The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 9, 1946
Page 7
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_TUESDAY,_Al'ItJL L 9, 1946 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING ' INFORMATION BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUKIEK NEWS "' FORSALI PAG2SETM Typewriter in good ! I'hune 3G3S. 'l-O-ck-4-12 dluiiuuin Cbar^-e 60o time per line 1 16o lunn pot line per day " 12« tllnei i>er line M C , j a , o. 2'fe'^rt«:::-" j; Uoolk per liuo gy c Cotnit tiro averane voidi to (lie line. Ads ordered for iLree or eii timw and lopped before eipiration will be charged lot tie nurnber ol times llie ad AppeareJ ' All Classified ,Vdv,.-rtisi;ii; copy sub- Billed by ptrsou, residiiiB outtide at tli« cily musl be ac.-ojnpiui,d by casli. Kales P. »iral,le l.n, :!«» fi. In Jiay lie easily computed from tins nbovu j His D.uLs. Advertising order for Irrcsular Inser- 1 tlom latus HID „„„ time ralo f.0 renpousibility will l,e lakvn for more ban one incorrect iiiKertion of anv rtna- lioyal Portable Typewriter, like new. David Heal Ks- .tate Co. 4-n-ck-4-12 5 rooms and liath, has .'! room house on rear of lot. •! bltK'ks from Main SI. SI,000.00. David Keal ICs(:ile ;ind Inv. Co. 1'hone :!(>,'«. for Sal* |.:,ir Kiiuit Jiuiles. Ill year i:illll (ach. ] LaM- iiay l.alii Ullll.' eljuipmellt. 1 l lei I r JIM^ cl.ickvU". Call b,- >.-efl al UuillMI ,^|.lil- on III, - J. 1.'. -I. Alloii, Upk-IO •elilint l.rani.-all, It'll W, Yin< . l).|iL 1C BARGAIN! ;i small mules, r-^^^^-——--'— One \HVKV nui)i> II- or in00 -." i,.,,',s.:."" jir>. >1 ".h,"!,"'ii,d!";' 1 , 1 ,,,''"r,"" llw. Nice small f> ye:u- olil __ l " lillk - " i' k 'mare. So. 21sl SI., I'ridc '-- •••«>•" Mann-. Addn. al iVlill. (). S. [{ollison ' 'l-i)-c-k-l-10 (C.IM'). -I mole ilis,- I.' Im-l.T (llrinlei ). 'i iji.nkinir plow*, farm vi'ii|:<iii, lia.[.-r. A. 11. Webl,. ll«). Ill at Stiilc- l.l'le, !•! e nix-lliri'illv 111 <J-J.l,-r.' "•".'"V-l'H 1 ."', '"'""I """ -•""•'•" 1 ' 1 "" Kl """" "'• i-oy KI,-., c t ,en,u; .I'r!,^'";; 1 ;;;.-:,"; i *•>"'••• ^ *• ni -- '•"•• 0 i'l. l:i I'ictiu't* Frames made to or- *'iv« IM-. iitm-tie der. O'STKEN'S K f n!inn j K - *"«»**. 'Mi-ek-4-20. 1 '*™ '"' J »-- r - * 2( -viiil.' --:iiji.| .1:, I.. Si^a^J^lnryd.^Phu^aT^I. J. |P k-ll I J IMl ~i C hi,-f >J,T^ . 0 room residence. Near high a ' i ' k ' 1 L school. Price $5,000. One i2 ? vh " fr ; 1 " ll ir I n lll fi IU ](x\"V 1 "™* A \ }tl f\ side now vacant. • n^ J ^Vtiiii"!!x''^r> lt ^ l ri l K«iihi'"' 1 ci»"* H /' f 1 S MP JIT; 1 ! r to <<l;u.- n-huu) -I'J. inil,<s fvi>i» tC. L-Jliil 1 tSlM^tj | ]*nri"<j M ^ " J I ' Phone 44G or 2980 !•«'•«" >">»i. pouiiry'iioHs". ^Urn^'i' i r i i i n ro»'i" tt-naiit licjust'. I'rJcf Jl .>.OOL> - f l-O-J)K-'l-Jii 11-! acr.'s Kf>od c<trn arid i-utdui !:ind ft CONCH KT1-; ItLII.DlNO^ll.o'cKSr^To- ' /M.'^'^-m-^'^^/t^'Sldii^s I'o^'eKstou ^i/^.• <ir :uij- sl^nj,,'. JoKji T. Nt.i isian. ' if Ijuuttht' now I'l-u-o .^Tlf. j.*-^ Vcru. 7U!l S.iuiri Lilly. ;i-[.k•;•,;;! ^rjo iirri-i rrc.