Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 25, 1955 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 25, 1955
Page 12
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raW" i-Mi-jjfS, %<;•? ^VS Y **v^' ('•' "-•,*"'•-' I / ** . M a f i S t A » , HOP t, AH R A NIA •^ Ui * -It^Y '-*"$*- + *- " v ^^^ I e *• * * „- ,fc * ,t a ^ it ^^ I Jnr 41 With ottt fea'ck i>; 10 OATS . Farm Store »6MODELING-USE A. TITLE 1 LOANS ^<5KIdG'$ Httae?fir* PAWNSHOP ITURE STORE JSS. Walnut riCE CAR OWNERS (4 Auto-Float Truing Dancing (Machine. Guar*"** IMW all jHitt)p«f ut of youf car. CIW TIRE SHOP 001 Wes* v Third TUBELESS TIRES K|W popular prices '""ItL BALANCING you wait . TIRE & SUPPLY 1PANY. " JLLDOZER WORK i.Clearlna — Dirt, Movlnf MATTRESSES t cir Mad* Into Innaravrtai ?Work OuarintMd ! Om Day ServlM MM ^ DAVIS itrft MottMM C*. WESTERN SHARES irtlfltd lneom« Fun* ictui aVaJI*bl« from S. BATES 74464 Highway «7 Watt CLUCK'S " FURNITURE CO. i of City Llmlta Wait lion \Watcr Barrela for «al* M 7-4381 Hop*. Ark. "".•'•• ' ^ii_*L-»i__ BAILOR MADE IECOYERS ? Seat Covers |^23.0Q ; . &'»'-Fop Most-,Gars; * WJ&F'e™" / pfor Most Cars , ^ i^fl J > ^ ^ taHecJ for any make »,«—•'or truck, also cut |?fpr~faJ3le tops. W l ~- A M «"«^^ ^—^ ^yEss flBji.r p ^ Y ? A , Hope Star •f^Hent 1»yf; fnu l»zy January »», 1»2» •Si sry. weekday afternoon by ITAIl PUJ5U5HING CO. ' C, C. Palmer, PretUent H. W«»hpi)m, Secy-Tret. U Hfft, l,iM. Wwhkurn, Idltar « Pub I.AU.JMWI, Manaaljii Idltor LJ-J^'S' A*¥»rtWn« Manoi m w^-Mwmw, M*(h. supt. PubHihtr -itef Managw HERNDON-CORNELIUS Funeral Home and Burial Association. Prompt Ambulance Servl&e. Phone 7-5570 or 7-5505. 23-1 Mo. MATTRESS renovation and Innerspring work. Cobb Mattress Co. 816 South 'Wuhlftgtbia. Phone 7-2623. Mir. 4-tf IALPH Montgomery Market, Custom ilaughtering. Phone 7-3361. 10-1 Mo. FOR-' 1 water well -service, any size or depth, see or write O. T. Clark, Cale, Ark. 19-tf 5EPTIC tanks pumped out. Go any ."where, any time. Phone Prospect 7-9989. March 6-1 Mo. NCOME tax services, 30 years experience. Frank C. DuShane. Office tat Oaks Court, Phone 7-5883. 25-1 Mo. WASHING MACHINE repairs. We repair all makes. Appliance Re pair. 210 East 3rd. Phone 7-2809. March 2-1 Mo CLASSIFIED Ad* Must Be Irt Office Diy Before Publication WANT AD kATES In All Wont Ads ore JMyobte ... advance but dd* will be accepted UVer th* telephone and accertiodo> tion account! dllowed with the un- tferstortdfrrg the account It poyobl* when statement-l» rendered. Number Of Words to IS ..to il .. ?.« to 91 to 3« »6 .. 41 to 45 46 td .- 20 to 25. 30 35 40 45 50 One Day .45 .60 .75 .90 1.0S 1.20 1.35 1.50 Three DoyJ .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 ' 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 Six Days 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 .5.00 On* Month 4.50 6.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 1 time "3 times '6 titties' 75c per Inch , 60c per Inch' 50c per Inert Rotes tjudted above ore for. eon- secutlve insertions. Irregular or sklpi date ods will take the one-day rate, All dally classified'advertising copy Will be accepted until 5 p. m. for publication the following day. • The publishers reserve the right to revise or edit oil advertisements offered for- publication and to reject any objectionable advertising submitted Initials , of one or more letters, groups or figures such as house. or telephone numbers count as one word. The Hope Star will not be responsible for er/ors In Want Ads unless errors are called to our attention offer FIRST Insertion of od and then for ONLY the ONE Incorrect insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 Funeral Directors OAKCREST Funeral Home. Insurance ... Ambulance. 