Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 25, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1896
Page 8
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^^^fgg^ Opening Cloak = FOP SEPTEnBER = Strongest, Largest and Best Cloak Department. The leading cloak house first on the backs of the people. This weeks opening of the September selling means money In the pockets of our customers (bat wouldn't be there If the cloaks were bought elsewhere, 75 elegant Kersey olotb^Capes, nicely braided, for opening sale.. '....$2.20 200 Fine double and single Capes, nicely made trimmed, $3.25, .$4.48, $S.4S and $C,50 all *uese well worth double the prioo. 150 Ladies' well made and stylish Jackets, with tbo new slaeve and collar, only...... $8.43 $3.50 Ludies' Jackets made of Meltou,. Beaver, Bouo'e and 'Novelty Rough Effects, worth $12.50, in this sale.. ' $7.48 Also a good line of Jackets at'$5.00, *('• 0,.|g.50 and $10. Call and take a look. THE GOLDEN RULE. "ARE WE IN IT? WELL I GUESS! Have You Seen Our Men's & Boys' Clothing. I IF NOT! WHY NOT? i? Call and see us and we will demonstrate S the fact by making you acquainted with, our ISuperb style of Men's and Boys' Clothing, that jjire are the leaders in our line. Our designs liare exclusive workmanship, perfect and prices |the cheapest. We shall take pleasure in show- ling you our line of novelties and staples. Bear jfin mind that all our goods are Sparkling New. fMarked in plain figures and strictly one price. THE GLOBE. ' . CORNER FOURTH AND MARKET STREETS. HORR AT THE RINK. R member the Hour and Take Vour Ladies to Hear an Able Discusssion. '•'ho •speaking this afternoon at tlic will begin at .2:30 o'clock. ^Pho j pr'-:udl'pal speaker will ho Hon. Roswell j G. How, the noted tiiisiiuciiar, who suc- j cte'Sfully combated "Coin" Harvey on • .ll:o stump through the West, exploding the -fii'lfacies of tho over-estimated I-Lnrve-y, ami. 'bringing him !lu.to ridl-' cule. Mr. Ho IT Is it. logical, earnest and' forcible speaker, and it will be worth tin,- 't.'tme for any.o'.ie to go to ilie rink and listen to the right side of uhe great issue-that agitates the people. The 1 ' sw'dress begins a.t 2:30 o'clock. Mr. will arrive at l-.tt. A SPLENDID TALK SVas Made by Gil Shanklin ! Agains* Free Coinage. He Told Why the True Ratio Be'• tween Silver and Gold Has Always Been the Commercial ' Value 01 the Two Metals. DONATIONS AND RECEIPTS. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co., Tbe well-Known Spesiallats ot N«w Jock huva uppolute D. A. HAUK iu iigent tor ttmlr celebnitoil Spoctacles and Eye (ilasses, every pairguurantecd. D. A. HAUK has complete assortment and Invites all to satisfy themselves ot tiio ycoiit s iperlorlty o'. ihe.<e gooisover any nmnutaotuced, at the store ot D. A. UA.CTK, Sole agant 1'or Logalispott Ind. No Peddlers Supplied. $2O.OO Will Buy a lood Winter Suit fish, Eotherm-cl, -tod«y. . I Suite, suits, new fall suits.— Trade OF. D. CRAIG. \436 Broad way. Second Floor./ §:\Gh r oc-ola.te pcxts; special sale; 73 each. fox & Dunkelberg. flvo 'days more for a guess .the .fSr; prize. Buy a Columbia jar and got a coupon. rite,ladies of tire Baptist church are. epnrlng for -another flower show In rambcr. . Bmggemn.n lins n Cb-tc.igo trim- Call -and' see her line of trimmed •its. on Friday and Sa'turday, Sept. 25 2C, day .'tad evening. i'iln tho com 1 * of Esquire Lalj^ ,Wm. r .pleaded guilty to a-;dftirge oC It wnd bffitfory brought by Isaac foylor and Ellen Taylor. ^•Don't miss the opp'ortuni-ty'of seeing latest in jackets/as Ml 1 . Foril es direct (• rodn the factory -and will ors JUK! -deliver.samples Sat- iy«t the Trade Palace;. . , See the line of stoves at Flanegin's new stove store. Old papers for sale at the Journal office. 