Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 31, 1955 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1955
Page 8
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Iplllll^^ HOPI STAR, HOPI, ARKANSAS Thursday, Match 31, 1955 * %1 I The United States printed 10.174.8,000 three cent stamps in 1954. IPOniGHT SPECIALS MAOt EASTER IASKETS «<* Up GIRLS ILUt JEANS oz. sanforiied denim. <?t 97c Hat Forme f t • ' > * fslow you>£H. rVldke your " frV 6t$ter, hat at a greati&ving. if9ef f 98c NYLONS 60 gauge, 15 denier 1st quality 66c BLOUSES Mods' by Tuxedo — a new one free if it fades. Sizes 32 to 38. $1.00 Brassieres Regular $1,00 while limited supply lasts, $1 for ORANGE SLICES TOO FAR 6ACK CHICAGO (Ut>) — A customer "checking" the .focus .of a $300 carncra. edged tdward the door Jesterday arid told the clerk: "f guess you have to be a iiltle farther back to Use this property." When the Clerk turned around to get an accessory, the customer kept right on edging and disappeared — with the camera. MARKETS St. LOUIS LIVESTOCK 1 STOCKYARDS, nalion$ — H9gs 7,500; over 450 Ib 14.25; 15.00. . Cattle 1,700, calves 700; slow, acSive, 45-50 Cows finding irrejulaf sale; open- .111. Ncws Briefs 500, thc middle of April. ,- j The United States had 29'i J. M. Sparling of the old Re- lion 5 to 17 years old enrolled sources an d Development Com- j public schools in the fjm of mil- m JONESBORO UP) — About .„.. . . J ,. , _, ., teachers from Lawrence, Poinsett! mi f lon ' who declined to idcntuy and Craighead coufities are ex- ellher the industry o fthe potential pected to attend a northeast Ar- sites ' said thc industry was inter- kansas teachers meeting here to.-! estecl mainly m North Arkansas morrow 'because of distribution problems Featured speaker Will be Dr. Iani and . acessibilily to raw materials. Thursday, March 31, 1955 HOP I STAR, HOP1, ARKANSAS thrdt "•• iiw^u (,i/w t »w..» t .'»•'«• ^.vsyv a iiiiujjjg n I tr , LUH I Sale I OPCII* I ***«•<«»*.« ^jj^tni»>-i tvui ijc i-'i . jinn: higher; bulk 80-220 Ib 18.00'25: iing deals steady 12.50-15.50 on uti .[Stewart of Montgomery, Ala., pub-j Sparling said he did not know popular price 18.00; No. 1. and ity and commercial; canners and' lic relations counsel for Southern u "" u " 1J '"'" " -'--'-'— 2.18.25; bulk 220-230 Ib 17.75-18.10; cutters 10..00-12.50; bu Is steady; i Industrial Couhcil. He is a for- 240-270 Ib 17.25-65; extremes up to usilitjfcancl commercial 13 50-15 Oo'i mer school superintendent in 17.75 9h 40 Ita; 17.75 f9r 160-170 heavy 'fat bulls' 11.00-12 00- caner Wales. Ireland and England. The heart is among the Blrongestilb; s9ws mostly 25 higher, ex- *jj t-nnnJ r)i>«nV.1« ,.„»..__ i^. it i ' t —_i_^. __ p n. t 11. A en it. 1= en 10 /in. and most, durable organs in the human body, Heart AsSn. says .the American FREE NUTRITIONAL SERVICE Animals are smarter than people — when It comes to knowing when they need ad- ditlonal minerals dhd vitamins to balance their feed Intake — why not take advantage of this natural ability and keep V.IT-A-WAY M.INERAL- VITAMIN SUPPLEMENT available' to tKem Fr*« Choice. If they eat-It 4- they need It. THEY WILL NOT OVEREAT, and what they eat they put to work tp aid .in Increased their production and -health levels .