Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 25, 1955 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 25, 1955
Page 11
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L?UW W . * .his lea** on first ~ Mf- ws been MARKETS It* timer TJ* y|«H tatihf Cate«;thertt by toitf 1 jdacei. I **-^'bN«tgni A 8&WUmaie<f " J«, iMWomeay! rtduV~"»IU, '., . „ i jfrM<lte,*Miitti <«M and' ftefle, 'orttf bVi t. 3J* , of n Gleason'. On his T - f at , Gfleaion < t fa * "* ' rig*."'' Jh he has revised the for__ .he aho^f cob* iddrably from L^ayii af Mr; ",Television, i ^'Btendup jf^'-' While iGjeartn «h.> - • more to' aitua- fand more to' '<! '; ! tf j.hav* to react! ». They've' del - NEW YORK STOCK 3 NEW/ YORK Iff) — The stock rhattcet quietly worked lower today under 'the pressure of gentle proflttaking. < iFrices:" were ' down fractions'.-for Ehc most pact, .but Abere were some [pases going .past, a point. Plus Signs worenn't very numerous. -- A tew wpre Excellent. . ' Most niajor Divisions were lower or leaning -lower including steels, rhail drder "issues, aircrafts, distillers, coppers l and "railroads. & t,. nfff > IMAM S?3r*S|!' ..18* -. . i ; . 26c " ^ i, *** •- -^ - ^ • • ferric* SlM'fcl iS ,v r * ' J A t IV" f^ftlfSI' 11 rr?JI'V<?lif^R^r 4 j &- SMriO-poiky^^- |j 8t. LOUIS LIV6§t6CK NAfJONAL STOCKYARD, ill. (A — Irtogs 7,hOO; higher; bulk choice' 180-220 Ib 1750-75, few iJ,8S; choice No 1 and 2 18.00; $20-240, lb 17.25-65; 240-270 Ib 187S-1T25; 270-SOO Ib 1625-75; 140170 Ib 17.25-7?; ^ows 450 lb dp«(n 15.00-50t heavier sows 13.75-14.75; boars 9 50*12 00 'Cattle 700, ,ca!ves 500; aboul steady; . butcher yearlings ahd heifers mostly commercial and good 18,00-21^00; Utility ahd Corn mereial fcdwu 12 t 5p-l^,60; caitnera drid cutters 10.50-12.90; thin si.__ catift^rs 8.00-50; bulls utility'^ commercial 13 50-15 DO; canher^ aji'd cuttefs 10 00-13 6b, brime veal- tfi Sl.M; good and choice 23:^ ' 29.00; tiotnrnercial and good IT. 23.M; "cull and utility 1000-14.00. Sheep 200; active and strong; Choice woolcd larrtbs 2400-50; ;lop W.'SO for lot choice 00 lb; some 117 lb lambs 20.00,' stllity and good 20,00-23,00; 'culls 15.00-16.00; ewes 7.00-8,00. May $!.*£%, oats. unchanged to % r, May pflfg, rye $ to 4'/ z lower, ' Sonify Tesf for Ordered NEW'ORK Iff) — Cbtton futures flfetf .loWtr today in .light deal- Irtgs. tLlquldfltion met an indifferent 'trade •demand' for contracts. La.te aftc.rnoon prices were 5- to 0 cents •pbale i lower -than the previous' .dlq*e",' May 33.71,' July 33.B4 and Octpber..3^.'p2. • : "• THING CHEYENNE, Wyo., (UP) —Four Scottsbluff, Neb., treasure hunters apparently have a fool-proof map or a .guaranteed Geieer counter. They asked .the' JVyomirig attor- ley .general how to report the find- rig of buried "free gold or gold coin" they expect 4o find on a forthcoming prospecting trip. POULT.RY AHD PROCIOE (CHICAGO Ml — Live poultry uteady;r wc'elpts in coops 207 yes- Ierday"l20 coops,, 42,651 lb, f.o.b. pSy^ng f prices unchanged, heavy hcnfc 26-30.5; light hens 16-17; fryers and'broiler B 32-34; old roosters 12-12.5; caponettes 39-41 wholesale buying prices unchanged; 93 score AA 57; 92 A 57; 90 B ?5.75; 89 C 55.25*; cars 90 B 6.23; 8? C 5.75. 'about steady; receipt; 21,'4&); Wholesale buying prices Cm changed to Vi lower; U. S. large whites 70 per cent and over A'a 41; 6^-69.9 "per cent,A's 40; miated mediums 37;- U. ^S; standards dirties 3$7; checks 32 2; cur-5 rent'/eceipts -3f.5." ,,|N AND PROVI60N8 !AG9 l(Jfl ~ ' Grains declined "BjJara of Trade' today «1 a Itttle rally '-toward the ytted mopt coptracts -frpir , 8«lli ng a tar ted first in wh*il and then sjpread Jto the rest of the liat. Ry "was least able "to resist AJ) rye • contracts made new-" inpTJows t and by ,the May d. """wer) T below the $00 mark. Fairly heavy snow over a wide jorea^of 'the Sputhweptern winter wheat belt touched oft the selling Wheat clQ,spa l^-^J-i lower, May iyith'abftul the »ame fln'sse a» n Blow "v#fh A b^kjaek. And it orie mttwit Berle lei's go another fce- foJe j;ou< 6An' catch «your breath. FIXTURES Fr(>tfjct ypur ^yesighf qrtf f n- honct the paguty pf your horn* ,witb correct Hghtirig fixturt*. Allen Electric Co. 114 Sooth (t» KK««7-J«9 •at'-' FINANCE , , m 9fl}i-B9, and' Soybeans l'/2-2!' 