The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on November 20, 1951 · Page 14
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia · Page 14

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Tuesday, November 20, 1951
Page 14
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Otdr new for mil dallxrr From M20, ' uln tu. MEDICATED WINE TONIC ARNOLD BROS. MELBOURNE A.B.I Page 14 TELEPHONES: MUB731 (Ten Lines); CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING, MU9811 (Ten Lines). MELBOURNE. TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 20. 1951 LIBERTY MOTORS IAUST.) MJ55 LontdsU-ttittt, Malbourit. JMM94-S. A.B. Rty. Ll4.. ROSEWALL SHOWS OF A CHAMPION Struggle With Savitt From "The Age" Special Representative SYDNEY, Monday. Australian big tennis found another potential champion yesterday, when 17-year-old Ken Rosewall gave America's Dick Savitt a tense battle through four sets in the New South Wales singles title play here. Rosewall proved he could be a future mainstay of our tennis and a Wimbledon champion. This comes on top of the "discovery" of Ian Ayre's brilliance in Saturday's games. Rosewall today it timea turned on absolutely magnificent tennis, and took the U.S. atar to 6-8, 8-6. 6-3, 8-6. Rosewell's form at White City will certainly give mucn food for thought for the Australian Davis Cup selectors. Savitt opened the match with his service, but the Sya-ney junior was quickly into stride from the baseline, and went to a 2-0 lead. Savitt. realising that Rosewall was more than a promising Junior. Immediately tightened up his game, and ran to a 3-2 leaa. But Rosewall evened the score with his service to 3 all. Both players were giving of glorious tennis, and held their services to 4 aii, when Savitt was love-30 on his serve. But, serving at tremendous speed, Savitt took four points in a row to leaa 3-4, tnen neia a set point on Rosewall's service. World Class But, steady. In the crisis. Rosewell fought back with-tremendous backhand drives and well-placed services to level the game. Rosewall served so well that, wnen trailing at 5-6, he won his service to love continuing to play tennis worthy of any world champion. Rosewall passed Savitt whenever Savitt followed his service to the net, and snatched Bavitt's service to lead 7-6. Then he went on to take the second set point on his own service. Rosewall won the set 8-6. In the second set, games went with service. Trailing love-40 and 5-6 on his own service, Rosewall played unbelievably brilliant tennis, running Savitt from side to side to hold his ser vice for 6 all. However, at 6-7, Rosewall over-drove some short balls to lose his service, and the set, 6-8. Rosewall appeared to be suf fering slightly from the strain j In the third set. and Savitt pressed home his advantage with cannon-ball services and tremendous drives from both backhand and forehand to lead 5-0. At this stage Rosewall ral lied to take three games in a row. ana to nave savitt love- 40 on his service. Savitt. realising his danger, took risks, and won five points in a row to win his service and the set, 6-3. In the fourth set games went ATHLETICS Plans for Mile Record Attempt ay itruce welch The V.A.A.A.- Inter-club sports committee will ' make a special effort to give crack rollers, Don Macmillan and John Landy, favorable conditions for their "peak effort" mile run at Olympic Park on Saturday. rive races are listed before their event at 3.10 p.m. It is likely the two B grade miles., scheduled for 3 p.m., will be held later' and that the track will be rolled between 2.35 and 3 p.m. The difference that rolling made to the cinders track last Saturday has made officials realise rolling should be done! Deiore any race in wmcn a record might go. Timekeepers will clock Macmillan and Landy at the 1500 metres mark and at the end of the mile. Macmillan Is sure he can reach the 3 mln, 53 see. standard for 1500 metres, even If he misses the 4.10 mile. The runners will abandon their attempt on the standards only if a high wind is blowing. Landy ran his Australian record mile of 4.14.6 in a strong breeze two weeks ago. In the last 120 yards