—.mbt'e milk —,hardl«r calves—better , gains—healthier animals':— U T 8 the way to blflger profits — If* the'VIT- A-WAY. -Ask y6ur • neighbor.' DISTRIBUTED AND RECOMMENDED BY PARCO FARM STORE 212 E. 2nd Street tremes 50; bulk 450 Ib 15.50-16.00; DOWN A IOVIIT LANE CEDAR CHEST Handsome «»lcrfall chen with front partel match of American Walnut and paldao. AS AOYHWfD IN lift '49?-* HOME FURNISHING STORE E. Second Street .!? «,*.„ f j»» * »? ', F &* tuc M*"« * S URUW it's time yen blossomed out in a big, bold, bright new Buick—just for the extra joy you'll feel, And there's no better time than right now lor you and the whole family to come look things oyer-because we're holding a Spring Fashion Festival to .display the stunning new Buicks in gay new colors rich in Springtime freshness. You'll see these sleek beauties dressed in new greens, new blues - in other strikingly vivid color's —and in ultra-smart two-tone •Od tri-tone Combinations. What's more, these gay new hues are available on the whole line of Buicks-Sedans, Convertibles, Estate Wagons, Riyieras and ,tht i\$we$i of the new cars, the long- awaited 4'Ddon Riviera. Best of all Is the sheer thrill that's yours when you take to the road in any one of these '55 Buicks —fpr here is walloping hew V8 pbwer—and here is the spectacular performance of Vaii'iabl.e Pitch Oynaflow,* which is .very definitely the "must try" thrill of the year. ' So —come b.e our guest — at our Spring Fashion Festival— and at the wheel of the "hottest" Buick in history. ».',... . . 'D)>t#jltfv Drit* if st*nilari( tut Rtaiimtsttr, tftional itttxtra ttst »V tl&tr Serif!, i ^* of $16 yew SID ROOWS BUICK CO. •»*«, . ', . V >..'•"* i* i. ,/ . i ~ i" and cutter bull 10.00-13.00; v3al- ers and calv3s ste ady; prime 1.00 for ver6 few; good and choice After an election of officers, the teachers will meet with education Commissioner Arch Ford when he would receive a decision from the firm. NOTICE Call 7-9991 U-DO-IT or WE-DO-IT Valentine Washereria 800 West 3rd One third of Ohio's farm families iarn more than Tialf their income Ito nonfarm work. 22.00-29.00; commercial and good and Forrest Rozzell, executive Vealers and calves 16.00-22.00; cuil secretary of the Arkansas Educa- and utility 10.00-14.00. lion Association. Sheep 1,000; trade weak to 50 lower; new cropp la.bs 21.5023.00; 100 Ib choice fed wooled lambs 21.75; good • and choice wooled skins 20.00-22.00; aged PARAGOULD (ffl —Ten teachers have been dropped from Greene County tech High School I'here in an effort to balance the sheep- unchanged; slaughter ewes £,", , 7.00-8.50. budget. Supt. Loyd Howell said the reduction was necessary because of of NEW -YORK STOCKS a local assessment reduction NEW YOR Klffl — The st9rfr'$ 70 ..3?6, a cut of $218 per teacher market was moderately higher in' un 't in state aid, and because $26,the early afSernoon today in quie tmanner. Most major divisions wore steady to higher with the atomic stocks again taking the center of thc stage. • The rise went t9 between 3 and 4 points at the outside, lo ses were fractional. Factory bagged; Regular 25c, extra special jnsole, an ihk dnd blue. it*;, red, too and i MARY'S BEAUTY SHOP To my friends and customers: l.-.would. like to announce that I have moved my shop from 115 S. Elm to 916 South Elm For appointments phone .... 