The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 3, 1946 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 3, 1946
Page 6
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;','V'; : ;?:'C;:;:>*V^? :.>;<::<;;; :^:;.^'T '•'*'jlf: : iK;~}iWp-r-V : •'.••$>. i f AGE SIX. JiV If! * 11 Classified Ads CLASSIFIED RATES order, 3c per word; when Minimum charge 35c for 12 charged, 4c per word. Blind words or less. When paid with ads Z5e extra. FOR SALE: 1 row McCormipk- Dcerihg tank picker, in good running order. Oswald Lallier, LuVerne. 15w48" FOR SALE: New 8" oil burner. A. B. Alexander, Algona. 3Vi miles west of Wallburg's. Phone 10-F11. 16w48* FOR SALE: 1933-1935 Plymouth manifold healers. Wellendort Garage, Algona. 10vv48 FOR SALE: 8-piece dining room suite, walnut finish; also piano, cheap. Phone Q. A. Bjustrom, 2-F24, Algona. 16w48* FOR SALE: 3-year-old, cream- colored, gelding, saddle horse. Very gentle. Anthony Jandl, Titonka, phone Burt 5on89. 20w48 ! ' FOR SALE: 100 Leghorn pullets. Phone 688-J, Algona. 8w48* FOR SALE: Electric Iowa cream separator, excellent condition, at reasonable .price. Inquire West Nebraska St., J. O. F. Price. 17w48 15 DUROC JERSEY BRED GILTS Sired by son of National Champion. Mated to Market Types Double and a son of Master. Pattern. O. V. Harlan, 5 miles west on 18, Alffona. 48-50* 14x20. Sets on wood blocking. Easy to load. New roof. Price $275. Ello Hahn. 2 miles west Lone Rock. 24w48" FOR SALE: Cook stove. Call at George Banwart's. 8w48-49* FOR SALE: Large Slagle 12-room house on Diagonal, about 3 blocks of ground, triangular plot south of house on Diagonal is excellent for a business site. All for $7,500. See Joel M. Herbst, Real Estate and Ins. 37w48 FOR SALE: '34 Standard Chev., excellent rubber. 504 S. Minn.. Algona. Ilw48 HERE'S A REAL BARGAIN: You buy 10 bags of laying mash 18% protein in beautiful print 'bags at $4.10 per ibag and next spring we /ill give you 250 light breed cockerel chicks -without cost to you. Feed your hens a real feed and save money. Cotton Hatchery, Lone Rock, Iowa. 50\v47-48 FOR SALE: Two room house, FIRST TO LOWER INTEREST RATES! During depression and drouth, the Land Bank Cooperative Credit System was first to lower interest rates to 4 per cent. Then, as now, the Land Bank System was FIRST in serving the farmer. FIRST TODAY! For the farmer who wants to achieve debt-free home ownership, a Land Bank loan is first choice today. A Land Bank loan offers long term—low interest—pre-payment privileges—PLUS the understanding that only the farmers' own credit system can offer. PIONEERS/^30 YEARS and still leading the way with America's best farm loan! For a LAND BANK LOAN see your NATIONAL FARM LOAN ASSOCIATION E. II. HUTCIIINS, Secretary-Treasurer 110 So. Dotlffc St., Alffona, Iowa FOR SALE: 1933 Chevrolet master coach. 5 miles north, '/t east Sexton. H. A. Hansen, Burt. 15w48 li FOR SALE: P. B. Spotted Poland China boars. These are the big type easy feeders. By far our best offering. Everything cholera immune. E. C. Marty & Sons, 1 '/•> mi. east, V.'i mi. south, LuVerne. 32w46-50* FOR SALE; '36 Plymouth four door. Radia and heater. Wayne Barr, Algona. 12w48* HAVE YOUR X'MAS PHOTOGRAPHS made now at Long's Studio at any time during business hours. Appointments may be made for evenings and Sundays. Phone 243. 25w47-49 FOR SALE: Poland China spring and fall boars, eligible to register. Priced to sell. Louis Reilly, M> 'mi. south. V 2 mi. west, Lone Rock. , 23W48-49" 1 •FOR SALE: Baled alfalfa and clo'ver hay. Stored In toarn at farm. Chas. Patterson, Algona. 14w48*«* FOR SALE: Farmall tractor aftd mounted picker. Or will sell picker separate. Van A. Hansen, LuVerne. 18W48* FOR SALE: Farm light; plant, tower and engine, batteries, wiring, bulbs, motor, Philcb consol radio, iron, also kerosene refrigerator. Harold Angus, Burt. a23w48 FOR SALE: 2-unlt Surge milker, less than two years old. - Pipe line for 18 cows. Kenneth McCoy. 