The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 30, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS J^TJ^ A ^X ^HEDOMlNAN'r KEWSPAPE* OP N OHTH B * 3 TARKAN^ • * COPIES FIVE CENTS':" •VOLUME'XXXVI—NO. 87. Nazis Are Confident They 11 Get Danzig Despite 'Warning' By United Press . ' Na'/is today forecast settlement of the Danzig quarrel -without a general wav-bofove the first autumn coltl snap butfrpin Great Britain came - "«• •""»«»* nnv.nKKieh- sive action. , • i Adolf Hitler expects to visit the 1 free city danger spot late In July 11 was said in Nazi quarters m Berlin and If tlie dispute with Poland over Danzig has nol been solved by that date the Nazis are confident' that final settlement will ccme shortly thereafter. The Reich admittedly Is ready with a great military force which 'ome expert observers believed 10 r ome MM"' ..„.., ormnnnn mpn County'Anxious To" Receive Long . „ .. rn •" 1 " ' 1 be not far under arms. High Nazis Denied Turnback. below 2,000,000 men High Nazis believe that when the showdown comes neither Great Britain nor'France will go>'to war over the Danzig issue but lhe Nazi viewpoint Is in sharp contrast to official pronouncements pouring out of Great Bitlain this week. . Piobably never since the World War has Great -Britain united so conspicuously as In this weeks warning to Hitler against risk ng anoTher 5 world war by . beleving that he could grab Danzig at any ""following the warning given by Lord Halifax last night.; .In a ipcech asserting that Britain was now prepared, to fight there were unconfirmed reports that consct p- tion might be broadened and ru- that president Roosevelt ssss . Gladlsh, as well as officials In sev- LiiaUlS", HS wen i« v.i.v eral other, Arkansas counties, waited ' Impatiently tcday for some information us to action to be followed by the slate treasurer in payment of the one-half cent gasoline tax turnback to'the counties, ' -r 1.11, 1... Ilin niors thai nrcaiucui. "--•might make some pronouncement Sn the near fuluie m behalf 01 , a peaceful settlement. . • .. ' There continued, meanwhile, a ' flood of reports that the Naws uere rushing preparations in Danzig for the showdown.'An: official, oeiman source denied most of these reports but the Polish government asserted that it_had definite information that the na^ were forming a -'free corps' In Danzig in anticipation of a coup to seize the city. • . _ There were more reports of armaments and German soldiers arriving in border.towns. England, Poland See Ajike_ WARSAW, June 30 . i t. iv ll(i Lu A Llllllurtvn. *-v fc«>" With passage of a bill by lhe 1839 legislature providing lhat tht stale should assume interest and bond maturity payments of farm- lo-market Improvement dlstrlcls county officials had hoped that for the first lime , Mississippi county would get some'direct help for its roads from the turnback fund. Previously, due to provisions of the bid turnback bill, lhe turnback first was applied to road district Indebtedness and with the large number of road districts in the Osceola district of the county there was usually nothing remaining for the county. . 1 1--.I l\.nl 111 El tirt If Conyict's Masquerade Uni form Found; Rooms In Confused Condition BATON HOUOE, La., June 3 (UP.)—Investigators searching U deserted mansion ol the fuglliv Dr James Monroe. Smith, presldei of •Ixwilslanii State University m til he resigned and lied Sunda night, found today a striped co vlct's uniform that he had wo at a masquerade party .recently. They found a scene of wild co fusion over which he and M Smith had scattered clothing am household goods In their hurr departure, a few hours before the then Gov: Richard W. Lcche announced there was n shortage of "several hundred thousand dollars In school funds. The East Baton Rouge parish Carulhers /tc&M/s GiuU Before ^* * A 1 t~\ * TUCKER 1'K.lSiUN mwm, ")"••' une 30. (Special lo the Courier Ne-,vs)-Just before death scaled Ws us forever Jim'X. Carulhers, 2J, no ot two Blytlieville negrces for vliom one of the longest legal , ghls ,„' Mkansas'J.isory was J llC IIITL5V ll*i»* %,vni*v.