2 lower', May $l ! S3i/ 4 -i/ 2 . Wheat: none. Corn: No. 2 ywllow 3.52; No. 3 1.45-31»/ 2 . Cats: No. 1 \yhite 76; No. 1 -heavy white 78 3 /i. ,S0yibean ; pil: Jl% :i /2; soybean rheal 60,00. Barley nominal: malting choice 1.40-5,7;' feed iXHf-20.' LITTLfc ROCK (^— the exeesi- tiqh of condemned slayer M. > ; L;" fMill) Turner of Camden is being held up until the former nightclub Operator undergoes a mental ex- iarhination. ' I Gov. Orval Faubus said yester- 'day that he has asked the 'State i Hospital to determine whether Turner is sane. State law prohibits the execution of insane persons. Turner was convicted of first degree murder and senlbttccd ''to death for the fatal shootin'g alJo^t a year ago of Lloyd R. Squire 1 ' .of North Little Rock. Squire; a railroad executive, had bceW' 'dating Turner's former wife. '' '" Judges td Rule on Telephons Hike LITTLE ROCK Wl.— Three judges will hear a suit aimed at overruling a state Public Service j Commission decision concerning a proposed rate increase by General Telophon .Co. of the Southwest of [Dallas. j Chief Justice Archibald K. Gard ,ner of the eighth Circuit Court of Appeals said yesterday the judges will be Circuit Judge Martin t). Van Oosterhout of Sioux City, Iowa and District Judges John E. Miller of 'Fort Smith and Harry J. Sanity of Doctor to Be Determined McALESTER. Okla. I/H-^. District Judge W. A. Lackfey" 'tti$&y Committed Dr. Ben T. Galbriath, confessed slayer of his wife' ahd three children, to Eastern. Stale Hospital at Vinila, Okla., '' for ( 90 days observation. ' ' '' Lackey made his ruling after" an associate of the 34-year-old., physician, Dr. Charles Holland,.^testified he had known Galbriath (Since June 1949 and at one 4'rnp >ne lapsed into a maniacal state. -^ Holland testified at a hearing on a committal order that "before this week I think he knew right from wrong." ' ' • The" Stock Market is Down ... Our Prices are too!CREAM OIL PERMANENT Only 8.50 HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 7-2878 Lemley of Little Sock. The telephone company is asking for temporary and permanent injunctions to overrule a PSC decision arid permit a rate increase totaling $302,230 a year. • Justice Gardner said the multi- as cities. The Arkansas customers pie judgeship was needed because! are at. Augusta, Blevins, Cotton the suit involves oth the U. S.'.Plant, Marvell, McCrory, Prescott, and the Arkansas constitutions. Taylor, Waldo, Waterloo, Wheatlef; The firm wants to increase rates and Texarkana. The Texas cities, at 11 Arkansas citeis and two Tex-1 are Texarkana and Wake Village,; •'v-v. •••'•- , 25, 1953 •" "%»33$- -S '"'Sttfiir* ;" "* '^ * v *''^<.« ; -~ * ^%v, £ %~\^* ^i •^ "*" * * ' JBK 1 " ji^Gsrw , , - ,t,/\?li.4S MOHSTAK, MOM, At KAMI A 9 SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Dr. Frank Norfleet CHRIST IS THE ANSWER /You are invited to hear Dr. Frank Norfleet . i : \ . . Twice Daily 7:30-0. m. - 7:30 p. m. ' at First Baptist Church March 28-Apr! I 6th Calendar March 25 The Berean SS Class of the Unity Baptist Church will meet at the KSperirrmnt Station Friday night March 25, at 7:30 for their regular monthly meeting and pot-luck sup' r J'he Friday Music Club will meet Friday March 25'in the First Methodist Church at 7:30 p. m. This meet- V!' Fairlcme Town Sedan, one of 3 four-door sedans to select from HOPE Drive-ln Theotre Highway 29 South Open 6:30 P. M. | TONIGHT AND « w SATURDAY m 'DRUMS ACROSS THE RIVER" .. v ^ ??»x • Our Gang Comedy • Edgar Kennedy Comedy • Popeye Cartoon COME OUT EARLY . . FREE KIDDYLAND FREE ZOO. FREE PONY RIDES ON THE POPKOLA PONY Ford's five power assists combine to give you more added convenience and extra driving ease than you can get in any other car in Ford's field! Jt'f gr.eot Iwq to step into a Ford's rich, colorful Luxury Lounge interior .'