Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 31, 1955 · Page 19
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 19

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1955
Page 19
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' J It' - •*-< HOM STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS Thursday, March 31, 19SS 'Million Broiler, irkontos HoMitt today, this is nfi Increase of 14 |»» fceht over the previous week. A total of 2,338,000 cegfi for broil-, fcr chicks was set in the state dur- sUHed I,f35,000 broil- ing the week, this is a decrease luges last week, the Federal- of 2 per cent front the previous ^tffop ftfepoHini SerVlee add foeek. CHOICE WIT r rlOMEOWNER$ 'WHO :\ FOR EVERY PAINT JOB [Indoors or Outdoors! There's o colorful, fop quality Dutch Boy paint, enamel or Varnish for every painting job. BILL WRAY SUPPLY South Walnut ; REDUCTION SALE | Watches - ~ Pen & Pencil Sets Buy Now and Save I Graduation Gifts i - v Convenient Layaway Plan i KEITH'S JEWELRY t* 100 West'2nd Kesner Youth Victim of Auto Accident Details of an accident were re ceived by relatives here in which Jack Kesner, 25, Air Force airman Was killed March 5 at Chamberly. France. A private car in which he was passenger skidded off a highway and wrecked. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Troy Kesner of Olivehurst and was a flight chief at the American air base. He was the only member of the Marysville Union school team to be elected to an All-American team in 1947. He played tackle and also was an outstanding hurdler on tho track team. Following graduation in 1947 he attached Yuba college for more than a year, and was employed in Sacramento before entering the sej- vice in 1952. "' Mr. Kesner had relatives living in Hope. Boyle Continued from Page One proved pretty fair citizens." Wayne doubts he'll ever haul home an Oscar, partly because the action roles he plays don't call for the dramatic gamut that most often win awards. But he does get annoyed at the movie literati who, perhaps miffed by his popular appeal, question his acting ability. "I wonder what they think acting is?" he asked. "I've been earning a living as an actor for more than 25 years. I don't go in for chi-chi or the diry shirt school of acting. Perhaps nobody but another actor knows how difficult it is to play a straight character part." The big fellow estimates the pictures he's been in have earned the industry 200 million dollars in the last quarter century, but says he's no millionaire himself. be on early ••***«»i«»«(*t**4*«***i«*f*********«******«'»****'* t-'X' 1 ' 1 ;''':'' -i *• S 1 .' •• ,- ; ;*'/ '•your taster food b! VIENNA SAUSAGE KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese DINNERS 29* ARMOUR'S CHOPPED BEEF _ ^ 29 STAR-KIST TUN A 29 MILD CHEESE S N , 49^ 4-oz. ..Can MORRELl 12-oz. SNACK Can ALSO SPAGHETTI ANN PAGE A&P'S AU-PURPOSE SHORTENING IF YOU ARE NOT ENTIRELY SATISFIED YOU GET DOUBU-YOUR-MONEY-BACK Can EASTER CANDY WORTHMORE MARSHMALLOV/ EGGS 14-oz. Pkg A&P's SAIL DETERGENT AMERICAN OLD FASHIONED SWEET PICKLES 2 16J ° sz 37c OLEO SUNNYFIELD PANCAKE FLOUR Combination VERMONT MAID SYRUP Pock Giant Box The U. S. marriage rate in 1954 ===" was 9.1 per 1,000 people. PET . FOOD * ' 1 Lb. Can. 12C.nl 45c 85c Mrs. Tikker On. ^•j^-tt, 1IIBYS FRE - ZERT CREAM WORTHMORE A&P • l-Ib. » Pkg. 254 ORANGE JUICE WORTHMORE CHOC. COVERED MARSHMALLOW A&P Jelly Eggs WORTHMORE CHOC. ( 5±! !