*«v»« -• layton and carulhcis. at Blythe lie climaxed n series of "pe.Ulirg . L..I. i. n i,i.i.C<. ni> ImiMiT rOflliS waged In nn to avoid, elec holdups on lonely road hlc'h, officers wero lold, wero waged In nn eoi , rocullon, admitted his part In ;an -Utack upon ft white Blrl ,°" J* road near Blytlieville In uc with Carutliers In (lie long fough case, denied his guilt to the last He whispered, n prayer as lhe cur rent -\vas turned on. .._•. } ,• Claylon and .Caruthers were elec trcculed shortly after five, fl.n ob Bailey Relieved v By Negro's Admission 1 lie CjO-St 1311 L*JH iWHh*' i"' grand jury, delving into the financial chaos the missing academician left behind, 'was ready lo recess today after establishing these flnd- "fle had lost $430,000 in ihe wheat market in the few weeks prior to WAKoAW, ouiic — , r~.- Polish government is prep-wed for "counter measures should any inifJatlve be taken m Danzig, ,a govemroenr spokesman announced to" tlitv-prf'ssj-tcmtht XIl . The spokesman declaration said that an act of violence m Daiuig "initiated from within 01 without Zld fe -garded as__a^«se of war by official UUI111& * (J 11 «i» ««•••*> -~- ,~ It Is lindcrstcodl that the slate •reasurer is awaiting .an opinion by the attorney general before disbursing the turnback funds. The situation is complicated by the fact that several Pulaskl county districts (commonly referred to a Justin -Matthews' districts) .have applied for aid under the act W have the stale assume indebtedness of farm to market roads. Should all districts that have applied b eligible the appropriation, insul ficlent to take care of all districts will have to be pro-rated, it l said, with the results that the dis tricts in this county' still fa" bac on the turnback for aid. While lhe bill to have the sla lake over the farm-to-market dl uiu borrowed 5500,000 from three bunks, In his..position as university president, signing nates by that title. lie had used or attempted to use 1,000 in university bonds. Tchad dene something $5U,- |n Orleans parish levee bonds flic'Investigators-'.got into the inslon with a'court order.. The "grand Jury had done abou it could until Dr. Smith ha en captured. ' Rewards totalln _ •- . _. ^J..,..L~,l o - u'lrin*nV(*IU en cautuitu. 11.^.1....." 16 0 have spurred a : widespread arch for him and Mrs. Smith. I nlercd today along the Camulla order and northern seaporls. in nith have passports. ! vuguiucu «j ." —-.- Poland and according to ^eclaratioiT; by Great Bri- tal T\'ie spokesman said lhe foreign Dolicv speech of Foreign Secretary W count Halifax last night meant lhat England would take the same attitude as Poland. ItlKC uvci mv ii**'" *~ -• tiicts indebtedness was pending the legislature it was clilmed t Matthews districts could not quail )' ' niolonst Scores TJullseve BDTTE Mont (UP)—Jack Co poron, local barber, is certain th -ven William Tell could not ha done this one. He was driving automobile along when he sudde Iv • speared a small mouse-fa few weeks ago, 'ilio arrest conviction of Vhitc and Dixon Attack arty" LITTLE UOOK, June so cur?) —Acting aov. Bob Bailey cx- rcsscd satisfaction today :whcn ifonncd by prison ofllclals that In, y carutliers had adnillled ils guilt and Implicated .Bub bles Clayton for the same crime before he was electrocuted. • . 'There was plenty ot prcssur brought on this office both b residents of Arkansas and I' 1 ? eity groups' of New York to ob tain a commutation of senlcnc Bailey said. "1 feel relieved In a Carulhers has confessed ' an Implicated Claylon." Attorney General Jack ;Ho sold he also was relieved sin the confession'was made. men, onicers vmu i»>"i """ cmicnlly accompanied by insticat- icnt of women. Officials said, tlml n more limn one iiisliinci) women efuscd to push any Imostlgullon, referring to lei mutters drop. Of- Iccis, masquerading i* s » ' iwtllng ouple, seeking to trap lhe buudlts vcro almost Uapped themselves vlien fired upon on a road ncai nlylhevllli!. Clarence H. Wilson former sheriff, was Injmed nnd [he resultant search for his attack ers brought about.tho captuio mi ndlclmcnl of Caruthers and Clay on on lhe statutory charge upo vlilch they were convicted. Their court fight was can led l< the United States supreme cou after long delays, paillculaily ,-,'.! i „,! 