.;. to .touch your toe to the gas pedal ;and feel the masterful-might of Trigger-Torque power responding instantly |jP )$u£ ? <BY3ry wish, It's fun, too, to bask in the^admiration aroused everywhere by Ford's Thiinderbird-irispired styling. Bi»t,:ifpr the ultimate in driving fun and ease, you should try a Foird : %itb F Or 4's pptional power assists: new Speed-Trigger v Fordpii^atic^|power steering, brakes, windows and seat. Ford brings you .ti^ power, assists that combine to do the vwst for you autoniatically ... so you get the most out of your daily driving! Automatic Driving at its Best (Dn) position. And Speed-Trigger Fordomatic Drive is.the only "auta- matic" in its field that combines the smoothness of a fluid torque converter with the versatility of three automatic forward gears. , Fprclomatic Prive ;has a new, automatic low gear which let? you start in low, hjf t to iritermecliate and then into —all automatically—all while leyer is in drive >fo Steer For You Ppyver Steering does of thfe steering work for you on turns , •. yet you retain'the natural feel of the wheel on straightaways. It's a great help jyfeen umsking-eaftkes alj driving and han- 4Uing easier and more relaxing. ' ' Power to Apply Your Brakes Ford's Swift Sure Power Brakes do up to one-third of the stopping work for you. And there's built-in safety. With power off, you can still stop your car as easily as though your Ford were equipped with the standard braking system. .' >: Power to Adjust Your Seat Fprd's ,4-jWay Power Seat is the only power seat in .Fprd's field that adjusts "up and dpwn" 3? \well a? ^'faryvard and back" for the most comfortable driving positions. A touchof the gonyei^ently }oca,ted Single geat control does it! Power to Lift Your Windows With Ford JPowerrLift Windows you don't need to stop in order to open or close all side windows, Driver can operate all four windows from the njaster control on the door. Ar>d each passenger has a separate control swji^ii for his own window. And there's Trigger-Torque power to gim you more "Go" < Test (M^a^SS FORD 4v •• ^^jir *^ 1 fBiBBl will Uto . ^B^ wP • "^WBr, ^^ir ^i^r v LOOKIE! 1. Joe McDoaks Comedy 2. Figaro Color Cartoon 3. Warner News SPECIAL SECTION FOR . COLORED PATRONS Remember the Big $3000 Giveaway on April 2. * YQU1 FOUP »IAW1 MA ^ . ^ «. Phon. 74341 HOPtAPlK. SIJ W, IfcwJ 5t. thl New SIST SIUIR , . . ••»§ wort bwauif it'* worth mow! <...<.< fcfk-i!^ ing is open to the public. Saturday March 26 The Friday Music Club will have an "Opera Party" Saturday March 26, at 1 p. m. in the home of Mrs. may be purchased from the following people: Miss Jack Porter, Bedia Carver, Norma Jean Delaney and Christine Warmack. Please make your reservations by Monday March 28th. The Quarterly meeting of the Hempstead County Board of the the American Cancer Society will meet in the City Hall Tuesday March 29, at 7:30 p. m. Friday April V The Emmet Garden Club will sponsor a ."pot-luck supper at the Talbot Field Jr.. The opera will school ckfdteria on Friday April 1, be "La Boheme.". .: at 7 oielob'k.'T'he Emmet Communi- •— jty. jlmptoyement League and the ... „ . .. . „„ )Emmet Home Demonstration Clubs Monday March 28 ..! are asked to participate. Mrs.