7-3584 MARY HAMM Praia POLTRY AND PRODUCE %CHICAGO ifft — Live potilSry steady; receipts In coops 626 (yes- 9erday :545 chops, 76,615 Ib);' fo.b. paying prices unchanged; heavy hens 26-30.5; light hens 16-17; light hcnns 16-17; broilers or fryers 34-6; old roosters 12-12.5; cii- poriettes 39-41. Butter steady; receipts ,423,737; wholesale -buying . prices . unchanged; 93 score AA 56.75; 92 A %.y a : ' '90 B 55.5; 89 C 55; cars 90 B 56; 8 C 55.5. Eggs steadier; receipts 16,894; wholesale buying prices unchanged to 1 higher;'U.S. large white's 70 per cent and over A's 36; 60-69.9 per cent A's 5; mixed 35; me- diu.s 3; U.S. standards , 32: dirties 31; checks 0.5; current receipts 31.5. 000 is needed for the ninth month of school, LITTLE ROC KIM — Representatives of an industry seeking a new site will visit Arkansas about 1 EDNA'S BEAUTY SHOP OPEN FOR BUSINESS in new location at the former Boswell Sisters Shop 417 W. 5th St. MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY Phone 7-2615 EDNA BROOKS r 5REI1GER HURRY • LAST DAY! • FEATURE TIMES • 2:00 - 3:46 - 5:33 - 7:32 - 9:22 The Saga of England's Outlaw knight- . . . who pledged his life to a . throne . . . and won a fabulous beauty! BARRY'S - - NEW YORK COTTON . .. NEW YORK Wl — Cotton futures were steady today on trade and commission house buying. Offerings were light, following heavy selling in the market on Wednesday. Old crops months, which had been under selling pressure, led the aadvance today. Late afternoon prices were 20 to 80, cents, .a bale higher'than, the previous close. May 33.45, July 3.73 arid October 3.94: GRAIN AND PROVISION Wheat: None. Corn; No. 2 yellow 1.4fl-49%; No. 3 1.45-47'/ 4 ;. No. 4 1.38-3S%;.- samjple.' grade 1.3-6. Oats: No. 1 heavy, white 81>/ 4 . Soybean oil :ll%:i:,soyb*8n meal 59.50. . Barley nominal: Malting choice 1,40-57; feed l.Ofl-20; ' ICE (REAM • /• Gallon LARGE FRESH EGGS 3 ROYAL HAWAIIAN The Explorers Club; Presents With. Pride MR. ROBERT DAVIS "f LIGHT MEAT TUNA 3 Dor. Cans LIBBY'S SLICED PINEAPPLE LIBBY'S ORANGE JUKE ' *, fA ^A.^2 AGE OF THRILLS! Tony CURTIS • tot LEIGH tivid FARRIIR • Barbara RUSH • total M/lKMll 1. NEWS OF THE DAY 2. COLOR CARTOON, "TRIAL OF MR. WOLF" SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Thursday March 31 The Spring Recital under the direction of Mrs. B. C. Hyatt will be held in the Junior High auditorium at 8 o'clock Thursday March 31. Friday April 1 The Emmpt Garden Club will sponsor a "Dot-iuck supper at the school cafeteria on Friday April 1, at 7 o'clock. The Emmet Community Improvement League and the Emmet Home Demonstration Clubs are asked to participate. Mrs. Dildy of Hot Springs public relations officer of the Arkansas Power and Light Company will be guest speaker. Every one is cordially invited to attend. THE BEAUTY BOX Open 6 Days a Week Appointments after 5 for those who work. Phone 7-5858 112 S. Main J * Fri. & Sah iSr L. Big Triple Program £ Vf, FILMEO ZN THE fatiim' KERB'S OF Mi^s*». -firnKCffi! '^% AN IKO IACIO MCTUM v:£t t Final Chapter of Serial, ,;."Riding WJth Buffalo Bjli" A Color Cartoon HOPE THEATRE HWY. 29 SOUTH • OPEN 6:30 * FINAL NITE * The most- thrilling story ever told about the U. S. Navy's jet fighters! 