Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 30, 1955 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 30, 1955
Page 11
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( ^^il_ - lEXS""^ j™" -Sl^L-p S v* 1 ^? r ¥"l e TT* «- ~ f ''^"A, jt ^; ^g iua jttf J j&d f ** -d * ^£l jBt»'SjB' JK jtt Ifa* Ifc fej[ m * jtt f uJ,f?iStVr •„' / j » v ' • fl u r t ....JtJLjf^." y'JSLSJg* * A R R. A. JiJfji*J!L J _^.-,»^. ^ \ v * *. f * In W r ill< The Night William Sloans SLOAN ! coming. I J said to Selena, who was sit,L» I i-<»Mne-4nal- afternoon. ing perfectly quietly beside me: anKst That was too close. 1, that 1 had nev- s j jn hear the ange is singing."! ioiay, alone withj She n0t jded quietly. "There was ; .,. 6hd learned so !ittle' no way you cou id see the road,"j My stock of small -NO" I agreed. "Kids! Their, ,6trt. 1 was sim , ,. . Jtft&il . .doftfe the turnpike, if Ofing tnti «a< find the other * Utd thihkiftg & little, whdn «ha* r&Clfed forward suddenly rid ratchet, up ih'« emergency 'itarttli' :the- , ear began to skid; ^" d*Vit ^f a time keep- tttfrom ItttWng ttiftte. „_! iheffniddl* of my struggle Ith thi •Wfted 6 'lsri«ht yeliow s&aster'luli of (H-ep school kidfi " _6Ut,.of, a narrow drive in , bt U* And . swef ved rodrinR |tf»e ' hflhwfty., They must lwed^Uf ffftnt b"umper by ies. 1 unlocked the emergency We rolled onj sweat was run M, In riVUlets. It \vae .UJX| 1A143, UB * *T MJV. fcp* * f " •*" closet cdiri ever had.in my Undoubtedly Sdlerja's quick oh the'W-ake had saved us '.,' AS I thought iii,i icauxcu...mot the road down ftM the yellow car had come " dett" from the high'- wall and a belt of I could ;ar was , NEW 4 USED MOWERS Repairs and nk Rtpinrs Co. Now fc| b # that Cortwr w Anniversary U,oo-V J~..ry S»r* parents oughtn't to give them cars." Sh£ was silent, and a belated question came into my mind. "How did you know they were coming?" "1 — what is it Jerry says? I had a..huhch.'.'. And she smiled. It had seemed that she had acted with amazing directness for a woman with only a hunch. The months that followed flowed into one another without anything of importance to this story. I was getting on well in my work, and devoting more and more time to it in consequence. I saw loss of Jerry and Selena That winter than I had expected to, and I could see, when we did meet, that Jerry was delighted with my progress and puzzled by it. He himself was not deeply interested in the statistical work I was doing, though I understand he did it brilliantly. On several occasions he told me that most of it bored him. He admitted he put in as little time at his office as he could, and I wondered; if he was growing lazy* Which would have been unlike him, or just what he was doing that Occupied the rest of his time. One evefting I found out. He and Selena and Dad and Grace were to .come round to my apartment for a buffet supper on a Sunday night. This, particular lime Jerry and Selena came early. He had something" under his arm, and as soon as the greetings were over he presented it to me with a flourish. "Here, Bark. With .the compliments of. the author." And he grinned. . It was a thin, gray-covered little magazine with a three-decR title, some sort of journal of mathematics. I ran my eye down the table of contents,' and sure enough, there' was the name of Jeremiah Lister. > "What hath Grod wrought!" "You may well say that," he told me exultantly. "That obscure and droopy-looking little publica tiofi is more exclusive than the Racquet Club. And 1 have crashed its austere gates." "Well," I said, smarting for time arid lobking 8t the article; "this is a surprise. And my novel only half done. You've beaten ma to {jublicatiori, all right." Jerry's piece occupied only two pages ahd it might as well have been a Sanskrit inscription for all the sense I could make out o5 it. There was a short editorial foreword by the brain that conducted the magazine in which Jerry's ' work was spoken of as "brilliant," ' "original," and "highly suggestive." After looking helplessly at the text for a few seconds, I said, MARKETS St. LOUIS LVESfOCK NATIONAL STOCKYARD, ii. Hogs 8,500; barrows and2345 Hogs 8.500; barrows and attention from both buyers and sellers. By far the greatest number of changes was covered by a point, gilts steady to weak; sows steady :bu5 the extremes ran from 11 to 25 lower; 180-210 1 17;60-'points lower to 5 points higher. 75; choice No. Is and 2s . 17.35- Trading mounted rapidly. 