£ $ "' r "< GRAPEFRUIT JUICE Basket Mix JX'29* — WORTHMORE CANDY Cottontails "^29* WORTHMORE CHOC. COVERED MARSHMALLOW Rabbits 6Pk ":254 WORTHMORE CHOC. 1 Cream Egg 46 Oz. Can 46 Oz. Can IONA 49c PEARS 3 MEADOLAKE i Lb. FREE When You Purchase ^ _ ANN PAGE PRESERVES 39c STRAWBERRY 2 SPARKLE ASSORTED FLAVORS 29c GELATIN DESSERTS 6 Pkgs 29c SPARKLE ASSORTED FLAVORS 20c SHERBERTMIX 3 Ptos 25c 15' 29* 2 ss 19* 69 i.oo ^ 28c Lb CQ- Jar *Js\* 3-lb. FRESH FRUSTS AMD VEGETABLES FLORIDA GRAPEFRUIT 4 —™» FLORIDA ORANGES 8 "250 SUPERB PIES « PASTRIES" Cookbooks E.<h 194 WHITE HOUSE 3 £',354 FRESH CORN 3 < 303 Can LIMIT 3 TO A CUSTOMER 19c JELLO Box 5c : JET* CARNATION ]pM,LK r 4 LC "- 49c - INSTANT COFFEE Folgers & Maxwell House US 6 Oz. Large Jar EATWELL TUNA FISH LIGHT MEAT Orangeade "S. 1 ; 25e HI-C " • 25* tin A9Y Pi-Do Mix .Ssl7t TEXAS FRESH CARROTS 2 k£ 15c FLORIDA NEW POTATOES 4 Lbs 25c KENTUCKY WONDER BEANS Lb 15c 'SUPER-RIGHT" QUALITY MEATS Can 19c >CHAUX MORTONS SALAD DRESSING AND GAR10 • 89< SPREAD2 35c RITZ CRACKERS 1 Lb. Box 33c VALLEY PILL PICKLES Quart Jar 25c FROZEN FOODS FROSTY ACRES YELLOW CUT CORN and CHOPPED TURNIP GREENS 2 PRODUCE DEPT. TOMATOES M.1 1 S ^'S 0 j\fi Pkgi. LJ\* PINK SEEDLESS GRAPEFRUIT i i«33c IRISH NO. 1 POTATOES 10^39c PINK DETERGENT DREFT Giant Size.. UNCLE BEN'S CONVERTED RICE 23* Guaranteed 14-oz. Fluffyl Pkq. ANGEL SOFT FACIAL TISSUES MEAT DEPT. Whole Cured HAM Ib. 49c CHUCK PW^BF JWI%|F m Ib. 39c GROUND BEEF Ib. 33c CLUB&T-BONE STEAKS Ib. 49c Fresh Country Large EGGS doz. 35c Brisket Stew MEAT 5 Ibs. 98c 'IHB^^^'' ^^B^^T^^^ ^^^^^^^ SUPER MARKET D.AI Pkg. of 400 25* MINUTE MAID FROZEN ORANGE JUICE 2 6-oz. Cans FOR COOKING OR SALADS WESSON OIL Pint Btl. DETERGENT "ALL" 24-ox. Pkg,... 35< 10-lb. Pk B . 2 29 PAAS EA3TER EGG DYE Small Kit H 15* PUDDINpS MY-T-FINE HEAVY CALF Round Steak HEAVY CALF Chuck Roast HEAVY CALF' Rib Steak COUNTRY STYLE Back Bones CAP'N JOHN Fillet of Cod CAP'N JOHN HEAVY CALF Sirloin Steak HEAVY CALF Stew Meat Lb. SUPER-RIGHT RIB END CUTS Lb. 73c 43c 49c Pork Chops tb CAP'N JOHN FRIED 39c Fish Sticks 'V° z CAP'N JOHN BREADED 10 Oz. 69c ^Sui^/v* 35c Shrimp Pkg. 49c 39c 49c SUPER-RIGHT 1 LB. CELLO ROLL Fillet of Perch L b 37c Frankfurters R O H 45c Sliced Bacon Allgood Brand LB. 39 c JANE PARKER LUSCIOUS Pie . 39 Special! C JANE PARKER ICED SPAN8SH BAR JANE PARKER JANE PARKER DATE-flUED COFFEE CASCE Each BREAD CRUMBS ............ %£ 17< JANE PARKER JUMBO ROLLS 'JANE PARKER HPT CROSS BUNS JANE PA3XER ENRICHED WHITE BREAD Largo , Loal MILD AND MEULOW COFFEE EIGHT O'CLOCK 1-lb. ; Bag Pricas efecf'va f/irough Sat., < April 2. TOILET SOAP Medium Bar TOILET SOAP IVORY large Bar TOILET SOAP O Personal Bars SAFE FOR NYLONS FLAKES 29* Large Pkg. 99" 4 /ioo% PURE IVORY SNOW Giant Slie 0™ ' GRANULATED SOAP Giant JIro Giant Sire CETcRGENT Giant Thursday, March 31, 1955 HOfl If. A ft, HOM. AftRANJAl 9y Chick