-k iolioiii l.irul Jco-iifi'd -J •', ,,~ : ' . niil,-s nuj'.iiwcst of M«nnmliiV:e. »u JU t,.-nvs<nr hntJii-or.i,, K,:,U I; ..1,,- M -ho»l IJMS Itn,-. 17.5 .-^cr.-s In •rill ft.r linu-ii r m,m. I'm .-.s n-u- viiti<in. 2:> m-n-s liitiht-r, nil Urtdpr rp in,.] i-n-i-k. liuililin^ »ii,in lioiisi-: urn in >,arn 50x90. .-r,-tr roiiiiiluliuu. atalli and lufi; \ uiii/i'd roof, grnnnry mid fpcil 1 Uitx2-l; corn crib l!Js;30 ; frl\i 1 G Lixil s)j SELL NOW To Phillips Motor Co. Can you afford to take chances v/hen used cars will definitely go down? Come in while PRICES ARE STILL HIGH We will pay you for your extra equipment. Don't take a cHANCE Come in to Phillips Today! P~H I L L I P S MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Dlytheville, Ark. Tel. 153 154 Political Announcements Th» ODurtcr Mm tM» bMtt •uthoriwd to UWOUBOC tb« fonow- l»f eandlcUt««, Mbjeet to Ub*' Democratic primary: 8HUUFT AND COLLBCTOB JACK FTOLKT ROBINSON WILLIAM BERUYMAN CODMTI jrJDQB OKNt E. BUADLZT ROLAND QREKN TOR TAX ASSESSOR DOYLE HENDERSON W. W. "WINK" WATSON CIRCUIT CLEK& HARVEY MORRIS COUNTY COURT Cl.tIRK EUZABETH BLYTHE COUNTY TKKAKUKU DELUA TURTLE STATK Kr.PItKSKNTATlVK ALENK WOKD E. C. FLEKMAN LKSUE "DUK1K" Bl'ECJS L. II. AUTrtY STAT* SENATOR J. LEE J3UARDEN CALL TULLOS for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. "AT TOU» SKKVICK- 2241 Refrigerator Service OF ALL KINDS—CALL W. O. BLUE Phone 2918 or 2G42 "It Pay* to AdrcrtlM" SCOTT ALLEY of AII Kind*. N. rruklla Be MMB* StM Mpmeiil oj S]iri ... (ill.'il living r.ioiii liiM.iinrr.. '2 j.ieiu living room suile.-.-Sl^i.y;, t<i S'Jti I :V|. ily'J.r.O. <'.,u,i, , jn ly lyM'l.oi' I,, °$SX..'.0. • iU<i a lari;..' rmiiiliev of -[ii-in;; filtt-il j f.-eilinj: "" ^"V 1 ™! 'I"'"- -V.f'" 1 "..""I* '"* -li'-d""ii>«S'l'.""l V ri«. ji'i'.o'li'l'! l'iV,i'« •.ul K. .MiUti. J.1H2. j i. Iliailen, Taratonld. Ark. «-|ik-lo M.nli'rn rafe/ iu;wly rqni[>pci] wllli lionllis, I tables, Moolj. Imuii,' gas. J>i-si™U.- f locoliun. Call H. 1,. Wilb'M. l.enrli- F l.lviiu; ro, I'Lino. <'n1l 2'ir.o. I |.V.-11 I.aT-po 0 rnnins ami l.nlli on .Mj^-eiiri atul r< y. fan !>,' eonvert. J int. (ill's. IC.' prireil. ami t.alli 1.11 . v ISrr>3rr.rny. Ka.-.y walking .Usance at town \ic« sliaiH- lawn. 4 rni.nis ami Ijalli cm Vine St. in A-l L'Ollililliin. 1'ntfilaMo (Tivcilinenl ! Sl'O or call .Max Lo-an, Thorn; .-,02. I fj ck-10 . and Tomalu 1'lauts, ICni; 1'lauts. 't anil Hot 1't'iiin-rs. H.-alotiK of Flowers, Davis at Pninkliii. Evergreens nf ditferenl kind!, Mni;nr>liiy Trees. Crape Myrtlf. Kelt Dt.gwnod, Kiioiiymus Kver£rft:us, Hi-il^e I'lunl.s Flou-i'rjli£ Kbrulifi, WisUjnla Vines and I'aiibie planl;. Heal.Ion's Jluinu of Flowers, Davis at Fj-anllin.]l« Used radios I'lcrlrii niiteerl for :!!» t .Strvii-.. .t A|i|.liiii Klto twill. 5 h.r. $50. SI,,,,,. Ili.-r \siUi -I r,-nl:il U'.n:;es A|.]irn.\- ulely '2 aeres i.f Inml on llwy. HI. Imr.Urj on C'.ino,, Hell «•!(.. i.l.-al Ine.itioii inr iuiinslry. See ••irliiiiiim 1 .'