18.00; 220-240 lb 17.00-50; 240-270 "1 bet Selena helped you with this." "No," she said apparently taking my jest seriously, help him." "I didn't 'I should say not," he added. "She was opposed to the thing from the start. She told me it was a waste of time, but even in the face of discouragement 1 pef- served. I like doing stuff in the field." "Well," I told him, "every man to his own folly." I was really pleased about the article. Jerry Was a bright lad all right. Selena looked surprised. "But his isn't foolish. Jerry's article s absolutely correct." 16.75-17.25; 280-325 lb 15.75-16.50; 0-170 lb 17.00-50: sows 450 .' Jb down 15.00-75; heavier sows 14.0075; boars 10.00-12.50. ; . . . Cattle 33500; calves 700; heifers and mixed yearlings steady; commercial but good 17.50-21.00; cows steady; utility and commercial 12.50-15.50; canners and cutters 10.00-12.50; bulls steady; utility and commercial 13.50-15.00; canners and cutters 10.00-13.00; good and choice vealers 22.00-29.00; prime reached 31.00; commercial and good 16.00-22.00. Sheep 700; undertone bearish on lambs; wool lambs 25-50 lower; choice around 102 lb wool lambs 22.25; aged sheep steady; slaughter ewes 6.00-8.50. ound. I showed her Jerry's piece She wrinkled her forehead over t for a minute. "Goodness, Jermiah my sweet, I don't see how •ou. have time for such things with a wife who looks like Selena." Jerr y blu shed an d laughed. 'What I haven't got time for," he aid, "is my job at Howard and Veurath, Statisticians. I'm quitting he end of next week." "Youare?" I was surprised, hough I knew he was not tremendously keen about working in an office. "Yes,' f he said* "I've about de- PlCIAL NOTICE Ki b »; » feVV w i i •k •"», n"-«. • , r 'i TT+ .ft* /T4 rriry friends ahd customers: I like to announce that I have moved „ .rorn 115 S Elm to 916 South Elm Fdr •pp&itments phone . . . .7-3584 MARY HAMM $5,000 - $25,000 MEN WANTED! T 9 »-fl| 1 -t-« » <H . " r -- •••"• •--.-.- • The FireCPyfamid L'ife Insurance Company is •rapidly expanding.* Our men are earning- the above figures. ' They were formerly lawyers, rnerthants, r coaches and salesmen. We train, finance qhd supervise you. Call or write Herbert L .Thomas, Jr., Little Rock, FRanklin 5-5259, Pyramid Life Building, Little Rock, Arkansas. ;jLfT DUCKETT DO IT... THE BIST IN STEEL CONSTRUCTION 'Shecls — farm Buildings — Industrial Buildings '' * 'mode according to specifications. Can be constructed at low cost! DUCKETT Sim & EQUIPMENT CO. . " • , North Main Street fe> LIGHTING FIXTURES Protect your eyesight and enhance the beauty of your home with correct lighting fixtures. Allen Electric Co. South Urn Phone 7-2629 FOR EVERY PAINT JOB Indoors or Outdoor*! There's a colorful* top quality Dutch Boy paint, enamel or varnish for every painting job. BILL WRAY SUPPLY feu* Walnvt I poured the ame in and cocktails. Grace ve had another cided that what I do is teach." really want to It seemed right to. me, and I old him so. NEW YO.R KSTOCKS NEW YORK (ffl — The stock market declined moderately today with atomic stocks getting the bulk Chapter XXV They left within a few weeks, nd we all went down to see them Dff. When the train had pulled out rito the cavernous gloom of the Grand Central cave and left us standing on the platform, I felt ah obscure feeling of sadness and 'brooding. Jerry and I had been jrowing apart, of course, as our ives diverged, but this time, as ive separated, it felt like the end of something. We wrote', of course, from time ,o time. .Jerry's letters were postmarked "Los Palos," and at first hey 'came ' about once a week. _ radually they grew more infrequent, arid so did mine. 1 gathered hat he and Selena were enjoying heir lonely life ". out there,-but in he last one or two of his scrawls here was an unfamiliar note that could hot quite analyze: "My study window looks right out over' 50 miles of desert — it ivbuld be so easy to get lost out here, and nobody, would ever .find tou. Selena walks a lot arid some- irries I get worried for fear she won't get back before dark, but I fuess. she can take care of her- If. You'd get a kick out. of this place, Bark; Why don't you come mi here .