from the 1500 metres mark, Landy finished into the wind. He was only Just over the standard at the 1500 metres peg. Macmillan and Landy will run the first half-mile in about 2.2.0 and let the rest oi the race look after itself. This means they have better chances of qualifying at the 1500 metres mark than at the mile. The Olympic distance is 1500 metres, but the two standards were set as few races over 1500 metres are held In Australia. LISTENERS! An Important Announcement will be Broadcast from GEO. ADAMS, Hobart TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY, NOV, 21. At 9.30 a.m. Through 7AD Devonport 1900 Kilocycles.) Audible In Victoria. There May be a Pernona) Message for Tou. Tell us how you receive It. A324. V. F. A. Moves on New Rules Tile Vlctoritn Football As sociation board of manage ment will discuss a' motion at Its next meetini to give the i umpire power to oraer on tne neia a piayer guutj or rum play. - It will also corulder a motion to instruct ,the V.P.A. delegate to the Australian National Football Council to move, at the council's next meeting, that the runs should be altered to permit a player to run 20 yards with the ball instead of 10. Cousins in 880 At Maribryuftng Vin Cousins, winner o 11 races last season, will have his first race this season from scratch in the 880 handicap at Maribyrnong tonight. It will be the first meeting of the season at Maribyrnong. Maran- telll is back marker in the 7S yards sprint. riM-iisfii.u'Myi-.1 I NOTr,NGHAMg iTA mm r with service to give Rosewall tne leaa, -s. But Savin's experience stood him in good steadand, with really brilliant tennis, he won the next three games for set and match. Mervyn Rose was not extended to defeat Sweden's Len-nart Bergelln in three straight sets. Bergelln ambled too casually towards the net far too often, and was almost Invariably passed by delightful backhand and forehand drives. Results MEN'S K1M.I.LS: M. Rose l Vic. I d L. Hernelin iSwedeni. 6-2. 6-3. 6-2: 11. Savitt U.S. id. K. Hotfwali. b-S-H-ti ti-3- 8-6. MEN'S DOUBLES: K. Rosewall-L. Head A. B. Biomqu!it-T. Johannsson (Sweden;, 6-3. 6 0. 6-S. 7-S; L. Br-yelin-S. Davidson t Sweden ) d, K. Meyer-H Loian R-2, 7-5. 6-2: F. Schroeder-T. Traben (U.S. d. R. Compaan-R. Foord. 6-0. 6-1. 6-0: J. Bromwlch-A. Qulst d. J. McDonald -P. Hea!ey, fi-M. 6-2. 6-0; R. Savtti-V. Sclxai i U.S.) d. J. A r kin tall-1. Ayr (Q.J. 1-6 fl-1, 6-4. 6-4: W. Sid-well-G. Brown d.. F. Shields-H. Rlchardjton . U.S.. 6-1. 6-1. 6-2; M. Rnte-D. Candy Vic. I d. G. Worthing-ton-R. Hariwic. 6-t. 3-6. 6-4. 6-3. JUNIOR BOYS' SINGLES: W. Gil-mour d. W. Woodcock. 0-3. 6-0: J. Cooper d. C. Cooksley. 6-4. 7-5; H. Richardson iu.s.i d. C. Swan. 6-u. (1-3: L. Hnad d. N. KeatlnK 6-2. 6-2; G. Pryor d. G. Morris, ti-3. 61; N. Frailer d. B. Gull?. 6-2. 6-2; R. Floyd d. R. Quick. 6-2. 6-1. JUNIOR HOYS' nOUB1.ES: R. Slack-I. McEwan d. P. Pearson -H. Shaw. 7-4. 6-4; R. Floyd-B. Hudson d. G. Resan-N. Keating, 10-8. 6-2: J. Conper-G. Prjor d. C. O'Connor-D Parker. 6-1. 6-1: A. Harland-C. Swan d. J. Axam-R. Duncan. 0-7. 9-6. 6-3. WOMEN'S DOUBLES: Mr. T. Lonjt-Mri. K. Hawton d. Mrs. B. Roc-cavert-Mln P. Southcome 6-2. 6-2: Mrs. H. Hooman-Miss B. Penrose d. Mn. Franklln-Mr. Thorlev, 6-4. 7-5: Mist A. Hatterlsey-Mrs. d. Fo-arty d. Miss J. Martln-Miss H. Taylor. 7-5. 62: Misses E. and V. A h ford d. Mn B. Morrison -Ml si J. Edmondson. 6-3, 0 1 Doubt on Plans of U.S. Players The visiting American Davis Cup team may not play in the Australian championships in Adelaide in January. The Swedes will contest these titles and - exhibitions in various States until February. Mr. H. A. Pitt informed the L.T.A.A- council last night that American team manager (Mr. F. Shields) had told him he did not know yet what would hap pen to tne us. team after the inter-zone final In Melbourne next month. Mr. Shields had added that some players might return after the inter-zonal final. Mr. N. R. Vroland said a firm stand should be taken, as the American tour had been arranged on an understanding that the U.S. Davis Cup players would compete here until the end of January. A cable will be sent to the U.S L.T.A. asking