Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 31, 1955 · Page 21
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 21

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1955
Page 21
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n. r v ^ hs-Vtf' T,"~- H 0 P 1 STAt/MOPI. A * K A N S A 1 Thursday, March 31, 1955 WILLIAM SLOANE Chapter XXVI e wasn't anything in this! j'tilat I couldn't give him a coni-j liortlhg answer to \vilhout having! I "to open ray. memory to that fan-. itasliC Storj Parsons had told me, jflhat story ol Luella Jamison. v,as a more plausible "After -all," I said "you make - aer 'sound as il She had a sort of mother complex. And that's nat- Ural enough, in a way. Don't forget this is you)- iirst marriage, „, ; but it's her second." If ^ He shook his hi--ad. "Don t for- '"\fcet," she wasn't married long. *And to LeNonnaud. liiat first mai- doebu't count. Oust a cure- •tndny. That was all! "* After I rallied itom that sucJ- ..den statement il did nut appear s.o "Surprising after all, and I felt iglad ior him in an uiuxphcawu ••Sway. And then I saw what he was yfgetting at. It made il all Hie hard- to explain something mat he K«t was missing between Ihutn. ••.,- I At this moment a sense ol Joneli- jf><;U fesg so acute that it was almost i>5''JIke fear came over me .Here in 4<4he middle of an enormous and ,'Jifeless dessert I was talking to man who had been, who still wiiF. my best friend, and yet if I could in any way have c-scujjod from him I would have done so at once. No reason for my sudden gust of fueling presented itself, but I knew that I ought not to he there, that already, the whole horrible web of circumstance that had caught us both and changed us, and from which 1 thought 1 had escaped, was closing in on me again. I looked at Jen;;, and the tightness of his face began to make me feel afraid. "So you see," lie was saying, "it isn't the ordinary thing at all, We're not unhappily married Don't gel that idea." lie looked straight at rue. "I've. got to try to tell you wiiat both erinj,' me and then I want you to tell me something. Something that I'm sure you know." . "Anything I can tell you I will." "Selena and I got miriied pretty quickly after LuNoi-mand* death." I could not tell whether he regretted the fuel or not. "You didn't approve of that. One of the things you and Dad both sairl, at various times, was that we ought to know each other belter." "Yes," I lold him. "Why did you tell me that" It was a question I did not want lo answer, so I parried it a« smoothly as I could. " I guess both for, well, /or being entirely sure for, well, for ring entirely sure of your happiness." He looked disappointed. "Well," he went on after aj pause, "it wouldn't have made any | difference.' He stopped as if he wanli-d me to agree with him, or disagree. I couldn't be sure which _ „_ _ r ! "I don't see what you're driving j informed sources said Malenltov, at." who has failed to make a public ; "I don't know any more about appearance in mbscow for a week j Selena than I did the day I mar- I ried her." ! Alter a while he, went on. "I : don't know if I can explain it to I you. You know how, in stories, | some little habit of the wifes or the husband grows and grows out of all proportion in the mind Malenkov Is Touring, Says Russia Report MOSCOW (UP) — Former Premier Georgi Malenkov is touring provincial electric power stations, it was reported today. is inspecting stations in the Ural Mountain district. Other ;top Soviet leaders also are absent from the capital "Making personal contacts with producers." Malenkov, who resigned as pre ! of tiio other until finally there is jan explosion Well, that's the way it is with me. I'm afraid of the E-vplooion.Burk , do you know that everything Selena ever says to mo is uasod on nothing but the present or the future" "Listen," I said to him. "She had a shock, don't forget. Naturally she doesn't want to think, back FIX P one/ FINANCE HOME IMPROVEMENT LOANS Convenient, easily-arranged loans to improve YOUR home. We can „ ~. arrange everything. Prompt Sen -co ^^ £, now j vplittt Information Hope Builders Supply Co. 3rd & Louisiana Phone 7-2381 of that." He sighed. "No, Bark. She's .. .Iced to trie often enough about 1,'jNorniand, and quite a good "bit more oobut CoIlcgeviJlc. Faculty wives and all sorts of things. But never anything before that." 1 was afraid to ask what was in my mind, but I knew that it was then or never. "Doesn't she ever talk about her family, even." "Once," he said, and his voice was tighter than before. "Once she said something about her family. At least, I suppose it was her family." Then he was silent for quite a while. "It was when w« wu-rc on our honeymoon in Bermuda. We- had a little house to ourselves, you know. One night J woke up. "And I leaned over finally and kissed her, and she woke up. Shu looke d at me a minute and I could see she wondered why I had waked her. And then she smiled a little as if she kr^ew how much I was loving her, and moved over closer to me. Finally she sighed a little, or I thought she did, and said something in a low voice. It was meant to be to herself, I reckon, ut I overheard it." He stopped again. "She said —" .Jerry's voice was low and wondering — "she said mier with a confession of "guilt" and inexperience in administration, is now electric power stations minister. Communist Party Secretary Ni kita Khr ush che v, who criticizes Malenkov's concentration on consumer goods production before the latter resigned, -also is out of the capital. Moscow press dispatched quoted Khrushchev in a meeting of agricultural specialists at Voronesh as criticizing scientific institutes specializing in agricultural questions. Khrushchev reproached them for "poorly re-adapting their work to the new task of improving agriculture." 'This is the thing my people do not know. It did not fit in with the things Parsons and I had discussed; it made no sense for Luella Jamf* son to have made that remark. (To Be Continue) tack as a violation of the U. N. Charter, the council's 1948 Palestine cease-fire order and the 1949 Egypt-Israeli armistice agreement. It also |called on Israel for all necessary measures to prevent such actions"" and said both ideas should observe the armistice pact. The Western proposal, sponsored by United States, Britain and France, was approved at the same meeting at which it was introduced. Russia voted in favor of it. The resolution .up for debate today notes Burns' proposals to cut down across - the - border infiltration by joint Egyptain-Israeli patrols and other measures. It asks him to continue consultations with the two governments "with a view to the introduction of practical measures" against infil tration, and urges both .govern ments to cooperate. Israel, a nonmember taking par in the council's debate by intiva has submitted amendment: body not! infiltration ^ _„„„- a prim in'Vho" r~n7T strio EsVol occupies, cause oT "tension and (2) remind Thi ty-etht Egyptians* and llgh Egypt and Israel of their obliga iVraens"were killed in the battle.Itlons to settle their disputes peace- The resolution condemned the at-'fully. I® HOME PERMANENTS We carry a complete stock of leading nationally advertised brands. WARD AND SON DRUGGIST UN Seeking Way to Ease Border Tension By WILLIAM N. OATIS UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. (/P) — Having condemned Israel for the Gaza attack last month, the U. N. Security Council turned today to discussion of ways to pacify the explosive Isreli-Egyptian frontier. Up for debate in today's meeting of the 11-nation council was a Western-sponsored resolution ask ing both countries to cooperate with Maj. Gen. E. L. M. Burns of Canada, U. N. truce chief in Palestine, on steps to stop border- crossing. 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