The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 4, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, August 4, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST M1SSOUKI HOME EMM VOL XXVII—No. 119 Blythevllle Courier, Blytheville Herald, Blythevllle Dally News, Mississippi Valley Leader. KLYTHRVIIXE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, AUGUST -I, IMP SINGLE COPIES FIVE,CENTS Hitch-Hiker Favored for Oklahoma's Next Governor RUSSIA HAS QUAKE DISASTER Ford Takes 100,OOOMen Back on Job Attacks and Latter Is On Hand lo ' i )lft '. lts : i Make Answer. DETROIT, Aug. 4. (UP)— Tliplr period of enforced Idleness ended when between 150,000 and 175,000 " lcn returned "> * ork t(xia y ln somfi of neu-oit's srcMeA manufacturing MANILA. Ark.— Tlic re-cord . ,. Motor cur companeis were the, ! principal scenes of renewed octlv- I iiy. At. the Ford River Rouge plant . .— . prosecuting auorney of Zal Hnrrl- ; alone 100.000 men, away from their candidate for county judss. | Jobs three weeks, picked up Iheir attacked and' defended here : tools and resumed where they let Satiinlny before a crowd estimated '• olT with dully schedules speeded up to 8,000 units. .Work also was re- s«"«d at the Canadian Ford plant • nt close to 1,000. Ccl S. R. Simpson of Osceola ; speaking in the interests of George ! , njpi—Afle : Uon B as h counly a "mrp™ba°te "SgV. |;««»«"» ' J T±^ ™3 ° 'opened the meeting, and Harrison uo week^ -i.OOO men reiuriieo i mnmirinil wilh a defense of ius I v;ork '" thc rc P alr sllops °' '" ! ™,' "racial rccort and™, appeal I New York Central railroad at W« for support in ills race for Ihe Cleans > jiidgeship. j 1 Simpson declared that as prose- j , ciiting attorney tor the four years, j • !!H4-28, Harrison and his deputy, I Bruce Ivy of Osceola. had set a • high record in sending offenders lo : , the county farm. He asked if Har; men dfll not think of the farm | ' then as a "hell-hole." He cited the j case of a paralytic invalid against I whom he said Harrison asked for :md obtained from the grand jury indictments on nine separate counts. Harrison, he said, consented tliat the sentences on the various counts run concurrently, but collected fees on all nine of them. Harrison on Hand tn 'Answer "ALFALFA Bl :.l." MURRAY "Alfalfa Bill" Murray L Sure Simpson also attacked Harrison's j record as a member of the county ! board of education, which he sair" ', was costing the taxpayers of the ASK uftllES ! R ? d !? Singer Q«fe««l in Killing 01 I'amous Detroit Announcer Stolen Gun Found m Pos session of Man Who SouugKt to Escape Arrest Charley Jefferson, negro robbery suspect. gSvs police a long criase this morning, when he slipped away from the cHlcer after he was arrested, only to be overtaken and lodged in the city Jail- Jefferson was taken into custody ^olitical Meeting With Ad-1 drosses by -All Office, Seekers Is Suggested. j In n communication .signed fcy ,en business and professional men of lllytlicvlllc, handed the Courier New* tint afternoon, the .sngges- llon is made that the public interest wo'.iid be served if arrange-1 were mad.e for llic various candidates for county offices to hold a Joint meeting for discussion j (if the issues of the present cam-! pnlgn and to present (heir qmlifl- , cations for the places they seek, i In response to the letter Ihe Courier News hus olTered, in conjuration wilh the signers, to assist In making the necessary arrangements, and invitations lo address siii'li a gathering will probably lx> tn the hands of the various candidates tomorrow. While time and place for the meeting have not been sci It is probable that it will be held at the courihouse Friday night. Ttic letter, addressed to the editor of Ihe Courier News, follows: • "In a discussion of the coinlu; election, and peculiarly with ref-1 erence to county offices, the signers | of (hU letter have found themselves agreed that it would ' essarily, and as a member of the . Y. Seismograph Registers Violent Shocks, Believed in Central America LONDON, Aug. 4. (UP)—Reports of n severe earthquake on .the lorlhcast shores of the Caspian sea wcic received here today. . Tlie Morning 'Post reported 500 killed and 4.000 injured find great levasliitlon to the towns of Tclia- naevo and Vrlt?ky. Two hundred nouses and a church were destroyed In the former town, the advices sold, and the; bodies of 30 children were recovered from the ruins .of a children's, home. . •- . Tlic river Ural broke Its banks nnd Hooded Ihe town. Violent Shocks Registered NEW YORK, Aug. 4. (UP)—Two enrthmiakc- shocks described as ','ra- llicr more violent" than the Italian ones were recorded b'v the seismograph at Fordhani University to- dav. 