The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, March 10, 1938
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOI.DMK XXXIV—NO. 303. niylhevllto Courier BlythcvlllR Herald THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND BOltt'IlBAST MISSOURI Mississippi Vnlley Leader niylhcville Daily News HLYTIIKVM.I.B, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, MAIICII 10, IMS SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ,6-Men Hold! !Mechanic for! Pike County Representative Wants Commission's Money For Sanitariums LITTLE ROCK, Mar. 10. (UP) — Two bills were introduced lo (Inhouse loduy len minutes nftcr Gov Carl E. Bailey completeu Ills speech before Hie special session oi the 51st Arkansas general assembly. A proposal lo appropriate monev for a building program fo r ihi stale's two tubercular sanitariums was (lie second to bo introduced. Tliis bill provided the nrsl means far an atlempt. a[. repealing the civil .service law. Representative Tackcll (Pike r-oiinlyi sought, (o acid an amendment to the bill to transfer the npprnprf.nlon for the civil ; service. fund lo the building fund. The amendment was referred lo the charily committee. Tlie lubercular bill was read the second time at. 1:30. indicating Authors Nyberg (Phillips county) and Nichols (Logan county) have the intent lo push Ihe proposal through early in the session. The first bill introduced in the house was an act seeking to regulate use of natural gas In making of carbon black. The bill was introduced 'by. Representative Forehand iMIller county). The senate adjourned for lunch Immediately) after the joint session with the house during which the legislators heard Gov. Bailey state purpose: j'or calling them to*•-'• " — *• -- uestioning OF HIGHWAY PROGRAM ' Civil Service Law Weighty Decisions PAUMINC1DALU. N. Y. lUPl , Federal aji'iils were reported loj hnvi 1 inkrii u trained nirrhnnlri 'irotn iho <-xpeinment,til dlvi fen! 11,1 i lyii 01 e<verKk.v Aircraft Coi'iiornllon! "lUl'OOIieU When plain hen- |<, n, 0 f,. ( | crn i i) UrP; ,,,i pi-.,- <;,..„„.. n • to. ol iiivejiligatlon in New York for U . JtKtttS During ||: Riotous Demonstrations Pol ice New York for questioning in coiinrclion. with :m alleged spy ring. _ _ The senate remained adjourned until 2 o'clock. Would Repeal Testing Law LIITLF; ROCK. Mar. 10. <UP>— Representative P. c. Purviance (Union county) today announced, upon receipt of a telegram from El Dorado urging repeal of the auto teatlnj law. he would do all in Ills power to bring about repeal of Hie measure at this session. ffe indicated he would seek to oust the law In the current special session, but, if unsuccessful, predicted it would be repealed in the next regular session "because people will elect those who will repeal it." Senator Clyde EllLs of Uenlon- ville -snld lie would seek; to bring up HIP bill for repeal In the senate Mine (Ime this afternoon. President Suggests Long Range (Jlilizalion Of Water Resources WASHINGTON;. Mar. 10. (UP>_ Presldciit Roosevelt recommended lo congress today - a six year program for utilization and conservation of the nation's miter resources to cosl $2,111,091,000. The recommendation was based on a report by the national resources committee, prepared at the president's request. It listed $591 091,000 in federal projects and SJ,220.000 in municipal and state projects. The program advanced by Ihe committee would involve flood con- troVlrrlgatiou, water power, rivers and harbors improvement, recreational waters and wild life conservation. • ! 'Th£ program did not request specific appropriation .liy- congress of funds lo launch the -projects but was described by President Roosevelt as "a gut'Jc for aulliorfy^ltons of surveys and) construction." The resources committee estimated that Ihe proposed expenditures during Ihe next six years would be only sflghtryj higher "than those recommended in the president's 1939 budget for Ihe same type of work. Few ( Members Absent UTTLE ROCK, Mar. 10. (UP)-Before 1,000 spectators the first i-xtraordlnary session of the 51st ;;ei)ornl assembly of Arkansas open- cd »it 12:04 p.m. loday. - In the house 91 of the 99 representatives