•sometime...later?" I. wrote him and said that I'd ike to come sometime, but that •was busy and doubted if I'd ind time even .for 'a week's vacation. • >|. A month later my doorbell rang at 9 o'clock in the evening. It r as a telegram: ', . CAN YOU COME AT ONCE MEETING LIMITED TUESDAY MORNING LOS PALOS HOPE TO 5EE YOU JERRY I cursed, got leave of absence Jrom my office, and caught the Century the next', day. My first thought was that Jerry ooked marvelously well. I knew at once that he was more than ordinarily glad to see me, and hat, too, surprised me. But he _:ave me no time to' think or to be surprised. "Hi, Bark!" "Hello, Jerry." "Sorry to be late. Got a flat halfway here arid lost a lot of ime." "That's okay," I told him. Some time after eight o'clock in the morning our road turned grad- jally left and southward, and after a while we were,running paral- el to the mountains west of us. The motion up arid down the bar- rancas began to He almost as regular as a long ground swelL After several miles we came to a deeper draw with a steep face to one side, and along its base a patch of shad, Jerry pulled the car into it and turned to me. In ,he sudden silence I could heai' the bubble, bubble of the water boiling in the radiator. "We'll stop here a little and cool off,", he said, and got out of lie car. We walked around some, and I told him it was lonely country. "Yes," he said. "It takes time to get used to it. Then you love it." "I suppose so." Suddenly he looked at me and grinned. "I forgot. We have breakfast.'! He rummaged in the back of the car and brought but a tftermos tf coffee and several pa con sandwiches, Th? coffee was hot and exceptionally good. "Selena seems to make better coffee than most brides." I said to glad you're doing so well at the job." "I wouldn't say that. But it's an improvement over my perform ance a while back. Jerry, I owe you an apology for a lot of things. I acted like a fool." He didn't look at me. "You had reasons. In lot of ways they were good ones." "I didn't even have an excuse, really." He got on his feet and began walking .up and down in front of me, looking at the ground. "Listen, Bark. Before we get there, I want to talk to you a little while. So you'll know what you're getting into and why I wired you." "All right." "First of all, don't get the idea ^ there's anything wrong between me and Selena. I—well, I'm more in love with her now than I was when we got married." "Sure," I said. "You're a couple of swell people." ;"Thanks. and I'm going to sound like an ass when I tell you what's on my mind. In one way, '.'m happier than I've ever been everything's just enough wrong so :'m worried." He wet his lips and went on. "You aren't married, so [-don't know quite how I can plain it to you. It's just that every- ;hing goes so far, between us, and ;hen it stops." I started to say something and stopped, embarrassed. "And you don't only want to jive everything to the person you .ove, but you want to be given everything in return. It's a two- way proposition for each perspn," He stopped and faced me. '.'"?'I feel as though she was holding something back. Sometimes it's almost as though she felt I wasn't old enough to know something. And I can't find out what it is she cnows that I don't. There's some- Wng in between us. And yet, she loves me, Bark." (To Be Continued) . He pushed at • pebble with his foot, 'i m*4« Wls." ho said. Selena doesn't cook." "Nono of ihe old biscuit ceed »Bply? "N6. Sh» much tor fool, <^« w»¥ °<f other." $» voice impU*d l»c h»dn't s»i<* everything th*t w»s Ml his mind. He' w»3 silent 11Q«K *}** sefore, and in another well POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO Live poultry steady; receipts in coops 545 yesterday 604 coops, 95.078 lb. f.o.b. paying prices unchanged to 2 cents higher; heavy hens 26-30.5; light hens 16-17; broilers or fryers 34-36; old roosters 12-12.5; BuSter easy; receipts 1,072,407; caponetles 39 -41 . BuSter easy; receipts 1,072,467; wholesaly buying prices '/4 lower; 93 score AA 56.75; 92 A 56.75; 90 c 55; cars 90 b 6; B 55.5; 89 89 C 55.5. Eggs wea k; receipts 19,169; wholesale bu yi ng prices — to 2 lower; U. S. large whites 70 per cent and over A's 36; 60-69.9 per cent A's 34; mixed 34; mediums U. S. standardss 32; dirtie 30.5; checks 0; current receipts 31. Faubus Vetoes Continued from Page Ofaft American Veterans Organization. Faubtis also vetoed the appro prlations for construction at the university and state colleges based on anticipated revenue from two liquor bills we vetoed Monday. Backers of the vetoed liquor export bill anticipated its revenues, from a 35-cent per case tax on all exported liquor, would total $1,000,000 a year. The governor said the figure would be more nearly $100,000. The Arkansas industrial devel- GRA1N AND PROVS'IONS CHICAGO Ml — Grains went through another session of narrow price movements on the Board of Trade today. Soybeans were easier than the rest of the market for the second straight day as wearming. weather in the midwest raised the possi- opment commission came into being in one bill signed by Faubus. who straightaway named a complete slate of members to the board, headed by Winthrop Rockefeller, oil millionaire now living at Petit jean. A companion bill