Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 29, 1955 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 29, 1955
Page 12
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¥»aJ^i» • \%i»- ! ?jjlji^ HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, Mai-eft 29, "^•Biv''''i ' n ""^ p -'" •*"-,"" "-JL w« r' . F!/' •LONftii JAM I.*.*.*» * an* A i * A * ft A § *fi needs arc citlcai on j& Ohio's farms, an University study indt- CDOATS Corn ireo Farm Store £a»t 2nd street .REMorfeLrNo USE . A, TITLe 1 LOAMS -. MMOrtATORftSUPPLY 8t Dlar CLASSIFIED Ads Must Be In Office bay Before Publication you yoli 3. should have known all took the wrong road. along, your nerves some token The "day the ghost walks si- WANT AD RATES All Want Adi are payable In advance but ddi will b* accepted over the telephone and aceombda- tlon account* allowed with the understanding the account is payable when etaftrrieht I** f£nd«red. .REAVES UU3AIN HOUSE — jJWkWN SHOP o»d FURNITURE STORE 205 S. Walnut Number Sf Word* Up to IS 16 to 20 it fa 25 26 to 30 31 to 35 36 to 40 41 to 43 46 to 50 One Day .45 .60 .75 .90 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 Three Days .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 Six Days 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 On Man* 4.5 9.0 10.5C 12.0 13.51 IS'.OI , PICE CAR OWNERS t Installed Auto-Float Truing ••lariclrtg Machine. Guar- td to fake all bumps, rations out of your car. TIRE SHOP W«« Third CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 1 time 75c per Inch 3 tlhies 60c per 'nth 6 times 50c per Inch Rates quoted above ore tor con- tecutive Insertions. Irregular or skip- date ads will fakd the one-day rate. All daily classified advertising copy Will be accepted until 5 p. m. tor publication , the. following day.. The publishers reserve the right to revise or edit • all advertisements offered ' fer publication and to reject any objectionable advertising submitted Initials of one or more letters, groups or figures such as house or. telephone numbers count as one word. The Hope Star will not be responsible for errors In Want Ads unless errors are called to our attention after FIRST insertion of ad and then for ONLY the ONE incorrect insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 TUBELESS TIRES J - " dtpbpuldr prices . WME6L BALANCING .while you Wait A TIRE & SUPPLY n *sf '' """ ' $ *»>->• -COMPANY. .'LD'OZERWORK * [Clesrlna — Dirt, Moving jporid Digging. Call ^ ,/pM DUCKETT W W. 6th 8t Phone 7-87M iVfai^ ,_>. I r MATTRESSES l«r Made Into Innartvrtai Work Guaranteed On* Day ServlM •«• 'DAVIS i Mot I ran C0» . llm Street Phone M21I WESTERN SHARES lfled lriowne>Mn* ?f>roipectu§.avaIlBbfe,.from. . AGENT i, Arkr Phone 744M . -v Luck Highway *7 Wort LUCK'S .... ge of City Llmlte Weet on Water Barrela for Sa ne 7-4381 Hope, Ark. RALPH Montgomery Market, Custom ilaughtering. Phone 7-3361. 10-1 Mo. TAILOR MADE JAICOVERS NOW... Straw Seat Covers ;j $23.00. ;i" For Most Cars Plastic Seat Covers ft J $32.50 For Most Cars ..... GLASS l^lnstalled for any make g>|cpr or truck, also cut rjfetabl*? tops. & is & Salvage Co. m» 3rd Street 7 DAYS A WEEK Funeral Directors OAKCREBT Funeral Home. Insurance zel.. .Ambulance. 2nd & Ha- Phone 7-2123. 