'Hie distance was about 3.iSW miles from Now York, according lo university officials nnd the locution was probably in south 'Central America. Marjcrle Mnnscll, above. 21-year-old- radio singer, was arrested at Detroit for cmcslioning in connection with th? murder of Gerald be a good I Buckley, crusading radio announcer. Officers say she was a close 111 111 county about $l2.000ji jear unnec- j bj . orrl j cr Thurman Atkins on East "We would like to see some date i fixed, and an arrangement made j for all of the candidates for coun- thlng if die candidates for Ihe va- friend of Pete Llcavoll. "key man" In the case, whoso auto was found rioiis county offices could be In-: j n nel . „„,,' cluccd to bring to the people o' ] this cooimunity some statement of their views In the form of a public address. BV CARL .VICTOR LITTLE Sptcb! Writer had accomplished nothing j toward obtaining equitable assess' ment of property in the county. He I cut ^cordwood for $1.50 a-month, I concluded -with an appeal for the chopped cotton, punched cattle, id- j reciecticn of Judge Barham who OKLAHOMA CITY Aug. A (UP) j ucated himself—he could not • read '. he said, has fulnllcjj-f-B c&npaign •i"A!rni'la-:. Bill' Murray..' -UKlar-'i wtien J he left home—piit UUhself '"promises and made a good officer; homa's perennial frontiersman, who I through high school, taught school,' and therefore, under a time hon- Main this mcrnlng. He d»slied away when the policeman failed to get a firm grip on his shirt, and a chase ensued. The officer fired several shcts In an effort him, to stop but they ..speed Instead . £nd hiteh-hiked his way to leadership in the Democratic primary for the K \ a rural newspaper, stud- • orrd Democratic principle, should and Rnnlly he was admit- • receive a second term. run-off primary and is cniite confi- : (5.,) lo the bar. Then he moved to ' Hardly had Simpson stepped dent that he will hitch-hike his | Indian territory and opened a law : from thc platform when Harrison. way right into the executive man- ; C |fi C e. later abandoning his prac- 1 who had been in the crowd, climb- .'.ionr j i; ce to buy a ranch and start form-: ed up. holding in his hand notes Political observers here believe he ! ;,\ir His early crops of alfalfa gave i he hud taken during Simpson's will, too, since he had a lead of 10,- '•, him ' n is nickname. ' I ' al k. oppon- | \vncn Oklahoma entered the un-' "I heard that my record was go- ion he helped write the state con- j i»S to be attacked today, so 1 came stitntion. On the front porch of j along to hear what was going to be I IMG votes over his nearest ent in the first primary. In the runoff primary. Aug. 12. he will cp ty offices, or as many of them ns j will come, to speak to the pcopfc ! ol Blythtvlllc and outline theh views on the various issxies whlcl are presented to the voters in th\s : |9-Year-Old Boy lAdmits Selling S iFire To Hxnise to added to Jefferson ler ethers took up the c aided In capturing him: Police say that a .41 calibre pis- j tne invitation snouiti incnme me i n | ne . vear . 0 i ll tol which the, negro carried, has . privilege of sending a substitute for j fin , ' b (vho __ & beer, identified as a stolen gun. [ any candidate who found It Im- ! Srankl ., tol(] offers that he set Chief M. G. Goodwin believed; possible to IK present. ' '....-. only'at- [election. We- also think it would, be j -j uve nlle court : authorities were hose and I well, if any candidate found It Im- j raH!( , [c(la .. w [ tn „ perplexing j possible to be present in person. If j problcm m []•? person of a little 1 thc Invitation should include the I ;,,,, r ._ t . onr .