The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1938 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1938
Page 8
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If AGE EIGHT New Product Is Being Made fu California In Commercial Quantities RAN FRANCISCO, Mar. 9 (UP) —Synthetic gasoline, the drram of scientists for tnc past 18 years, Is Mug produced In California In large, commercial quantities. The nrocHiL't is a little more costly than Uic ordinary gasoline, Inil is being fashioned especially to meet [he mast exacting requirements of the )>igh-po'.«>r- conipresslon motor, such as Is used in aviation. 'Hie search for synthetic yaso- line began in 1920 when the country first, began to realize that with the yreat development which Hie automobile was inking then? lio either a close conservulloii of (lie world's supply of petroleum or eke the development, of some svn- thritc .substitute. rclrolrinn l/'se<l .n s Base The synthetic gasoline now he- iiiff manufactured still depends upon the existence of petroleum, but it servos the double purpose of conserving the world's supply of the latter while at the same time producing a gasoline of superior quality. Originn! experiments (hat wern begun back in the '20s for the manufacture of synthetic gasoline were iiased upon Ihn possibility of utilizing the gaseous hydrocarbons nliicJi occur naliirnlh- in crude petroleum. The process as perfected is based upon llic same idea. The raw material used in manufacturing the new gasoline is the olefin gas formed as a by-product In the handling of crude pelroleum. There nro (hrce different kinds of olefin gns that are given, off. but the one known as butenc is (he one Iliat is ueln" utilized now. Cracking- Process Necessary To obtain (Ills gns, heavy fuel oil is run under hitrh temperature and pressure through huge cracking furnaces witli the primary objective of conversion to cracked gasoline. Tile next steps arc the The Mysterious Mrs. Al Copone fflW;^''ff'!«? ; «W*>K.1W« 1 .'. •-'.'••':'. «'.'.••.W-..V- _ *• BLYTHEVILLE f ARK.)" COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, Luxora Society — Personal One .startled eye and a little blond Imir were nil that Mrs. Mae (Mamie) Cn|x»ic, wife of the former Chicago gang king, , V ouId exhibit after visiting husband Al in federal prison on Alca'to Island. One of the most mysterious figures in Capone's life, his wife had never been in (he news until Capone bought, a pretentious home In Miami. PJa., in her ,,„„„>. The ,,l,oto alxive was made as she and Capone's brother stopped at a gasoline station after visiting Capone twice in two clays, She complained (because reporters bothered her Ilien dental that her husband, who win be eligible for parole next you-, 1m lost his mind. l. Myers inul Mrs. U Berry who other constituents which would either interfere with its conversion Into synthetic gasoline or would detract from the quality of the finished product. Following the purification steps. the bulcne !s pumped to IrncUon vessels where Hie actual conver- . served sandwiches niul date cake ami bottletl drinks at thp conclusion of the Olwrve Week of Prayer rifs of four inrol- ito-itm ivijuii: me actual conver- m '* serfs o our inrol- £lon into synthetic gasoline takes . Ill 3- s (<> observe the Marcli Wi'ek " Il "' p of of Pmycr was held at the home of According to the chemists who 1 M'' 8 ' Jolui Cohoon. with eight mem- a ..... . -..,...„.-,« wllu liave been developing Lhis u\itene product, il Is destined lo play n mosl important, vole in other 'industries. Besides its use for (lie manufacture of synthetic gasoline it is boiiig utilized in stcch industries as paint, pacer, soap, plastics and rubber. The field for its future use, they declare, has only been scratched. Of Special Value lo Avi.illou • While costing more than theor- ainary gnsoline, the synlhelic product prcsenls qualities for use in high power compression motors. especially for aviation, Ihnl onset the increased cost-. Tn the case of a large Iratis- plane of 20 tons when f 1)crg >0 , t))e Womnn . s Missio , liu , y society of the Baptist chiircli present. when the Royal Service pro- enim ivns fllscussccl. The second meeting wns held Wednesday night at the home of Mrs. j. D. Best. with ciiflil members anil o»c visitor. Mrs. A, Winkle, present,. The third meeting was held al tlie hone of Mrs. R. W. Stivers, when the Royal service program apnln was given. The next weekly .