The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 29, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 29, 1949
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, JUNK 29 BT/rnn:vTT.T,E (AUK.) COUHTETI KKW* OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams NOW YOU GET BACK AW FINISH TH' JOB,' fOU SEF THAT'S TH' WAV WITH CROOK'S YOUB ACCOMPLICE 6OT UP AM 1 SAVE MOU AWAY, YEH.TH' J>KTV TODBLE-CROSSES.' HE GOT UP TO GIT HISSELF W TH 1 COMFORTABLE SHADE, BUT HE DIDN'T <31V6 ME TIME ID 61T WAV/ ! h^^W^»^>;-..;-•_-... i i r*' i .• ., ^J.^ ^_^T—<?W//j_ «- . .1', — . Our Boarding House with Moj. Hooplc "" PA'OT ULETEX v . GEOSMIMS ABOVE THIS CATARACT Of- (CALUMC AND OWEMO(?E TWIMG THAT AILS THE WORtD AND VOU LADIES — , t Of VOU ARE SPOILS VOOR 8Rd ^ 0 °t_ LSTTIriGTMEWEXPRESS THE _-WSELVES*By TALK1WG BACK.' J^-xPAXJDLB THEM.' ^'/MAH ll^CLL ' I/I/ ^— c: —•/(woom'N 5/f /WHKTAA UHORSe- JIMSP6A.K--X\MMIP HIS (ABtECAD.'jMOiUER/ [Ci ITO MRKC A HIT i IWITHTHE GIRLS' Private Graduation Held For Crippled Florida Boy WEST PALM BEACH, Fla—«•)— Lewi* Sterrett, 14, had a graduation exercise all his own. Crippled since he was 7 and confined to a wheel chair, Lewis completed gn.rmnar school with the aid of a home teacher. His marks were good. When graduation day came, Howell Watklna. school superintendent, went to the lad's home lit Boynton Beach to present, the diploma. The Hev. D. M. Obenshain gave the commencement address. And Miss Sharon Beals FM and AM 7 Tub** Plus Rectifier Listen te-the Ball Game In Nois«-Fre« Comfort $5 DOWN $5 A MONTH D H EIFI S I Llreilm . .. Wear Hi; mi\ M I ITIBU » HlMfUtt, RTIWmdJI U* COrriJGHT It MUCH UWIEKCf WILSON 6tiTR4ll>ri» IT MTA MftVKt. f Nelson XL CHE wasted QO Urn* on the side ^ cave George had used. It must be in the other. Mollie's quarters. And there would be oo need or time for clever concea I merit. No one couJd take it away without observation except by a special expedition. Bea scratched with her fingers in the loose sand on the floor of the side cave. She found many carelessly buried leather sacks. She picked one up. It was heavy and gave out the muted clink of metal. A faint sound made her crouch, drop the flash. The thrown rock, which would have crushed her skull, clattered from the cave wall instead. She faced the person who meant to kill her. "I should have known," Bea said. She talked quickly, shifted her weight, got a firmer frip on the gold bag she still held. "I should have known from the moment you told me "he had a little farm and a home and I bad thtm through him/ That was the only way you'd learned to get the things, possessions, you wanted most in 1U*. Make yourself in dispensable to men by protecting their property, and gain control and »ecurity for yourself. And when you cam* to Sp«are Island you DO longer cared haw you accomplished your purpose. Yow began prying and spying that Bnrt night when you nw where I hid the automatic. And you heard Lilly join forces -with Siliweli. You killed Lilly to time." . "Sh«—she WM DO good.' "She got thing* from men in a way you n«T«r could. So you can call b«r no good. You protected yow interest*. You helped Moi li*. egged her on to mak« a coro- plet* fool W Harding would turn *• aa oppocit* when th« inevitable happened "But you w*rc too laU when yon killed th* mate ot the Sim- pattco. You wer* •mart enough played a violin solo, Read Courier Newi Want Ads. THl GR\\LN (()\II>\\Y I^EALT (>[\b to gue« the Or* had. been set, to get