Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 1, 1955 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 1, 1955
Page 4
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j> or | ^1 f'fA" MOM, ARKANSAS «l-eu e; muc ••• . fthe • gfeit battle vie .at jfell td - JBrad ti -iiBr;. rrilssidti Deceived' any -,faii ' '• " ' ' >«"-. ». ' : Xm . .. IWxI^vfef.' Wbuld sena"1iim ^tt know* th bmar'Ncl n you e you've hat Start. recognition " ^explains director :^ is 's open an :RS B riJrH Sf, L6U16 LlVfeit&bR . NAfldWAl; TrJGkV'AftfiS, 111.' re**n>t« df-gerieriJ^ mbistufe In (A - Hogs 8,006; batrows and—|»fi*>9as attd feome -btfeel; state* of gilts 15'to mostly 23 lower; sows4tw.wltitej?.whwi, frelt, trie market 25 Idwer; 180-210 Ib 17.75-18 00 lacK Cd sUp^Bfl ffflffl exporters and popular price 17.75 late; bulk 220 240 Ib 17.25-75; 17.00; 280-300 Ib 40-270 Ib 16.7518.50; i4d-l?0 Ib 17.00-50; sows 450 Ib down 15.25-75J heavier sows 14.00-75; boars 10.0012.5 V Cattle 600, e'alVes 500; steady j individual head steers and heifers 18iOO-2LOO! utility and low coifH rriffclal.'14,00-17.00! «ows ' abbuij commercial interests. ArhOhg other eefeals only oats showed must resistance t<Mhe -selling, although' January soybeans also,held, steady. W,heat closed 3 tto 3'/4 lower. JvlaJ- May May .otton Exempt Cohtinued from Page Ofie Washburn said he is pushing the referral campaign because the legislative action "creates a dangerous precedtnt — that you c;m obtain tax exemption by waging political warfare — a precedent which if permitted to stand'uricHbl'jthe Reds, lenged would destroy the sales' George Bocks Ike's Mafsu Position By JACK BELL WASHINGTON WP) — Sen. George President Eisenhower's position ih! reac h e d f or Man Claims Self Defense in Shooting EL DORADO UP! — Harold Oliver has testified at a preliminary hearing that he shot 68-year-old |Hayward H. Parks because Parks not saying now whethef the United! a gun. Union Circuit Judge Gus Jones. His trial was set for May 23 and his bond was set at $10,000. Two other witnesses at the hearing testified that Parks had a gun. Prosecutor Bruce Bennett asked (Oliver why he carried a gun lo Sparks' store. Oliver said he was on his way "to the bottoms to hunt dogs." Floyd Stine represented Olivet at the hearing. States will help defend Quemoyj ,. ™ rKS ' wh ° operated a store and and Matsu if they are attacked by f ' s * ing c T P , fl u Ca!lon ' a , bout , . ll 1 - - miles north of here, was shot five tax. Washburri actively campaigned cdhi:;-l i/ 2 lower,' f( ? r . the 1935 Iaw - but he testified George, chairman of the Senate j Foreign Relations Committee, spoke in an interview in advance of a White House briefing of Sen- steady; Utility and Commerdlal 12\00'15.60; canefs and ;•. 'cutters fl.&O'ilOOj bulls-steady; ulilltyartd cqmffiei'Clai l3.50'lS.t)Or heavy hatf-'° w bulls 11.00-12.00; .Dealers ahd^;.' calves 1.00-2.00 lower; • most loss on good and choice 20.00-27,00 i commercial-.-, and gpod 15.00*20.00; culls arid .utility g,00«13.0d.- Sheep l60; hot enoughlambs to i against a proposal this year tojate leaders of both parties. ________ temporarily increase the tax. | "I think the President is right «r, May ' ~$l<tt& r .