answered the roll call while in (he senate M of the 35 members were present. A 'senate- resolution for Teachers Begin Annual Checkup On School Age Children Today The nmural school census of the Blyllievlllc district is being shirl- ed this afternoon with (he teachers of Ihc whllc-nnd nc;ro schools in charge. The census Is expecleti lo be completed late Saturday nnd the rcnorl will be completed sometime before th last of the month Ihe governor's address, ntroduced l/y hYnatCr Clyde Ellis wns adopted. Townsend Asks Supryne j'^ citv schools. The school board voted to al- ow the census to be taken by the Court To Review Case WASHINGTON, Itfar. 10 (UP)— Dr. Frances E. Townsend, old age pension advocate, today asked tile supreme court to review validity of Students of all the city nubile schools canvassed their neighborhoods early In the week for peo- ole who were not in school. This survey was n preliminary to the regular canvas. Persons hecomlng c lx years of are ond not ,, ... , , n .--... j„...., >*» *»*\. uikti uui. more the 30-day Jail sentence imposed than 21 year? of age before lodav on conviction of charges of con- are eligible to be enrolled. VIENNA, Mar. 10. (UP)—Hun-. ilreds of foreigners were marooned In shops today when police closwl the main shopping street of Vienna during rioting in which rubber blackjacks were used lo disperse large groups of Nnzl demonstrators. 'I lie dcmouslratlons in Vienna, and various diies of pro-Nazi Slyrlw province were in protest against Chancellor Kurt Schusch- nlgg's call for a national plebiscite on Austrian independence. Gendarmes and |X>Iice reserves were mobilized for emergency service nnd ordered on duty to supplement Hie regular forces. II was reporled that- leaders of the Hchiuvehr veterans associations and the Catholic storm troopers had sent secret orders to their men lo observe a week end "stale of alnrm.' ready at instant nollce to reenforce troops, gendarmes and police. Nazis, denouncing Scluischnigg's Nazis, denouncing Scmischniggs i \ plebiscite plan as unfair made no wllat do wlvfs nf the Supreme (Court justices talk about when they secret of their white hot anger. get together for a chnt? Mrs. Stanley P. Reed, left find Mrs Hugo t^'su^wir^.r i^-? T- r 1 - n y *H 1 : ewng ' Tho topi ° ot tiis;ussim ister of Ihc cabinet—but also de-1 bo !" !eas "»t. judging tram their expressions In the picture, ' taken during tire annual stunt j program ot the National Women's Press Club. They are the wives .bf the two newest Justices, appointed recently by President Roosevelt. voul Calholic and close friend of Schuschnlgg—might resign in protest. A rumor- thnt Seyss-Jnquart had left for Berlin to consult Adolf Hitler and other Gcnjian . Nazi leaders was de'nl6iS« - •* - : 'Ten thousand i»rsons cheered Schuschnigg when he returned here loday and a detachment of storm troops of the governmental Fatherland Front rendered military honors. Asks Bankhead Decision Review By High Court WASHINGTON, Mar. 10 CUP) — Tlie federal government today asked the supreme court to review constitutionality of the Bankhead cotton control act, repealed by congress two years ago after Invalidation of Hie agricultural ud- juslment act. The petition was the first to be filed with the high tribunal In the name of Robert. II. Jackson in his new capacity as solicitor general. It sought the review In order to Walker Park Beautifica- lion Principal Project In This Cily With the weather man predicting "fair ana warmer" weather, plans were completed today (or the observance of Arbor dnv for Walker park tomorrow, whjch is to be sponsored by the Blylhevllle Oar- den club, A parade of the school band and the Oirls club of the city high school,'which Is forming a junior '.' for four Brothers Bound Over On Assault Charges Herman LjiRue und George Lo.