ue out of the main house, and there mighl be danger to the other installation!. You left the Ire. went back and got the rifle. But you weren't quick enough to prevent the explosion, because the dynamite had been planted in holes already drilled. You killed the mate because tie'd blown up the buildings. You couldn't lei your record of self-appointed guardian show a failure. "Fred Siliweli of course was marked for death from the moment you killed Lilly here in this cave. Surprised you. didn't it. when she came up in the ear? But you killed Fred too late, needlessly. You saved the gold he was trying to hide so he could return (or it in the future. You can't save yourself." Bea picked that split second' to throw the heavy bag o< gold into Mabel Jones' face. TITABEL JOKES threw up a a * hand too late to ward off the heavy leather bag. She staggered baok, out into the main part of the cave. Bea snatche* up the Bash- light, hurried to follow up her momentary advantage. She used the flash to knock aside the first grab of Mabel's long arms. She swung it again against the side of the woman's head and Mabel went to her knees. Bea moved forward cautiously. "You can't get away, Mabel. Why not give up?" Mabel said dispiritedly, "Yes. I suppose you're right. But the others would mis* me th» time. I couldn't leave my drew to be seen this time, could I? Be* heard the sound of step* outside the cave, turned her head. She tried to swing the light again as Mabel moved. She was too late. The arms that wrapped around her body were bandj at living rope. "Never too tate," Mabel » •oftly, "for you to die." Bea kicked out yiciously, f«H her heel (rate against a kneecan 4% HOME LOANS Elbert S. Johnson The Equitable Life Assurance Society Phone tfit Evening! OM" 1 • '1 \ Dine & Dance at THE SUPPER CLUB In South Osceola ORCHESTRA Every Friday Night O. C. St. Clalr Call 911 for Private Parties BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIM OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 L Mrs. Minnie Lee Jones Kemp . Offering Summer Classes in PIANO For Beginners—Intermediates—Advanced Pupils Special Rates for Summer Course ENROLL NOW Studio 807 Chkkasawba Phone 2994 She (ell to the Boor of the cave. She kicked out again. Mabel grunted, pulled herself to her knees, came closer, hands outstretched. Bea swung the lighl again. This time the force of the blow jolted it from her grasp. It rolled across the floor of the cave, spearing its beam crazily on floor and rock sides. Mabel Jones caught Bea's wrists, flea continued the movement, rammed her head against the blur oi Mabel's face. JJEA felt the smooth steep slope of the cave floor beneath her now. She lay motionless, listening to a soft sliding sound. Once again her wrists were gripped in strong .fingers. She (elt the strain of Mabel Jones's weight. She used her knees to brace on the smooth stone. The forward movement stopped. "We're going to slide Into the water." Mabel whispered huskily. "The crushing rock." "Don't move!" Bea cautioned. "Maybe 1 can hold you until help ' comes." "What help for meT" Mabel asked. Light at the cave entrance was obstructed. "Miss Cosgrove? Mrs. Jones? Where are you?" "Hurry." Bea called. "There'l flashlight on the floor. Hurryl We're sliding!" She heard Henry Harding's sharp exclamation, a flurry of steps and then the beam of the flash shone on them. 