approprialec $'?5,000 for the commission's expenses. Other approvals were the school fund distribution bill and a measure creating a commission to studj Ways of rehabilitating alcoholics Faubus vetoed and approvec parts of two appropriations bills for the state hospital which left the institution about $4,000,000 in operating funds. bility of increased offerings of cash beans. Bean meal fell $1.00 a ton in the cash market, equal- ling the year's low at $59.50. Wheat closed l'/ 2 lower to 1% higher, may $2.14%-'/ 2 , corn un- chanjed to lower, May $1.45- oats VB-% lower, May 71-70 rye % lower to Vi higher, May $1.03-$1.04, soybeans 7 / 8 to 2 cents lower, May 2.52 1 /4-$2.52. wheat: No. 3 red 2.18V 2 . Corn: No. 3 yellow 1.45-50. Oats: No. 1 heavy white 81-81 \fa; No. 1 heavy sa.ple red 77'/2. Soybean oil : 11 % ->/ 2 ; soybean meal: 59.50. Barley nominal: malting choice 1.40-57; feed 1.06-20. Legal Notice NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK w; — Cotton futures 2ere lower today under prqs- sure of liquidation. Selling was heavy during the morning, with old crop months off more than $1 a bale. Prices recovered somewhat during the afternoon on trade buying and short covering. The selling reflected discouragement' among traders over the slow demand for cotton textiles, a letdown in export demand and mounting supplies. ' . Late afternoon- prices were 75 cents a bale lower to 5 cents higher than the previous close. May 33.32, July 3.60 and Oct. 3.87. LEGAL NOTICE Pursuant to a resolution adopted by the Hempstead County Democratic Central Committee on March 29, 1955. a Democratic Preferential Primary Election is hereby called to be held on the 26th day of July, 1955, at the Various voting precincts in all incorporated Towns and^ Cities in Hempstead County Arkansas, and a Regular Primary Election is hereby called to be held on the 9th day of August, 1955 at the various voting precincts in the incorporated Towns and Cities in Hempstead County, Arkansas for the purpose of nominating democratic candidates for the var ious offices in the incorpor'atec Towns and Cities in Hempsteac County, Arkansas, which are to be filled at the General Ejection to be held November 8, 1955. The ticke closes April 26, 1955. W- S. Atkins, Chairman Hempstead County Democratic Central Committee ATTEST: . Louis E. Grain Secretary, Hempstead County Democratic Central Committee. HOME PERMANENTS We carry a complete stock of leading nationally advertised brands. WARD AND SON DRUGGIST * &f ^" '••-' ~ !#$ *f'~> v * j X*^**'''*j *• *|t~r*|i*m f £ Wednesday, March, 30, 1955 HOP! STAR, M 01I, At R A N S A S Calendar ARE OUR BUSINESS Wo specialize in effective termite control, If termites are the problem, we have the answer. There s no charge for an inspection so call on our long experience now. ARKADELPHIA TERMITE CO, 1032 Main Street Phone 1057 ARKADELPHIA ARKANSAS April 1 Emmet Garden Club will sp sor a "cot-luck supper at the pol cafeteria on Friday April 1, . ' o'clock. The Emmet Communi- I*T * mprovem€nt League and the Emmet Home Pemorfstration Clubs ire asked to participate. Mrs. Dilly. of Hot Springs public relations SHEI1GER *' NOW! * • Feature Times • 2:00 - 3:46 - 5!33 - 7:32 - 9:22 SPECIAL NOTICE The "BEAUTY BOX" is happy to announce that DIANE BEASLEY (Formerly with Mary-Edna Beauty Shop) is now associated with us as a beauty operator. Her former years of experience will enable her to give you that personal touch that every woman wants in her hair-styling. Call 7-5858 for an appointment Open Every Day — Including Wednesday THE BEAUTY BOX 112 So. Main Street The thrilling Legend of Myles of Falworth, the peasant lad who became a mighty Man of Iron ... of the black secret he carried . . . il the throne he saved . . . and the heart of the lovely Lady Anne he stole! Atomic Sub Continued from Page On* by Wilkinson, a native of Long Beach, Calif., for the Saturday Evening Post. Criticism of project has result in this ban against similar articles in the future. , Legal Notice IN THE HEMPSTEAD CHANCERY COURT BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY LEVEE DISTRICT NO. 1 ,.;. PLAINTIFF VS. DELINQUENT LANDS DEFENDANTS NOTICE The following named persons and corporations, and all others, having or claiming an interest in any of the following described lands are hereby notified that suit is pending in the Chancery Court of~Hempr stead County, Arkansas, to enforce the collection of certain levee taxes shown on the subjoined list of lands, the names of each supposed owner having been set opposite his, or her, or its land, together with the amounts severally due from each, to'-wit: NAME DESCRIPTION TOWN OF FULTON, ARKANSAS 1951 1952 1953 NV> Lot 1, Block 2 2.50 2.50 SVi Lot 1, Block 2 .25 .25 % Lot 3, Block 2 .50 ... 