The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 2, 1934
Page 5
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PAGE FIV1 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING I:\KORJYUTION "•• |l > 1 rule |K>r line lor consecu- l-Vf :::SIM lions: •H'.v average wojrds to a line) O:K' time per line '3c 'IVu limes per Hue per day .. OSc TMVC limes |jer lii-.° p?r flay .. 0«e Ms nines per Hue per day .. Obc X'oulli ralo per llm 60c Minimum ctiuge 50c Ads ordered Io- three or six limes mid stopiied before cxplra- I'on will be cliavgcc for tlie num- lx>r ot times the ail appeared ana isiijuMiiwni "f bill matte. AH ChuisifieU Advertising copy Mibmiilcd by perso'if residing outside of the city irusl be accom- uanicd by cash. Rules may be i-uMly computed frem above table. .No responsibility will tc taken :oi moru lluui one Incorrect insertion of any clasulied ad. Advertising ordeicd for irregu- jar insertions take tlw one time \VANT ToHAPf~Crp40 or 80 acres. Can'n myself. First ilass references, j.-f. llaines, Rome i, Holland, Mo. i, ^ We |wy -more fj- pecans, furs hides, brass, copper, rndlatois' aluminum, lead, latteries Pliom- 116, Woll Alien, 128 E. Main. 2c k'2-23 WANTED TO BUY I'OR SALE—10 acres, alJ In culli- vilioii. One mile south of Cus- I.H1. Roland Green 6c ku 40 , . Highly improved, food buildings, nice orchard. Marie li/ile of coltun |wr acre, 50 bushel of torn mm bic hay crop this year. S50 per acre, $500 cosh, small unnual p. ly . menls, 6'.r intrrru. Possession at unce. THOMAS LAND CO. sic a BUSINESS DIRECTORY Dairy and Mill Feeds Grain niitt Hay, at Market Prices Cash Feed Store 112 E. Main JLO-pk-2-11 1'rcu figure diagnosis in your home, .'Sirs. J. 3. Davis, 1'hone 421 Spencer Corselicre 26ck2-2G i:\ITKT Typewriter and Adding Machine Hi-pairing. U. S. Hlanx- cmliip, Hi; E. Hose. Call 165-J. 21o k2-21 FOE SALE: 20 acres unimproved valley land near BARSTOW, IALIFORNIA. Will trade lor property nearer home. Walter S. Lee, Lepanto, Ark. 30pt5 I'OULTRYlf EGGS Kiesh tggs daily, (Urecl from hen- nery. ' Pickard's Grocery, 11)44 Plows shitricned — Farm Implements bought and sold by John AVrulu at Tom Howard SVlachine shop, 22-ck-2-22 CARPENTERS U. J. I'cU-rsun —:iiO N. 21st St. Carpenter Work of All Kinds AUTOMOTIVE Aulo Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo lumber C'i>. 10c kii-10 I.AKGKST STOCK L'SEU PARTS Between Memphis and St. Louis Also Auto Glaii—Phone 66 JACKSON AUTO FAHTS CO. 3e k2-3 . fall Us When In Netd of Guaranteed Alcrch/irrtlsc 'lires-Baltirriej-Kepfciccment Parts I1UBBARI) HAKnWAHE CO. Automotive Dept. Ic k2-l RADIOS All Radios, including R. c. A., are heirs closed oul al cost for CASH at llublvird Hardware Co. I2ck2-u FOR SALE FOUR HOGS, weighing 200 pounds cadi. Cheap. Rube I3cck. Want- alinga Hotel. 2-pk-O J-'RESlf HIVHR F'SH—Buffalo 10c, Catfish lac, Ca.p 7c. Whitehead Fish Market, East Main St. Ip k5 rORDSON Tractor equipped with ciisc turning plot's p au \ Byrum. 17c k2-24 HAY FOR SALF. I have for sale at my barn '•'• mile .south of Bunleltc so tons hay at S10 per. ton.-C. w. Rnmcy Bly- ihcville. 25-ck-2-25 HAY, CORN', SOYBEANS for sale. U. S. DcMoulin farm. Hcnson. Mo. I'honc or sec J. M. Steward, Mgr., on farm. Iloriiei'sville Society-Personal ==: =^====; H. T. aust and Wuller Edwards nade n business trip to Memphis Tuesday. Baby Buggy. Must be lea- ble. P. 0. Cox 335, Luxoru. 