13-1 Mo. HERNDON-CORNELIUS Funeral Home and Burial Association. Prompt • Ambulance Servica. Phone 7-5570 or 7-5505. ' : .' ..' :/ ' ...:.. .'• '•' •:• ' .23-1 Mo. Services Offeried MATTRESS renovation and Innerspring work- Cobb Mattress Co. 316 South Washington. Phone 7-2622, Mar. 4-tt FOR water well service, any size or depth, see or write O. T. Cale, Ark. 19-tt SEPTIC .tanks, pumped out. Go any where, any time.' Phone Prospect 7-9989. • March 6-1 Mo. INCOME tax services, 30 years experience. Frank C. DuSbane. Office/at Oaks'Court. Phone 7-5883. ; . '.•-'-• •>' - • ". •'."•. -25-1 Mo. WASHING MACHINE repairs.. We repair all makesr 1 Appliance Repair. 210 East 3rd. Phone 7-2809. March 2-1 Mo COMPETENT -INCOME TAX service — Horace Samuels. 101 E. Division. Phone 7-3766. March 15-1 Mo. For Rent UNFURNISHED, newly decorated, six room house. Garage. Garden, 812 W. 4th. Dial 7-2247. 1-tf Political Announcement The Star is authorized to announce that the following are candidates for public office subject to the action of the Democratic primary elections: For Mayor B. L. RETTIGf For Safe Gravel, Phone 7-4392. topsofl, fill dirt. A. L. Park. March 15-1 Mo. BABY CHICKS, large variety. See these chicks before buying. Danny Hamilton, 204 East 2nd. . March 15-1 Mo. YOUR OATS need nitrate now — We haye plenty ammonia and nitrate soda, also all kinds fertilizers. J. W. Strickland. " MARCH 19-1 Mo. QUICK sale—10 used TV sets. All popular makes. Priced from $75 to $125. See-Pod Rogers or Doyle Rogers. Phone 7-2759. 24-tf BABY CHICKS' best grade laying and broiler type. Hope Feed Company. Phone 7-2547. Mr. 24-lmo. BARGAIN —BARGAIN- BARGAIN— ix room home, vacant now, three blocks from uptown. 75 x 140' shady lot. Priced for quick sale, $4500. FOSTER REALTY CO. 217- So. Main Street ' P. r.'"7-4691 ' lence."' You bring your paycheck home. Your wife looks at it. shakes her head, and puts it in the pocket of her housecoat without a word. You feel like a pauper. After all, small as it is. a payceck is a kind of victory for a man. I shows he's been out fighting for his family. He expects a kiss for it—or least a hug. 4. The "yes I really mean no silence." You ask if it's all right to play Some Saturday golf. Your wife shrugs noncommiltally and turns away.. All afternoon you wonder what's wrong. It ruins your game. When you return, youj. find out there were 43 thing$ about the house your wife wanted'; you to help her with on this one day of the year. No later day can ever make up for it. 5. The "if you really loved me you wouldn't have to ask silence.'/ What would you honestly like most as a present for our wedding anniversary, baby?" But baby merely lifts her eyes in resigna* tion. You have taken away all the enchantment with you simple question, don't you know what baby wants? 8. The "don't take me for granted silence." Jokingly, you say, "I know I'm no bargain,' honey, but you'd still rather be married tct me than any other fitly you evei? met, wouldn't you?" A thoughtful look comes into her eyes and she ( hesitates visible before saying,' "Why, of course, silly." But that fraction of silence puts you en a real teter-totter. What other guy had she thought of? 7. The "keep him in his doghouse silence." You have made a fool of yourself in some way the night before and across the