The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 1, 1930
Page 2
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AUK.VjgpUrtIRU N'KWS MONDAY, DECEMBER I,' 1930 t !f. Society Calendar Mr». ; Hunter' C. Sims Is hiving TufiUur bridge club •Tueaiay Luncheon club is mating with Mrs. Edgar Borum, Mm, B C Fatten is entertain Ing'Wtptobday Bridge club. •ibje'"(wfccuti\e bojrd of the'Miuv' lor Hji(ii v Parent; Teacher as»cc!e ; tlon meeting at school' at 3:30. The?pelphlan 'chapter meeting' at tbejHptcl Noble at 8 o'clock, • <'-. >>••'• .Thun&ajr n :; -- '<- • Jewtikr'Udles' Aid sWltti' 1 will meet;'£Hh_ Mrs. Walter Rosenthal and vMrs . • Anna We Inber'^ " a I .' 1 ; 30 - " ..-. ,,-,. . Mrj'EyereU B. Gee Is having the Thursoiy' luncheon club. > " A ' ' bridge and. robot' party by the' American/Legion auxiliary at the.pome of Mrs. c. R, Bibcock •at 2:30 o'clock. To'Bar* Recital. •-''.:• Pupil?" of the Lowe-Moon'''studio will be presented in piano, violin, expression arid dancing numbers Tuesday'^yfcnlng at-'the high school auditorium, '."'•- • . All' at -'the .s"tu(li'ntvpf Mrs, 1 j. 'Cecil Lowe, Miss'-.'Helen ' Lo'we 'and' Miss Marie Moon wiii,,tak«.,part. in the varied program planned- which' is to begin at 1:30 o'cloc&?>\ •-The public Is cordially; i|vli$d.- ~^:-f~. —T- — ^-T-yyA-w«(«"* i-*y*L- day social^ andipfpfnuh Committee were v named awTr'selectlons made : f or .fie .class colors' and flowers. Members* social, committee aws-Loiil ftunter, .Cora May, Dunward Oirreit and a. T. Graoy G. .T.i0tay, ?Lucllie. Harkey, Mildred ifjrjirratt -and,; Margaret Mouser •"•'••• "•> Jhe/pnigram commitle.^- the" class-flower, the sweet .^•M,. . , wnl te were p?lect:d OS ^•|-*i"-~ i/^. "*•*". * *vjwjrfcc*iail fc^S; *aye; K£ll"a»-. fceetlnj Z,-? 0 o'fWSk^.irtythe'home oV^rl Edear.'Boruta'^hen Mrs.-..Louis Greent^will hostess ' --->:.-i"^»«i»sd.V of Miss Bertha Cartenana-MrVJoraJfla'anils,' bdih o! , P^^iStfe&wf ''yM&fiay ^h;t^^8y^r.'Hiftperfo-rm? ...... ... MIE s -• 6 eraIiJlne,-- 0 Vas tbl nder • : and Mr. Albert' E:'SftiVcU,"bolh" of manila, were married JiEre Saiurday by Justice John .D. Ncedham. . , " . . The '•'marriage .of : 'Mt!is Ziliie Hombuckle and Mr. txmnle Me " ... 7'"~ r;- ^yniii; mv;- pi WOT. t. HlCIVfcN> Callie, both pfiManlla, occurred in. Stttsiary Ahwrican Bridrt B vtheville. Saturday, Justice :E. F. Many times the opting Alston performed the Ceremony; V will make It possible for ._» • *-.• . - j__i .. i _ . • . .. TBip '%& tXOITIKJG A9 _N WIGHT AK1GE AND B5?0»/N.<?AIVA< JAOKET IffWORN OVWA lAllODtO FROCK OF BEIGE- BeOACCLTN. . JDt NET-0\'tR SATIK HAKE? TWE- FROTHy OOUFEOTION Jk r ^- ; BSU5W...:. ..rmC- FIOWfRS OH THE ?KIRT . ;.• -AREiOFRlflSOH Bits o Mostly Personal^' Mrs. J. W. Gray, of Burdette, is patient at Hie-Memphis Baptist hospital. ' • ' ' Tom Wralght had ai his ''(ruesls Sunday Misses Leila .and Pearl Dacns and Ralph Hijglns.v w Jonestoro. _' ; V..i" Miss Marie. Moori returiapl'.. today from Fulton,.lio.; r "wh?r»ts n! eiuiMt Ihn hnlM&«* - •*/ .\Mnll.m spent the . Woods ' college where 'tht gradu ated last. June. . ' : ': >ij 'Walter Green motored, to 'Memphis yesterday. : -v^l ...'Mr. and Mrs, C. W< Ramey'^cinrt children returned yesterday..' from Prairie, III,, where they \islt*d' relatives for several days. ' '' . • - • Mr. and Mrs. W. w; Whttten'imd son, Ralph, visited In .Memphis during the •Tharikjglvlng holidays. Miss Helen Lowe returned v!.ycS- terday 'froni, ! . Mill Ing ton, •"•• Tin n., where she vUlted her parents; foi 1 several days.'