•neeltiip is lo be held al- Mrs. Tom Edwards' Roy Curry, son of Mrs. Chester Hifiilon, v.'lio lias teen in Momil ..... — - -« .-...., ,,,, cl , mijy-, Vcnion '" !1 tuberculosis sannlo- loaded. tlik weight is distributed '""" fo1 ' ' ll(1 l'"'-t several months between H tons lo Die plane and :ttns roCL ' n( ly removod to St. Louis. crew, ^ Ions (o a good regular' wh01 ' 1 ' llc is lo undergo an opera of aviation gasoline, and a 1 ' 011 (ol- to (.lie county. This payment rop- resenls 5(i.8 percent of Uic total 19:17-38 school yeni- apportionment, Including the amount received last August, which wns $11-1,182. Tills increase, ivlilcli prevails ovev nil counties of the state, lhe slate distributing sl total of $7,554 222, wns said to lie due In part to (he increased sales tax revenue re- ceipls. About 80 per cent of tlie .state general revenue fund, from tumor of Hn> brain. ,I](| £ i " -•*••»vi ui liJi- UlilllL, issrn- which lias caused complele bllnd- •""••• "• one eye nnd lias greatly tons to lhe pay-load of pa: fiers. mail and bnpgago. , ,.<-•" ,n um: t>u ;niu With the new synthetic gaso- affcclcit " lc oilier, line, however, 3.2 tons will do the Mr - nml Mra - Elvas Tidwell imd same job for which 4 tons of or-1 Raymonds Oaks, ol slkpslon v.-crc duiary gasoline are used. This S"rats of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest, means an increase in the pay-t Robertson Sunday, load of the plane from 2.0 Ions! Roiaiui Bethtoid. who has been lo 2.8 tons or 40 per cent. | vlslllii s his sister. Mrs. w. ,\ ones thai the b : v lllc company! jr., for the past, wci-k left lor S.vra- »ow in"" .sSS l "^Su r « tl o r 'weci; N ' Y " "" ™^' *™ 1 "' '" C ~ra nf^l!!! ™ rl '.."L M - »"" M«- "»*« Freeman, of Holland Socict :v — erson? Tlie one-act comedy "Sparkin' by E. P. Conkle. has' been chosen by the Holland dramatic team which will be entered in the county dramatic meet that is to be held at Hayti, March 18. The characters win be taken by Ola Mae Me Cord. Eldora Ncal. Melba Kenley and Vcrnon Reeves. The r-!ay is under the direction of Mrs. Charles Cohoon. * * * Hold Quilting There werc eight Methodist ladies present Wednesday when a quillln? was held at the Methodist church. Those present Mrs. Fannie ~ " over the week end. Mrs. Minphy i;; reen|ierntinu from pneumonia. Mrs. Verna Jo Hampton of o.-i- ccola. and Mrs. Ruby tMnkston. . Mrs. Lessic IHchards. we rc in Mem- Ipliis over the week end. Mrs. Bessie Oat'es, who )m been confintxl lo her home from the result of a sprained ankle, is much improved tins week. , tlie school apportionments i>re made, are collected from sales income nnd liquor (axes, the suits lax forming npproxininlcly 47 percent of Ihis sum. On (lie incoming payment, Uie amount will be apuortionecl, Mr Jones said, with about C8 percent BOing lo high school districts, 29 percent to rural school districts 1.55 percent to schools for defectives and orphans, and .33 percent 1'or school-building aid. Huffman News Mrs. Pnnnie Copeland. of Cooler visited Mrs. V. T. Neclcy and Mrs' I'eavl Henson Thursday aflernooi) E. rs. Webb left for Clarksburg. Tcnn.. Saturday to uiak'e his home nfler a brief visit willi Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Webb. Miss Florence 'Stoke.s left. Saturday lo visit, Mrs. Charles Locke of Newborn. Teim. Mrs. Locke was before her innrringc, Miss Essie Mae Stokes of here. Mr. and Mrs. C. Vf. E\\s\lsl\ formerly of Gales. Teun., moved born nils week on R. II. Green's farm. Mrs. Kreliel Henson and children of forty and Eight were guMi, s of Mrs. Winy Menitl. Siiiulny Pemiscot County School Apportionment, $168,603 CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.. March 7.—Pemiscot County is scheduled to receive the largest apportion of school .funds money ever to come to the count}', due March 15. according to an announcement yesterday by Harold S. Jones Counlv Superintendent of Schools. The amount is S1G8,C03. and is i"^ I C';~~ !