1. Leon Errol Comedy 2. Grantland Rice Sports 3. Porky Pig Cartoon Fri. & Sat. * Land Beyond the Law! Gun-blazing Saga of Frontier Outlaws in Action! • RANDOLPH SCOTT • George "Gabby" Hayes "BADMAN'S TERRITORY" HEY KIDS! BIG BALLOON SHOWER FRIDAY & SATURDAY at 7:00 , ,. „ Prizes in Every Balloon! The Rose Garden Club will meet in the home of Mrs. E. P. O'Neal Friday April 1, at 3 p. m. with Mrs. John S. Gibson as co-hostess. Mrs. J. W. Smith will have charge of the program. Notice Due to bad weather last Friday) night the Junior Class of Bodrawj School will stage a repeat per) formance of their class play j "Pleased to Meetcha" on Tuesday j April 5, at 7:45 p. m. The public | is invited. Eastern Star Chapter Entertains Worthy Grand Matron, Mrs. Green A banquet was held Tuesday night at the Barlow Hotel honoring Mrs. Katherine S. Green, worthy grand matron, order o£ Eastern Star. Haskell Jones served as master of ceremonies with Mrs. Norma Jean Delaney introducing the gu- Take Your Prescriptions lo Crescent Drug Store Where they will be carefully compounded by men who are graduates of a 4-year College of Pharmacy. . CRESCENT DRUG STORE Phone 7-3424 ests. The invocation was given By Mrs. Bresewirtz. A welcome address was made by Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Schenck with the response coming from Mrs. Bethel King of Ashdown. Mrs. Schenck and Mrs. Alice Walters had charge of the program, after which the benediction was given by Carthel, Harper. Approximately 90 members and guests attended. , The table was beautifully decorated with red carnations and mums. Favors were miniature easier baskets. Following the banquet a meeting was held at the Masonic Hall with Stamps, Lewisville and Bradley chapters serving as hostess . • An adenda was presented by the Bradley Chapter carrying out the Easter Parade Theme with Easter Bonnets made by the members. At this time they presented Mrs. Green with a.gift. The session was opened by the Bradley Chapter with Introductions being made by the Hope Chapter, Mrs. Norma Jean Delanev In charge . Kefreshments were served in the dining room from a beautifully decorated table by the Hope Chapter. Towns represented, not already mentioned were: Texarkana, Nashville, Foulke, Ashdown, Prescott, Hot Springs and Gurdon Wedding were: Mr. and Mrs. Her- man.Fincher of Minden, Texas; Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Flowers of Texarkana. Ark.; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Flowers and daughter of Texarkana, Ark.; Mrs. J. B. Blackburn of Little Rock: and Mr. and Mrs. Jess Ohler of New Boston, Texas Trout—Yocum Engagement Announced Mr. and Mrs. Tom Trout of this city announce the engagement, of their daughter, Vonceil, to Doyle Yoeum son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Yocum of Spring Hill. Musical Show at City Hall Saturday Night The Paul Howard Show is scheduled for a special appearance at Hope City auditorium, Saturday Auril 2 at 8 p. m. It is announced by Ramsey Cargile VFW Post 4511 sponsors of the Miss Carolyn Huett and Donald Huckabee to Wed Mr. and Mrs. Hamp Huett of Hope announce the engagement ! and approaching marriage of their ! daughter. Carolyn Naomi, to Don- 1 aid Lewis Huckabee, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Huckabee of Bodcaw. Miss Huett is a 1955 graduate o£ Hope High School, and Mr. Huckabee is a graduate of Bodcaw High School. The wedding will be an event.of June 12th. Fincher—Ray Marriage Announced Impressive in its simplicity was the wedding of Miss Betty Fincher, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Fincher, to Edward Ray, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Ray, Saturday evening at 6 o'clock in the Anderson Union Baptist Church of Spring- Hill. Vows were pledged before an altar banked with tall baskets of pink stock and white lilies. The Reverend Connie Horton officiated at the doulble ring ceremony. The