for information and expressing concern. Mainbrace Sale ort in N.Z. WELLINGTON, Nov. 19. New Zealand's champion racehorse, Mainbrace, was reported to have been sold to American jockey Johnny Longden and Canadian associate Max Bell. The announcement was made by Mr. Charles E. Robertson, blood stock director for Wright. Stephenson and Co., who is handling the sale. me price was not disclosed. But Dr. T. O. Fraser. ioint owner of the horse, said Main- brace had not been sold. The other ioint owner. Mr. J. R. H. Nolan, said: "It might1 have been." Mr. Robertson said after taxing Mainbrace out at Tea-wamutu for a trial, Longden radiotelephoned Bell. They decided to take the horse. Dr. Fraser said he knew Sothlng of he reported sale, aid would expect to receive ajvice. Tt is not known how many more starts Mainbrace will haw in New Zealand. Mainbrace, a four-year-old cheSnut, has won 17 races in succession, and has been oeaten only twice in 25 starts. Hlsyarnlngs total ,29,000. Crerriin Wins iSydney Bowl SYDNEY, Monday. Eric Cremin today won the Spalding Bowl and 200 purse at Bonnie Boon with good rounds of 72 and 73. A blustiry wind made conditions dlffltult, and, apart from tne leaoeri, scores were high. Cremin (started badly with three over for the first nine. Fred Bolger challenged strongly In I the afternoon, his par 71 belnk the best round of the day. i But he failed by two strokes to eaten urtnun, Who handled the tricky greens and the wind exceptionally well. CROQUET AUBURN HEIGHTS. 10.30: Pakr AWm8SSpJ- lament CAULFIELD RECREATION 10.30 Grlnrod v. Bladen; Rltchl v. Great-son ; Bevertf y v. Temple ; Powell v Cameron. 12.30: Barton Anderson: M"reld,., uv; Brl,"; PHtnon v-Chltty; Whit v. McComb. CpBIlRO. 12.30: Thomas v snook hna C Hdrp.i Barne v. McCaiker. final C. Level. EMVOOD. 10 30: Bon r Irk O Brien 12.30: Klrkbrtds v. , McCuT Bonwick v, Pirkin. 2 30: Kennedy v Watt, Mulcihy v. Nicholta; Marrrat V. F nney GJ.EN IRIR.lOSO: E, Mtcttaetmn . i nutnpvon rioyie v. Mac-pherion: Boiwanuik v it Blang 2 30 pot tamad designs 1 Two-lout natural and erom ihadas. 2611 to. PRETTY FLORAL ALL0VER LACE DINNER CLOTHS Dinner cloths In lovely Moral detlgnil New cream ihsdei. Sim TO a 90 Inehei. 5911 toeh. Treadwayi. Jack Purtell has been ap proached to ride both Hoyle and Achilles in the Eclipse, but he will not make a deci sion until this morning. Hutchinson has been out oi the saddle with a broken col- Repc Til ion. MELBOURNE RACING CLUB AY, DECEMBER 1 W51. DURHAM HUROLB RACE TO BE HELD ON THE FLEMINGTON RACECOURSE, OA I URDjY Two mltM 7.W. CLAYTON STAKES. For V- yrara.nia. special weimti wnn penu-tl. Five Furlnnn. 1000. HOLY ROOD HANDICAP ?st. 7 lb. mln Sis Furlnnvi C tfrOO. BRAESIDE HANDICAP For 3-jeaTs-oia. 7st. 7 lb. mln. one Mile. One Mile and a Half. 1IKH). HARRISFIEI.D HANDICAP, For vears-old and unwrd. 1 10 limit t 7 lh. mln. Sven Ftirlonts. for that ftftrwe rrt will r'nie at the ofllcel of the M ft C 41 Burke-ltreet Melbourne t H P m TflDAY TtiejflaT. November 21' HANDICAPS. Mnndat. Norember 3H 10M krrtPT Afters i a.m.. Thursdst. No. 39 iblli. C. MIU.T. seercUtr. 1 FORM Junior Star's Brilliant Form -if iit'tlt'iliff- f I : - Australia's star Junior, Ken Rosewall returns a low backhand in his match against Wimbledon champion Dick Savitt in Sydney yesterday. HosewaU wem down in (our close-fought sets. Hutchinson Will Ride Kongmeng in Eclipse By Heroic Victoria's leading lightweight jockey, Ron Hutchinson, will ride Kongmeng in the Eclipse Stakes at Caulfield next Saturday. Hutchinson has already won the race on Propontis and Morse Code. tomorrow to ride Chatspa, and he is almost certain to be on either Chatspa or Prince o' Hutchinson intends to ride Failles In the Eclipse Stakes. at Fleminftton this morning, Arthur Ward, who won the Chatspa's 9.5 in S.A. Race Chatspa was allotted top weight of 9.5 in the Challenge Stakes when weights were de clared yesterday for the three feature races at . P.A.R.C. ;Chrlstmas carnival at Chelten ham Park. The Stakes, of eight and a half furlongs, will be run on December 22. Comedy Prince received B.0, Beau Avion and Toastmaster 8.11. Inter-State horses weighted Bre: Merry Scout, peerless vox. 8.10; Trust Me. 8.0; Fordham. 