- Rue, brothers, who were charged | Garden club, was ' )lc terest In tho projt^,,. Students of all schools In Ihe city have been asked to take plants lo school In the morning and these will be called for. Any one else hav- Gladislt Disallows One of Claims Against Wilson Estate In a hearing In probalc court nt Osceola ye.slerdny on n clulm filed by the state commissioner of revenues nentast the R. E. Lee Wilson estole (o collect approximately $91.000 In inheritance taxes, Judce S. L. Giadish held thai the bequest of 3.000 acres of land for the benefit of the Luxora and Wilson school dtslrlcts was not taxable nnd that the estate owed an inheritance tax on $63.000. willed as a bequest lo a Hot Sorlnes friend who was wll'ccl $1)3,000, but who accepted $08.000. The actual court order, when It Is prepared, vlll show lhat Ihe Ing. evergreens, shrubs, perennial annroxlmately ^27,000. according to pinnLs or bulbs which they care lo donalc but do not have means of them to the park in tho „*" with assault with intent to kill in i morning, are asked to call 688 this „ . . . the knifing of L. A. Montague,'afternoon and tonight, Names and a nlla mer ? Calumet farmer, a month ago, were' n<!drc sse5 will be taken and where tempt of a house committee. given hearings in municipal court today. They had been in county Jail here since the knifing, which occurred near Gosnell, pending the outcome of Montague's Injuries. Montague, who was critically Injured, has recovered nnd appeared as a witness f orthe state In today's hearing. The brothers were held to circuit court and their bonds fixed at $1,000 each. They had not made bond this afternoon, " Tlie district will receive from Robert Coy, nogro, was found the slate aDoroxhnalely six dol- "»ot guilty" of a charge of assault W€(.l i ece -i BURNS J The influence that Hollywood has over the rest of the world ain't Just •through Its pictures alone. The boys who write the advertisements for these pictures deserve some of the credit. The other day I ordered some large oranges and when the boy brought 'cm. they was. llttle-bllty, scrawny lookln' things and I says - "Are these the largest you have?" Tlie boy says "Oh, no—they're just the large oranges. \Ve also have the mammoth, giant, jumbo, glgaiuli', colossal and super-colossal sizes!" lors for each name. Last year there were 4.112 enrolled, which VRS a. decrease of 742 over the urevlous year and which made Ihe dislrict lose $4.500 in 1937 New York Cotton NEW YORK, March lo <UP)~ Colton closed sleady. open Well low close with a deadly weapon. One man, charged with public drunkenness, was fined $10. Mar May Jul , Oct Dec Jan 904 909 913 920 902 906 913 919 920 921 896 900 807 919 916 D17 905 912 918 919 9SOn Spots closed'sleady at 911, off 5. \ew Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, March 10 (UP) — Colton futures closed steady today wllli three to five point losses. open high - low close Mar May 912 914 912 Oct Dec Jflll 917 922 921 ,928 930 919 924 931 931 BM 918 925 D28 932 > 930 917b -920s BIT 823 929 931 . ___ Spots closed quiet a.t.027, off 5. Stock Prices NEW YORK, Mar. lo. <up)_ Stocks fluctuated Irregularly in dull trading today. Trading fell oil to less than 400,000 shares for Ihc full ^session, jhe ticker stand~ '' several min- ing motionless for utes at a time. A T & T Anaconda Cop .... Assoc D O Beth Steel Boeing Air . 131 1-4 •y 8 3-4 .'64 5-8 ,. 275-8 :?ni .. . 33 3-8 .. 33 1-4 .. 64 1-2 .. 34 .. 16 Phillips Pet 4 3 " 3 Radio : " .... Schenly Dtst .....'""" ,, i ~l Simmons . " t " 8 Socony Vac .... Std Oil N J ......f,'. Texas Crop ,., * U S Smelt ,.,;...;'' Coca Cola den Hec Gen Mot In I Harvest ........ Montgomery Ward N Y Central Packard 19 i-4 14 49 1-2 39 5-8 U. S J5te«l. 69 1-4 51 3-4 large planl-s ard to be donated but are not duj Ihe club will arrange to ha\e them dug, if the giver Is unable to do^so. In case of rain, the observance will be singed anyway and Ihe plants will be "hilled In" al the park nnd arranged when the weather permits. The project has been launched in Ihe hope of every home In Ihe city cooperating and any one'hav- ing even a single extra plant is asked to contribute It. Members of the Garden club, friends and members ot the city engineering department will plant the flowers with j. Louis cherry In rlmrge of the planning. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. III., Mnr. 10. (UP)—Hogs: 5,000 Top. 9,45 170-230 pounds, 9.25-9.40 140-160 pounds, 8.00-8.75 Bulk sows, 7.65-8.15 Cattle. 