01.,1 «L rlkll Irt, LOUIV, Minimum 'Perversion' Of Act ATliANTA,' June 30. ll)P>-Th 2>,i cent lulnlmum hourly ymg tcommendcd for tlie textile Indus iv Is a "pcrmslon" of the fa aboi slnwlmtl-i not ' dellbera c conceived by northern Industrla ,sts" two southern governors cha'iged today before Wage-Hour . i.. .T..I-I. A i«u uimm P Andreu, R. I Roosevelt Declares Filibuster Attempt Be Understood WASHINGTON Juno BO. (UP)—President Roosevelt, •-'-• congress rushed action on the critical monetary,] ClmiHt.ll VUMIVJT MV.V.« . Admlnlstialor Elmei P- "••;•• -•••". Oov Hugh WIillo ot Mississippi nd aov Frank DKon of Alabama IUCAV liieli weight against the lhe lexlUe Indusliy comlttec M Di- llionms A. Mlchio of Sleelt Mo. olWms that legislator "" Iv 'spearea ti &umn j.,~.~~—---- owl on his radiator cap. The bird flew suddenly--in front of the car and was impaled on ,lhe shaip point of the flying Mercury deco- Delroit nutliorllies wero cerlai ic couple had bought an autoino He there yesterday and hc-iile or lhe Canadian bordei The case of Dr. Smith, how e\e , vas 'only one phase of the political ipheaval now In progress and re- erred to as-the second If™'™! econstruction A federal grand ury convenes in New Orleans lodas lo imcitlgile chaigcs that WPA workers and materials we.e used lo build private buildings for p II- tlclans including Uchc who re signed Mondaj because of ness and Atlomes General Di id M Ellison, who is directing lhe Investigation of Dr. Smith AmdaviUby seven oimVPA Also electrocuted \vtts Sylvesler Wl iams, 24. Williams .paid the -sv ireme penalty for assault and mur ler of a white girl near Altholtne Punishment for Williams, who I pealed, while seated In Ihc'cleclr chair an earlier admission ot li guilt came swiftly in contrast: tbe Ion" perlcd between the co victlon of Claylon and Carulhe in April 1935 and Ihelr clcctroc government olllclal. ushiB his plai iose, copyrlghlc , Illfill liim ivi>> ' that they have ta )lllly ol a senate filibuster'.., . ared to stand as the chief ob- ncle to congicsslonal enactment both relief and monetary legls- I atlon before the midnight de&d. ne. "^ L v iv, 1 Compromise agreements on both Ills were reached by senate ana louse coiifciecs(last night. ,' The presidents statement ay> i cared to be an obvious effort,jo , hrov, tha full weight of \Whlte IUl'6 uviii j U| |»i" tlie United Slalcs dlslilct uouil. The Irlo ot neijrocs was given traditional free rein In bolcct'''" cir last supiwi-i and wiiiii naml prison oniclals with Ik-wing request: Pried chicken and gravy; slcnk, :rk chops; meat lb<f- ->i"«">l piiltles; pork sausage, six l— -. wtalo salad; pound of cheese, «infcssor nmi aiunui, YVMU «.... if,, f y, cl insists vnai, vney MUYI: "> •>—"•-•• " • ciLStard; karo nut p e; ^ Uml l)lo i m |uslry In M|«- L,, ow ll( , ,„„„ regardless of his hiosslblll y. C onlert<s,ogfe«\ SSj 'cSsf^r'dlktc^ Jj-Jg- J-J^n rttw - olahivs^rlgin^ L^,,-^»^°rellef bill cornel Ineapple; sweet milk aiul COIICL, I ;r r SerCdr 0 rt | c «^:&^o Ar ™r v M«* .&*i«eied T. _ . day, but Tyre Taylor, counsel foi VigOfOUS Questioning 1 ' ";v~r" I the Amcilean cotton ManufacluierB _ _\ - | '. cl1 ^' Assoclallon, said (he Aikanm Chic itean, IWIK w.u-b- and died L xccu ilvc had nol notified him of) cecs strawberry-sliortcako, cigars, . llllcl ,ii on lo testify. ^«£5SS^^:S«^lM?S^^ J?lsrsr;: -" i! ^ rB * 1M1U I* '. - , ,._ _..,, ,1rl..lfR I nrcv, ina iu'» YVV-IB..^ ^- ,....