7.11: Hundl. 7.6: Foxbay. 6 12; Glen Isn. 6.9- Regal scout again neans tne list In the Christmas Handicap. of seven furlongs, run on December 26, with 9.8. followed by Carnage, 9 0: Comedy Prince, 9.0; Cellarman. 8.13; Beau Avion, 8.12: and River Hero. 8.12 other lnter-Btate welgnts are: Desert Warrior. 8.11: Merry Scout, Slick Chick. 8.10; Tesmlc, 8.0: Golden Pippin. 7.12: Ford-ham, 7.11; Glen Varra. 7.9; Hundl. Varemba, 7.8; Jamboree, 7.7; Moonpath. 7.2; Atlantic Pact, 7 0; Foxbay, 6.12; Glen Ian, 9. Chatsoa also heads the Port Adelaide Cup, of a mile and seven furlongs, on December 28. with 9 3 Peerless Fox has 8.12, Toast master 8.11 and Frte Kick 8.9 Other Inter-State horseB are: Golden Field. 7.10; Fordham. 7.8: Douglas Harella,; Leprechaun, Aiouunary, y.a: King uarnlvnl. .2: Better Davs. 6.13: Foxbnv. 6.11: Anglo, French Pact. B.10; Mr. Clear, Proteje, 6.7. and rive his arm a more se. vere test before going to his doctor. The Eclipse Stakes looks like falling away, and present indications are that it will not be a strong field. As expected, the Williams-town Cup winner, Shoreham. has been scratched from the Eclipse Stakes, and othei'i horses taken out- yesterday! were True Course. Akbar, Lo hengrin, Ebony Bocks, Midway. qustar, North Kiaing, rree Kirk. Canace, Harrovian and Tamahine. Mr. O. R. Porter has Chatspa and Prince o' Fairies en gaged in the Eclipse Stakes. Olennon will be at Bendigo on Saturday. Final Handicap at Fleming-Ion on Black Don, is making a special trip from Sydney lo ride the horse In the Bendigo Cup. Black Don is better now than at any stace of his career, and he went like a class horse at Mentone yesterday morning to run a mile and 20 yards in 1.46H, coming home the last half mile in 51.. ADELAIDE, Monday. W.' Pyers said tonight he had accepted engagements to ride at Cheltenham and was disap pointed he could not accept the ride on Lady Havers In the Eclipse Stakes at Caulfield Mylti Trotting Only Five Entered for Special Race Victorian owners and trainers indicated their objection to discretionary handicapping yesterday, when only five entries were received for the trotters' handicap to be run under a discretionary system on December 1. The trotters' event usually attracts big entries, even when the stake is only 300. For the special race on De cember l tne staKe was in creased to 500 as an induce inent for owners to enter. On Saturday night next 16 trotters have been entered to 5, race for a prize of 300 under automatic handicapping. This is about an average size Meld each week. In view of the poor entry, it seems doubtful whether the T.C.B. will continue with the discretionary handicap . race, which would have very little interest for the public. Even if the five horses started, it would provide a poor betting medium. The entries were Annette Voyage, Peter's Heir, Swordsman's Triumph, Rattling Billy and Betty Belmont. Apart from Annette Voyage and Peter's Heir, the other entrants have little form to recommend them In a race. New South Wales batsman, J. Moroney, is dropped in slips by Atkinson off the bowling of Valentine in yesterday's N.S.W.-West Indies match In Sydney. Moroney made 166 not out. Italian Cycling Ace Here to Race Erminio Leoni, 28-year-old ace Italian omnium cyclist, arrived in Melbourne yesterday. Leoni, unbeaten pursuit champion at the Velledrome, Milan, will race at the board track until March. Leoni. who was broueht out by former brilliant Italian all-round cvcllst Nino Borsari, will probably make his first ap pearance at the track on Saturday week. since turning prniessionai in 1949. Leoni has never been BIKE RACING TONIGHT at 8 BOARD TRACK (At N. Essendon Station.) k ALL STAR BILL Travel Direct lo Track I TRAINS: 6.10, 9.211, 6.57, 7.29. S 3. BUSES from Tlwiif Theatre (Bourke-st ). (Clnttsts' But 6.30 p.m. I beaten at pursuit racing. He is essentially a "stayer," but has a iair sprint nnisn. In recent races on the Continent Leoni established a new Austrian record of 1 min. 10 ec. for the flying-start kilometre- He also won a 06-mlle road race In Vienna, finishing four minutes anead oi nis nearest rival. Besides competing against our leading nrofessinnals in five-mile races, the Italian star wui ne seen in pursuit and paced events. GEELONG RACING CLUB CHARITY MEETING. SATURDAV DECEMBER 1. 