The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on November 10, 1952 · Page 1
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia · Page 1

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date:
Monday, November 10, 1952
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mRECAST-COOL SOUTHERLY, SHOWERS. NATIONAL SKIN INSTITUTE -' Noted for tha SucceatfuJ Cu-Ex-Ma TrutmeaV of distressing SKIN & SCALP DISEASES 0 V in com Ulcers 0 Baby Eczema 0 Falling Hair 0 Dandruff Seborrheas 0 Dermatitis 9 Acne Psoriasis M Eczema Alopecia POSTAL ADDRESS: 233 COLLINS-STREET, 0.1. PHONES: M U 9 7 3 1 (Ten Lines). CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING: M C 9 8 1 1 (Ten Lines). 165 COLLINS ST., MELBOURNE (Next Metro Theatre.) Cent., 3272 Countrj Iiuulrles Invited. CONSULTATIONS FREE TRAVEL CASES NO. 30.431 I Reititerei) t Q.P.O., Melbourne, tor I J TruumlsuoD M Put u a Newspaper ( MELBOURNE. MONDAY. NOVEMBER 10. 1952 14 PAGES PRICE 4d. 14 AFRICANS SHOT DEAD IN RIOT Drastic Plans to Combat Defiers CAPETOWN, Nov. 9 (A.A.P.) .Police opened fire on a mob of rioting Africans in Kimberley last night, killing 14 and injuring 39. At the same time, in another Cape Privince town and in the Transvaal, two South African Ministers reaffirmed the Government's preparedness to use drastic measures to combat the defiance campaign. In the gold-mining town of Kimberley 14 Africans died and 39 were hurt when a handful of police opened Are with rifles and Sten guns to escape thousands of rioting Africans. Four of the injured Africans are expected to die. Police were surrounded by hostile Africans when they rushed to the scene Emergency May be Called The Minister for Justice !Mr. C. R. Swart) announced last night that a state of emergency would be declared in Port Elizabeth tomorrow the date of the one-day strike by non-Europeans if the position warranted it. The strike has been called by the African National Congress In protest against the curfew ban on non-religious meetings following the deaths of four Europeans and seven Africans In the Port Elizabeth suburb of New Brighton last month. Swart was tag an appeal frohi inF mayor of Port Elizabeth CHIEF NJIRI, SOLE SURVIVING CHIEF OF THE KIKUYU TRIBE, told a Me of terror when the British Colonial Secretory, Mr. Oliver Lyttelton (right) toured troubled Kenya recently. Chief Njiri'i colleagues were murderec by Mau Mau terrorists. (Airmail). Symphony for Tin Whistle and Toy Trumpet foil can use a mighty and magnificent grand piano, a 30,000 Stradivarius violin or a sixpenny tin whistle and still get music. Though a lot of tortured parents might not believe It around December 25, this was proved In yesterday's Music for the People concert at the Princess Theatre. Amid compositions by Rossini, Salnt-Saens, Offenbach and Donizetti, put strode six members of the Australian Symphony Orchestra. One had a cuckoo whistle, one a toy drum with soldiers painted on Its sides, one a "jigger" that tweeted like a canary, another a raucous trumpet. The others had also been shopping in city toy stores. The orchestra stuck up Haydn's Toy Symphony, the cuckoo whistle cuckooed, the toy drum went bang and the "Jigger tweeted like an early morning bird cage. The result was music, nd how the capacity fcudlence loved it. Tne story goes that Hadyn wrote the Toy Symphony after he had bought a collection ol whistles, drums and trumpets for some penniless children In his neighborhood, . Hadyn is called "the father ol the symphony." of the riot, and had to fight their way clear and retreat to bring up reinforcements. Police said that the riot began when Africans created a disturbance in a beer hall by kicking mugs around and attempted to rob the till. After the riot beer from the wrecked beer hall flowed down the street. A reinforced police force repulsed the Africans when they advanced in a body, and eventually (Mr. C. F. McArthur) that the city be placed under military control and that the wartime civilian protective service be revived. Mr. Swart said an emergency would not be declared unless police said they could not handle the situation. Then the army would take over. The South African Government has Invoked the Riotous Assemblies Act 1914, to ban all gatherings In five Cape Province towns Port Elizabeth, TTir.pnhnrrp Pnrlrtin ipn..t i-tvinrHn and- fcinr urn. liams Town. The ban an- The