'Get out of my way!" Nona McGuire said shrilly "Don't just stand there! Bo something!" The flashlight beam wavered. "Let go of me!" Nona cried. "If you won't help save them I will! Let go o€ me! They're going to slide!" "Walt," Harding ordered. He focused the light again, directly on Mabel's face. The woman released the hold on one at Bea'i wrists, used the hand to shade her eye». Bea clawed at the smooth rock. trym» to get a handhold. She felt tn* slip of smooth stone beneath he». Another few inches and mome turn would carry them down. "Mabel Jones." Hardinz said. (T* Be Cwitl COMI. 1M« 1Y ttf A SfftVICf. We. 1. u. HIG, U. ft. Pftl. Off. *'l m«*t 10 many boyt in summer 1 don't have time to writ* about them in my diary—if I'm in love I won't realize it till ftH!" FRECKLBS AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSER Bleak I'roftpect WHY, SON/ SOU LOOK AS TH006H -ttU'O WST VOUR LAST Tfeoucte \ I SHOULD WITH WLBA WORKY ABOUT A MtRE FEMALJE TO UKe GENTLEMAN? WltEMAN/- On, Mouujy t*w My LEASE ON UVERMORE IS EWIKIMG AMP 11L HAVE TO WAIT ON MYSELPW YOUR NOON REF»ST, MASTER LARD/ I'RISCILLA'S I'OP Double or Nothing I!Y AL VERMGEK m\ HOPE VOU BOYS REALIZE WHAT THE COM-5EOUENCES WILL 62 IF YOU PUT THAT BALL THROUGH MY WINDOW Yf5, SIR, MR. BQTTS... WE'VE AGREED IT WILL OMLV BE A TWO-BASE HIT; VIC FLINT .lose's Mistake HY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE •^ *** i PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best ('rices Kirby Drug Stores FOR SALE Concrete oliert! 12 Inch ta 4* inch, plain or reenforced. Ab* Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chleken houses, pump house*, tenant houses, tool sheds. We dettrer Call as far frre estimate . . . Phone «91. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Rent « Camera for Color Pictures The Ideal W»J In rrmrmhrr inrrlnl occasions. Als« other types of cameras for rent. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 200fi \V. Main Phone 3 .STUDEBAKER What's the Best Way To Buy a Truck! SEE IT ... DRIVE IT ... PRICE IT 1918 Sludebaker 1-Ton Pickup 19*7 Studebaker I-Ton Pickup 1947 Slud«bak«r '/j-Ton Pickup 1916 Dodge 1'/i-Ton Cab * Chassis J94S Chevrolet '/i-Ton Pickup 1942 Dodge Vi-Ton Pickup J941 Kord '/i-Ton Pickup 1S40 Chevrolet '/i-Ton Pickup. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendry Stodebaker Dealer* Railroad & Ash Phone 888 •STUDIIAKER CUT THAT OUT/YVOU GOT HERE ^ THIS (S VIC FUNT.f JUST IN TIME. SAR6E. ME USED TO BE \YOUR ASSISTANT ONTHf IORCE A. WANTED TO GET MIMSH.F. f^. In ATHLETIC. THOUsaNO-OOlLAK BILLS/ TWENTY OF THEM / VIC FLEENT, HE CALLED HIM .'CARNATION ANO JOSE,YOU HAVE MADE ONE BEEG AND WHAT WERE YOU DOINS WANDERING ABOUND WITH THEM, MISTER 1 HE COULD SHAKf ME A LONG TIME AND I STILL WOULDN'T KSOW WHERE THOSE BILLS CAME fROM. WASH TUBES Rough Operation BY LESLIE TURNER WELL, I RECKOU \ YOU'RE GONNA, UNCLE JAKE Hip DA BE MICHTV BOODLE HEEE.WY. /CONSPICUOUS HERE GIT TIN' THAT BOCK . OUT. OBMILUE 1 GOSH! ITSORVIUE/CHUNK OUT Ok KM.LIKA.Kt UNCLE JUKE/ STfSEET IIOHI.XO MUSTA SENT HIM TO SO'S, I'll H<WE GET TH4.T 57GR6.ND' WOP, VA MISSED ...AM'RUSTED COWfOtJNt) THOSE KWTS IF THE BOX IS HIDDEN IM THAT BUIL01MO, CYER.'BODY IU WCHIIA COUMTV WIU KNOW IT 8V MOKNWff MORE PRIWC/ FERMEWOR.K! BUGS BUNNY UE'S SK...pic:ce "c," LATCHES OMT^ PttCE AN' HUN< 'IB* GOE I CAN, T WAVT T 5ET UP MV N'W WAI* AN' UNL»0>t There You Are BY V. T. HAMI.IN NOT SWAN. ESJT WE'LL GIVE M A KAIL AMY WAY.' MUSTN'T TAILING BOOTS AND HER [JUDDIKS Same Old Peril\ '. o»4vy t^owt so'.

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