-— IOIL-SC Influence against a filibuster . n an effort to obtain passage o! I he Uo mcasmes. I Status of the situation as Mr. Roosevelt spoke v,as as follows: t 1, Monetary legislation: the ad- nlnlstration won a Sweeping victory In the conference report icstor ng dolllar devaluation power, rev v ng foreign silver purchases and setting , domestic bllver buying price at w. cents an ounce. The house prepared to vote about 4 p.m. on L he report Senate action was In I (lucbtlon because of the filibuster, possibility. , . J'\ 1 2. Relict bill: Coiifcrees,agreed L to the *1,765,000,000 relief bill cony I ll-omlslng house and senate ver- I slons. Tlie federal Iheatci project 1 klllcil as ^ell ab , all , senate. Clayton „ and Camtheis administration' ,.— • i admlnlslrator for ' $125,000,000 funds for ration. Heat Strikes Canada, Too 1 MONTREAL (UP)-Despile Can- , ada's designation as "Our ad,• .0 the snows," more people die from t 'at h an' from excessive cold. Tlie ;, death toll from excessive heat in , i Canada rose to 813 in one year, S The average number dying from heat is about 50. Approx mately an equal number die cadi year, from excessive coldV^ New York Cotton 30 (UP>- Noble Gossip ' NEW YORK, June Cotton closed steady. _ open high low close July . 939 939 930 930 £7 ...... 871 Dec '.'.'.'.:.. «52 Jan. . ...... »42 835 827 Mar. Mnv 872 852 842 835 828 859 839 330 820 813 8G1 842 831n 823 817 "spots"nominal "al 911 off 12. New Orleans Cotton . NEW ORLEANS, June 30 (UP) -Cotton futures dropped 45, 0 65 cents a bale today at a steady * 105i " E ' open-high low close July ..:,... 9*4 944 935 935 873 852 840 833 827 Oct." 882 '882 868 Dec ' ' 868 862 848 Jan' "".'.'.. 850 850 840 ' Mar. ....... 842 842 830 May '831 ... ••• ' Spots dull at 940 oft >0. Stock Prices NEW YORK, June 30 (UP)— Stocks moved irregular today in quiet trading with an »«?»: tone developing near closing Unit A T t» T ^ I""" Anaconda Copper • Associated D G - • Beth Steel " 7 " 8 Boeing Air , „ Chrysler 61 5 ' B Coca Ocla „„ . , General Electric « '-* General Molors *' °"° Int Harvester AO Mcntgomery Ward « N Y central '.° 1 "° Packard „, f Phillips " 3 . 8 Ra^lo schenley " }"° Simmons 11 1 4 Socony vacuum li '~\ Standard Oil N J ....•••• ™ J-^ Texas Corp 5o U S Smelt « „ U S Steel ** 1 " 2 Aludavus oy a^icn ^ •-workers, published in a syndicate ashington newspaper columi ere the -basis for the, grand jui vcstignlion. It was charged tha lief workers built a. P'^ 1 ™ or Ellison and repaired Lcchi- on lhe Covingt=n Oo °Lc S che has been succeeded by U armcr Ueutenanl Governor, Ea K Long brother of the assass ated Hi.ey P. and he li ncrcased the hubbub with P Tlife C 'nrst resignallcn offered h was that of DDII Welrtoh, a forn renoi-tei- who had risen to publisher of The Progress, at Hnmmond La., omcia. gazette_of the aamlnita- ..151 . llWiRIf,; puitiialism Student Held In Slayingb Of Mothci, Japanese Bombs Fire m emaa American Mission School to thc 32'A cents I rrlm ni-rlunl nf t TI,C arrival ot the governors Was by the Injection of^»1U1- Pendtrgast SuUers Another Jtyeart tup)—Tom J. Pendergftst, Actress LOS ANGBbtS. June 30 tUP) — Campbell McDonald, 2G-year-old plrltimlism student, was rmcslloncd scl flre to H. cday about the inurdcrs of his mother formerly a jwpular stage and screen actress, and Anya Sosoyeva, pretty Rasslan' danciiiB student at Los Angeles City college, police said tliat McDonald, arrested late last night as ho was attempting to"<cat«h a ride on Hollywood Boulevard, adm ted bludgeoning his 56-year-old mother Mrs Margaret Campbell, lo, death with a carpenters hammer but denied any knowledge of the slaying of Miss Scsoyeva. There was sonic . .. . . *»,„ ,,iiii'rlni 1 *; nlltl (UP)—Tom J. rBimcns«ni, ^u*.-.- __ ( f ^ i nrt±cricry\r;^EMii^ Ridge store-- M to the federal prhon hmplll in a ; • , p j p Ajg,Razed-' 1 ^nvjnb.p nnnrllllnn ' I r"*M ^* — . t ,i b merican flags as a , 0 tta govoni- serious condition P.^A' began seivlng tinlion of politicians ceeded Hucy Long.