The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 3, 1946 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 3, 1946
Page 16
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: -;v;<^ ; ^t-fe::& PA'<3E FOtm WES; FUNERAL AT METHODIST CHURCH LuVerno: Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon In the Methodist church with the Rev. Robert Phillips officiating for Theodore Henderson, who passed avyay at his home near Dakota City on Saturday, Nov. 23. Theodore R. Henderson, son of the Into Mr. and Mrs. George Henderson was born near Livermore on September 19, 1005, and passed away very suddenly at his home near Dakota City Nov. 23, at the age of 41. Mr. Henderson grew to manhood in the LuVc'rne community and on Dec. 20, 102G, was united in marriage to Ruth Kuebler of Cherokee, la. To this union were born seven children. A son Gerald died in infancy. He Spent nearly all of his life on the farm except for 115 months, which he spent in the United Stales Navy, seeing duty at Pearl Harbor, Saipan, and' the Perlieu Islands, where he sustained an injury and was sent back to the United States for medical aid. • Mr. Henderson is survived by his wife, six children, Theodore Jr. serving in the air corps and stationed at Fort Kilry, Kans.; Marilyn, Dora Jean, Janette, Jerry and David, all at home: four sisters, Mrs. Ervin Barton, Mrs. Allen Thompson, Mrs. Ltiverne Jcffers, all of LuVerne: Mrs. Ernest Olson of Council Bluffs: and one brother Howard Henderson of Clear Lake. He was a mem- toer of the local Methodist ..<-. .' chitt'ch. Burial was made in the Lu- Verne cefftefery and military rites were -held. • Pallbearers were George Detmering, Arnold Thom{&, Dofiald RWise, -Robert Thornas, Hardfld Wolf and Har 6ld ' Holiday From College / Robert 'Chaprfian, who is 'attending college in Ames, dpefit the holiday weekend at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Chapman. Guests Thanksgiving Thanksgiving day quests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Zwiefel were her iriother Mrs. C. L. Wychoff, Mr. and Mfs. Ward Peterson and family, Mr. and Mrs. .Richard Hairea'nd family, Mr. and Mrs. ilobert Stachei, Mr. and Mrs. William Rasmussen, all Of Des Moines, and Mr. and Mrs. William Bishop of Ex- 40 Attend Dinner About 40 persons attended a Thanksgiving dinner and. -supper Thursday in the city hall. Those from out-of-town who attended were Mr. and Mrs. James Zwiefel and children -Beverly and Cecil of Corwith, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Thompson of.Ledyard, Mr. and Mrs. Milford McPeak , of Ren- .wick, Martha Kebcle of Dows, Mrs. Barbara Mosoly of -Ames, Frances Kabele of Gbldfield and .Robert Chapman o'f -Ames. Miv and Mrs. F; I. Chapman, Mr. and .Mrs. Irvin Chapman, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Lichty, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hagist, .Charles Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Milo Patterson -and family, Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Benedict and Lottie and Jennie Mason, all of LuVerne, also attended the dinner. stock Auction THURSDAY, DEC. 5 GARNER, IOWA 700—CATTLE—700 IncIiKlins the following: IJOO {food to choice Montana Hereford steer and heifer calves, wt. 350-450 Ibs. (These are rugrged, Mountain-bred calves, the rislit kind if you plan on feeding .calves.) 