1951. MAIDEN THREE-YEAR -OLD HAND1 CAP 30. Six furlonn. KARD1N1A MAIDEN PLATS. 30 Six lurlcniji. HOSPITAL HANDICAP. I 11X1 Biiui luriuni. ang a nan. LEGACY ADVANCED HANDICAP. t SO. One mile and three furlonn K1TCHENF.R ENCOURAGE HANDI CAP. .In Six rurlonn I f 40 limit. I WELFARE WELTER t 40 About saven liirlnnn. i minimum wettht ALL NOMINATIONS 10. Nominitloni cio.e tvxj.y iTu,idi. Nm-embrr 'Jn . at 4 o.m.. with tacln, Ar.nclM. 102 Rotirke-it . Melbourne: Mr A. McGnldrlck. Ballarat. and at the nfflra of the Club 70 Mftnrl. bool-tt,. Geflonf. J. C. BELL. Actlnl See. Indies Have Chance For "Even Time" From Percu Beames SYDNEY, Monday. West Indies batsmen have their chance tomorrow to make amends for a first innings debacle by scoring 296 runs in even time and beat New South Wales on the last day of their four-day game. fully ended the misery Moroney'they omitted Burke with"! and Burke were Inflicting on lirther trial and told him wtiv A sporting declaration by New South Wales captain, Arthur Morris at tea today, when his side had scored 274 runs for the loss of 3 wickets, gave West Indies a ..ev interest at a stage when the match seemed certain to drag on to a drab ending. When asked to bat again West Indies needed 380 runs! West Indies and spectators. Although Moroney was 49 when play began, he did not reach his century until 2.30, an effort over which he labored painstakingly for four hours and a hall. Endurance Test-As an endurance effort it was, perhaps admirable, but in in 405- minutes. By stumpsattractlon va)ue it was without Chambers 114, But Victoria Faces Defeat ADELAIDE, Monday. Despite a fine century by 21-year-old left hander, John Chambers, Victoria was dismissed for 281 ana forced to follow on in the third day of the Sheffield Shield game against South Australia here today. with onlv one day of play remaining. It looks as though Victoria faces certain defeat. In the second Innings Vic toria was 0 8 at stumps. The prelunch session today was one of tne most nreary seen in years, with only 56 runs scored in loo minutes, in M overs during the period, 15 were! maidens. However. Loxton and Cham bers were doing their best to extricate Victoria from difficul ties. Shield Scores SOUTH AUSTRALIA. Ftrat Innlnxa. S21. VICTORIA. First Innlnn. C. McDonald, In-, b Nnblat . . 0 Thorns, llm. b Bowler . . 27 R. Harar. c Uuldix. b Noblet 47 (tliambera. c Lander, h Wilson III Loslon, c Nnblet. b Manning 44 riirnru, a. pa. lAngier, a .wanning- , , DlrU. c Bowler, b Manning . . lllundell, e Ridings, b Manning 1. McDonald, c Bowles, b Wilson Allen, n.o Consfdlne, b Wilson Sundries ,, .. ,, .. Total ori ran. o. fiH. mi. zw, zn. zna. 287. 273. 273. Bowling. Nnblet. 2flll Bowler. I.37: Manning. 484l Wilson. Sfln: Hole. n33. VICTORIA. Second Innlnfa. C. McDonald, n.o Thorns, n.o Sundries they had Increased their chances by compiling 84 runs in less than two hours. Their prospects of success will improcve tomorrow morning if Rickards can produce the crisp stroke play he showed In reaching an unconauered 51 today ana Worrell nnas nis true form. Tried as an opener for the first time on the tour in a big match, Ken Rickards batted particularly well. It seems sur- nrisinz mat. wnn otner play ers obviously out of form. Ingathering small nas not oeen given greater opportunities. Valentine did not irohi. the batsmen today and faiiec to take a wicket. He his nm hown anything like (he font he displayed in Brisbane. For the came asainsi v toria only U players will trav, to Melbourne. Goddarfl a klnson, Gomec and Weekes m remain in oynney. Stollmeyer will captain ft West Indies and It is almo certain Ramadhin will pljy. Total for no wfekes Buwllns. Noblet. nIi Manning. 01. 0fll Bowler. JVAPIEK PARK E 825 Melbourne Gold Cup yards straight ) Heat 1: Cava! C 11511. 1: Rulllne LlBht Il21. Wrlxon O.V1), 3- Lin est re fin Lad i o4 on, lav. t. Boxes: s. J. J. ". 1:. 1 1. 