1 Vi mi. south o£ Algona on 169. 25W48* FOR SALE: 5:50x17 and 5:25x17 used tires. Melvin Rieken, Burt. 10W48* FOR SALE: 1942 Harley Davidson 45 motorcycle. Very good condition. Call 172R2, Swea City. 13W48-49 FOR SALE: A few good Chester White boars. Mike Loss Estate, Algona. 12W47-48* FOR SALE: Collie pups. Leonard Dittmer, Burt. 7w48* FOR SALE: Purebred black Poland China boars. John Bockes, LuVerne. ' 10w46-50 u FOR SALE OR TRADE for coupe. A 1935 master sedan Chevrolet. Raymond Moellers, %Dick Kain, Algona. 17w48" FOR, SALE: Reasonable. A 9x23 ft.'wagon house and a 10x12 ft. house. Inquire 703 S. Jerome St.. Algona. 17W43* FOR SALE: 1939 Ford coupe,'very good condition. Bob Sigsbee. 809 E. McGregor St.. Algona. 15w48* FOR SALE: Duroc boars, choice weight 300 Jbs. Matt, Weydert, Livermore. 4 miles straight w&st of LuVerne. 17W47-51' l, ALGONA, IOWA FOR SALE: Poland China'boars, Jhese Wears thie wght type and haVe quality. 4 ml. wfi^tj VI south Burt, JeM Biigflnv FOR SALfi ~ Purebred Spotted Poland Chiah boarst Purebred Cheater White boari Albln Schneider, 2 ml, south Bancroft on 169. 19W43«4B* FOR SALE—Used Bros Stoker, 85 Ib. capacity. See at irons Plumb^ ing and Heating Shop, 812-East McGregor St. Haggard & Peterson. WANTED ~~" WAITED TO RENT: Two or three room apartment, .or will buy a ,4-5 room house. By veteran. Inquire Upper Des Moines. 20w48-" WANTED: Custom baling. Reuben Fuerstenau, 'phone 3305, Lone Rock. 8w48-51* HIGHiEST PRICES paid for late model used cars. Hoenk Motors. Wes tof court house. 48 WANTED: Women to handle eggs, Algona Produce. 49 WANTED TO RENT: Unfurnished apartment or house by two reliable adults. Permanent. Phone George E. Thorne, 395-M, Humboldt. Reverse charges, 20w48 1? FOR SALE: Hampshire spring boars. Eligible for register. Gooc rugged individuals. Joseph ' A Skow, Wesley, Iowa. 47-50' : FOR SALE:. Registere#il*erefora bulls. Serviceable ag&; : Afe'o good grade bull. Joseph A.iskegv, Wes- lev. ' ' '.11'/?r"'.347-50* ley. FOR SALE: Hampsliiriibftr, 425 !bs. Alfred Bier4£eW' ; --Whitte-,,-0 - •''-.' '?• '•'•• Our/UK more. .9W48 11 FOR SALE: P. B. China boars. R. B V'4 west Lone Rock. FOR SALE: Eagle W«eB proo home insulation, "blown in.' Expert inspection, estimating service. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co. phone 275, Algona. 20-3-8U FOR SALE: Quality registercc Spotted Poland Chinas, .spring and fall year boars, sired by Streamliner Ace, a top son oi Streamliner. The low down easy fedeing kind. New blood for old customers. Bert S. Geerdes' & Son 3V2 miles south, 1% east Of Lakota. .-'.'., -43w41tf WANT TO BUY: Small house. Pay cash. Phone 688-J. Geo. Sengbusch. Ilw48'' Guderiam, Woods Hoata To Irvington f rvingtott 'J Mrsi EV A. Ian and Mi* W. A; WbodS .tertalned the Irvlngtdii WdrHan's rural club at the Quderiah home in Galbraith oh Nov.\.2L Mrs. Grace Phillips, dub" president, presided. ' The program consisted of a paper on "The First Thanksgiving." written by > Mrs. Phillips and read by Mrs. John ScHulss, and one on "The Early History of Irvington Township, written by Mrs, Fred Geigel and read by Mrs. Arthur Maasdam. The next meeting will be the annual Christmas party on Friday, December 20, with Mrs. Clarence Mawdsley, Mrs. Henry Schepp- mann Sr. assisting. There will be a Christmas program and also a gift exchange. WANTED AT ONOE: Lady assistant. >. i Call Theatre Confection Shop. s : 9w48-49 WANTED: Car garage within . reasonable distance of 712 E. McGregor. Phone 60-L or 923-J. Wm. C. Zimmerman. 16w48 WAITRESS 'WANTED. Myers 1 CaferAlgona. 43U YES; WE ARE STILL BUYING •vised cars, trucks and pickups No need to look for a buyer or advertise,' 'just iphone us, write us, or drive in. • All makes and models wanted and WE PAY^THE MOST. W. >E. Ley, Lakota. 