~iiid f sSybWtis Y% | Washburn said cottonseed was! about not making any commit- exerfipt from the sales tax in tlie ™A ftts at tnis time >" George said. fye. 3 .cents. low- make market; small, lot. choice Wooled lambs 22.50| > individual lead slaughter ewes up to 8.50. POULTRY AND PRIDUCE CHICAGO W) — Live poultry— teady! receipts in.Coops 424 yes- erday 026 coops, 85,352 Ib; f.o.b. jaying prices unchanged; heavy lens 28-30.5; light hens 18-17; broU- rs • or fryers 34-0; old roosters 2-12.5; capbnettes 39-41. ... Butter Irregular; receipts 1,245;-' 23; wholesale buying prlcds tin' :hanged to '/< higher; 93/SCore A 7; 92 A-57-; 90 B 55,25; 88-C 55; cars 0 B 55.75; 89 C 5.5. Eggs steady; receipts 1.95B?: wholesale buying prices uncha'rig- aid to y 2 higher; U. S. large whites 7ff per cent and over A's '36; 60-69.CJ >er;' cent A's 35.5; mixed 35;• me- Hums '3;' U. -S. standards 32;\ iirtles 31; checks 30.5; 'current>rc- ceipts 1.5. . '•;. NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YOftk I*) — The stock market went up .today with prices around Ihelr best in the early afternoon. : .'..'• With the' exception of a few, wide movers, . gd)nS',r.fff to' between- ' 1 and 3, poi^tB. : Lo«sps,'.Were smalU' ' N6W YORK COTTON NEW YORK M — Cotton fu' ;Ures were lower today under mod? crate pressure of liquidation. Near 3y 'July was off as much as : ;90 cents ; ' a > bale at one 'time. The rharket recovered moderately from the lows of the day during the aftj crrtoon on short covering. Switch* ng'from May to July was extett* sive in old crop months as m.e'r* chants transferred hedges foi-wa«l r Eate" 'afternobh prices Wer'e .'lij b 65 cents a bale lower -than t)i4. previous closp. May^ 33.43, July. 3.68-and October 3.88. i GRAIN AN DPROVISIONS ": CHICAGO OB—-Wheat' suffered ;; speill on thieff Board ;; i»I> ,- all • conirocts.' qj(;c<jf> to new seasonal lows tiiid'-fltsr-action unsettled ^ the - ;tp. ,1/a hlghjjrv. :May* ; ( $2.50• AK''" : No. 3 yel- .... l'.35%-40i/;,; I.;, Soybeans: No. 3 yel- . Track . County Station N$. 1 heavy mixed 1 heavy white--SOVi. No. l mixed W 79.v .: ...;•.' . . oil!- 111/4-%;' soybean original IB35 law, and that the exemption was continued when the 1941 revision was adopted. . He cited the next of the exemp^ tioh paragraph of Act 233 of. 1935 "Of course, you can't keep people from speculating when high officials make the statements about the situation that they do." This was a Reference to last . meal! 59.00-69,50.; Barley florninal: Malting choice 1.40-57; feed 1.06-26.- and Act 386 of 1941 which specjr' weeks preictionsn traced to Admin- Tradirtg -,>fi8H.'t'. veryj'ehthusiastlc fically list all types of cotton and its by products as exempt. f, Washburn said his interpretation of the law and the time element was supported by Talbot Field Jiv, Hompstcad County representative who was a members of the House [Revenue Committee in both the 194,1 and 1955 sessions. "The inference that I remained except fnr. special situations and occasional flurries of buying in favored groups. The pace . was around y c's.t e r d a y's 2,680,000 shares. Robert B. Carney, chief of navnl operations, that the Chinese Communists may attack the Nationalist-held coastal islands around April 15. times Saturday night. Oliver, 29, has been charged with first degree murder in connection with Parks' death. Oliver testified at a preliminary hearing before NOTICE Call--74991 U-DO-lf or WE-DO-IT Valentine Washeteria . . 800 West 3rd The population of the United Status increased by 2 per cent in 1954. silent while cottonseed was exempted in 1941 but am protesting the exemption of poultry and stock feed in 1955 is not only untrue but is an attack on the integrith of an editor of 32 years standing in Arkansas," Washburn concluded. BEE-T-MITE Termite Control Service Owned & Operated by GUY GRIGG Serv.ice policy 109 South Main St. . Phone. 