Yemf OZARK 1KB By Erf ittt IT'S NOT TO WHO AM I SPEAKING- ITS TO WHOM HE SAYS HE } HE MAY BE A CHAftACTE<? START THE GAME,,. MAMBO ££5 HEKE.' HELLO-IS THAT YOU, ALEXANDER? OUT OF A BOOK , BUT MC AtTRlBUTES IT CAN REALLY SLAP THA- APPLE,,. AND FROM 5ITHER-S1DE OF TH 1 . PLAtE/ AI.LTOHIS UUCKY BAT... THEN STAN OUGHtA PASS THOSE BEAN3 OUT TO EVER"* PUAVER ON. TH' TEAM/ OUT OUR WAY By Michael O'Malley and Ralph LaM Answer to Previous Puz,. r JF THE LIMB BREAKS, \J C,BT BACK THAT KITTEN WILL LAMP J HERE.' BUTTER ON) SOME TIN ROOF X, IM ALWAYS, IfJ TIMBUCKTOO OR V? MAKE IT STARVE TO PEATH R WORSE.' IW PEATH VALLEY/ TH£ CAMERA'S PLASHBULB EXPLORES,, N«#OPY THERS/MUST HAVfe SEEM A BULB Oft AW NERVES 6<3lM© ACROSS 1 Timid rodent 5 Large rodent 8 Small rodents 12 Encourage 13 Frozen water 14 Ancient country 15 Foundation 16 Golf mound 17 Maggot 18 Oriental name 19 Flowerless plants 21 Born 22 Succinct 24 Search 27 Pilfer ?8 Chestnut 29 Exist 30 Narrow inlet 3! Lady Literate in Art (ab.) 32 Scottish ilder tree 33 M=ny rodents fast 35 Test 38 Sows 39 Avid 41 Light knock 42 Division of the calyx 4G Compass point 47 Grandparentai i.Q Witticism 50 Handle 51 Hawaiian wreaths 52 Anger 53 River in Germany 54 Makes mistakes 55 Number 56 Licht browns DOWN 1 Custom 2 Diminishes 3 Refuge 4 Summer (Fr.J 5 Ceremony 6 Genus of maples 7 Year between 12 and 20 8 Bird craw 9 Laundry machine 10 Fondle 11 Ant 19 Intrepid 20 Bushy-tailed rodent 23 Fastened 25 Muse of astronomy 27 Conduct 28 Spoiled child 33 Broad-tailed rodent 34 Mend 36 Things to be done 37 Reduce 38 Not fresh 40 Erects 43 Exude 44 Minute skin opening 45 Solar disk 48 Life-saving service (ab.) SO Eagle (comb, form) OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople iMVetfnoss? HOVM cuckoo KlM M30 G^r Z — x sees) A CMAIR JIST LlKe IT IM A HAVE ^E O OF MY LOMG ME885 CHICAGO/ COPPINT OTHER LiMe of ~~ AKi/ (?OOST IM SOOTS AND H% BT*PIES By Edgar moit!ii N&XYOOOR KEAGViBOW vsrtwt ft WE. i CARNIVAL •y Dick Turner , Copr, 1955 li> NEK Setvlca, Inc T M R«n U 8 P«l Oll BUGS BUNNY By Henhberaar / . Copr, IPJ5 Lj Wfn*r / O-oi. C^rtaJot. Inc. T. M. K». U, £. Pal. Oil, ALLEY OOP EASY, VPU GUYS. CON'T MOVE... HAND ME TH GOOD HEAVENS, NO TIME TO REVERSE THE TIME MACHINE ...THEY'LL JUST HAVE ;ET OUT OF THAT 7 T. M. Reg. U. 8. fat OH. Copr. 19SG by NEA 8«rvlc«, IM Oh, I used to diet years ago, but I gave it up! All it ever got me was Henry!" By Golbralth "Opn't be discouraged, George—Junior will acquire more " accuracy with practice! SWEETIE PIE By Nodine Seller PRISCJLtA'S PW By Al Vfrmcff MINUTE \PRISCiLU WAP WORRIED DIDN'T IMS b» K1A 8<nlM. Ino-f' THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE THAT'S JUST IT, SID/FOs SHE serrieD FO« MY VISITIMS NOT TELUNfl THE WORLD I THAT SICK KID, I SAVED 5 S'9.,, , FOR A 6UY WHO \ SHE WROTE THE LYRICS, / AMD I FEEL LIKE TWO «NTS SOTOFr WITHOUTHAVINSl,\\KS.WAVNE COULD TO PAY HISSHOST WRlTERA HAVE ACENT.YQU'REAFRETTY JESSE JAMES, i- DIU PICKLE/ I'VE BEE TOTURNMYSLICEOVEKTp, HE KIP/ "I think it's wonderful to be romantic in spring .and write poetry, Eddie—but don't give up your paper route!"

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