- N. Tnnuge, C. L. Davis and. gi:er-is nt Mrs. C. W. Affllck. thec'thc wcridhi" Wagner, Walter Lee, Gink Roach, j Tommle Short visited in Memphis ! an-h-ed Saturday and expect to re- I Mr. rind = Mrs. J. W. Cartwright Rittenberry, Jesse Lyerly, ] Sunday. _ J Hun tomorrow.' ill-.. n i5*Bc parents of an In ..... I .1 • . i . ,. i LCI , miao »^iiu v nun; vuoiutir lO vY. Hie week there ami ut .V. | , Mma thc wc ^ 11]g ot Uleil . dM ,^_ *'"""' | K. Anderson ol that place, wincu Max Uscry jr., relumed H.U'.ir- is to be solemnized on August 1. day from Fiiycltcl Miss., where he Mr. and Mr.s. Duulcy Lyncn and visited relatives (or two weeks. J.,viiS3 Barah Ucslon left .Saturday Misses Mary Satlcrllcld and Car-..) driving through to Harllngitm, will remain until alter c.e|)l the aid ol charitable organizations. ' Bliinchc Uooth, a virtual recluse, sils on her liltle wocden box on a main ilri'et here, stretching oul a lean hand to accept pennies In exchange Ior a newspaper. She locks hungry and tired, visibly living an unequal life. Hut she spurns the help ol charitable institutions. "Why they'll kill you in them 'up- liffers' hospitals," she lamented "I'd rather go to the penitentiary "Them upliflcrs don't mean anything to me," she said, "even though they do try to help me. I guess I'll have to move on when U:ey Uolher me.' 1 "I don't make much money, bn I'll ^el along somehow." she cx- plainld. "I pay my room rent I then) if there's any money left, ' ! i'al." | Thc aged woman relates a tale o. [having lived 21 days on water. birthday in her home Thursday j protein content. The vitamins and ! di£h il stuffed with meal, or ;i'J j night. Games and dancing were ' asli constituents are 'always valu-' inviting breakfast vcgeinole if cave- < forms of amusement and wcve fal- sole, in summer or wi;itcr. While tully sauled in buuer. Combined-" lowed by refreshments. Mabel ; a balanced diet always is essential, i with eggs, tomatoes au:l cncese, . George, Vivian Lynch. Meredith : the energy-producing foods arc I eggplant furnishes much nourish- and Olivia Graham. Mildred Rich- I needed in lesser ratio during the I mcnt as a luncheon dish, ards, Nina Rodgers, Anna Bell Me- I hot weather than during the win- ! Broccoli is another vegetable The old phrase, "ccol j little known by the average nouse- ' " wife. The entire sialk is coed— Ijlcssom leaves and stems. Frequently stalks become "wo;oy" aisu must be pared tf they are to ue cooked quickly. This vegetable tastes much like very delicate cabbage and when It is ycung j calories"compared with cereal foods. Ismail blossoms, it is best it cook- ) Carter, Clarence Mann and i Mr. ond Mrs. W. Leon Smith had I as their guests for the week end. HillarU Hamm. . i Thelma and Vela Sawyer j M r . ;l iul Mrs. Gordon Lee of Mem- of Tofaiato spam Ihc first of the i jr., au ... Dr. and Mrs. Mux O Usrcy left | daugnler, uoin at Garlley-Kainsey loriay for Utddington, Mich., where i Hospital. Memphis , and named they expert to spend three weeks.! Mary Ann. wecfcnwlth Misses Katliryne and j Harry Lynch, who [ravels out of I MI F . S ., w i, 0 has been nt MoiirgQin- Miss Lob> McChire of Fayetlc. _ • Baker. Mfi.and Mrs. Claude Slone spent Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. R ; D. Siers. ^^£." and Mrs. Roy Mitchell at- L-jiiisville, Ky., -.visiled here Ior the erv , Ala., recently lias arrived to «. cek (, lld . ., , U(! , u lhe homc of Dl . R1|d M| . 