29 p to. RBAfc ESTATE Tuesday. Hill cnme Icr [hem Saturday. ITSS ' '"•'" by blls ]asl ••'"<'»* i" «' Mrs. Carl Flecnmn and children I Mr. and MJS. nennctt Ragnn Mr mul Mrs Mr Hr „ , •",' Wo " <ll ' r)lllul nt tnc ''"'m Of Lenehville. Ark., weve here Tiles-laiul Mrs. i?. I(. R,, emi returned moved o^^ dav_,u,d_ w.dngd,)- to .ec her 1. their, ut Trelno., Tenn., d^ .ShS'to i ±™j AU'.K V 00|V~— FO!C SALE acres near Ijhe City, Ark. OUR BOARDING HOUSE -AMD WITH THe*T£WARD l > .ON&Y t'LL GET ^0« CAUSING THE ARREST OF CAPTAIN SHA l KlDV6^FF / l',fV\ 6OISi& TO TAKE A "RUN OUT TO MV COLORADO 40 aeres milt of Blylheville, on 6r»vel road. Good residence with elee. lights, born and ten. house. $3000. long time payments. Possession now. THOMAS LAND Cp. ' c k5 SEEDS & 1'LANTS Fook seed with us )iow for March Celiveiy. They are sure to be higher. Hubbard H<-w. Co. c k2-5 fcOY BEANS, FIELD PEAS. Tested seed. Spncla! prices. Earl Katchcr. Call 635-J 23c k2-20 Sioneville No. 4 COTTON SEED, price $1.75 hundred. Sec P.-Blfick or Clarence McDrrmott at Bly- Iheviile Gin. 5c k2-b STRAYED a'l'HAYED from Tciimlo— '2 black liorsc inulc.s, 1 brown and 1 ba n:arc mules, s:-iaii. bay mare. Lii)- fcial reward for information leading to recovery. C. K Pugh To^-to^Ark. 31p . ANNOUNCEMENTS" Mrs. b. M. Burnrtle announces the opening of short band, typewriting and bookktepini,' classes. Spe- <i;il Price-s. Call S2J-W. Ic k NOTICE I have on January 25 sold my entire stock and fixtures to R Gould, of Caruthcrsville, Mo and I assume all liabilities against the slock of merchandise up to that day. ^-2-8 L Lansky. FEMALE HELP WANTED Middle aged setlled HOUSEKEEE'- ER to live on farm. No washing o.- ironinj;. Addi-ess "C" Courier News. 2-ck-C COAT, & WOOD 107 BUCIUNAN "Our Coal is Black !!ut We Ion While" 9c 1:2-9 1JATTEKIES Ken Ford Biillcrics iiailal - ItccharKiriK - Kcpairing 777 TJRli & BA'ITERY Sl'A'nON 26c k2-26 f ; OR L.KASE l'i>r Lease—10 acres cut over land. T«o year lease. Will build house :• miles west of lllythevillc. Con- «~»j S Mouchins. I5c ktf Soviet Horses to Have Shoes With Rubber Soles MOSCOW CUP)— The well dressed horse i]] the Soviet Union will ivear in 1934. among other things rubber-soled shoes. Learned men at the Scientific Institute of Transport, have designed a rubber shoe for "Old Dobbin" and an experimental or- ae; for them has been filtcd by thr "Reel Giant" factory here. Spon-wrs of the shoe claim that iL will guard horses against hoof duc.tsc .prevent slipping on icy pavements and reduce traffic noise. FOR RENT NiCELY furnished apartment. L. L. Ward, call 068 or 050. 2-ck-tf LIGHT Hoi!fckccp;.'t rooms and bedrooms. KIASS Beavers, 123 N. Jlh - 25c kit Two unfurnished rooms. 516 Cliick- asaw-ba. Miss Minnie Lee Jones. _i'honcJ026. --26ck4 Beautifully furnished hedroom.'men l>refcrrcil. 518 W.Main. Call 309. 2-lc k2-24 LD bfd -oom 1017 W Walnut. Mre. Fxl Haidin after 5 '• M - 2So ktf WANTED TO RENT FIVE OR SIX ROOM HOUSE dose m. IVKsrcsioti Immediately. ''CCP' Courier Ne»t Kestorinj Tun Hall SALEM, Mass. I UP)—This "Witch City" is restoring the Old Town Hal], which for 129 years lias stood, rather forlornly, in Derby Son.