breakfast' toast your wife looms up in ice|i berg silence. You cringe in guilt,' cry out for helpi for that she still recog- nies you as a member of the human race. If only she would even scream at you— All husbands agree that this kind of wifely silence is the lowest form of feminine cruelty in marriage, arid that no woman with a heart will inflict such a punishment for more than seems like victim. five minutes five centuries which to the About one U. S. woman in 10 in the 45-54 age group is a widow, bu in the 55-64 age group the pro portion is one in 4. The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7:5830 Or bring Items to Miss Turner at Hicks Funeral Home LET DUCKETT DO IT... THE BEST IN STEEL CONSTRUCTION Sheds — Farm Buildings — Industrial Buildings made according to specifications. Can be constructed at low cost! DUCKETT STEEL & EQUIPMENT CO. North Main Street f- FIRST CHOICE WITH f!' HOMEOWNERS WHO CARE FOR EVERY PAINT JOB Indoors or Outdoors! There's a colorful, top quality . Dutch Boy paint, enamel or varnish for every painting job. BILLWRAY SUPPLY South Walnut Moore Serving You Since 1896 RED HOT WEDNESDAY SPECIALS DECKER IOWANA TOP GRADE SLICED BACON $ Lbs. Colored Oleo c Lb. ADMIRATION COFFEE FRESH GRADE A EGGS Doz. 10 us. Potatoes Sack HALF GALLON ICE CREAM , SIDEWALKS ARE ICV-1HOPEICAN PASS THIS LACY WITHOUT SLIPPING OOPS--1 HOPE BLONDlE 9EE THIS i '! «-«•>. II, S-49 ly CMck CORNER OF HER EVE THAN A HUSBAND . . CAN SEETHRUA -' -* OZAf K WHlit'5 BATIK) 1 §4? . SKELLY, 6UB9UH £ HE HASN'T SEEN .ME SINCE TH* WOftUO. SERIES USV.VEAR, AN 1 HE RUS.HEQ. ($, A , HERE A-GROWtlN' LIKE >» ANSfeY B"R OUT OUR WAY By J. k. William* VIC FLINT Choir No.. 2. p£ Bethel, AME Chur- h will, rehearse Tuesday March 9, at 7:30 -p. 'm. Senior Chpir of Lonoke Baptist ihurch .will rehearse Tuesday lulb Will me.ef April 4 at the regu- Seriip,r and 'Junior. Choir of Garett.. Chapel Bati.tist Church will i e- earse Tuesday riieht. March 29, "t 7:30.''.',' "f'-, •.••;; : ... .,.;••. ..;:;.•. Senior. Choir of BeeBee Memorial CME Church will rehearse Thursi- ay night. March 31. at 7;30. ERCURY SAVINGS DON'T STOP WITH THE "DEAL" THREE room unfurnished apart ment, private bath, reasonable rent. 1311 West Avenue B. Phone 7-36D8. 18-tf every weekday afternoon by lt 1 PUBLISHING W - WaWburn Building Managing Editor ivlf, Advertlsln (UNFURNISHED 4 room duplex close in, hardwood floors, reasonable rent, 805 So. Walnut phone 7-3813 Elmer Neighbors 29-3t Newly decorated 5 room house. Venetian blinds. 815 East Division, Phone. 7-4350. Leo Robins. 29-3t Notice INCOME TAX SERVICE. Competent and reasonable. J. W. Strict land. 18-U Real Estate Wanted WE have buyers for Ranches, Farms, Timberland. List with us today. Salesmen, Bill Routon, Floyd Fuller, Chas. F. Baker. FOSTER REALTY COMPANY 217 So. Main St. PR 7-4691 23-Gt Help Wanted Dealer In South Hempstead Coun ty. Write Rawleigh's Dept. AKC- 641-R, Memphis, Tcnn. For Sale or Rent . In .Q*"" , -. VOT1C«): ;~.-i ' ' . , • .: \n Hope flnfi netgfiborlno ' '• , Hempsfstid, Nevada, ., .85 . ,1.60 2.60 1.10 3.25 (FOUR ROOM HOUSE on 3 lots, large garden. All utilities, near Schooley. Store, old Highway 67 East. See Bob White, 7-2121. 