- Dll- The .Workers SS Class of Garret dyf ^ public relations Memorial Baptist Church n will meet,^, theP Ar | anPsas Power and Monday March,28. at 7:30 p. m. m Company,will,be guest spea- f.ho hnmp nf Mrc Krnpst Cobb on .. " _ ' ' . ~ .. ... ch 28. in the home of Mrs. Jim McKenzie. Emmet Garden Club Met At Club-Hnu«« The Emmet Garden Cfub met Boyle Continued from Page One Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 on heavy cold and developed nodules thf> home of Mrs. Ernest Cobb on Rosston Hwy. Mrs. Bertha Thomas will be co-hostess, and all members are urged to be present. Teusday March 29 Tickets for the Eastern Star Ban- ker. Every one is cordially invited to attend. Notice A called meeting of Chapter AE March 23. at the Club-House with Mrs. Sam Townsend Mrs. Alfred Pry as hostesses. Mrs. Bob Magness, president opened the meeting with prayer, after which the roll was called and the minutes read and approved. Mrs. Sam Pankey had charge of the program, in the absence of the program chairman, Mrs. Ramey Garland. Mrs. Pankey discussed in detail the schedule of the "Spring Flower Show" of the Council of Garden Clubs of Prescott to be ,held In the Educational Building of the First Methodist Church on April 29th. The theme of the show is "A Carnival of Flowers." Mrs. Alfred Pry, park project chairman resported that the Garden Club will sponsor a pot-luck supper at the school cafeteria on Friday April 1st, at 7 p. m. The president appointed Mrs. breakfast. Only 23- t*f *»nf- Of •white collar working firlt uner 25 — and only 29 per ceftt ov*t 25— regularly eat a Well-balanced breakfast, according to a life In* surance company survey. Is this why business women often seem on her vocal chords. A doctor ad- short tempered? the Same survey vised her to take a vacation, rest found that 44 per cent of the men her throat. Instead she kept sing-1 started the day right with a good ing, but in a lower register. Her meal new voice turned out to be Just I Feminine ego dept: Women long rlPnt fnt* tno nmir rtr»ot-\_t^t*r\r»**\H'i t «_* n __ _ _.*_.• ?* *_ ... right "pop withstanding, she earns about $25,000 a year. Male ego dept: At least we have found something men do better than women: They eat a better the new deep-throated'have held they are safer flrivers tunes. Now, nodules not-'than men, and highwat statistics n/4inr# nit*. AHMMM ..t..*...!. Arts ' ti t it i n •''"' ' often bear them out. One reason may be that they obey traffic lights better because they, can distinguish the lights better. Optometrists 'report .that eight per cent.of all'<m$fi suffer from red-green color* blindness j. but only one per, .cent , of women have • this vision, defect Ever dream of finding; a valuable pearl iin;;a restaurants oyster? Well, keep right on dreaming; You have one chance in 5;000. of .picking up a pearl that way, but even if and limited relationships? Many people 'say "no; the other-worldly aspect of re ligion has not only been strongly emphasized in the cast, but is at present a matter of keen contro- Tolki Hirtg* on P«ri§ Action UNITED NATIONS. N. Y. * Some Western and neutral diplomats suggested today the Big Four powers could begin preliminary talks at the U. N. after the Paris agreements are ratified. These delegates, who declined to be quoted by name pointed out: 1. That the U. N. is the only place In the world where trie "Big Four — the United States, Britain, France ahd the. Soviet Union — maintain permanent higlvrank- ,lng ) *ei$rse'rtte,tiVes," in .continual contact. , L 2. That the Berlin blockade,and the' Korean War, were, '.ended after movqs initiated In tjie U. N, Western, d e ( l e g a t e S generally versy in the World Council of Pro- you did the chances are it wouldn't have challenged the idea of hope have any real value except- 1 a'S a quet to toe held Tuesday March 29,' of PEO at 3 o'clock Monday Mar- Clifford Shope and herself to be publicity directors for this meeting The hostesses for the April 26, meeting will be Mrs. Frank Prescott and Mrs. Clifford Shope. Coffee and cookies were served to the eleven members present. TODAY AND SATURDAY *. SAENGER BIG TRIPLE PROGRAM!!! AT: 2:00 - 5:45 - 9:30 OUTPOST ALSO AT: 3:54 - 7:39 That Hilarious Picture You Couldn't Forget Is Back On The Screen Again! Because You Asked For It! MARJOR1E MAIN as "MA KETTLE" PERCY KilBRIDE as "PA KETTLE" CLAUDETTE COLBERT FREDMacMURRAY "THE EGG AND I" • PLUS • Chapter 14 of Serial "RIDING WITH BUFFALO BILL" & "Shell Shocked Egg" Color Cartoon Sunday & Monday * M - G - M's FINEST MUSICAL! A fabulous cast of stars from stage, screen and songland! Songs and dances by the dozen! It's the most exciting love story and musical spectacle ever! FEATURE • SUN.