The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 3, 1946 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 3, 1946
Page 14
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%^? : '^;5?;^ PAGE TWO- Local . Mrs. J. M. Blnnchard and Mrs. Frank Flnig spent Tuesday afternoon visiting Mrs. Win. Rath. Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Krueger ;inc! May of Fairmont, Minn., visited Mr. and Mrs. Clias. Morris Thursday evening. Mr. and MJrs, Kyrwood Qulnn of Ames a,re spending their Thanksgiving Vacation . at the .ALGONA UPPER MS MOINfiS, ALiSO^A parental J. .-F. Quinh home. Mrs. Merwin Marlow and Kearn Merrill spent Thursday afternoon and evening visiting Mr, and Mrs. Dick O'Donnell. Helen , Jensen, student at Ames, came home Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving vacation nt the parental E. M. Jensen home. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Christen SANTA CLAUS DAY SPECIALS FRIDAY DECEMBER 6th Cleansing Tissue Large Box 9Qc ••W Ladies' Panties Extra Large $|I9 Gifts for Mother OIL CLOTH 2 Yard Piece 46 inch wide * 2 Yard Piece 54 inch I On Sale At One O'clock Big Selection of Toys Games Pipes $3.50 $5.00 $7.50 For Only QAc $129 uggM ~*~ • Dolls values Wetsy Doll with diaper and bottle ${98 Gifts for Everyone •^ •• • • • ^^''fl'""" '' : * ! * ?ssa ® Ben Franklin Store ALGONA, IOWA Choice Improved Farm For Sale The court has authorized the sale of the John Brass Estate farm, consisting of 199 acres qf choice farm land in Section 17, Sherman Township, Kossuth County, Iowa, with fine set of improvements consisting of: 12-room house 16x24x 14 and 20x24x 16 Good barn 38x38x18 with lean-to 14x32x10 Combined granary and corn crib 30x32x10 Corn crib 24x24x10 Hog house 24x32x8 Hog house 14x24x9 Machine house 33x48x9 Excellent'well and windmill All buildings wired for electricity qn REA line. Good fences. AH heavy, black Webster soil, and all subject to cultivation. Located an good graveled road, eleven miles from Algona, seven miles from LuVerne, seven miles from Livermore, three miles from Galbraith. Possession March 1, 1947. Terms: 10% down, balance on final settlement on March 1, 1947, subject to court approval. If interested, see w^wi^^^* ^^ ^^^^^WB ^^ i^^^*^^^ ww s^w ^(P, ^^^* ^w* ^jff^f ^SB (^Pt Administrator with Will Annexed, Estate of John Brass, Deceased, 19'/2 North Dodge Street, Algona, Iowa, son and Jane Ellen ware Thanks-, giving day dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Christenson. Mr. and Mrs. W. C\ Seller and the Clair Bolllnger{aftiily stfent Thanksgiving day visiting Mr.' and Mrs. Monroe Hefter at Livermore. Mr. and Mrs. M. ! 0. Richards, took Mr. and Mrs. A- k- Greenfield of Algona to Clear. ; Lake.' where Mr. Greenfield consulted a specialist. Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Thompson of West Des Moines were' Friday dinner guests at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Blattehard. Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Radig, Mr. and Mrs. Hafold Gross and family, and Laura \Radig' of Des Moines were Thanksgiving day dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Radig, their parents. , j Thanksgiving day dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Angus were Mr. find Mrs. Harold Angus and son. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Whitehill Jr. of Burt, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Whitehill Sr. of Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Clement of Algona spent the afternoon there. Supper guests were all these and R. T. Angus and Bob. A. A. Hanna of Little Falls, Minn., and C. C. Smith of Burt visited at the home of, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Hanna Thursday afternoon. Mr. and T#rs. ', A. A. Hanna of Little Fails, Minn., were Friday dinner'guests there. Thanksgiving day dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Rath 'were Mr. and Mrs. Albert Shasei- and Betty, Mrs. Hattie Shaser'i 1 the Ralph Hurlburt family, and the Harvey Rath family, Mr. arid Mrs. Wm. Rath and Charlene and Mrs. Johnson. '' Thanksgiving day dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Broderson were Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Broderson and baby of Garner, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Haack and family .of Wesley, Mr. and Mrs. T. A. McArthur, Mr. and Mrs. Derwood McArthur, Mr. and Mrs. Orlan Rutledge and family. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rath and Charlene and Darlene Volentine spent' th,e evening there. • Mr. and Mrs. Arden H.o,vey and family were Thanksgiving day dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Qiu'nn at Burt. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schepp- mann Jr. and Sr. of Algona were Thanksgiving day dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Schmidt. Thanksgiving day dinner guests at the horne of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schad;endo,rf were Mr. and Mrs. Roy Entien and son. ;!>••'' .j . Mrs. Henry Kueck arrived home Thanksgiving ijfday after at l|he hdine. Mr. and Mrs. ; AM Krueger Mrs. Harry. Montgomery attc Susan were day guest all Thanksgiving thl A, A. Krueger spending 16 days at.fc sanitariifm at Savannah, Mo. •"••and day at the home of a nephew, Mi', and Mrs. Raymond Westling at Burt. ; Mi-, and Mrs. Everett Mitl'ag of Des Moines came Wednesday to spend over Thanksgivng,.Vfl- cation at the parental Henry Kucck and H. F. Mit(ag homes. They visited Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Jensen Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. L. y. Johnson and children, Mr. a.nd Mrs. Erich Seegebarth were Thanksgiving evening dinner guests a,t the J. C. Gammelgaard home at Ringsted. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Williams and family of Welcome, Minn., and the Don Mitchell family of Burt spent Th,anksgiv- ine day at the parental L. C. Williams home. Thanksgiving day dinner guests at the home of M"'. and Mrs. Arie Dittmer wvre Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Dittmer of flurt, the Laurence Dittmor fajniljes, and the Wm. Schrader family. Mrs. Edw. Blanched. Mrs. Roy Zunkel, Mrs, M. E. Blanehard arrived home Tuesday from Des Moines, where they were visiting the Howard Blanchards and the Albert Thompsons. Mr. and Mrs. N. L, Cotton, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Cotton, Mr. and Mrs. W.. J. Cotton and John all spent Thanksgiving day visiting their daughter-sister, Mr. and Mrs. Hat-ley Shellito at Spencer. Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Kueck of Armstrong, Mr, and Mrs. Wilbur Shopman and son of Cylinder and Mr. and, Mrs.' Kenneth Bates of Fairmont, Minn., were its at ..„ home. Mr. aftd Mrs, Ronald Christensort and Jane Ellen were supper guests ftuth teWMtOtt o* Chtpago left ThanJisgAY'ni tfay afternopii for he?? lipine afte^ a Visit at her mother V%s/L : ilUan, Worlti: ' ton. Mr. and Mrs. Rjetl^ Jer- gerison and daughter of Lfedyarc spent the day. there Thanksgiving day dinner guests a,t the^hbttie of Mr. apd Mrs, J;j M. Blancha,rdr were their daughters, atid.families, Mr, and M>s. .Chester Alme and Shirley of 0,tt0s.eti, Mr.' and MjsisT Alfred Schulitz and Gary dene and thfeir son M.r. and fylrs. J,. BlancViard Jr. Thanksgiving . day dinner guests at the f'ran.k Flaig "homie were the Earl Ackerman, fajnlly and the H$ram Ackeririan fahjily of Burt, the C. % Heerdt family of. Algona, Mr. and Mrs.. Dean Jiergenson. and Douglas of gona, and M>r. and Mrs. Roger Jensen. , . Mrs/ George Lpng and family left Wednesday hight to spend Thanksgiving vacation at the parental ' Clarence Ackerson home at Wesley and uncle Mr. and Mrs. Tony Nemniers of California and her mother Mrs. Clarence Ackerson of Wesley visited Tuesday with Mrs. George Long. .Thanksgiving day supper guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs/ Bernard O'Donnell were Mr. iind Mrs. James Shillington of Bancroft, Mr. and Mrs. Ed- m6hd Walsh, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Nurre and family of Bancroft, Mr. .and Mrs. Laurence Walsh and Barbara, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Watebr ME., .and Mrs. C. E. Householder and Everett, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Riedel, Charlotte and Curtis, the latter of Ringsted, Florence Householder of California and Herbert Underwood of Ringsted were Thanksgiving day dinner guests at the home of their daughter-sister, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Blanchard. The Hildreth Pettit' family of Whittemore the Glenn Householder family, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Howe and Dennis of Emmetsburg and Bernard Pettit and Evelyn Earing and Cecil Seegebarth, Mrs. Wm. Fischer were all Thanksgiving day dinner guests at the parental Geo. Pettit home. Mr. and Mrs. Don Houck entertained the following at a Thanksgiving day dinner: - : Mr. and Mrs. Robert' Hansen of Ames, Mr. and Mrs LeRoy. Alitz and boys of Cedar Falls, Mr. and Mrs. John Alitz, LoRee and Milton, Mr. and Mrs. .Harlan Alitz, Joan and Johnny Alitz, all of Mason City. £ Mr. and Mrs. J. H;-' Doty« .and Barbara and JeaiPJoffJUasorr^Oity and the latter's »'frijehd Eileen Parrot of Arkansas' and Mrs. Gene Thomsen of Ringsted and Genevieve and Verda Bell Thomsen of Fort Dodge were Thanksgiving day visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Thomsen. Mrs. Gene Tfhomsen is spending a few days there. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Teeter and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Nelson were Thanksgiving day dinner guests at the parental Mel- vin'Dutton home at Burt. Also there were Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Dutton, Mr. and Mrs. Irie Dutton and family, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace McArthur, all of Algona, Mrs. Ruth Dutton of Irvington, Joseph Kopt'en and daughter and Vivian TDutton of Livevmore. M.V- and Mrs. Vincent Behrends and family were Thanks- g^ving day dinner guests at the parental John Behrends home. Mr- and Mrs. John Hatteburg of Jia,velock spent Thanksgiving day dinner guests at the parental' Jphp Behrends home. Mr. and Mrs. John Hattebyrg of JEavelopk spent Thanksgiving day a.t the home of their daughter and. family, Mr. Behrends. and Mrs. \Vhittemore House Sold WhUtemore: In a deal made last week Charles Barber, who niQVed here with his wife fr"m a rtesian, S, D M bought the race Mueller house on the east eojd. af Main street and will move into it soon. The Mike Thill's the place last week. WE HAVE- Building Papers Window Glass Cfeth Putty Sand R-V-Lite Roofing Paper Lime Mftions Cement 1 Set Overhead Garage Door Hardware 100 Sacks Poland Moore & Moore Inc Iowa Phone 4(W*i ':'>" "f.'" • • .=£'i',..ff' ."' '"i :' ;';' •' .ii''"v'«*'..: • - " : .Wi.'A--V[*' flere below yoM get a glimpse of the matiy and varied gifts yow- selection at KQULtfAAS fl^RRljVARE '• ^ it^ie stove of gifts for all the ' '''" [HAND.Y Every tool kit should include one of these. Cut. gearn mpmit- ed on sleel frai^e. Takes un Ib Vi in. drills. • HANDY ELECT^C LANTEEN aso Fftr. farm use — for hunters. Gift idea for campers. Stands In any position on its o\yn bftse. Glye Pyire^ wate for Chr(stipas gif^S T;b.f>: sanitary cake djsh fan b.e used; fof serving and storing foods, to.o. Comhina-; tion SQUARE SI.45 Add to his set of tools. All steel square, has' scriber and level. 9-inch blade etched in 8ths and iCths. Gift idea! Handsome plastic pate, unbreakable lens. Focusing type. Boys! COPING SAW Fine tool for beginners — for scroll work on/thin wood and veneer. With six pin-end blades. Soldering Irons S2.45 Does he tinker with radio se(s? Make novelties of metal? IJe'U appreciate one of these fast- heatinff electric solderbi? irons as a gift. 100-watt size, copper tip, 5'ft, rubber covered cord. 30 Jn. Scooter S3J5 Whee . . , ! What (un boys and we «f popular scooters. Equipped with steel footboard. parttMip Ttjnch vuhber tJrt* pamted bright refl. Buy for Gifts 5-Tube Radio Now you can have a rad!fi ^ eycry ropjtn. Smart modern cabfnet ifl "%pp\yn , bafeeUtc; Sweep. st.ylp standard, b'road- cast dlsjl, supcrhetrQ(lync rie-. celver._ BuiH-Jn loop anieu* iia^ Made by a fan\bus American maiiufapturcr. Available in "a \v1iitc cabinet f^or' $1,QO more. Skate for Health, Fun! Pair There's real pleasure in gliding over the smooth ice on a pair, of these tubular steel skates. Shoes are 'of toft tanned black cowhide and built with right and left counters for extra arch support. Also two-row non;•(retch canvas webbing rein- forcemcats. Fine tool steel blades.' Buy them for gift ffiving. 'tVZS-wy ll^vj^F^ For Winter Fun! Hickory Skiis T Long Up For a favorite winter sport. Grand gift ider, for skiing enthusiasts! Popular flat top model expertly made of se? leqled and seasoned hickory. H^ntl rubbed, waterproof 1'iii.Jsh, rMbber foot pad. Guns for All Hunting 22-Cal. Rifle Whatever ypur game, we've the gun for you. 22-caUher rifles in. 'a choice of bolt $c-? liofl repeaters, automatics with clip magazine, and slide action hummerless repeaters. See us, for »H your needs. All Steel Coaster , SI 2. 50 What boy wouldn't love «oe ^ these handsome coasters f9f Phristmas. Streamlined, stamped fcom one pfeee of djsc with VHtiber tires. brbjlit red. Racy S3.8S fbe sled that Is as speedy streamlined appearance, iled i? tower tha,n is e«uii«r ., steel. Hardwood top ' •' amvS^^amluj^Mu^ ^. • • II l|l'4|^Mll^plBPF^dW.-% / ,^|^Pl^ j^m^mmm

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