21 1-16. Heal 2: Bnbacen 7l'. i. Mianty Knock (evens. lav 2: Toora Kine (71 . .1 Btvces: 7. 8. Nk.. i I. 21 3-lfi. Heat Good Leather ,7"1 on. fav -. Kiiocmes Flyer (ir.i'i t, -i, sent, 131 '. 3. Out: Brlzht Boxes: Trotting Details at Woodend 1ST ENCOURAGE STAKtft (ft fui 11 f. SHAVER'S PRIDE ( Derry Down Rltanjt). 2.20 1-iSlh. icr (G. Reldt 1 6 SOCIETY ROSE, scr (K. Greenwood) 2 JUST BOB. 24 ydB. IE. Zlmmer) 3 Other (ftnlshlni order): 3li Wllver Direct. 54 One RanJ. 10 Master's inuQ. iz i-iiEnneia i uwn. f Kv&amz 12 Kay Loii. 3:! Prlnc? Sanardo. 2C Jubilee Ktns. 20 Heatherton. 2(1 Dolly't Echo. 20 Heme Law. Dlvs W., 8: p.. 3. 96. 1 9. Won by 10 yd.. 2 ydi. Time of race: 2.37 JND ENPOt'BAfJR STAKES IH fur.) 3 LUL1N (Lahmoor Lara Lulu 2.21. scr. .. (L. Walkert 1 t1 on I. CHARLES DALY. 24 yds. (A. Hlckrvi : R CLEMSOH. r .. fD. Wilson. I Other! iflnUhlnt, order : Xi Yana. ( New Daisy. 15 Flyinc Wrack. 20 Den mn Da II a. 15 nay Bez.nue. 3M Sarah anaa. J snearo. h wortny van. zi Huon Belmont. XI Auckland Chief 2.. Mlnton Harwoort. Dlvs ; W., f'J 6fi. 9. H vds. 3 yds. THREE-TEAR -OLD HnrP.. ft fur. 15 LADY ARM AT I Miraculous Klewa's Pride '.?n. cr. - (H nui-at) 1 11 t. DARK FENTON. 12 ydi. E. Slenhensont 2 fi4 DKRRY WILKES, 24 vds. C. Evuns- 'A Other .flnlshins order.: 3 GenHe-man John, lb Grev Bob. last. 20 Leola :,tar. dlslanred Dtvp : w . El 11: P . 17fi 7. 1 vri.. f vds 2 20 TROTTERS' MPCP. (2.41 or bettr.. (12 (nr.) 72 PARKSURE 'Counl Sure Park Polr 2 24. scr. (R Roihackeri 1 32 REMARKABLE. 48 vdi (C. Allen) 2 7 HEROIC KNIGHT er C SUIT 1 Others flntshmr order i 'A Genera. Raid. SO Mark Deslfn M Mn Sure. 20 Sir Almore in Hilda's Jewel Hoble Lord 4 Glamalla. 21 Shell i Wvn last Xi Prominent SO Cmtai Lao. distanced. Dlv W. tl 17': P.. 10fi 7R 7t. ft tdi.. 14ds 1ST WOODEND IIIrp, (2..10 nr belter. (9 fur... ' 3 SELWYN (Million Klne Orwell) 2.17 4-5 scr. 'W. McKavi 1 74 on f. STAR MUSIC. scr. R. Bray) 2 74 UTAH. 24 da. 'G. Rothacker) 3 Others (flnishlm order): 10 Crvstai Lawn. 20 Raider Aaaln. 20 Charlei prison. 10 Kiyin wracx .j,, Meainer-ton. last. 33 Saint Clare, pulled up. Dl.: W.. 196: P.. 11. tVft. 5. 2 ydi.. 8 yds. 2 M. 2Sn wooDtND imrp. or betin n lor.i. 3 HIGH BAR Gold Bar-Queen Hishr 2. Ifi scr. 'R Rllrhlet 1 IS JtlPT BOB trr. fE 2lmn.erl 2 4 DIRECT RESULT. 24 dl. (G Gatht H Others (flntihlm order): IK Clem ton. 74 f Kenton. 4 Radiant Lei 13i Society Rose. 20 Nella Direct. Ifi Rubble McElwvn 1ft Mmsour. Relie kii i van. f urnnv. a uin i tcno, SO Native Dull, last. Dlvs: W fl IflB- P IS, fl 13 12 1 vd. J -d 7 71 Sea Boat (7'4 on, ic Blue . j ' i ' i . wniif avaio 121). 3 Bnxer 7 14. 2lj 1.. M: 1. '20 1.1-16. Heat .V Pocket et '31 on. fav... 1; Priceless Minda SO1 1. 2: Shaolra (71 i. .1. Out: Town Band. Boxes: 7. 1. 1 7 1. ii-lh. Meat b: mo unto en iav.i. i: ineme N'l i. ': Jersey Bounce (50'1 . 3. Harpoon a. tav. . uut: uenerai nui sance. Boxes: 7 1. 2. Lone nk.. H wo time. Heat v. woaaua i. Blue Arch 1 74 on. fav. ). 1: Plowman lS1). 3. Out: Tancle Feet, Master Pivot. Boxes: fl. 7. 8 Hd.. 1 I. 21 2-16. Heat 8: Minstrel Prince S1 1. 1: Tlnolly (31 1. 2: Rucen (6'T'. 3. Charce On (32. av. i. Hoxes: i. a. (. nk.. nit 1 1-16. CIRCLE. Ascot Vale Steeole: Our Larr .'01 1 1 : Tanlst 4l . 2: Toora Tim 174- fav.). 3. Boxes: 1 'i 1.. 3 I. 21 14-16 SANDQWN PARK GREYHOUND RACING THIS AFTERNOON. 9 RACES. FIRST, 1.53. TRANSPORT- Trains for Sun down platform leave from (No. 6 platform Flinders-afreet at 12.38 and 1.18. return In z from Spring Vali station at 4.13 and 4.44 p m Fowler's Parlor Coaches leave1 from Batman-avenue from 12 30 onwards To witness first event, catch coach not later than 1 p.m. uara rrom opposite state Theatre I Flinders-street) from !non onwards Scored 192 His first game of the tout was In Townsville, where he amassed an excellent 192. Kickards's handling of the New South Wales attack, with Its near Test-like appearance.. must provide Csoddara wun food for thought. Batting with Rae against the new ball, Rickards louked by far the safer player and took toll of Ihe loose ball. Of the first 53. Rickards con tributed 39, featured by some perfectly timed hits behind point, off