Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 26, 1955 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 26, 1955
Page 9
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'1,1 MOM $f Aft? H6PI, ARKANSAS SOCIETY 8 A. M. «hd 4 P. M. of Oarrett CHureh 'will meet part the United Nations is playing in seeking world peace wore the discussed by Mrs. H. K. International Re- U. S. Fat- Ahead in Little Olympics . MEXICO CTY I/PI — The Pan American Games swimming and (Siving program, final major sport events of the 195S Western hemisphere little Olympics, wound up today with the United States sitting highest on the international totem pole. With 15 events held and five to Ike Master at Not Making People' Mad By JAMES MARLOW DOROTHY DIX . Her Boy's Return fro m, Service \\ at ?!&6 p. to. iri,'^ tl ° ns Vhaiimaih, at^the meeting j unofficial score in the swimming be run off late'this afternoon, the if ^ower. who used to n as8 P°" ' al nOTi ' Dear Miss Dix: My husband died seven years ago. leaving me with three children. I am now 50; two A,* i « j n, i. lot the children are married, and Associated Press News Analyst j my older son is , n the Air Force. I WASHINGTON (if) ~ Thoma cjftd, 611 mem tr&ent. , 4 * 5 SB. tJias* of the Firs eh, will have ~ & Mil- Patii. Mbnda* , tf j). m, In cflte o fce at the Church. " political novice, is a Cobb onl-t * h ?. ??ker Home Demonstration land" diving schedule stood: "i™? st ? r al ", ot rn » kin K.P f - 0 Plc mad. s are much more dif- they were. My daughter • fcnd Ihfe'fiaitefn 4t«f Ban Hie held Tueifday March 29 iafcsd ,* il-etm' the t ol ;, Miss Jfack Porter Norma Jean Delah' Wamftek. Please . ke your reservations by Monday arch 28th. Quarterly mddtirtg of the ead* County Boafd of the BtLAmfirldhn Cancer Society will "et in the City tfali Tuesday Marp. m. • frriday April 1 „' ^e* EmmeVOkrden Club will sp- for a "jtibt-Juck 1 supper at the Ar -"* i —-t|Ha ° n Friday April 1, :t"1nife-£!tnthet Cornmtini* ; ....provement League and the [met'Ifome" Demonstration Clubs •'alkfed,'td participate. Mrs. Dll- Sbf'Mbf 1 ^Springs public relations cer/bf'the ; Arkansas Power and E&^/^rMhMvJtiu^tlttH* hjtf- «fmn+ 'j}ng{|» invit K?' S-JT-.^ •> i • - • Hubs lik*>< / - ' rnational Relation* and the » rt '*»,- ' l' '" - " Soenger Song, "1 would be True," was sung aftef which the devotional, Psalm 14?,' was read by the hostess and the Lord's prayer repeated in uni- flOHi Soil call was answered by. "What improvement my horn? heeds most." Mrs/ Ray Kitchens gave a dem oristration on home furnishings with the emphasis being on cafe curtains and how to make them. •Mrs. Lorraine B. Wylie, home De fnonstration agent, showed some slides which explained how to select good workmanship in furnituru and get the most for your money. It was voted to give to the Hed !ross, to participate in the flower show, and to work in the amateur show in April. The surprise package was won >y 'Mrs. Stcndman. Refreshments- were served to 17 nembers; 3 visitors, Mrs. H. £, 3 atterson, Mrs. Ola Smith and Miss Carol'Baker; and Mrs. Wylie. April meeting will be with Roy Baker. Time* ' scene /— ' r - / - ~~y\~ f r r"' f ~'t ""'r'^i t '-— every/wonderful cnar- "icicter of tbs best-seller a best-pic- dett- Colb.rt Miirry «{ * Sun. - Mon. if. " *' ' * costume* 'making a truly wonc(ro«i ertertalnment , (pectnfcje of/lpve and ,,ron\anc«j~-to remain . 8:67 4: -6:44 . 9:06 yr * & More Persons Continued from Page One Andrew Jones, Oscar Dunlap, Charles Phillips,. Harvey Wnshing- On; George Jones, Frank C. Clark, Itr., Mr.s Scott Williams. Mrs. /tittle Cooper, Fred Williams, John Green, Cleo Graham, Tennessee ohnson, Mr., Mrs. • Jim Parker, Mrs. Annie Perry, Clyde Martin. Contributing : ismaller amounts' were: 'Ray Nottie, Jr., .Mrs. Emma 'earson, Mrs. Louise Gamble, Mrs. Lula Ward, Mrs. Aline Jackon, 1 " M.rs. Mary Flenory, Mrs. Au- hor Pichens. Leana Taylor, Mrs. Jobbie Palmore, John L. Jones, lev. L'. 