3 Alr iHm i Mrs. M. G. Gocdwin I luive nrrlved' homc from a Icn days to i| llr ,i Vi Ravenden S|)rings i the ball game at Promised ; , nd ctllcl . poi ;,, s ,„ thc Ozlul!s . . ( , onc] • O. Usrcy for three weeks. She is Mrf. Usiey's sisler. Ucnnie BeiTield WMH to Round Mrs. John Edrington ;uid children left Wednesday morning icr an extended visit with Mrs. tclrington's slsier. Mrs. Val Campbell, and Mr. Uampt:ll In . ilc- Leansboro, III. Miss Julia -May Morrison is con- La iUvTuesday. • M r ,. B1 iii Mrs. IjOtlic Ste.ry, Mrs. visit ' Ljnn Baker attended the •dance I nrv ' w Slcw(in; . acconi panicd Mr. al the Catholic hall m Blythevllle ; by M( . nn( , Mrs Dltk sllc , n , k 0| , ell]rl . Ark., today where he will! fined to her bed with an attack Ste.ry, Mrs. | visit his parents 'for a week. | oi malaria. night. MM. Jessie Eskridge of-Promised Land visited her daughter, Mrs. Merlin Ray, Thursday. . . Mrs'. Cecil Mann visited Mrs. A. P. ^gurks Tuesday evening. l Baker and Corinr.e Thorn? I ! ' visiied the school Thursday after-1 ' Pittsburgh. Pcnn.. spent Friday In i Memphis. 1 Mrs. W. D. Chambliu jr., and and Mrs. John Snyder have i Bruce Ivy, jr.. small son of Mr. rued from n t\vo weeks vnca- j tion. Mr. Snyder al Port Rllev Mrs. lltlo Bruce Ivy. enlerlained trlends when he ceb- Luxora Society—^-Personal ere the guests. A public drinking fountain, a gift Luxora by the community club. I SiSTER MARY'S KITCHEN 15V HISTlilt MAItV XFA Service Writer sauce or Hollandalse add many cal-j ^ oli . finely^chopped cold uoihd pa- ories of protein fat and carbohydrate to any vegetable. Salt, pepper and enough butter to make Ihem palatable have liltle effect on the caloric value of vegetables. If They're Main Dish- When vegetables form tire main part of a meal, ihe materials added are most important. A careful selection combines calories and mineral salts in a most, satisfactory fnshion. Broccoli in mock Hollandaise, stufled eggplant, vegetables grattn with cheese--all these The markets offer vegetables in combinations and many others turn abundance mid the home-maker j vegetables into main dishes for who use:; them in variety can | summer that are nourishing and serve interesting meals at motler- ' appetizing. Eggplant is a delicious vegeta- lite cost. Vegetaules are ideal for sum- ! blc too seldom, used in the average mcr meals because of their low 1 home. It makes an excellent hearty taioes, thick cream and cheese. This dish Is delicious and ol mucn toou value. Jerusalem artichokes also are I overlooked. They arc particularly good when dotted with nutter and oaked in a incdcratc oven until tender. This is a much more satisfactory way than boiling them. Daily Menu LUNCHEON — Baked stuffed with creamed dried bcel, carrot straws, whole wheat • bread, catmeai cookies, apple sauce, milk, lea. DI N N E R — B roiled flounder. browned sweet potatoes, broccoli with Hollandaise sauce, lemon S]X>nge pudding, milk, colfce. Read Courier News Want Ads Mr. and .Mrs. Bill Snccd and lit lie son ot Osceola were Luxor vlsltors Tuesday. Miss Ruby Rowc ol Grcenwooi Ark., is visiting in ihe home of h; sis'.er. Mis. L. O. McCracken. Mrs. Clarence VoUmer of Blythe- j villc visiled in Luxora Tuesday. j Mesdames Ben Cooper and R. 3. • Ashmore of Osceola were Luxura visitors Wednesday. ' Mrs. Allen BTirren Kais and Ro- ! berta Rodgers. are spending a few ! weeks in ilennlng, Tinn.. visiting , relatives. ; Dave Richards was a vis- . leans., while Mrs. Snydcr visited I bialcd his sixth birthday last week. at Forrest City anil other points. Ailcen Word is recovering :iOil, Blily 111, have returned from; J. L. Guard left lodny for Cni-! a n cr an emergency operation for Hardy where they visiled rtfal-lvi's | cngo where he will attend the Na- Dr. nnd Mr.s. C. E. Wilson had as stock for his slo ow and purchase ^ . t hcd!s re. He was accom- ! •rue-siiav. appendicitis performed al tlonal Gift show and purchase j ^ . t hcd!st Hospital m Memphis last ilor In Blyiheville Wednesday. Lcroy Wood was a business visi- • tor In St. Wills Wednesday. Mrs. Kay Graham and children. Meredith and Olivia, were visitors , in Memphis Wednesday. : Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Segraves of • • their guests, lor the week end. Mrs. panied by Mrs. Gi.a:\l ;ind chll-! j 0 .in" a. Miller, accompanied by ! Turrell were in Luxora Wednesday. legmg his wife was worth S10.000. her mother. She-ISountered with an identical dc- M:s. Y. L. Phipps. cf O r ceo'.a. was! ' motored down iani! window dccoraU.,g at Ely Walker's — •"-.fcr- , LI.UkU'.Lit \JUU.I tJUlll.,IX. .»..:,. VTll,\L.I I . . r* l nv mand setting forth he owned 1.100. m the city Saturday stopping at Canithcrsville for scv- i wholesale dry goods house Bilor acres'ol land, but lost. Mr- »»d Mrs. W. S. Ccpiwdve. ol | fr ,^ * vls , t w , (|l Ml . nn(| Mrj : renirniiig lie will visit friends ) ';. Csceala. were niythevillc vi<ito;-.s; T E Onar(1 anl i i., m j.,- before i Indianapolis, Inrl. lAiNCHEON-Bakcd slufled lo-' Sur.rtay. cdmiii- here later Mr Guard ill i Mcllc ' w »ddcll. small daughter ' Mrs. Aihc T. Sisk IMS inrivnl \ ™ "!I eharge ol the GimnUewelry el G. L. Waddell. lell this mornlns hcme from a visit with relaiive.'. in : s t orc )i,ls week while J. L. Guard ' 01 ' a w:e«'s visit wun ncr auiu New 'Orleans. ' " ' ....... ...... ..... >.r-j M;ss Durolhy MilK-r ol Mnrgnret Richards enlerlaineii number of lhe younger set with a | parly celebrating her thirteenth i matobs rye bread, cottage cheese. iedTraspberry Jam, milk, lea. R— Casserole of lamb, endive salad, bran rolls, stuffed honey b'5H melons, milk, codec. ro b m ciiicago. Elvms. Ml . an( i Mrs ,\[ ..\. Isaacs were Mo , and Mijs Dodo Kohn of I'm" I visitors in Memphis lo rthc wcek- Rlufl are rt'liirmuu to (heir homes ! end. tcrtay aflc-r viMtinv Mr. and Mr.-. '• Burns Currcll. ol Memphis. Is a MilU-r since I'rid.iy. i business visitor in the city tuday. Mr. nnd Mrs. W. i'.inl and uncle. Mr. and Mrs Joel Waddell, In VJnlcn City. Tenn.. nu-ain- panylns Mrs. S. D. Carpenter, who will"n)ti!d (he week wiih relatives in Troy and Oblou, Tcnn. Mrs. Roi'c Goldberg cnlenaincd I Til6 : children will enjoy the chorei tUlcna when 1 hi- wili .' • ;:-.;c :r,an- cf Crinkling Ihc lawn if you yet • a;i'.nc:il ol :i 1'itsly Wr.alv .lore ' trcre. Mr. w.ix l!a: !;>.,•; i;;.ir.:.ccr fcr several mo:itl>. Mr. nnd Mis. t). M :.::i,; ; .n,;i I'hlldrcn will Icim u,n.-,i-.i:.v far l>crl !o spend IV.H \\i-r',;. Julius E. Khiilr. \\li'> v.,i. H-. rr.r.vcd lo h:.s lu;:i'.r uvrmic ihrrvillc Hyman WcmbriR spent Sunday' Mr. nnd Mrs. W. i'.inl Marsh •wilh nn informal dancing parly in Ott-eol.i with rclalKw land daughter. Miss Madeline, haw ] Icr tur daughter. Miss Rut!) Oolit- Mv. and Mrs. Robert Ciiime.-. Mr. i moved lo (he O. D. Monllrie homc ! t^rg. 1'riday evening. 'I'hc sucsl .itKl Mrs. O. C. B'.«rnc.i nnd .-uii. . at 101 Fast Uavis avenue. ! Included Misses Laura ii'.u'.'ieil lo Ilayli b'.md^.y iu-:;:. VirgH B. Vimlell lins 5!.;^: to Ci'owdcr, cii'fford Cavitt has yone lo Late. | Ocyte Henley, N'cla How.crtur. ana Ar!;., for n. week's visil. Upon his' Jean 1-ishcr. James Edwards uiul iclurn he will be nccoiniiunlcd by! San: Joliibi'n of Blythcvilk-. Mrs. Cavitt who went avi-r n week ; — sgo for -A visit with her pim-nts. 1'LUA CAfKES UUATH Dr. iiiul Mrs. C. A. Caldncll. , 1'ItlN'CLTON. Iial. tUl'i Mrs. Gcncvlevc Carltois ut Uhl- i ilauihlci'o pica Tune in on K.L.C.N. Hlyllicvillc ai J P. JI. Mr. and Mr~ Ja.t A ., : lu .iiiui. ^ . . • were vhilors i:i Mrni.