2,000 Steers, 7.00-9.00 Slaughter steers, 6.00-9.50 Mixed yearltn?s, heifers, 6,75-8.00 Slaughter heifers, 5.15-8.50 Beef cows, 5.00*8.00 Cutters and low cutters, 4.00-4.75 Chicaao Wheat May Jul. open 881-4 841-8 high low close 885-8 871-4 873-8 841-4 83 1-4 833-8 Chicago Corn May . close 585-8 535-8 for the estate. It Is un- Ihe state had of $50,000 for duo on on the amount alleued due on the be- otiest. In addition to the lax Ihe $68.000. The court held that the staluto provides thnt laud left In- trust for educational riurnoses nre not taxable nnd .'hat only the amount of the beqursl to the Individual, which wns accented in n settlement, was taxable. Altorneys for the estate said thai the Irustw.s, Jim Crnfn and W. H. Wilson no kin lo the deceased), Imd attempted to settle with the state but that the state commissioner had refused. It has not been announced whether the stale commissioner will take an appeal on the ruling. The claim was first filed December 4 by altomeys for the stale commissioner and had been twice poslnoiied before yesterday's hearing, which consumed mast of the day. Mrs. Mary Bal'ance, 70, Dies At Home Of Son Mrs. Xfnry Ballance. resident of Blytheville for the past 41 years, died at H:20 o'clock last night after having been 111 for two months. Funeral services were held this afternoon at Iho home of her son, Doss Lambert, where she died, and burial was made at North Sawba cemetery. The Rev. J. H. Holt, pastor of the Riverside and Garden Point Methodist churches, officiated. Mrs. Ballance, who was 70 years of age, had resided with her son, at 13OT We^t Main street, for some time. She Is also survived by four Federal Judgo Takes Plcu Of Condemned Pair Un- Fear Many Trapped By Detroit Fire lev Advisement Wdfnil Judge Thomas C. Trimble In United Stntcs district coiul nl Llttlo Keck yesterday took under advisement the petition of Jim X. Canithcrs, and Bubbles Clayton, H4, Dlyllicvllle negroes, for u writ of huboiis corpus lo escape dentil sentences against them In circuit court here for criminal nssiuilt on a young white woman In Jimmiiy, ISM, Judge Trimble, declaring that tho negroes' cases had already ten Involved In litigation loo long, Indicated Ihal his dcclHlon would bo announced, within a few days, nfler hearing testimony ot witnesses for the petitioners uml tho stale yesterday. Ho grunted lawyers for Uio ne- groo.'i five days In which lo file briefs, to be followed by a similar period for Attorney General Jack Halt lo tile his brief and a Ihrcc- day period for tiling of a reply brief by Ihe negroes' attorneys. Previously ho had tentatively set 10 day limits for flllnK briefs but cut the period to five days after testimony- was concluded. In addition to Uio negroes, who took Ihe stand In their own behalf, the petitioners offered the -testimony of C. J. Llttlo of Blylhc- ville, W. D. Moore, also of Blytlia- ville, ucUvs.: Jri; labor, .union activities, nnd'thc Rev. V. M. Townsend, of Arkadelphln, a minister of the African Methodist Episcopal church, as witnesses to support .their contentions that tn'cy'~did 'not receive a lair trial> in Blyth'e vllle because of a "mob'spirit"' that prevailed,' that they were unable lo obtain tho necessary signers of a petition for a change of venue for tlio same reason and. because (here were no negroes on the grand Jury which Indicated Ihem or tlia trial Jury.' Tho stale countered with tho testimony of a number of witness- is to show that thero was no spirit ol ji)ob violence prevailing In the My or courtroom at tho tlnio of the Irial and that H wns possible lo obtain a Jury that was not prejudiced against tho negroes to hear their cose. The stnte, in effect, admitted that no negroes have served on grand.or petit Jurors In Mississippi county for at least some 38 or W years. Judge Kllloush Testifies Testifying In behalf of the- stato were Circuit Judgo Nell Klliougn of Wynne, who presided at tho negroes' trial here, clarence H Wilson, sheriff at the time of the trial, Deputy Sheriff Arch Lindsey, Russell Oreenway of Dell and T. B. Tate of Armorcl, members of the trial jury, B, S. Harris, local horse nnd mule dealer, M. Fltz- slmmons of Blythevlllc, R. L. Ad- klsson of Huffman, J. Graham