2nd & Hazel... Phone 7-2123. 13-1 Mo. Services Offered COMPETENT INCOME TAX ser vice—Horace Samuels. 101 E, Division. Phone 7-3766. March 15-1 Mo. BAR-B-Q goat, chickens, Beef and Pork., Now on sale. Burt's Bar- B-Q, Rear A&P Store. 25-lt For Rent UNFURNISHED, newly decorated, six room house, Garage. Garden. 812 W. 4th. Dial 7-2247. 1-tf THREE room unfurnished apartment, private bath, reasonable rent, 1311 West Avenue B. Phone 7-3698. 18-tf Notice INCOME TAX SERVICE. Competent and reasonable, J, W. Strickland. 18-tf Room and Board BOOMS WITH board. Cooking at its best. Clean, quiet, comfortable rooms with inner springs. Hotel Snyker. 18-fit Real Estate for Sale JUST WHAT YOU'VE BKEN /WAITING FOR! At 215 East 14th 'Street, 2 bedroorns-Walk-in closet, ppneled den, TV hookup, 24' x 18' living room-fireplace, dining room, breakfast room, huge kitchen, lots qf buUt-ins, roomy bath, -attached garage. 100' x 140' landscaped lot with big pines barbecue pit. Reduced $1,000.00 for this week only.-$2,400.00 cash 'Will handle, FOSTER REALTY COMPANY 217 So Main St, PR 7-4691 ' 23-3t Real Estate Wanted have buyers for Ranches, Timberland. List with us today. Salesmen, Bill Routqn, Floyd Fuller, Chas. F fe Baker; ; FOSTER REALTY COJ4PANY " •'" i 217 So- Main gfi', PR 7-4691 ; : .;•;.-. "... 23-«t HelpWonttd ATTENTION: MAN WANTED for business in South C°«nty. J?«;pt, , phis, Tenn. ' '.j ; .>" 25-lt Found FOX KOVTTO with 1954-55 Arkansas Came and Fish, Commission tag iNp.' yjeaa, Call Cleo Graham, Ro- 0e 3, Box 23H, Hope. Owner to pay for &d, l 2S-3t „ UWH MOWERS Political Announcement The Star is authorized to an- nouhoe that the following are candidates for public office subject to the action of the Democratic primary elections: Fof Mayor B. L. RETTIQ For Sold SAND, Gravel, topsofl, fill dirt. Phone 7-4392. A. L. Park. March 15-1 Mo. BABY CHICKS, large variety. See these chicks before buying. Danny Hamilton, 204 East 2nd. March 15-1 Mo. YOUR CJATS nee4 nitrate, now — We have plenty ammonia and nitrate soda, also all kinds fertilizers. J. W. Strickland. . MARCH 19-1 Mo. 5 ROOM home *& block school, Good Home small money. 6 ROOM home 3 blocks up town property, low price. 5 ACRES modern home 1 mile Hope, Natural gas and electricity. 80 ACRES 5 miles Hope, modern home. ' '• 25 ACRES modern home 1 mile Hope, fine truck land. WE sell, rent, and buy real estate Franklin Company 106 South main. ; -.. •• ;' 22-6t QUICK sale—10 used TV'sets. All .popular makes. Priced from $75 to $125. Sec Pod Rogers or Doyle Rogers. Plionc 7-2759. 