'ArClarker Mrs." Annie Deoney, S. Deloney, Rosa Roach,Wilie Turner,' Mrs. Sarah;Phillips Mrs. Jennie Ware, 'Mrs. A'.- H. ^Johnson, •lary L. Laiiterrrulk, Marie Wiliam»,, Marshall Wood. Elzatie iagland, LaWropce Beerie,, Rev. S. M. ScOtt J," T "Roach;'Jr., Rev. Willie Poinexter, Mrs. Lillie B. Logan, Geo," Logan, Mrs r 'Pearl Johnon, Mrs.-Alrpa Noble,-Mrs."Mable. leed, Mrs. Josie Mercer, Mrs. Mae 3rlggs, "Mrs. Armanda H|rris, Mrs. ^uia Hawkins Gus Brewer, Mrs. Ch'arlie'1^. Clark, Mrs. Icie Davis, VIrs. Lena Moss, J,olin Mo/ss; Dtonatirig amaller arnountdj Mrs. CIuB hdld iH the home of Mrs. Zona I Green, 205 South Washington St. 6n Mafch 1(3.- With the President, Mrs. Orville Steadman, in charge, the meeting opened with the group repeating !He came through a " ticklish DUGS-' has offer . ed me a home, and my H {/-lit 4 l-.l» . _i_ • _ , . ., . I T\r nil lom 1C iirViof 1m t» in an tirilli Viiai* Knowing his financial weakness, she has been probably, just checking in what she thinks is a co-operative way. It "refilly is no cause for dissension. YOu agree that on the whole she's an easy person to live with, therefore she must have home good qualities. I don't think leaving by yourseli or with the children is a solution. Sticking it out until U r. < ttn n/r • -*. t .. .* JV - ^aim; tiiiun^ii t \ lICKilSn CHIPS- • --. — , —./ w - — . S. 188, _Mexico r>8, Argentinam on this week 'in typically Irn-iri!l n ' oblem is whether to go with her your man's income is sufficient for , Canada 45 and Brazil 17, to listUr,n,nt:«., ' fc lor ronlini'p wnrkintf In kppn a hnmp .VOUr needs would ibe thp rnatnrn 51, Canada 45 and Brazil 17, to lis the nations which entered the bigger teams. The Scoreboard for the gam-ss as a whole, including last week's the home demonstration creed. The track and field, showed: U. S. 1,373','i, Argentina, 545'/2 Mexico 338. Boiling Injury Has Bosox Brooding SAHASOTA, Fla., UP) — Tough- luck Milt Boiling's elbow injury — a year after Ted Williams' celebrated broken collarbone has Ihe Boston Red Sox brass brooding over the perils of spring training. Boiling, choice of Manager Mike Higgins to open the season at shortstop, suffered a chip fracture of his left elbow Wenesday. He lost to the club for at least six to eight weeks. Williams, whose eagerly-awaited decision on whether or not t oplay .his year is baseball's biggest current topic, fractured his collarbone here March 1, 1954. As a result of the break, Boston missed the big ;uy's power hitting for the first condition. or continue working to keep a home Would he meet with the hearts ofi for my son in service - He ' ] i be dis ' the British, French and Russian cnai 'S<-'d in a few months, governments to talk peace? 1-Te didn't quite say yes. He didn't quite say no. He left the, whole MRS. B, Delay Decision Answer: As your boy will be in your needs would (be the mature approach. -. -, ------idea of such a meeting a shadowy! a few months, can't you postpone " something in the future. decision until then? This is a big Yet, because of the way he saM>:lpp and one that should be discus- it, both Sen. George (D-Ga) and;scd with everyone concerned. With Sen. Knowland (R-Calif) • could i your son's assistance you might take comfort from it. But, .before'find a way to continue in your own he gave his reply, at a news con-home. fc-rnce, there seemed a #ood chance he'd make one of them hopping sor. Dear Miss Dix: After a very (pleasant friendship of six months, Norman and I broke up. I knew the fault was mine, and I called one of his friends t otell him so. I asked the friend to tell Norman sorry. Mission accomplished, we went back together seemed quite different, being rather cool and aloof. Last Saturday Telephone TV Hour Begins 16th Year By WAYNE OLIVER NEW YORK (/P) — A radio program that has withstood television competition belter than most, the' Telephone Hour, begins' its 16th! year next month with