40w48-50 Wanted PINSETTERS 6c line Barry's Recreation 40tf WANTED: Married hired man. . Good tenant house. Electricity. Right Wages. E. K. Johnson, Fenton. 13w48 FOR RENT , T ....,-. Few Completely J/\U<2;Funllshcd Units • in Cowan Housiiifr Project ;' ''Available Now. " '' For Veterans '•;•'• ' ; ' Call at '.'Cowan Blilff. Supply Co. 48 NOTICE OP ACCEPTANCE . OF BIDS. By order of the Kossuth County Board of Education, bids for school textbooks 'foivKossuth County will be accepted In the following subjects on any date up to and including December 18. 1046: Approx. Subject Grade No. Language ...2-8 700 Reading 1-8 800 Arithmetic 1-8 800 Spelling 2-8 700 History 4-8 400 Geography 3-8 500 Penmanship 1-8 800 Science 1-8 800 Health 1-8 800 Civics—Citizenship ..1-8 800 Music 1-8 800 Literature 3-8 500 A. E. LAURITZEN, Chairman Kossuth County Board of Education. 48-49 ED im4pE:BSTAfB OF JOMK BRASS,'f.T5EOEASEO. AtfB TO .WMOM-IT MAY GO^CERNr You: are* hereby notified . that there is now oh -file In thie Office of the Clerk of the Disetrict Court of KossulhV County, I6wa, the Report of Sale 6f Real -Estate of L< E. Lin* nan, Administrator with Will :An» nexed of /the Estate of John Brass, Deceased, for the State of Iowa, in which Report said Administrator reports that he has entered Into a contract for the sale of the following described real estate, situated in Kossuth County, Iowa, to-wlt: •The Southwest Quarter (SWV4) (except one-acre in southwest corner for school house), and the West Sixty- four rods of the Southwest Quarter (SWV4) of the Southeast Quarter (SE'A) arid the West' Sixty-four Rods of the South Nbfthw the Southeast Quarter In i S«Setl6ft ltt ,i 8), West of the..Fiftfi P, to Wilfred H. Kbrilhaas bi Gdtlnty. tqwfii fdr the sum . ty*sl* Thtfflsand Dbilard ($40,* ooO.OO), acedrdlng to the tefrtisl and Conditions set 6ut In said cdn* traeli and said Administrator re- cornmends that said sale for said price be approved, providing no higher or better offer tfc received. FOR PUK/THER rAnfictJi LARS, SEE REPORT NOW ON PILE. -• : • . •;. ' , •••'': V' You are further notified that by 1 Order of the above-entitled Court this hearing on said Report of Sale of Real Estate 'Will be had at the Courtftouse in Algona, Kossuth Cotinty, Iowa, oh the 9th day *>& January, A. D., • 1947, at 2:00; O'clock P. M. of said day at whlcit time you may appear and show cause, if any you have, why an Of-,der should not be entered approving said sale. L. E. LtNNAN, , Administrator With Will An-' nexed For The State of Iowa Of The Estate Of John Brass, Deceased. • / 47-48 LEGALS IN PROBATE NO. 54S6. NOTICE OF HEARING ON REPORT OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE. IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF IOWA, IN AND FOR KOSSUTH . COUNTY. . In the Matter of the Estate of JOHN BRASS, Deceased. TO MARY ANN WILTGEN, MARY JANE MALLINGER, SADIE I. FUHRMAN, MARY E. DARROW, JOHN J. GAPPA, MATT GAPPA, GEORGE GAP- "A &rottp of those lovely Le Vine dresses . . . the latest In smart styling and, as always, the hif/) quality and fint. . workmanship you so appreciate. I limited number in each style and siiy. Nationally advertised Exclusively at Cliriscriilles 0 TT O 3RJ. IB LOST Stran-Steel construction represents the new, improved inetliod of producing strong, durable buildings (or farm and industrial use. Its efficiency and economy have been proved in more than one hundred and fifty thousand Stran-Steel "Quonsets" produced by Great Lakes Steel Corporation to serve on military bases throughout the world. All-steel, economical to buy and maintain, Stran-Steel "Quonset" buildings are rot-proof, termite-proof and weather-resistant. They go up faster, stay up longer, and maintain fine appearance with a minimum of attention. The backbone of Stran-Steel buildings is the simple, easy-to-erect Stran-Steel framing system. It consists of lightweight steel members, fabricated to required