^,i >,r, y . self admitted upon questioning that the negro may also be con-j "We would be very glad If you \ 3go block ' on j^,, strco t to nected wilh a robbery which oc- j liavlna at your dhoosal the best - The Millers said and to defend myself." he said. curred at thc Ike Miller residence, i available medium for giving pnb- 10th and Walnut streets, Sunday» llclly lo such a movement, would j Entrance to the residence sponsor such a meetlne of the can- I >h a rear window I didatcs for county offices, and we •• and six dollars in cash and a pistol! believe that the candidates who | night. lo a thack In (he rear of thc "sec burn and watcli the fire wagon i come out.' The small house, facing an allej parallel to Lake street, was razed whichstrtct when flllly slrllck hls ~••- —— — i ( /-,, „! t(i ^ 'II Ir MJUiiX'il*.' i._n>^iuin .-iii.ttrv ii >j s were not at would sec nt to speak at the meet- - * to the wall paper of thc ot thc robbers'. lne lvo " ld . nnd " 1[xrgc ftn " inler " | house '" here means election. ; j. ed cnlnntsts to liolivia . I.nnchrd on Cheese anil Crackers six years a"o he found Oklahoma l IIe sairt tllat ll "' befitted Snnp- "I spent S71 during the first four ' ton C j v j]j 7 ed °He liked the frontier/ son to makc a11 a PP ca1 ln anyone's, weeks of my campaign.y'Murra j nnd ,, 0 i nnding any frontier in thc , tehalr for tne . customary ^ con <| ; says. "It was the cheapest cam- u""^ g tatcs ° ny Lre he took n I'=»»• because Simpson himself had' paigning f ever did and T am proud par(y ot colonbits down to Bolivia.! """I™" '"ZTnn Ba°rlnm he to say that during the campaign I ' Locking to establish „ group of! "L^l,?™;, ^!^,D! often ate cheeso and crackers to I farms there on rich land in thc cut expenses. I am glad that I i i r0[) i cs . After a year of this Ills was able to beat a millionaire. i CP jorjj,,ts get discouraged and came "I'll win in the run off without I ^^ Murray came- back, recruited trouble and when I am governor j a new scl an d W ent down to repeat my dcor will be o|ien to absolutely ! u le venture. everybody. A caller won't even have | This second attempt was little f it and then I ran," the nine -old l)oy, one of a widowct ' mother's six children related to M Goodwin, chief cf police. lEflT uBNTINUtS TOHKITIli County Delegates Leave , {or Fayetteville Meeting With more representatives than Mississippi county>had ever had at the annual Farmers Week. mem- 1 bcrs of the boys' and girls' 4-11 clubs and adults arc cnronte to Fayetteville today for the openinr session tomorrow. There, ^were • "XI 4-H members and len'adiiUs from Ihe northern part of the counlv who stated - Saturday?-, thw -would mnke the trip. Trie'county: na<t 4(1 • •representatives,'"'' ------ -. lipf- fi-nn Dnmatip Plar- contestants In every demonstration Jtet, UOp Uamage ridt, believed that new laurels will ed at $300,000,000. LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 4 (UP) — Clcudy skies nnd slightly lower temperatures brought hopes today that Little Rock's 14 day drouth would be broken. The rtato suffered over the week end frcm continued heal. A tcm- praturc of 101 was reached here. David Ciassaway, 17, was drowned near Scarcy when lie waded too far Into a lake. I be won. The county agents will remain through next week for the annual conference while the others'wil return home Sunday nlghl. .-•-.• Kcur f)ro<vn in Illvrr MEMPHIS. Tcmv. Aug. 4 (UP) —Pour persons seeking relief from Sunday's heat were drowned while I swimming In thc Mississippi river to stiow a card.'* Murray, whose real name is Wil- j not i nng n g o with little ba5gn_ liam H. Murray, but who is called I an( j almost no money. He prompt"Alfalfa Bill" because he was the j !y anounc.