29-3t Help Wanted FOUR MEN WANTED-r-personal manager from Toledo, Ohio • manufaturer will interview and hire at 8:30 p. m. Cains Court, Cabin 4, March 29th. Average Earnings—$90 per week. Must be rnarriedi own car and willing to >vork. Ask for D. -L. Parish. 29-lt SAVE I LAWN MOWERS Mrs. Georgia Harley, a native of iope died in Collidge. Ariz.. Friar, March 25. Funeral arrangements ftre incomplete. The Christian Union Community Clu will meet April 4 at the regu- ar meeting place 7:30. Asking all members to be present and on time. The Senior Choir of Rising Star. Baptist Church will rehearse Thursday night March 31 at 7:30. Asking all members .to be present and on time. oyle Continued from Page One one of the 836 reasons has made tier mad at that particular moment? If I try to find out and guess the wrong reason, that only gives her another thing to be' mad about. It isn't fair:" What are the worst? A poll of lusbands, who insist on remaining annoymous purely in the interest of self-defense, gave these as he "seven most brutal forms of wifely silence": 1. The "why can't you read my mind like it was a crysal ball silence." In the midst of a pleasant dinner your wife suddenly ceases speaking. The next words you hear from her just after she switches off the bedroom light, are, "Why didn't you pass the butter to me? You know. I like lots of butter on baked potato. It ruined my whole meal. Why didn't I ask you? Do I lave to ask, you for everything?" 2. The '.'fence straddling silence." You are driving to visit 'riends and come to an intersection. "We turn right or left?" You ask. .Silence. You turn right. More silence' for 10 miles. Then your wife gives you five reasons why -X-ji.'"' j_vsc,c:^i( -1 Co-op OUR SHOWROOM IS ONLY TIIE FIRST PLACE WHERE YOU SAVE. Mercury saves you money the day you buy, every mile you drive, and when you trade again. Shown above, the 188-hp Monterey hardtop Coupe,, 5 to 7 p. m. Specials Only each Mpn".-W«d--Thur«.-Frl, • HOT DOGS ..... 14c • HAMBURGERS . . 18c • BAR-B-Q , . . . . 26c Order t SacK for.a TV Snack KING'S DRIVE-IN BEE-T-MITE Termite Control Strvic* ft Qperot«d by GUY GRIGG Mtln St. Or 7*711 YOU GET MORE MONEY FOR YOUR PRESENT CAR. Mercury's tremendous popularity permit? us to operate on a high-voluma basis. We can offer you a really generous allowance. YOU SAVE WHEN YOU BUY. Mercury prices start below those of 13 models in the low-price field.* YOU SAVE ON OPERATING COSTS with Mercury's proven V-8 engines. Mercury is famous for operating economy and low upkeep. And this year's Mercury is even mors efficient than last year's model, YOU PROTECT FUTURE TRADE IN VALUE. Mercury has consistently led its field for resale value according to independent market reports. You save every way with a Mercury. •Bejsd on companion of mgnufoclurjn' ivggnttd lilt or factory r»foi/ pm«| Don't mlti the big television hit, "TOAST OP THE TOWN" with §4 NO OTHER CAR OFFERS BIGGER REASONS FOR BUYING IT standout styling shared by no other car . ., . . • New SUPER-TORQUE V-8 engines on • every tjiodel (188and'f.98horsepower) « 4-b<irrei vacuum carburetor <on every model at no extra cost ' • ;. : » Dual gffiausts at no extra cyst'on all Qiohtdairs and Montereys C .i:,. • BalLtjo.int front wheel suspension ••'•• » Unique high-compression spark plugs 9 Consistently highest resale value in its field' IT PAYS TO OWN A mERCURY FOR FUTURE STYLING, SUPER POWER Sunday eyeing, 7:00 to ?:00, Station KOMC-TV, Ghanntl | : -1 • mm mM m mm. m*m. 