. . •'''".;"'. iO,j[ '. Mrs. J, W. Hamilton r j caihler of the Bank of Commerce and Trust company. Mr,; ahd Mrs. Harvey H. Haley and daughter, Mary Aim, of Hot Springs are In the city today. They were in'Memphis Saturday night for. the wedding of Mr. Haley's niece,'Miss Lena Miller, to Mr. Edwin Dlllard. Mr. Haley furnished the music and Mary Ann Haley •was flower girl In the wedding. They will be accompanied home by Mr. Haley's mother, ,Mrs. Mary Haley, who has been here several months. Mr. Haley was superintendent of the city schools for a number of years. Herman Peck and Boyd Wlliiams visited In Deerlng and other.points of southeast Missouri Sunday. Miss Hallle Wilcockson has as her guest today her sister, Miss Al- frceda Wilcockson, of Paragould Mr. .and Mrs. W. P. Veazsy Jr, nnd son, W. P. Hf, spent the weekend at Coldwater, Miss., with rela- Ures of Mr. Veazey. Mrs. Jack Horher. and son will retiirne tomorrow from Wheatley, fo her home in St. Louts .today-after visiting her sister, Mis.' L. D. Chamblln, and family; if or-Is o weeks, : _.,-. .';-' • , • Mr. and Mrs. ,M. Jonti-'aud children, Mrs. Ross StevjnsY' and daughter, Marjorle, retutned. y'es- terday from Columbia 6}ly^'frid., where they visited relatives. for . a week. ;-.,' ' '".' Miss Mary Arden Galloway -rc- ;urned tp her home in "b&vipgtori, Term., yesterday-after a tWB/fclietcs ?ls!t with friends. Marlort,dray-fi:- :ompanled her to .Mernphljsv^. Miss Mary Alice Thompson'Vc- airned to her home in, yc-sterday after visiting eral days enroule.home ter, Mo. ' ' •- ?•-., .: Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Vail ahd-M'lss Mary Virginia Cutler re'tiirhed to Hot Springs yesterday., alternom after spending the holidays-here. llj - and Mrs. A. K. Carter are J; L. Thompson-jr., of. Mernphls, i'^ving today, for.: Phoenbt, Ariz who. was the guest of cieorie Hen- where they expect "to spend several ry for the holidays, went 13.Pa'ra-1 moll ths. V...- : '- < Bould today'on business, v . • i Miss-Mary, 'outlaw spent ths Miss Edna Katherlne , Hale re-! weekend in-Rector with Jier mo- turntd to Hot Springs yesterday • lher -' "-.-•/.'•. - _.u ._ , . ...... '- Wrlght,.of Osceola, visited'his Conner r Stn»rt, U: - . " "•' ''••-. Miss . Mary Stuart, and Mr; Hua- ter Connor; both of Armorel, 'were' united'; In '.marriage Saturday; by the Rev. R. B. Kilgore, who performed the. ceremony/ '•'••'. ' eclarer to get a clear picture of le hands held by'his opponents nd will assist him'In making an -.... . A marriage license was issued Saturday to /Miss Bertha Collim and Mr. Francis N. German, both of steele. •' .-.. •: ff . Spealu^at Asjimbljr; : ' . Harvey H^aley, fprrrierly superintendent •". of ' f the '/' city 's' public schools and . now. holding a:simllar position at Hot Springs, was the guest of honor 'at a high school assembly today .when he was the principal speaker. .-.',,:.. . . To lia« Sale.; ••.',.-. Hand . work, fnadb in convents throughout the .conJitrj',' u-Jl r« sold Thursday afternoon and evening at the social'.- hall of > the church of the" Immacujate Conception, by members of the altar society.' Rnvi- oll'wlll also te sold, 35 cents per dozen. •••-'. Many Attend.B-nal j B'rith Dinner Meitins. More than "100 members ant guests of the B'nai B'rith, Meiwr- rah lodge, heard Rabbi Samuel F Tietlebaum or'-Fort/Smith, chairman - of the cultural, advancemsri committee t pf -.the 'seventh tllslrict In an interesting .program-at the Temple Israel list evening. The vis itors were from-numerous northeast-Arkansas, sbuth'east Mis' sourl and Memphis. '. j' Other speakers were: Dr. Loui Levy, president of the Sam Schlos lodge 35-of Memphis, Leo