24-tf BABY CHICKS best grade laying and, broiler type. Hope Feed Company. Phone 7-2547. Mr. 24-lmo The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-5830 Or bring items to Mies Turner at Hicks Funeral Home The Yergeir High School bane will present a concert in the (School auditorium'Friday, March 25, 19 55 at 8 p. ml Popular selections will be rendered by the band during intermission with majourette participation. All patrons and friends are invited to attend this annual event. Admission 15, 25 and 3 cents, . " ' .. . There will be a tea at the Clow Training School Sunday evening March 27 from 3:30 to 5:30 p. m Sponsored by the student Council All persons who .purchased tickets for last Sunday March 20 may use the same ticket fpr this tea. The following students of Clow Training School made the Honor Roll for the first semester during the 54-55 year. Clarice May, Jame O. White, Earl Neal, Louise John son, Doris Gamble, Billie D. Woods and Ruby Hearon. Ruby Hearon a student of the Clow Training School was the winner of the Betty Crocker Home Maker of tomorrow metal sponsored by General Mills This places her on the eligible list to compete for the State and Nation al Scholarship for $1,500. Funeral service for Thomas Jeff Legal Notice IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS NASHVILLE FEDERAL SAVING & LOAJim ASSOCIATION .-..:;.O'LAINTIFF VS.'' ",.' - '•'•' ':' JAMES L, HOOD AND CLARA L. HOOD AND MORRIS J. FRANCIS AND JESSIE E. FRANCIS DEFENDANTS NOTICE,OF SALE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, corrijnissioner in chancery, will, pursuant to the order of the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas, rendered on the 7th day of March, 1955, in a cause therein pending wherein Nashville Federal Savings and Loan Association is plaintiff and James L. Hood, Clara L, Hood, Morris J. Francis and Jessie E. Francis are defendants, on the 16th .day of April, 1955, offered for sale,;.^t j^ibliq aucti9n at, the East door "of the courthouse in the city of Hope, Hempstead County, Arkansas, to the highest and best bidder the following lands and property in the county of Hompstead, State of Arkansas, towit: .:. ••;, ... Beginning at the NW-corner of the NB-4 of the SW-4 of Section 35, Township ? South, Jlange 25 W£st, thence South 209, feet, thence .West 416,84 feet, thence North 209 feet, thence East 416.84 feet to point of beginning con. taining 2 acres, more or less, all r being In the NE-corner of the ' NErl'Of the SW-4 of Section 35, Township 9 South, Range 25 West. Said, sale will be held between this hours of 9:00 in'the forenoon and 3:00 in the afternoon of the date aforesaid upon a term of a credit of three month. The purchaser at said sale w|ll be required, to give bond, with approved secu)> ity, to secure the payment of th» purchase price and a lien will bt retained on said lands further to secure said purchase money. n»y band, thft 8 4*y «* March. J955 Garrett Vt IN Cold Weather Continued from Page One the southern portion before the colder air moves in late today. By United Precs Families fled from their homes I today before an immense ice jam' on the Niagara river and rising flood waters in Mississippi. The pounding Niagara ice jam, the worst in 46 years, and the flood crest on Mississippi's Tom bigbee river were both products of a series of spring storms which have killed 49 persons across the country. The young season also hit the West and Midwest with a. new Mowing snow storm. The ,snow combined wi|th desert salt flats to lay a weird layer of salty mud over parts of Utah and Wyoming. The U. S. Weather Bureau forecast near blizzard conditions today form parts of Kansas and from four to six inches or show, for northwest and central Missouri and southern Iowa. Southern Illinois braced for a possible two to three inches of snow and Kentiicky and Tennessee were warned of thundershowers