20 cents a hundred. Positively the best cup of coffee in the city at Dykeman's cafe. Lawrence Anderson has. taken a position sit Hadley •Bros'Maiindry. ; Only five more days un*il the Columbia cigar ?25 guess comes off, Call at Flanegin's new stove store and see the best stoves to the market. George Bliss, a -hardware merchant n-t KcMallviLle, has -made an assignment The best baking powder and flavor- Ing extracts in the world at Ben Fisher's drug store. Saturday will 'bo the last day of the trimmed luaits and boinncts appearing at Mrs, W..J. Potter's. Ladies all Invited. On Friday and .Saturday, Sept. 25 and 20, day ,iiud evening, Mrs. Bniggem-flJi •will show a line of bcautiiful trimmed ha;ts; Foreclosure 'proceedings -nave been begun by Daniel M. '-Watts against "D. M. Baibb and Mary Blue, Demand, $150. . . " •'• ' ' Mrs. Ella B. S.wadener & Co. will display the very latest patterns in millinery Friday and 'evening, .Oct. 2. Ladles wait anfl see our new novelties. The Seventh' Indiana Cavalry .association will ihold their FOuntcenth annual reunion at Union City, Ind,, Wednesday and Thursday, Oct Tiffli and Stc, 1S»G. Reduced faro on all Indiana railroads. — J. C. Hanson, Pres't. Association. ; Report of Managers of the Hospital Bazaar. Follow in g is a partial report of thu Si'ste.s of St. Joseph's hospital of the things that helped make tho Hospital Bazaar a success. M. Wade donated trunk, wou by HI Guger, . .. .Tncob Miixnemau doniaJttil a 'cow, won by J. M. McKague amd donated to the hospital. Fox & Dunkelburg donaited a toilet set won by Lulu Schmidt. The Fadr donated a toilet set, won by Valentine Kerbcr. Blankets donated by the woolen mills, won by Mrs, Ed Dunn. Picture painting toy Lena' Zol't, won by Carrie Broggen. , Bride and groom dressed by Mrs.. Allle Wlllamson and Al Young won by Vincent Kardos. . Infant doll won by Jacob Cook. a . • AVh'eel wo-n by W. E. WJd'gebn. Ail supper articles were donated, the broad for the entire -w-ecL: by Fred Dykeman, coffee by J. J. Roitherinel, oysters by Frank Klnney, four hams by Johin Rotherrncl. ; All other articles were Idndly sent in 'by people in the city. ' i RECEIPTS. A't door ?120.40 St Joseph booth. „.. 100.00 St. Vincent DeP&ul'. 97.10 St. Bridget doll booth;!.' 70.17 Candy booth, .......';. 24.41 Suppers 147.05 Ice cream and cake. 37.32 Ladles' Aid Society "of'Baptist church presented. -.-........--. lu.CO Ladies' Aid of First Presbyterian church—fancy work, can fruit ;. -, 7.25 v WheeI 24.50 Trunk V 01.26 Cow 100.00 Cash donations 110.23 I'lie Popo'ciiiUi opened the campaign Llist evening with a far weaker deinon- •shiii'tloii' t^ttn.'tlwt of the previous even- Ing when, (lie Democrat had their rally. The'-. Pharos announced there would be .no' parade and there wasn't. THie Union "Cornet l>;i!)d, live boys with banners a ml. the drain corps nw-rched through tine .streets, a, titling symbol of •P»po<."nu'y, wind JUKI .noise. The rin-k wins well filial, probably a majority of those present being Uopnb- li'Cii'U.s -drawn 'by cuirtosily to hear wJiai sort 'of dofoiiso viny man could 'make of .". 10 to 1 dollar when the commercial ir:i-.t'.lo was 32 tol. lion. Oil Sliaiildiii was the speaker of fix 1 evening. JDr. Sslianktin is an able in-iin. 'Probably no other- mim in the >ari.y could furnish more plausible excuses for free calna.se than he. But his whole speech was ;ui- -apology'. Mr. SlMinklin' is editor of the Evansvillc Coiil'i'w. lit was lie wJio wrested Indiana. f.rom -Hie -ambitious of Isaac P. Gray Ji.ml tiil-ued 1:;ie State over to Cleveland. Then Mr. -Slianklin went dc\rji io Wiiishinjfton sifter Ills office jimd .was coosiderud booked for a splendid .place. There wsis probaibly ato doubt «ilwnt .it but M-r. Slnmklla became impatient and fell out with the Pirasldeiit. Ttoere were some warm woi'dsand since tlicm'Mr. Slianltlin- lias iHmii.i.'iK.'iiiist .an.vtliiiin.i!: tli.'it lie did, righ'toir wrong. Tiiis nccouats for his .present eniibaiTassing attfctude. Mr' SlidiilvJiii knows ho\v to appsaJ to (» crowd. Sentiments were uttered wlflch n-e:;e lolity niud -inspiring, 'and the •iTibnte'tlie speaker paid to bis coimirry mud ills eonntrymien w-;i.s suJlitlout to set ii:iiy'i>ntrlotic.citizen of Hie United Sl-iifos-tp Ohewiluft. Bint fov nirgumout 0.11. tiie qiicstion of (invanoe. and a clear •sfcutemt'tt't^of-the position whicii tlread- vuenit.es 'of ..free silver 'have taken, Mr. 