7-3445 or 7-2772 The female phalarope (a small shore bird) does the courtiflg, but after laying the eg|s, she leaved and the male incut|ites the eggS and brings up the young. ANNOUNCING The Opening Friday, April 1 Necchi-Elna Sewing Circle 108 South Main (Under New Management) Come in for free demonstrations by trained demonstrator and serviceman. Register For Free Gift Certificate Loyd Story, Ruth Clark Franchise Dealer* g .in wheat:was..pegged' o he more recent Medic -theme com by victor Young. ,".'•• bu Mont Teievisioh .. Jvork, which has been gradual!j ui!ta|lir|g Its transmissions • t h ast few "months, will make '-a rastic..cutback .in programmini' ext weeki Network . transmission; 'ill'be reduced ; from 14'/i hour, week to 6 in what is describee si preparations for; network .film pejrations-: with a new prjacess.., Theivenerable C.aptain Video';aa. 16' Morgan Beatty news program ill' be absent . from; the lineup ini'tlng, Monday, and, the daily one our Paul Dixon disc jockey boy/s tf Friday. The weekly'one - hour 'hicago Symphony telecd'st end, 'ith Wednesday's performance. '.'; Dr. Allen B Du Morit, presideivl [ Allen B. Du Mont, presiden Allen* B. Du Mont Laboratories, /hich owns, the . network, rluts /i iuntly: .-, "The Du Mont network-, never as shown a profit." UJCKETT DO IT... 1ST IN STEEL CONSTRUCTION —•'Jjflij*)' Polldings — Industrial Buildings mode according to specifications, 'sCt»rv bft constructed at low cost! •j*- \ , -t 3pV *^i i i spit, & EQUIPMENT qo; ' North M«in Street IE PERMANENT? c«mp|et« itock of leading aa\«rHied brands, DRUGGIST ,0n</ FINANCE HQMI IMfHOVBM«NT LOANS evenf of the year! VjF ' " ^. ?A "'•• • c The only pickup with your choice of Short Stroke V-8 , or Short Stroke Six! New Ford F-100 with 5,000 Ibs. GVW for top payload capacity of 1,718 Ibs. I ^ Now TO nil A SHORT-STROKE ENGINE the specifications! If the stroke is as or shorter than the bore, it's a short- •tr*k« •ngin*<-'the kind that gives you: Re- 4w£*ci pifton travel and piston speeds ... up tij» 33% I*** friction, «ate usable power . . , fill i«vkif» up tp 1 gallcVin 7 , , , less wear 0« moving parts and much longer lifel Ford challenges all trucks ••• with new type \ \'. Short Stroke (engine design now revolutionizing truck performance. Only Ford has it in EVERY truck! 1. OTHER NEW TRUCKS are starting to follow Ford's lead—coming out with modern short-stroke V-8 engines.The result? Ring life prolonged up to 53%! Gas savings up to one gallon in seven! Longer engine life! ^ But»-0niy 'Ford has a m^n^y'^akinS Short Stroke engine in^evfery'ijjlfJe- truck _!• model— available right now! Four Short Stroke V-8's and a Short Stroke Six, fully proved in over five billion miles of road service. So don't settle for less than & proved Short Stroke engine in your new truck. Look under the hood before you buy! Com* in now to our HOODS UP SHOWDOWN! •tffff'ShV., rtQ,.ym\i. • Pf»OM 7 >• **"• t Y ^ i,'- YOUR FORD DIAUR POi OVIR 10 YEAM MOiMlfJ^iSiSS co ; •MR™ ¥» t ™wwWPw ^F? j, •#, • *iijfl& »'j.» >*"*jwp * ,,^- f ! "7.';*{, 1 -->^*4# i H 0 M S f A ft , ti 0 M » A ft t A N I A I [Calendar' Friday April 1 She Emmet Garden Club will sp- fisor' a "pot-luck supper at the pehpol cafeteria on Friday April 1, it 7 o'clock. The Emmet Communi- improvement League and the SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. HOPE Hwy 29 South • Open 6:'3Q I* Tonight & Saturday • BALLOON SHOWER H NIGHTS AT 7 P. M. Prize in Every Balloon! rpNIGHT ONLY — FREE :iGARETTE LIGHTER FOR EVERY MAN . . . Land Beyond the Law! Gun-blazing Saga of Frontier Outlaws in Action! • RANDOLPH SCOTT • George "Gabby" Hayes "BADMAN'S TERRITORY" ^ * JR. HITS • 1. Chapter 2 of Serial, "Adventures of Capt. Kidd" 2. Donald Duck Cartoon 3. Barney Bear Cartoon . late Shower Come To Last Show — Stay FREE For Late Show! // DRACULA" (Boys, this one will keep your gal sitting close to you.) *SUN.