-'d his candidacy for gov- - " He charged that Barham had failed to keep his campaign promises of two years ago for abolition of the convict leasing system and for reducing tr.e cost of maintain- ry, . . lowitshlp ' Confer This Morning; Submit List Tuesday. ! do so, the signers of this letter will ! be very glad indeed to give yon all of the assistance in the matter tint : ,, , - . ,. = j wc cnn •• • According to the story he told j llcnr hcr( , ! Thc 'letter bears IH- signatures - officers, the boy was playing In | T|]( , dra( , 1]ldudc(1 J(lmcs E . Pen . I of Marcus Evrard. Jeff Roland. R. ! lhc alle >' ncM thc " ollse wlln n : ny 23 clerk In the United States Kirby. James H. Bell, Max B. : ^mM cousin. . , , , 'army recruiting office here, drown- Fiwr From Manila. MANILA. Ark.. AIIB. l-i_ ,_C. Tlie members' of the Herman Davis 4-H club that are attending' the Fanners' Week at the University of Arkansas are Benny Fendler. Pearl Neely, Will Neely and'Mary Coals. They motored over to BlytKe"- ; villc this morning to meet Blytlier vlllc members that were going to the meet. They will return early Saturday morning. ., ... more successful. Murray returned ! ing (he coun tj,- s paupers. He sai:l that Barham was using thc count" road sys . Iem - L0 a political first farmer to grow alfalfa in Ok- i c " r ncv. and bepan his lahoma. made our of the cheapest hiking campaign. C -ti. tt-iruv. jamc.s ri. JJL-II, i\mx t>. -small cousin. Otnmitteemen I Reid C "s Lemor.*. A .E. Scolt, R i "I told my cousin I had neve, ' seen a house burn and then I decided tii set fire to that shack J ' J ' and 0, C. : •' famous hitch- Defending his own record as tours of the stale of any candidate in history. He had to. because he is said to be virtually penniless. Asked Slrniurcrs for "a Lift" , . ., . . : Prosecuting attorney. Harrison de- l • 12( -, d d s|x polling | Newspapers throughout the state . clarpd that he had kept ajntten I *'«» ~\ n Ms clly _ snbject ,i con ! ] Members of the Democratic central committee for Aflssissippi county from Chickasawba township, mei at an informal conference at t'.ie city hall this mcrning and selected \ officials to conduct the Democrat- \ Ls primary in this township 011 i7ll'f'51 Glove Links Linglc And cd off Poker Point landing. Arkansas: Miss Dorolhy McCain. 17. ot , ,, "V^'",'," Mangold, Miss.: Mrs ; Annelle Por! lo watch thc wauon come out. (he i (CT = 7 ^ of j^,,,,-!^.^ and fj a y. i building i ' , ' TT ,., „, „, iij^ia, »fic^ o^eihlm. lie waso,lM"a ,non- j record of everything that he did umcntal liar." and his unique ; office, and that it was open to ex- schemct of taxation were branded animation. . as "fantastic." But "Alfalfa Bill" i "I never indicted a man," he said. lion at the meeting ol il committee tomorrow. younpstcr tcld police. The had been recently vacated. The boys entered the house and carefully striking his only match, thc younger held Ihe spntlcriiv; flame to the drv paper liangim: slnnlly blazed up. Ihey ran from Ihe house, the youngster admitted. : absolving his comnanlcn from any CHfCAGO. Aug. 4 (UP)—A left l responsibility for ll« fire, handed glove similar to the one A negro woman, who lived nrar- Chinese Gunboat Shells City Occupied by Bandits PEIPING. China, Aug. 4. (UPJ — The city ot Changsha which was captured by a pillaging horde' ot bandits and communistic Rr'o'un^ last, week was shelled by Chinese gunboat today. : • • Several casualties were suffered Millions in Crop Damage i by the native civilian population, CHICAGO. Aug. 4 (UP)—Scorch- ] but their extent was not revealed, in advices here. ' * ' The outlaw bands remained; ;in possession of the city although many members were spreading into the country, looting and burning villages. mond Hill. 33. cf Webb, Miss. Almost three score persons died over the week end from thc August heat wove that blew in from thc southwest. Most of the victims saunter into s-^ine small-town filling station, dressed in his familiar dusty and baggy clothes. A motorist would drive in. and Alfalfa Bill would go up tu him and say: "Hello, stranger. I'm Alfalfa Bill. I guess you've heard of me. I'm g'ing lo be the next governor, yon The committeemen named three c:u;l aslrie by t n c slayer of Alfred , by. saw Ih judges and two clerks and alter-|j t jm gi c . Tribune reporter, was' nnd then the boys cntor :hc building wcrr- drowned when they took to His method was simple. He would gave back as good as he got, rail-; "The grand jury. 1C citizens, hearr judges and two clcrxs nnct aiier-jj_ Ijlng , C- Tribmle reporter, was '• „„« Mic-n dash away. She told • ^'.1". " n . d .. ' ak "L'^ nlercn'rv ?