•""••'" "".-le- more than S50.000 larger than ativ ie _Coleman. Mrs. Byron'other single payment ever to come Mrs. T. B. nilllnKKley wus culled to (iln&roiv, Ky., on account of the serious illness of her mother. 'I lie liciv. James T. Handle was unable to I'll! lhe pulpit of the Methodist church Sunday on account of his continued illness. Miss Dollio Oosvicl), of Sikes- lon, Mo., Is rc'cii]ieratlni! nt the home of her sister, Mrs. H. c. Lannslon, since her I'clnni from th<! Methodist Ijospltal. Mejjiphis. Wade McHrnry, accompanied by her fiiindmollicr. Mrs. T. p. Hudson, ullt'iuli'd the sliow of "Snow Whlti! and the Seven Dwarfs" in Memphis Saturday. Mrs. E. R. nognii, Worthy Grand Matron of tlie Order of the Eastern star of Arkansas, returned i-VIdny Jilgla from n two weeks trip o! olficia! visiting of chap-, Ins In the southern part of the state. She wll! leave Tuesday nltjht for Now Orleans lo Ixs i gurat of (he Louisiana Gram chapter. O. K. S. Mrs. liogftn will be joined in Memphis by Mrs Stell llynson. of Amory, Mls-s wlio Is ulso n ijiiest of the IxiuLslana cliiijiter. At nflernoon parlies last week Mis. Lillian Frccar received hinli score award when Mrs. Elliotl Williams was hostess lo clghl Biicsls for bridge, and Mrs. Jesst Brown held liluh score when Mrs J. Ivan Mimin and Mrs. Lillian Freear had two tables' or bridge Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Smith hail (is (heir enest over the week cm (heir daughter, Mnxlnc. of Memphis. Mrs. smith accompanied her home, returning Monday afternoon. Among the Luxorians in Memphis Saturday werc: Mrs Sum Bowen and daughters. Fran Reid and Laylay; Mrs. Jesse Brown, Mrs. Willie Howard, Mrs Lein Stanford, Mrs. R. w Butler, Mrs. Julia n. Owens, Mrs R L. Houck, Mrs. T. 0. Wilklns Mrs. R. w. Nichols, Mrs. May Howcn Thompson nnd son, Bowen, Miss Margaret MolVit. An nil day meeting, 'with a covered dish lunch at noon was iield in the home of Mrs. B O Wllkins Friday when members of the Woman's Missionary society of the Baptist church met to observe a day of prayer in accordance with Die program of the Southern Baptist Woman's -.Missionary Union ror Koine Missions Mrs. C. B. Wood led the program on the "Direct Evangelism in Field of lhe S. B. C. Home Mission Board." Mrs. J. I. MilTlm discussed "Re-crentlng Humanity embracing cily Missions. Rescue Missions, and Mountain Missions" The Inter-racial problem, dealing with the Jews, Indians, and' Ne- Bio. ,wns presented Interestingly liv Mrs. Wilklns; Mrs. L,. p Flem- mlng closed the morning session with a discussion on conditions pertaining to Koinau Catholicism, Cuba, Panama. French, Italians, Mexicans, Spanish-Americans :md others within the borders of the Southern Baptist. Missionary territory. Tiie afternoon session was opened with n round table discussion and complete resume, with mao locations, of the peoples nnd conditions outlined In lhe programs of the morning. The closing program of this day of Prayer and Praise was tlie climax of (he day's activities with Mrs. S. J. smith as leader of the Golden Jubilee Commitment pro- jgrnm." The opening of the new Home Economics building Inst Wednesday was attended by a large mun- (»r of Interested school patrons of the Luxora high school. Home Economics is an added feature of the school curriculum this vcar and is under the direction of Miss iva Crablrec. Featuring the opening was demonstration of electrical cookery with M rs . Pearl Spencer as the guest demonstrator I lie class is sponsoring a benefit bridge Tuesday evening nt (be Home Economics builcllni' GLENCOE BARBER SHOP Karl K. I'arkcr, Troj), Cilrncoc Hotel VWg. llaiul or Klcclric Jhntcuririg WE ARK NOW KUYING Government Loan Cotton I.OUIS API>I,EKAUiM PliOnc 107, 107 S. 2nd SI. niythcville, A t k. DUD CASON POST 24 BIRTHDAY PARTY Tuesday, March 15th, 7 P. M. SPECIAL PROGRAM All Ex-Service Men Are Invited Keep up your Membershjp hi the American Legion. VOU WON'T KNOW What You've Missed I'ntil You Oet One Of the NEW FOKD RADIOS INSTALLED IN YOUR CAR FOR Only - - $41,00 ... EASY TERMS ^ PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 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