'SlKwikUii -falls to justify the iri.jrii ex- i:•«i!'j[!wi:is which hi« iw.rtis.an,> liad :wo«si'il in the minds of t.he people, i After Ijlvf p.'i.radi>. il! sncli it could bt ealMl; tlje re.'illy oxci'llaiit L'Jiioii Cor- ucit'.-ba.ud' from we.?it of Wnlton played it meilly of Xational a.iirs irl the. spcab- ers, pln/t.fcii'in in Hie rink. ,i.nd .Tndge il'inwice Wlidle-Id, .:i.s clKiirnKUi of tiie meetiiis, im-oso ,-inid iivtrodiiced 1 ' Hon. CnU'lSliaulvliu .of Ev-aiisviK*. In hfc .speech hist..uipht Mr. Slwuiklin • niMte the':best, argument sigiuBs't the free coiiwise of si ; lve.r at riic ratio of : sixteen -to owe limit Inns been made in .'i-.lu's camnrnniity this season. He went •biii'k.to the origin, of iflie o^tabltsbmeiit of a-iwtlo,- aiid,:ln fcingtiajrc'that..teemed .with flowery phrases, relmted the.liis- r.ory, (ft the ratio between silver and gold. He .Mid Hi.*, in the FiCteenitlrcen- tury Sp.'«iin' wius .mistress of the sc:u? Her galleons swept the oceans nnd he soldiers of the -m-a-ruie mnfred liir an< wKle iui the.searoli of gold and si-Ivor ti eurich Oie coffers' of their .rulers. Spuii sut tlaiat- lilme w.ne itlH} possessor of tli largest amount of -the r,\ro preeiou jiictsils, gold 'and silver, .and she flxe< A ratio, based upon tlii* com mereia value of the itwo metals, which wnf rognliiilied by tlhe relatiive nwonnt o 'both metnls,' -and their wwth to tin people. This latto wci.s 1 fixed at tei and -one-half to onib. In other words one ounce of. gold w-n.s worth ten and oiiiC J lKi.l-f ounces of shiver. This was WE'RE HERE AND .*. -:• HERE TO STAY. You arc cordially invited. We look for your acceptance with eager anticipation, for we arc confident of your enthusiastic commendation of our efforts. We assure you that no finer stock can. be found in this country, and you -will agree with us that It surpasses anything ever before seen in Logansport. We have entered this field as loaders should, avoiding the time-trodden path, shunning the policies that have hitherto prevailed, but with un- CQualod facilities and characteristic cnery we have sought the best, that you may enjoy the convenience of finding here at home those exclusive styles you liare 'hitherto been compelled to seek in other markets. Tho management of all our departments is in our hands. We've had a. life long experience to guide our judgment, we know every "Fashion Inlet" and "Quality Harbor" in tin's and foreign countries. Behind it are our capital, our enterprise, our broadgungc methods. Such a union of tact and talent must succeed. We've gathered a stock that is artistically perfect and marked at prices that will be an agreeable revelation to you. Bearing out tho reputation that we will win for this store and your confidence. Yours Very Truly, THE HUB. s Berwanger Bros & Co., Successors to HARRY FRANK Total amount cleared from -all sources .;. $880.01 Republican Meetings. Republican speaklngswlll be beld at the following places In Cass county: Roswell G, Horr will speak at 2:30 p. m. Friday, Sept. 25, at the rink. Friday afternoon, Sept. 25th, Broad: wny rink, Roswell G. Horr. . Friday evening, Sept 25, Galloway school house, Jefferson township, sblp, Col: Cromer, Frank Swlgart.- Saturday evening,. Sept. 20, Royal Center, 'Q. A. Myers, D. B. McDonnell. ' THE LADIES. : The pleasant. effect and perfect safety with which ladles may use Syrup of Figs,; under all conditions, moke It their favorite remedy. .To get the true and genuine article, look : for the name of th» California Fig Syrup Company, printed near the, bottom of the pa'clhige. For sale by all, responsible "druggists. .