Sudbury nnd three negroes, lr. W. Haraway, principal ot n negro school at Armorel, Lon Moore, negro farmer of'Hickman community, and Abe Bradford, negro "shine boy" and property owner ol Blytheville.v Caruthers and Clayton were not present at the morning session of court when testimony of alt other witnesses except one was heard but were brought from the death house at Tucker penal farm at the beginning of tho afternoon session. Both claimed they were glvtn me "third degree" by officers at Bly- Ihoville and Osceola- and told of being "spirited away" from the Osceola Jail when officers feared a "mob" fron) Missouri was coming aflcr the pair. The negroes said their purported confessions to the attack on"the white girl, a scries of similar attacks and (o the shooting of Mr. Wilson \vhllc he and Deputy Llnd- sey were attempting to apprehend robbers who had been holding up persons parked in cars and ravishing women In parked cars (none of which were Introduced In the trial court) were made under fear ot death. DKTHOIT, Mnv. 10. (UI')-OiH' mnn was ciltlrally Injured nnd others were feared Impped luilny when a four-idnmi fire raml llu> 3(1- ycnr-old five-story building housing the Goodwill Industries In downtown Detroit. . About IfiO persons, Including ninny cripples, were reported to i Imvn been In Ihe building when Hie, posnls in n short seeston. Bailey Opens Exlraovdm- ary Session With Address Before Assembly At Noon* ]Jrm,E ROOK, Mar, 10 (UP)— Gov. Curl K. Bnlley, in an address opening iho ilrst extraordinary scs- Blon of tlio 51st general assembly, today Ilnyed his political enemies and urged legislators to enact his proposed program •' and other pro- live broke out. "I Imvc convened tills extraor- Scoios were rescued by llrcincn. dlnary session, fully conscious that •- Churlcs CODcnhotier, U5, broke his 1L provides nn opportunity for en- buck when he. Jumped from a fifth trenched interests to attempt to door window iiml missed « net held crucify tlio best Interests of tha by firemen. slate." Gov. Balloy said. "These Interest will attempt, to Imvo you remain in. session over a long period ot time In nn effort lo regain tlia profits that they have. been denied during my term In of- flcc. "I nm relying upon your. Inlelll- gciico and Integrity to prevent thin anil quickly enact legislation that will enable Iho stnlo to receive, Ilio benefit of a, S20.000.000 roact building n)itl maintenance pro-. gram within Ihe next six years at N llic cost of approximately $0,000,000 tt) Arkansas," the goveuior declared. ' < Praising l>ls o\vn administration Ilio cxccultvo pointed with prldo to the $8.000,000 Increase In tax jollcctlons mado through tlio revenue department and the worka ' Jf tho public welfare department in caring for Arkansas' aged, crlp- plcd children and sick, Tho governor praised the work of his slnto hospital board, penal .j'slcin, forcu, health 01 sanitation, banking unit, military depailment and the blind school.- ^> • ContyIng,; tils • addresp -'tn tUft . ' road situation'~tti(r"executlvo told. Giant Airship Lands Safely At North Girolina Emergency Field WASHINGTON, MiW. 10' (UP) — Tho American .air • lines transcontinental pMsenger flBRShlp, Illinois, fought wind, rain and fog gor seven hours and 60 minutes early today, then landed on nn emergency Mold at Rlchlnnds, 'N. O. without Injury to Ite seven passengers and its crew of three. Among the passengers was Peggy Pears, glamor girl of, tho Now York stage of years post and the df- vorccd \ylfo of A. a. Blutnonttial, theatrical producer';-;•-..-,• • - . Tl)o piano took off from Newark To Complete Plans For Weekly Auction Sales Members of the farm division of 'he Chamber of Commerce and others Interested In the firm auction sales, to be held here weekly, are planning a meeting for tonight when plans arc to bo completed for beginning tho sales, The meeting has been called for 7:30 o'clock, at the city hall. The group has been Incorporated as the Mlssco corporation and II Is expected that the sales will begin the .last of this month.. should include. I. Construction last night, bound for Los Angeles legislators Hint their by way of Washington, Atlanta and Memphis, At Washington It ran Into.uad weather and It was raln- <hg when .'It took oft hero al 10:45 p. in. Tho weallior grow worse as It oroceeded south tho dispatcher In Atlanta reported that tho weather there was becoming moro and more unskilled for n landing nni) Pilot li, A. Carpenter was ordered •jy radio to take the soutli leg of tho radio beam Inslcnd of Die southwest leg and land at Charleston, S. O. The ship was forced down <a fllchlands. and malnten- anco^of stato highways and bridges'. 