. (ionvry. X. llwy. 01. cil nrvel.,|,,.J[n, 1 iron -l-]ik -II • rre.s of land "ill. City lislit's'iitid'Val! ila ..II llwy 10. ,1. Fri',1 Slllilll. I ]ik-ll One Imp lno,li-l II r'armall Trai-tm- with snllivulur. due <~: taut land.'in I||M- like new. One '2 l.otinm M ineli l.-rt-aVini; |.lo»-. One iie«- 2 rou- eiiHLvalnr [or II or -M r'arniall. C:in lie limu'lil sell- uiai'ilier. Can In- Veen at Itrovv Art. Uall l!arl>i>r Wonted to Trade Male Help Wanted Will trade 11-42 model curs for .'!S or .')9 models. Good deals. Phillips Motor Co., r>t!i and Walnut. 3-27-ck-lf Wanted To Buy Wo will pay 10c for each copy of Hie April I! issue ol' the Courier brought to our office. Courier News. 4-0-illrir as nnil kuilaks Slmlio. for (larts. 2 nice 40 acre farms, woll Improved. l.i^htK, running water, l.ath. One. IV- Jiii. soutli of Rlrllii'villo on K rnvel. One. (in concrete hlcliwaj-, 3 [ni. from lllyllvjvillc Ten urres 2 Vj nil. •outti of Mlytlieville on Hisliwaj (11. Nice place to Iniild, » acres of alfalfa, all fenced, hutlier Ci-ay. Real relate Broker, Pljun" Help Wanted Faiinly I" vuirk on f.'irui anil alj'.ut l.lae.-. Slinre i r..|. if .1,•.,,.•.I. 0.>ml I, ruiuil linn.M.. Stall' Line. I'lion,. 712. Hl.Mlieville, Mr>. t'. K. I'lKke. !l-rk-tf For Rent nil, mill or ivllliniil kilclii'ii Jiriv- v riionc *.-.IJ. S-|ik.l! nily Ui make slinrc rro(i G»n;l lini^i "S. Cl Jliilioay. .1. K. Kreih. Tin MILITARY OCCUPATIONAL SPECIALISTS (MOS) JOB MOS Oiail«« Cable Sjillcer, Telciiuoue an«l Tclegrapli 039 fi ^ a Central Office Repairman 09fi.-fi, 4 ami Telegraph ' o«7 c. « Antouiatic Tcle|)ltone Syitem Malntrnancc Man lir, f>, .| Repe.-iteruiaii, Telephone la? fi. 4, Lineman. Telephone anil Wire Technician, Telephone ~ain\ Tet«gra»!i '^r, 1 Tcli!|il]one Operator Telephone anil Teleyraii merit Rejiairnian Telephone Switchboard Operator and limjy iillin- vkilU Ian "for'yanl ai'il" earp' at (Ilaro. Wo-' mail for [inrt titiU' liuitM'wurk. (I >J'l hf>n^e Mitk ]it;lils free Ciuid |ioy (ur ritjlit coii(>l... F. 11. rlelclier, fiiil«m. .Mo. I'liono CS5 -- • Elccti-ic trackless trolleys and streamlined strccl cars tire becomingly increasingly popular, according to General Electric Co.. whicli supplied an all-liine record order of 2.335 such vehicles during the : ij " past year. f _. i Tal 3,' 300 ti' • • Ei]llll>. 010 &, 4, CCO It, 4 •1 vr.ilU. Hvre 1 * a nev '1 i-llinily fur p.iuil. „ ,,,-k at llo.-n.riblv ill y nil v r aflor drilti',' 1 Army in "j-'mr , i(n.l al n traile .le,,,.,,.! of yciur |irevii,ils .MOS ^eniee. ( aii^l . finil Ilie si'.tehl Kr «,li j „„ ' I "Viler. A|>|ilv /""li,. I^N 'Triny ''"'•"l" i " k ' *;'",! in "- : '" ; ' F'"'"-«l : '"'ll-' Found . anil tvliilu bullilo£. SH2 .V. Venth R.|ik-10 FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in.. A. H. Webb 3wy. 61 at State Line i Phone: Blythevillc 7!4 Phone 2611 When You're in a Hurry for That • CAR • TRUCK OR • TRACTOR (FLAT) 3 Service Trucks and 4 Tire Men at Your Service Hours-6 to 6—7 Days MARR'S AUTO SERVICE Ash at Second Street I'erfcct repairing for today's requisite footwear assured wlien re- liuilt in our modern shop. Read Courier News Wnnt Acis. f,. r |h|g . G.