•' . . . '.' :' >:. llxed a*' the 'ratio for Wic reason that i wjis determined, '.after careful invest.i.- Wiitlon, 1 that-far every ten nna one-halt ounces 1 of.'.silver produced, It took the snime .amount 1 of laibor, tho same skill anul .involved rthp same amount of danger In the/miming. Thus it was that the n-nililo of ten anil one-half to one was measured in -human labor. A -few years later Portugal,' by reason of .her rich discoveries' lii the far- fiirmod- Oatbay, became the ruling •power no far as silver was concerned, mud Portugal flxexl the ratio between "the two-metals at thirteen to one.' Still it wins measured 'in human toffl, and the costof .produehi-g the one, together with the quantity .-produced, fixed Uie "commercial" ratio at Mils figure. But a half century later Spain, reaching put intoitlii'e West, sent Columbus on, a voyage of discovery, and America w.as-brought ' in touch- with ilihe-East, .".Silver was discovered In . large quantities-in -wli'at ore 'now the Western-states' ,of 'the continent of South America!; '.and Spain agata found : i't necescnry to adjust tllio ratio be- itween'.silver • wild gold, ,ns the former metal • ibadVputstelpped the : gold In amount of production iaud In the ease with which'It was.obtained, and lit ivas c0n..«efjueatly 'worih 1 Ic'ss comtnei-eially. Spa in, :beluff. still In possession of the great bulk'of the two. metals, again ud- Justcd the ratio and made'it sixteen (o one. At tills point Mr. Sii:uik!:hL stops ir his cbui.pari.son of the two metal*, on ,•: foiiunerciaJ'ratio. He would hnve ttu Uiritwl States coin' VJio metals at this wiitio, rhe ratio fixed 'throuplj. all the conturivs oi' all the countries which by reason of bcirip; the producers of Mm w'Jiite mcnil, k-now rho cost of that miciifll. "incjisurcd in inninvu. l:i.bbi'." . Il wn.s found necessary to change.the. ratio a,s succeeding disfoverJi^s of the b:i,ser meital lessened -its cost, of production, in order tlv'a.t the 'COMA ILVTIO BE H'AINTAINBD IN . COINA'GE UATIO. Mr.. Shn.uk- lin did .not go 1'ar enough. He should hare stated the tact, that tiie cost of producinig an ounce of gold today,' nie.iisnretl in human laibor. os equ,-i.l 1.6 the cost of producing about thirty-two onraces of silver. If Spa.in were today •tlio 'largest producer's of silver, as she WH.S in the Sovemteenth century,..would «Ive dcsp:wt from the practice dirice resorted to to reckoning, tfl)c tnic ratio between the two metals, and say thnit tho ratio should remain fls it was fixed two centuries «go, throwing ;iside the question of tho relative cost of production "iii' 'humin.n laibor," to. quote his words. ' ' He spoke for an hour and forty-five minutes amd juside from the history of thc'csta^lisllimciit of the ratio elated •aibove, :his m-gtuneut was confined to doniincfation of the "gold bug 1 ' power aaid to blititer invective ;i.gaJn-st the '•domLiw.tLon of England over this comiitry." He repeated the threadbare falsehood thwt the law of 3.S73. com manly kuown 'jus the "crime of '13,' was "procured by the machinations o jm .ngOJi-t of Illie Eufslis'i- moneyed men w.ho came to this couutry .in 1S72 am spent money la.vi.shly with the met who make the laws, mo.iul.ng tho Sen titors and Congressmen, flna;ily scdiic ing them with, his gold and his plans! ble stories of added power to the iuo;i ycd Initerests 1 to be g:iained by tihe de monetiaaitioii of silver. ""TJiJs man, lie said, "told the moneyed men of this country that, they .bad abolished the slavery oX the 'black race. He toll' them .that there was a slavery mud more profitable, tbo slavery of tho white man to the money power, aui that Europe hnd settled the question and toad virtually enslaved the lower daisies by the demonetization, of silver." • Shnst Like the Paper on the vail," ex- •pkilived the "joke." • Another baa-uer liad 'the figure of two ino.u bending over a fire, a "McKinley Mint M:tk'iug Bogns Mexican Dollars." By the way, the offer to furnish geuu- jue Mexican dollars in any quantity is st.il! opcni. to the genfcleiuen who were so anxious (?) to buy them at two dollars each. KATIE EMMDIT AT DOLAN'S. Speaking, of Katie Emmett's company which appears at the New; Dolao Saturday night, the Commercial Trill- une Sept, 14, 1S9G says: The warm weather of yesterday did not prevent tremendous crov.