2. Construction ot farm-to', market, roads. 3. Purchaso of privately owned toll bridges on state highways so they too could be made free. 4. To assumo the Indebtedness of bridge districts that construes bridges on stale highways. 6. To assumo Iho indebtedness of municipal Improvement dis- trictj which build contlrfuallons of- state roads through various clt-iea and .towns. D. S. Lantrip Talks At Rotary Club Luncheon D. S. Lanlrlp, coilnly ngrlcul- 'ural agent, was the speaker nt the Veekly luncheon meeting of the 'Rotary club at the Hotel Noble today. His subject was "The Government Cotton Control Program." Forty members and one guest, Loy Welch, attended the meeting. Marriage "Obey" Means Just That to Wife Heard Talk of Violent* Moore, who said tie was a carpenter, testified that the "air was full of violence" during the trial and that there was talk of a mob coning down from Missouri and other sons. Lynn and] Bable Lam- tyuchtng the pair. On cross exam bert and Clay Webster, of here, and j Ration he could not namo any per- Dewey Lambert of Capo Qlrardeau, i sons who had told him of any SAN JOSE, Ca). (UP) — When Mrs. Wesley W. Wilson, took her matrimonial vows lo obey her husband she meant It. She drove here from Sacramento through rain, flood, hail and wind storms to represent her husband on a speeding charge. "You could . merely have pleaded •milty by mall." the Judge told her, "and saved all that trip and danger." "I know, but I always do exactly what my husband tells me without question," replied Mrs. Wilson, "and he told me to represent him." Be cause the cost of the trip exceeded the usual $5 fine, the court ordered her merely to return home but not through floods, rain, ana hall. Mo. Hanna Funeral home Jul. ,60.3-8. 60.3-4.',803-8 60 l-» charge .of funersl was In mob feeling. • Mr. LltlJe testified that he had (Continued, on page 5) Gale Kills 2,000 Chickens SALINAS, Csl. (UP)-In a recent 72-mile gale over this part of California, Earl Albertson had 2,000 chickens killed, '•• • • " Recovers Own Car -And Apprehends MafTat^ Wheel An automobile, owned'by S. L, McCulloeh, which was stolen from he H. H. Lewis rcsdlehce, at 619 West Walnut street, last night, was recovered a few minutes later by Mr. McCulloeh who also apprehended Percy White, who ho said was nt tho wheel. He took White to the police station where he was-- - urned over to the police who placed him In jail. He will be given a hearing tomorrow on a larceny - chnrge. Mr. McCulloeh, who rooms at the Lewis home, was only In ta houso for a, few minutes when he,-return- • :d to find his car gone. When ho :,illed the city hall there was no policeman available at the moment :o he decided to hunt tfte thief. A fellow roomer gave him a "lift" snd they rode through the streets 'or only a short time before they :plad the car and White at tlfo Fish Thick in Yard; Carried by Whirlwind VANCOUVER (UP) — Oh en. Davis, Vancouver barrister, has a ftsh story. One day when he emerged from his home he found the spacious grounds covered with 5-lnch fish. Apparently the flsh jumped the 250-foot cliff behind his home, then flopped another 250 feet ana swarmed over grass, and trees. No marks were visible on them and It Is believed, they were picked up by a small whirlwind at sea, which dropped them shortly after .oming over land. University authorities Identified them as sand lunce. WEATHER ' •- Arkansas—Fair, slightly cooler in extreme east portion tonijht; Friday fair and warmer in east cor- lion. ;:;...Memphis and ^vicinity—Fair and iomewhat colder tonight, lowest temperature 42 to 46; Friday fair and winner, •••••-

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