father in him came out in the Toy Sym phony. This Music for the People concert was the first this "summer." It was transferred to the Princess from its usual venue in the Botanical Gardens because of rain. The theatre was packed to the doors. Queues of hundreds were unable to get inside. And, although the other hundreds who did get In gave tremendous receptions to soloists Glenda Raymond, John Amadlo, and conductor, Hector Crawford, It was the tin whistle that really won them. Many Melbourne homes are bound to have a family of budding tin whistle maes-tros in the near future. PRESIDENT OF E.S. UNION LONDON, Nov 9. The Duke of Edinburgh has accepted the office of president of the English Speaking Union of the British Commonwealth. broke them into groups and made them disperse. The mob stoned the police, seriously injuring an African detective. The municipal recreation centre, a post office, a police van nd two municipal lorries were set alight by the rioters. Later last night Africans made an unsuccessful attempt to burn down a beer hall in another location. No other incidents were reported. plies to Europeans as well as Africans. Only religious, sporting and certain other gatherings are exempted. In Johannesburg last night the Minister for the Interior Dr. Eben Donges, said that the Government was entitled to expect the support of every right-thinking citizen of South Africa in any action it might take against the leaders of the defiance campaign. Two More Days of Rain Likely The Weather Bureau expects rain in Melbourne t,n nnnt.tnnp fnr fho tinvr two days at least.. one official said last night he expected this week to follow the same lines as last week, with perhaps only two fine days before a return to southerly winds and showers. In the nine days of this month, Melbourne has had 203 points of rain, as against a normal 233 for November. Up to nine o'clock last night 15 points fell In 12 hours. Should the average monthly rainfall be passed this month, as expected. It will be the eighth successive month wetter than normal. Cool, southerly winds and showers are forecast for today. Rain in the eastern and southern districts is moving eastwards and the high levels in streams are being maintained. lb' ; - rl-i nil -i--nnw ! f'-liw It -(i -Mr - . i miri-TOr -i i r'lT WHETHER IN CITY OR COUNTRY, show day is a proud lime ior exhibitors. Lower: Jenny Taylor, at Dandenong, took special pleasure in her prize-winning sheep, having nursed them from near death. Top: Prudence Scott (left) with Blossom, and Heather Scott with Devon, were content to watch at Ballarat show. CHIEF JUSTICE'S Dedication to of Coronation Needed9' Yesterday was the anniversary of the Call to the People of Australia, made on Remembrance day last year by church leaders and members of the judiciary throughout the Commonwealth. In a nationwide broadcast on all national and commercial radio stations last night, the Chief Justice of Victoria (Sir Edmund Herring), one of the original signatories to the Call, said: "One year ago, Church leaders and members of the judiciary Joined to put out a call to the people of Australia. "The past year has confirmed the hope that many Australians would understand the Call and respond to it. May I thank all those who have re sponded, all those who have helped to spread its message and make clear its meaning. "The coming year is the year of our Queen's coronation. "We arc inclined to think of the coronation as being no more than a great pageant. But it is more than this. It is essentially a service of deep religious and spiritual significance. "At tne coronation, the Index to Advertisements AlrWRVN 7 Amnsempnts 10 Auction Snlns: RtBl Estate S Furniture, Machin ery ana Other Merchandise Ballronm Dancing Blrttw Board Vacant Board Wanted Buslnenaes, Hotels Caravans and Trailers Country Properties .. Deaths . . . . . Drive Youraelf Cars .. EnRaRements Factories. Shops, Offices t . . Flat Vacant Flat Wanted ? liners) Notices . urnlture Remove, c Holiday Resort . Houaes. Flats and Land for Sale Homes and Land Wanted . .. .. ,, In Memorlara ,, ,. ., Law Notices ., Show Time in City, MESSAGE: Sir Edmund Hen-Inn. Queen will dedicate herself under God to the service of her people and that means you and me. "So the coronation should be for us, as for our Queen, a time for dedication and an outward sign of the devotion and