™ the opposition editors everv-i the facts and indicted or didn't in- nate .judges and clerks for each | Covered today and made the > rfficc-rs of their actions when a tire I tci rifle heat Ihut drove the mercury • -- - nlim to ihc I of the six polling places in this connecting link between the I.ingle department Young Pilot Escapes When Airplane Falls tiling under the hot Oklahoma sun. , diet. I never sent : i nvc-r a hundred and showed little y job wns nol in- He and his friends organized ajia- : county farm. per of (heir own and circnl among the state's farmers. . . - _ Opiicncnt Appeals lo Business I hell-hole and pill m a county farm | Murray.-, opiionent in the run- ! that will be run by the county, that j pi: off primary. Hnttram. is a typical : will feed thc paupers, that will feed "> and three other boxes in i a jia-' county lann. My jou wsi.s nui in- ^ ii -j mm i,,m u ...^. ^—- - . nuiruui ami UK- ated 'it 1 volvcd in that task, nut when I am j township at Yarbro, Promise Land 7iU(B business m: ', county judge I will abolish this i and Number Nine. | Moran-Aicllq gang truck reached Ihe ' nvcr a nnutired aim snowed nine KNOXVILLE, Tcnn.. Aug. 4 (UP) the slaying of Jack f ^ m nn «l (he investigation follow- , disposition to recede. -Escaping serious 'f r >' ^"" '^ Enormous destrucUon of corn and | VJan, ^^.^ C ^ onager of the : ed. know. The boys over in thc ncsi j mcdern buViness man] suave, pros-! itself, work on public, roads, and do 1 successful. He b cam-' «'e county some good. Its a politi- for n business admlnis-, ™» "".trttlh that mean to keep perous and successful. He i.^ cam- Pi (ration e: "Alfalfn Bill," wilh his baggy , dollies and well-waxed yellow I cost mustache, is just as odd intellectually as lie is in >,llglllLI£ iljl « ULIhlllI.-.->s 1IUKIITII3- , . . ., , . . .. ration: Murray i, appealing almost lllp Prisoners in jaiI and feed tl Em xclusivelv to the farmers nt a cost of a dollrir a dav ' They \ClUSI\tlJ IO Hie larmcrs. „.„.... *v,~ «,,,,nl,- Tur.,™,. nnf w his in his speeches (own want me to give 'em a little talk tonight. Would you mind driving me over?" After thc meeting "Alfalfa Bill" would ask the welcoming committee if "one of you boys could put me up for the night." Tlie request was always granted, and next day he would hitch-hike his way to another state, speaking in countless agricultural communities, rolling up a huge farmer vote despite the fact that the city voters were against him. If he Is elected. "Alfalfa Bill" says he will live In Uie garage back of thc executive mansion and rent the mansion himself, as he Isn't usrd to living in such a big house. He also says he will fire the gardener and raise his own vegetables "A governor ought to raise his own potatoes, or else buy 'em'," he says. Murray's triumph In the primary brings back to Oklahoma politics one of the state's most colorful figures. As a boy of 12 he ran away from . home with a capital of less than 50 and wandered down into Tex- drouth that none is available to- will make the county money, not him down with revolvers and ma- ; toon company, 412 East Main nnd one Bullet Riddled Body L>H;IUUCI;> ui LUC ^.n.n.,^*. — »,. «., ,,.„.,.. .. -..^ » —. . n I I DUllCL [ViaQjea DOQV Chickasawba township are T. J.jleft behind by avenging Capone. Little KOCK Auto Crash „ .. „ . } , c , , Maham, Jesse Taylor, Ed Eorum. gangsters a« proof fhat Llnglc's 1 v , r, . i -r round in Kltins 01 onaCK appcarance. Ai ' Endurance Pilots Talk Radio i i Maham, Jesse Taylor, Ed Eorum. gangsters as proof mat Llnglc's 1 V i 1 T > I'fo I A G. Little, Herman-'Cross, John death was bringing revenge, in the Yesterday v-OSIS Die Roney, J. Louis Cherry. opinion cf investigators. ; | Th.3 glove may also have Indi-. LITTLE ROCK. Aug. 4. <UP>— i when the motor began foiling, said, nnd the craft crashed from an altitude of 2CO feet, landing in. the driveway of a home nearby. The plane was demolished. , , . , he now quotes Talleyrand, Buddha, j ST. LOUIS. Aug. 4. (UP)-Thei Solon, Adam Smith, Karl Marx .endurance monoplane "Greater St. | " Die in