and snow flurries. The storm had already hit hard farther west. Traffic accidents pyramided at Denver. Colo., where eight inches of snow as expected an'd -Omaha, Neb., got six inches. Snow covered northern Illinois and souther- Wisconsin tarly today. The mercury went to 20 below zero at Helena, Mont., and it was below zro in parts of northwest Minnesota, central Wyoming, north Dakota and Montana On the wind-swept Niagara river the ice w.as packed 30 feet deep in some spots and was 55 feet hiph under 75-foot high high lewiston suspension bridge. It was rising a fobt-and-a-half every hour under the bridge. The ice swept away docks, demolished small homes, . and knocked out three power generators as it piled up along a nine- mile stretch beyond Queenston. O»it. Some homes near Niagara-on-thc- lake were completely submerged and developed in ice. Thirty families were vacuated before their homes were torn away yesterday and officials feared severe flooding when the blockade gives way. They made plans to evacuate families from low-lying areas if this happens. Although there have been worse ice jams on the Niagara, the current blockade silenced the river's whirlpool rapids for the first time in history. The ice jam was pushe.d down the river by a gale which swept Baker to Meet v Mederos Tonight NEW YORK W) — With a title shot at heavyweight champion Rocky Murciano looming on the horizon, Bob Bake, the 28-year-ol< Pittsburgh, battles Julio Mederos, of Havana, in a 10-round bout in Madison Square Gardeht to night. Baker rules a solid 7-2 choice over, Mederos, who popped into the limelight three weeks ago when he sent Roland La Starza down for the count in Miami Even Marciano couldn't do that, so the fistic fraternity figured Mederos musi have a good punch. Originally, Baker was to take on Harold Johnson. But Johnson caught a cold, so the International Boxing Club picked Mederos, who has done most of his fightinj around Miami. Baker, No. 3 on the heavyweight list, has won eight in a row since being knocked out by Archie Moore the light heavyweight champion, a year ago. NBC will broadcast and telecast at 10 p. m. EST. erson will be held Sunday, March 27, at Macedonia Baptist Church at 2 p. m. Mr. Jefferson is the brother of Mrs. Fannie Weatherspoon of Hope. He is survived toy one dau- 'ghter, four sons, four sisters, fourteen grandchildren and six great 'grandchildren. • ; There will be a fish fry at the home of Mrs. Sarah Duffle on Saturday night March 26 for the benefit of" BeeBee Memorial CME Church. The public is invited., GOOD OMEN TOKYO, (UP) —Prime Minister Ichiro Hatoyama clapped loudly yesterday when a pigeon flew through a window and into the na tional diet chamber. They considered the bird—their party symbol—a "good omen" for the success of the Democratic party in the diet sessions. the area Tuesday. The same storm pattern in the south had sent the biggest flood crest in half a century rolling down on Columbus, Miss. : The raging river had already driven 1,200 persons from their homes and threatened today to force the evacuation of 1,200 more. A small army of rescue workers labored feverishly to get turn families to safety before, the muddy waters isolated their homes or swept them down river. Helicopters, trucks, buses, army ducks and small boats roamed the stricken area picking up marooned families from roof tops am patches of dry