&MON.* frankly Speaking This Picture Didn't Win Any Academy Awards! But We're Giving It Our . D. G. E.* £ AWARD! When you see it, we believe you'll agree with us ... it's *DOGGONED GOOD ENTERTAINMENT! The Story of the World's Most Wanted Secret! • RIB- TICKLERS • l*i >1. Warner News 2, Joe McDoaks Comedy •--.L. 4 3. Donald Duck Cartoon 14. Gil Lamb Comedy COME OUT EARLY SUNDAY FOR OUR BIG $3,000.00 ADMISSIONS GIVEAWAY! EVERY NIGHT* • EVERY NIGHT • ATTRACTIONS • STARLITE pA'TIO • FREE MONKEY VILLAGE t FREE GIANT KIPDYLAND Slide - Swings - See Sow MERRY - GO - ROUNP ^ AEROPLANE RIPE f£f(A 2Qc Carnival Ride FREE) f FREE PONY RIDES f FREE HORSE SHOE NTCHIN6 f A PICNIC AT OUR I^PROYiP SNACK BAR! Hamburgers —. Hot Pogs R-ITQ «?« Popcorn Prink* — Sno-Cones ti/ivS.,' Emmet Home Demonstration Clubs are asked to participate. Mrs. Dildy of Hot Springs public relations officer of the Arkansas Power and Light Company will be guest speaker. Every one is cordially invit- ! ed to attend. Monday April 4 Circle G of the First Methodist Church will meet Monday at 2 p. m. in the home of Mrs. R. L. Broach with Mrs. Joe Jones as co- Kostess. formance 'of their class play "Pleased to Meelcha" on Tuesday April 5, at 7:45 p. m. The public is invited. There will be a meeting Monday, April 4, at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Miss Laverne Rider in Patmos, for the purpose of forming a Patmos Cemetery Association and to discuss the beautification of the Patmos Cemetery,. All persons interested are urged to attend. The Hope Band Auxiliary will, meet Monday April 4, at 7:30 p. m. | in Cannon Hall. The executive com-, raittee will be at 7 p. m. The Hempstead County Class room Teachers Aissociation will meet at Garland Elementary School on Monday April 4 at 7 p. m. Judge James Pilkinlon will be guest speaker. Circle 3 of the First Methodist Church will meet Monday April' 4 at 3 p. m. in the home of Mrs j Steve Carrigan Jr., with Mrs. Joe j Laseter as co-hostess. Tuesday April 2 The Alpha Delta Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Society will meet in the Hope High School Home Economics Cottage on Tuesday, April 5, at 4 p. m. Mrs. H. L. Hanegan and Mrs. Lawrenr.e Martin will be co-hostess Notice Due to bad weather last Friday night the Junior Class of Bodr.aw School will stage a repeat per Mrs. James Meyers, Jr. Hope Federation Entry In Little Rock Hat Show Mrs. James Meyers, Jr., was the enrt.y from Hope, to.represent the Hope Federation of Garden Club in the live Hat Show ,held in Little Rook March 23rd. in the Robinson Auditorium, Mrs. Meyers is a member of the Rose Garden Club, and her entry was the "Honey Moon Express." Her hat was made by Mrs. Lloyd Guerin and Mrs. Jeff Murphey and was lovely, although it didn't win in the final contest. The hat was made of Legustrum and magnolia leaves sprayed pink with two pink perfection camellia's and one white camellia pinned at vantage point on the hat. On her purse was a circle of sprayed pink leaves with two pink perfection camellia's in the center, Personal Mention Those frorr. out of town attending the funeral services for Mr. W. L. Carter were: Mr. and Mrs. Davis Quinn; Mr and Mrs. Carter Quinn and Mr. Harry Quinn of Pine Bluff; Mrs. William Ashcraft of Kansas City, Missouri; Mrs. Gertrude Carter and Mr. and Mrs. Hermon