3/5 Lot 3, Block 3 .50 Lot 5, Block 2 .50 .50 Lots' 6 & 7, Block 2 .50 .50 Lot 8, Block 2 2.50 2.50 .. Lots 9 to 13, Block 2 1.25 1.25 Lots 15 & 16, Block 2 1.00 1.00 .... NM> Lot 16, Block 3 2.50 2.50 Charity Thomas Lots 6 & 7, Block 26 1.00 Andrew Riven Lot 13, Block 29 .50 .50 J. C. Pate Lots 14, 15 & 16. Block 30 7.50 7.50 Paralee Wilson Lot 4, Block 2 1.50 Henderson Jones Lots 3 & 4, Block 3 .50 Lee Helton '. Lot 2, Block 18 .25 H, B. Brown Lot 10, Block 30 .50 Mrs. J. K. Harrell Lot 9, Block 36 .25 Betty Mitchell Lot 16, Block 25 SMITH'S ADDITION TO THE TOWN OF FULTON, ARKANSAS Mary Williams H. Jones Cinda Beard Cinda Beard .., Florene Ellis H. Jones Nancy Burkett Henderson Jones . Australia Aubrey Horvey Adams Will Carter ................................ Lots 1, 2 and 3, Block Will Carter , Lot 7, Block Will Carter Lots 12 & 13, Block 6 Will darter Lot 16. Block 6 R. B. Williams Lots 2, 3 & 4, Block"? W. H. McGill Lot 14; Block 7 Ida Richards NVt Lot 8, All 5, Block 7 Melvin Thomas ! Lot 11, Block 8 Melvin Thomas Lot 13, Block 8 Melvin Thomas Lot 16, Block 8 Ben Wilson Lot 10 & 11, Block 9 Glen Spates Lot 4, Block 16 Mrs. H. H. Darnell N. 25>:100' Lot 11. Block. 16 Mrs. H. H. Darnell Lot 12, Block 16 Oscar Van Riper : Lot 1. Block 17 Mrs. Schweizerhof Lots 2, 3 & 4, Block 17 . Mrs. Schweizerhof Geo. McGill .... Lot 8, Block 17 Lots 3 & 4, Block 18 .50 .25 .75 5.00 3.75 3.00 .25 .25 12.50 J.OO .25 .25 .25 5.00 1.00 10.75 .25 .25 .25 5.00 3.75 3.00 .25 .25 2.50 .25 .50 .50 .50 2.50 1.25 1.00 2.50 .50 7.50 1.50 .25 .50 .60 .25 .25 .25 5.00 3.75 3.00 .25 .25 1.25 1.25 .25 .25 ueo. mcuiu j-.uio o «. -», .^"wiv *y Mattie Bell Aubrey Lots 8 & 9, Block 5 Will Carter 'Lot 1, Block 6 Southwestern Gas & Electric Co. E 10' of the E% of Lot 8, & WMs of Lot 5, Block 10 W. E. White, Trustee WVa Lots 8 & 9, Block 10 Erma Odom Lots 14 & 15, Block 21 SHULTS ADDITION TO THE TOWN OF FULTON, ARKANSAS Bates McCain Lots 7, 8 & 9, Block 10 Ella Carrington Lot 10 & 11, Block 10 1.00 .SO 1.25 23.00 B. D. Arnette Postal Telegraph & Cable Co PUllman Co Railway Express , Lot 5, Block 10 0.407 Miles 7.50 .50 .50 6.30 3.20 1.00 ,AME" " PARTS OF SECTION Sec. Twp. Rge. as. Sampson Pt. SWV4 SEtt (5.71) 17 13 26 3.50 'mma Belcher Pt. SWYt S.EV4 (.29) 17 13 26 2.5,5 Sam Stuart Pt. SWtt SEV* (5.10) W. M. Cornelius Estate Pt. NWV4 NWVi (4.20) West PT. WV4'SWV« (5.10 WUliams Pt. Wtt NWV* (36,00 17 13 26 3.00 35 35 27 3 15 13 13 13 14 14 26 26 26 26 26 .40 4.50 4.00 7.50 .50 .50 6.00 1.00 3.50 2.50 3.00 .40 4.30 4.00 12.00 '.» 1.00 1.25 7.50 7.50 .50 .50 6.3Q 3.20 1.00 S.50 2.SO 3.00 .40 4.50 4.00 1.80 Aretha Muldrow .... Ft. NV4 J. L. Rankin .................... Frt. SEV 4 (6-00) $&Ysaid d»ent leVeTtaVei with the payment pf fctemt, * n fMiWy SSW&rtfo ^&«!»*ftir eierfc, Hehipstead Chancery Court JO, April 6, 13, ?0 I PENNSYLVANIA I ' " A ^|' / •^ri^^Sp i ^^•v%;^^:^. me QnlJubelefife ?&ti*$&*M>$WW?tiw THAT • • •TO T I W II Now you can have all the advantages of tubeless tires, plus extra safety, extra protection! In addition to the conventional rib-type air seal, 330 vacuum cups are molded into the beads of Pennsylvania's Tubeless Aerolux. This super- strong, • double sealing action guards against tire slippage, air loss— even under severe road shock, full-stop, emer- ' gency braking! Stop in today, and try the Vacuum Cup "Grip-Test" yourself! Tony CORT1S- Janet .LEIGH • • -Batata RUSH • Herbert MAiKHAU • EXTRA • 1. News of the Day 2.- Color Cartoon "TRIAL OF MR. WOLF" officer of the Arkansas Power and Light Company will be guest speaker. Every one is cordially invited to attend. Senator Admits Continued from Paee One "The masses want all the tax exempt groups taxed." "There is no use kidding ourselves into believing that the masses will vote to remove the tax on Jeanie Chamberlain and Mrs. W. feed," Mitchell said. T. Roberts. Mr. credit manager Post. Friday. April 1 The Rose Garden Club will meet in the home of Mrs. E. P.. O'Neal | Friday April 1, at 3 p. m. with| Mrs. John S. Gibson as co-hostess. Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Mrs. Mary Dunkjn. Mrs. J. W. Smith will have charge Hope, Mrs. Erlene Fenwick, Hope, of the program. | Wayne Hatfield Rt. 4, Hope, Lou- freda Cheatham, McNab Julia Chester Thursday March 31 The Spring Recital under the di- Admitted: Mrs. J. C. Harwell. Chamberlain is I When Washburn opened his cam for the Denver paign he called the feed exemp tbn bill "an outrage against the schools." School forces asked the Legislature for 12'/ 2 million dollars extra to provide what they called a "minimum, adequate" program. The Legislature turned down the request because they money was not available. Later the administration asked the Legislature to increase the Court Docket rection of Mrs. B. C. Hyatt will be Hope, Allen Shipp, Hope, Mrs. T. held in the Junior High auditorium O. Bright Rt. 2, Hope at 8 o'clock Thursday March 31. | Discharged: Varalee Walker, Notice Due to bad weather last Friday night the Junior Class of Bodcaw School will stage a repeat per lormance nC their class play 'Pleased to Meptcha" on Tuesday April 5, at 7:45 p. m. The public is invited. June Sandstrum and Jimmy Wilson to wed Washington, Annie Coleman, Rt. 4, Hope, Mary Bell Stuart and daughter Rt. 1, Hope, Dianetta McEh-oy, | iiffed'from their 3 Yeed'.'~They' Fulton. sales tax from two to three per cent to aid the schools and make up for the loss of the poultry sales tax. This move was voted down. Poultrymen have tried for several years to get the sales Mr. and' Mrs. George Sundstrum of ' new 1955 lin e of GMC "Blue Chip" Phoenix, Arizona announce th C itr«cks built by GMC Truck- & engagement and approaching mar-j" l0acn Division. Officials from the Ellen Returns From Memphis Meeting R. C. Allen of Hempstead Motor Co., has just returned from a GMCjt ne bill, however, because there dealer meeting in Memphis where, was no visible means of replacing he attended a preview of the all- tax say they cannot compete in price with poultrymen in neighboring states if they have to pay sales tax on their feed. The 1953 Legislature voted to exempt poultry feed from the sales tax. Gov. Francis Cherry vetoed riage of their dauahler. Joan, to ' Home Office in Pontiac, Mic- Hope. . , Jimmy Wilson son'of Mr. and Mrs. .hifian, outlined the Divisions sales Autrey Wilson of Hope. Tho. wed-,P lans for the coming months, and ding will be a June First event in described the merchandising program for introducing the truck' line to the public. The meeting included four color movies illustrating many of the hundreds of major styling and engineering advances of the new models. J.1HJ Ul:l.l U. ^JIUVCS O^J V_1UO3 VJi „. <-nr-r ,. f f~l-*mt toe First Methodist Church were !The »55 line of CMC's is the most entertained royally by their hostess «>Pir°ved and the most complete Mrs. Lloyd Spencer, when she op-l in *.* ^story of the Division. ac- Mrs. Lloyd Spencer Hostess To Jett B. Graves SS Class The Jett B. Graves SS Class of ened her cabin on Grassy Lake for the ladies .to enjoy a pot luck supper. The cabin was decorated with pine boughs, and the long table and many quartet tables were arranged for 1 the serving of the many varieties pf wonderful food. Mrs. Manney gave the invocation, after which a recreational period followed. There were 31 members present to enjoy the occasion. cording to Mr. Ellen. Continued from Page One the best-selling novel, to be even more profitable. • Behind him also, lie such smash hits as "Champion," "Home cf the Brave," and "High Noon." "But at least half of my pictures only barely broke even or failed to do that," he said. Stan doesn't feel a film necessarily is a failure because it fails Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Chamberlain have returned to their home in 1,1.1, • Denver, Colorado after a short vi-' to bring in a golden Hood at the those who look on motion pictures the lost revenue. Faubus brought up >up the issue in last summer's Democratic Gubernatorial campaign. He promised that if the voters would elect him over Cherry he would exempt feed from the sales tax. "Allegiance" derives from "liege" which was first used to mean "simple" or "unconditioned" in descrbiing feudal relationships. He competes with himself. "I want to narrow down the percentage of disappointment to myself with each succeeding job. There comes a point in every picture where you think it is the best you've ever done, and another point where you're convinced it absolutely stinks. The truth is somewhere in between. "The frustration of trying for the best is that you can never hope really to succeed. But it does make you dig deeper." Kramer is convinced motion pictures have a future only if they are regarded as art forms as well as an industry. "As an art form there limit to them," he said, an industry there is. Actually it is Municipal Court of Hope, Arkansas March 28, 1955. City Docket Carl Jackson, Assault and Battery, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Mrs. V. Foster, Don Roberts, Running "Stop" sign, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Georgia Walker, Possessing