land. Some of the farm families refused to leave anc had to be forced into the rescue vehicles. At Columbus a second* river, the Luxapalia, went over its banks and forced relief workers to move a huge shelter. The Tombigbee was..expected to crest at 11 feet above flood stage at Columbus today and officials warned "the worst is yet to come' for -areas north and west of a bluff on which most of the city is built ' The river, swollen'by torrentia r.ains, was miles wide as some points. Air • observers said water pressure had • "literally burst" s^orne highways. i Another rain-caused flood cres was rolling down the"'•'Ohio river, although it did not match the flood which 'swept the valley earlier this month. But on Kentucky's 1 usually lack Cumberland river, a flood 'cres headed towards Eddyville . and Smithland and threatened'to :force more evacuations. . . y > six;..,' ' -,,\ h^'- Your Milk Scale Tells the Tale When You feed /tf/'ff-fo$A There's just onp real test for d^iry feed ... and that's how much more milk it puts in the cans, MilliPrtsb PARCQ M1LK-BILDER is a qualify feed • . • right ingredients . . , caiefuUy blpn.ded and delivered to you will-fresh for full feed value ... and your own mjlk production proves it, K«ep your cows thrifty and healthy with plenty of Mifl-Frtfb DARCO MIJLK-PILDJ5R, plenty of good hay and plenty of water and your miJk sca|e will ^)1 ypi* |t pays, DARCO FARM STORE 21| i. Second $ti|tt PRESCOTT NEWS W .M. u. Has Royal Service .Program The monthly Royal Service program of the First Baptist Church was held oh Monday afternoon at the church with Circle 3 in charge. IB members were present. The meeting, was opened with the song "Jesus Shall Reign." Mrs. Leroy Phillips gave the devotional followed with prayer by Mrs. Barrel! Hines. , . . .. :'. . - -• The program topic , on "Baptist World Program'': was mltbeluced by Mrs. Watson White, ,,Jr,,, Parts were given by Mrs.- cVSSi" ;Tompkins. Miss LilHe Butcher! ' : [Mrs. Clifton Yancey, Rev. ' W.esley Lindsey, Mrs. Ji W-. ; /Grimed -]Mr«. Leroy Phillips and Mttl'Ro Mrs. White prayer. .. offered the; closing I Mrs. Frank Gilbert Entertains '3,7 Club Members of the '37 Contract Club were entertained on Tuesday afternoon by Mrs. Frank Gilbert at her home on East Main Street. The .living room arranged for the 'three tables of prayers was decorated with bouquets of iris, daf- Codils and camellias. The high score award was won by Mrs. Tom Berriis. . A delectable dessert course was served to members Mrs. J. R. Bemis, Mrs. •. Ralph Gordon, Mrs. Jack Harrell, Mrs Jess Hays, MM. O. G. Hirst, • Mrs. Mark: Justiss. Mrs. D. L McRae, Jr., Mrs. John Pittman, Mrs. .Art Regnier. Mra S. B. Scott, Mrs.,C. D McSwain and Mrs. Bemis. Patricia Haltom Hostess To Juvenile Coterie The Juvenile Musical .Coterie met Monday afternodn.March • 21- with Patricia Haltom in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hal- torn. The meeting opened with tho singing of the' Juvenile Hymn. A piano selection- "The Black Hawk" was given by Sharlett Calhoun and Mary ; Adams played "Jemacia.." The group then enjoy, ed working 'in their activity books. Delicious refreshments were served by the hostess. ' , tice adorned a lamp tafate. The honoree received a corsage of pink carnation and split glad- iolus.Her chair was marked with a colorful 7 bouquet of lilies of the vaJ- ley iacelon and white satin.. Bridal