Aldridge of Little Rock; and Mrs. William L. Patterson of Cameron, Missouri. Meals to Be Served in Hope Schools Meals to be served in Hempslead Schools next week: Elementary Schools Monday — Beef Croquettes, To- wood almost turned down, today m ato Sauce, Potatoes in Cheese kheld eight Oscars — including Sauce, Carrot Strips, Biscuit, But Marlon Brando's first — to tie the ter, Jelly, Milk . all-time Academy Awards record. | Tuesday — Black-eyed Peas, But- The brutal, often-sadistic story tered Corn, Hemburger Slaw, Corn of labor racketeering on New Bread. Blackberry Cobbler, Milk, i York's docks made a rout of the] Wednesday — Spanish Rice with ! 27th annual awards presentation Meat> Green Beans, Carrot and last night. The eight awards, plus cabbage Salad. Enriched Bread. jone honorary plaque, equaled the Fruit Cup, Cookie, Milk. Brando, Kelly Win Oscars for Acting By JAMES BACON HOLLYWOOD OP) — "On the Waterfront," the movie that Holly- record of I in 1939. "Gone With the Wind' Thursday — Baked Beans, Spring Salad, Buttered Corn Meal Muffins, Only Grace Kelly, (the dowdy, Banana Pudd i ngi M ilk. wife of 'The Country Girl," was j un | or . Se nlor High School* able to steal a smattering of the Monday _ Rice , Mea t Loaf, But- glory away from the hard-hitting tered Peas and Carrots Carrot drama of the longshoremen s lin- stri Biscuit, Butter, Jelly, Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Wm. E. Gilbert, Washington, Mrs. T. B. Trahan, Emmet, Discharged: Rev. W. H. Stingley, Blevins, M. E. Revels, Hope, Mrs. E. iR. Davis and daughter, Tuba. Okla. Branch Admitted: Louis Hampton. Rt ions. The reserved Miss Kelly, with Milk. , . . , , , - - .» i Tuesday — Black-eyed Peas and tears m her eyes took home Ute Ham Hock Buttercd corn , Hambur- best actress award Even the lion- Blackberry or could not shake her ladylike r. 0 ,; hler Milk composure. When photographers l - ODDiel ' JV1UK - Today & Saturday -jAr Big Triple Program! AT: 4:15 - 7:38 SIGHTS FEW P5EII AT. 2:48-6:11-9:34 Now See the REAL Story of ThoseBold Men Who Fought Off the TERRORISTS of EARLY CALIFORNIA! ANTHONY STEEL V J. Arthur Rank Orcanization Piesentltion rucif A CIU onclLA olifl A Universal-International Release in .1 a. FINAL CHAPTER OF SERIAL, "RIDING WITH BUFFALO BILL" & TOM & JERRY COLOR CARTOON asked her to kiss Brando on the cheek, she rebelled politely: "I believe he should kiss me." Brando, with unrestrained pleasure, enthusiastically kissed Miss Kelly time after time while flashbulbs popped. Right up to awards time, it had been an unpredictable race for the top actress and actor awards. Bing Crosby, who played an alcoholic actor in "The Country Girl" was in the running again st B r ando, and Judy Garland was given a 50-50 chance of beating out Miss Kelly. Judy was the sentimental choice for her role in "A Star Is Born." '. •'. Last night's was Brando's first visit to the Oscar festivities. He had been mominated three times before. "I guess I should go to these things more often," he told a reporter. "I honestly thought Bing Crosby would win. There seemed to be such a profound well of sentiment in favor of both him and Judy Garland. I didn't think Grace and I stood a chance. "For me it is a wonderful moment, one I shall cherish sincerely forever." . i ,.; Miss Kelly said, "I am o-vjer- whelmed and greatful. I'm a very lucky girl." ' . .,*•>.' Asked if she was nervous, 'IttJe Philadelphia debutante dabbed fat a tear and replied: "Naturally." ... Miss Garland viewed the awards by television in a hospital where her son vyas born Tuesday. She said