no signs of weakening. TV has cut into the audience of the Monday night NBC show as.it has for all night network radio, fiiit surveys indicate the. Telephone Hour has held a larger share of SdhD-day Mai-ch 16, 1M) two weeks. Besides loca:l broadcasts in each city. Mutua 1 again will have its Game of 1 he Day radio broadcasts and Cl'.S will have a Game of the Week on television each Saturday. | Dear Miss Dix: My daughter ha been going out with a young man Tr, . i , . l/L'.rll KUIIIU ULIL YV1UJ el .VUUIIK llliij For a president Eisenhower hns| fol . cight months . He tells her h ° C J'"«onal roHdy to get married. He says attacks and rnudslingmg. HP'S glv- lnc Jovcs her . but he hasn't given en few people an opportunity to illcr a ring. I think she is wasting got publicly angry at him. He has'hrr limn. MRS. J consistently avoided saying anything publicly to hurt people's feelings or ideas. Eisenhower said long ago hc would not meet with the Russians until they showod evidence of "good intentions. Last Sunday George Answer: You seem quite worriec over the possibility of having a spinister daughter. Believe me it's much better tor young people to lake their time, instead of rush ing into a marriage that may later regretted. Eight months is no . -, __. , - '---.ij.. i ^ tii t; i. IVTU • j_ii t: 111, jiiuiiiiia ia iiu suggested Eisenhower moot/with too ]ong for a couple to enjoy each them, without the good intention requirement Knowland opposed George's proposal. He insisted the Russians must show- honest purpose before . Eisn- hower sits down with them. Knowland, as Republican leader in the Senate, is Eisenhower's chief lieu- month of the season and had such |lcnant ',„ i hn t'House" a slow getaway it never quite re- 1 v n ^ n .^ ,, ' ,_, covered. Boiling, 24, has been dealt the second big blow of his short major eague career. In '53 with Boston n contention and Boiling a candidate for'rookie of the year hours, he wrenched his ankle. He was cut the last two months and the team' skiddd. This Spring he. had looked like he ball player Higgins predicted ve'd be when he managed him at the Sox' Birmingham Southern Association farm club. Spring has been unkind to the Red" Sox. The 1954 season was only nine games old when ace pitcher Wei Parnell got a broken Wist on lis pitching hand April 24 and was sidelined for much of the campaign. . '. As for spring!training—one more injury and" Boston probably will abandon it. . • Susie Bradley, Mrs. Linnie Cox, Mrs. Permillia Brunson,' Mrs. Gracie, Regan, Mrs. Pinkie Stewart, Mrs. Tefia Nelson, Mrs .Adell White.Harold , Conway, , Willard Cooper. John Rogers, Dinkey Cooper, Mrs. Ethel Muldrow Jessie M. Laudermilk, Par'thna McGill. Kemey, Trudie Moss, Oneda Rhodes, Roise Hunterly .Bezley NoSfle Jr.', John A. Moss. other's company without makin pledges. I think if you leave this matter in the hands of your daugh tor and her friend they'll solve r quite nicely themselves. Knowland has frequently disagreed with Eisenhower and often must have tried his patience sorely. But Eisenhower has carefully avoided any quarrel. He needs Knowland. At the same time Tie George, who is chairrrtnn of the I Foreign Relations Committee and the Democrats' chief Senate spokesman on foreign policy. How could Eisenhower reconcile their opposite views? He said there were various • ways the Russians could show good intentions. And he said he'd willingly take, part in a Big Four meeting if — it was a mighty big if. First there would have to be exploratory conferences by others. He idn't explain exactly what ,he meant. But even if the exploratory confere nc es succeeded, it didn't mean he'd attend a Big Four meeting. That depnded, . . There was enough generality in this statement for George a n d Knowland to interpret it as they wished. What they saw in, it cli-3 not appear to dissatisfy them. Los Angeles County in Califor nia grew from one million to<foui million in