games were .played with the prizes being won by Mrs. Jim Hamilton, Mrs. J. B. Wester-field and Mrs. Bobbie Duke of Brownfield. Texas. ..,.,... , Miss Stewart was presented her Useful gifts in a container decorated in White. Dainty refrestofierits ' w'drfe' '"s Le ibjatfer, .. . *s! Adani Gj;j.:- teWast,; • -Mrs. (•• bifcki ^Brigm; | '-Mrs. eta Refolds; iMfC, ||:"T. ! Worthirtg- toii;; Mssj.'; ;Maiy;j } jfo''' 'Hamilton. Mrs''GIehtt fiairston, Miss ..Frances Bailey,' Mrs. Virgil -Diniel, Jr., Mrs. Bill Ward and Mrs. J. J. Pederson of North Cowden, Texan. Miss Joan Gilbert returned Monday from Fayetteville where she wag a guest of friends at the PI Beta Phi house, • ' Mrs. J. W. Franks and Mrs. Willis Hnnea of Hope have returned from Longview, Texas where they have been with Mrs. Johnny Phillips who under went major surgery. Kansas City J Has Same : Old Club ' J By JACK HAND ^ •WES TPALM BEACH, Fla. I*M» The Kansas City situation can be slimmed up in a Jew. words.. New city,., new .owner, hew manager, new bal park—but same old bail club. Except for the drafting of these pitchers and a few moves Within the A's weak farm orgahiatiofi, this is the slime team that finish ed eighth at Philadelphia last falW 60 games behind Cleveand; ~ Lou Boudreau. who replacd Eddie Joost as manager, has no ilusions abbiit {he job he faces. Among other things, the club-'is woefuly weak on left handed batters. That means they wil see righthanders,' day after day, all season. Boudraau plans to t'wo-pla- toon first base to get a lefty, Do Bolweg (.224). in .the,... .•.:-.",-llnaup against the righthanders. Vic Power (.255) 'will'alternate with" him.lj, Forrest (Spook) Jacobs (.268) wil handle second, backed ,up by Hed- tor Lopez (.316 at lltawa"). Joe Damaestri (.230) at short and Fini gan (.302) at third round out the infield. Peter Suder (.200), still is the general handyman at 38; Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Reeves and iMrs. A. W. Hudson' spent Monday in. Texarkana >•-•.: Ronnie and John Norman Rogers, o'f San Diego, Calif., are the guests' of their parents, Mr. and'Mrs^ tee Rogers. •' ' . Mrs. Charles Mann, Jr., and son, Charles Ward have returned to their home in El Dorado after a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. TO r IWi»V ' ^SilSSrffj^J «-&•-* »SO BAGWCOO WAS GOING.TO EAT THIS ^Common Quotations ACE088 ST.Burnifisi' &bke" DOWN 4 »;*—* O f | „_— fln . W*ce'V go«6» ' v • " than death" £ Created * 12 Consumed 4 Missile* ' OUT OUR WAY K OKAX STOOL PIGEONS- GOAHEADANd &ZAKH. KZPOfftS TOtHf Bt/GS' CAMP FOR By J. K, VIC FLINT '*&?& '•wW+!f a $^ jBjnS^RkMi \l) iV'Ndtthe 6 Superficial jMNorittd; $f Averted" fiintest -—"-" covering pS Son of Jicob 40 Salty 15 Oriental toln 7 \y0rk unit ; ; andLelh 4\fttia Eugene Ward. t("jj ~ ~ T ~ J • •* V*'*^ MI*«» • n»»\* ^JVflAB . ^*, ** 1CV' •'-:.• •. -Yf-WlM 1 ^^ 1 * 8 BeHer ; <P»b.k^! f? Grippjid ;. , 18 Bridge^^sMp.pprt ^ Arabian ^ulf, (26 En,M!e^fi|, : ^iScffi'^op : : ' ?p,lrj|,BHigence 10 t|ardy hprpihe B» rirfit nift* '-I .&!$$%;'•. '. ' f.JiXfciaini^ters .IhCoipipri'.••'? ' fav»yi;:v'- ••• ' 44 V&tf'.':.' •• ' \ 22 IP^idn prince 17 Man's name 29 Icelaridic laga d< Sand WH • 24 ^jijjijBjii-; ': 1? Spanish ". ; . 31 Belgian;; •.•.•' ,4Ji<»t' : • ' Wojfhoqhd gentlenlan . seaport'v 48 B« fooluihljr 26,0,98^,.:;'.•"•• 23"-^—in the S3 Malicidii4 ..,': fondI " Mrs. Lucy Chiney of Dallas, Tex^ as has returned to Prescott'.