Beard man of Memphis, vice president-o district seven, and William" Barbff sky of Manila, president of the Is cal B'nai B'rith.. . ' "The Climb- of' Liberalism « * the subject, intereslrigly .discussa by Rabbi 'netlebaum when he a is took up the work of the BT>5 B'rith organization. The program opened with th singing of America, with Miss Bcr- nice Saphtan of CaruthersviUc at the ' '" ~ - xtrn. trick WEST S-jl-9-7- 2 H-MO-7 NORTH S-IO-5-5-3 H-9-B-4 0-0-9-2 C-fl-B-4 C-1-6-53 EAST s-K.l. " 5.4 H-H-S-2 D-K.J. • .10-6"J The Bidding At. contract, South-would pass, West pass. No'rth pass and East vould open the 'bidding with one diamond. Tlie South Vnnd Is too weak lo ovcrcal! njjdi-should pass West denies diamond r.ipjiviH by lidding one no-"'trump, Eas>t ;umps to three, no. trump, which closes tlio contracting. The Flay North has the opening lead and as., the only four-card suit he holds is spades, he opens with the three spot. By applying the rule of-eleven, the declarer knows that the -South hand holds only one spade higher than -the three, therefore the four-Is played from dummy. South vp\nyin ? the qureh BflU declarer winning wilii the ace, ;.)< .- •;,$;•-;" r Declarer relurus the duece of spades'..and .-finesios-the eight spot spades, South -is forced to protect the heart GU|t, and must discard the nhie of : vi:lubs,. declarer dis. carding the flve of clubs. The Jock.of spades is led from dummy and South is-'forced to discard the ten of clubs,-declarer sheds the six of clubs arid North the four of hearts. The declarer hiis a perfect count on (he South -hand. Ho knows tlmt South originally held one spade and thrco diamonds and lie undoubtedly held ;flvc clubs to the nee and four hearts. The declarer leads the king of clubs from . dummy, throwing South in the lead and forcing'him to lead a heart. The declarer heed not worry where the quecu of hearts is. If North holds it, declarer would cover the heart lend •with the /Jack"ahii force North's queen. ..,••• ' By correctly, reading the ii»nd, declarer IMS", mode a small slam at no trurrip, but as only three were bjd.'-he scores 105 for tricks bid and 50 each for the three overtricks. No slam bonus is scored as the slam was not bid. (Copyright, 1930, NBA Service, Inc) Southern train Men tike Invalid Present .HUNT^VI.LLE, Ala. il!P)-J. ,. Corder,.youthful Invalid, who waved to every Southern railroad train stopped at ^hls' home. Railway E Officials t .. . spo In dummy which, holds the trick- South' 'shows hts'ace of clubs by discarding the seven of clubs Tie jack of diamonds is leturned'from oummy. South plays Ihc five, the , ace and -v-^i-•- — —«... J*,UJ3 lilt 1 declarer goes up with the ; rcituYnj the foiir spot; flness'liij The"' king Is returned and de- ...,..,.- . mons, of Fairmont., N. c., spent (he .•Rallway;f .officials contributed 15 holidays In Memphis, one dollar ..bills .to a collection tak-i Mr. and-.Mrs. James B Clark en by O.; B: Keistcr, general super- had as thelr'-gucsts for the hoil- intendertt, i who .^suggested the gift ! days, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Pin-sand to the boy..The engineer stepped.I their niece. Miss Helen Parish at from h'.is'cab^.and delivered the eifl ' Memphis. : Mr. Pipes i By special-order a crack flyer! stopped, at'the home en Christmas Day 1929 to'' present J. T. with a large number pf-gjfls and tokens jarge numoer ui'ijius ana loKens ! ^^ „ T^, '^^ • Irom the"- railroad's employes.' ^^ Stoppedalrnost mstanlly - discards a sirmil club c Dummy continues; «lth the six of damonds. So\nh' complcles his chib-cchD by,puylhg ti, c de; , CP| declarer discards . the seven of North diECartling the. six ,. of spades. h ' b ' s d ..