population from ' 192C to 1950. HOPE DRIVE-IN THEAIR HIGHWAY 29 SOUTH « OPEN 6:30 P. M. •'. HURRY! FINAL NITE! • AUDIE MURPHY • Lisa Gaye • Walter Brennan "DRUMS ACROSS THE RIVER" Color by TECHNICOLOR SPECIAL SECTION FOR COLORED! LATE SHOW TONIGHT 11:00 P. M. ATTEND LAST SHOW — STAY AND SEE IT FREE! A REAL SCARY FEATURE. . . "DEAD MAN'S EYES" Don't Forget The Big $3000 Giveaway Next Sunday April 2. SUNDAY & MONDAY •* pIAPc Order As Delightful as Dogwood in Bloom. As Much Fun as a Pay at the Lake.. (Vhen an Eastern Cal Cmss to ib Ozarl^s and Tries to Make Her fishes Come True! ^' x 41 AN ARTHUR .^ ~-iA\v \ •••••• \\\\ i mWS MOONSHINE IS JW RteHt. 1F IT WAS ANY mm, / wtiu II AW IF II WA WORSl, ICQULV mm IT i An4 t<K»k At These Swell Short*: 1. JQE MoDQAKg COMEPY , • . COME OUT EARLY . . . KIDDYLAND • ZOO • HORSESHOE PITCHING * IMPROVED SNACK BAR Dear Miss Dix: I am very much in love with a boy who dated me thrcoitimes. I understand from his sister that he didn't have.a job aric so was financially unable to con tinue dating. But I hear he is Xri endly with another girl who was his steady a while ago. I would like j to go out with him again as I am I very much in love with him. CONFUSED Answer: Most girls at one time or another face the unpleasant truth that the boy they dote on is fond of someone else. Your young man apparently dated you on the rebound from a disappointment o: his own; now he has picked up the pieces of that broken romance and I'm afraid you must accept the trulh —lhat you were just a plea< sant interlude. Have faith in the fact that you will soon find another beau equally desirable. Dear Miss Dix: I've known a boy for a year and I'm in love with him but we just, can't seem to get ; along with each other. In the beginning I told him a few fibs, thinking , : I was making an impression on him For instance, I'd say had been to a certain restaurant, resort or something -along' those lines. 'Now he gives me the third de gree aout everything.'He doesn' belive a thing I tell him He is very jealous and draws his own conclu sions. We plan to marry ut I'm giv ing it care ful thought because I'm a bit afraid of the future with him He's 24 and I'm 18. INE Answer: While fibing of course is always wrong, it would seem to me easy enough to forgive your harmless exaggrations. That is, o course, if the young man took the trouble to think things over. I doup if you'd have to dig very far to : a flaw in his character. If he ex pects to be granted considerat understanding from you, as his wife he certainly should be disposed to make similar concessions to you If he is a young man'who can' overlook a minor untruth i doubt he's worth your devotion. Der Miss Dix: Since our marriage 18 years ago, my hustoanc and I have lived most of the time with his people. There was one interlude of three years when we were by ourselves : and that was the- happiest period of our married life. We have five children ranging from 5 to 13. My mother-in-law mistreats the children, and' I would rather have her be mean to me. My husband warns me not to say anything or he will keep me away from my folks. He has six brothers and sisters, all of whom are willing to have their mother for visits, but she won't leave us. My husband hasn'.t been to successful in business, and right now isn't making enough for us to be on our own. Lit? tie as he has his mother insists on knowing how much he makes, where he spends it. What he buys, etc. Is there any way I can persuade my husband to move? ' Francine Friendly Talk Might Help Answer: I have shortened your etter somewhat for publication, but :he over-all picture indicates your lusband is afraid to face the world alone and only too happy to depend on the quarters provided by his mo- her. You say that his current eariv ngs are very meagre. Constant Business worries and the responsi. jilities of a large family have m^* erially weakened his self-confjden- :e Apparently