^and i at home in the A. B. Bonds apartment on West Main. ''" to buy 1 SPECIAL GIFT for Easter or Anniversary Mhoon's Jewelry Store 34 Opposed 35 "On a fool's .*.. • -...'.'•> :> • !' 36 Offer ' I .-37<Ruui9n hew> ) • • agency i 39 Bristle. . 40 '*Th'«i;-*— of a Miss Loyoe Stewart Honored '- ' Mrs. Vuel •. Chamberlain. Mrs Ira Davis and Mrs. Floyd Leverett of Hope honor.Gd"M:iss lioyce ' Stewart, bride-elect of Loy Emond Craig of Little'Rock, with'a Vitchea shower on Monday evening in th» horhe of Mrs. Chamberlaui. • A 'colorful; arrangement of red gladiolus: 'graced the 'living room Tmantel.. White 'iris , and narcissus iwere placed on a : tier table.? The coffee, table, held a ;bowl of yellow jasiriin and "purple iris -and s'fe- FIRST CHO.ICE WITH HOMEOWNERS .WHO CARE FOR EVERY PAINT JOB Indoors or Outdoors! There's a colorful, top .quality Dutch Boy paint, enamel or varnish for every painting job. BILLWRAY SUPPLY South Walnut , & :42 "Llveand - I> i '!'' • H | ' 45 Glandular . , 49 Counteractives I m^iiff-.••'••: .- ' ' ! cpnver*ation I . 52 "By the light of the lilvery -' tll '_ *> 53 Nick •'•'. THfey FOUWD V \VA^r-JEALc>u& HE LIKES tHAT \ WILL SODM CROP KIlCKWAME AW \ UPAMD OWE OF EM WILL BLUET ~tp CLAIM TH' / OUT, " WHY, YOU GUYS. BUT NOBODY CALLIM'HIM LIVERPOOT WHEM COME HERE.'?. WATCH.' By Michael 0'Mall«y and H6V, PAL, IP VA CAM B6 At WASH TUBES N5 A> FIME,HB^D YOU I KEP,MR.MB6K!mSBe 'j IF WE WEN I* THRU UWLOAC^ I BEWA£ J " OUA BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoopla A KfcAb- y £6AD.' r MAD ^OBSTAM DOST- IT COULO GOODTEAR SPRING FARM TIRE •featuring the •Famous SURE-GRIP D-1 Safe priced at only ... f 41 pl|ii lax and rtcappable tlr* Size 9-24 4 ply rqting TOP SPRING PLOWING VALUE! An outstanding value at the regular price •— and now for our big sales event, we give you a wonderful buy on tliis great Sure-Grip D-15. Hurry — get more PULL, longer''wear at this sale price. SPICIAL IOW PRICIS ON OTHER SUE* TOP I IlZi 10-24 10-28 10-39 11-38 12,38 PLY RATING 4 4 ' ' 4 . ' . 4 •" v« .in i PRICE* $49.95* 57,45* 73.60* 83.65* IQMff*. •V i.^E USUAL MUD- 6 DASTARDLY PLOT CALLS • DRASTIC SPLBNPIP! THE GOVERNOR LOANEP. U& A JBEP -TO: H6KEI <,--'. . m^^gjsigftji ^cj^ila >- >. * BOOTS AND HI MES By Henhbergar » t ju§ laij fjn^l r»'^app(|blt llr* "'" Come In Use Our EASY PAY PLAN n*w FARM RIB FRONT • • ** "i»y;..'S • I GOOD/VEAR a,-I^jr^low*o»t.t^ : U le- J, free service. Continuous triple ribi n\ew> longer weair — easier steering. Wider tread vneans better fraction and flotation. Get the Farm Rib Front now — PRICEDI JIW 4,00x19 5.0Qxl5 5.50x16 6.00x16 PRICf* $14.75* 14.75* 14,95* 16.95* » Plui Iq* and recoppobl* llr» N* Hamm Tire & Appliance Co 21SWS.Wtlr.Mt fhon« 7-2121 bl MIA Si ! cjire of his patients faster! IV ^ V\OS\ 'fit COS\\MG m \.o\ O^ tAOVitN i pr% BUGS BUNNY COOVO Vv WE. ^V»«\ VW.'RViGCbXt.'b 0\t)K{T VOW VC *^^i|i 3-2S m !' THA'5 J/THSKJHOLO ^5 4t, U TiflS UP KOR ****mmm ALLEY OOP Mi \ -:' C'MON, LET'S GET WHERE THERE/SCOTT., DROP REALLY lr"> WISCJLLA'S WATCHING?' YOU CAN'T WATCH FROM 3* POP WATCHING I &M I j^r^"9^3 |t?iC, WAYNI **e*jfc^ > • >>-*^i' i * your hair while you 'Ir »»i WAglT/W tlfAWLj 'BBBB"' WWl'W'vj rw I'M f -V; » I /53 v ' I i" * * '; 'V *V * Jt J ' '' v ' ' i' "* ,< » i '••, ^^v;".'-«' ., > L t &V;J-iMS V,

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