- that suc- eeded Hucy .- . . aov.. Long also announced t at umnoi Of Miss o-soycvu. iijuL ••"- - similarity between the murders and uolicc had believed that they might have been committed by the same " Gov. ijO"3 " lr>u •"••----; ., , COIls tnnt ccmpatuon 01 nib, henceforth state employes «;" f"°/ t ^ S I B Rilled Mra, Campbell be_, „„,. frr-ni one clcpaiuut-iiv sum _ A ,..,, ,~ c « n /i mn tn cDonald, who was an almost constant companion of his m:lher, e- VANCOUVER, Wash (UP) — Contracts' have been let for construction: of n new 500,000-bU!.he addition lo the Spokane, p ° rtlR ™ nnd Seattle railway g.aln elevator here —and when the addlloii is completed, the elevator will be the largest west of the Missouri river The enlarged '"V" 1 .^ a maximum capacity of, 3,000,00 bushels, of which 2,100,000 Will 1) bulk storage. draw pay was governor, 1C KMLCVt ll»»il' "' "she -was going to send me to "tution " He was booked tenon a charge of suspicion of ilhcrllles said n formal - ' • would Vancouver Soon lo Have MldgCt AntO PaCCS Wes ,Vt.rr«.. El«va.or ^^ Qf jj^,,^ \<wa deslrojed by fire eai y th^ morning which broke cut at three, oclock The large frame building, and all of tho stock was destroyed by the names which spread rapidly.. 1 origin Is unknown. Mr. McCann, the building a"-' m "- Whcn 12 'doodle Bug' diheis race at Walker Paik Tuesday afternoon foi two Hours and 15 minutes many persons In lhe grand ccognlrc several o( , slam! will will lie freo, will be continued un-1 11 the racing slarli In addition '" ho liumoioui contesU, ?,Ith may see, without v...-. 0 -i — Iry-outa tor the auto laces which bc B iM,at 12-30 Mr a """" r ilk storage. Included InMhe addition will b eight storage bins,, each of-15.00 bushel capacity. The new structure 'vm be 85 feet high, and will cover 9,600 srraarc feet. her He said - . do'h;s"mvn receiving .henceforth.' SSOO.OCO Insurance Tolicy Evelyn Enters IVC 1JUL-WJ 1 «»ii««».M 1 smith former president of Louisi- !nni State University, and accused ana £>">"• _,-_ r ,,,,j. v, nl ioht College Acquires Hotel For Co-Op Dormitory y (UP)—Keuka that .."—^^— ee-fourths- of estimated^ at pproxunaiuiy $5000 ' , '""', ","V I This business was one of me TOO ' whlch rnneerv stores in the Mllllgan Ridge ,H !««..,,« "- S"* 1 " SSnWtoh U located In the said. , , , I utlle Rver section southwest of _ When Mr. .Stlcklei,.who Is f heie,| ^ lylhovme . Registers Boats i Grand Coulee Wo!>h. Smith, lorinui y.^o—... ,---., l PP v, N Y AN N. Y. (UP)—Keuna ""I Sl ± ol sTat'flimds bought college has purchased the Iro.uojs embezzler of state «"° , , , ( , fr mwr \y an Inn, for use as SWOB.north ol insi,ranee m t « coopcrl>U vc dormitory. ___ S300.UUO woiui "i the past year it was revealed to day. SHEDAO, | here arc. a i they still bciicvu .,,.»...—.> -—-- . from their labors for lunch. The, ore of Dr. E. M. Smith was brok- Inlo and tobacco valued at $20 stolen Bclore leaving the inrs had a snack of crackers .... cheese and washed it down with milk. Livestock itClCl r roi uitity «" ••"•! — a student cooperative dormitory. Located near the college campus on the west-side of bake Keuka, lhe three-story building will pro- jroximalely 25 students and :veral faculty members. Faculty members hope to nave the former Inn ready tor occu rancy next fall. An Increase In registration is anticipated with 170 students returning in the three upper classes and an- expected freshman enrollment of 10 girls. Students occupying the new dormitory will share among hem- selves costs of operating the build- Ing under plans being worked out & .. *—. ..