Memphis of Accident Injuries , , . Herbert Spencer and James Bryce.i Louls " was equipped (od ay with BJ MEMPHIS. Aug. His memorv for dates and figures Is i rndl ° '™nsmitter and hereafter pi- | persons wcre amazing. He seems to have read' everything and to have remember- '. ed everything he ever read. : son will broadcast their requests to the ground crew. sets on the ground picked up No Water for Washing Clothes at Gettysburg j p ^ ll( ,' my I Pilots Blork and Reicherl who! GETTYSBURG. Pa., Aug. 4. (UP) j were forced down over Roosevelt —Gettysburg housewives today fac-' «1 the first. Monday in years they 4 (UP) —Two and seven Injured in automobile accidents here. C. A. Bossier, 29-year-old bride, v :oom, Injured en route to Detroit 'rom Jennings, La., die din Baptist cated that members of the ZutaVOne person was killed and sixcth- cwn gang put him on the spot i ers were injured, one seriously. In because he knew tco much about j an automobile colli-imi here yes- Ihe murder of the reporter who, terday. was a friend cf Capone. ] Mrs. Thehna Mcl'.on. 18. was LOGANSVILLE, Ga.. Aug. 4 (UP) [ pi n i Pj,, 0,5™ •Nine nistoi shots, the charred rlag role anter rasses —Nine pistol shots, Ihe ruins of an abandoned shack, and the almost completely consumed body of an unidentified man, were the only workable knowledge au- trrrltles had here today in their f ' i T ir i n I James Lewis, sustained serious in- CriDpled Veteran Draws ! juries ; killed, and her sislor-in-bw. Mrs aUempts to 50 i vc a lmlr der that Over $10,OOG Back Pay' '-1 BRISTOL, 'Ala.. Aug 4 (UP) in the crash;Ben B. Wilson, paralytic far vet- which occurred on the outskirts oijeran, had S10.525.85 of newly DOS- j the city ten, days ago. ; sesscd money today. i body of James A. Burton. 26- j Tlie government has awarded I - i Gwin's Sunday Radio Speech Is Criticized MEMPHIS. Ternr. Ail;-. 4. (UP) —campaign managers for Gov. ' - tfr in ddress ) i were forced down over uoaseveii | " lv "~J vl *=>">.o ,». ««•'-'"• -- , <•»* »v,, c ..i...v... ..»., •>"«•«<:" ;—campaign managers mv •-'Field In their attempt to set a new 1 year-old teacher of rlstol. Tcnn., | him that much back pay In com- i Hellty Hor [ 0n today were bit , - ...,y I endurance record, wired Jackson I™ 1 ™ route to his home at Pay-j penssllon for his disability and in 1 their criticism of a radio a will not devote to the family lann- i and O'Brine best wishes (or a sue- etteville, Ark., today following his addition wll pay f 100 monthly for 1 bv L E Gwinn. gubernatorial can- dry, the water Is so nearly ' ce^ful flight. [death from injuries suffered Sat-.the remainder of his life. -didate, here last nielli- over station exhausted from (he prolonged At 7:11 a. m. the former holders urdny night. Barton was driving | Tlie local American legion post j WRKC. saying (hat Gwinn ha'' He worked on a farm (here.' day for washing clothes, nt the endurance record hnd been here to attend summer schonl when | was nlstrumcntal in securing recog- in the air MS hours. his machine crashed. Inllion of his claim. violated a Tennessee tradition by campaigning on Sunday. bore the earmarks of gangland ven- occurred late Sat- Several hours later geance. 1 ' Tne shooting nrday night, nearby residents of the community of "Miller's bottoms," which has a licnl reputation as a bootleg hideout, saw flames which reduced thc shack to ashes. Tlie legs and arms of the body were found roasted ;uvuy. A coroner's jury returned a re- \»rt that an unknown man came to his death at the hands of parties His 44th Day Aloft ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., Aug. 4. (UP)—To the strains of a serenading Hawaiian band, Alvin "Shipwreck" Kelly passed his 4Ath day atop a flagpole on the stee)--pltT here. Kelly said he felt fine and could stay up fifty days easily. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy ' and not so warm In western portion tonight; Tuesday partly cloudy. "• H was 99 here yesterday with a minimum of 77 according to Fran- nnknown and thai was the extent cis Carpenter, official weather ofc- of definite knowledge. I server.

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