-i'.s ::-.im gathering at Heuck's and that anei-ry little come- dricnue, Miss Katie Ernmett, was given a hearty welcome. Her play "Tlie Waifs of New Vork," which has. been seen liere a Dumber of times, is about !tJie ; same as ever, though the performance was made more enjoyable through the introduction, of a number of eatchy specialties. As Willie Ruf US Miss Etamett won many a burst of applause, particularly in the court room scene, where her saucy airs and seeni- ing sponifcaneity were more than.pleas- ing. She was surrounded by an excellent company, and the play was landsornedy staged. At the NOTT Dolan Saturday, Sept 2t>th. . PICKED UP IX PASSING. TJie "parade"' was a very creditable one, considering tire following tho free silver oa.use Mas to the city. The Union Cornet ba.Bd awl the Popocratic drum corps mnrched out in advance of five boys, a.ndthe nwirch was short.and swe'ot •Thoro were 1>a£,neM of strange device flung to the breeze 'by Uie Popo- crats last nligiht. One represwted a min,t> whose f ealtures were Ln caricature of the .Tews. The banner bore the leg- on : d: "I Ain Afraild This Counitry Will bo Flooded With- Cheap'Silver.',' Ainother transparency was meant to caricature' Mr.. Brooks, Second Vice President of tho Pennsylvania! Two figures, one to represent Mr. Brook.s tiie other a worktogmpmi. w^'-G paJ^ted on the banner, and the legend..''I Get «30,000 per Year;:What Do You' Get'.'" was -lettered above the figures, <.'•' 'Amother tanner winus striking: In Its ipplleabillty. It represanted the fami- 'flgnre of "John Bull." trying a coat' jf BriM,s'ii.re(l v on:il:he'figi'ir« of McKiney. 1 ' TJic 'fcir'eud',: "This ' Coat • Fits iGOT THE GRIP-SACKS MIXED. Wabash; Plaind<?aler: iWJUIs Crandall, of Huntington, ivras In- tli'ff city today looking for ni man named .T. D. Myers, about seventy-fi^e •cars of age, who walked out of Hunt- 5ngton Tuesdaj- with another man's brip s;lck and overcoat, Myers was given quiirters in the jail Tuesday night and Marshal Moore turned hhn loose this morning. He knew Mr. Crandall the moment lie sow him and remarked: "Hello, Mr. Craa- 'dall, I guess those satchels got mixed up a little." He turned the grip and the overcoat over to the marshal and the old man was aiiowec to walk odt of town. A complete line of heaters and cook stoves at the new stove store.—Flame- gin's, 310 Market street. PRICES THAT .TALK. Women's Good Rubbers 23c Women's Storm Sandals 2Se Men's' Good Rubbers 36c Men's Arctics '. 5Sc Women's Arctics 4Sc Misses' Arctics SSc Men's Overs -for Felts OSc We also have the celebrated Goodyear Glove Rubber goods. No better brand of goods in £he world. Women's Kid Patent Tip Dress Shoes, Button 6Sc Women's Vici Kid Patent Tip, Button 98c Men's Velvet Slippers .45c Men's Buff Bals, Plain Toe OSc Men's Buff Congress, Plain Dress Toe '... OSc Youth's Good School Shoes ,75c Boys' Good School Shoes .9Sc Boys' House Slippers .'.. .45c Women's Very Fine Xeedle Toe and New Coin Toe, Lace and Button, Kid Dress Shoes, Good Value at $2.50; Our Price on this shall be.§1.48 Th« above, goods are all fresh new goods, -which are arriving daily, bought, direct from the manufacturer for cash; . and our customers shall have tiie ben- iit. , • ' ;•: • .. ! -. .'• • Line W.,.Pilling, Shoes,'412'Broad- • way, Logansport, Ind. . '•• •'•'

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