bride was becomingly attired in an afternoon dress of navy blue crepe with navy and white accessories. She carried a white Bible topped with white gardenias and satin streamers. Mrs; Jimmy Dale Ames was her sister's matron of honor. Her dress was of grey silk with matching grey accessories.'Her corsage was white carnations. Mr. Ray served his son as best man. Nuptial music was .provided by Mrs. Brooks Collins at the piano. Immediately following the ceremony a reception was held in the home of the groom's parents. The bride's table was covered with a white linen cloth. Pink and white flowers were used. Miss Dora Ray served punch and Mrs. Ames served the cake. After a short trip, Mr.'' and Mrs. (Ray.jA'ill '„ be at home in Odessa, Texas. Out of town guests attending the Coming and Going •Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Alford of Windfield, La., visited a few days with their sisters, Mjs. J. S. McDowell and Mrs. C. C. Collins. Mrs. Fred Alford of Rodessa, La., also spent a few days in the home of Mrs. McDowell and Mrs. Collins. Hospital Notes unusual attraction. - ...J Howard and his nationally known Arkansas Cotton Pickers, Veteran,! Radio and Recording Artists, was a-| regular feature for eight years on WSM Grand Ole Dpry and is considered one of the best known entertainers and master of ceremonies in the business. An added attraction will be an amateur contest and talent hunt. "Mr. Howard is looking for talent for recording and to join the show" the sponsors stated. So if you sing • dance • play an instrument you- re invited to enter the contest. Contact Mr. Howard at City auditorium on the night of the show. -There attrt6<riis- Balnfeil • "Vi tjne." inTNejfpXat dud Arizona And one aa»«d -I' etiHnes"' iri> VirginJ«,«*ays tht- Branch Discharged: Wayne Hatfield, St. 4, Hope, Loufreda Cheatham, McNab, Mrs. Sam Roach, Hope, Mrs. Earlene Fenwick, Hope, Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Ray Yarberry, Hope, Mrs, Don L. Westbrook, Hope, Mrs. Garland Laugh, Hope, Eslerine Stuart, Columbus, Carrie Peoples, Rt. 4, Hope, Joe Daugherty, Rt. 4, Hope, Etsory Hill, Fulton. Discharged: Mrs. Harold Hightower and daughter, Gurdon, Mrs. Jim McKee, Hope, Mrs. G. T. Lawson, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Garland Laugh, Hope, 'announce the arrival of a son March 29. Canadian officials report that average temperatures in their country are rising at a rate of three degrees every 70 years. ! " *'l ? t| termite <CoWro1 Servfat j Owned t (*«r«i«d ky' GUYGRIGG Service policy ii 10* South.Main S». , , Phones 7-3445, or 7-27*1 pERBY'S. HOT TAMALES 4 Glass Jars LIBBY'S VIENNA SAUSAGE 6 Cans EXTRA SPECIAL PURE LARD 8 ibs 1.19 GODCHAUX SUGAR 10 89c •new the red carpet with Hornets and Wasps VEGETABLES FOR CREAMING VEGETABLES-USE PET MIIK No. 1 Nice TOMATOES Lb. Ctn. I9c Extra Nice BANANAS 2 u - 25c 89c B/EF ROAST u, 33c Among the m v st of America's, new generation of platform SrUsta is /Robert Davis. Although young in years, he- has to his- credit seventeen suwmers bejiind the lens of his camera. His bookings read li^e th* Blue Book of the An^ericaj* platform: Colmbia, University, Town Hajj of New- YorV, Orchestra HiaU of Chicago. and other? top numerous ', tn menUon. ; v Mr. Davis is one ol tKe noted explorers to, appear in persort before the ft Explorers Club this , travelog wJJI be at or lull detail;. Mfmb*ri*ip it aucj i* MIXED SAUSAGE 4, 