untaxed intoxicating liquor, Plea guilty, fined $50.00. Elbert Williams, Resisting arrest, Plea guilty, fined $100.00. L. T. Phillips, No city car license, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Ruben Lindsey, Leonard Monk. No city car license, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. George McCoy, Following too close to another vehicle, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Ralph Taylor, No brakes on car, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. John M. Purtle, Failure to yield right of way, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. J. E. Patlon, Fictitious license, I Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Leonard Monk, Fictitious car license, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. Ruben Lindsey, No driver's license, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Willie Garland, Drunkenness, Plea guilty, fined $10.00. Bill Briant, Sam Smith, Drunkenness, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. Sid Williams, Mattie Lee Harris, Charles Sue Palmer, Joshua Prater, Carlon Sue Smith, Disturbing peace, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. Daniel Martin, Disturbing peace, Plea guilty, fined 25.00 and 30 days in jail; jail sentence suspended. Marie Champion, Disturbing peace, Tried $50.00 and 60 days in | jail; jail sentence suspended. State Docket K. C. Food Co., R. M. Gate, Overload, Forfeited $25.00 cash bond. Fish Engineering Co., (M. W. is no 'But as sit with his Mother, Mrs. D. T. boxoffice. Timing, he - feels, has Chamberlain and his sisters, Miss Hope Drive - In Theatre • HIGHWAY 29 SOUTH OPEN 6:30 - - - - NOW! - - - ACTION . . . THRILLS . . . SUSPENSE ... .HIGH IN THE HEAVENS! 1. LEON ERROL COMEDY SHORTS: 2. GRANTLAND RICE SPORTS 3. PORKY PIG CARTOON VACUUM RIM CUP jUYONS To Tul lto e ' -=£=£? inal jach iricel USTAXM^ PENNSYIVANIA TIRES FOX TIRE SHOP 514$, Walnut Hop© Ark* BIG BALLOON SHOWER FRIDAY & SATURDAY or 7:00 Prizes in Every Balloon! PLAN NOW TO ATTEND OUR BIG $3,000 GIVEAWAY NEXT SUNDAY NITEI IT KEEPS THE LUSTRE IN! LARGE FAMILY SIZE BOTTLE Leaves your hajr sparkling clean, soft, and easy to manage. ,• • • LIMITED TIME ONLY RIGVLARLY $3.09 $100 i .« <*, 'i Fintft Ofpcrtmim fttrt a lot to do with that. And proper promotion. His own favorite, "The Men," dealing with paraplegic war veterans—it gave . Marlon Brando his tirs't' starring role—came' 'Tout during the Korean War an unfortunate accident in timing. "But I think that 10 years from now it will still stand up as an honest picture," said Kramer. His own idea of a failure is a film he feels he didn't really do as well as he could have. From now on he plans to turn out only about one picture a year. "It takes a full year if you really hand tool a picture," he remarked. His goals are interior. only as an industry who do most to hold down their real moneymaking potential. They are short sighted." Stan is less than overwhelmed by some of the new grirnmicks used as movie fan bait, 1 ' such as mammoth screens. He deplores the tendency to confuse size with quality. "My theory," he observed drily, "is that by 1960 they will pick girl 11 feet tall to be Miss America, and the movie screen will be so large the only place you can show a picture .will be in the desert. "Of course, maybe I just feel thsi way because I'm a little fellow." THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN" if you sign ror tne continent., come see our new lisbon linens In Black and White As Shown 7.95 pfus'Tax So completely sophisticated, yet so disarmingly charming. With embroidery like Lisbon's ancient castles, color like its glorious harbor. And handbags to match! Better hurry, though. FOSTER'S FAMILY SHOE STORE ''WHfrf *rf MM J» t N , 11| I, Mi Cerbm fwttr Experts Differ on Choice for 'Oscars 7 HOLLYWOOD (ffl — Hollywood's smart money talked long shot today as even the experts differed violently on who would win tonight's Academy Awards. Crosby or Brando: Garland or Kelly? "The Country Girl" or "On the Waterfront?" With those favorites, it was even money and take your choice. . Only Edmond O'Brien, up for a supporting role in "The Barefoot Contessa," could make the experts agree. The closest finish in years raised the perennial possibility that the Oscar favorites might knock each other off. ....... . , i ; Humphrey Bogart, Dorothy Dandridge and the musical "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" thus rated better than an outside chance. , , i«i* Palmer, Driver), Overload, Forfeited cash bond. Strickland Transportation Co., (Charles Lewis, Driver), Overload, Forfeited $25.00 