afterward that she wasn't disappointed when Miss Kelly woni ;5 "After all, I was presented witJi my own special Oscar," she sajd in reference to the new baby. "1 .hought Grace Kelly deserved it, * Starts Sunday WINNER OF ACADEMY AWARDS! • BEST PICTURE • BEST ACTOR • BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS • BEST STORY • BEST DIRECTION • BEST ART PIRECTION • BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY • BEST FILM EDITING • Feature Times • SUN — 1:00-3:06-5:05-7:11 -9:17 MON— 2:35-4:47-6:59-9:11 NO INCREASE IN PRICES... KADI (V* m\i, IK I. MAIDEN • SMNf • COBB r vrn A f !• NEWS OF THE PAY CA I IvA • 2- 5HEEP & WOi-F COLOR CARTOON Wednesday — Spanish Rice with Meat, Green Beans, Carrot and Cabbage Salad, Enriched Bread, Fruit Cup, Cookie, Milk. Thursday — Baked Beans, Buttered Squash, Spring Salad, Buttered Corn Meal Muffins, Banana Pudding, Milk. School will be cut on Friday, April 8th in observance of Good Friday. Gov. Faubus Vetoes Some 70 Measures LITTLE (fi>) — Gov. Or- She did a magnificent job in Country Girl.' " •The Navy Keeps Ships Handy for Emergency By MARVIN L. ARROWSMITH WASHINGTON (ff) — Two 'sleek cabin cruisers the Navy keeps in constant readiness for President Eisenhower's use are maintained primarily, the White House said emergency re- of the govern- today, "for any quiring relocation ment." ' ;i; James C. Hagerty, president}|l press secretary, gave no further details. ;> "Any details as to the'ir specific role in any emergency could defeat the whole purpose as to why they 'are kept available at all, times" he said. Actually, the White House feels there is only a remote chance the cruisers would have to be called into service in any "relocation of the government." But president tial aides are determined to be fully prepared. • All hands concede that Eisen- nower is much more likely to use the boats for pleasure cruises if he uses them at all, but he has displayed little interest in them. He used one of them last Aug. 9 to take his three grandchildren Cor a Potomac River ride. He liasn't been near either boat since. val Faubus has brought the number of bills he has vetoed to more than 70. The dealine for his decision on measures passed by the 60th General Assembly was last midnight. Faubus turned thumbs down on more legislat ive bil Is than any governor in recent history. •:•' Measures on which he didn't act, became law without his signature. Included in the bills vetoed yesterday was one which would have Inpured ttjhat strikers would not draw unemployment compensation. Faubus called the bill too broad. He said there already were ample provisions to keep a worker from drawing benefits during a labor dispute. • Other bills vetoed would have permitted sale of cigarettes within feet of a state line at the tax fate of the adjoining ; state; .permitted Arkansas taxpayers to .deduct the ' state cigarette tax from the federal income tax! authorized special automobile plates for members of tha Civil Air Patrol; permitted passenger buses to make ;emporary stops on highways to discharge and take on passengers; allowed deductions for "extraordinary" medical and dental expenses Irom the state income tax; permit- led public officials to supplement legal advertising with radio notices; regulated establishment of commissions to operate municipal water and power systems; and changed the truck license purchase period from July to November. The governor also rejected bills which would have authorized mem- oers of the Board of Education and State Police Commission to receive $5 a day for attending meetings. Faubus had approved a similar measure for the state Penitentiary Commission, but he said the approval was a mistake. 1, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Sam Roach, Hope, Mrs. Earlene Fenwick, Hope. Births Mr. and Mrs. Earl Rigney of Albuquerque, New Mexico announce the arrival of a boy on March 31st. ( Mrs. Rigney is the former Louise Arnett of Hope, Take Your Prescriptions to Crescent Drug Store Where they will be carefully compounded by men' who are graduates of a 4-year College el Pharmacy. CRESCENT DRUG STORE . Phont 7*3424 Huge Lumber Deal Is Announced RUSSELLVILLE UP) The sale of Ark-Mo Lumber Co.'s Polk County holdings to Bibler Brothers of Scottsville, Ark., was disclosed today. • ' ' The sale price was no disclosed, but lawyers said it was the larg- Wonderful New TV Trayette Set by with its own light, easy-to-use storage rack! 4 Tray; and Storage Rack fFashionable black legs-enamel on sturdy welded tubular steel — and gay trays in a choice of beautiful patterns. So smart for snacks! Lap high to fit over your knees! YORK FURNITURE PRESCOTTNEWS W. 8. & 6 Mlstlcrl Study The Woman's Society ef Christian Service of the Fit st Methodist Chut- ch met on Monday afternoort at the church for a mission study with Mrs. L, C. GalHn to charge. The meeting w*8 opened with the theme song; "At* yoit Listen* ing"? followed with prayer by' Mrs, Gatlin. " , Mrs. D. S. Jordan, Mrs. 0. G. Hirst, Mrs. W. R. MartibHght and Mrs. J. T. WorthingtOh read pai-a-' bles giving an explanation of ^ach one after which-a pknel disc'ilsslon was held. ' '•"•' The meeting adjourned MUi sentence prayeK • . .- Wally Plttman Celebrate* Birthday Master Wally Pittman was honored with a hamfburger supper given by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Pittman Jr., at their home on Monday to celebrate his eighth birthday. ., ^ After the gifts were opened games were played with the prizes being won by Glenn Willis and Mark Cruse. The supper was served from the dining table spread with a plaid linen cloth and centered with a miniature boat filled with tulips and placed on styrofoam. Place cards were plastic boats filled with bubble gum. Ice cream was also served with the chocolate birthday cake trimmed in yellow. Guests included Mark and Sammy Cruse, Alec Gordon, Gil Johnson, Bill Justiss, • George Hamilton. Christopher, Glenn WiUis, David Paul' Anderson. Bill Coe, Billy Clay Purtle, Johnny Langston and Jackie'Harvey.."! ; ' Lt.; and Mrs. Ray Carr returned to their home in Wichita Falls, Texas, on Monday after. having been called here due to the death of her grandmother, Mrs. Lee Rogers. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tuminello and Johnny of Shreveport, La., and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Matthews and family of Ozan were the weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Gist. Mrs. Roy Duke has had as her guests, Mr and Mrs. Jim Compton of Little Rock. Mr. 'and Mrs. Ned Duncan and children of Little Rock have been the' guests of Mrs. Duncan's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jewell White. Miss Ethelle Reeves has returned to Little Rock after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Reeves, Mrs. Effie Lenhrman has returned to her home in St. Louis, Mo.,after' a; visit with her sister, Mrs. Frank, Home. Mrs. R. H. Branch, Jr., has returned to her home in Little Rock afte> a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Crane. .R. D. Ursey, who has been visiting his sons, Antrel and R. D. Ursey, Jr., in Little Rock, has returned to his" home . est .' transfer ever made in the county. Bible:;;. Brothers .bought ark-Mo's wholesale and retail lumber yard here and 35,000 acres of pine timber. The Scottsville firm already about. 