duty that we owe to God and mankind. "The new reign is an occasion to review our life Live Block Wanted, For Sale .. Lost and Found Machinery Medical Meetings and Lectures Mining Notices Missing Friends Money Monumental Masons Motor Cycles and Bicycles Motor Schools Motor Tours Professional Agencies, Pos. Wanted Public Notices Rooms Vacant Rooms Wanted Shipping Situations Vacant, .. .. Situations Wanted . . .. Tenders . Used Cars. Trucks, &c. Vehicles (Horse) .. .. Wanted to Buy Wanted to Rent ., .. Wanted to Bell Wireless . . . . . Meaning as a people, as Australians and as members of the British Commonwealth. Queen's Pledge "At this time we should renew our loyalties to the Crown and acknowledge and accept our responsibilities to one another. "These and many other great considerations suggest that we Join with her Majesty in a period of preparation for the crowning. "We should all recall the Queen's own pledge as she gave It to us on her twenty-first birthday. "She said, you will remember: 'I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great Imperial family to which we all belong. " 'But I shall not have the strength to carry out this resolution alone, unless you Join in it with me as I now Invite you to do. I know that your sup port will be unfailingly given. " 'God help me to make good my vow and Ond bless all of you who are willing to share in It.' " The Standing Committee in support of the Call, through Its members in all States, plans an active "pre-coronatlon campaign" the prime purpose of which Is to emphasise the spiritual and moral character of the coronation and Its concepts of dedication and vocational responsibility. (Other references, Page 1) Country I 1 Law Challenge if Expulsions Mr. Holiday, M.L.A., said last night that "litigation might folloM'" any at- tempt by today's meeting of the Liberal and Country party State executive to expel members of the breakaway group re-endorsed by iheir branches. He said: "Any action the State executive might take on these lines would be unconstitutional. "I-don't think it would try It." Opposition to the re-endorsement of breakaway L.C.P. members as candidates for the election is certain to be voiced at today's meeting. However, it is considered most unlikely that the meeting would decide on so drastic a step as expulsion. Another moVe likely to be made at the meeting is to urge that State executive rescind the endorsements of the breakaways. Likely Step The most likely action to be taken against the breakaways Is that the executive may decide today to authorise multi-L.C.P. endorsements for the election. In this way "loyal" L.C.P. members could be endorsed to oppose each of the breakaway members. The Leader of the L.C.P. (Mr. Norman) will not attend today's meeting. He will rest before opening his campaign at Canterbury Memorial Hall tonight. (Other References, Page 4.) Remembrance Day Services Special commemoration services were held in churches of all denominations in Australia yesterday for Remembrance day. The day commemorated falls tomorrow, November 11, when the first world war ended. The original name was Armistice day, but this was changed to Remembrance day to include the last war. At 11 o'clock tomorrow mornlne the 11th hour of the "11th day of the 11th month there will be the usual two minutes' silence for those who sacrificed their lives in war. The ceremony at the Shrine of Remembrance tomorrow will have greater significance than in years past because the Governor (Sir Dallas Brooks) will unveil the foundation stone of the new forecourt. This Is being built to perpetuate the memory of those who gave their lives in the second world war. The Governor will arrive at the Shrine at 10.44 a.m. and the service will then begin. The unveiling ceremony will take place after the service). " a rt i k. MDirHC I rKAVCD TALKS POLICY London Economic Conference Plans CANBERRA, Sunday. Federal Cabinet will start an im- ' porta nr three-day sitting on Tuesday to deal with the agenda for the Commonwealth Economic Conference, which opens j in London on November 27. The Prime Minister (Mr. Menzies) spent considerable time at the week end studying the agenda. He did this with soTne of the officials who assisted to draw it up, at the preliminary official-level conference in London last month. By Tuesday, Mr. Menzies will have completed talks with the