'mm* m m li ^mW ' *T ^BF 4mw . mi 321 S. Uurtl Your Deoler i Ark, ffif J^^»^iM^^Ji^^^^4,Sia^^^ ^ Broad way ife ACROSS DOWN Singing 1 Insane actress. Ethel 2 Great Lake . 3 Units of 7 She played th* reluctance Broadway lead 4 Groaned in, "Panama ' | Change » 6 Born H osse , ssed 8 Eagle's nest 1 3 Interstice 14 Aerify 13 Distend 8 Bartered w Gaze l2oe s WinH« J °Np"pw fillet 28 Smell -*" ! S^lr ' ^ 11 Willow genus; 29 Vofcaj 26 Gaze 45Hepair it Willow genus; 29 Volcanic stuff - clergyman irt it\w> ••! «A.wi'« \ »»n. m-.L'.Li'' .-* *; •• •. ..i_ ».' . ; '49 Pluhder 49 -i—U majesty ! Guido's spale 27 Shp has been ' iii niany Broadwaj " 31 jMisc Gardner 32 Eternity 33;Father 34 Iiisect egg 35fu< on , f i v garden 39 Piece out '40 Stuff 4JAged 43 College cheer 4.4 Mud 47 Sphere 50 Annual iqcbmes (Fr » 52 Demtgod? 54, Bars of iron S8 Nearly ';"• S6 Danish seaport Cljf H V Bed canopy CARNIVAL 57 / ' BORN THIRTY YEARS. TOO SOOM By Mlehotl 0'M«U«y «nd Rtlpk NO5OPV ABOUMO 1 .__ HE MAN WHO WENT UP TO KlMRttL'g AF COULDN'T HAVE. , WORkEP OUT BETTER. OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople 29 fy • "' RO* a scar? .this! morning! My Wife was {up when I i 1 1,; : ^ we ^ anda;thought l!d overileDltj? 1 ; '^* SJPI fiU^iV' ^H--1' 1 •••'•''• l % G.lbroHfc ""* '/ .' ™*'r^oi v*- txwecroit. »?< ... ' N« XffOOT A g|S HLSS FEE m W , HE -™ER WE ... VER FAVORITE BROTHER-1fvi- ^ ^°T/ V&UI? SIFT LA\N ?«*~r 1 AlNl'T-Mo (SREEI< CURIOUS--- We'Ve^TILL,/ ^OTi.'SC'ME OFTMOS& J/^ RED EXIT SULBS MOTEL HALLWAYS VOJ SROiSHT LAST VeAK./ % -HAVJ/ WAVT'LU • 6E5 WHAT x • «UMNV BUSINESS By Hershbergar ' ,'.^ring .ialonfe a cprksci-eW,, too—if we don't find a j ; jj bMrglar I'll ileetl a bracer!" IWIITIIPIE By Nodlne Selzer 44t OQiin't K look » Uttlt JQQU? I wort • 38 twt ' 1 got dMI lif *»t Mirliifir* j • '"•* ' d to brighten up thil ol<J Antique furniture!" { / W 1 j,J. *J^ ««» «i fl HERB TRIPS TH£ CABLE R6LEAS6 ALL BV I1B LONESOME. J^-7 ..,. t. H ATTACH- I i *, i <t WASHTUBBS \ it, S WE CAN HIP6 fHBSB TOOLS IN A CAVB TlLt NBBP 'EN\ TQMORRO NIGHT SUPB SILBNTLV FROA\ THB SCHOONER . THAT N05V-SNAB STAVBD A*HO(?B TOGOARPTH 1 SETfLB Wl 1 THAT BLOOMIN 1 60JPPER ?W»AN' NOBOpy'U. BVBR KMOW WHO tJOMft ITt j JHAtROC^ISttOWSpWllj MMLJTfeAl "AW^KB t «: WA. ',Wwi -•« SELT ^"^a SOOTS AND H^ i^HplES VJt cft>i ovsvv t& VJtftWO v=> ^.o «. ;opn )055 BUGS BUNNY I'M'LEAVIN' WISHT NOW, ' OLD FWiENO, 'VE PINISHEO.' QUIT PLAV1M' GAMES.' 'Vi'c'N set. IT otrr/i^L^Y" 4 PROP VB« SHOE OFP ON ' y v".} ALLEY OOP OH, SAY/ vOU KIPpIN'? WHEN WE FORGOT i eo TO SLEEP A TENT/, NIGHT, I WANTA BE OH,SURE,THAT'S RIGHT,.^ . " WAS 50 5TEAMEP /^OCJN'T UP ABOUT $1$ FISH, ZU PUT OJES MI f <V^M> «^v ' '^'f 'I f v"» y* ww ** • wi i fc^*wv»-'*/ ;rwn*rigr>J I FORGOT AU. ABOUjl US UP IN SOM^ I Al, L <*W^/'4 1 i TUP DiWo^flvi «2??i' A Wirp ra?v rAVf V ' V) /io-"x• \' NllCE. PRY »».IH«^'W?>«>>«.'I««.'T"III,'II»EV/<IPH. . ^» A •*--T"j't>~'tf-^xf-. THI STOUT OF MARTHA WAYNI rjr^' i *4> ^-.rA^^t'i] ^WNKfiiANPThWl' ^ WKH-eSffAKlNS ' •QOCTQU'SQWml JC9RO 'cPNfit&iJit WJg&QJT MY PHPNE5 WITH P?««f,, /«, -MBKBBii*-^—~^*_, I Vyv ,.v 1 ^

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