1.00 SPECIAL BOLOGNA 4 1.00 OLD FASH IQN HOOP CHEESE 49c .SHANKUESS PICNIC HAMS 35c PORK ROAST 39c STEW MEAT 4 i^l.00 RIB STEAKS 39c FRESH PORK NECK BONES Lb 15c WE HAVE PLENTY BUFFALO (l(P J^^l B^ B^ m . ^jf- GROCERY and MARKET 111 South Main We Deliver Phont 7*4404 The most beautiful performers of them all... the brilliant, new Hudson Hornet and the bright, young stars of the New York City Ballet NEW HORNET V-8 ENGINE LATEST, GREATEST of the V-8's. Short-stroke pistons reduce friction, deliver quick power. Smooth, whisper-quiet, rugged! Or choose the Championship Six, with more than 150 stock-car victories,' All new Hudsons feature Double Strength Single Unit Body, new Deep Coil Ride. Airliner Reclining Scats and Twin Travel Beds standard on many, available for all other models. All-Season Air Conditioning available for all models at hundreds less than other systems. See these exciting new cars now! All-New Wasp, smartest new car in the low- medium-price field. Spectacular Wasp has new wrap-around windshield, new ease of handling, new ride — and luxury far beyond its low price! fe 1 See "Disneyland," great new all- family show, ABC-TV network. Chock TV lUtings for time and station' HUDSON HORNETS * WASPS * RAMBLERS * METROPOLITANS are products of American Motors TOL E TEX COMPANY UJTTHUPSTItMT , ANNOUNCING I The Opening Friday, April 1 Necchi-Elna Sewing Circle 108 South Main (Under New Management) Come in for free demonstrations by trained demonstrator and serviceman. I Register For Free Gift Certificate Loyd Story, Ruth Clark Franchise. Dealers For. "Their i; EASTER! J Pretty little nylons, linens?, , . in princess ancMehg ror^iJ, styles. Matching soHes! • ' * • i " Dressy suits with a grown up look for the youngest' gentlemen! Shop now for better -selection: HALL-MCNEILL 102 S. Elm ' '"- Phone»7-3661 •i'tj.t •.,• EYE DROPS JOHN P. (OX DRUG (0. DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4(H7 We Give Eagle Stamps Your Extra Savings ON SALE THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY fluency DRUGSTORE GKB3 '.$«v« On 5DXED . STATIONERY ONLY*. '„ ('Umil 8) Oval Shaped WASTE BASKET Metal bottom MINERAL OIL 2?c U.S.P. QUALITY/PINT FOR U$SI iLimi.iiLV»-»•'...- •• I Colorful Aluminum Tumblers ' 4 for *1.7S RiGULAR SIZE BARS ( umi,3) LUX SOAP SiOAPjDISH StUrdy'colorful plastic With Candies and Gay Surprises/ Bedded on "grass"—chicks to eat, chicfcs to love, chocolate eggs, jelly eggs, plus a TOY! No button to push ... no spring to break! Many More Too! 98° CLEANSING CREAM $2.00 BARBARA GOULD PAPER TOWELS 9;37< "CHEFLINE". PACK OF 80 (Umii2) •• W 0 SHEAFFER FINELINE THE PEN WITH THE BUILT-IN MEMORY! GLAMOR Retracts automagically. Tip down ... & it write?, tip Vp... & it retractsi . i 95 Kel-Dent Plate Cleaner I 55 C 7-ounce G.E. Light Bulb 60W...:.19e 100W..,.22e y"tYttfrv ra ' Buys Galore in COSTUME JEWELRY Your $ choice, only Cologne alq Coite by BOURJOIS • ROMAN HOLIDAY t EVENING ii PARIS R« 9 . $2.OO volut! Formula 20 HAIR SPRAY 6-ounce QGIOSO) *1 DOROTHY CRAY BUBBLING BATH 3-scent3 8-oa. s for Cv«ryon« You Know; BEAUTIFUL Easter CARDS > Messages * you like to send • 5 C «35 Sf« Our Fine Selection of EASTER GIFTS For The Entire Family ftt Handsome ROQERS TOBACCO POUCHES W"^"^ T V|l»»^T -^Kl AMITY BILLFOLDS ,*ii«" 0*1 M«w fmittr Glory *i.50 NYLONS Veto Cream Deodorant fl.QQ Sii». 50 SAL HEPATICA Pencils

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