lengths and shapes, and providing a patented nailing groove in joists, arch ribs and purlins for attaching materials. Siding and roofing are simply nailed on by ordinary hammer-and-nail methods. Insulating materials can be attached to the interior just as simply, when required. The appointment of a dealer for Stran-Steel "Quonset" buildings in this area marks an important step in providing better value in buildings suitable for a variety of farm and industrial requirements. Now available are the Stran-Steel "Quonset 40"—a many* purpose building 40' wide by any desired length in increments of 20' ... the Stran-Steel "Quonset 20" —a smaller many-purpose building 20' wide by any desired length in increments of 12' ... and the Stran-Steel "Quonset 24"—24' wide by any desired length in increments of 12'—the ideal building for implement and vehicle storage. Ask your Stran-Steel dealer for complete details. GREAT LAKES STEEL CORPORATION STRAN-STEEL DIVISION, PENQ8SCOT BUILDING, DITROIT t(, MICHIGAN UNIT OF NATIONAL $Tif CORPORATION LOST: Fender guard for .1942 FbttL. .frorentihe bhje. Reward. Write or call F. W. Jentz, Fenton. 15w48* LOST:"" Buloya wrist watch between Mainliner and Call Theatre, or in Call Theatre, Saturday night. Reward. Beverly Lewis, phone* 727-W. 48" MISCELLANEOUS Swift's Ice Cream : Pts, 25c Malted Milks 25c !.'.,!•'. 'Take some home. J. BARR.VS RECREATION 4otf SEE MB FOR Real Bargains in ; farms, loans, drainage surveying and estimates on tile. Phil .1. Kohlhaas, phone 22, Algona. tf NOTICES DANCE: Cresco Community Hall, ' Thursday, Dec. 5. 7\v48* SPECIAL MEETINGS are being , held'-overy night this week including Sunday at Full Gospel Church,, qt Burt at 8:00 o'clock. O, S.-Ncderbo, Evangelist, 23w48 SERVICES . .i';>',' For ';'.-..',',..; FUEL OIL , .-(No. 1 Distillate) ' "•';• PHONE 530 VIKING OIL CO. Immediate Delivery City or Country 45tf INLAID LINOLEUM, Linowall tile, laid by experts. Custom work. Cowan Building Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 16-3-8tf MAGAZINE subscriptions taken at The Algona Upper Des Moines, complete service, new and renewal.. 39tf Exchange Dept. Basement Good Used Furniture Dining room—Living room suites Breakfast sets, Buffets, Radios and Washers. BJUSTKOM'S FURNITURE FLOOR SANDING and Refinishing. Heavy commercial equipment. Portable power plant. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona, 17-3-8tf We Buy Hogs and Sheep Daily PHONE US: 900-L Jim Ryan LIVESTOCK BUYING STATION On HKWay 18 North Algona (Trucks Available) - 47U K, C, Victors Over Independents, 37'26 Algona's K. C. basketball team defeated the Algeria Jndependj ents 37 to 20, jn a Kossuth league game played last Thursday at the Academy gym. Score It\he haU was, 15 all. Don .and John Kajewski, Howard Torsburg, Bob Wmkel, Wilbur Courtney, Herb Weyc]ert and gob Winter were in the K. x(3. lineup, with $4 Thissen, a regular, put of t}ie game due to illness. Pop the Independents, BiU- Batt Jr., Logue, Devine, Brans, Vins,ojJ, Bpepke and Welcome To Beaiifiil VMost From our gorgeous show windows 'way through to the very back door of our store, you'll find this a veritable Christmas Fairyland. We have outdone all previous efforts at decorating and have achieved 1 " what* we believe to be the most effective holiday display in the history of Algona. All this is but a reflection of the high quality of the merchandise now on sale at THE CHRISCHILLES STORE. From every conceivable source, we have gathered together a'truly Distinctive collection, of unusual and worth-while items, suitable for Christmas giving. ' . : ,,^' i . '.''."•• ..''• •"'•••:•• '.;••;'•' ^ .. v '••'".-^ Get into the mood for Christmas l>y visiting our>.,_,. ful store, Select here, while assortments are complete, your gifts in a leisurely^ way and amid the able surroundings. 1 !; «r

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