- 1:00-3:39-6:18-8:57 TIMES • MON. - 2:00 - 4:22 - 6:44 - 9:06 e-. .<3 ..,*;*• JOSE MERLE OBERON -HELEN TRAUBBI OOE AVJ5PON-TAMARA TOWfANOVA 15OB1X mSQM.MWJ.UAM OJ,VIS- WALTER PIDGEON. PAUL HENRBJI)' ,., ROSEMARY CLOONEY. GENE 6 FRED KEIXVi ' JANE POWELL. VIC 0AMONE, , ANN MILLER -CYD CHilUSSE HOWARD K-EEL-TONY MARTIN •^*$w' 1. "MY LITTLE DUCKAROO" COLOR CARTOON 2. NEWS OF THE DAY "COMMITTED UNTO GOD" Inspirational Singing Great Bible Preaching MARCH 27 to APRILS R.ev, Pendleton Will Bring Vocal Solos Each Night, REV. CURT TULL FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH "DEDICATED TO A CHRISTIAN HOPE" NO. MAIN AT AVE. B Hope Ladles Attend Hat Show In Little Rock The lollowing ladies from Hope attend the Garden Club Convention and Hat Show in Little Rock Thursday March 24th. Mesdames, A. D. Middlebrooks, Jr., J. C. Carlton, George Hughes, B. W. Edwards, Floyd Fuller and M. McCloughan, M. May—Hodges Marriage Announced! Mr. and Mrs. Jewell May announce the marriage of their daughter Desiree, to J. T. Hodges, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Hodges of Shongaloo, La., The ceremony was solemnized at the home of Edgar Lafferty .Church ol Christ minister at 8 p. m. Saturday March 19. The bride was lovely in a ligh blue linen dress with navy access ories. Her corsage was of pin carnations. The groom is an alumni of Loui siana State University where he re ceived a t Bachelor of Science De gree in 1950. The couple will reside in Texar kana, Texas where the groom J employed. for the world. I have been recalling some of the hymns of my boyhood in which this sentment of world-renunica- souvenir. Most gem pearls come river mussel. • • 1 A giant Philippine, clam that shut on> the hartd of a native diver and drowned him :yMded the "Pearl of lAllah," the largest ever found." It from [ weighed 14 pounds. Why not sur- tropic oysters, but snails, clams prise your wife by presenting it ...... ^..v.,. clll UA wurm-renunica- and rnusselj .. create pearls,: to her on your next wedding an tion was strong The ooor ithcrant The fanioUs r.W? en P e a rl ° f New niversary? If she .found it a bit preacher mieht well be nnrrinnnri JerseV - sold in the last century to heavy as a thrpat pendant, it cbuld Hospital Notes Admitted: Ernestine Bobo, Hop B.t.1 . Julia Chester Discharged: Mrs. John Ridgdill Hope, Mrs. Mary May, Rosston Mike Russell, Hope. Sunday School Lesson By WILLIAM GILROY, D. D. This is a rather nice question What is "society?" In one sense it is the limite number of people who are priv ileged, or wealthy, or go-calle well-born; the people whos names are in the social register and society columns — the group to which I don't and probatol YOU don't belong. "Society, 1 also, is the commu nity in which one lives. It i the total of such communities i a province, state, or country. I is the whole of organized life i many countries, as closely re iated> to one another in the worl of today as towns separated to. a few miles were even a genera' tion ago. It is the world of hu manity. A society at large, in eluding all of us. Society, what ever its form am extent, is very important, am the Christian is very importan to society, for in a very real sens he represents a .great deal tha society is not. Even in the loca community there is often a grea deal that falls far short of the Christian ideal of love and broth erhood, and even of the stern re quirement of common honesty. Sometimes we call society "the social order," though at times it might more accurately be de scribed as the social disorder. The original creation was, and still is, a bringing of order out of chaos; and