150 good to choice Montana Hereford yearling steers, wt. 650-750 Ibs. 100 medium to good quality Montana Shorthorn and Hereford steers, wt. 900-1100 Ibs. 50 good X. Dakota Shorthorn and Hereford feeding flows, wl. 850-900 Ibs. 100 head or more of native steers and heifers of all breeds, quality mostly very good, wt. 500-1000 Ibs. MR. FEEDER— Tin? run of Western range cattle is irtuch smaller 'for this week's sale. Be sure to attend this sale if you want replacement cattle of any kind. Garner Sales Co. NDY! Chocolate Covered— Filberts Almonds Peanuts Cashews Box Candy Frisco Bars Choc. Turtles Pop Corn Jelly Drops Nutty ferittle Almond Cameos Carmel Corn RAZOR BLADES Pal — Shapleigh — Goldtone Schick Injector — Star Gem — Gillette — Personna Shaving Brushes — Shaving Cream Gillette and Gem Razors For The Smokers- Pipes Cigarets Cigars Pound Tobacco Lighters Cigaret Cases Pipe Racks Lighter Fluid Flints Playing Cards Poker Chips Automatic Pencils BAKK YS RECREATION The Progressive club met Monday evening at the home of Mrs. Irvin Cha'prnan. George Tiede gave a 'book review on /Washington Tapestry." Mrs. Bfer't Rafnus aM Mrs. Bruce' Wickett \Vei'e welcdmsd into lh~k 'Club as View m'embers. The next meeting will be held Monday •evening, December 9, in the form of a Christinas party at the .home of Mrs. George Tiede. Presbyterian Aid The Presbyterian Ladies' association met Wednesday afternoon in the city hall with Mrs. Lewis Wildin and Mrs. Emmet Knary as the hostesses. The devotional period was led by Mrs. James Doak, Mrs. Walter Engel presiding at the business meeting. The next meeting will be a Christmas party. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Thorn spent Thanksgiving day at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. John Madson in Humboldt. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Meyer and family of Whitlemoro were Thanksgiving day guests at the home of his mother Mrs. Max Meyer. Eleanor BarlOn returned to. Clear Lake with her uncle Hp\v- ard Henderson, where she visit-! cd for several days at the Hen-; der.son home. Miss Dorothy Helmick of Dallas Center' was a Thanksgiving 'day guest at the home of her sister arid family, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Phillips. Mrs. Durwood Burtis of Fort Dodge spent Wednesday visiting at the homes of Mr. and, Mrs. Fred Baumgartner and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Sanford. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Baumgartner and son Victor spent Thanksgiving day visiting at the home of her mother Mrs. August Gramenz in Fort Dodge. Darrell Moeding, who is attending college in Cedar Falls, spent the Thanksgiving holiday at the home of his parents Mr. and Mrs. William Moeding. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Ramus and daughter Sheri Lyu spent from Wednesday until Frid'iy at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Se.rn in Decorah. The ladies of the Methodist W. S. C. S. will hold their turkey supper and bazaar Thursday afternoon and evening in the church parlors, starting at 7:30 p. m. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Goetsch and Doris Jean and Mrs. Anna Goetsch were dinner gue.sts Thursday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Kraft, near Kanawha. Mr. and Mrs. Eric Lovell and son Billy, who have been at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. William Hedrick for the past several weeks, have moved to Algona, where Mr. Lovell is employed. The Stewardship Study class of the Methodist. W. ,.S. C. .S. which was to meeHE-'TOUrsday afternoon, Dec. 5, at the home of Mrs. Peter Thompson, has been changed to Wednesday afternoon, Dec. 4. Mrs. Conrad Ristau and daughter Cora and daughter-in- law Mrs. Kenneth Ristau and three children, all of Nora Springs, were guests Sunday at the home of the former's sister, Mrs. Max Meyer. Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Alexander, Mrs. Anna Blake and Mr. and Mrs. Chris Nygaard, all of Humboldt, attended funeral services for Ted Henderson which were held in the Methodist church Wednesday afternoon. Thanksgiving day guests at the 'O.^S. itiM JiWftoe W6f6 Mr. and Mrs, Tieran Netem, Mr. ahdi Mrs. Ja*Jt t Pmm aM children,, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Nereni and son, aU ',6f Rthwlckf -and. Mr. and; '' 'Sftchdaugh-: ' Mrs. te'r 'tit Algeria. „ M8ft. Sein Fort Doafce, son Joe i6f; •. Tiede of A$fl, and M«s. and 't\yo were of ¥W*e and: , / Albert! arid Mr. Mtyerne' guests at. . the tome of Mrs. Emilie Behn' '• / kendorf. Thanksgiving dinner guests at the ho'me of Mr. a'nd Mrs. Frank Saw-ford were Mr. and Mrs, Irvin McGowetl and son of Nashua, Mr. a'nd Mrs. Rttbert Sahford' and daughter of EllsWorfTi, Don- ; na Sanford Of 'Mason City, Mr. and Mrs. James Trauger and Miv and Mr,{3. Wayne Sanfor'd of Lu- Verne. •-'': Cowan Quonset Hut Quonset buildings—the round 1 roofed, factory fabricated stnic- tifres which gamed military: fame—fjave n6w become part of the stock of the Cowan Building & Supp'ry C6. ; j We doh't mean they are car-: rying them on their shelves, but they've been appointed dealers and distributors for tliis -type o'f structure Tb'y the 'Grea't Lakes St^el Corporation. The sam'e firm m'ahufactu'i'ed the Quonsets, so named for the navy's base at which 'they toe're first erected, during, the war. First One to see actual commercial use in this area is. the 'new building of the Allen Motor 'Co. Similar types are available for farm, industrial and miscella'he- ous uses. Born, Burt Hospital Burt:. An 8-lb. 10 oz. daugh'ter Barbara 'Rac w'a's ' born -Friday morning, Nov. 29, • to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Schiltz of Bancroft at the Burt hospital. Mrs. Carroll Willret, Wesley, \ya^ a patient at the Burt hospital last Wednesday and Thursday. crtY October 31, "1946. The City Council met in re'gu- lar session, Mayor Kohlhaas presiding. Councilmmen Herbst, Harris, Hutchins, Fox and B6- hannon were present. Huenhold was absent. The minute's AX/ere approved as read. Building 'permits were granted'to W. Foster, R. Davidson, W. Barry and, J. Waldron. The application ,'for building filed by C.'jiM. ,WMte- hill was rejected. .,;;;" ; 4', . , '. A No. 11 Caterpiljar jM^tor Gi-a,4er was Durpba.s.eM'ft-b'ni ;t"he GibWc^ff^Tracfer^nf Equipment Co. for the , amount 'of $1,625 and old No..9 Caterpillar. Appropriating Ordinance No. 679 was passed. ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk. ELECTRIC FUND ". L. Belock, salary 91.77 F. Dailey, salary 105i90 T. Halpin, salary 95.77 C. Wright, salary 61.15 W. Ludwig, salary 90.'67 E. Graham, salary 96;52 P. Newsome, salry . 79J62 J. Reynolds, salary 63:3.2 J. Hardgrove, salary .. '63.3^ A. Hill, salary 71.42 H. Stephenson, salary. _ '95.97 C. Webb, salary 89.'65 L; ' Otffif!, Jg. <®mer, Sa'lfir'y 'C. I. kohl, salary A. ;Garls6n, ' mm <. Esmccj sanr.y «.