*.!. nv -••- *..«t ui.iuiujin is l Wolfort dummy. South drbos the - Is led from piano., Mrs. Rowland sang "Loyu E\-erlas(irig," and ._;.,.! hearts, declarer i>ic m Walter,Rosenthgl's solo was. "I'll and. North the (en of sDidas" Forget You." Mis Mildred Judd ac-1 Dummy's next icad Is (he kin- of companied .tlienj. Everclt Mcnjw- " - ell's violin selection was "Crcale'j Serenade:". At 'the with lcbaurri.oi:R*l .which preceded x guests *. Tl»t- Smith, Mr. and Mrs, Dave Harris. Km Is Uvv. Beardman ' Mtmphls, . I. T. \Vclll, ',11 0 ' honored gue-ts Qm - (i ">2 tJblss, • ar- hatstihcfshaps. Jar tne five cour.-e menu. Ark., where they'.'Have been visiting Mrs. -Homer's parents since Wednesday. Mr. Horner, who accompanied them,-returned Friday. Mr. and Mrs. George R. Crockett, Mrs. Margaret H. Minor and Mrs. J. ]E. Bell s'perit yesterday in Caruthersvilje. . , Harvey McCail, who was seriously Injured several weeks ago in an automobile- accident; '•."has" been brought home =Jrotn the Memphis B»ptlS{ hospital. 'He will be in th- cist for several moire 'weeks. . George .R. 'Crockett. will spend sister, Miss Era Wright, yesterday. Miss Martha Chambers left yesterday for. Blue Mountain, Mis?., after spending the holidays with lier parents, Mr: and Mrs. H. L, Chambers. i Miss Vivian Dtllahuntv, John Caudill and Bert Lynch Jr., left Sunday for the University of Mis- sourl, Columbia, where they ; art members of the frejhman cliu? after visiting relatives during-the Thanksgiving holidays. Drs. Carl and Edna Nlcs returned yesterday from Shelbins, Mo where they visited Dr, Edna Ni«' mother Jor a few days. " .' Miss Billy Randolph, has returned from Jonetboro where she w*s the guest of her parents, Mr. ahd Mrs. I. J.. Randolph, for several days. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Critz and children returned Sunday from Starkville, Miss., where they attended the O!e Miss-A. ahd M. game Thanksgiving and visited relatives 01 Mr. Crltz. Dr. J. c. Blame, of Wellsville, Mo., Is a visitor In the city looking after his business interests here. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Injram, of Conway.'Ark-, are attending to business here." : Among those who aiunded the B'nai B'rith •dinner at the. Hotfl Noble last' evening from out-I'sf the city were: Mr. and Mr«;:'^ K. Hunvarg and I. Harsa'rg-'•& Osceola, M. Barkowltz and daugii': ter, Miss'Eva Barkowltz, of PflSt- agevllle, Mo., Mr. and Mrs. "Sam Graber, Mr. nnd Mrs. JamcsMCoJfn and Meyer Graber, of Kennelt, 146., thevllle wm-elye-a-reporf of the rf- ,oent bleimkl meetlriivirf : the Ar- Kansas Federation ci W^*eft»-Clulj8 held at 'Fort Smith, »t ^ie pietting of the Osceola Woman* Progressive Club, here .tomorrow afternoon and -' this week' Ui.-Paragould, and West Hmy ^cklr of F°h.t Rive" Plains and Willow Springs, Mo., on wllUaniiCv.skv of ManiS business. . .. . Mrs. 0. C; Ganske;,ha8 returned from .Paragouid where she spent several day's with friends. Mrs. R. P. Nail, formerly of Armorel and now of Halls, Tenn, is the guest of Mrs.','J." D. SwUt and daughter, Miss Sunshine !vnss Cordelia,Wilhlte "went '.to St. Louis today !Jb consult her" physician for several .days. -..»*. *j i.Ufc,ft.CL \Jl i'iHL iVl^Cl, William of Manila; Fannie Becker of Sikeston,' Mils Lou Shnnsky of Caruthersvl11e" : -.'.. . Miss Cora. Lee Coleman of Bly--- Vrs -' plyttierlUe wlU read ' l» y««r. , . Othnr; iiu^eh. on the Jirogram will be i*in<>::»o!