35,000 acres of pine and ; nas a yard at Scottsville. THE BEAUTY BOX Open 6 Days a Week ' Appointments after S for those who work. Phone '7-6858 112 S. Main Births Births in Hempstead last month include: White George and Ida Fielding, McCaS' kill-Kural, girl, Teresa Kay. Charles and Betty Gilbert, Wash' ing ton, Rural, boy, Charles William. Charles and Ava Formby, Hope, boy, Qary Duane, John and Wanda Jones, Hope- Rural, girl, Janice Gail. iSammy and Frances 'Moody. Hope-Rural, .boy, Larry Deari. Edtnond and Mary Wren, Hope- Rural, boy, Ricky Lane. Edward and Millie Adams, ton-Rural, boy, Dennis Ray, Clyde and Mlttie Hawthorne, to,n-<Rural, girl, Patricia Ahm Billy and Nellie Edwards, Ettimet Rural, girl, Ramon a Elaine. Aubrey and Maru Bozarth, Hope, girl, Cathey Jane. Harloud and Ethel Harris, Mr- Caskill-Rural, girl, Norma Jane. Non-White Lannle and Argusta Jackson, Hope, boy, Jerry Wayne. H. D. and Rosle Fulce, Hope, girl, Luise. Ben and Lauree Perkins, Hope- Rural, girl, Mary Joyce. Chester and Perlie Muldrow, Hope, girl, Mary Louise. Charles and Erllne Lee, Patmos, boy, Jerry Wayne. Earnest and Versie Holmes, Hope, 'boy, Kenny Lamarr. Calvin and Josephine McPhef- son, Hope, girl, Maralyn Joyce. Marvin and Mary Smith, Hope, girl Annie Mae. Hosey and Alberta Franks, Hope- Rural; girl, Linda Fay. • Clarance and Doris Ogdcn, Hope, 'boy, Donal'Wyane. H. M. and Fairilla Smith, Hope, girl, Sharyn Yolandre. '•.-•• Johnie and Mollle Hill. Columbus, girl, Undra Ann, Judge and Nellie Wise, Prescott- Rural, girl, - Oleta jean. fflfi dah ori the ravished ,t»0df Gaca said tedal' the old girt had sadistlc seJt. was 6ibaiid<SrKlai An eighth* 8 ended yesterdft^. tallroad wotjtlrt lated body WrfljbUed ui' 6 dump neaf- 9i« eftd lovefs lane, abeut west of the city. HtaitS* B A R *"i »Q •' iJ :l • Beef A Pdfk, Bandwlehei'^f Bedns ,•• Chicken > •»l*« 1 : " • Chill .• .- Rear or AAP Paul Howard Former Grand Ole Opry Star Miss Nita Lynn Hollywood Singing Star With The Arkansas Cotton Pickers, and Eddie Turner TV Hayride Star. FMui Amateur Contest and Talent Hunt Amateurs contact Mr. Howard nicht of chow. Two Hours of Fun and Music Hope City Hall SAT. APRIL 2 Adm: 50c and $1.00 ' Sponsored by the. V FW Do You Want Somethlha, Really Different? , ,•; 1 Hate a ,» -«>" HELEN CURTIS SUPERSONI PERM AN EN BEAUT^-..^., , -:,^t^:3miiim&k ! Presents' With '• ' from, foreign gove' and internatiofaally ed as a photograj and* New _ Hall b'poked "" hfiin "twicj. " season, for 'both its gram, a, unique history 'ot, 'that' tot .which book* flte^i lecturers of'the^ wor limits HKeTaffl 'to one program $ Mr, Doyglas noted exploiters person before, the ne\v[Jtpj Exploiers, Club His travelog wUJ be '« 1 Catherine at 2226 o 4391 fo bership filling rapidly! Richards Mrs. Ed.Ogr SPECIAL NOTICE ^ Schedule of Drug Stores Open at Night and Sunday FOR APRIL 1955 • CUT OUT AND KEEP AS REFERENCE f*; For the convenience of our customers the qboye s^hedulehss out, to keep one store open eqch week night until ? P. through frfday. AH stores open Saturday Night gntll? P,M, be open each Sundoy from 9 to 12 A. M. qnd from 2 to <> f» open Friday night Will be open the following Sundqy, For refills call the druggist at home if the 5t9r§ is STORi W«f k Day* 7°A, M, to 7 P, Mt COX — John t, Cox Druf Co. Phone 7-4*1« Phoi»e 7-3424 .,>,.

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