he is cllning to hip nother more from economic; than rom emotional reasons. You tell me you ar>d yoyr husband got along very we}l thjat ypii don't quarrel, and love each pthfr deeply. With so many favorable s^S" pects to your marriage, it should t>9 Dossible to get rid of the unfortunate ones, Why not talk to your mpthW.f«V aw in a friendly, frank ma,rjrjer? ?ell her she's making yflU unhappy iy her treatment of your chjlsJr«iU nd that her harshjaeM. tjn the only obstacle to « mily. Let her know you wiUJ. ifter the youngsteri, t^gjsijt « d(v- sion of domestic responsibility lea? •ing a certain part of the home tp ie her charge. Her interest in your hu»bajrv4'4 vork and earning* c»n be ignored MOM, AARANIAI 02AHK IKI ERE'S MAH UOCKUH/ HEY tm'&KWT MAK-UWFORW NUM ELMEft— „ CUTCJUTTHe NOMSENSE AND WASH YOUftSELr*.' r/ LATER, NOW YOU MU.S'BE CRAViN' T'GITIMTOA V. ' V BUG UK)lFOR(V\ vt . >' " The Stock Markejt is Down ... Our Prices are toq! CREAM OIL PERMANENT Only Q.DU HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOiP „. Phone 7-2878 nJt mv^^m tMmwm WGHt •YOU ARE,. BUBBUH/ :iil/r? ; ijm£i OUTOOfcWAY its audience than any other major radio program, Answer to freyiouii, ftin!.* In Yugoslavia T MUSfA feEEM GREAT TO EAt grov.'ing public demand for 6ELIGIOU.& 2^, C ".°P eyiwc>.'c HOW I LOW& good music, s' ays ' Donald Voorhees, orchestra conductor; \ on the Tele- ANJa B£N ; APTER yoU TAKE OP KIMRALL,. 56 Tidy i j Yucoslav S7 U Pfc er lbnb ' SdS SfJMeatdish Marshal ' DOWN phone Hour sihce its first broadcast in April 1940. ' "As nearly as ; I can g-ather from all sources, serious music is gain- AUL THBOUGH TH' HOUSE-- M-A1MM / couldn't go out with him ing very rapidly," says the rugged, 5 Yugoslavia i? i p 0 i n t composed of 2 Angers — republics 3 Carry- (colli) . 8. It once was ' 4 Assaults j t— of the . 5 Perception I empire of ff Artificial i Alexander the language | 'Great . • " -•"" -' 12 It.produces ' some -i—•=• , ; 13 Dutch dty j 14 Athena U Fondles . baby-sitting job, and white-haired veteran of the music though he promised to call, he didn't. I like Norman very much. How can I get him to change back to stimulating a nationwide growth in the cheerful boy he was? the appreciation of good 39 Idolises 41 Sacred song 42 Preposition 4<> Unfjorhmoh 44 Operatic solo Answer: People aren't like pup and thinks it's directly responsible know. You can't pull for booming sales of classical pho 7 Dry (comb. 24 Always form) ' 25.'Ao6l$ht capifaV strings and make them behave .in nograph records. accordance with you dictates. You 8 Father or mother 9 Wolfhound 27 SrritiH, 10 Lease ] J6 Correlative of 11 Oriental porgy?.9 Ages neither 19 Universal 31 Plentiful : 17 Hindu queen language 32 Placed on a 18 Soothsayers- 20 Medicinal golf rnound 5.2 Morning 20 Depression potions 38 Bother moisture^ ' ! 21 Pedal digit 22 Peruse 23 Veterans (coll.) are ready to admit that the break- Development of a now television Take Your Prescriptions to Crescent Drug Store up was your fault that is, you'll picture tube said to have three to . 47,'Grafted (her.) 48 Writing tool 49 Mineral spring' 50 Pavlhg * 'V. sjitartaaci admit it to everyone but the per- four times the brightness of those son most concerned — Norman! He WASH TUBES in current sets was reported to doubtless expected an apology and day to the Institute of Radio En- was certainly entitled to one. You Engineers for the Rau Where they will be carefully compounded by me* who are graduates of a-,. 4-year College of Pharmacy. : ' I . don't give your young man much . 5TONB.HWS .y. TOPPt6P.OFPLO(46:A0a/ 'HERB'S • J "" land Corp. said the new tube had considerable, Dolly, hence the cool . , ON LftiiD fek SEA. attitude. Be a bit more thoughtful in round and 24-inch rectangular. ..._ . HMP UNDERGROUNDrl RUBB5R ~' " ' - Big league baseball returns CRESCENT Dear Miss Dix; While I was in a radio and TV in a little more than hospital with leg, my wife deserted me and took ship, and six city championships, DRUGSTORE Phone 7-3424 30 Miss Gardner \VHy.MOTHERS- GET and developed an array of first- our 11-yqar-old daughter with her. 31 Make amends 33 Drone bee " 34 Weight of I '. India 35 Yugoslavia produces' some She is now living in another state class players heaed by three-time ,.... ..... ^ .._.