<» by MlKfts Bonnie Jean priyer and Irroa Bumhert, , a reaotog by ifla Nan rrthces Warren aud : «lected numbers by the grade Mhool rythm band Hostesses will be M«xlames a .J. Hale, Charles Hale, .W. P. Hale, s. L. Gladlsh and C. It. Harwell. Mr. and .Mrs. Chai. T. Colernan returned- to their home-In Little Rock . Friday after y- spending Thanksgiving wiih tHelr' -.son, Char?,5»-ColemaQ and Mrtf, Coleman of Oeceola.' Mr. ahd Mh. Charles Coleman. accompanied them as far as Memphis. Osceola'hs who saw tHe.Christmas parade in Memphis ftUlay evening Included the. following. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Webb arMl fmalf niece, BlJlie Pain Sheddiii"; Gordon Hampton, Ben Butfcr', ! and Gene and Ben Butler Jr., Jirs. L. pbw- t'n afid Mrs. Geo. Ballew ac'dorn- panied byMary'EUzabetli and'Gep. Ballew .Jj.'and Jartj Flannitari; Cooper. Driver : and -two children, Mr. and Mrs. E..R, Smith, MTV:*-. W. Cartwrlght and small son; r N. G. Cartwrlght, Swift and^W.'j.".. gh«dij»ii,'"'MiS fmma cox and Louie Qwaltriey," ' Mrs, D. 6. Laney, Mrs. Bruce ivy and snail son Bruce Jr. spint Friday in Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph McLlvain lr,;lr daughter, Miss Mary Margaret Mcllvaln, and Mrs. J. W. Cart- wrlght-6r-., shopped In Memphis Saiurday. v MlM" Louise Jones, returned to : Jcnesborb this momtng where tho Is attending! school after spendins the »eek end with her parents Mr. and Mtt. R. H. Joner, iji Osce- da. She waz accompanied by her : | mother, which returhed this afternoon... ... . . Mrs.'F, G. Patterson and daush- 1 tos,- Misses Lillian and Lonetta"' Patterson, spent Saturday in Memphis. . LONDON. (UP)-Cholr boys .at ' St. Michael's Church, Oxford, may' read "thrillers" during the sermon, according to. a recent decision, reached by the vicar. .' The ' vicar says he can •• , ber wheh he used to fidset ansl-.J sweat, .Jhumbing through 'the prayer book 'JUKI hoping forthV xmg-wiBfled sermons to-end, He •• believe* '.In giving. the present-day .'I boys a break.' .::...*.'.. . ?l surprised where she Is )m instructor-in tti'- city high school after spending trp holidays'with her parents, Mr and Mrs. E. A. Hule, > P. P. Jacobs, of .Orider,-spint Sunday In the cjty. ' : - : T., J...Crowder; of St. Louis, v!s- i Ited his family during..the week- etl *'..':..I.j_.; ; ; MerVitrv^d' her --sister in Memphis. over ' (he '' weekend. .' " ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey While; ! 6f Osceola; spent "Sunday In-the city- Judge C. L. Moore, who has been critically'ill for soms time, is no better today. • \. Miss Dorothy Poster returned (to her home In Paris, Ark., yesterday after vis!ling - her sister., Miss Eileen. Foster, for several days. *" Mr. and Mrs..'R.. ; P. Duncan aid son,- Dick, spenl'--the holidays-.<jif Little Rock arid. .Morrilton.- VtM\e in Morrillon they, were guest's Jb( Mrs. Duncan's mother. Mrs. Hugh Nelson Thompson nhd sons; Hugh Nelson Jr.', and Morris King, returned to their home 'in Dexter, Mo., yesterday afternoon after spending the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. Samuel P. Norris They motored them home. Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Flint Returned to their home in Athens, Ala., Saturday after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Jlmmle Ledbetter and other relatives. Mr. Flint, formerly a local policeman, is now chief of police at Athens. MUs Martha Lynn Rude is returning to her home In Nashville, Tcnn., tomorrow after a, week's slay with Miss .Patty Moore arid Mr. nnd Mrs. Russell Phillips Mrs. Phillips will accpmpany her to Memphis. : ; Judge George W, Barnaul is attending to business in Osceola today. Whit Goodman, of Memphis-is attending to business here, for his home In Orange, Cal.. after a three months visit with his daughter, Mrs. J. A. Leech, arid family. A part of that time was spent in Mayfleld, Ky. .