*'-. GOOD COAL IS THK CHEAPEST COAL \Jg\~., There is no coal, ***r" W cst of the Allc- i;licry .Mouniiim, as high in heat and as Ion in ash as the CUPREMEfT ** Suptr-Heat •"< YCC«* ' niat fa a bold ... ™ ilatcmeul, but it is cinical, because it's true. \Ve have aulhorilatite SUPREME Supn-lftat j s the only coal of il s kin d and sold OBly by this company. A Rich Man's C'onl at A Poor Man's Price Superior Cecil «- Mining Cn. 304 W. Walnut . vi lim , ; 0 |) mother. Mrs. Itobert . ill. .Mrs. nnptbt hospital al Memphis M ij,,^,',', ^j f"'" 1 ;'." •-- - ••— Thursduy inomliig ror a major \,, . ' , >' '• '• l! ''i'»nt was brought home ojicratlon. • i, ', "."' iy - 1 ' 1 - Kll| l! |lt - rctunieil' from (lie llapllsl huspitiil-ut Mem- Mrs. Robert It mil a,m mu, : ",, f'"!'1' , S " lm ' dn) ' n(lcr s|H '"' t -1 pllfs Siiliinlny ufl.-r |iiklii K IreiU- rarassr :5,rv=:i, :;;inS^,a«: ! r ^-'""''""""" -=" 2 ;£" ?'V"E '.T?" 1 - !!'• '•>•«- «IS,".. *",» ™: ....;™"ft il «'»!»""«>»• I*! »: ....i >»> Tlsr Itrv. A. K. JtUU'.SljOin. |)| Slllllll. : 01 t"«i I ic iv .Sunday from Lloyd L'n'jir- = , , "" 1 ' flC "°" ! •» "n. i ii i- r n Ji , tllLU .>]] -S r 1 ry ynules ina.le n trip lu K ; -n- i ,|i,ed MLS I,!oyu'- t by bus last .-Tidily io see Alice -'as: ot uiiuo-s I Wonderland m the Palace the-.with a luislm-l-i .•,.,, I in;-, lleliv.slnn.-nl-. v.m-tcrveil iil- Af gomes.luid •Mr. and MR. E i H. Crook vis- ilc<l Mr. nnd MH. -J' A, Lloyd, ni Siiiidy .Dldgp Monday. Mines. D. Garret',, p B Jar- IV.IL and E. n;c,'ock attended tiie fonncil meeting ,-( demonstration emlw at .the. BlyDicvllIc- -Woman's ' (.•lib Sutiirday, ; The-Rcv. Mr.-H;an niled his ap- ]x-!n;ment liere Saturday night niul Sunday. ^ By Alien ALLVOUU. ^'CHHG WOULt>NT NEED If. f\ HOti,] "BOTHV-IR TO CARRY OUT ( Goi_t> TH v <30Lt5 fr _. __. . . . .—i -, — -v i i% _, 1*1 \ vjwk-N-rvAL/w i NUdC^EfY^— AW' \ "TO TBRLfeH \T MINE PROPERTY, AFTER ~VHE { VOU CAN PICK UP OT^F VA\S SNOW MELTS —VAS P—vHUMT^F- S^H 'GOLD DUST J S^OLJ^&EUS, ^- I EXPECT TO 6ET IN "PRODUCTION 1 ON TR S FLOOR/ WHtN IT ^•BOUT iUNt —WORK THE MINE JOFTW 1 rv\\NE '\^tTTLES LIKE TOUR MONTHS,-3UST TAKING OUT f WITH A VACUUM ENOUGH GOLt> TO KEEP ME IN AlEANER , COMFORT AN"D LUXURY THE- l\ 0 OTHER E\GHT MONTHS 01 DINNV DOKS HIS KIT! By Hainlin C'MON,VJOOTIE.TOOT- >,r's GOT _ AVJFUL. «•----•- i VJORKV:D & rnri^v ' ^!5'.>>.-• LIKt "DANTDRUFF P .. iMFREEf IETS GIT GOlN'-IHIS IS NO PLACE FGi5 ME.' ..iff. -::v:r±'t VEIN , OT= [CONRDENCE BUT.VOU OF H\M'. Of HE MlfoHT >:,OOMD COUUO BE ABOUT \T. WASH TUBBS wofs y \ Hoist IN rue CA.PTMH-S c<s,8iN Ut M*9 V1VE.N I WEHt '.N TO / EASY IS STILL SUSPICIOUS! HE KMOCttfeD (At DDWH, •SIR, .. 40F,K£!) IN ETHER, ML I BeVSER UNTIL I 1H THM CLOStT. OUT lit W« \ / TttT; ETHER UnCONSCIOUS, \( 9R6MH. !- WS ttOTrttS — MOT «IS\ ue w^s NO MORE unconscious, W6 HE V)J\S KV aorrotA or THVS SPOOK'/ Business. . HI GOT TO Tit HIM OP, BUT I'M MORE COT4 t<JER THM McaOVWiE'S TH6 SPOOK, ALL li.ALLKD UP! tTsloo I Me To V.UO THS (JOU)M ToTM' STORE., MOW 1 . ELL Tf.KE IT To' D"»V- ~~" -r . .'---",> PUSHED VfR. (ter-T ^HCC.'.-R'Vfl <x.f.._-_ • •'*•< F«C« "".*'6; (MR.POR.T! /ceLffV,-.xT^,'_ocv!^ vL/'e^:-r\'f-ij-<ri-> /._ . •' .y I '-WED Vf\ 'UlftT TROU'SUS.,BOSS —.ITS ^- l'^ .- L?lf^-u~r j.i/-i/,il' . i EMS i<cose-ivr,Boy LOCKIT KKECKUiS AND HIS FRIENDS \VATCiILN(; A —\ EX- / CEPT1OKI OF ON£ ^ GUY= H6 j VJAKJTS To SEE g ME FAIL! Ji\ ^ ; IT'S THAT FELLO'..'J OM T);= ECC5 | OF THE CtoViD...&i- (4iMl Y&'J S=E ' ITS LlkE TH: " ' i PLACE, BUT V.= B= I. AMD SHE UASKiT B=cS! A3LS To KEEP UP HER [Wt/ENT5... CITY 1 W 8UYJMC C-J3 FOR A DtPCST. 1 TtlATS WHY 1 V-'AsiTED MY SUCCESS, So I CVJLO HELP MOM ;

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