-h:., s,u<(| u v ii'Iw llulc gadgcUs lo intrigue i Mr. onrt Mix U N Mo-.:; Vie 'hem. . leaving 'Iuu,diiy In: .1 V:M; u'lth . lif;this class arc thc faucet bivds. | iclativrs in Kn \\.iic. 'in.u i,r- pert,.imaginative little fellows, rob-1 (ore continuing then hip i.> \hmii Ins.-Vrcns, blue Jays or what have i Fin., for a two KCI-V!. ;.[.i\ you"done in solid brass, highly' Mrs. R. .1. AKion nr;,l i..^ : -,| r . S ' polished and shining. They sit I Mrs. Nellie B. A'.si?n. el Cui'mlf-ii' atopHhc faucet and you turn them;day from Fayelic. Mu->~. «i-,c;e "u'c Ihls^Vay or thitt t.q or shut: Miss., r-re .n Alcinpl..;'. icd^v the spigot. '-•'-'"••• -j_ j p.covp,, . M . d crangpi'..'^.,,.. - A ..„. ^. - = „ , lo licr mnthiT tu ..- u o. who has been visiting Mr. and Irirhc li:c auto "fwM tiD'.vn the hill" | Mi"s. L. G. Crnfton. hn-s cumc hrrc ! , ended in tin; death ol-ilic child) alter slaying ill Manila for n wcrk. i,.irl Injmy to thc parent. Mrs. Cora William L. Crntton is nttcndlni; \ Walklsi'.. Princeton. Mis. Watklns lo bnshicis in Ironlon. Mo., this: lusi tontiol ol thc car an:l it was • wrecked. Thc daughter. D.miihy. . ' j m. Miilrrrd a Iracturcd skull nnd her guest lot; lhe '.wknid. Julian :il,cl<jn',ii::il injurie!, whhh proved Oleakley. of Walnut - Hidi;e. Miis Malic Moon <'.ci:t to Poplar Bluff today v.hcrc ti'.c will be the -ucst of Miss Uuby WI!M>II. Mrs. J. F. Lenti ;I:MI' Knii:i..y in Hikcslon for lln- ;• lit li'imri Mrs M T Moon ai,.l .,nut:bliT,-J "»«' visiting in i»int.s r>[ Wyomins;.! Mr? J. Cecil Lowe and MW Malic "enry N'orlon and children, an a Moon, spent Saturday m Mcmphiv l Ann nnd James, of Oycrsburg. | Mr. and Mrs. Welch Fo. icr and I spent the week-end with Ur. and , niece. Miss Marlhn Ucvnuld.d Mrs. Paul Tipicn. They cnme over iu-companii'(l Miss..Nanette Bniwne Jiniiii 1 who had been here lor scvor- •' ill <l;iy.-. • Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Buuirtl. who .IIT motoring (o Ciilifovnla. are Augusl 5ih initl iicur J. H. ANDREWS Superinleiuleiit of Schools at Wynne. Ark., .and Chairman of tin; Slate Democratic Coni- niillee. He will tell you why vou shoulil Vulc ioi: Cii'cuil .Indue makes her home with them, ncd to Mcmpliis Sunday. They [or Mi's. Ncrlon whn had been here i several days. ! The BATTLE of CITIES 10tii-ly CIMISUS reports imlicalu thai Home cities linvu dotiljlccl or trebled in sixo in (he last ten years. Of more interest i.s the fact thai in ;i number of cases suburbs h:ive grown faster Ihitn the cities they adjoin. What is this "Battle of Cities?" It is an imltls- trial battle. No city, no town, can long exist industrially unless il can retain its home industries nnd perhaps attract other industries. What influences an industry to locate in a particular community? Quality and cost of labor; quality, cost, extent and availability of the fuel supply; availability of raw material; a market for its product; tho availability, dependability and cost of power. Not the least of the considerations is 1'OWEK. Electrically-driven machinery means the most up-to-date, the. most efficient machinery. No industry today can afford lo be inefficient. Our part in the "llallle of Cities" is to furnish efficient electric service al the lowest possible c"s(. Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. "At Your Service"

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