-. , Mr. nnd Mrs. c. w. Afflick and ,.... home near here was, ' children, accompanied by 'Mrs Af- yihen •' a special train | flick's mother, Mrs. T. H Plem- COUGHS s. Trainmen say the boy never fails to greet the c.ri>V on every train that pissts his home during day- i light hOursV . , ; .with one swallow of FBEE PROCTOLOGY CLINIC A THREE D^YS' COUGtt YOUR HANGER Coughs from colds msy lead to-serious trouble. You can slop them novt- n-ii)i Crcomulsion, an emulsified t'cosore ihit is pleasant to lake. Ciromuhion is a medical .discovery with twofold action; it soothei' and - jitals tKe. inlkmed membnnej arid inhibits scrm growth. Of all known drugs creosote i» rec- ognizcd by liigh medics! auihoritie* ss one of Ihe greatest healing sgehties lor coughs from colds and bropchlil irritations. Crcomulsion contains,'in addition to creojote, oilier hailing eleirients nfiich «ooUie V aBd *ltM] tie inflamed m«nkrane»>Di tlopMhe Irritation, while Ike en>o»Me gob on to the atonueh, i. tWbed into tie Hood, atttcb the« ttodble and check! ibe growth oflK gir^ui Lieomuljjon it tuir»ntiea-§ulsft(v tory In ilie tre«iwnt of wuthi.from coldj, bronchitii ind ainbr fiimi of bronchia] irritations,.and'is fttclltnt for building uplhe tystem after coldi or Bo. Money refunded if not -re- hero! after taking.'ttcor.aing to directions. Ask-jDor.drufgTjt. («df.) An old flpimiiji supefslitlon is iat a otnan whV> h-- •--•'— • by the *i*\ „,-,, , that a pinion whc> has Wen bitt"n ! l by the pqlioncis ' tarahtiija can avert fcath' by\<lanclng ' fcr thread hours.' " ' - Bi» momenta at Bridge . . . »hen you hold 100 AcJS , . . when you score a Grind Slam . . . and when you break ;Jx. seals on crap new paclci of : PIAYINT, CARDS Improve Your Game with MatonCWork! Auction and Contract Bridge Tuesday- WMG 3:30 P. M., C. S. T. PLAYERS South (Dealer) — Sdncy S. L«ir; New York West — Mrs. Wistar Morris Chubb; South Orange, N. J. North — Mrs. John Muncc, Jr^ AJexandria, Va. 1 £a*f — Christian A. Hcrtcr, Boston » AQ . <5 9532 0 None « K Jin 3 O AQJO * A 41072 V Nor., 0 865.13 J » 9763 • All rectal diseases i:e Hemorrhoids (Piles), "Aunl TIlnnYB Ml* nVArMillArl nt^ti i_^ .... ... .... DRS. MRS &NIES » 865 0 K Q J 10 6 0 R J97 * <5 After "one Heart" by South, what • would you say with West's hand? WithNprtVs? East's? The finalbid is four in wliat suit? Which player doubles? Does Declarer make con. tract? Tr>- this hand now, at Auction and Contract, then check your results with the cjptrt 1 * Radio Game. What's Your Bridge Hand leap? Milton C. Work will ttll you. T»-o c«sy ttit flutjlimn in every R»d;o Game. Don t mm thii chance to find out how you re*Uy rttel A suinr '»'}• of Ifiit iintc w,;/ in (hi* paper THE Problem .f This is the time of.year when one begins to wonder "What shall I give?" : , Let u? make some suggestions. Give ,Time, Comfort, Convenience. Nothing- could be more personal and at the same time more acceptable. Electrical appliances are the answer. They are time savers — energy savers.- They make the work of the house easier. iSTo home should be without them. Their cost of operation is negligible—a few cents a clay — and .they more than pay for themselves in time saved, energy-saved. Give Klcctrical Gifts! Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. "At Your Service" .- ' \ \

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