-»_ » KMiir-A ir\r I r\CT EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., June 30 After Count Igor Cassinl, Russian-born Washington gossip columnist, cleaned off this mess in a Warrenton, Va., hospital, he swore out warrants for three ol the town's prominent young men. He charged they .led a croup of five who tarred and feathered him in reprisal toi columnar items they found offensive. <UP>— Hogs 6,500. Top 7.40 170-230 Ibs. 1.25-7.35 140-160 Ibs. 0.25-0.75 Bulk sows 4.85-5.75 Cattle 1,000 Slaughter steers 7.00-10.25 Mixed yearlings, heifers 7.00-10.00 Slaughter heifers 7.00-9.00 Beef cows 5.75-G.50 Cutters and low cutters 4,25-5.50 Chicago Wheat Ing under pans by college official v A. house mclher will be in charge. He'd Do It Again, Too; Peel 3 Million Potatoes DURBAN. (UP)-The man who peeled 3,000,000 potatoes and lik-U r . ...... ..i n .<i.i did OB . soon staiul wni -rLtuBii"^ " the drivers This nine-feature event In midget auto racing Will feature the Fourth of July celebration ,t« be singed by the American Leg on for the benefit of the now po Ice short wave broadcasting station vhich Is to begin at'ten oclock it tbe morning, with auto racing I' begin at two o'clock In the aflci- icon. ' .1 ' _ ir ... allhougu nu "»i> "^-" -"V..f Jonesboro his home since he took up the. thrilling sport ot midget onto racing to years ago. Ken Heatherlngton and David May, both of Jonesboro, are also I known by a number in the terrl- lory between Jonesboro and Bly- thdville who will be on hand to lead the cheering for them. Percy Dick, came ivabo. «j««t» - f • with accklenls while Memphis. With midget auto to the front a llic United i. It is only seven years old, miich competition among ._ Scrc'ir^^^^s'iiss^ . _-„„« ^r ihic prcw. others tiy c0.ulpped. A customs patrol boat is' expect. . . . _,~,..<.4 rti^ ilio lake in cons barges lUVHIfc W"« "••• -- inOllgll OHliMti ."'^ •' —• -7 ' ad the cheering for them.. u ,„ raccs or u,i s crew, others Stickler was employed at the hav £ also lnadc names for them- vvalpole Meat market seven years , Ul t | le spor t world, ago before he ever had a notion of Heatherlhgton, who used o race racing. He Is a- brother of George L ,-, s( , e cars in half mile dirt Stickler, who^ lived in Blythevllle I lrack raccs before ho was won over Uree years ago and who'returned , 0 „,„ llewer sp prt, can boast an recently to make his home here. cnvlttb i e record. ..HIs^ Joncsuoro The race driver has been In a C0mpan i 0 n, May, Is. r ding for his much lamer business, that of Poul- Lrst year with much to liUi credit Sy raisin?, as a'slde line when he ol , icr drivers w m be: John Hoi isn't driving his 'Number 8 car den of Memp !,is who will be rid around some fast track.- , ng f0 r the first Ume_sl.nco a sever; midget-auto .races here crac k-up three weeks ago, Hug ""»* s ..:-.,.... •"l sa (,u cn ia, "Shorty" Campbel - Burks. Carl Runkin, Joe ^H"placer! onthe^ lake In 0(110 year when It reaches 1U n oowut Is evident "Burning the Street" '".*j Proves Literally True VINITA, ouTrop)-•"»«:. eled 3000,000 potatoes and liked i t ^'^-^ .»«»*«.• "~ and 'who would just as s^oon Evc)yn Key . cs ls ra t e d one of the rived here. ...... _„„„ rTlaycr lo be placed under per- rmss Bav N J, Memphis, Orcen-1 Memphis. • .. BBanfes:;;;j £^HHic! [ i e 1 nrT/Vorhe l re C la»t n1 Ia1l, b'being IcrvIce"mw' expect at'least «00 reinade for the events which will people to visit Walker Park that SVJSK sad K . ±= . w-st July Sept. j' H. Hickman, once potato peeler of the Cu, and now chief cook of , on the run « 772 !-2 nil 71 M 72 whole-time job. niavcr'lo be placed under personal contract by veterandirec- tor Cecil B. DeMillc In a *"•>**• writer spotted ner muwn w giunnuo «. .. V and l perfect ov ? l tace_among a 1 fair ground^ fiock ot extras. - The nro ect became iuu nv. — -- stance boiled out of the pot and Ignited, burning as it flowed. WEATHER Arkansas-PaWcloudy tonight I wm u« iiw opv*.N- "V.IM, -nil Memohls" and vlctnlty "& r > formal entertainment :Vvhicl,^H 1( ^7 ton , gh t and Saturday, not please all.from one to 100 years of .clouny ^^ ^ tenlperat ure. contests, which I age." . nmi ' IPo^'t Commander "E. A. Rice said. £ ,&^5^ StLSi o?t,^k°anT^±fc| al ^— iSj^i street improvement too hot 1-he

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