|ik.l3 ami mill.! ilrau'n farm im- Tele(iliunc a:i, W. A. J-n,],: Mc>. Ipk.',;; For fine pwlniifs its O'STEEM'S STUDIO <l-2-ck-5-2 1'KOPKRTV OWNERS: I will bring ynu n cash buy if ynu are rervlv lo veil IV. I ran sell mill finance tinvn (ilup- ----rrlj- an<l farju Ijuil at Inw rate of int.'r.'sl \villi Inn^ li-rm (.re-paymcntF- Vou are Tnvite.l til onll anvliint' I.ut!]- er Cray. Heal K.tatv lir.iUr. J' 513. 3i:7-iiii-.i;i;7 Hcdrooni. ^01 N~. Kiflli. I'rirnle Kntrnncc Call 1! M4 after U. :tll iik- l;li •10-SO or ion tres r,f iioncl la ml t<i nt. Can furnish trarlur or mule: desireil. J. C. Klli», ]ihoue G14. Nicely furnislicd front bedronra. Steam lieat. hot water. 1'hoUQ 32G4. 11t-|>k-l!l:l SerricM Now is the lime lo store tluit stove. Home Service & Storage Co., phone "2S01. •veral ilesiralile resiflenre Int* renstin- alily priceil. J. M, Jinilz, pliciuo :V-:i:I. fvveral gooi! Klei'lric Vacitnin Clea Kce nt 1UI-, Asli, ;i'21-]ik- nil,- . Hli .ill; tclepliniia: ri.'ck servant IH.UVC nr.«l anil nil.' frame Mere linilifiiii: ^4 .v 4ti. AH (in llwy -In. In inile^ >ve-:t nf OsTnla on lil:iil ninte anil 5r1n>'il lins .1. Fre.l Sinilh, l!ox ^ HI. ()-re- Ola. Ark. \ pk-1 1 LAREDOS. sacked and dean- ed al 3.7S per.bu. F. 0. 15. Charlc.sffin. A. S. Krown, Plinne 222 Ciiarlesfon, i\!n. '1-1-pk-i-Il Baliy chicks, availabli- all tho time. Heavy lirceils. Jlr« Duck MeharK, 301 K. Main, tihono HIS. 3-|<k-4;il Don't worry about hard water in your farm home. Let Planters Hardware install and guarantee a water softener. 2-21-ok-lf Utilise Moving nnil Call -IO'.'. r'rnnk L'rockcll h and Vine Kl. Attention Tractor Owners! We have the latest equipment to Inflate Your Tractor Tires. Lei Us Install and Repair Your Tractor Tires. Work Guaranteed. WE GIVE PROMPT ROAD SERVICE Blan Heath Auto & Home Supply Pdone 828 419 West Main Street Radios Repaired Auto - Electric We Pick Up and Dellvet Just Keceivcd! Several NEW Six Tube Electric Radios We liny :IIK! Sell Used Radios. CITY RADIO REPAIR 324 K»st Main I'hofie 2407 WE PAY TOP PRICES WE PAY TOP PRICES SELL YOUR AUTOMOBILE NOW! WHILE PRICES ARE HIGH Drive in today and find out from Your Chevrolet Dealer what your car will bring. I Used Cars Needed Immediately. Visit Our Used Car Lot and Get the Top Dollar LOY EIC H CHEVROLET CO. Texaco Gas & Oilt 30T W. Walnut Phone 57B PRESCRIPTIONS Stock Gnarmnteed Best PrleM Kirby Drug Stores i .Inn iv ill car« for chili] run in (tor dny *ir ni^rht. It.'fi'rcnr.'s. Ufa- IL- r.itc 1 *. 1 19 K.isl Clit-rry. .Mrs. i Iluutwell. 23-cli-i 1 -'' Savi> OTI re pairs. Siiprialtzc in the rc- |>;nr of v:LO(iiun cleaners. briii£ it O I O'l.'i Asli. Any make clennrr. '24 hour I-'nr cK]icrl ot] slovo rcpsirlng ci\H 2r,2?. William R. Ovcrlon. nctinn County Snrvi-3'nr. Land Surveys ami drax lins farm ililclics. line anj levels. Horviid Ibis area (or 30 years. IG|ik.4|I6 Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Bella Implement Co. Phone ^JSG-l.