**. Iowa State 'Bank, with. holding tax -.-..<.i<.± Social: Sec. Fd., social security .--_..-_L.... Diesel Service Co., fuel Fulton Iron Works Co., *idse. --_.j,.«,.^.._ R 1 L. B;r r i<3e t!o,, oil ,.__,. C. M. 'St. P. & P. tt. 1ft.' , Nfibjt freigW; ......... Ja'B./'P. Mar'sYi Co?p., Repairs --------- _____ West. Elec. Co'>*p., mclse. Wes't. Eldc. Stfp. Co., rrtdse, ..I. _________ lo'w'a Elec. Sup. 'Co., md'se. ______ :.._ ____ (Terry-Durin Co ; , mdse. Noi'thlan,d Elec, Stfp. Co., mdse. __• ________ Great Western Lab., mdse. ______ ------ :._ Crespent Elec, Sup. Co., ..mdse. ---- ... ____ ___ Kohlhaas Hdw. Co., mdse,, _J _________ ! ___ F. S. Norton & Son, mdse. ..." ____________ , Algona Flour & Feed Co., mdse. ....... .._ Pratt EJe.c. Co., 'mdse... Algona Elec., labor ., ___ Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. _____________ _ F. Rythcr, labor ...... A. Hagg, .labor and material • __________ ____ H. Post, dray _________ R'y Exp. A gey., cxp ---- •Hai'ms Service, mdse. _ Roy Hu'tzell, gas ______ Sclzer's Service Sta., gd's -- ......... _____ Kossuth Oil Co., gas .. Wm. C. Dau Garage, repairs ., ______________ Harms Oil Co., service. Dutch's Super Service, service ____________ Brown's Studio, prints. Kossuth Co. Treas., tax- . 71. •fOl.'TO 1 ..iy* 741.68 m. '617.03.! 855:64 1 S.4'7 52.71 Adv. Pub. Co., printing N. W. Bell Tel. Co., service Treas. of State, use tax. Treas. of State, use tax. WATER FUND H. Barton, salary F. Ostrum, salary R. Barton, salary E. Gerber, salary C. Pollard, salary I Kohl, salary ^ P. Morgan, salary L. Mitchell, salary Roy Haag, wages N. Palmer, wages G. Palmer, salary C. Anderson, salary W. Peril, salary _. H. Helmers, salary R. Helmers, salary J. Medin, salary 'J. W. Helmers, salary _ R. Helmers, salary R. Helmers, salary Iowa State Bank, with. holding tax.,.-..—-4— Social "Security' .*Ftrhd, social security _...__ Leighton Supply Co., mdse. . Thorpe Wood & Iron Wks., repairs Keuffel & Esser Co., mdse. F. Cook, lead Funk and Deim, repairs R'y Exp. Agcy., expr... O. K. Rubber Welders, - repairs Algona Co-op. Cry. Co., gas Selzer's Sta., gas Dutch's Super Serv., service K. D. James, mdse. Treas. of State, use tax. 212.23: 349;53: .262:03' 67.76 167:63 ••3:43 130.60 99.98 9.54 5.55 •2.50 '34.80 37.14 1.16 3.70 34.35 '44.06 33.37 9.aa 3.18 3.48 3.68 6.73 537.71 20.23 22.47 82.37 161.47 87.82 38:62 35.'0() 30:bO 25:00 77:50 38J25 27. ; 08 40.'99 67v22 66:87 64.80 82.30 42.00 90.56 , : 97.76 12.12 64.14 1.00 29.03 244.33 8.77 3.01 8.16 8.21 14:98 2.58 9.71 10.57 • 93.180 . A. So^imMft, sslary ^ A. Weimar,' Salary '^ N. W. Bell Tel. Co., ser*ii.-— -cr--*-' Coast to Coast Store'* ._ , 'Oil €6., fas .^^ Schtmfc 8r6s.-,i-epaifSi.. 3. LasbiMk, Salary ....^ E. SWlHft'g, Mitfy ^.^ C. Hawe'y, Salary .*.._ 0. Gwnder v SaWry ^.^. a, Battr, .salary R. KnuaSe'ft, salary -— P. Helrrters, Sfelary ^^ fibpublic Steel St Tool Rob'inscffl, '<:ertient Eugehe Robinson, ce- me'ht • .:.... ..... ... Dau Garag6, repairs ... Skelyl Oil'CO., ^as ____ Th6rpe Wood & Iron . WKS., 'repairs ... ---ft. & C. Motor Co., ser- . i v'ffe,, -—...--—•— Kdsin'th Co. Irfipl. Store .repairs...—.- 'Gi'eenberg Auto Sup., mdse. .-_—--..--„. lAftliker Oil Co.-, gas .. 'Frankl Station, gap — Harms Oil Co.. mdse.-- Kohlha!t3. Maiw;, mdso. . Dutch's Super Service, gas .-'.__- ______ ..... • Kent Motor .'Co., service F. S. No¥ton & Son, • mdse ............. . G. Sharp, labor __• _____ City Clerk, postage ... Kossuth 'Co. Rec. office, ; .fee.s ...... . ........ H. J. Cowan, contractor, labor ; _________ . ____ P. Morgan, .salary _____ Treas. of .State, use tax Algona U. D. M.,. print-,' -ing . _...--^-...i- ____ Iowa State .Bank, with. holding tax _________ Social , Security Fund, 'social security _____ G. Dettman, salary .... . , SEWER FUND 'C. Pollard, salary .__„ •P. ,Mo'rgan, salary ______ FIRE MAINTENANCE 13.8'B '81.48 U 3.87 99.67 74,25 69:35 65.10 mSO 73.25 6!).35 40.7'2 30.45 20.72 81.48 9.75 1.51 3.43 , 3.72 70.50 27.50 1.37 34.93 ' 23. : 28 78. 54 261.38 30:00 2.'94 ' 1.10 56.75 49.97 3-.71 39.77 50.60 10.76 39.60 25.00: 25:00 FUN£) . vice..; ^' b.i s'ervlc'e Treas, 6! State, U&a tax-' Algonfl' Fit*. Co,, fires..- yDEPOSIT •FUND. ' •'•;. E<Inai<Sialey et alj re- . • fun'ds-'-..—-»-t-i*— 40,60 SWIMM-ING PQ<%, FUND'. Thorpe Wood 5i iron '.' Works, repairs. ^.____ . K. D. (fatnes, fWdsd, - ..-. . cOMFOftt STATION ^T. -Jones, Salary. -.--L_- "• Dr. F. B. Sawyer, r'elht.. 'Social Sec'ttrity Ftind, social, Security STREET IM-p; ,; ; F'tfND ">.?" Ceritra'i .'fTat. 'fia'ftk & Trust-Co., bo'nds ..... lo\va State Bank, int..- 'STORM SEWER : FlJND .. .-_.. SOez.^O ! 0'2:52 ' fcfcnf dlfetaVrde KWifl hg. ihfeuVed li'ga'fnst td ._ tfl folkftln otir {6W!i'8o alferft as tnuch worry ing hs inyrtui'b—«Ver hobsinfe a'«d prices, Srtd ci'dps, Kind jobs—and 'the little drftri&tic problems that'are itlWays'cbm'ttig up. Dfld Hoskins, 'whfi's lived to the haft'py age of eighty, has '& 'Simple f 6'rmula for st&ppiflg wotry. Abotit every p'fbTblerti, lie asks "hitrtself: Ts 'there an'ytliihg I'can'do alKm't it"? If there is, he never postpones making a decision, or taking necessary action. If there isn't anything he can do about it, he sets aside a "worrying SMI; hbtfr" after 'a' ^•oTt'yirijr o^er 'in one period. When that's o'Ver, Tie Velaxeil over •» 'friendly "glass «f Wer Vltfi Wft ««6khist-atid thby tftikvbtfit p'leaSWit tWJ^ tttgether/Until b^d- ' ' .. From where I Sit, t'ha't's M^tink- able a-fbrm'ula-as you'cbuldfind . , . rigW down to 'tlie Wetlow'g'lasfe of bder th'at 'seems to wittk a'Way yoni- ' Copyright, 1946, Uriltdil Slates Brewcff'Fodntiatlolt ] Due to increased business We iriWed'lo l^Oli-LState. ' -^•"l.'^-^'h^^ Our new business house is one blocK west of the bottling works. COME AND SEE US 1PHONE IS? EXTRA - SPECIAL — HATS — CHOICE - OF - OUR - STOCK PRICE CHRISTENSEN'S "ALGONA'S STYLfc CENTER" ON EXTRA - SPECIAL 100% VALUES TO Coats - Suits - Dresses - FIGURE - IT - FOR - YOURSELF COATS YOUR - CHOICE OF - ANY - COAT IN--OUR- STARTS WEDNESDAY DEC 4tft SPEND' ' A £#mrihe old-fashioned — Price slashing clearance -r- Late shipments qf — 'hasfhade our stock too large — and we must clea^ them but immediately to malce room for in-coming Christmas merchandise. EvetV garment is marked with the 'OPA 'ceW^rtg 'price, and our discounts .will f jgtrre'd from these prices. Our Coat s^dtk is the best we haVe evfer had at timfe Sot %he season. They are all ma'de ftiy ^e country's finest makers, f fid' resetit'dnly the style and quality you would expect to find in this 'stater ~ coa^t 5s itiis season*s make-^-N<rt an 'old wie In jPhe ^itire sfopk. Besses Worth to $1'9.75 $10,00 EACH consists of safcft aeslraWe %esseg for Women, Hisses materials are wools, crepes, SPURS. ' Worth to NOW $S,9$ EACH »f Spun*, crepes »iidi SUITS

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