the creative task of Christianity in its social mission is to create social order where disorder is now prevalent. Has Christianity a social mission? Have individual Christans social obligations other than to lead .personally good lives in Take Your Prescriptions to Crescent Drug Store Where they will be care- tully compounded by men who are graduates of a 4-year Colleg* Q| Phar- CRESCENT DRUG STORE preacher might well be pardoned for singing, truthfully, "No foot of land do I possess, no cottage in the wilderness; a poor wayfaring man; but there was less warrant for those, with land and cottages, who sang: No tranquil joys on earth I know; No peaceful sheltering dome; This world's a wilderness of woe; This world is not my home." The sentiment was covered up with a rousing time about "working until Jesus came." How different the Lord's Prayer about the will of God being done in earth as in heaven, and the prayer, "Thy Kingdom come!" _ Jesus spoke of "many mansions" and of a prepared place (John 14), but the heavenly home was for those who had been faithful on earth. Paul spoke of "an eternal and exceeding weight of glory" (II Corinthians 4:17), anl of "crown of righteousness" (II Timothy 4:8), but it was as one who had fought the good fight and kept the faith. .This world is not "a wilderness of woe" but a great testing ground of man's fulfillment . ol God's purposes and God's will. • Empress Eugenie of France for \ be turned into a beautiful bowling $25,000 came from a common ball. ' ''" agree that iMrtru$l «rft»il<H *" about u ebnfftiNjf sus until final i P&rte treaties to - > iany. •,' , s.u President Eisenhower if news conferenee ytttkt&tjr'*, clear that Big F*ttf feflrertnW of lesser rank, Would, havt ;ttj the spadework 4»tore Uf state meet. - -«• " * •" LONQ GftAFTON, m, a Persian e«, miles back to th». Mil had given it away, n*-, >- < Miss Cora Loftort said sfa the eight^yeat old cat to i,l ____ in -Roseau, Minn,, .lastiAugU«t,' ; il that Fluffy somehow nifld* \'" homeui t ,,\.*<, * i > Miss -.Lofton, .who* said tried' unsuccessfully once* to give Fluffy away, said shfrll try again. , ., Get the, BEST r ForLESSJ p We believe that you would enjoy our programs: .excittng mon meeting^ at which famous world travelers show their full-color filr1rts v b the countries of the world, exactly as shown in .famed'TqwK*^* 5 *^**** 1 York, along with the foreign foods of the countries*irv the films. immediately for full details. . j . 5****>*.*** *tfr »4" Mrs. Ed Ogran or Mrs. Catherine Richards Howard ^" ^ .;'. Pursers for the Explorers Club , Phone 4391 or Phone 22^6 ' Come Drive America's Best-SieliB • . O » >$**&'& "$ *>»$. '. '7 ,^«&li^ v ^^ , • . -, * p * t J » 1 1 , I ^OVtfc, I <rij( Complete and official registrations for December, 1954,and" January, 1955 ,ttl ' ' • -v ^ « i i . Ki,v » ^ fijt a ^£ (the first two complete months for which comparative t registration figures are available on '55 models) show that MORE PEOPLE ARE BU r('-'*F* U 'I •***•* i-? > t "••* t-V'M >^rft ";;.| '' &h •*', A* jj* <* A v« 'w*;\j ^'t,f* • t ,4^l •*'?>> Mfi.*** -\- '«£^- ti A ,~!I./JM"^ B •••^t "• • THAN ANY OTHER CA '/L""" IT'S EASY TO SEE WHY CHiVROWT'S THI|«*J.ifltti^ u ^ ^^^ J^l , ' • '- I ' 41* ** * ' ' "-"r'^rt- "VS'f "A** V * It's the on/y low-priced car with the sure-footed * smoothness of - 1 - --- 1 the beauty and quality of Body Glide»Ride Froijtj Suspension m&ltfj hy Fislier ... High-Level Ventila- Outrigger reap springs . , , * l "° tion System ... 6 engine-drive ease of BaU-Rac^ Steer|ug| Q choices, including America's most and see how aty thej$ eifclL,.^ , '-*'.,.,,,, modern (and lowest-priced!) Y8 features put Chevrolet way, w»y fAWl I 1 , , , 12-volt electrical gyatem , , , out uheatj of i\a field! <- ^ >„,*, M ilMlf Hf, Ij .. '<*•$»& *»v;. ^^ * ^^ %^ m ^ ^iP ^i^i mm*A ," f J|^^|^7'ipp 300 Cost Stcond St .'y.«i

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