the slow bowlers, and well placed drives through the covers and to the on-side, be tween mid-on and square-leg. Rae Looks Slow Rae " got over the new ball. but he Is a long way from mas tering Bowling m wmcn pace is predominant. Once Walker, with a very short bumper that should have been easily evaded, grazed his cap. Morris, by declaring, mercl- merit. After reaching the century Moroney flung the bat about, but, by then, the crowd had really "had it." Burke, who had the chance to press his claims for the second Test, was no better. In fact he was worse. An attractive display of stroke making, and there was nothing In his way to supersede Archer In the second Test. At one stage, like a miser cnins. Hurke Lourryi. ley (tlFnaurti. scraped together 11 runs in in. h 7 ' V , ''" 'i? ! ?' htjui? And these against an ! JgSfSiuSft m-Lni.n. iimv v o k 'w ,r e rg iibuii u jo, mxinson 0.-12. ciass nisinci cncnei,. wfrt ikhirc jiurKe stayed lor m min- utns for his 38 and never at tive stroke. SCOREBOARD NEW SOUTH WALES. First lnnlncs. 239. Second Inn t mi. Barnes, c sub (GulUen), b Marshall , , Moroney, not out ij De Courcy, lbw, U Worrell . nenaud, lhw. b Gomet .. ; Burke, not out Sundries (9 leg byes) .. Total for three wlrkeu" (dec.) y BATTING TIME: 330 mlnutf FALL: 58 (Karnes), n t. First Inntngs, 134. KPfnnrl Innlnnc tempted to play a really crea-Rafi .t Trueman, b Benaui Klchiufds, not out Worrell, not out Sundries (1 leg bye, 1 no ball) Total for one wtrket BATTING TIME: 10 mlniiU FALL: 62 (Rae). BOWLING: Llndwall g; Walker 016, Barnes 0 8, Benii 124, Miller 013. Attendance: 6223. Rmic 633. F For his rare forceful strokes the ball had to be "set up " Should be Told While Burke- cultivates his present fetish ness for playing every ' ball off the back foot the selectors would be doing service to Australian cricket if SYDNEY, Monday, Moroney ond Burke di( not' improve their prospects of Test selection b their batting here today. It was a great pity the; became associated in such a long and drear partnership.. Morris's sporting declaration giving the West Indies 380 runs to get with tons of time available, was the most venturesome aspect of the New South Wales performance today. Burke's reluctance to play shots mystified everybody. It Fred Lee, of Mont Albert State school, admiring the medal he received from V.F.L. secretary, Mr. L.. Mc-Brien, at Harrison House last night. Lee was the best and fairest player in the inter-State schools carnival last season. No Credit for Moroney, Burke , f , w. J. O'Reilly the bat. It Is a shame he t not get the chance. Sid Patterson Back Nov. 2 Australia's outstanding c i-.l.ef nf nnetnflr I'Bir-t Cirl Bi was an opportunity to lay claim, ter5on, wl)i arrive" in Mi lu "P',""s ui"" "'bourne on November 21, which Archer had failed to monlh ear,eI- tnan expecte clinch In the Brisbane Test. Patterson u-ili he h.r. The stage was set for Burte;th months. and will aim to show he still retained the ,.,ii,, ,,, ,,, strokemanshlp which made his, , an(j Australlan cnampj( Test century at Adelaide last , , In a letter received vest day, Patterson offered to year one of the best performances of the whole season. But Burke went so far Into his shell that it was impossible to see in him the slightest resemblance to the James Burke of last season. Moroney plodded uninsplr- here by November- 27 If bo; track promoter Mr. Je Campbell would give h match races. Mr. Campt has agreed. In his letter. Patterson s; ingly to his century, then gave' he noped t0 arran!!e .lth j us a Bllmpse or two of the Campb n t0 four , nnlirot thai ho hne t hie rnm. . . . . power that he has at his com mand, nationals here next seas Thorn n-ns.trl Inlnrln bh He should "turn the heat rinrrT n.nm.,-bi v.rH more frequently. .ItPrnncel ond PawellstB Flockton would have welcomed a chance to follow up his first Innings success with SAJVBOWN PARK SELECTIONS. Lljhtnlnf Corsair or Vornar: Graham Birch or Tom'i Heir; Choir Arlkl or Sandra Mimirel; Sli-niflcant or Knoekie' Flyer; Shtrla or Red Punch ; Davenport Lad or Great Mantlf; St. Brandan or Percv Wolf; Collins wood Lad or Toora Peer. glum). BRUCE WELCH. Wafer Polo Results of B grade water p matches played At Rlehmi Baths last night went: Footw 2 drew with Kew 2; Navy 8 Olympic 1; Caintwrwell 2 a with Melbourne 2: Brlgh Bench 5 drew with Brunswick Bendigo Cup Day Acceptances for the Bendigo Cup meeting tomorrow are : l.O. CLP HfRIH.E. '2 miles. Rey nard 10. 