cash bond. Brumley Metal, Inc., Deward Grayson, Operate motor vehicle without PSC authority with lessee- shipper being party to improper lease agreement, Forfeited $100.00 cash bond. B. Schavartz ic. Co., As lessee- shipper being party to unlawful' lease agreement, Forfeited $100.00 cash bond. Norman A. Wachte, No PSC authority to operate motor vehicle. Forfeited $100.00 cash bond; $50.00 suspended. Ray Spurgis (J. W. McPherson, Driver), Operating a motor vehicle without PSC authority (3rd offense) Forfeited $500.00 cash bond. ii. W. Grabiel (E. W. Burnett, drj- ver) Operating a motor vehicle without PSC authority, Forfeited $100.00 cash bond. B & N. Brokerage Co., Operate a motor vehicle without PSC authority under improper lease agreement, Forfeited $100.00 cash bond. A. R. Schultz (Lawrence Haley, Driver), Operating motor vehicle without PSC authority, Forfeited $100.00 cash bond. Gilbert Carrier Corp., (John Deloney, Driver), Failure to have cab card, Forfeited $25.00 cash bond. I.indell Gibson, Perry Scroggins, Failure to have driver's license, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. tAician Pryor, Destroying evidence, Forfeited $50.00 cash bond. Melvin Scott, Petit larceny, Plea guilty, fined $25.00 and 1 day in jail. James R. Lumpkin, L. C. Dick, Burglary and Grand Larceny, Examination waived, Held to Grand Jury, Bond fixed at $250.00. Robert Lindsey, Grand Larceny, Examination waived, Held to Grand Jury; bond fixed at $200.00. ' Henry Cleveland, (James Pugh, Driver), Overload. Dismissed bo payment costs. Iloy Franks, Driving a motor Vehicle while under the influence nf intoxicating liquor, Plea guilty, lined $250.00 and 10 days in jail, STOPsiMPLE DIARRHEA Get Fast, Soothing Relief with PERCY MEDICINE BEE-T-MITE Termite Control Service Owned & Operated by GUY GRIGG Service policy 109 South Main St. Phones 7-3445 or 7-2772 Take Your Prescriptions to Crescent Drug Store Where they \vill be carefully compounded by,men who are graduates of a 4-year College of Pharmacy. CRESCENT DRUG STORE Phone 7-3424 EDNA'S BEAUTY SHOP OPEN FOR BUSINESS in new location at the former ., Boswel! Sisters Shop 417 W. 5th St. MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY Phone . . . . 7-2615 EDNA BROOKS and drivers Uc&tise one. year. " " . The Stock Market Is Ddwn ... ' Our Prices fife 409! CREAM OIL PERMANENT Only 8.50" HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 7-2871 The Explorers Club Presents With Pride Colonel Homer KeiltmC 1 As an 'ace -phot Hornef 'KcirMs 'Ui seven official' filnis <'for'; tti«| Aimy, Air •Force?-a" The National^ , GjJ Magazine.has turned* to' for some of its finest ister of 'the ^Christian At one time' he;'Wa» .CJiiefl of Troop Information on s .1lw| staff of .General Deugla& «Mcs-| Arthur in the ,Ear ^Eastjp*"'" recent y'ekYsne Tias~*.Bi graphic missionr'fbr'the";| Force in , "Eui-opet?!^ Asia, and the Artie. •• < Colonel- Kellems is one oil the"n6ted*~expiajPer6- to ^ pear in person . before new Hope - Explorers ,,• this seaB,pn,/, ijis .trave will be,' "India 1 \ Phone'-*|iSli| Ed Qgran at 4391 • or;-" at 2226 for full details. Meni-.; bersKirj* is limited apd'Vifl fiilirig ra'piduy'l " v *' ''£& BIGGEST CAR of the low-price 3 is Plymouth rA .?^1 MORE LUXURY OUTSIDE You'll be understandably proud of the long, low, flowing lines of your new Plymouth. Its 17 feet of shining steel make it the biggest car of the lowrprice 3 (8.4 inches longer than one car, 5.3 inches ahead of the other) i And its glamorous new Full-View windshield, with swept-back corner posts, gives you wider, safer visibility than either of the "other 2" low-price cars. MORE COMFORT INSIDE Plymouth's greater over-all, dimensions also mean more interior roominess. You get the widest front seat (by up to 2 inches), the greatest front and rear leg room (by up to 3,7 inches). Plymouth's door openings are higher and wider, too, permitting the easiest possible en try and exit. What's more, Plymouth's new trunk is mammoth — with far greater, capacity than the "other 2." SMOOTHER BIG-CAR RIDE ^ ^ Only a truly big car like Plymouth-caw give you,the luxury, of flabigspar jitfer Plymouth's longer and sWgn'geJjfrajnej wider rear springs and Onflow shock, absorbers provide. Uie^smoQthesJtjido in the lowest-price field. And Plymouth's great; new 6-cylinder PowerFJow 117 gives you the smoothest', thriftiest performance! Another^'top, dnginej Plymouth's new W* Best bwy rji»w| fcji Actual photo of the Plymouth lelveder« Sport Coup*. The big $wtng 1$ to Plymouth SEE IT TQDAY-DRIVf IT AWAYI i •MC n«fWS m r* ( «

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