—„..., With Major Hoopla with a married man. Such an en- Ail-American and "Player of OUR BOARDING HOUSE vironment is, of course, extremely bad for the child and I'd like to LIGHTING FIXTURES Answer: Contact a welfare agen- 36 Eggs 37 Trod cy, like the Family Service Association, where you will be given ad 1 39 Greek war god vice and guidance concerning your |40Aged 41 Cushion s Chest rattle 45 Shop 4BPeel iOOTS AND H Protect your eyesight and enhance the'beauty of your home with correct lighting fixtures. Denver Team Ousts Peoria in AAU Ploy MOVO •> 6c*w\oyiw ; u 49 Station (ab.) Allen Electric Co. (51 Tear asunder fet^?;sl0b: S^Ctt* - ^o^\^V''\;to^;$C»i 53 Goddess of ' discord 154 Chum '55 Italian city Phone 7-2629 114 South Elm CARNIVAL The three-year reign 'of. the ; Perojria,; ;'I11., Cats as champions of, PANGBURNS CANDY Athletic Assn. ; (AAU) ' baskfetball crumbled last -night in a- 70-67 loss to senior members of the Univer- None Better. Received fresh weekly. 66c ,o 6.00 sity of Colorado team;that won the Big Seven Conference this season. The Colorado collegians led two other outsiders into tonight's semifinals of the 48th annual AAU, Tour- BUGS BUNNY WARD AND SON DRUGGIST ney. Along with them are the Bar- Phillips 66, which tlesville, 'Okla. won the National Industrial League •'"-•• fMNNY BUSINESS The U. S. Marine Corp. cham- By Mershbergar pions from Quantico, Va., matched against the University of Colorado payers. the San Francisco Olympic a talented collection of; West coast college players. ' •Burdetfe Halorson drilled in 33 points in leading the Colorado team, playing under the colors of Luckett-Nix of Boulder, Phillips 66. hardly worked up sweat in disposing Colo., Gregory Clothing, 56-44. The Greeley team was mae up of Colorado State College players who finished fourth in the six team SEED STORE ALLEY OOP iRocky ' Mountain Conference. Arnie Short of Bartlesville topped JUStWHW , WGNEI?P;At EXPERIENCED the • scoring with ' 15.' points. Tarn- RISHT..1 MACHINE/ISA, TOUSH PROBLEM, BIH BUMPIN'LL mate Chuck Darling followed with and FINANCE HOME IMPROVEMENT' L O A N S LaSalle Coach Go^s to Texas Aggies TO STAY TOGETHER. A TH'UOB NEW YORK (UP) — Canny Ken . this for potningl ' iLoeffler, -yyho built LaSalle nito basketball champion, Convenient, easily-ar. ranged loans to improve YOUR home. We can switched to Texas A. and M. today %)•- - , TV?-T;-.£,; cipf.-JMf (VN«3.n!e., Inc. to pull the Aggies out of the Southwest Conference cellar by "fitting i?ffl£no\yf 3 goo numerologist?' the air with basketballs." arrange every tbioa Come m oowl His announcement that he Prompt Serr'ce Information By Nodin. Seller agreed to a three-year Aggie contract caught LaSalle officials by surprise andT without' any idea who fPJSClLLA'S would succeed him at the Philadel Hope Builders Supply Co. CAN'T SLEEP! ONLY SLEEP ABOUT HOURS A PAY! •But it brings to the Aggies who, in six years at La- SOME THING WRONGs Salle, 'won two national champion- 3rd & Louisiana Phone 7-2381 Eastern champion H 0 M E STAY EE THE WQRLD tjipt yow; Would enjby pur programs: excitindijmbnthly; dinner meetings qt. which famous world travelers show .their fujlrpplqr/'^ilrris of all th«. countries of the world, exactly as shown ir)'--famed Tswn ;H'p|l;of New York, along, with, the foreign foods of the countries'ln 'the^'pirrh^, Telephone jrjnmejdjatejV for 'full details. ' . ,-""-:' v Mrs. Ed Ogran or Mrs. Catherine Richards Howard Pursers for the Explorers Club Phone 4391 or Phone 2226 THj STQEY lJL^gti^^

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