11.0; Count David y. Ti. 9.2: Algiers 4- . Biigh la. Count Wenlock S. FotdeaD :i. Glcolcre 1. Golden Streneth 2. Halroy 11. Jacalla i. Manorgoia 12. probate b. rarooon 14. 9.0. 1.3a. l!sT MAIDEN HDCP., 5'i lur. Bolt Action 16. 9.0: Aiaha Nul 5. Jcisnamv l., S.6: Grand Talk 11. 8.4: Chicoutlml S, Don Benito 14. Jolly. feter b. Merry bui 4. suaan j.i. s Arsenic 2. Constitution T. Prince! Amana 12- S.O: Bonnie Gam per 10. Malella 1. Overated !1 Storm Kinc A. Sweet Jarmaine 17. 7.12. JTt. SXD MAIDEN UUCP.. 54 fur. Elano Q K ft: Gallant Court d. Thunder Bay fi. 8.0: Swt-ll Chick lo H.4: diver Queen 2. Hurricane 12. Lady Ancus 13. Scotland Yard 17 Sun Crown 11. R.2; Bounty Boy 15. Dainty Shftej 1. United Klnsdnm S. R.O; Fel-monarrh 7. Nandalr fi Priam .1. Sun Crois 4. The Dtiubter A. 7 12. ii. J.!. APPROVED I111LP.. fi iur. Black Rand 6. 8.10: Halrona ,'), R. .'1 . Ronnie Boxer 13. Gulphar 1. S.: Dusky Ik 4- Frill Joy M. Tlnkt 11, 7. U . Holleshrlitht 12 Mooniilade 2. 7.f): Benny 9. F'ander 15. intervenlion i. .tw S. New Britain 7. Power Seoul tn 3.1o. BENDIGO CUP, 11 tur. Chatspa 3. 9.1. Black Don 10. b.12; Glen, vue 2. 8.10: Durham 14, 8.8: Galiuit Rob 6. 8.1: Robert Bruce 16, 7.13: Mollundry 11. 7.11: Beefeater h. Front Line 17. Matterhorn 7. Mite End 13. 7.9: Gay Devon 9. Gay Venture 18. Great Field 8. King Carnival 20. Mend I 19 Our Maria 12. Paphoi 1. Prosola 4. Varuna 13. 7.3 isr novice hdcp., 6 fur. Charwell h. 9.0: Loiik Island 7, 8.12: Coolan 13. Love Rarket 6. S-10; Austin 10. 88; Lady Colonus 8. New Britain 11. 8 6: Brcnze Hero 9, 8.4; Aeronaut 2. Cten Ian 3 King's Counsel 4. Racknce 12. Soltine 1. 8.0. 4.20. 2ND NOVICE HDCP.. 6 Mr. Insplrinc 10 9 0: Capias 11. Gerald-ton 1. M..nnasonB 6. S.10: Milesian 7. 8; Mayfalr Lass 13. St. Shaun 12. 8 6: Just wind 2. 8.2: Colquhoun 3. Hombers h Montana Lad 4. Roitray 8. Whitehaven 9. 8.0. 5.0. ENCOl'RAOE Ml I.E. 1 mile. Gulphar IS. 8.9: Kalthein 7. 8 7: Maccelll . Zenith 19, 8,5: Larenter 9. S.I: Baracran 22. Foxbay 14. Princess Ma 1. 7.11: Elwood 10, Flood Time 15. Prlnre Marbec 8. Rodnsto 17. 7.9: An-ctli. 2 Gi'.Iuk I. Grecian Love 21. Kel-vlniin 12. Lliioatu 13. Most Reaal 3. Ncntine R P'niri G' Resal Her-, mft ii s-vitrh Nln in 7.7. FIT2ROY FOOTBALL CLU Notice is hereby given tlist tn t annual General Meeting of the will be held In the Fltzrov town t on Tuesday, December 11 at S ! The business to be dealt with i be:-- a ) The reception and adoption Annual Report and Balance Sht. b Election of Office Beams. CO Election of Honorary Lite W ben. id' Presentation of TestlmonUU Trophies. e) General Business. Nominations for 1 vice-president 2 committee men. which muit bi writing and on official nomination I: and signed by proposer, seconder nominee, close wit.i the secretin football pavilion on Tuesday, Nov 27, at 8 p.m. Ballot. If neceii-rj'. be held at Fltzroy lown hall, on T dav. December 11. from r.30 to , P-m J. P. BUCKLEY. Secrmr ECHUCA RACING CLUB SATURDAY DECEMBER g. 19 1 15 lit Restricted Handicap. 3 10 conditions ' 20. 1st Welter Handicap. 6 lur. 50. Echuca Handicap. 1 mil. 25. Flying Handicap. 3 fur. 20. 2nd Restricted Handicap 8 I 15 condition!. 30. Second weller Handicap. 7 Entrle close Thurs.. November 1951. Frelzht rebale 1. Non-i winners. Bonk ma kern fee 2 2'. c for positions. 12 noon, at courw. a. r,. ooiotwi. Secret" FOOTRUNNING MARIBYRNONG TONIGHT at 8 Sprint and Middle Distance Racing row coveti i Nowhere else will you see the magnificent new Ford CONSUL to better advantage than In the spacious, naturally lighted showrooms of Melford Motors. The CONSUL 15.63 h.p. O.H.V. engine of oversquare design Is only one of a host of features to thrill you. Seeing is believing . corre In Today I MELFORD MOTORS 621 ELIZABETH STREET, MELBOURNE. Fj 2633 "The Home of Ford"

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