First Assistant Secretary to the Treasury (Mr. R. J. Randall i, the Assistant Secretary to his own department (Mr. E. J. Bunting) and the Assistant Secretary to the Department of Commerce and Agriculture (Dr. W. A. Wester-man). He will leave for London next Saturday and will go into conference at once with other President of Israel Dead TEL AVIV, Nov. 9. Dr. Chalm Weifcmann, President of Israel, died this morning. ' Dr. Welzmann, who was 78, had been in poor health for some years. He was the .man who led Jews from all over the world back to the Promised Land, and became the first President of Israel. ' The President of the Victorian Jewish Board of Deputies (Mr. M. Ash- kanasy, q.u i, saia last night a memorial service for the late President Chatm of Israel, would be held In the Melbourne Hebrew Congregation, on Wednesday, at 8 p.m. (Other references, Page 2) Dr. C. Welzmann. Nine Injured as Lightning Strikes Tree SALE, Sunday. Seven men and two children were burnt and shocked by a lightning bolt at Stratford yesterday. When sheltering from heavy rain at Stratford cricket ground, members of the Maffco team and two children were crouched under a large pine tree. A tremendous clap of thunder suddenly came, and a flash of lightning cut across the ground hitting the top of the tree and throwing the men and children to the ground. The injured were rushed to Maffra Hospital for treatment . . . i r-T r n Australian officials who have remained in London since the official talks. These include Mr. G. Ruddock, director of Be-gional Development of the Ministry of National Development, and Mr. L. B. Brand, acting director of research of the Bureau of Census and Statistics. Mr. Menzies will also have talks overseas with Mr. L. G. Melville, Australia's executive director of the International Monetary Fund and of the International Bank for Reconstruction and De velopment. Mr. Melville lerl t.hp Australian official delega- Mim db rasi, monrn s preliminary discussions on the drawing up of the agenda. . ?;hisweek's Cabinet talks will be Important. They will mark the last chance Mr. Menzies will have to discuss the conference with his colleagues the Treasurer (Sir Arthur Fadden) and the Minister for Trade and Customs (Senator O'Sul-livan). , . - BRASH S are iiruun ly present lor yuur selection th nnsit and most comprehensive range ot the LATEST MODEL PIANO ACCORDIONS In Melbourne. By such World Famous makers as HOHNEE FRONTALINI BALEANI GALAATI BUSILACCHIO MORE THAN 25 different models to choose from. Priced from 25-- It HASH'S Invite ,on to come and meet Mr. MICKET LEWIS, MANAGER of MVSICAL INSTRUMENT DEPT. Mr. LEWIS hu had an extremelr wide experience nith all types of musical instruments In Enilaad, U.S.A. and Europe. Free Tuition and Brash's EASY TERMS. (Member of Victorian Piano Association.) PTY. 1IW F.llrihelh-ltiVet, Melbourne. Baby health experts for washing Baby's rucMirAie. to uarm ti . i r . i I ne gentle roaming piuwasn auas noac the dirt out of baby's nappies, leaving the fabric soft and fleecy. Nuwash ceim Instead of bleaching, leaving no residue which can cause irritating rashes on baby's delicate skin and of course this means that Nuwash . is so much easier on your hands too. 1t m aiigiiu? A IT" countrv ONLY Lavender perfumed 5 CUBIC FEET 107 GNS. ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS a APr When announcing Australia's Ministerial repre- sentation at the conference, Mr. Menzies said that, in view of the present stage of the current economic and financial policies, the Treasurer had taken . the view that It would be unwise for the Prime Minister and himself to be absent from Australia at the same time. Hence, Sir Arthur Fadden had refused his invitation to go to London. Similarly, It was learned that In view of the problems associated with the administration of import restrictions, it would be inconvenient for. Senator O'Sullivan to be away from Australia at the time of the conference. The Minister for National Development (Senator Spooner) and the Minister for Commerce and Agriculture (Mr. McEwen) left for London at the week end, accompanied by senior departmental officers. Uiffrfft-it ' nttrf X - 7 , LTD. 1I. Cenl, 6700. recommend Nuwash nappies JQ rarvc. .kim I Ts e i . SN. nrasEi washing powder 6.3 CUBIC FEET 119 GNS. SEALED UNIT mm i

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