^^^ ^15-ck-lf Wanted to Rent Fnrnislifl nr nufninislinl house ft > nnarlmonl. Pornunrnt r? l -iil''til*. A-l references. Hent no n>,jrcl. rhone :'/!!H. Baby Chicks Custom Hatching. Blnylock Halciiery, Highway 61 N. 2-2(>-pk-4-26 PhotosU»"lT — Let O'Slccn make a pholoslatic copy of your discharge, marriage license s aml other important papers. Quick service. O'STEEN'S STUDIO Phone 3208. 115 W. Main 3-27-ck-lf o cir -t-rooin nnhirnislinl IK I.i'Toy Kllison, phonp StKl n- MTI 3-Vk-l Personal 'iiTiinistnncrs. tirynml [Krir mnlr allow tin- Hrvrp family to rust Iri.-ir rrliclous jirnprain "V«-r j K T, C N each Mnmlny nml l-'ri.lsy. I l*ryc lf Family, pox .]lil, W(> ih^vill.v 1 pl-5 « ' Lort Itfnrk ripper pnrsn rontnininc 2 l-r. *, billfor.l 102;-. Walnnl. 27-i>V.-30 Your Studcbaker Dealer Says . . . THE LID IS OFF... With Gnsolinn Worries a thing of the past . . . With tires of! tlie rationed list . . . and with millions of Motorists looking forward to their first vacation since the war . . . this Spring will sec more trnvcl on American highways and byways than has been seen for several years. The only catch is ... "CAN THE OLD CAR TAKE IT?" Many of you motorists arc our customers and you look to us for trouble-free performance from your car. Let our Factory-Trained Mechanics keep your car on the road until yon are fortunate enough to get a new one. DRIVE BY TODAY— Paint-up . . . Touch-up . . . Straighten-up . . . Keep the appearance of your car up to par. Our Body Shop is fully equipped to handle all your needs. Complete Lino of Studchakcr Parts and Accessories WK BUY AND SKI.L fiOOl) USED CARS CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Lex Ch»«Ma — * K. * Art BU. Cash Buyers for Property! Dill you ever notice (hat In my uds 1 nut only give ruu the DOWN PAYMENT on the properly, but ulio the exact amount yon are to pay. You know (he price before yon consult me. A Rood way tu advertise. List your property with m r. My commission U 5%. H.C.CAMPBELL Office: 120 S. 2nd St. Phones 446 or 2930 roil SALE CONCRETE STORM E ALL BIZKS Cheaper Thau Bridge Lumber OSCEOLA TILE 8. CULVERT CO. Phone 631 (taceoln, Ark. Dr. J. L. Guarcj Optometrist ;'. GUARD'S 1 JEWELRY I 209 W. Main !£ SERVICE fcOYAL. III H. Xbd BTRJEKT DON EDWARDS rwrliw MM" AND REMl^OTOn .-ORTABLXI CKONB See IIH nlioul your mechnnical trouble. Our exjierl mechanics working with modern l(M)ls iind eijuipinent ran put your cur a top condition. We also have a paint and liody shop repair service. We will fix your car or buy your «ar KOU CASH. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Omplrle Stock* of l':ir!s For Chrysler Product!! 1Z1 E. Main Phone Z1Z2 BOOTS AND HRR BUDDIKS FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Near Calamity /• You LOOKED \THAT WASM'F BY MERRILL BLOSSEB YOUR PEANUT STAND ALMOST GOT ME; DRUMMED OUT OF THE CORP?_O-T^TT^? ^ ,-jQ '> ( T *«r' y &' ^^ ^ Jl ^. ALLEY OOP We Hope RY V. T. HAMILTO^ OROl N AKV" I

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